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Hurricane The CD2

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Palm down, right hand.|Keep the line moving.
- Put your right hand out, please.|Palm down.|- Keep the line moving.
- Keep the line moving, please.|- Come on. Come on.
Okay, now.
Y'all listen up now. Visits for Jones,|Taylor, Harris, Ramos...
Sykes, Carter, Tucei,|line up right here.
Uh, you didn't call my boy's name.
Hemmings. Eric Hemmings, 65660.
- Hemmings?|- Yeah.
Uh-uh, no visit for Hemmings today.|He's in lockup.
- Okay, Mac, open it up.|- Keep out of the way.
Extend your arms. Palms.|Turn around.
Show me your feet.|Okay, spread 'em.
Open your mouth.|Roll your tongue.
Extend your arms.
Show me your palms.|Turn around.
Show me your feet.
Spread 'em.
Ready on the outside!
Okay, come on.|Single file, y'all.
Let's go. Single file.
Hey, sweetheart!
Single file.
Let's go. Single file.
You look nice.
Mr Carter?
- Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. Is that you?|- Mm-hmm.
- I'm sorry, you don't look like your|pictures. I thought you'd be bigger.|- Hey, I'm bigger than you.
- But don't tell anybody, okay?|- All-- All right.
Okay. Sit down.
- Hey, this is some place, man.|- No.
No, it's not. This is no place,|not for a human being.
Don't ever get used to|a place like this, Lesra.
You got a lot of guts, kid.
Takes a lot ofcourage to come|all the way down here by yourself.
I'm impressed.
- I was scared you|weren't gonna let me come.|- Me too.
But you're Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.|What would you be scared of?
Well, doors opening,|of the light outside...
- Me?|- Mm-hmm.
- Mr Carter, I don't understand.|- Oh, no, no, no,|don't call me Mr Carter.
- Call me Rube.|- Rube?
Yeah. Rube.
All right. Rube.
So, tell me about these folks|you're livin' with.
- Oh, the Canadians.|- Yes.|- Yeah, I got pictures of'em.
This is Sam, this is Terry,|and this is Lisa.
- They're the greatest, man.|- Huh.
Yeah, I met 'em at an EPA in Brooklyn,|and, you know, they was doin' business.
They brought me home and stuff,|and the rest is what happened, man.
Yeah, that's when|my life changed, Rube.
Just yanked a brother up and took him|up to Canada, just like that?
No, no, they asked my folks.
I see. So what do they do?|Are they a religious group...
or, uh, hippies or a commune or--
No, they fix up houses and sell 'em.|You know?
- They'rejust people.|-Just people.
Just workin', eatin',|livin' together?
I don't know. This is what they do, man.|That's their thing.
-What'd your folks say?|-Oh, well, my dad, you know, he's happy.
- He's glad for me.|- Oh, good.
You see 'em much,|your people, your folks?
Yeah, but sometimes|it's hard though.
Yeah, well--
Yeah, it's hard.
You give them hope.
- Yeah, I guess.|- You do. You give 'em hope.
Because you have transcended, Lesra.
It is very important to transcend|the places that hold us.
You know that? You've learned to read.|You've learned to write.
Writing is-- it's magic.
You feel that sometimes?
- Yeah, I guess I do.|- Mm-hmm.
When I started writing...
I discovered that I was doing more|than just telling a story.
See, writing is a weapon...
and it's more powerful|than a fist can ever be.
Every time I sat down to write, I could|rise above the walls of this prison.
I could look out over the walls|all across the state of New Jersey.
And I could see Nelson Mandela|in his cell writing his book.
I could see Huey.|I could see Dostoyevsky.
I could see Victor Hugo, Emile Zola,|and-- and they would say to me...
"Rubin, what you doin' in there?"
And I say,|"Hey, I know all you guys."
It's magic, Lesra.
Mmm, they sure don't teach it|that way up in Canada.
- Maybe you could tell me|some books to read.|- I can do that.
But these people in Canada or anywhere|else, they can only teach you so much.
It's up to you. It's your search. You|gotta find out what's true foryou...
what is true for Lesra Martin.
