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Subtitles for I Dreamed Of Africa 2000 CD1.

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I Dreamed Of Africa 2000 CD1

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-Let's go there. -I want to go dancing!
And now? Where shaII we go?
Great job. Oh, no, I know where we'II go.
Let's go to Harry's Bar.
Yeah, come on, come on!
I'II buy you aII a drink at Harry's Bar.
But there's no room for Kuki.
Kuki, come on. Come in our car. Hurry now.
Take GabrieIIa. She won't fit in the AIfa anymore.
Come here. Come in.
Come on.
Let's go!
What are you going to caII it, this bump here?
If it's a girI, VaIentina.
It won't be Iong now, GabrieIIa.
I know. EIeven weeks, three days.
Not that she's counting.
Do you have chiIdren?
EmanueIe. He's seven.
Oh, EmanueIe! What a IoveIy name.
-Hey, Iook at the truck! -What's he doing?
He's coming straight at us!
He's going to hit us!
My baby.
-HeIp me. -PIease, God.
HeIp us.
Oh, God! Marina!
Kuki! I don't see Kuki.
-I'II stop the bIeeding. -Just heIp!
No. No!
Hi, Pep.
What happened to it?
Does it Iook frightfuI?
It Iooks Iike this, onIy bigger.
Remember when Christian broke his Ieg? That's what happened to your mother.
When wiII you be home?
It won't be Iong.
Not for a few weeks, though.
You can come see me every day.
Even schooI days?
We can do your homework together.
Are you in pain?
Not too bad.
I'm so sorry.
It was...
This shouIdn't have happened to you.
-I don't know how to heIp or-- -It's nobody's fauIt.
It's nobody's fauIt.
She's in pain. PIease do something.
You shouId go home.
Is there someone there with you?
Yes. Thank you.
For a whiIe, I couIdn't remember who eIse was in the car.
Go home.
"Gravity. Gravity hoIds objects on the ground.
"It is caIIed gravity. Gravity is very important."
-You need to get drunk. -That's not what I heard.
Look, that's the bIanket your mother gave her.
Sweet, huh?
-She is so beautifuI. -I know, I know.
WeII, she's not so beautifuI at 3:00 in the morning.
EmanueIe must miss you.
He's been here aImost every day.
That's his snake.
It's a fuII moon tonight. Can you see it?
May I?
Of course.
May I turn off the Iight?
Have they found the driver?
The poIice...
...have given up.
Can you see it now?
Not quite.
It's beautifuI.
It's 4:00 in the morning. I can hear the traffic in the street below.
The doctors say that next week I'll be leaving.
But for now I do nothing but lie here and think.
I am divorced, raising a child on my own.
I feel a terrible sense of failure.
Everyone tells me I'm lucky to be alive.
I know this is a chance to find meaning in my life, to give it value.
But I'm afraid that I'm only a dreamer who hasn't the courage to change.
But there's always Ema.
At least I got that right.
I was nearby. A bridge repair in Treviso.
Come in.
If it's no troubIe.
No, no, of course not.
It must be great to be home at Iast.
He remarried. I think they're in the States.
And he keeps in touch with EmanueIe?
Not even when we were married.
So you came back to Iive here?
It seemed easiest. I run things here for my mother.
She's too busy between the museum and the university.
And I Iike to be home for Ema.
You know, when he gets out of schooI.
That's Lake RudoIf. And is that you?
That's me.
My father spent a Iot of time in Africa when he was younger.
He wanted me to see aII the pIaces he Ioved.
I was managing a ranch there with my brother.
Near KiIimanjaro.
He had an accident out there.
What happened?
I'II teII you one day.
Anyway, the idea was to Iearn the ropes, buy a pIace.
I feIt I beIonged there. I was at peace.
After the accident, I toId myseIf aII the usuaI things.
How Iucky I was to be aIive.
Pep, Pep! Come quickIy.
Excuse me.
Bad dream.
You know how to get rid of bad dreams?
You draw it.
Now tear it up.
And again.
Now give it to me.
Don't set fire to the bed.
That's how you get rid of bad dreams.
-Says who? -Says me.
You think you're the onIy one who has them?
-If you're out this way-- -Thank you.
Thank your mother for me.
Of course.
No more cast.
No more cast.
This man has come into our lives, and for the first time in many years...
...I feel a sense of hope, of life returning.
He loves Emanuele. My son adores him.
But there is a restlessness in him.
He's afraid I won't understand, but I do.
I understand that most of all.
These Iast few months, you, me and PaoIo...
...we've been happy, right?
PaoIo's seIIing his house. He's giving up his job.
He wants you and I to go to Africa and Iive with him.
He wants to take care of us.
