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Subtitles for Hypnosis (Saimin 1999).

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Hypnosis (Saimin 1999)

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{y:i}Watch this flame.
{y:i}You're sliding, falling...|{y:i}into a dark abyss...
{y:i}You can't stop falling...
{y:i}into the depths in your heart.
{y:i}And you'll meet...
{y:i}your conscience which
{y:i}you've never known...
It's only the second lap!
You'll have a race soon!
I'll count three.
And you'll fall backward|as if pulled back.
You're going to stick to the chair.
You're stuck. You can't get up.
This is motion-control.
I'm seventy now.
Happy birthday!
Thank you.
I found this during my last trip.
In Germany?
How lovely!
I don't know.
Tell me your name.
Her place of birth, age and name|were erased from her memory.
Memory-control. It can cure|the bruise on her heart.
I'll count three.
Your senses will be gone.
If I touch you, you won't feel it.
Run faster!
Or you'll drop out!
Last lap.
The green monkey!
Let's hear from the newlyweds...
The happy newlyweds...
A word from...
the happy newlyweds!
How cute!
What's up?
Good, Kida!
Go ahead!
Don't worry.
It's harmless.
Hypnosis can make patients|feel no pain.
It's used for dental operations.
One word...
What's up?
The green monkey...
The groom seems too|happy to speak...
She's crazy.
What's up?
I can't run anymore.
Stop her!
I must save him...
Somebody! Help!
I must...
... save him...
Stop her!
Stop her!
You're high up in the sky.
A bird is flying beside you.
As you can see, she may feel her arms|are moving regardless her will.
I'm flying...
it's her sub consciousness,|which we call the unconscious.
I'll count three,|and you'll wake up.
You'll feel relaxed,|body and soul.
two, three.
Thank you.
Mr. Saga was the prince|in ''Sleeping Beauty.''
A hypnotised person reacts|only to the hypnotist.
She could only return from the|world of unconsciousness...
only with this Prince Saga.
Mr. Kuraishi.
How far can hypnosis be used?
For instance, to commit a crime?
As I told you, his action is|controlled by the unconsciousness.
He can't do what he doesn't want.
What if you hypnotise somebody|and tell him to hit a man...
with a pointed knife...
for it pleases him...|Note this!
Even if you master the technique...
don't think hypnotism conquers men.
It's to guide people to a warm place.
That's hypnosis.
Mr. Sakurai.
Not a case for Homicide.
They married for love.
No motive for suicide.
Who knows?
It was a stroke or something.
He groaned painfully|You saw...
the mark on his neck.
Would a man strangle himself...
when he had a stroke?
Watch this flame. Look into it.
You're getting hot.
Your limbs are getting hot.
You're in a desert, under the sun.
How hot!
The sun is grilling you alive.
Here's a surprise for you.
A sweet, delicious apple.
The bones are out of joint.
The food he ate is in the lab.
Cake, too?
Get used to it. Bodies can tell.
Possibly narcotics.
He must've had hallucinations.
Or he couldn't strangle himself.
His heart was okay.
Even kids push drugs nowadays.
Some get here on a bad trip.
Those two bodies...
Good examples.
They died in a difficult way.
A 73 year-old man jumped|through a thick windowpane.
An 18 year-old girl died running,|her bones fractured.
It's beyond me.
I wished they'd bleed green blood|and say, ''I'm an alien.''
It must've been a bad trip.
He said 'monkey' before|he strangled himself.
I told you!
Tell me everything you know!
I'm sorry.
What did he say?
''The green monkey.''
Green monkey?
The cop in charge of that case|said the same thing.
You're going deeper again.
Your limbs are growing dull.
Your head is getting empty.
The phone rings...
and you'll forget what happened today.
You won't be able to|remember anything.
The phone rings, and|you'll forget everything.
Your left cheek gets itchy.
Help me.
Who are you?
I'm being...
chased by the green monkey.
You follow me?
A green monkey attacks me.
Only you can help me.
I've been waiting here for you.
I'll pay you.
Take it.
Take it.
{y:i}I am a friendly...
{y:i}I came from Fatima...
Help me.
Take it.