I never met nobody like you before.
You think I killed|those people, son?
- No, I know you didn't.|- How you know?
I just know.
I'm so glad I met you, Lesra.
Me too.
Visit's up.
Everybody out.
Come on, folks. Let's go.
You like a quick picture|ofyou and your son, Mr Carter?
- Come on, folks. Let's go.|- It's up to my son.
Yeah, all right. All right.
That's enough pictures.|Come on. Let's go.
Dear Lesra...
whoever is responsible foryour present|condition obviously cares a great deal.
For me, it was a miracle to see|such light in a human being again.
When you came, it was like the day|had started off without the sun.
It's dim and it's cool.
Then suddenly,|and without any warning...
the sunshine breaks through the dimness|and lights up everything.
What ya gonna do|Do you wanna get down
What ya gonna do|Do you wanna get down
You been all around the world,|huh, Mobutu?
- Been everywhere.|- Shut your motherfuckin' mouth up!
Get down on it|Get down on it
- Come on andget down on it|- Where your people from, Africa?
Born in the Congo. Mm-hmm.
In the blackness of black.
My mother was a Pygmy.|She stood four foot, one inch.
- Hmm.|- My father was a big Watusi.
He was seven foot, ten.
He'd have to pick her up|like a little child to kiss her.
- Hmm, cute.|- Get down on it
Come on now|Get down on it
lfyou really want it|get down on it
What do you think ofwhite folks?
They'rejust a little bit too much|of this stuff, you know?
But, uh, then again...
I once rode the rails|with a hobo by the name of, um...
Now, he was white folks...
and he was a good man.
Mm-hmm. He saved my life|three times.
- Three times?|- Mm-hmm. Three times.
Three times life, huh?
Everything I lost...
that really matters|I lost at the hand ofwhite folks.
I know what you mean...
but they ain't all bad.
What ya wanna do|Do you wanna get down
- What ya gonna do|- But they sure can't dance.
Oh, shit.
Hey, y'all,|th-this is where we go in.
Come on.
Come on!
- Don't look now,|but we're being watched.|- Stop it.
Somehow I don't think|you can smoke in there.
Right over there.
Hey, Rube, man, we made it.|How you doin', man?
All right.
- Sam.|- Hey, Rubin. Good to meet you.
Yeah. Good, good, good.
- Professor.|- Yeah.
- This is Terry.|- Terry.
- Nice to meet you.|- It's my pleasure, Terry.|Heard a lot about you.
- Lisa.|- Lisa.
So, you don't look like|I thought you would look.
Lesra said you were so tough.
- Is that good?|- Don't know. Don't know.
Don't know. Come on.
Sit down.
Everybody together!|I can't stand it.
So, uh, Rubin,|how's the appeal goin'?
Uh, we hear it's with the New Jersey|Supreme Court. Have they set a date?
Why don't we talk about Lesra?
I'm sure that Lesra wants to know|what's happening with your case too.
My case is doing what it's doing.
I have to focus on the fact|that I have to do the time.
Well, how do you do that?
How do I do that? I do that by not|allowing myself to want or to need...
I'm free in here because|there's nothing I want out here.
Not free to want?|Not free to risk human contact?
This place doesn't allow you|to be human.
The only contact you get in here|is gettin' stabbed in the back|or gang-raped in the shower.
That's what they've reduced you to.|I mean, you've obviously elevated it|to something else with Lesra.
Yeah, because ofyou, Rube,|I wanna be a lawyer when I grow up...
and prove you innocent.
Except we don't have to wait|till I'm a lawyer, Rube, because|these guys want to help, man.
- We all believe in your innocence.|- I've been innocent for 16 years.
That's how long I've been in here.|Innocence is a highly|overrated commodity.
None of us can judge what you've been|through, but you might wanna consider--
You're damn right none ofyou can judge|what I've been through...
because none ofyou|have been through it.
What do you know about doing time?|Tell me about it.
What do you know about what it is|to be me? What do you-- What do you|know about being in this place?
- Hey, this is too much, you guys.|- Yeah, you're right. This is too much.
