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Subtitles for I Love You Baby.

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I Love You Baby

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** Like in a dream **
** Here I am **
** Living in a new town **
** A cold and gray big city **
** For a new start, ready to resist **
** No sea to sail in **
** A hidden sky full of hope **
**Fullof light and warmth**
** Awaiting love **
** I want a reason **
** Not to go back.. **
You know this street?
- No idea, dear. - "La Selva" bar?
That I know.
Down the street, first right,
then right again. or left. No, right.
- Right and right, right? - Right.
- Okay, thanks. - You got it or should I take you?
- It's okay, thank you. - Okay.
** An island **
** In a salty sea of dreams **
** An island **
** In a salty sea of dreams... **
Antonio! Look who's here!
It's Marcos! Marcos! Wonderful!
Isn't it?
Tell me about your parents.
Working at the restaurant all day?
Leave your things there. Your grandpa still complaining?
This is not the village. Not even like Alicante.
Use the phone anytime, but go easy.
Your mother told me you were coming. I'm so happy.
The living room. And the trip here?
The bus takes so long, doesn't it? Your room.
Small bed, though. You're big now.
- This closet is for you. - Thanks, Auntie.
Don't call me "Auntie." Call me Asuncion.
Tell me everything.
People your age don't like the village.
Madrid is tough. So is working at the restaurant.
I know, Auntie-- Asuncion.
No worries. You have a roof now
and a job in the bar.
We can't pay you much, your mother told you.
She did, don't worry.
This is for you both.
Turron! Lovely!
Don't cry, dear.
- I'm fine. - When are you coming, Mom?
I can't go now, Tatiana. Have to be here.
I miss you so much.
I miss you too.
I have to work hard, make money.
You'll be here soon, sweetheart.
You can play everywhere with lots of other children.
- You'll like it here, love. - Mom.
Have to go now. Very expensive.
- Say you love me. - I love you, Mom.
I love you too, sweetheart.
A pack of Fortunas and a "café solo."
Right away.
Don't you remember me?
You were looking for a street.
Of course.
You found it then.
What's this? Did you break your piggy bank?
My little brother's piggy bank.
- What a beauty. - Pardon me?
That girl. If I were you--
But you're not.
Don't listen to him
and beware of those Dominican girls.
They look for a husband to stay here.
Sure they dance and laugh, but the truth is--
What do you know?
Listen to me. You're young now.
Later you'll marry someone like your aunt. Then, no more looking.
There's this new guy on my street. So handsome!
Next time I see him I'll ask him his name.
Is he handsome, or gorgeous?
- Girl, no way. - Don't be angry, boy.
You're also gorgeous.
- Did you hear that? - Of course.
- Kenia, if you saw him-- - Don't say that, my friend.
- They'll think I'm a bad girl. - You are a bad girl.
- Me? A bad girl? - Yeah, you!
The phone.
"La Americana"? One moment.
Kati, for you.
Kenia, come here.
Hello? My Yuyu!
- Where did you see him? - At "La Selva" bar.
He's so handsome.
His eyes. He's so shy.
The shy ones, the silent ones, they're the worst.
They dump you very quickly.
My daughter's father wasn't shy.
Men have to be straightforward.
What you see is what you get.
You always expect to suffer over men?
- Yes, I do. - Anyway, don't vent on me. Not now.
- Going for a walk. - In this neighborhood?
Don't know. I'll have a beer somewhere.
Careful where you go.
It's getting worse and worse at night.
- Let him go have fun. - Don't be late.
Stop it! He's a man now.
- Take this and have fun. - It's okay, Uncle.
Buy the Dominican girl a drink.
Are you smoking?
Buy me another. Come on.
You've had enough.
Why do you have to spoil my fun?
- Come on. - I don't have anything.
Do I have it? Fuck, you're right.
Come to the washroom.
- Sorry. - Don't worry, my fault.
Sure it matters, you're all wet.
It's okay, really.
Drop it.
No way. You spilled my drink.
When someone spills your drink they buy you a new one.
Are you alone?
Let's go somewhere else for a drink.
This place is closing.
Where's your friend? Why didn't he come?
No idea. Don't care.
Now I've made an enemy.
Most likely you ruined his night.
- I didn't mean to. - I owed him one, anyway.
Not sure I'll get used to this weather.
Better start. Winter's even worse.
I don't know what I'll do.
Get used to it.
I'm wet enough. I have to get up early.
I'm going to Prosperidad. You?
Nowhere near.
I can drop you off in a taxi.
You said, "Nowhere near."
I know. Just didn't want to leave you.
I'd like to see you again.
How about at "El Bonano"?
Saturday at 1:00?
