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Hypnotized The

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KIM Heasoo
KIM Taewoo
Executive Producer JUNG Hoon Tack
Written and Directed by KIM Inshik
"The season is unclear,
time is passing slowly..."
"The sea is silent"
"On a gleaming yacht,
a man in working clothes..."
" a woman on the shore, fluttering
like a scarf in the breeze"
"She basks in his bright smile"
What's his name?
What's her name?
It'll probably come to me later
Let's leave it for now
"The woman looks back"
"The man on the back deck of the yacht
is reading a book"
"His face is a blank"
"He's forgotten her...
...he's just amusing himself"
"It snows endlessly"
"The red numbers on the board..."
"Now she smiles at him and it occurs to her..."
"...that love
...could come out of the blue at a moment like this"
"One day, the man asks her..."
"...if she'll leave with him"
"It's time for me to leave the sea"
"She finally...
...smiles at him"
"The red numbers on the board...
...change constantly, in a blur"
But where was this happening?
Where did it snow non-stop?
Ativan, 4mg IM, instead of VaIium!
Quiet... don't worry...
I'II see you again
when you've had some sleep
Now, close your eyes...
We'II monitor her carefuIIy, of course...
Our provisionaI diagnosis is...
...Borderline Personality Disorder
We usually call it...
...'BPD' for short
May I smoke?
How is your relationship with your wife?
There's no reaI probIem
'BPD' usually follows rejection,
or the fear of rejection
In the worst cases...
...the patient can regress into schizophrenia
She's showing the typicaI symptoms of 'BPD'
When did you realize there was a problem?
On my first birthday party after we married...
... she told everyone...
...that she was going to write a noveI every month
After that, she locked herself in her room and started writing like crazy
One day I got a call from her editor
He wanted to meet me
He said she was really bugging him
She was turning up at his office without warning
And she threatened him on the phone
He ended the call by saying...
... I should get her to see a psychiatrist
Jisu, if it was any good I'd pubIish it!
But there's no way!
You publish rubbish all the time!
Why do you...
...always reject mine?
Watch the yen, it may go still higher
Not a chance,
buy euros!
It's on your head!
- We definitely get out of the yen? - Just do what I said!
I'm a foreign-exchange dealer
It's very stressful
I didn't have enough time for my wife
One day she called me at work
She was holding a party that evening to celebrate finishing her novel
She'd invited everyone
But no-one came
She did many things on impulse
I begin to realize that was a real problem
Honey, It's me
I can't sleep, and melatonin isn't helping
I don't know how the days are going by
Could you play my CD?
How long is it since we saw each other?
I miss you a lot...
And I want to ask you...
Have you rejected me too?
No answer?
Then it's okay!
I figure if you don't answer me that means you still love me
Yes! You won't reject me...
I'm rejected...
So... slit your wrist because of your mother?
Doctor, you can't believe it was that simple!
My stepfather...
...comes to my bed, every night
It's disgusting...
...more disgusting than you can imagine
But you know what?
I Iike doing it with that jerk
Waiting for him night after night,
... it makes me feeI as if I'm an animaI
Lee Suyeon
She claims her father sexually abuses her
But I can't yet judge if it's true
Yu Jisu...
She Iooks great
She's close to 'BPD' HY
She's the one I'm most worried about
Please pay special attention to her
Are you really quitting the post?
How did the chief react?
"Sort out something for the hypnosis class...
...before you go"
He'II have troubIe running that cIass without you
Tough, but I can't go on here
The patient died today
The brain-dead man
It's as if getting you and your wife to quit your jobs...
... was the only thing that kept him alive
You surely don't believe what Suyeon says?
She calls him her stepfather?
She really is our daughter
If this goes on my husband wiII end up needing treatment
We should've moved her to another school as she wished
A father who slept with his own daughter...
...would be no better than an animal
- It wouId be better if I was dead - Shut up! Get a grip!
Get a grip!
Stop talking nonsense
We should've moved her to another school.
His stupid wife worked here too...
It's his fauIt that she died...
You don't believe me, do you?
But it's an open secret
That idiot doctor probably believes...
...what they tell him sobbing that I'm their real daughter
It's aII buIIshit
You have to believe me!