Um, y'all, look,|let'sjust go, all right?
- Rubin. Rubin. Rubin.|- Right there.
Hey, listen, we left a package|foryou in the mail room.
Visitors left this foryou|in the mail room.
We had to open it|'cause ofsecurity.
Nice to have friends.
"Special gift for The Hurricane."
Don't trust 'em, Rubin.
Don't trust 'em.
You trust a bunch of little white-ass|do-gooders more than you trust me...
more than you trust us.
Yeah. No more hate.
Try that on, huh?
Don't trust 'em, Rubin.|They'll turn on ya. Don't trust 'em, no.
- Think me and you. Me and you.|- See how that fits.
- It's time.|- For what?
It's time foryou to go.
Don't you turn your back on me,|nigger.
Ladies and gentlemen...
in this corner--
ln this corner,|from Paterson, New Jersey...
wearing the white trunks|with blackstripes...
Rubin "Hurricane" Carter!
- Okay, Sam. Are you joining us?|- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Lesra, get up back.|- Dear Rubin...
- I can't believe the warmth|and beauty ofyour letter.|- Ready?
We get a rich, deep feeling|of experiencing your presence.
You've-- You've made what we've|been saying the truth--
that you can't keep people back|who refuse to be kept back.
Here we go. Here we go.
We work out ofour home, so we're|always here ifyou'd like to call.
We'd really like|to hearyour voice.
You are very persuasive...
and I thank you|for all the things you send me...
but you people|are a bad influence on me.
I'm startin' to like all this stuff|a little too much.
You're lettin' me get loose.
Yeah, I'll accept the charges.|Hey, Rube, what's happening, man?
Lesra, boy, you, uh-- Well,|you sound more like a man every day.
Get outta here.
- Where is everybody?|- Oh, you know Canadians, man.
They're not happy unless they're|outside, you know, rakin' leaves|or tappin' a tree for maple syrup.
I don't know how they do it, man.|It's cold out there too.
Hey, what's up, Rube?|Something happen?
Yeah, I, um...
heard from the courts, Lesra.
Been denied. I lost the appeal.
Oh, no, man. Well-Well,|look, look, look, hold on, Rube.
- Let me tell everyone, okay?|- I gotta go, little brother.
No, well, wait, Rube!|W-Wait! Wait. Wait. But, Rube!
What's going on?
Lost the appeal.
Oh, no.
Dear Lesra, Terry, Sam...
this is, in many ways, the saddest|letter I've ever had to write.
I appreciate your many efforts|and kindnesses...
but I am a prisoner.
My number is 45472, and myjob,|the key to my survival--
"My number is 45472, and myjob,|the key to my survival...
lies in my ability to do the time.
This place is not one in which humanity|can survive. Only steel can.
This will be my last letter to you.
Please do not write.|Please do not visit.
Please find it in your hearts|to not weaken me with your love.
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter."
Open up, Ken.
I got a letter here|foryou from Canada.
I'm just gonna slide it|in here foryou.
You do what you want with it.
"Dear Rube...
I know you asked us not to write...
so I'm not writing...
just sending you two things.
One's a picture of me|and my new girlfriend, Pauline.
The other...
is something that|rightfully belongs to you--
my high school diploma.
Your friend and brother forever,|Lesra Martin."
Don't count thestars
Oryou mightstumble
Yes, I accept--|I-- I accept the charges.
Rubin? Hey.
R-Rubin, I-I-I can't hearyou.
He said he can't do the time.
Uh, collect call to anyone...
from Mr Rubin Carter.
- Get it. Get it.|- Take one.
- Yes.|- Rubin?
- Lesra?|- No, it's Terry. l'm here|with Lisa andSam, andLesra 's here.
Hey. How y'all doin'?
Look out the window.
Yousee that light?|The one that's blinking?
Yousee it?
Canyousee Lesra?
Yeah, I see you.|What are y'all doin' here?
- Can he see us?|- Yeah, he can see you.
- Rube!|- We're here.
We've moved down here.
- For what?|- We're in this thing full-time|untilyou walk out of there.