You mean Ieave here? Leave Nonna and Grandpapa?
WouIdn't it be fun to make a new start in a new pIace?
You see...
Ema, Iook at me.
I've stopped growing.
Out you go.
-WiII there be eIephants where we Iive? -There might be.
Go to bed.
-And giraffes? -Bed. Now!
I'II never go to bed in Africa.
It's PaoIo.
I'm not surprised.
We're taIking about going to Kenya to Iive...
...after we're married.
I know it seems sudden to you.
It's not Venice.
I mean, have you given any thought at aII to... it wouId be for you and Ema actuaIIy Iiving in Africa?
I mean, it's so unpredictabIe.
You were aIways the one that said I was afraid of a chaIIenge.
WeII, not aII chaIIenges are worth accepting.
I'm not afraid.
WeII, then you shouId be!
You're not thinking about the hardship and the risks.
You are responsibIe for a chiId now.
It's the experience of a Iifetime for Ema.
He'II find happiness and freedom!
You say freedom to make it sound nobIe, but it's just your wiIIfuIness.
And you never think things through.
Listen to me, Kuki, because I Iove you.
Because you're afraid of being IoneIy. And you don't want me to take Ema away.
I am afraid. And who isn't?
-And I don't want you to take-- -Madam.
Not now, Gregorio.
I don't want you to take Ema away.
But just Iisten to me.
I adore PaoIo.
But now you're pIanning to...
You are pIanning to go off to Africa with a man you hardIy know.
I Iove him, Mother.
-I reaIIy do. -Do you?
We're not easy peopIe, you and I.
I haven't gone out of my way to make it easy.
'Bye. Nonna! I Iove you!
Come and see us!
Zebras, down there.
Look, vuItures.
What kind of peopIe do this?
Poachers, for the ivory.
They probabIy did this whiIe it was stiII aIive.
They'II destroy everything.
Let's get Ema away from here.
Come into my tent.
Your son seems so happy.
Why the tents?
Everyone Iives so far away, when we have a party they seem to stay for days.
You'II get used to it. Life has a different rhythm here in Kenya.
Whoa, Iook at that pIane.
I teII them not to do that.
This is a precision instrument.
You might want to try Iooking at the Cameron pIace.
OId Harry's getting tired of fighting off the poachers.
Come on, Mike, give it a go.
WeII, there's another pIace at Kipini near Ras en Nogomeni.
-It's-- -On the coast.
I'd rather be above 4,000 feet.
-Ready, Duncan? -Yeah, Iet's give it a go.
There's another at LaikipIa.
-Good cattIe country. -OI Ari Nyiro.
It's owned by a consortium of bankers. It's in terribIe condition.
It's been on the market a month or so.
Good shot.
God, it's good to be back.
OI Ari Nyiro.
Look, Ema. Over there.
Behind those hiIIs. That's the Great Rift VaIIey.
-It's aImost dereIict. -I'II say.
That's why it's such a good price.
The work it needs!
What a view.
Look! WiIdebeest!
Very good.
-I'm going to expIore. -What a view.
PaoIo says there's a waterhoIe.
Kuki GaIImann.
I am Mrs. GaIImann.
Second baII, aII right? I'II come in.
That must be DecIan.
The ranch manager.
-'Morning. -'Morning.
PaoIo GaIImann.
-How you doing? -Fine.
-Are you DecIan? -Yeah. This is Mirimuk.
My wife and son.
-CouId you heIp me with that? -Sure. Come in.
Can you put the map here?
It's an oId map.
The cattIe stations aren't marked.
Here and here... even better water.
I think he wants us to come with him.
Let's go see.
No one's put any capitaI in the pIace for years.
We've arrived.
-How many pIaces have you seen? -We Iooked at the pIace at Kipini.
-Yes, the Stroud pIace. -I think so.
WeII, that's quite a sad story.
They were a young EngIish coupIe.
They got into a Iot of debt. Things got very bad.
They shot their two chiIdren and then they shot themseIves.
You're Iucky to have Simon. He's a Turkana.
He turned up four years ago out of the bIue.
Something makes him stay.
This just isn't a pIace for amateurs.
Looking into the night, I can see eyes staring back at me.
In the dark, something is moving.
I am afraid, but I am also happy.
I have never been here before, and yet I feel like I have returned.
I am at peace.
I hear noises.
Come in.
Come on.
We caII that the go-away bird.
And that...
Hey, Pep. Snake.
-What is it? -Get away from it!
It's onIy a python. It's not poisonous.
Can I keep it? PIease, Pep. I'II caII him Kaa...
...Iike in the KipIing story. Remember, Pep?
Touch it. He'II Iike it.
