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Subtitles for I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) CD2.

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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) CD2

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Yeah, that's it.
Got to find that damn lighter ...
Can I help you?
Goddamn it!
Oh, God ...
What are you doing? No. Seriously, don't do that.
Oh, God ... Jesus, no!
It's all good!
Can I help you?
- That's a full carat. - How much?
- She's got some flaws in her. - How much?
I don't have much of a market for this kind of thing.
- 200. Maybe 250. - Make it 300.
And throw in that, too.
Which one you talking about? You're crazy. That's worth 300 by itself.
- Then there's the waiting period. - Keep the ring and give me the gun.
- You sure you want to go this way? - Is it loaded?
- No. - Load it.
Get the hell off of me.
Baby, this is bullshit. This ain't the romantic weekend I had in mind.
Hey, Jules, get any sleep?
- Some. - Look at that.
Another beautiful day in paradise with Julie as our tour director.
- Do you see any fresh kill? - Shut up, Ty.
- How about a Freddie or Jason? - Leave her alone, man.
It's bad enough getting rained out without having to hold her hand.
- Don't be an asshole about it. - It's okay. He doesn't believe me.
- It's his right. Maybe I am crazy. - Nobody thinks you're crazy.
- I do. - Why don't you go do something?
I don't want to do nothing with him. I want to do something with you.
Let's go to the gym and work off some stress. You're not crazy.
Look, we need to find stoner boy and get pool sticks or something ...
The greenhouse effect has caused the Gulf Stream to shift.
Experts expect a dramatic increase of hurricanes, coastal flooding ...
It wouldn't take much to wipe us off this island.
Shut up, okay? Shut up.
Come on!
This is a nice gym.
Nice move.
I'm gonna give your fisherman some of this and see how he likes it.
Oh, poor baby.
You know what? I got a better idea.
You're not leaving this island till you get a tan.
- Wow. Cancer in a box. - No, this is the safe sun.
It's better than a day on the beach, girl.
With a little photosynthesis you'll feel like a new ...
- House plant? - Exactly. Bye.
- Sure this is the way to the pool? - There's his cart.
The fucking idiot left it in the rain.
Dryer. "Gee, Karla, that'll break the machine."
Damn. How many pairs are in there?
Hey, pool boy!
Yo, Bob Marley!
You in there or what?
Come on!
You guys, help me!
Use this. Just smash it.
Come on.
I told you I'm not crazy. He's here. We've got to call for help.
Man, this classifies as a fucking emergency!
Hey, Brooks. Where the fuck you at? We want off this fucking island.
- Oh, shit. - We've got to get the fuck out.
- Where are the boats? - They were cut loose.
- Julie, what the fuck is going on? - He's gonna kill us one by one.
- Who? - Ben Willis.
- Willis is dead. You killed him. - They never found the body.
We lied. We hit him with our car and threw his body in the water.
Only he didn't die. Last Fourth of July he killed Barry and Helen.
I thought Ray and I killed him, but we didn't.
- He's back to finish it off! - We're in the middle of nowhere.
There's dead bodies piling up and there's only one guy missing.
- The porter. What's his name? - Estes. The fucker knows something.
We can sit here like assholes or go find him first.
- It's not him. - We have to do something.
I'm with him.
Come on.
How can you not tell me the whole story? I'm your best friend!
- I didn't want to involve anybody. - Well, it's too late for that now.
Come on, let's go!
Hey, Estes. You sick bastard, are you in here?
Hey, Estes. You sick bastard, are you in here?
You hear me? Sick mother ...
- He's not here, man. - There's some crazy shit in here.
No doubt. This is our fucking killer.
This is our fucking guy.
You guys.
- Anyone missing a hair tie? - Shit. That's mine.
What about a toothbrush?
We need flashlights, guns, whatever we need to get off this island.
- What if he's down there? - Let's just get the fuck out.
- You wait here. - It's safer up here.
I'll just be a second.
Julie, where are you going?
What the hell was that?
Shit. Julie?
- Brazilia. - Julie, watch out!
That's the capital of Brazil. Not Rio.
No, guys! Leave him alone!
- This is the killer. - We've seen the voodoo stuff.
I found the bodies this morning. I tried the radio, it was destroyed.
- Leave him alone. I believe him. - I haven't hurt anyone.
I stole those things to protect you.
He could have killed me, but didn't. We didn't answer the question right.
This whole thing was a set-up. Rio isn't the capital of Brazil.
Sorry. We lose.
- So where's this Ben Willis guy? - I don't know.
You never know. How do we know you didn't set this whole thing up?
- How do we know you didn't? - I know who you're talking about.
He used to work here. I've seen him by the orchard. I'll show you.
- He could be setting us up. - I'm not staying here.
We're better off in the open. Maybe we can kill this asshole for good.
Show us.
What the hell ..?
- I need to get to Tower Bay lsland. - We're closed.
I need to get to that island now.
Let me ask you, did you happen to see what it's like outside?
I'm not looking for a weather report. So which boat is yours?
He worked here for many years.
Raised a family. Pretty wife.
Two little ones. A boy and a girl.