Hold on.|Lisa wants to saysomething.
Hey, Rube.
Looks likeyougot|some footsoldiers now, huh?
We're all in this together,|and we're not leaving till we all leave.
You're beautiful.
We're gonna take you home.
Rubin has, uh, asked us to give you|copies ofeverything that we have...
and to answer any questions.
And since we've represented him|for over ten years...
there's an awful lot of material.
I mean, we have rooms|full offiles.
Absolutely.|And, uh, please understand...
that we are not here|to second-guess you or--
You know, we-- we've come down here|to help in any way we can.
Anything, you know.|Anything at all.
Well, that's very kind ofyou.
And I congratulate you|on your dedication to Rubin's case.
Uh, maybe I should add|that in those ten years...
we've been working on this,|we've donated our services.
We've never asked for a dime.|We never expect one. Do we?
- No.|- I wanted to be sure.
And also in that time, uh,|there have been a lot of people...
great people...
all well-intentioned.
- Famous.|- Infamous.
Or not. Boxers, singers,|writers, actors...
journalists, et cetera.
A lot of brave people|who gave their time...
and, to some degree,|risked their reputations.
People like you.
And, uh...
people come and go,|and, frankly, nobody lasts.
Nobody stays the course.
Nobody goes the distance,|because it's too tough.
It's too slow...
and it's heartbreaking.
- It's too heartbreaking.|- Well, with all due respect,|Mr Friedman...
what you have to understand|is that we're here.
We've moved here, and we have|every intention ofstaying here|until Rubin is free.
Right on.
So we finally got in|to see your lawyers, Beldock|and Friedman, the other day.
- How'd they take it?|- Oh, I'd say we handled|ourselves pretty well.
Yeah, well, we hauled about what, ten|tons of documents, into the apartment.
- In broad daylight?|- Yeah.|- Oh, yeah.|- Wait a minute. Listen to me.
This is not Canada.
Now, I can protect you in here...
but there's not much|I can do foryou on the outside.
The only way I'm ever leaving|this place is if...
a lot ofvery important people|are exposed.
They're not gonna|just let that happen.
- You understand?|- We'll be careful.
Okay. Well, why don't you walk us|through what happened that night?
Now, three cops have testified|the shooting occurred at 2:45.
- So, uh, what time|did you leave the Nite Spot?|- 2:30.
Oh, now tell me where can you party|child, all night long
- In the basement|- Anybody call a cab?
- Oh, where didyougo|- Time for me to get outta here.
- How much do I owe you, Big Ed?|- Your money's no good here, champ.
- Anybody call a cab?|- I did, unless Rubin's taking me home.
If I take you,|it's gonna be more than home.
Get on outta here, girl.
What were you doin' out so late|on a Thursday night?
- What does it matter|what night it was?|- Wasn't Thursday night ladies' night?
Didn't it matter to your wife?
I'm in the penitentiary for murder,|not attempted adultery.
So there was a cab there.|He must have seen you leave, right?
No. No, he left before I did.
- Hey.|- Poor daddy goin' home.
- Bye, Rubin.|- Take it easy.
- Hey, champ.|- Huh? Hey!
Whoa! He's gone!
I wish to God John Artis|had met a girl that night.
I wish that, uh,|he hadn't been there at all.
He didn't deserve this.|He didn't deserve any of it.
Artis, let's go. You're done.
He got the same sentence I got,|and all he had to do...
was lie and say I killed|those people and...
they would have let him out|and his nightmare would have been over.
Most men couldn't have stood up|to that kind of torture...
butJohn Artis did.
The man is my hero.
So the police said it was 2:45|or a little after...
when all hell broke loose|at the Lafayette bar.
That's what they said.
Apparently, the two gunmen entered the|bar and immediately started shooting.
According to William Marins,|two guys barged in and just opened fire.
Oliver goes down first.
Then Marins was the only one|who got a look at 'em.
Then they shoot Hazel Tanis|and leave.
- What's Bello doing?|- Bello was a lookout|for a burglary up the street.
- And who else saw anything?|- Patty Valentine.