PaoIo, you be carefuI!
I'm fine! We'II have fresh water soon!
You're Iooking very godIike this morning.
My beautifuI wife. Kiss me!
It's Duncan.
I'II go and meet him.
I packed a few crates of scotch. ShouId be enough for a week.
Duncan, don't forget my .375.
-We won't keep him Iong. -It's not him we want.
It's Luka. He's the best tracker in the country.
You'II be okay?
Of course. We'II be fine.
Thanks for aII the suppIies you brought us.
-It's the way Iife's Iived here. -It's a different rhythm.
Take care of your mom.
Takes some getting used to.
Simon and Wanjiku wiII take good care of us.
WeII, Iet's get going.
Come on, Romeo.
Easy, boy.
We'II be back in a few days.
-I'm going to catch some frogs for Kaa. -Luka, come on!
This is Kaa, my python.
Stay there.
Come back!
He was just trying to protect us.
Go to bed. I'II be there soon.
Paolo's been gone five days now...
...and there is still no word from him.
Ema keeps asking where he is, and I keep making excuses.
What have I gotten myself into?
What have I gotten my son into?
What happened?
Ema, no!
And then you shot the wart hog.
Two shots to the back of the head. Bam, bam.
-And where did you go after that? -Up north, to Lake Turkana.
We hired a boat and did some fishing.
PaoIo caught some NiIe perch.
Huge great thing, 100 pounds, maybe more.
Don't start, pIease.
-The meat, do we hang it Iike venison? -Not in this cIimate.
Yes, thank you.
WonderfuI coffee.
Great food, Kuki. Just the job.
Yes, magnificent.
-You're a Iucky man, PaoIo. -Next time you and EmanueIe must come.
Yeah, pIease?
You were gone 10 days, PaoIo.
I'm sorry.
What happened to checking out the ranch Iike you taIked about?
Come on.
-WeII, Iook. -What?
No watch.
Took it off when the pIane Ianded in Nairobi, and haven't put it on since.
Things have a different rhythm here. You'II get used to it.
So I keep hearing. There are things to do here.
This isn't ItaIy.
It takes time. You can't just pick up a phone and make it happen.
I didn't know where you were.
Fine. I'm sorry.
Next time I'II get word to you.
I'm sorry.
You have two minutes to get dressed.
We're going fishing.
-We'II go down to the coast. -Fishing?
How many did we Iose?
-About four this week. -And six Iast week.
They're picking up infections somewhere. I'II check the waterhoIes.
I'II teII you what. We'II dip them tonight.
Wow! Look at the size of those horns.
You must be especiaIIy carefuI of Kaa.
Mapengo wiII heIp you.
You mustn't overfeed them.
I wish I couId take them with me.
-Are you going to be aII right? -Sure.
And you know what eIse? CharIie says there's a Iake for rowing.
You'II be great at that.
I'm going to miss you, too.
I hate it. I hate it.
I know Ema has to go off to school.
I understand we can't give him the education he needs on the ranch.
I've known it since we decided to come to Africa.
But that doesn't make it any easier.
Come here.
He is my son.
He is my friend.
Just be the person you are.
Choose your friends. Don't Iet them choose you.
EmanueIe, come on!
He has been the one constant in my life.
What makes it worse is...
...he wants to go.
Why does love cost us so much?
Why won't they Iet us visit on the weekends? It's inhuman.
It's the British way. It makes a better man, apparentIy.
It's ridicuIous.
DeIta 2-8. Same probIem as Iast year. OnIy worse.
I'II speak to you on the sked again tonight. DeIta 2-8, out.
-I was going to bring those over Iater. -Thanks.
PaoIo sent word. He's going to be another coupIe of days.
I saw Pokots today with their cattIe near the waterhoIe.
Yeah, weII, they're weIcome to the water. Or they were.
It's just that their water suppIy dries up sooner than our Iake.
-Your Iake. -So, it's not a probIem?
WeII, it is. Their cattIe are carrying diseases. They're infecting ours.
We're Ioosing about 10 head a week.
Yes. From ItaIy.
When I was a boy...
...the missionaries taught me your Ianguage...
...and toId me many stories about European peopIe.
Now at night, I teII my chiIdren the same stories.
My father did the same with me as a chiId...
...except his stories were of Africa.
My peopIe know OI Ari Nyiro for a Iong time.
Without its water...
...our cattIe wiII sicken and die.
OI Ari Nyiro cattIe pick up disease from your cattIe.
Without water, the diseases wiII become much worse.
We have to soIve this probIem.
What is she doing?
What are you doing?
It's a deep hoIe, huh?
BuiIding a dam, that's quite an undertaking, Kuki.
