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Subtitles for I Phouska CD2.

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I Phouska CD2

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I couIdn't sIeep...
...thousands of trapped OIympower stockhoIders...
waiting for news of ManoIas' heaIth...
-Good morning, Aunt Dionysia. -HeIIo there...
You've aIso got... move the mass of stockhoIders camped out...
on the pubIic areas around Therapon Center...
For the stock to go up again the Prime Minister shouId...
come out and say that he and ManoIas have worked things out.
But they haven't.
They have... onIy they're not saying so yet..
since the government is aIso pIaying his game...
Isn't that what it says in the procIamation?
What if ManoIas got them to write it?
And he got the 17th to bIow him up. Give me a break!
And who says they'd have kiIIed him?
Maybe it wouId just have been an attempt.
It says on tv that he's on Iife support and cIinicaIIy dead...
-but his mind is on sex... -Auntie!
That's what I understood...
What a riot! If they print it now it'II ruin his pIans.
I arranged to have ''GoIden Opportunity'' carry it.
-It's got a Iarge circuIation. -AII the others were afraid.
They said the new Iaw against terrorism is very strict.
I forgot to teII you what he said:
If you fuck with him, he'II fuck you...
But the attempt was aborted. So why print the procIamation?
Fine! As soon as I have news I'II give you an excIusive.
Me? The procIamation? I'm taIking about the interview.
Hands off my pastry!
First of aII how d'you know it's genuine?
Wait untiI you see it first!
OK, got to go. You caII me.
-Who was that? The 17th? -No. ''GoIden Opportunity''!
I mean who made the attempt?
But they didn't! That's the probIem!
-What's in the procIamation? -Same as what's in the press...
that I bribed the government to get the contract...
That's good, man... In the end they might beIieve it too...
-the government, I mean. -That's why we needed a bang!
Show it on tv... so peopIe get the picture...
Have the government deny it, the SEC start investigating...
But instead they're Iooking for mobsters and this evzone or...
shepherd or whatever the fuck he is and confusing peopIe!
I want this jerk!
The hick with the skirt!
Dead or aIive, I don't care! Now get the heII out of here!
You too!
For 10 minutes...
It's Mr. Fotis. Second time he caIIed.
How did you find out?
Didn't you teII RouIa you don't care?
What time?
He hung up so they wouIdn't trace the caII.
Had you given him your phone number?
He said he caIIed the agency and they gave it to him.
We don't want to Iose a cIient...
What did you say?
Why don't you come and heIp me start it up.
-We're meeting at 3. -Where?
We take the NationaI Highway and then he caIIs us again...
Come on. Start her up.
-When did the doctor die? -Last summer.
Good thing he fiIIed it up before Ieaving it to us.
I didn't think I'd hear our IittIe bugsy again.
It must be a IittIe further down.
-VangeIis' works? -Looks Iike it.
I know they teII you you deserve better peopIe...
but when I become a shadow and seem to Ieave you...
I can become one too...
-That's VangeIis' too. -Big time VangeIis!
Don't Iove me for what I am...
but for aII the impossibIe things I couIdn't be...
-Like my naiIs? -Yes, what about them?
-The coIor! -What's wrong with the coIor?
It's Mr. Fotis.
In a few minutes...
Under the Sirius stop...
Yes, we're aImost there...
We're taking the exit...
The fast food pIace?
They've burnt out the Sirius.
I've done at Ieast 3 music cIips and 4 cataIogues here.
Past gIory.
The stock vuItures got it as weII.
Come on, baby, smiIe.
I keep teIIing you, you're in the frame.
-I'm onIy doing my job. -So Iet us do ours.
I read in one of my mother-in- Iaw's magazines you're on...
the paneI of judges of the VOX Beauty Pageant.
See how weII informed I am!
I caIIed them and they gave me your agent's phone number.
At first he wouIdn't give me yours but I persuaded him...
I was a reporter.
When is it? I forgot aII about it.
The day after tomorrow I think...
It seems GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY is printing the procIamation.
News traveIs fast...
-D'you know what that means? -No, but I can imagine...
I don't know what you imagine but if ManoIas recovers...
There's nothing wrong with him!
Now what did I say?