She said she saw the getaway car.
And there was a man who lived across the|street by the name of Avery Cockersham.
Cockersham? That name|was in the police report.
- That's right.|- So how come he didn't testify?
Thejudge threw|the police report out.
Cockersham left town.|Nobody could find him.
It was two coloured guys. Theyjust|walked in, they started shootin'.
Call the cops.
Now, according to the police,|the murders were racially motivated.
See, the bar didn't serve blacks,|so naturally this crazy nigger,|Rubin Carter...
had to take out his vengeance|on the entire white race.
Uh, this is, uh, Exhibit 11 -F.
- This is 1966.|- Wait a minute. What are you talking|about? Where are-- Where are you?
- Trial transcripts, 1966.|- Oh. Stick to the blue cards.
- Valentine-- Valentine first said...|- I know the blue cards.
the car's taillights|were similar to the getaway car.
- "Similar."|- Right. Then in '76, Exhibit 89-C,|she says, quote...
"The Carter car was unquestionably|the same car. There was no doubt."
- Closed quote.|- Exactly.
Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Second trial, ten years later,|suddenly she changes her story.
She drew a picture,|like a bow tie.
Yeah. Yeah, I've got it here.
"Taillights lit up|all across the back like a butterfly,|as the killer's car drove away."
"Like a butterfly."
So the first thing we|have to do is find out exactly|what Rubin's car looked like.
- We need to find a '66 Dodge Polara.|- Mm-hmm.
There's the bow-tie lights,|like Patty Valentine described.
- I'm not so sure about that.|- You ready?|- Yeah!
See that?|They don't light up all the way.
Oh, no, that's a Dodge Monaco.|You don't want one of those.
They don't have the power. Look,|I'll make you a good deal on this one.
- Shit.|- Monaco?
- Mr Carter?|- Yeah.
I was told to get you.
Get me? By whom?
The warden wants to see you.
- For what?|- I don't know.
Open up, Al.
Mr Carter.
I have a difficultjob|running this place...
but I do it.
I do it really well.
You called me down here|at 3:00 in the morning to tell me that?
I hear things.|I hear everything.
What have you heard, Warden?
I hear something's goin' down.
I don't want a mess,|something that I can't clean up.
This doesn't have anything|to do with my case, does it?
Shit happens every day...
and I wanna warn you, that's all.
Somebody tries to take you down,|something gets started...
I can't stop it.
- You understand me?|- What do you suggest I do?
Stay alive.
And that goes foryour friends too.
- Who is it?|- We're looking for an Avery Cockersham.
Do the Cockershams live here?
I'm Mrs Cockersham.|What do you want?
You're black.
You're white.
Baked fresh this morning.|Now, you take the white one.
Yeah, there were plenty coloured folks|in the neighbourhood...
and in the bar too.
- Avery and me were regulars.|- They served blacks in the bar?
We had a running tab.
So much for the racial motive, eh?
My Avery got a good look|at those men...
and it wasn't Rubin Carter.
He told the police.|He told 'em and he told 'em.
He even signed a statement|for that detective.
You know the one. Heavy set.
He looked like|a bulldog with glasses.
- Della Pesca.|- That's the one.
Could we, uh,|talk with your husband?
Avery's dead.
He died just before the trial.
I'm sorry.
Here's stuff I wanna check out.
What is this?
Who the fuck you think you are?
- Does this look like Toronto to you?|- Excuse me?
You know, you people, you got|some nerve comin' down here...
pokin' your nose|where it don't belong.
Let me ask you something,|Mr Canada.
What the fuck do you know|about this place, huh? Huh?
You know anything?|You don't know shit.
Let me enlighten you...
because you don't know|what you're doin'.
You are making enemies|that you don't know exist.
- Huh?|- We know about you.
You don't know shit about me.|You understand?
You don't know shit about this place,|and let me tell ya something else.
You're not welcome here, okay?
You're not fuckin' welcome here.
You got that?|Go back to where you belong.
Lesra's gonna have to get on|with school, so...
we might want to send him back|for a while.