Okay, then. Saturday at 1:00.
Are you sure? I have a witness.
What do you mean?
Boy George.
If you don't come I'll get him to testify against you!
Okay. I'll come.
I wouldn't want to lose the case.
See you there.
Open the door!
I'll stop the drugs, I promise!
No, I'm not going to open it. I know you now.
- You don't love me. - I do love you.
- Help me. Don't leave me. - Daniel?
We're sorry.
We need someone with more experience.
I'm tired of this.
You're not going to quit?
Every time I audition, and don't get the part.
I see the movie and the actor in it,
and wonder why him and not me.
Then I think of my father--
"My son, you want to be an artist?
Become a dentist.
More of a future."
His words make me stronger.
Then I think, "Don't give up, Daniel."
That's what I think when I meet a man...
and here I am, alone and getting fatter.
I guess I'm going through a crisis.
At least you listen to me and understand me.
You also helped me get rid of a stupid man once.
And you came with me to Barcelona when my mother was dying.
You also walked Roberto
and you hate dogs, may he rest in peace.
- I don't hate dogs. - You do so!
- I do not! - Yes, you do.
Once I got bitten by a dog. I'm a bit scared of them.
It's not true you're getting fatter.
You've been complaining about that the three years I've known you.
I am getting fatter.
The other day I walked through half of Madrid.
I went from one pharmacy to another
weighing myself on those evil scales.
They ask for your height and age,
and spit out a slip of paper with your ideal weight.
They're made to kill your self-esteem.
Why do you save those slips? You're obsessed!
I keep everything. just like my father.
- Don't move now. - Why?
Hi, Carmen.
Daniel, we need to talk.
We've talked enough. Besides. this isn't the place.
I've been calling you. You don't pick up.
Let's meet tonight, at Kiko's. Please, leave.
- I'm with a friend. - Sure. A friend.
He's an idiot. He lived with you for two months,
then left without paying the phone bill.
He slept with everyone while he was your boyfriend.
Why do you still speak to him? I don't get it!
I didn't think you'd come.
I didn't know if you meant one in the afternoon or morning.
Oh yeah... you don't live here.
No one would go to "El Bonano" at 1 :00 a.m.
I would have.
If you hadn't been here, I'd have come back tonight.
Today is one of the longest days of the year.
- Why's that? - First day of winter.
At 3:00 a.m., we move ahead one hour.
We'll be one hour younger.
- I did it. - You did what?
I made you laugh.
How do you feel in Madrid?
- Weird. - Why?
Too many new things in only a few days.
Everything is new for me. I don't know.
This city... I came three years ago. It was overwhelming.
You can do anything-- go after your dreams.
But so many people do the same. it gets really tough.
When I was little, people asked me what I wanted to be,
but I was busy at school, busy at my parents' bar--
I had no time for dreaming.
I just wanted to leave.
And now... you're here.
I'm saving money... for my own restaurant.
Something impossible in my town.
I can see it: "Casa Marcos," or "Marcos' Grill."
Grills are successful here.
A little place...
no, a big place
with wooden beams...
and a big fireplace, and a pig roasting on the fire.
Spaniards love pork.
And you'd have profiteroles for dessert,
with Swiss chocolate.
As the house specialty, "the cook"-- yummy!
- You're crazy. - I know.
And I'm gonna kiss you.
Right now? In public?
This is Madrid.
What are you looking at?
The snow...
I still find it strange.
You've seen stranger things--
flying cars during Hurricane George.
What's a little snow?
You're right. I'm probably just sad.
I miss Tatiana this time of year.
I feel alone.
No, you want to be alone. Besides...
you aren't alone. I'm here.
Tonight we'll have dinner together and then go dancing.
I don't know, Kenia. I don't feel like it.
I work tomorrow.
The family I work for have relatives for dinner.
I promised to help them out.
Red or black? Help me out!
I don't know.
Can I borrow your scarf?
Okay, but be careful.
I am careful.
Tell me-- the boy you liked?
Don't know.
I see him at the bar but he doesn't see me.
- He must be blind. - Don't know.
The game! Don't want to miss it!
You're strange, my friend.
Never met a woman who liked soccer.
- Were you bored? - No.
You fell asleep!
Yeah, but I didn't make a face like you do at the soccer games.
Who can sleep at soccer games? People are always shouting!
Okay then, I won't take you to soccer anymore.
- No more soccer torture. - Don't be angry.
- I'm not angry. - "I'm not angry."
I am, you jerk! You forgot my birthday!
Look. It's good we have the same size.
I picked out the most handsome player.
- Thanks. - Should I keep it now?
Yes, please.
You know why ballet and soccer are the same?