This cell phone...
I don't need it anymore
You can have it
It's aII over...
Your Iast patient is stiII waiting
Another doctor will take care of you from tomorrow
Don't worry, he's a better doctor than I am
But even the best doctor... the world can't help you if you don't speak
- Doctor... - Yes? Go on...
Am I Iocked up here?
You're free to go whenever you want
I want to go home
Then please promise me that...
...when you've Ieft here...
... you'II go on with the treatment
You're Iate
Jisu's not in her room! Where is she?
She was there just now...
What a great clinic!
AII you need now is a good wife
What do you want me to do?
I've had no probIem with this card before
Try it again!
It's no good, the card has been bIocked
Please, other customers are waiting
Can't you pay cash?
This is ridiculous! Try it again!
I've tried it three times aIready
If you can't pay cash, pIease return the goods to the sheIves
I'II pay!
You'II just have to wait for a minute
You aren't answering?
It's my wife
I know it is, but take her caII!
The phone gets on my nerves
Minseok! You can't do this to me!
You can't get her out of your head
Can you?
Are you...
...thinking of her when we make Iove?
I'II ask you again
How Iong do we have to go on Iike this?
What do you want me to do?
Where did you park?
Yes... Thank you for your heIp
Have we...
...met before?
I'm not sure
Why did you help me?
You must be well off
paying bills for someone you don't even know
Don't you recall...
I'II transfer the money to your account tomorrow
You're going to Ieave me too
What do you mean?
I'm here, aren't I?
I'm sorry I bIocked the credit card
I'II have it reactivated
When people get to know me they always leave me...
And then they all forget me
I'm so tired... Let's get some sIeep
Let's divorce
We just hurt each other
I want a divorce
Whatever you want...
You must be a IoneIy man
AII of your pictures are so empty
Don't you mind Ietting your patients see into your mind Iike this?
If that's what you think...
Your wife Iooks beautifuI
Oh yea?
She'II be happy to hear that
I've seen a cIock Iike that before...
Is there something you want to teII me?
I'm not your patient!
I transferred the money, you can check
We have met before
How did you come up with this?
Most people who come to see me are depressed
...I don't even know...
...who I am
I thought you caIIed me because you wanted to meet for a drink
Actually, you just want to see the files
Sorry, I can't Iet you
Patient confidentiality, you know
Since when have you followed the rules so obediently?
I wrote them in the first pIace what's the probIem?
A woman?
What are you up to?
What are you doing?
That's Suyeon, she was your patient
The man was her reaI father
But I don't know about the rest of the story...
People are so complicated!
Don't stare at her! It'II onIy upset you
I forgot my ID card number
My e-maiI password...
Even the entry-code for my apartment building
I can't...
Sometimes I spend the whoIe night wandering the streets
Why is this happening to me?
Cats and dogs don't speak!
Why... people talk so much?
I hate the whoIe human race!
We're in the same class, she and me
Her name is Lee Sunjoo
I just wanted to get her attention
So I took photos of her and sent them to her...
Since then, I haven't been abIe to sIeep
From her point of view...
It's true that it was very Iate at night...
...when I gave her the photos
But that can't be why she rejects me
Who is that?
My husband has a mistress
I'm thinking of divorcing him...
...and not just because of this woman
Tell me about yourself
Stop sounding Iike a shrink!
I'm not in a good mood
Tell me about yourself first
How do you get on...
...with your wife?
She's in the States right now
Working as...
...a resident anesthetist
Virtually separated, then?
Sort of
I spent some time with her there after I quit the hospitaI job
I drove her around
Tried to be a proper husband for a change
We don't have any children
Boring story, right?
I have...
...a Iot of stories to teII
My wife wants a divorce
She got in first, then
What did you tell her?
I agreed
So everything's working out
Isn't it?
Does she know about me?
I don't think so
Then why does she want the divorce?
why are you in such a bad mood?
Does it...
...make you feeI guiIty?
- Haeyoung... - I'm Iistening...
I can't Ieave her...
I'm sorry
We'd better stop seeing each other
Bastard! Now you're getting in first
- What is it? - Can't you see her?
I see them sometimes
It used to scare me...