- I understand. It's probably the best.|- Yeah.
- Yeah.|- What about you?
Oh, it's-- it's gonna take|a little longer than we thought.
Y'all all right?
I have asked myself, Lisa...
if I could do for anyone...
what you and Sam and Terry and Lesra|have done for me, and the answer is no.
- So ifyou feel like|you need to go home...|- Shh. We're not--
for any reason,|I'll understand. You--
No, you gotta understand.|We're not--
We're not leaving without you.
All right?
And we're gonna find something.
Um, well, I found something--
a fellow by the name of Barbieri.
He's a private investigator. Prosecution|hired him in the second trial.
- Didn't he resign|from the case or something?|- He quit...
and he turned in his murder book|and crime-scene photos...
list ofevidence, but no notes.
- Anyone talk to him?|- Myron tracked him down.
- What'd he say?|- Nothin'. He was scared.
- Of whom?|- Of the people he was workin' with.
- Mrs Barbieri?|- Miss.
- Hello. Uh, is Mr Barbieri in?|- There isn't any mister.
Uh, Dominick, Dominick Barbieri?
That was my father.|He passed away years ago.
Wow. Maybe you oughta have|a yard sale.
That case always bothered|my father.
He never talked about it. He said|he had to live in this town, you know?
Yeah. Do you have any idea|where his notes might be?
Well, if he kept them at all,|they'd be in one of those boxes.
Guy was a pack rat. He must have saved|every case he ever worked on.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.|- What?
- I found it. Look at this. Look.|- What?
- He kept a damn diary.|- Oh, look.
Who would have thought he'd put it|in a diary? But he did. Look at this.
A call was placed to|an emergency operator named Jean Wahl...
at 2:28 a.m. to report the shooting.
- At 2:28?|- That's right.
She then calls the cops|to tell them.
They say they already know about it.|In fact...
they've got a cruiser on its way|over to the Lafayette at that moment.
- Oh, my God.|- Yes.
According to Barbieri....
"time on the record|ofcustomer contact was changed...
from 2:28 to 2:45."
- Yes.|- Son of a bitch.
Which, if true,|putsJohn Artis and myself...
at the Nite Spot|at the time of the killings.
Well, ifwe can prove|she got the call at 2:28.
We'll prove it.
We can prove it.
Mrs Wahl?
Hi. My name is Sam Chaiton.|We spoke on the phone|about the Rubin Carter case.
- I told you,|I don't want to talk to you.|- Mrs Wahl, please.
Um, you told an investigator|named Barbieri...
that an emergency call you took|the night of the Lafayette bar|murders was at 2:28.
I don't know what I told him.|It was a long time ago.
Uh, but there's a card|that says 2:45 on it...
and, uh, you didn't sign the card.
According to Barbieri, it was signed|by a Miss Lenore Harkinson.
- She was my supervisor.|- Why would your supervisor|sign the card?
And wouldn't you normally|do that yourself?
Look, if there's a card and that's|what it says, then that's what it says.
I don't remember anything else.|And ifsomeone tries to make me testify,|that'sjust what I'll say.
Uh, look, Mrs Wahl--
Thank you.
So this is a copy of the phone|company's record ofcustomer contact.
It's all there,|just like Barbieri said.
Look at the signature on the card.
It's signed by Lenora Harkinson,|Jean Wahl's supervisor.
Does that mean anything to you?
It means she didn't have|to write up a phoney ticket.
He signed it himself.
His handwriting is|on every report that...
put me in prison|since I was 11 years old.
It's Della Pesca.
It's his handwriting.
- Oh, shit! What's happening?|- What the hell is that?
- Don't know.|- What is that?
- Oh, shit!|- Hold on!
- You all right?|- Yeah.
- Les, you okay?|- I'm all right.|- Are ya?
- Are you all right? Yeah?|- I think so. Damn.
- Yeah?|- Shit.|- Hey, you okay?
- What the fuck was that?|- Need help?
We're okay. Thanks.
- Are they all right?|- Goddam.
The carjust went right over|the centre divider--
Rubin, the law states we have|to take our new evidence back|to the original trial judge...