- Why? - It's all about gorgeous legs.
- Chocolate! - They give you spots!
I don't care.
Hello. One of those, please.
No, this one. It's thicker.
Living together? Are you sure it's a good idea?
Why not?
You're gonna put your love at the mercy of everyday life.
The longing, the kissing...
will turn into the cooking, the cleaning, unplug the toilet,
hair in the sink... and fighting for the remote control.
Besides, I don't think
Marcos is really in love.
He seems confused.
He doesn't touch you in public...
or look at you tenderly.
Well, he's confused. He never dated a boy before.
He's experimenting with you.
I wouldn't share the same roof.
You are not the love of his life.
But he is the love of my life.
Don't exaggerate. Men come and go.
With me, they always go. I want to give it a try.
Well, then... good for you!
Don't listen to me. I have the blues...
or maybe I'm just jealous.
I could cry!
What's wrong?
There's this thing...
It's been accepted. The adoption.
And you're down?
They called me yesterday.
After two years, next month...
I'll have him with me. I have a picture.
He lives south of Moscow.
Lost his parents when he was very, very young.
He's been living in an orphanage.
How adorable!
He's sweet. Six years old and a big boy.
Can you imagine it?
I'm so excited.
I still can't believe it! Someone...
Iike me... alone,
no regular income.
For you.
Boy George!
Remember our first night? In the rain?
He was our witness.
I bought it the day after.
At first I took you for a hick.
I am a hick.
What did you see in me?
Let's see...
I'm thinking. I don't know.
Well, stop thinking. We're gonna miss our program.
- What's this? - A "welcome" dinner.
You call this dinner? It's burnt!
Four cheeses.
From now on, I'll cook!
Wait! It's gonna start.
That's me.
I can't see your face.
The character wears a hood.
I pull out a knife.
- A real thug. - You really like it?
Wait-- I have a line now.
My line-- they erased my line.
I swear I said, "Don't move, or I'll kill you, bitch!"
I'm crushed.
Don't worry. I'm sure you were good.
Tomorrow we'll stay in.
people will be chasing you for autographs and stuff.
Very funny!
"Don't move or I'll kill you, bitch!"
A toast?
To this great young actor
who happens to be my best friend.
A hooded actor, though.
Thanks for the "young" compliment.
Hey, who picked out this place? I love it!
- Let me see... - No, no, let me sing.
- Stop it. You're drunk. - Drunk? I can sing drunk.
- Sit down. - I want to sing!
Your song! Go!
- No way! Not me! - Okay, let's go!
- Go and sing! - No, you go!
- Come on! - He sings well. Let yourself go.
- I'm too shy! - I'll help you.
Relax. Let yourself go.
Let's see how you sing together.
Marcos! Wake up, Marcos!
- What happened? - Are you all right?
- Fuck, you scared me! - Me too!
Are you telling me that bumping his head
changed his sexual orientation?
I'd never think of a disco ball
as a form of therapy to turn fags straight! Never!
I've heard of psychoanalysis, electroshock...
but hitting your head and turning straight...
it would be wonderful! Imagine...
I would convert that one there--
Well, too young, maybe. No bumping, then-- fewer problems.
Go ahead and laugh.
I don't find it funny.
I know, Danny. I'm sorry.
When I think about it...
I can't believe all this has happened.
We never go out...
always at home.
Whenever I try to get closer...
he claims to be tired.
Sleeping with him is like going to bed with myself.
I don't know. I thought things would go back to normal.
He's working nonstop at his uncle's bar.
That bumping his head...
- She's here again. - Who?
The Dominican girl.
Come on! Go! I'll take care of that.
Don't bother, Uncle.
Come on! A chick like that!
- What's going on? - Nothing.
Lately he's been so...
- Anything wrong? - No.
I'm going for a walk, okay? I can't sleep.
EL HOLLO "The Little House"
Come on. Dance with Luis. He's asking you.
He's so handsome and Dominican.
Have fun.
Don't pull that face. What's wrong?
The last thing I want is an affair
with the first Dominican guy around.
You're in dreamland. You're in love, aren't you?
He looked at me after all these months.
- Really? - Go on!
He smiled at me.
Who is he?
- I'm not gonna tell you. - Okay, too bad for you.
But listen to me--
when I met my Yuyu, I felt the same, I was so dreamy.
My God!
One night, I asked him to dance,
and there he is now waiting for me at the disco.
- Are you girls coming? - No.
You'll rot in here. I'm leaving.
Is that him?
Let's go!
- Those two? - Always the same.
The previous owner was shut down by inspectors.
But I have everything in order.
Wait and see--
every night they come in, and sometimes more than twice.