One day the wife went missing.
The maid found blood all over the honeymoon suite. 201.
Eventually they found the body. Pieces of it, at least.
People say she was cheating on him.
People say he would beat her. People say a lot of things.
He disappeared. Children, too.
- Now he's back. - Julie, be careful.
I've got to see.
- What's today's date? - July fourth.
I'm not gonna die on this island. Do you hear me? I'm right here.
- But my grave stays empty! - This is crazy.
- No phones, no boats, no way out. - Yeah? Then we fight.
- Where did Estes go? - Why? He can't help us anyway.
- Only he can. I'll find him. - Are you gonna leave us here?
- It's okay. He can't have gone far. - Meet us back at the hotel, okay?
Okay? Come on, let's go.
What I need is a gun, not a knife. But fuck it.
What are you gonna do with those? Butter him?
Clean vegetables? Take this.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Shit ... Hey, are you okay?
We're gonna get this fucker, right?
- Right? Let's head to the pantry. - Why? Is that a good place to hide?
I don't know. I'm just fucking hungry.
Estes, where did you go? You said you were gonna help us.
You should have told us you had a boat.
- We're not going anywhere. - What?
- Baby, don't go in here. - It's only food. Don't worry, baby.
Stop trying to act like you ain't hungry.
It's just a stupid rat.
No, Nancy!
Come in. Come in! Come on ...
The Arcadian requests emergency assistance for Tower Bay lsland.
I repeat, this is the Arcadian requesting emergency assistance.
So that's where the flashlights were.
- Sorry, but it could have been you. - Or you, you crazy bitch.
- You broke into my hiding place. - Sorry, I missed the sign.
This place didn't have a murder rate till you people showed up.
- I never saw a dead body before. - Get used to it.
- Who's doing this? - Here we go.
Don't get her started. It's a long, fucked- up story you won't believe.
This is the worst vacation in my life. I'm tired, hungry and horny.
And personally, I haven't seen one goddamn psycho killer.
Come on! I know where we can hide. Come on!
Karla, come on!
Shit ... It won't lock!
Follow me. Stay on the beams.
Jesus Christ, that's my bedroom.
Come on, give me your hand. Come on!
Come on ... Come on!
You sick freak!
Come on!
Shit, shit ...
- We've got to do something. - She'll never make it. Come on.
Get off me!
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Damn, it's locked.
- Are you okay? - I'll live. It's locked.
- We've got to open the door. - We'll get you out. I promise.
Shit ... Come on, Nancy.
Come on, open the door.
- I can't find it. - Get out of the way.
Get out of the way!
Karla, come on!
- Where are we going? - The storm shelter!
Don't worry. I know there's emergency power here somewhere.
- Hey, Julie? - Just grab hold of my hand.
- Just grab hold of my hand. - I am holding your hand.
No, you're not.
- Are you okay? - It's Will!
Come on, let's get out of here. Come on.
Everything is gonna be okay. Just get inside. Estes attacked me.
- You think he's a part of this? - I don't know. Let's get inside.
- I don't think we should go inside. - The slicker guy was on the beach.
Jesus, you're bleeding to death. We need a first-aid kit.
- I think there's one in the lobby. - All right, just sit there.
- Don't worry. He's gone. Just go. - Look, I'll go with you. Come on.
Listen, Will. You're gonna be okay.
Jesus, there's blood everywhere.
I can't find a wound.
That's because it's not my blood.
It's not my blood, Julie.
What's your favourite radio station?
What's your favourite radio station? 96.7.
It's time for you to contemplate the ultimate getaway.
Here, take that. Come on ...
Estes ...
Get off me!
Get up ...
God, no!
We finally get to spend some quality time together.
- Why are you doing this to me? - It's always about you.
"I have bad dreams. I can't sleep. I have trouble with my boyfriend."
You never take responsibility for anything you do. Not even murder.
What did you do that for? You're a bitch.
- That's gonna leave a mark. - Tell me why.
Come on, think. You'll get it. Will Benson.
Ben's son.
Hi, Dad.
Hush, now. No more screaming. No more running. It's time to die.
Let her go ... Let her go.
You've got to be shitting me!
- What will you do? Call us names? - Let her go now!
Think about it, boy. You're no killer. That's my job.
You don't have it in you.
Sure did miss you down here, Ray. Too bad. We could have been friends.
Really, man. I would have shared her with you.
Come on, Ray. Stay with me. You see that?
I want you to think about all the things we're gonna do to her.
- You want him, Dad? - Stand him up.
Just ... fucking ... die!
This is the Coast Guard. Remain where you are.
The rescue team will be with you shortly.
Julie ...
Karla ... God, I thought I would never see you again.
Girl, you don't have to worry about me. I'm made of steel.
- Good old Ray. - Hey, Karla.
If anyone asks, let's not tell them it rained the whole time.
- It'll be our little secret. - Yeah.
I almost fell asleep on the couch. You didn't tell me how late it was.
- Were you checking the locks again? - You know me too well.
Don't you dare go to sleep, girl.
I love this thing.
Julie, what the hell is your problem? Just ... stop.
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