Take this money.
Your name?
Young lady?
It's Yuka.
Yuka Irie.
{y:i}I am a friendly...
Who'd kill himself...
when he's celebrating his wife's birthday?
One can suddenly lose hope.
He lost his only son in the river.
While he looked away...
the boy drowned.
So what?
So what?
It was 43 years ago. Why jump now?
He couldn't save his son.
He couldn't swim.
He didn't jump.
The groom strangled himself.
Did he kill someone?
Stop it!
These incidents are beyond comprehension.
Is some bad drug prevailing?
No narcotics were found on|the body.
No information.|Monkey.
A green monkey?
A hero among kids?
No. Not in computer games.
You can't tell when you'll see another victim.
Victim to what?
No hasty conclusions.
Three people lost hope|and died on the same day.
That's the fact.
My husband gave it to me...
when he departed to heaven.
Thank you for today.
If a man lies, you can tell it|by the movement of his eyes.
His eyes show what's on his mind.
Suppose you're questioning a suspect...
about his alibi.
If he's right-handed and answers|looking up left,
he's telling you the truth|as he searches his memory.
if he looks up right, he's lying,|making a story in his mind.
His glance is always shifting|from you to space and back.
He's committing perjury.
You made your dream come true.
I look small, don't I?
Nothing has changed.
I joined the chemical unit|because I was pessimistic.
So many pessimists!
In the old days, murderers robbed|to escape from poverty.
Later, they wanted money to buy|expensive things for vanity.
Then they grew tired of material desires.
Human lives are now meaningless.
We used to be able to just|look at the convict's life...
we could understand his motive|and even gain insight by looking at his face.
But now we can see nothing.
It's in the heart.
Humans are losing their spiritual depth.
An old man jumped as he|celebrated his wife's birthday.
A groom strangled himself|during his own wedding.
Death comes so abruptly|and strangely.
The old man who jumped...
He apologised to his son for|not saving him from drowning.
What was the sense in that?
Maybe he was hypnotised.
A suggestion had been made that he|recall the worst moment of his life.
So he recalled the river...|Stop!
That's imagination.
No. A supposition.
It was suicide.
If you're interested, come.
Mr. Sakurai. What I said was a supposition.
Aren't you sure?
I'm sure of myself.
You must be proud of that.
Don't worry.
People who have abnormal|minds are collected together.
For study.
Hey, aren't you a doctor?
Not a surgeon.
I study dissociative|identity trouble.
Multiple Personality Disorder.
''It hurts. Help!''
''I can't run!''
''I must save him!''
Their last words.
Suppose the runner was mentally|forced to run fast.
It could be something implanted in her mind.|Was there a hypnotist at the track...
... or the wedding hall?
The old couple were alone.
A sign is given while hypnotised.
The hypnotised person...
acts as suggested all of a sudden...
at the given sign.
The three deaths have|something in common.
They said ''the green monkey''|before they went crazy.
Was that the sign?
The sign was given from outside.
They weren't in control.
Mr. Sakurai.
The coroner wants you in his room.
When will it be?
When will I be cured?
A little later.
More doctors will examine you.
Then we'll see.
Cure me quickly.
No! Don't!
Stay still.
{y:i}I am a friendly...
{y:i}I came from Fatima Nebula.
{y:i}My name is Andria...
Shut up!
Can hypnotism control|a man so totally?
Only within his own world.
Can we run till we die?
She did.
A man can raise a car and...
run 100 meters in 8 seconds.
But if he does, his bones will fracture.
So he stops.
When a voodoo priest touches a believer,|his hand burns his skin.
I saw it on TV.
The voodoo priest uses fire|and chants abracadabra.
It has hypnotic effects.
The burn is, in fact,|made by the believer.
His neck bone was straight.
He wasn't suffocated.
Nothing toxic was in the food.
We found nothing on the body.
Then what?
His white corpuscle count increased.
His blood oozed out quickly.
Blood cells were destroyed.
Reaction to poison.
As if bitten by a poisonous snake.
Shall I send the cake to the lab?
Shut up!
Come back!
Come back!
Come back! Back!
I'll be...
a good girl.