Let's see if they're gonna give us a break.
They're gonna scare off my customers.
Anyway, what do you want to drink?
A beer, picapollo and chicharron.
- picapollo and chicharron. - Thanks.
Fried banana...
fried chicken...
and chicharron. Want to try?
- Chicharron"? - It's fried pork rinds.
- Very good. - What happened to that finger?
Nothing. I cut myself.
Are you always so mysterious?
We keep meeting everywhere
and I don't even know your name.
I'm Marisol.
- Did you come to dance or what? - Sorry?
Bachata, merengue?
Not at all. I can't dance the bachata, the merengue, nothing.
Not even "Georgie Dann" at the festivals back home.
Never heard of that name. You see? You have to dance here.
They left the appetizer. Some people.
- You're laughing? - It's nothing.
You're laughing at me, right? The way I dance?
Not at all. I'll show you. It's easy.
Grab my waist.
Look at my eyes, or lips, not at my feet.
Say sweet things like Dominicans do.
What do they say?
Things like, "You're gorgeous."
You should have come to the disco.
Gorgeous men, and so much fun.
At "El Hollo," Marisol danced all night.
Who was that adorable Spaniard?
A very special boy.
Like my Yuyu. He's so special.
He has five or six girlfriends,
son of a--!
Only you would get trapped by a boy like him.
- Do you like that Spaniard? - A little.
Never go out with a Spaniard, they're too jealous.
Get a Dominican boy as a backup-- just in case.
Like your Yuyu? I like Spaniards.
- Of course! - You think you're a Spaniard,
'cause you're whiter-- you're more Dominican than Chichi Peralta.
What's going on, girls!
Hi, Kenia, how are you?
Dead! What a night!
- Eggs and salami? - I'm just dead!
My bed! Hey you, give me a foot massage.
- Have you heard? - What?
- Marisol is dating a Spaniard! - Since when?
Not so fast, girl!
- I'm going to bed. - Me too.
You ask her yourself. She won't tell us anything.
Give me back my stuff.
Could it be that waiter had you daydreaming all day?
Yes. He was at "El Hollo" last night.
- We talked and danced. - And?
He can't dance.
He'll learn. So, he's all yours.
You get everything you want. Good for you.
- I'm happy for you. - Me too.
I feel like I'm dreaming.
Listen-- don't get pregnant, okay?
You never know what might happen. Look at me.
Does he know about Tatiana?
- Not yet. - The sooner the better.
I don't want you to be hurt.
Do you follow me?
I'm going back to my relatives.
Besides... there's another thing.
Another guy?
No, the opposite.
What do you mean?
I'm not sure about me liking men.
I'm convinced I like women.
I like women too. I like Carmen a lot.
When I left my village I didn't know what I wanted.
I wanted to try men. Then you showed up.
I thought I was in love.
But I wasn't.
I can't deny the truth, it's so obvious.
Something that I knew before.
I like women, not men.
Don't be so sad. You'll survive.
When Miguel dumped me, I thought I'd never fall in love again.
Then I met Ramon. and when he dumped me
I thought again I'd never fall in love again.
So? Anyway, that's another story.
- It sounds encouraging. - It's not the end.
It's only been a month you've been living together--
not that you were married or anything.
We were a couple, though.
I mean that your relationship was more like an experiment.
It's better you realized now than later. Think positive.
At home, I feel like he's everywhere.
When I open a drawer his socks are gone.
When I watch TV, he's not on the sofa.
When I set the table... only one fork.
The worst is yet to come.
I call it "the quarantine."
Like astronauts when they're back on Earth,
they have to be isolated awhile. It's the same thing.
When you're heartbroken you have to isolate yourself.
Forget about the other, totally.
What about "The Way we Were"? Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand?
Too sad.
"Out of Africa" then.
I can't spend 40 days in pain.
Listen, you need two people to make a couple work
and only one to make it fail.
If Marcos doesn't want to go on, then that's that.
Believe me, it's like abs exercises.
At first, you think you'll die after 10 reps.
Five days later, you're doing 40.
- It's not the same. - It is the same.
Now you think of him 24 hours a day.
In a week, you'll sleep seven straight hours.
Soon, you'll finish your food.
You'll see a gorgeous butt...
and you'll realize you spent a whole day without thinking of him.
Believe me, it's torture now, and you think it will last forever,
but thousands of people have been through this.
I have too, and you'll survive. You'll see.
He doesn't need to die in a plane crash for you to forget him.
We have to go to Africa.
We will, when we have money.
Right now...
We should have rented a comedy.
I have to tell you something.
I have a daughter in Santo Domingo.
Since I came here to work she has to stay with my mother.
That's why you're sad?