As soon as it gets out that ManoIas is OK,
OIympower stock wiII soar and then what it says...
in the procIamation wiII happen.
He'II seII the company and take off? Why?
Because he hasn't gotten a singIe contract. Nor wiII he.
That's why. He's pIaying his Iast card.
That's not what it says in the procIamation.
I neither write them nor read them. I'm just a hit man.
We figured that out.
-So who writes them? -Good question.
After the coIIapse of ideoIogies, the organization...
is going through a phase of introversion...
What's introversion?
The search for intrinsic vaIues, Makis.
We no Ionger know what our goaIs are...
why we kiII...
E.g., we kiII a shipowner and make his competitors happy.
We kiII an agent and our guys buy rockets from his country...
to make amends.
There are peopIe who cIaim the cops support the organization..
just so the cops who're after us don't Iose their extra pay.
In other words a rubber stamp organization.
Why are you teIIing us aII this?
Because despite aII my reassurances...
my bosses beIieve your evzone wasted Hans...
and so do the cops.
And I have to admit unfortunateIy...
that right now we have a terribIe shortage of hit men.
Most of them have Ieft us and now work for mobsters.
Good money... and bonuses.
They got our best men, Makis. And from the poIice!
Hans... Eichmann... was under contract to a private company.
We need new bIood, Makis!
You don't have to give me an answer now.
-You've got to be kidding! -Think about it first!
But it wiII be reaI hard to convince the cops...
you're not a member of the organization...
-and that you didn't kiII him. -Is that how you trap peopIe?
What did you want me to do? Let Hans waste you...
...both of you?
Office hours.
Think he was teIIing us the truth?
I don't know. There's something about Mr. Fotis I don't Iike.
It's the organization that's saying it, not us. Right here..
The organization is in a position to know everything...
that went on behind the scenes invoIving secret deaIs,
huge buiIding contracts and payoffs to government officiaIs
and party coffers. So Iet them sue them for IibeI.
WiII the investors beIieve the government or the organization?
The organization! But we'II request an injunction too!
Against aII those responsibIe! For printing faIse information.
...a matter of principaI...
So then why not aIso Ieak out what Karasavas writes...
that I'm totaIIy heaIthy but I'm hiding for fear...
-of another attack... -But that makes me out a Iiar!
You must be kidding!
I've issued 10 medicaI buIIetins!
I aImost signed your death certificate!
We'II sue Karasavas too...
He'II be right down.
Mrs. ManoIas and Dorotheos are downstairs.
-ShouIdn't I shave? -Looks more impuIsive this way.
Why don't you take off the buIIetproof vest?
If they're going to waste you..
It's Mom's.
CarefuI, Dionysia...
I aImost kiIIed myseIf.
Good God! What are you doing here?
I found her hanging upside down from VassiIakis' hook.
I caIIed her and she didn't answer so I got worried...
-Who did it? -AIbanian fieId workers.
No, two idiots wearing crash heImets.
-How d'you know? -They kept knocking...
their heads and I toId them to take them off.
-Did they hurt you? -Hang the cage.
-VassiIakis is in shock. -What did they want?
They're Iooking for you. I said I've never seen you...
and I don't know where you are. Was I Iying?
They caIIed me a fucking oId crone and other vuIgarities...
I can't repeat... They aIso took your skirt to their boss.
They toId me they'd be back.
This doesn't Iook good. I'II take you with me.
They're Iooking for you too. AII of them.
The cops wanted your ceII phone number.
I toId them you onIy use it for work. Didn't I do right?
-ManoIas! -It was God's wiII...
Tomorrow we're hoIding a mass at OIympower...
-with Father Dorotheos... -with his wife! See that?
I toId you so didn't I? They're back together again.
...who was spotted in various Iocations...hiding..
where he is presumed to be hiding out...
They said you're a member of the 17th...
and you're in ThessaIoniki.
The government spokesman denied that the prime minister...
has asked for the resignation of the Minister of PubIic Works
They didn't say anything about me again.
The SEC is investing rumours that OIympower...
are the soIe contractors for the OIympic ViIIage...
Let's go to ThessaIoniki. It's a very erotic city.
Have you been?
I'II go turn it off so the oId battery doesn't die on us.
I don't know who it is. ShaII I answer it?
Let me have it.
That was Mr. Fotis.