Green monkey...
Come, everybody!
With your daddy...
The warehouse worker|had family trouble.
They all mentioned a green monkey.
Mind control?
Is it an occult group at work?
We all have certain worries which can|drive us to commit suicide.
We belong to homicide.
We have many other murder cases to settle.
What about the groom?
He had no worries at all.
He said, ''It hurts.''
He was sick.
Why kill himself?
Why not in times like this?
He was in South America.
He worked in the jungle looking for oil.
There was always the danger of snakes.
He had dreams of snakes.
His symptom was as if...
he'd been bitten by a snake.
So what?
Were they all hypnotised?
If so, it explains everything.
They died against their will.
Not against their will,|if they're hypnotised.
Which side are you on?
Understand hypnosis correctly.
You're the one who's hypnotised.
You're wrong.
If you suggest to a man there's a pool...
he may jump from the roof.'s because he wants|to jump into the pool.
They all had something|in common.
They mentioned what broke|their hearts long ago.
The hypnotist suggested something|to get them to recall the scenes.
They wanted to die.
How did he choose them?
It could have been anybody.
We're checking the people they met.
What if the green monkey|hypnotises all of Tokyo?
When did you join an occult group?
Why bring me a freak?
He's a psychologist.
You looking for an award before retirement?
Let go!
Let go of me!
Get out of here!
All of you!
You've brought in a lot of people here.|How much do you think it costs?
The green monkey's|watching somebody...
It's the green monkey.
being raped by...
the green monkey.
The green monkey's assaulting me.
I know this show.
It's live.
I'm afraid. I'm scared.
I'm scared.
Help me.
Don't worry. I'll help you.
{y:i}I am a friendly alien.
{y:i}I came from Fatima Nebula...
I want to see the girl who was on the show.
Let's give them a big hand!
Excuse me Miss...
Were you in the show a while ago?
You said green monkey...|Wait.
It's painful, isn't it?
Don't! Who are you?
Police. I'm Sakurai.
She's very delicate.
Like glass.
So keep your hands off her.
What did you do?
That's a lie...
Mr. Jissoji.
She was talking about something.
What's a ''green monkey?''
I don't know, anymore than you.
I'm only a guide for her.
I hypnotise her so that...
I can settle her problem.
It's in her eyes. You cornered her.
What are you saying?
She's communicating with aliens.
You're mentally torturing her.
She's trying to escape you.
Let me do the police work.
Oh? Isn't the kid a cop?
He's a psychoanalyst. An expert.
He doesn't understand human beings.
What you're doing is a crime!
It's not a show.
It's spiritual communication.
It's more precious than your study.
Pseudo-hypnotists like you are what|gives hypnotism a bad name.
Calm down!
Hypnotism needs mutual trust.
You threaten her!
What's up?
What are you doing?
You're losing strength.
Your limbs are turning to wood.
Your head is made of plastic.
So you can't talk.
Your brain is a sponge.
Hey! Wait!
You're a doll now.
Did we trust each other?
Where's the mutual trust?
Mr. Jissoji! Stand by, please!
You'll turn to a man later.
Stay here as a doll.
Hey! Wait!
Hey! Saga! What's the matter?
Saga! Wake up!
Now, let's hear the spirit|from outer space.
Saga! Answer me!
Here comes Miss Yuka Irie!
Open your soul, and receive...
the voice from outer space.
{y:i}I am a friendly alien.
{y:i}I came from Fatima Nebula.
{y:i}I am an entity minus a body.
{y:i}I don't mean any harm.
{y:i}I came from Fatima...
I'm sorry.
Did any friend of yours...
ever hit a ball with his face?
Another strange suicide took place.
So I heard.
Will you help me?
You live nearby.
Close to the station.
I can get there quickly.
Have a seat.
Are you lonely without your wife?
She walked out on me.
Three years ago.
I'm sorry.
I live here alone,|and that's the way it has to be.
This is all I have. Try it.
You okay now?
Hypnosis is misunderstood.
Many elements are still unknown.
It's a good thing.
We have good memories|and bad memories.
But bad ones can be erased.
Bruises on the heart.
Bruises on the heart?