I was afraid you wouldn't understand.
Of course I do. We all have a past.
- What's her name? - Tatiana. She's five.
- What does she look like? - You really want to know?
Brown skin, big eyes,
curly hair-- so pretty-- like me, they say.
- We could do something! - Like what?
I don't know.
Let's go to the sea!
You're crazy! I have to work. So do you.
We'll take the bus tonight, be at the coast by dawn,
then back again.
- I hurt myself! - Where?
Here. It hurts.
Also here. It hurts a lot.
Especially here.
I thought it hurt.
- I was bugging you. - You were what?
- Teasing you. - Very funny!
What do you think?
It's beautiful and sad.
I'm thinking of Tatiana.
Don't be sad. If you cry, you'll make me cry.
and I won't be able to stop.
Imagine, both of us, crying on the beach.
I want to go in the water but I have no bathing suit.
I hope he starts reacting.
What were you thinking of?
- Same as you. - Should we?
- What if someone is around? - Are you chicken?
- Of course not! - We'll have to be naked.
- You first. - You first.
- At the same time. - Deal.
Where are you going?
What is he doing?
I guess he wants to do it in the water.
It's Carmen.
What's wrong?
You haven't been to the audition for the new TV show.
This is my 10th message, but you won't call me back.
By "quarantine," I didn't mean to avoid your friends.
Call me. I'm worried about you.
Internationally, the singer Boy George,
from the famous band Culture Club,
has survived an accident that could have been fatal.
Not a car accident, or drugs--
this misfortune was caused
by a disco ball weighing more than 30 kilos!
The disco ball fell from the ceiling
while Boy George was in London rehearsing with his old band.
The ball fell a few centimeters from the singer's head.
The artist, who has survived fame,
drugs and passion,
has also survived this accident.
Our correspondent in London: Jacobo, can you hear me?
Yes, lnmaculada, loud and clear.
- Are you alone? - Yes.
Only a few minutes ago this place was full of policemen
and reporters who ran off to the hospital
to get the latest news.
We remained on site to check
on the state of the disco ball.
Look at the shards of glass.
It seems that Boy George is fine
in spite of the shock.
Thank you, Jacobo.
We now go to the hospital where Boy George was taken.
At the main entrance is lrene Fernandez.
You must be freezing in London.
It's bright, but very cold!
The only heat that we have here in the main entrance of the hospital
comes from this group of fans waiting to spot Boy George
trying to get in, or waiting for him to appear at the window.
I can tell you though,
that Boy George told me a few minutes ago,
in a personal statement
that it'd be funny and somehow brilliant to die
under such a huge disco ball.
- You're back! - Did you hear the news?
- What news? - About Boy George.
Boy George? From Culture Club?
Chips! Same story as Marcos.
He's dumped his boyfriend, and now he's straight?
No, he was singing and a disco ball hit him on the head.
- Careful, it's hot. - It's a sign.
You're obsessed. Will you ever forget about Marcos?
Every time you fall in love it's the same story.
Once a year at least.
- I haven't been in love that often. - You have!
- I have not. - Yes, you have.
- No way. - You have so!
- Not true! - Okay, then!
The only way to get him back...
is to pretend I'm a woman.
Are you serious?
I'm an actor, right? I can do it.
Look at Boy George.
The news gave me an idea. I can do it.
I've played more difficult parts.
On stage, with a camera.
You're talking real life here. It's different.
Carmen, I have to get him back. Help me.
I have to try.
Maybe I'll fail...
but I have to try.
You're fighting for a Russian kid you've never met.
When you really want something, you fight for it.
Even if you have to be someone you're not.
All right,all right.
But even if you succeed in your role as a woman,
you'll never fool Marcos. He knows you too well.
Your eyes, your voice, everything!
He might suspect something because of my looks,
- but he won't figure me out. - Why not?
One, a man who dresses as a woman to seduce a man
who doesn't like men but women. Way too complicated for him.
Two, he doesn't want to see me,
and doesn't think about me, does he? So, he can't think it's me.
Have you thought of the consequences?
What do you mean?
If you succeed, which I doubt,
sooner or later, he'll realize it's you.
What then?
Well, he'll find out then that he still loves me.
Hi, darling, can I help you?
- Café solo, please. - Sure.
Your coffee.
Anything else? A schnapps?
No, thanks. Well...
- a pacharan. - One pacharan for the lady.
The pacharan is on the house.
- Really? - Sorry?
Thank you.
How much then?
These bags suck.
There you go.
- Thank you. - What's your name?
Marcos. Yours?
Me? Maria, like the Virgin.
I don't understand young people anymore.
In my day, men were men and women were women.