He has the news from the stock market.
-He said I go there tomorrow. -What about me?
And I was pIanning to go to the hairdresser. Look at my hair!
Let me caII UncIe and teII him not to seII.
AII heII's breaking Ioose...
WeIcome to the Promised Land...
Did you see the fish?
-GirIs!Did you see what I saw? - A reaI doII, right?
-Look at the bimbo! -Very second rate!
I shouId have worn the skirt!
Didn't you have something eIse to wear?
I have but it's short.
It's here.
-Mr. Fotis? -He's down in the fiIe room.
WouId you Iike to wait here or go down?
-Can we go down? -AII the way down the corridor.
Can you wait and take him something he wanted printed?
And teII him that there's no Cuba in the other office!
They're the ones I went to Cuba with.
Trips for Mr. Fotis, I see! Let's go to Cuba to fuck.
What was that?
Mr. Fotis!
Where are you?
It's them again!
Shut up!
Let's get the heII out of here!
Makis! I'm scared!
He'II be here in a coupIe of minutes.
Is it my fauIt, buddy? It's not me that's bIocking traffic.
I asked about Mr. Spartacus but no one knows him..
The boss is caIIed Ioannou. He is onIy there in the afternoon.
Spartacus is what the Cubans caIIed him...his nick name.
I toId you but you don't pay attention when I speak.
I'II come back tonight.
That's him.
-FideI? -What FideI? That's Spartacus.
He invited us to Havana.
He was the sponsor for Miss Tourism...
And he has some deaIings with ManoIas and the Minister.
He introduced you to ManoIas?
I toId you it was a Iarge party...
but the others went with bIack women.
My heart bIed for the Cuban girIs.
They're so pretty...
Turning tricks for next to nothing... a pair of shoes...
-not convertibIes Iike us! -Did I ask you for anything?
-And even if you did... -Fuck off!
Next week when OIympower is seIIing at 25,000...
-I'II buy you a Porsche. -Leave me aIone.
It's a fucking mess!
-What? -My hair!
Where wiII you be? Around here somewhere?
If you find Mr. Spartacus teII him RouIita said heIIo.
That's what he caIIed me in Havana.
I'II go to the hairdresser first and then the agency.
D'you want my ceII? So I can find you.
And how wiII I find you?
Is anyone here?
Nobody home?
-The evzone, right? -Mr. Spartacus?
That's what they used to caII me in the organization.
Who toId you? Sisyphus?
-No, RouIa. -RouIa who?
RouIita... Miss Tourism...
You'd invited her to Havana. She says heIIo.
The one who's invoIved with ManoIas?
-What did Sisyphus teII you? -D'you mean Mr. Fotis?
I mean the cop who recruited you.
-Cop? -His name was Fotis?
We use code names. The young guys Iike you have numbers.
-Have a seat... -Makis. The name's Makis.
Better put that down on the desk.
We wouIdn't want anything to happen to the equipment.
-How did you know? -We have the technicaI means...
I put it behind my back so I don't sIouch.
I have a sIipped disc.
You said Mr. Fotis was a cop.
I hope we're taIking about the same guy.
I onIy spoke to him on the phone but I Iiked him.
He must have been an ideaIist.
OId schooI poIice.
There are very few Ieft... in the organization.
ShaII I pour?
He considered you a dangerous opportunist.
Me? You gossiped about me?
Yes, but he Iiked you a Iot.
-God rest his souI. -Are you reIigious?
-No, I just said it... -Nor a communist?
Sisyphus toId me that in the IRS you were a union man.
-Is that bad too? -NormaIIy I'm not a recruiter..
but since he sent you here, I'II make an exception.
Mr. Fotis didn't send me. You took him out...
-before I couId speak to him. -We took him out?
Are you that dumb? You know who wasted Mr. Fotis... Sisyphus?
Foreign muItinationaIs.
D'you think they'd Iet the cops take the organization?
Like they don't know how tough it is to set anything up...
in Greece with the chaos that prevaiIs everywhere.
Red Star TraveI. May I heIp you?
Just a moment pIease.
Cuba. Gathering sugar cane... hand,right?
Sorry, it's aII booked...
I see I stiII have 20 days on the Ho Chi Minh TraiI...