People make too much of it, these days.
We have them.
But, we cure them somehow|by ourselves.
If they remain uncured,|they harm our nerves and bodies...
For example...
This glass is|unaware of the liquor.
But it was essentially|made to be with vodka.
Hypnosis makes the glass|thinner and softer...
so we can talk|directly to the liquor.
The glass gradually gets older|and more solid.
But the liquor stays young.
Like a three or four year old.
Four year old?
You can talk to the four|year-old consciousness.
And cheat it...
if it's only four.
You want to erase some memories?
If I can do it with an eraser.
Just one?
You're going back in time...
back and back...
You see something?
A good friend of mine.
He was a good swimmer.
He looked like a Kappa,|a river monster.
What are you doing with him?
Stealing potatoes.
I'm stealing potatoes with him.
What'll you do with the potatoes?
Mr. Sakurai!
Mr. Sakurai! What can you see?
You okay?
I forgot it. Now I remember.
What happened?
We were short of food after the war.
You stole potatoes.
When we roasted the potatoes...
the greengrocer found us and said,
''Who stole them?''
He was furious.
I was scared.
I thought he might kill me.
Without meaning to...
I pointed at Kappa.
He whipped the boy|with a bamboo stick...
again and again.
The small boy didn't cry.
He just stared at me|without saying a word.
He stared at my eyes.
What happened between you and him?
After that...
we never exchanged a word.
A year later, he moved away.
I'd forgotten it.
It's been in your unconscious memory|for all these years.
Mr. Sakurai.
After this case is settled...
I'll change that memory.
Was she here?
Two weeks ago.
She changed her address.
The new one is unknown.
Not registered here?
She worked part-time.
Not a regular employee.
She was especially good|at calculating.
Special ability happens to be|promoted when reason fades.
We know she's in the hotel|with the hypnotist.
She was hospitalised a year ago.
We checked the list.
Not serious. She couldn't eat.
She'd become anorexic.
This was Yuka Irie's desk.
She suddenly stopped coming?
Yes, without reason.
Excuse me.
May I have this doll?
What's this?
Don't touch it.
Electronic mail.
Secret information included.
Why don't we have one like this?
We installed it only two weeks ago.
Two weeks?
The hospital.
The one she went to.
Hey. Get in.
Sorry. I'll see you tomorrow.
Where are you off to?
For a walk.
Come back.
The green monkey will come back again.
Yes, indeed, she was treated here.
She stayed for five weeks...
longer than planned.
No other problems?
There are various reasons to reject food.
The doctor in charge quit.
I can't tell anything.
This is the ward.
Excuse me. My patient is waiting.
How quiet!
I'd like to be hospitalised.
I say.
About Yuka Irie, the girl on TV?
Don't mention me.
Sure. What is it?
She got worse here in this hospital.
Got worse?
I don't know about her disease...
but she was a normal girl.
She didn't talk about her family,|but she was gentle.
Then what happened?
A week later,|she said a funny thing.
She said...
... somebody in her head|began to talk to her.
Five days after that...
She suddenly started eating.
She kept eating until|we stopped her.
When we called her,|she said it wasn't her name.
One night she wanted me|to come to her room.
I had to go.
Then what?
I could really hear a voice.
The light was swaying.
I was scared.
Was somebody there?
I looked in the room.
He was standing there with a candle.
That was his nickname.
When he laughed he looked like Mickey Mouse,|and that's what everyone called him.
He was a social worker.
But I didn't tell her.
Why not?
Because after she went in,
I heard her ecstatic moan.
She didn't leave the hospital|in a normal way.
She left with some man|five weeks later.
Is he the hypnotist in the TV show?
I don't think so. Not him.
Pretty sure.
The director must know all about it.
''Mizu Norimune.''
''Mizu Norimune. Mizu Norimune...
The director lied.
No one is registered with that name.
He didn't lie.
This nation doesn't keep proper records.
Mouse lived under a false name.
Why in my territory?
''Mizui Norimune.''
''Mizui Norimune.''
''Mizui Norimune. Mizu Norimune...''
''Mizui Norimune. Mizu Norimune...''
''Mizui Norimune?''