- Why do you say that? - That girl.
- What's wrong with her? - She was strange--
her hands... the Adam's apple.
Actually, I think you're right.
Who's that?
Maria! "The Virgin"!
"Virgin"? By her looks, she doesn't look like a virgin at all.
Come in.
Hi, Maria.
- I was passing by. - Join us!
- Actually... - Come on. This is Marisol.
- Hi. - Hello.
- Let's go dancing. - Come on.
Do you mind?
You're new here, right? Never saw you before.
- You have a boyfriend? - Excuse me?
- A boyfriend. - Me? No.
Relax. He just wants to dance.
- With me? - Yes.
I think you'll have to.
The way he moves his finger, you'll have to.
- How did you meet her? - She's a customer.
She's strange.
Everybody says that. She's fun though.
Why do you defend her?
Yet another who buys cigarettes to check out the bartender?
but I only have eyes for you.
You boys are all the same.
- What's your name? - Maria.
I'm Luis.
You're a good dancer.
Your eyes-- you must be a model.
Not even close! I do make-up.
- You? - Potato man!
- "Potato man"? - I sell potatoes.
Oh, it just sounded odd.
In the Dominican, we say "papas."
There I'd be a "papas man." Here they say "potato," so...
Sorry, this music...
Relax. Let me lead. You're my girl.
Should we swap?
- You're good for a beginner. - I love dancing.
You know, I have this feeling that we've met before.
In a previous life, most likely.
You remind me of someone.
I guess we all have a double.
Did you notice that girl? She's weird.
Weird? I scratched my face when I kissed her!
"Potato Man" was after her.
He doesn't make distinctions.
He'd rather sleep with "Yogi Bear" than be all alone.
- It's packed tonight! - We have no water.
You look exhausted! This will cool you off.
That potato man-- he'd do it on the dance floor!
Just don't get pregnant!
We all need a man to protect us, right, Marisol?
- Are you having fun? - Oh yes.
Good. I need to tell you something.
Marcos is mine. Hands off.
No worries. I'm not after men.
- Why is that? - I'm on the rebound.
I want to stay as far away from men as possible.
Good thing. You'd be in trouble
if you tried to snatch a man from a Dominican girl.
From any girl. I'm like you. I'd kill for my man.
What happened?
He changed overnight...
and dropped me in the morning.
- Like that? - Yeah.
He said...
the attraction was gone.
You know what a heartbroken Dominican girl does?
Keeps on living-- and then goes drinking and dancing.
We're the champions!
More supporters!
- I'm leaving. I'm too drunk. - No, no.
- Stay. We're celebrating. - What?
What? Madrid's victory!
Wait, I have an idea.
Isn't he sweet?
With him the most simple things are special.
Too bad things always go bad.
I hope you're lucky, though.
Why do you say that?
He and I have many things in common.
Like what?
Soccer. Dancing. Let's dance.
I can't. My feet hurt.
- Come on! - We have no music.
Sure we do.
** Go on and flirt, I won't stop doing what I do **
** Be a part of me, and I'll be with you... **
You see? We've got music.
- Not enough dancing for tonight? - I could dance all day!
Let me tell you...
at first, I didn't like you at all. I was jealous.
I wanted to kill you.
If you don't dance with Marcos again, we could be good friends.
I'll try. It's hard to resist. You taught him so well!
- Stop now. - Okay.
With Marcos...
I have this funny feeling that one day I'll wake up...
and everything would have been a dream,
Iike Cinderella,
after midnight-- it'll all be gone--
Iike he's not real.
What a couple!
I couldn't find champagne. It's cider.
- I need a shoe. - Take mine.
There you go. To love...
friendship and Real Madrid!
Thank you.
Welcome to "Woman's land."
Is it really that bad?
You put on a miniskirt
and you immediately become the victim of a man.
With that look, I'm not surprised people stare.
I can't believe he hasn't recognized you.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
Are you mad at me?
- No. - Then...?
I feel anxious.
In two days I'll be in Russia with my kid. I'm scared.
I forgot about that. Sorry.
I'm so absorbed in my own life.
Come here.
Don't worry. You'll be a great mother.
Think so? I've never had much luck.
I've never had a good relationship.
Not that I didn't try.
Timing has been always my problem--
always late.
When I could have been a mother,
I didn't go for it. Now--
Now you're gonna have a beautiful son.
They say "babies come from Paris." Well, yours is from Russia.
Cheer up. We've got to be the usual "gay guy and single girl
who comfort each other," right?
You treat me so well.
Listen. I'm staying the night
and all day tomorrow till you leave.
- For you from me. - What's this?
Great! A Spanish-Russian dictionary.