Yes, Hanoi-Saigon by bicycIe.
MarveIIous tour... Of course we're here...
You have our brochure? Redstar aII one word...
So Iong, comrade.
WouId you get off the phone and Iet someone eIse use it.
-We don't have 10 Iines. -I'm caIIing the hospitaI.
They forgot me on hoId.
If you got here on time there wouIdn't be a probIem.
Didn't you speak to ManoIas?
He couIdn't because Sotirchos was there on rounds...
Does Makis know about ManoIas?
He suspects something but he isn't saying anything...
-He's afraid I may Ieave him. -Like you'd every Ieave a stud.
-First of aII he's not a stud. -He is to ManoIas.
If you met him you'd understand...
In the end what matters is that he makes you feeI good.
Better watch out ManoIas doesn't die in your arms...
or between your Iegs.
Did he give you anything for your dowry? Any stock?
-OIympower even... -I don't care about that.
You shouId have something set aside. We won't be 22 for ever.
-OIiver! -He's driving me crazy!
I've got a probIem with MichaeI.
I've got his goId card but I can't get cash... nothing.
I even buy sanitary toweIs from the gas station with the card.
He doesn't fucking trust me. Like I'd take off with 100,000!
Give me a break, RouIa, I'm working.
Get him to open a boutique for you. Then hire a girI...
and you go in the afternoons to coIIect the cash Iike a Iady.
I can't take working hours. They stress me out.
There's another soIution.
I'm two days Iate.
If onIy MichaeI's efforts paid off...
Isn't it a IittIe too soon for a baby?
Why? Is OIiver mine?
I'm fed up with taking him riding and to parties...
And heIping him with his homework...
I who haven't read a book in my Iife...
I mean a schooIbook...
His ex is Iiving in viIIas with swimming pooIs and aIimony...
and I'm raising his son... and I'm a perfectionist...
MeIina! Get me an iced coffee.
-What's it Iike? -What?
-Raising his kid. -Are you putting me on?
Makis has a son too. ReaI cute.
With an EngIishwoman.
They broke up and he hasn't seen his son in over a year.
-Today's his birthday... -Leo?
With Pisces...
And I'm thinking of hocking this ring ManoIas gave me...
and buying a ticket so the kid can come and see his Dad.
-What d'you think? -I'm going to do...
what that oId crone from Zufria said so I can get pregnant...
so I can treat you to a day at the beauty parIor too...
otherwise I see us turning tricks.
Did you hear about Jenny. He dumped her for PameIa...
and took back both the car and the jeweIry.
Where's it?
We're romantics, we communists.
I've seen cIients bawIing their eyes out at the Bay of Pigs.
-What bay? -The Bay of Pigs... swine?
where Castro routed Battista's mercenaries and the CIA...
Didn't they teach you history at schooI?
No... Same as my daughter. Got as far as the 1821 revoIt...
and a IittIe Metaxas because he was one of theirs... a fascist!
This isn't just a crisis in education.
It's THE major crisis in Iumpen society.
Did you read the procIamation before giving it to that paper?
-I studied it. -Don't jerk me around.
-No, reaIIy! Every word! -Did anything sink in?
-Where it taIks about... -Where I taIk!
Where you taIk about ManoIas...
wanting to defraud the smaII investors...
and about Iumben businessmen... What does Iumben mean anyway?
It's not Iumben... it's Iumpen. Rags in German...
They say he is very fond of the term...Aristogeiton...
...the great...
They say he studied eIectricaI engineering in Germany...
but faiIed his exams and couIdn't even get in the army.
They say he puts the roast in the oven...
puts cinnamon on the rice pudding...
wacks the wienie, goddammit! You know...
You mean he's gay...
roIIed between the Iegs of the comrade women...
They made us the Iaughing-stock.
Excuse me...
HaIf a second...
Chatting with Mr. Spartacus... Any news?
Dorotheos in OIympower?
Good God!
Any faIIout?
Fine. 'Bye.
That was RouIita.
-What did Dorotheos do? -He's buying OIympower stock.
-HostiIe takeover. -For the priests or himseIf?
He's capabIe of taking off with the monastery's charity fund.
It seems he cIeaned up with 30%.
Isn't that a bit steep for a soIo bid?
They must be up to something...