- and then if he turns us down,|we go to the state appeals court--|- No. No, no, no, no!
Listen to me. These people|aren't gonna just let that happen.
They've made their careers|on my case.
- What are you talking about, Rubin?|- I'm talking about lawyers,|prosecutors, judges...
who have moved up the ladder|on my black back.
We don't even know what enemies|we have out there in this state.
We gotta take it out of New Jersey, and|we gotta take it to the federal court.
Rubin, ifyou go|into federal court...
with new evidence that hasn't been|heard in the state court...
thejudge is gonna throw|it out, okay?
- That is the law.|- Then we transcend the law.
We, we, we get back to humanity.
You said it yourself.|You said ifwe take the new evidence...
before the federal judge,|he's gotta look at it|before he throws it out, right?
- Right.|- I believe that once he looks at it,|he will have seen the truth.
Having seen the truth,|he can't turn his back on me.
And what ifyou're wrong|and he does turn away? Then what?
Then you throw out all this evidence|that everyone's fought so hard to get.
And you know what, Rubin?|You will never be able to mention it|in a court of law again.
It is finished. It's erased.|It's as if it never happened.
This evidence is the key|to getting you out of here,|and you'll be throwing it away, Rubin...
- when in a few more years--|- I don't have a few more years, Myron!
- Leon, help me out.|- I can't.
I agree with Rubin.|It's time to move on.
- Move on? What do you mean,|move on? Move on where?|- The state's biased, Myron.
We're never gonna get anything there.|We have to go federal.
- We can't take the risk|of going federal with this.|- Listen to me. Listen to me!
I'm 50 years old.
I've been locked up|here for 30 years.
I've put a lot of|good people's lives at risk.
Now, either I get outta here--
Get me outta here.
Good luck, Rubin.
This is foryou.|You stay strong.
- Good luck.|- My man. Peace, baby. Be cool now.
Good luck, Mr Carter.
- Rubin.|- Rubin Carter, prisoner 45472.
- See you around.|- Okay,Jimmy.
Your Honour, we appear before you...
in our 19th year before the courts.
Rubin Carter has never enjoyed|a full, fair...
and unforced disclosure|of the facts...
to which he is|constitutionally entitled.
For 19 years,|the truth has been hidden...
not only from Rubin Carter's eyes...
- but from the eyes|ofjustice itself and--|- Uh, Your Honour.
The prosecution|objects forcefully here.
Counsel is attempting|to present new evidence...
and circumvent|the State Court of New Jersey.
Your Honour must,|according to the law...
drop this entire petition|where it belongs-- into the garbage.
Your Honour, we implore you|to at least hear us...
before making your ruling.
Mr Beldock, I hope you understand...
the implications ofyour action.
That is a very slippery slope...
you're trying to climb.
- We do, Your Honour.|- Proceed.
In 1976, the State of New Jersey's...
chief investigator of this case,|Dominick Barbieri...
resigned because he|discovered the truth.
He discovered|that this case was built...
on a foundation|offorgeries and lies.
Those lies show the guilt|not of Rubin Carter...
but of a corrupt police force|and the prosecutor's office.
And now this wall of lies|has been destroyed...
so that this court|may finally see the truth...
and, pray God,|not turn its eyes away.
This court is|not unmoved by your...
eloquence and passion...
but the prosecution is correct.
This petition|contains new evidence...
that has not been presented|before the State Court of New Jersey...
and there is no legal argument|that you could make...
which would allow me to consider it.
Therefore, you have|two choices before you:
I can send this case|back to the state court...
and you can present the evidence...
or, ifyou insist...
on, uh, proceeding...
this evidence will be lost|to you forever.
You understand the choice|before you, Mr Beldock?
Your Honour, may I request|a moment to confer with my client?
That's the smartest thing|you've said all morning, Counsellor.
Rubin, listen to me.|Thisjudge is telling us|as clearly as he possibly can...
that he's going|to rule against you.
- This is our last stand, Myron.|- Rubin, I am begging you--
Let's proceed.
Your Honour, my client wishes|to continue with this proceeding.