"la liubliu tibia."
- What's that? - "l love you," in Russian.
"la liubliu tibia."
I love you, too.
Take them.
- Can I stay here? - Try to forget.
- Promise me. - What?
That you'll come back. Don't stay in Russia.
Silly! When I come back, I want to see Daniel,
not "the Virgin Mary."
By the way, aside from taking over my bed,
you also snore!
Hi. Look at you!
I have a daughter. She's five.
She lives in Santo Domingo with my mom.
- Does Marcos know? - Of course.
Do you want to bring her over?
I don't make enough money yet.
Cleaning doesn't pay much.
I can help you.
Come to my place if you have some free time.
- You want to help me? - Sure!
I could use the help at home. I'm not too organized.
this is Tatiana.
You two really do look alike.
Talk to Marcos.
It's obvious he loves you. He'll help you.
It's too early to talk about money.
Our relationship would suffer.
I don't know.
I've never had so much with anyone else.
Not even my daughter's father.
I've had my fill of macho men.
I heard Marcos used to date a boy--
that he's gay.
** I can't live without you **
** And you go away **
** Your goodbye is still on my mind **
** On my mind-- **
** I can't get it off my mind... **
Is it true you dated a boy?
Who told you that?
Does it matter? Is it true or not?
I did.
I don't understand why you didn't tell me.
Did you think it would scare me off?
When you love someone, the past doesn't matter.
- So? - I don't know, Marisol.
It's all been so rushed.
I didn't imagine-- I'd fall for a girl so quickly.
- These things boggle my mind. - "Boggle your mind"?
I don't know. I need time--
To know if you want to be with a boy or with me?
Don't get me wrong.
We never mentioned living together.
We are now.
It's too early. We only met a few weeks ago.
I know when we met.
I also think of having a family and all that.
But it's too early.
You're confused.
What do I mean to you?
I feel good with you.
You make things easy--
at least until now.
I don't get it. Is it Tatiana?
What does she have to do with this?
For me, everything.
You don't care, of course. She's not your daughter.
I care for you.
You don't care!
Make up your mind,
because I'll never be happy without my daughter.
Get that through your head, otherwise, goodbye!
Marisol, wait!
Leave me alone!
Cry and scream as much as you want,
if your Spaniard likes dicks, you're out.
I love him!
I love Ricky Martin too, but he doesn't love me.
He doesn't even know I exist.
Mind you, my customers love it
when I dance naked to "La Vida Loca."
- It's not the same. - Of course not.
You've made love, right?
- Right. - And how was it?
He's not gay then.
He's good, sensitive and handsome. Don't listen to people.
- He told me himself! - Don't listen to him.
Who could this be?
Too bad. It's not Ricky, it's your "Dicky"!
Tell him I'm not in. I look horrible now.
She's not in. She went for a walk.
She could be anywhere.
Wait! I'll buy you a drink.
No thanks. I'm looking for Marisol.
She's not here yet. But she'll be here later for sure.
Women always make you wait.
Two beers! Cheer up, man!
Your girl's mad?
We had a fight.
Fighting is life.
I'll tell you a Dominican secret.
- What? - Music is in our blood.
We turn life, love, work into bachata or merengue.
What if you're not Dominican or like something different?
That's easy. Let yourself go.
Listen to this music they're playing.
It's a ballad turned into merengue.
Where could I find her?
At Rosi's hair salon. For sure.
They hang out there-- women.
Thanks for the advice.
What should I do? I'm dying.
No one dies of love, only of sadness.
Stop crying. Talk to him.
If it doesn't work,
which won't happen,
the planet won't crumble.
I'll crumble and rot in this house by myself!
Cheer up! Get dressed!
He can't see you've been crying.
Where will I find him?
Where Spaniards find Dominican girls.
Have you seen Marisol?
No, but I'm meeting Teresa and Kati.
She'll probably be with them. Come along.
- This is it. - A karaoke bar?
Frodis loves singing. He wanted to be a singer.
I'm gonna show you, girl, what a good singer I am.
- Hi, Marcos. - Hi, Marcos.
- All alone? Where's Marisol? - Have you seen her?
- No, but have a seat. - No thanks.
No, we won't let you go.
Just stay with us a while.
Dance with me and I'll tell you about your Spaniard.
- Have you seen him? - Dance with me first.
- Stop it, please. - Don't be mean, dance with me.
- I'm not being mean. - A kiss then.
Stop it, please! Where is he?
He was here. He asked about you.
I said you were with Rosi at the salon.
- And? - I don't know, Marisol.
The boy was anxious.
With your eyes, you could be a model.
Are you?
- Do you sing? - Badly.
