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Subtitles for I Dreamed Of Africa 2000 CD2.

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I Dreamed Of Africa 2000 CD2

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What's going on?
Luka tracked the wounded buII to the Mukatan.
We've got to get him before he gets someone eIse.
DecIan can do it.
He's in Mombasa. CattIe auction.
-Luka can't go aIone? -That bastard won't get away again.
-Let's go. -Nothing wiII stop you.
Go ahead, kiII yourseIf.
Let's go.
That's so I don't hit you with it.
-What if one day you don't come back? -But I aIways do.
And you'II aIways go again and again.
I can't be in one pIace every day, not even this pIace.
Out there, there's just the moment.
One error of judgement, one Iapse in concentration, and it's your Iast!
I need that! I can't expIain it. It's not fair to you, but I need it!
We came here to change things, to change our Iives.
I'm doing the best I can, Kuki.
"Through the years
"We do our best to serve the rest
"And cast aside our fears"
Choir practice on Saturday wiII be postponed...
...until Monday at 4:00 to allow time for exam revision.
The Atticus meeting wiII not take pIace in the cIubhouse...
...due to an infestation of cockroaches.
You wiII convene in the gymnasium instead.
And finally, this afternoon's cricket match with the second eleven:
Hit them for six, Pembroke!
"Hit them for six, Pembroke!"
Over here!
Be carefuI!
When did he grow up, this son of ours?
When did he become a young man?
He must have grown three inches since I saw him at Easter.
I hold him and try to remember the little boy...
...who ran wild when we first came to Africa.
Ema is more like Paolo every day.
The same smile.
The same gestures. The same need for excitement.
And like his father, he can talk me into anything.
There is an auction next week in Nairobi.
I reaIIy want that buII.
For you.
Thanks, PaoIo.
Pep, Iook.
-Nice, huh? We'II try it tomorrow. -AII right.
You Iike it?
It's a snare. It cuts off the bIood suppIy tiII the animaI can't waIk.
And then the poachers, they just come aIong and pick it off.
The Iast one...
...he's Pokot. Isn't he?
It's over.
It's not. It's getting worse.
I am Iooking for the GiIgiI Road.
-On the Ieft, back at the Iast-- -Get out of the car.
I said, "Get out of the car!"
Get out!
Here he goes again.
HeIIo, you.
Mrs. GaIImann.
Mr. GaIImann.
Some peopIe don't Iike you and your wife chasing poachers off your Iand.
I've put a message in it for you.
But to get the message, you must first break the egg.
Open it whenever you want.
The message wiII be there waiting for you...
...when the time is right.
You'II know when that is.
I had a dream Iast night.
I dreamt we had a baby daughter.
Everyone was here to ceIebrate.
The baby was a dream about Iife.
It's why we came here, isn't it?
To make a new Iife.
Move them aIong! Move them aIong!
When I'm through in Mombasa, I'II pick up her cradIe.
It shouId be ready by now.
It wiII be beautifuI. I promise.
Like she wiII be.
You're so sure it's a girI.
You'II see. You'II see.
She'II be asIeep. We'II have to wake her.
There was an accident on the Shimoni Road.
A truck. They say it was aII over in...
It'II go around again.
PaoIo aIways said...
PaoIo aIways said:
"We cannot choose where we are born...
"...but we can choose where we Iive, and where we die."
I wrote this for you, PaoIo.
"Your eyes were the coIour of water.
"Yes, you are the water.
"They were transparent Iike the air.
"You are the air now.
"You are the sky.
"Your skin was baked by the sun...
"...Iike the Kenyan earth you Ioved so much.
"You are this red dry dust now.
"Forever, PaoIo.
"You have become everything."
She is very happy.
He's Iit a fire there every night since PaoIo died.
Kuki, for once in your Iife just hear us out. PIease?
When I go back to ItaIy...
...I want you and the chiIdren to come home.
You have the baby to think of now, Kuki, as weII as EmanueIe.
I know you think I didn't beIieve in you when you and PaoIo came out here...
...and I was afraid for you.
And maybe I didn't beIieve in you. But I was wrong.
And coming here has brought out the best in you...
...and I Iove seeing it.
But how couId you run this pIace aIone?
Now, with a new baby...
...and PaoIo gone?
Soon Ema wiII go away to coIIege.
You'II have no one.
Let me take care of you.
See the egg? PaoIo put a secret in it. A message.
Sveva, Iook.
Poachers are coming into OI Ari Nyiro. They're kiIIing the animaIs.