A funny name.
Not a name.
Spelt backwards, it becomes...
''... Fountain.''
Pick up Jissoji!
Hi, pretty boy!
How 'bout a nice cold beer?
For you, gorgeous.
Do I know you?
Why the gaze?
You want me?
Stop it.
I'm what?
I'm sick.
Long time no see. Where were you?
No! You're in the way tonight.
Why not?
Ease off!
Keep your nose out!
Let go of me!
Let's go.
Where to?
Your place?
I don't even know your name.
I'm Rieko.
Come in.
Who lives here?
Me. Who else?
You like it?
I don't.
How come?
A girl named Yuka brought it.
You know her?
You met her?
What's she like?
She interests you? Then goodbye.
Let's have fun.
To our encounter!
Look at this.
What do you see?
Look carefully.
You can see a human face.
You must've received various suggestions.
This is often used in ads.
The world is full of hypnosis.
The twinkling lights on|pinball machines, neon...
announcements on trains...
they jump over your reason...
into your unaware mind.
Living in a city...
you can't be pure.
Retrospective hypnosis will mix...
your memories of past and present.
If you're given a shocking image...
you'll try to escape from fear...
and create a different image.
Humans are moving in a|world of unconsciousness.
Human essence lies|in unconsciousness.
I'm sorry.
I surprised you.
I was here...|I know you.
You'll be cured.
I'll be beside you.
Trust me.
I want to go to the sea.
The sea?
Floating there...
I feel peaceful.
I can't swim.
Blue ocean...
and swaying...
shining water...
Drifting on the warm,|shining water...
drifting, drifting...
swaying, swaying...
far away...
Swaying, drifting...
in the shining blue water...
Just a few questions.
She knows the suspect.
A man hypnotised her for fun|every night in the hospital.
His name and qualifications|were false.
He might be working|in another hospital.
But not now.
Jissoji's dead.
We must hurry.
The psychiatrist sent from the lab.
He'll ask the questions.
Miss Yuka Irie.
Your date of birth?
Miss Irie?
I don't know.
Miss Irie.
You couldn't eat food...
and were hospitalised last year, right?
Did you make friends with somebody here?
You befriended somebody?
That's a leading question.
You said you heard a man's voice|in your head at night, right?
She's not well.
He's an adviser. He helps us.
If two men talk to her|at the same time, it's harmful.
Miss Irie.
You kept listening to the man.
What did he look like?
What did he do to you?
You did something special with him, didn't you?|Something special? Miss lrie?
{y:i}I am a friendly alien...
Please, stop...
Shut up!
Please stop!
Stay back.
We don't need him.
He thinks she's sick.
Dual personality!
Sit down.
She's acting.
How can you be a counsellor?
I saw her hypnosis show.
She was acting.
She worked at a bank before.
She has normal senses.
Answer me, Yuka.
Where is the man?
She's seeking refuge|in another character.
Hiding in an alien?|It's rather showy.
Dual personality isn't approved|by Japan's psychiatry.
All right.
I'll show you.
Hey! Saga!
Watch this.
Your eyes close slowly, involuntarily.
Other than Yuka, two more|characters are in her mind.
One is an alien named Andria.
The other is a girl named Rieko.
Let me speak with Rieko in you.
You're wearing a red dress.
You're in the red light district.
Rieko, come out.
The curtain!
Close the curtain!
This is Rieko.
Her left eye is bandaged.
She appears only at night.
You're here?
You were gone in the morning.
Damn it! What rags am I wearing?
It's Yuka, huh? What a mess!
Stop her!
You're going to relax again.
Going down...
Make her talk about the man!
Forget your study!
Come on! The man's a murderer!
{y:i}I am a friendly alien.
Shut up! Get out, both of you!
Dehypnotise her!
Get out!
She's under hypnosis.
I can't leave her alone...
What's the matter?
Come back, Yuka!
Where is she?
Search for her!
There's another.
What's up?
Replay it.
Another character.
''Mouse'' did it?
The man who hypnotised her for fun.
His nickname.
Poor Yuka.
Is the time correct?
About nine minutes.
We were unconscious then.
We woke up at the same time.