...but now I take them for granted
She Iooks so sad
The woman...
...walking with us
We were twins
We looked exactly like each other...
...but our personalities were opposites
One day it struck me...
What if...
...she disappeared?
Hurry up!
I was so nervous
I forgot which glass was poisoned
As I slowly drank the milk...
I thought... of us...
...should disappear from this world
So, which of you died?
My sister!
She vomited milk...
Stop Iying
Telling lies for fun is also a kind of sickness
Don't use such words with me!
Don't forget
I'm not your patient!
You never went back to the hospital, did you?
So you've finally recognized me!
You've changed a Iot
Jisu, you may need help...
That's why you come to see me, isn't it?
If teIIing a Iie makes me a patient then what about you?
Your wife's at Johns Hopkins?
then you'II be very happy when she comes back
"She's on the run from her salvation"
"Like the glow of your eyes..."
" the windy night"
"I can see you..."
" the endless dark..."
"...tired and afraid"
"Would my smile..."
"...make you come?"
"Would my words..."
"...make you come?"
My wife...
was an anesthetist in the same hospital
There was one hyper-sensitive patient...
It wasn't exactly my wife's mistake...
but the patient...
never woke up after surgery
I may be a psychiatrist
But I'm also an ordinary husband
What's the matter with you?
I toId you not to do this
Are you crazy? Do you want to die?
Go ahead Kill yourself
She made me angry...
...irritated me
By the way...
...she had a lover
He kept on calling her number
I listened, but never said anything
It was my revenge on him
How long is it since we saw each other?
I miss you a lot
It was all my fault that she died
If I'd been more sensitive...
... she wouldn't have gone like that
You go by yourself
You've changed your mind again?
What do you really want?
Your mood is constantly changing
I get so nervous...
But they're all friends!
Not my friends
The way...
...they stare at me...
I don't Iike it.
Stare at you?
Please try to get a grip!
I'm sick and tired of your vaciIIations
I had no one eIse to caII
It's aIright, Jisu
See you tomorrow!
Another round of the Lying Game?
You find it difficult?
I can't...
you have to relive the memory to deal with it
It's aII past anyway
Before I got married
I Ioved a man...
Han Jangseo...
A man named Han Jangseo...
I can't... I can't remember
Look up and focus
Now, Jisu
slowly close your eyes...
You're standing... front of the gate of...
...your saddest memory
Now, reach out with your hand
Open the gate
Now slowly
very slowly
go inside
He kisses me
Soft and...
Why don't you take over my clinic?
I don't think I'm up to running it
You're crazy
Only just noticed?
I've aIways been crazy!
I saw my wife
What are you talking about?
Maybe I am crazy...
... but I reaIIy saw her
I'm teIIing you the truth
She was there...
...with an armfuI of fIowers
One day... lover tells me...
...that I should go back to where I was
Go back
and start writing... I can read whenever I want to see him
My love is leaving me... if he is a wind
I'm crying
How can he Ieave Iike that?
Without another word...
Did I cry?
It's aIways hard... bring up painfuI memories
I must go
Actually, I had a row with my husband
If I'm Iate, he'II be worried
I'II drive you
I'II take a taxi
Call me if you ever want company for dinner
Doctors can't fall in love with their patients
But that principle has no meaning...
... when it's already happened
Not just a patient, a married woman!
How could you go so far?
She plans to divorce her husband
So you're even considering marriage?
I can't Iive without her now
She was willing to sleep with you?
Don't tell me you...
She's so different when she's not hypnotized So it's hard for me
- Seokwon! - I want to find out for sure!
Whether she she Ioves me or not...
...when she's not under hypnosis
Keep to the speed Iimit
How much are we down?
Two miI...
The chief will kill us
Hey, Minseok!
Do you hear me?
We're two million dollars down!
Pull yourself together!
Minseok, say something!
This is on your watch don't drag us into it too
Shit, I can't stand this!
I'm moving to another team
No, there's too much damage
I know there's a probIem with your wife...
... but you can't work Iike this
I'II make it good
I've tried to cover for you
But you've picked up a bad reputation in the firm
What's the key thing in this Iine of work?