In a coupIe days, you shouId be done.
Want us to stay and heIp finish the job?
We're fine.
It's quite some thing you did for them.
It was for us aII.
You don't have to do everything yourseIf.
ApparentIy I do.
I never know if you'II be here, so I'd better know how to Iight Iamps... tractors, speak SwahiIi, fix everything in the house...
...fight off Iions, shoot our dog!
-It's not what you expected. -What?
You regret it, don't you?
Coming here.
Is that what you think?
It was just a fantasy.
My fantasy.
I Iove it here.
I've never seen Ema so happy.
I've never been more aIive in my Iife.
I just want a piece of you away from the hunting and your friends.
We have a chiId...
...who needs a father.
What was that?
-Damn you! -Kuki! Wait!
They're out there again! Get out of my garden! Get out!
Be carefuI!
Move! Move!
CIear off! Right now!
Go! Move!
Get the heII away!
You maniac. You're insane!
-We'II put it right tomorrow. -Months of work.
-A different rhythm. -No!
-Say it! "A different rhythm!" -No!
PaoIo, I chased away an eIephant!
-Yes, you did! -A big eIephant. Did you see him?
Yep. Big one, isn't it?
The generator is off for the night.
I picked this up at a farm auction.
PaoIo asked me to keep an eye out for one for you.
Being on your own so much, he thought...
I'II pop it inside.
We need a Christmas tree. It won't be Christmas without a tree.
We'II get one. There's pIenty of time.
Pep, Nonna's here.
-I'II get the bag. -Oh, it's so good to see you!
Quick, to the house.
-It's been a Iong time. -Come see my room.
So this is Africa.
We haven't had rain in six months.
Come on.
Happy Christmas.
Mother. How can you part with it?
And you've Ioved it aII this time.
It's beautifuI. It's beautifuI.
It'II Iook wonderfuI here... Africa.
ShouIdn't we go back? We might get stuck.
Don't worry so much.
The heavy rains don't come untiI ApriI.
CarefuI, there's a hoIe.
God, Kuki, what is that? What is that? Is it a dog?
-That is not a dog. -No, it's a wart hog.
Are you sure this is the right road?
I've Iived here a year. I know the roads by now.
Are we stuck?
WeII, we're stuck.
AII right, I'II waIk back and get PaoIo to heIp puII us out.
-You two can stay in the jeep. -AIone?
-It's easier if I go. -We're staying together. We'II waIk back--
But it's easier if I go aIone.
-It's onIy a few kiIometres. -I don't care.
-We are not staying aIone. It'II get dark. -They'II tow us out soon.
-I'm not staying here aIone. -Okay, Mother.
But be quiet.
What do you mean, "Be quiet"?
The animaIs.
My new Guccis!
I'm stuck. I'm stuck.
I can't get out!
I toId you we'd get stuck.
I stop, you stop.
What's that noise?
Don't taIk.
Gordon, come back, boy.
Come on.
"Good King WencesIas Iooked out
"On the feast of Stephen
"When the snow Iay round about
"Deep and crisp and even
"BrightIy shone the moon that night"
"Sixth day of Christmas
"My true Iove sent to me
"Six geese a-Iaying
"Five goIden rings"
Thank God. There's the house.
Mother, don't run.
Thanks for puIIing us out, DecIan.
May I have a word with you?
You, Ema, your mother...
...Gordon and one, two Iions. Very big.
From the tracks, they were staIking you the whoIe way.
You're Iucky to be aIive.
Thank you, darIing. Just what I wanted.
Did you see the frangipani?
Look. Just about to bIossom.
-What is it caIIed? -Frangipani.
BeautifuI tree, isn't it?
These three weeks have gone so fast.
You'II make the cricket team this year, right?
-Yes? -Yes.
That's wonderfuI.
I'm going to miss you.
Next time we'II go fishing.
If the sun comes out.
Don't forget your Guccis next time.
Oh, what a tease!
CouId you bring me, Iike, 20 packs of Roosters?
-'Bye, darIing. -I Iove you. 'Bye.
-Okay, you be sure to write, now. -CarefuI of the road.
From the western border of Ol Ari Nyiro...
...the land falls away into the Rift Valley.
I look out and back across all of human time on earth.
I am alone.
Over the years, I've become good at being alone.
And yet, I am never alone.
I'm surrounded by Africa.
I'm surrounded by life.
It is a gift I did not expect.
A buffaIo's gored PaoIo! We'II take him to the house!
Son of a bitch! BuffaIo just came out of nowhere.
HoId him.
A buffaIo took a shot in the shouIder, then gored him.
Kuki, get back here.
HoId the two together. That's it.
Another inch...
...wouId have got his artery.
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