Frodis mimics everyone--
Julio lglesias, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones. Look!
He's imitating Boy George.
Boy George-- was he a man or a woman?
A man. Right, Marcos?
He mimics Boy George!
Marcos? One second.
Marcos! Everything all right?
I wanted to surprise you.
I have to change. Have a coffee.
Help yourself. I'll be quick.
- What are you doing? - Relax.
I can't believe you've done all this.
You've lost your mind.
- Marcos, l-- - You what!?
Take this off!
Who do you think you are!?
You can't play games with people!
You told Marisol, didn't you?
I wanted to show you that I love you.
Why are you saying that?
Can't you see we're over?
Don't go, please. Please, listen to me.
It's over, Daniel. I've changed.
Marisol! Marisol!
- Marisol! Wait! - Leave me alone!
- No, listen to me! - You've said everything.
You've made your choice. Go with him!
He kissed you!
Don't you see? He wants us to be apart.
It's his fault that we're fighting!
No, it's my fault.
I thought that I loved you, but I don't.
I want to break up. Don't follow me. It's over.
The first time I saw her, I felt nothing at all.
It was her smile...
her eyes, they have this "Chinese" look.
And that funny face she makes...
those things made me fall.
Then she asked me if I wanted chicharron.
Fried pork rinds.
Now she's gone.
I'm sorry.
You are not sorry!
You say you love me, but you just love yourself.
My life is a mess now!
I know I've been stupid.
I thought it was the perfect "hanger" to hang the man I loved.
I used you as a love toy.
Now I know I can't love you.
I don't believe anything you say. Not anymore.
Are you stupid? You want her back, right?
Where do you think she is?
Are you sure it's here?
I think so.
Follow me.
Would you like a table?
We're looking for Kenia.
- She's in her dressing room. - Where is it?
You can. He can't.
Don't worry. I'll bring her here.
Follow me.
- Marisol? - Over there.
You're Maria.
You bitch! You betrayed my friend!
Now go in. She's gonna make you pay.
Move! It helps you warm up.
You're gonna leave them alone?
Marisol can be tough-- if she has to.
She's good with her nails.
Zip this up.
Isn't she ugly?
Leave me alone, bitch!
You betrayed me.
Who do you think you are?
It had to be my boyfriend! Bitch! You planned this!
You don't do that. If he's her man, that's that.
- Good girl! - What are they saying?
Shut up!
- What time is it? - I have no watch. Where's yours?
In there, but I need to go. I'm late! Shit!
I love Marcos.
If I see you anywhere near him, I'll smack you in the face
and I'll make you look like a real transvestite.
It's true. I tried to steal him from you.
But before you he was with me.
You bitch!
- These Dominican girls. - Shut up! I can't hear.
I told you I was dating someone
who dumped me overnight.
It was Marcos.
You think I like dressing like this?
I saw no other solution.
You've got to understand me.
I just tried to get him back like you.
I don't believe you. That's a lie.
I love him.
He loves you too.
He's out there, waiting for you.
Are you okay?
- Do I look okay? - Can we help you?
Help me clean my face.
Take this.
How did you--? It's tough to be a woman!
Shut up! You've done worse than this.
Look who's talking!
Will you forgive me?
Of course. Will you forgive me?
Of course. I thought I'd miss you.
Wait a minute.
Daniel, wait.
I wanted to tell you something.
I like you better as a man.
That's how I'll remember you.
I hope she takes good care of you.
** I can't believe this is true **
** Happiness is all over me **
** And I easily knew **
** Now I know I can reach the sky... **
** By loving you... **
** Which is why I can't take my eyes off you **
** Please forgive me my looking at you **
** Love is to blame, this love for you **
** I have to insist, I cannot live without you **
** So I just can't take my eyes off of you **
** I can't take my eyes off of you. **
Here we are. Careful.
That's Daniel. My friend. Say "Daniel."
Give him a kiss.
How are you?
Fine. It's all over.
- Two kids? - You see...
Alexei had a brother,
so we couldn't leave him alone. This is Sergei.
- You're crazy. - Who isn't? Let's go home.
Ready to fly? FlVE YEARS LATER
- You must be hungry, sweetheart. - A little bit.
I'll find something.
Let's eat something before we board.
A sandwich or something.
Marcos? It's been a long time.
We're going to Santo Domingo.
Marisol. You look great.
And pregnant again.
They're so sweet.
The whole family--
Tatiana, Marquitos and Junior.
What about you?
I'm going to London for a few days.
I saw your last film. I liked it a lot.
You looked gorgeous.
Thanks. What about your restaurant?
Just starting.
Come by sometime.
I will.
- Are you alone? - No.
I'm with him.
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