I don't beIieve it. I had it ready!
I was writing aII night, fuck Mao's widow!
I've got to write it aII over again. He's got me writing...
about the gIobaIized Iumpen and muItinationaI stooges...
and ManoIas cons me with the priests.
He's seIIing them packages...
The priests have the biggest portfoIio in Greece.
Did you know that? You don't know a damn thing!
We struggIed to get rid of the anarchists and the modernists..
so we're now at the beck and caII of every chaotic bastard!
There was a time when we were pure popuIar warriors...
What's the matter?
There was a time when we were pure popuIar warriors...
-Nothing. -OId age is a bitch, Makis.
We've become the tooIs of wheeIer-deaIers Iike ManoIas...
A company that provides terrorist services...
Next they'II want a receipt.
Ah, VaIentina!
I wrote it on the typewriter to confuse them.
I wrote my first on this...
and my Iast... Understand?
-Yes... -You don't understand a thing!
It's Iike we want to get the 17th into the stock market...
the paraIIeI market even...
For this I have to change the whoIe page!
Fuck! I speIIed ''procIamation'' wrong again.
-I got probIems with anagrams. -Me too.
Because I'm aIways working under pressure...
Tomorrow they're going to sink ManoIas and I find out...
quite by chance, from you, that the priests are in the game.
-That was to be expected! -That's sIoppiness!
You pIant a bomb to keep society on its toes...
not to waste ManoIas when we know there's 100 more Iike him.
As VoItaire said you need fanfare and drum roIIs...
to make a murder Iook Iike a revoIutionary act...
Even the newspapers write such stuff. We Iose aII credibiIity.
AII we do is increase newspaper circuIation and tv ratings.
Soon peopIe wiII feeI sorry for ManoIas!
What d'you mean sink him? Sink OIympower you mean?
Not IikeIy. They're pIanting a bomb on his yacht.
What about the smaII investors who bought OIympower stock...
-isn't anyone sorry for them? -It's ManoIas' idea!
To make his disappearance more convincing...
or maybe to Iook Iike suicide.
Since you and Sisyphus fucked up...
You mean the bomb in ManoIas' Mercedes was aIso rigged?
He'd supposedIy get out to go piss and set it off himseIf...
-with his mobiIe. -And RouIa?
Pocahontas was with him?
I don't Iike these guys at aII.
In the IittIe store room.
The gun, man!
Take it. You may need it.
HeIIo there!
Shut up, man. Not with the seaI, man!
What's up, Menios? How did you find me?
Ever heard of caIIer identification?
-ManoIas wants you. -You go.
-What if I don't want to? -We'II take you.
I'II scream...
-for the cops. -Scream.
That way they'II find you quicker.
What shaII I do?
There was a donkey with Iarge ears...
who didn't Iike the frost...
Know who they were?
-No. -Neither do I.
Our InteIIigence maybe.
They want to take over the organization too.
CouId be a muItinationaI, do I know? CouId even be...
the boss's young studs. Maybe he got wind I want to take off.
I'm not wasting my goIden years in this brotheI.
Now he wants to be on TV shows. He's gone off his rocker.
-Who? -The boss. Aristogeiton!
With a ski mask of course.
He wants to chaIIenge the prime minister to a debate.
And he's negotiating the tv seriaI rights to his memoirs.
Kastaniotis wants to pubIish them first.
There's a Iimit to everything.
The stakes got too big and we Iost the game.
The big interests are out in fuII force: contractors...
shipowners, arms deaIers...
cigarette smuggIers, the media...
mobsters, bankers, industriaIists... even priests.
-Am I forgetting anyone? -Do I know?
Even the Hiroshima bomb can't save us. I'm disappointing you,
a young man with dreams and a thirst for money...
FIesh and money!
Come with me because you're in deep shit.
-Where to? -The Iast refuge!
The uItimate paradise...
Mom! ManoIas!
Come to Piraeus tomorrow at noon...
at the subway station.
The investigation into the murder of poIice officer...
Fotis Lambiris has taken a new turn.
The officer, whose body was found, under tons of fiIes...
bore two buIIet wounds in the chest and...
Yes, but RouIa isn't here!
Yes, Makis.
I'II teII her... in detaiI...
Where's the oId woman from? The exorcist?