Focus! Lose it, and it's all over
Solve your domestic problems first then maybe we can work together again
You'd better go
Call me, I'll stand you a drink
Are you really going to divorce your husband?
As soon as we decided to separate
he became more possessive
I feeI so sorry for him
Because of me, he's had a hard time
"Rooms by the hour"
Not very subtle!
You want to sleep with me?
Let's forget about it
...about the smell of your body...
...reminds me of someone I'm missing
I don't know why
When I'm in bed...
...I sometimes think of you
But I don't think we shouId be doing this
I'm Ieaving now
Darling, today at work...
They paid me a bonus Let's use it for a vacation
Guess where I'd Iike to go!
- If you're right I'II go with you - New ZeaIand!
You've told me before
Wrong answer! You'II have to go aIone
How do you sleep?
I need sIeeping piIIs
Why did you buy a new camera?
Sunjoo is avoiding me
So I'm trying to get better photos of her
I know you think I'm staIking her
But I know what I'm doing
AII I want is for Sunjoo to acknowIedge me
What I can't stand is...
...when she Iooks away from me
That drives me crazy!
Where were we?
You told me...
...he Ieft for New ZeaIand
Then I have more Iies to teII you
We haven't known each other Iong
But we've been good friends, haven't we?
I hesitated...
...friends can't part without saying goodbye
This is the Iast time I'II see you
Smoking heavily, drinking heavily...
Pregnant with his babies...
Twins, born two months premature...
After their cremations...
...buying two canaries
Mixing ashes from my babies into their birdfood
Praying to heaven every night...
...that he should die
I can't bear knowing...
...that he's still alive...
...under the same sky as me
I wish...
...the untamed waves would...
...pound his body...
I wish his blood were sprinkled over white snow...
I pray and pray...
Heaven grants my wish
My dreadful curse brings his death
I write like a madwoman
to earn forgiveness
But can this ever be enough?
He is...
He is...
...already dead anyway
As soon as we arrive in Paris,
let's find the hottest nightclub in town...
... and open a noodle restaurant right opposite!
There's nowhere to eat Iate at night
We'II charge $9 for a bowI
They'II be ravenous after dancing!
Enough nonsense, go and change some money
You stay right here
Don't make me search for you again
I send you...
...eight red rosebuds
And one white bud...
... in amongst them
Now you...
...come to me...
...with nine rosebuds
What are you doing there in the dark?
You were waiting for her?
You told me she said goodbye to you
AII I have to do is caII her at 8...
... and she's with me by 9
She doesn't come to me anymore
She's gone!
Help me...
I have to find her
Jisu, it's me...
Please answer me!
Did you forget your promise?
...bring me eight red rosebuds
Amongst them... white bud
...come to me...
...with nine rosebuds
You Iook terribIe!
Just one more jobless man
You never called me, not even once
The chief wants to rehire you
He mentioned it at today's meeting
Tell him I had enough last time
He fired me without a backward glance
Don't be silly
He said he'd call you
Listen to this
...come to me...
...with eight red rosebuds
Amongst them... white bud
I think my wife had an affair with him
He keeps on calling, like a madman
...he feels rejected
He's been ringing for a month,
but I've never said a word to him
Let him stew in his own pain
you Iook so strange
Are you really the Minseok I knew?
Do you have a Iight?
It's not good...
... to drink alone
it Iooks so IoneIy
How have you been?
Not so great
Your face seems very paIe
I've been unhappy for a Iong time
because of you
Didn't you know... much I've missed you?
That's why I came
Too Iate!
... really made me suffer
It was you...
...who sent me on a Iong journey
I hesitated for a Iong time before coming back...
I couIdn't find you...
...anywhere in Seoul
Is he a regular here?
It's his first time...
How's he going to get home?
He's far gone
It's been too Iong!
You don't Iook too good
Are you okay?
Keep taking exercise and minding your health
Recently, our members have had a lot of bad luck
So take good care
Did you hear what happened to Yu Jisu?
She was run over by a truck
somewhere near the airport
She died instantly
It took them two days...
...just to find her limbs
Some parts of her body...
...were never recovered
We had to bury her...
This cell phone...
I have no need of this...
You take it
It's aII over now
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House of the Flying Daggers
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