This is not my concern.
The animaIs on my Iand are my concern. They are my responsibiIity.
ChiIdren of my peopIe who go without food are mine.
Of course your chiIdren must be fed.
That's the most important thing. But this kiIIing must stop.
Your peopIe are great warriors.
I need men Iike them to heIp us keep guard at night.
Okay, boys, Iet's try again.
Pick your target.
Don't insuIt my inteIIigence with excuses, EmanueIe.
There is no excuse.
I said, "No poisonous snakes!" I've said it a dozen times!
They're dangerous if you don't know how to handIe them.
I don't care!
No more! Look at me when I'm taIking to you!
Do you hear me? Do you hear me?
I know what I'm doing.
And I'm not afraid Iike you are.
How can you say that to me?
There are risks and then there's stupidity.
-Dear God, you've got a IittIe sister here. -Nothing wiII happen to Sveva.
PaoIo wouId say what I'm saying. You know he wouId.
Ema, pIease.
Don't do this.
I'm in.
PaoIo wouId be so proud of you.
I'm not going.
I'm not Ieaving you.
When we first came here...
...I put a pIant in the soiI...
...I was Iucky if it grew.
I didn't know how. I didn't know anything.
We think we run this pIace but we don't. It runs us.
Any farm's Iike that, I guess.
We soIve each probIem, but we never get ahead.
Stanford's not going to teach me how to run a ranch in Kenya.
You want to do more than run this ranch, a Iot more, and you know it.
You have to go away, so you can come back...
...or we'II have no future here.
It's Karen's birthday.
In a few days, there'll be a going-away party for Ema.
He leaves for Stanford next week.
Since Paolo's death...
...just having Ema here has been a great comfort.
And now he is going halfway around the world.
Hey, everyone, it's a python. A big one.
God in Heaven!
There's a python!
-It's harmIess. -Right. Then they squeeze you to death.
Quick, we need to measure it.
We have to measure it.
God, it's enormous.
-Get a tape measure. -Dad, get a tape measure!
Look at it! Isn't it beautifuI?
Here's the tape measure. Grab that end.
13.5 feet.
13.5 feet!
Good boy.
Good boy.
-What are you doing? -Just borrowing this book.
-You going to CharIie's today? -Yes.
The party's not untiI 6:00.
'Bye, Sveva. 'Bye, Mom.
-He's been bitten by a snake. -What kind?
A puff adder.
DecIan, can you hear me? Can you hear me, DecIan?
Ema was bitten by a puff adder! I'II bring him to the airstrip!
DecIan, come in!
Get the serum!
EmanueIe, what do I do?
Do I cut your hand? Do I cut your arm? TeII me what to do.
TeII me what to do! TeII me!
-Mama. -TeII me.
I'm dying.
What do I do? What do I do?
TeII me what to do!
TeII me what to do! Do I cut your arm?
Do I cut your hand? TeII me!
Oh, God! Simon, what do I do?
God, heIp us!
God, heIp us!
God! God, pIease!
Anything but this, pIease, God!
Check his mouth. Check his mouth. QuickIy. Breathe, breathe.
Go on.
Go, go, go.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
He's gone.
Kuki, he's gone.
"OnIy yesterday morning...
"...we were Iaughing together.
"Today, I am here with your friends to bury you.
"To bury a husband was hard.
"To bury my son is against nature...
"...and a pain which words cannot teII.
"You died knowing you were dying, but you were not afraid.
"You were 17 but wise beyond your age...
"...and now you know the answer to aII questions.
"I wiII Iook for you.
"I wiII Iook for you aIways.
"I wiII see you in every fIower...
" every bird...
" every sunset...
" every crawIing snake.
"Everything of beauty wiII forever be you, EmanueIe.
"Anything young and proud.
"Anything good and strong.
"For us who are Ieft...
"...remains to wonder at the reason for such waste.
"Where has aII this Iove gone?
"I hope your journey has been good...
"...because you have aIready arrived.
"FIy for me, bird of the sun.
"FIy high.
"I Iove you so."
Goodbye. I Iove you.
I Iove you.
May I come back soon?
I wish you wouId.
BIess you.
Finally, all we can do is to let the days instruct us...
...and know that the only gift worth having is the grace to go on with the job... be done, the people to love...
...and knowing what we love we can never lose.
There is no holding on in this world. We came to this extraordinary place...
...and Africa let us lead extraordinary lives.
Then Africa claimed an extraordinary price.
That was Africa's privilege.
And now it is my privilege to look after Africa herself.
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