Isn't it strange?
Stop this stupid conversation!
Anyway, search for Yuka and Mouse.
Mr. Sakurai.
I think it's for you.
Sakurai speaking.
Are you enjoying it?
You've never seen human beings|kill themselves so determinedly.
What do you want?
My heart is disappearing.|So I'm looking for a new one.
No kidding!
''Love always.''
''From the New World.''
From the new world?
Only twenty minutes to go.
''From the new world.''
Cast a dragnet.
You stay here.
Damn it!
Cover the front and rear doors.
That's all we know. Get moving!
Why the...?
How come?
There must be a hint or something.
A hint?
A metal bat.
The bells.
The bell to tell the last lap...
The music box...
They make metallic sound.
The sign!
That's it!
Maybe it's the high frequency sound.
''From the New World.''
The cymbals...
Just once in the fourth movement.
Can't we call them?
No cellular.
The brake doesn't work.
That's the accelerator|What're you talking about?
It doesn't work.
The brake doesn't work.
Get out!
The brake didn't work.
Mr. Sakurai, don't listen to it!
What movement?
The beginning of the third.
Mr. Sakurai.
Mr. Sakurai!
Mr. Sakurai! Cover your ears!
Don't listen!
Mr. Sakurai...
I'm sorry, Kappa.
Mr. Sakurai, don't blame yourself!
I'm a liar.
I hurt you.
He's not there.
Mr. Sakurai...
This is a concert hall.
You're in the auditorium.
He isn't here.
Your friend isn't here, Mr. Sakurai!
Something terrible happened...
So you've survived.
Mr. Sakurai's mind was exchanged.
Are you Mouse?
That disgusting name's not mine.
Is Yuka there?
Give her back!
Sorry, no.
She's my precious toy.
No! Give her back!
Let's meet soon.
His TV has been on for a week.|He doesn't answer the door.
He's out, leaving the TV on.
No. Sometimes I can hear his eerie cry.|It frightens me.
Hey! If you're in, come out!
Are you in?
What's the situation?
He's locked himself up over a week.
Terrible. He's dead.
Ambulance! Ambulance!
Are you Mouse?
Are you Mouse?
What did you do with Yuka?
You played with her and|damaged her character!
The devil...
I pulled the lot...
The lot of ''devil.''
What's that?
She was easily hypnotised.
It was fun.
She had many characters.
I hurt her heart.
But one day...
A terrible character came out.
Tell me!
What was that?
Come here...
Come over here...
Come with me... to wash your spirit.
I've been waiting here for you.
Come with me.
Come, to cure your heart.
Come back!
Come, to cure your heart...|Your bruised heart.
You hear me?
I gave you a different sign.
What's the sign?
Yuka! Come back!
If she were loved as she grew up,|she wouldn't be like this.
Nobody loved her.|Everybody was mean to her.
So she came to me.
I'll... I'll take her back.
She can't go.
I'll protect her.
Who are you?
Green monkey?
I came to teach human beings|what they are.
It's time for them to|know what they are.
Just a few touches|can make them crazy.
They're machines easy to break.
That's the teaching|I have come to give.
You hear me? Yuka!
Because humans don't love their|children, they must suffer.
Now, guess your sign.
Guess right, and you'll be|released from pain.
Open your eyes...
The eyes of your mind.
I'm scared.
Don't worry. I'll help you.
Believe me. Trust me.
I promise.
I'll protect you...
protect you...
being loved.
You guessed right.
The sign is ''I love you.''
''Green Monkey?''
It's a dirty mind...
It's an ugliness deep in the human mind.
A green monkey...
lives in everybody's mind.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong with you?
Come on! Wake up!
Forget everything.
You'll be okay.
The nightmare is over.
He's all right.
The latent hypnosis lost its effect.
It's been three days. He'll wake up.
He's all right.
The latent hypnosis lost its effect.
It's been three days. He'll wake up.
He'll be fine.
{y:i}Blue, shining water...
{y:i}Swaying, drifting, wandering...
{y:i}Afloat on the warm shining water...
{y:i}Drifting, drifting, drifting...
What happened?
''Don't hit children!''
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