Yes... Me too...
who had succeeded in uncovering smuggIing rings and tax evaders
whiIe posing as a civiI servant had managed to infiItrate...
the hard core of a terrorist organization...
HeIIo. Yes... AII heII's breaking Ioose.
Hang on they're saying something about me.
... is impIicated in the murder of the poIice officer...
and the recent death of P.I. Johannes BIeichmann.
We're Ieaving tomorrow... You and I...
I don't know yet.
Here I'm in danger and you're going to Mykonos!
Where are you?
You're not aIone?
You're going with what?
We're going to sink it! Them I mean!
Of course. I read the procIamation I teII you!
Fuck OIympower and Dorotheos and ManoIas!
Listen! Tomorrow at 12... in Piraeus...
at the subway station.
No, I didn't caII.
Wanda caIIed.
She said she got her period and...
she was cursing the oId woman from Zufria.
She said you'd know.
Excuse me...
Come on, paI. 100 just for you!
-I don't have any money. -But you bought stock.
Piss off.
-WiII you buy one? -Forget it, paI...
I don't even have a hankie to cry in! Here you go.
Take your money back.
I don't need any tissues. Beat it.
The kid's right. He's a businessman, not a beggar.
Isn't that so, Miss?
No, man!
-Did you see this, man? -OIympower?
WouId you beIieve this...
I soId for 570 yesterday and today it's trading at 5,000.
-Can you expIain it to me? -Leave the man aIone, Dimitris.
It's not his fauIt. He soId 1800 shares yesterday, Miss...
I toId you not to seII, you jerk.
Here the priests are buying. Think they don't know?
-It's a madhouse, Sir! -It's sIaughter!
Isn't that you, man?
Now wiII you buy one?
I know they teII you you deserve better peopIe...
but when I become a shadow and seem to Ieave you...
I can become one too...
HeIIo. I'II wait.
She'II be here.
Don't Iove me for what I am...
but for aII the impossibIe things I couIdn't become...
Marina Zea!
Don't taIk to me about aII the things...
Can you give me a ride to Zea, buddy?
you say I don't give you...
but of the things I think about when I cIose my eyes...
and I can give you...
Watch out!
Don't Iove me for what I am...
But for aII the impossibIe things I couIdn't become...
Guys! Let's get out of here.
BeanpoIe! Take the Mercedes to be fixed, it veers right.
And take RouIa's car for reconditioning.
and fix the top and don't forget to take Mrs. ManoIas...
to Epidaurus tomorrow. They're putting on ''The Oresteiade''.
Shut up, goddammit! You'II do as I say!
-Messing around with evzones! -I want my car back.
Why did you take my car and the credit cards?
Leave me aIone! You make me sick!
The way I see it, it wiII drop again.
Go and Iie down, son.
The backing is phony...
the way I see it, it'II coIIapse.
-HeIIo. -Where are you?
Near you.
I think about you aII the time too.
-Where are you? -On the yacht. Where eIse?
-I mean where on the yacht. -Don't Iet's start that again.
I'm on the yacht too. That's why I'm asking.
-Where? -Come to the dinghy.
-You're aIways in my feet! -I wish!
-Are you mad? -Stark raving...
-Are you ready? -What for?
-We're Ieaving. -Where to?
Somewhere eIse.
Hang on, baby!
Over here!
Makis' uncIe was destroyed because he ignored his nephew..
and soId his stock before the hostiIe take-over...
as his wife forced him to do and then Ieft him.
There are vicious rumours that he ate her.
OIympower made a spectacuIar entry into the Frankfurt...
stock market. Rumor has it that ManoIas miracuIousIy survived..
the bomb attack and retired to Mount Athos.
RouIa! Get down!
With Makis' OIympower profits and Spartacus' heIp...
he and RouIa opened a music taverna on Havana's MaIecon...
the ''Nueva Shepherdess''...
where they serve the now popuIar Red October cocktaiI!
Something off the spit...
The antiterrorist squad have indications that the mastermind
of the organization was once a fiIm critic and rumor has it...
he is now moving in society circIes and attends receptions
given by the U.S. ambassador whose taste he vaIues greatIy.
SubtitIes VIDEOPRESS S.A. TransIated by EIIy Petrides
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