Uh, do you do so formally...
and, uh, are you aware of the, uh...
significance ofsuch an action?
We do so formally.
- Proceed.|- But, Your Honour--
- Yes?|- Uh, the state is not prepared...
to proceed to argue|the merits of this case.
Why not?
Well, we, we assumed...
that the court would not hear|this petition based on new evidence.
You assumed wrong.
So, Your Honour, this case|was poisoned from the start.
No evidence.
No witnesses,|except admitted liars.
Only a racially charged atmosphere...
which was fanned by the police|and the prosecutors...
who knew the truth|and distorted it...
and subverted it and destroyed it...
to convict an innocent man.
What more can the State|of New Jersey do, Your Honour...
than give a man not one...
but twojury trials?
And nothing has changed since then.
Mr Carter is, and always has been,|a menace to society.
He's been in and out of jail|his whole life.
A criminal.|He's a violent man.
His whole life has been violence.
And it is our duty, Your Honour,|to continue to protect...
the general public|from such a man.
Thank you.
I've heard your statements.|Uh, I'll take them under consideration.
Now, is there anything else|that counsel wishes to add...
before I make my final ruling?
- What are you doing?|- I want to say something.|- What are you gonna say?
I want to--|I need to say something.
Uh, Your Honour, m-my--|my client, Mr Carter...
wishes to address the court.
Request granted.
Thank you, Your Honour.
I was a, um...
Myjob was to...
take all the hatred...
and skill that I could muster...
and send a man to his destruction,|and I did that.
But Rubin "Hurricane" Carter|is no murderer.
Twenty years I've spent|locked up in a cage...
considered a danger to society.
Not treated like a human being.
Not treated like a person.
Counted 15 times a day.
I serve my time|in a house ofjustice...
and yet, there's|nojustice for me.
So, I ask you|to consider the evidence.
Don't turn away from the truth.|Don't turn away from your conscience.
Please, don't ignore the law.|No, em-embrace that...
higher principle for which|the law was meant to serve.
Justice. That's all|I ask for, Your Honour.
This court is in recess.
Oh, thank you.
It's good.
Come a long way,|huh, little brother?
Look, Rubin, I just want you to know|if this doesn't work...
I'm bustin' you outta here.
- You are?|- Yeah. That's right.
I'm bustin' you outta here.
What was the first book|you ever bought?
You think that was an accident?
- No.|- No, me neither.
Lesra, short for Lazarus.
"He who has risen from the dead."
Genesis, chapter 29, verse 32.
"Behold a son."
You put those two together, Lesra,|and you have...
"Behold a son who is risen...
from the dead."
That's no accident.
Hate put me in prison.
Love's gonna bust me out.
Just in case love doesn't,|I'm gonna bust you outta here.
You already have, Lesra.
All rise.
This Federal District Court|of New Jersey is now in session.
Judge Sarokin presiding.
Be seated.
This court does not arrive|at its conclusion lightly.
On one hand, Rubin Carter|has submitted a document...
alleging racial prejudice...
coercion of testimony|and withholding ofevidence.
On the other hand...
Mr Carter was tried twice...
by two differentjuries...
and those convictions|were subsequently upheld...
by the New Jersey|State Supreme Court.
He's gonna rule against us.|Rubin's gonna lose.
However, the extensive record...
clearly demonstrates|to this court...
that Rubin Carter's conviction...
was predicated upon an appeal...
to racism...
rather than reason...
and concealment...
rather than disclosure.
To permit convictions to stand...
which have|as their sole foundation...
appeals to racial prejudice...
is to commit...
a violation...
of the Constitution...
as heinous as the crimes|for which the defendants...
were tried...
and convicted.
I hereby order Rubin Carter...
- released from prison...|- Yes!
henceforth, from this day forward.
Yes! Yes.
This court is adjourned.
Hey, Rube, you made-- you made it, man!|You're free! Can you stand it?
You did it, Rube.|You did it, man.
- Yeah, huh?|- Yeah!
Rubin Carterhasjust been freed.
All right!|You're free, Rubin!
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