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Subtitles for I am Ali CD1.

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I am Ali CD1

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Thank you very kindly.
Ladies and gentlemen,|right now we'd like to introduce...
the star of our show, the young man|you've all been waiting for.
So let's all get together and welcome|him to the stage with a great big hand.
How about it for Sam Cooke?
Before we do anything, we'd like|to say how are you doing out there?
- Is everyone feeling all right?|- Yeah!
How are you doing?
- You doing okay?|- Yeah!
- You two doing okay?|- Yeah!
Well, l ask you one more time.|How you doing?
Oh, yeah
I said oh, yeah
Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah!
I believe we're gonna have|a good time tonight
It's good to have somebody|you can twist the night away with
Right now
Oh, yes, it is
I said it feels good|when you got somebody
To twist the night away|with right now
- Lord have mercy.|- What you running from, son?
We got a call.
Don't fight the feelin'|Don't fight the feelin'
Got to feel the feelin'now|Got to feel the feelin'
'Cause it make you groove right|when you feel the feelin'
Oh, make me want you now
Got to feel the feelin'
'Cause it make you groove right|when you feel the feelin'
Make me want ya|when l got the feelin; baby
So don't fight it
No, don't fight it
Baby, just feel it
I'm gonna bust you up.
Beat your ass|like I was your daddy.
I said l'm beginning|to feel all right now
I feel l can tell you|about my baby rightnow
I said l feel|you're in the mood right now
I said l feel|you're in the mood
Sometimes me and my baby|we fuss and fight
And my baby leave home|'cause things ain't right
For those of you|who think you came here today...
to hear us tell you|like these Negro leaders do...
that your times|will just get better...
that we shall|over come someday...
I say to you,|you came to the wrong place.
Because your times will never|get better unless you make them better.
Those of you who think you came here|to hear us tell you...
to turn the other cheek|to the brutality of the white man...
and this system of injustice|that's in place right here in America...
you think you're gonna come here|and hear us tell you...
to go out there and beg|for a place at their lunch counter...
again, I say you came|to the wrong place.
We don't teach you|to turn the other cheek in the South.
And we don't teach you|to turn the other cheek in the North.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad|teaches you to obey the law...
to carry yourselves|in a respectable way...
in a proud|Afro-American way.
But at the same time,|we teach you...
that anyone puts|their hand on you...
brother, you do your best to see they|don't put their hand on anybody else...
Just like that, Daddy.
Never jump in one place.|Bad for the heart.
Forwards, backwards, sideways.
That's the most important thing.
I'm called Bundini.
Rhymes with Houdini.|He was a Jew too.
Some people call me Fast Black.|Some call me Daddy Mac.
Gave Sugar Ray Robinson|my power for seven years.
My voodoo. My magic.
Now Shorty done sent me here|to work foryou.
- Who's Shorty?|- I call him Shorty.
Call him Shorty|'cause he like 'em circumcised.
Original people. Like Moses.|And I was a babe in a basket too.
Born on a doorstep with a note|across my chest that read...
"You do the best|you can for him, world. "
I wanna be your inspiration.
Your motivator in your corner.
Can I be in your corner,|young man?
Got to tell you|how l feel right now
This song gonna tell you|how l feel
I know you been gone away|for a long time, but listen
Baby, if you ever
Change your mind
Know that leaving
Leaving me behind
Bring it to me
Bring that good lovin; baby
Bring it on home to me
Yeah, yeah
Listen, l got to be a man|to tell you this, honey, look
I'll give you jewelry
I'll give you some|of that money too
But listen|That ain't all
That ain't all|Sam will do for you
All you got to do|is bring it to me
Bring that good lovin; baby
Be the invisible man|as soon as he swings.
Get personal with him.
This is important|Listen to me
Don't you know|that l'll always
I'll always be your slave
Till' I'm buried
Buried in my grave
While I'm livin'
Bring it to me|Bring that good lovin; baby
Bring it on home to me
One more thing|l gotta tell you
Listen to me right now
You know that l try
To treat you right|What did you do
You stayed up
You stayed up late at night
I don'tcare|who you was with
Bring it to me
Bring all that good lovin; baby
Bring it on|Everybody's with me
Everybody's with me tonight
Listen, let me hear you|say yeah
Yeah, oh, yeah
Sonny Liston,|you ain't no champ! You a chump!
Float like a butterfly,|sting like a bee.
Oh!|Rumble, young man, rumble.
Y'all wanna lose y'all money?|Then you bet it on Sonny.
He know I'm great.|He will fall in eight.
Come on, you big, ugly bear.|I'll whup you right now.
Two-ten and a half.|Two-ten and a half!.
The challenger, Cassius Clay,|two hundred and ten and a half pounds.
- Man, you sure that's right?|- That's what the weight is.
Old, ugly bear, come on.|Let's go.
You got these folks fooled. I ain't|scared of ya! I ain't scared of ya!
Two hundred and eighteen.|Two hundred and eighteen.
Sonny Liston,|the champion of the world.
Two hundred and eighteen pounds.
- Pounds of what?|- Pounds of ugly.
That man's so ugly,|when he sweat...
the sweat run backwards off his forehand|just to stay away from his face.
Come on, you big, ugly bear!|I'll turn you into a rug!
Keep talkin'.|I'm gonna fuck you up.
If you whup me...
I'll crawl out of the ring and take|the first jet airplane out the country.
- Is that a promise, Mr. Clay?|- You'll eat his words first.
- Cassius, you're a 7-1 underdog.|- Liston says he talks with his fists.
- What do you say?|- You scared of him?
I'm gonna give Sonny Liston|talkin' lessons...
boxin' lessons|and fallin' down lessons.
Cassius, are you a black Muslim?|Pat Putnam says in the Miami Herald--
A man's religion is his own business.|What kind of question is that?
- Angelo, tell me--|- Malcolm X was in town, then he left.
Was that so|he wouldn't embarrass you?
- Yeah, Howard?|- Liston doesn't like you.
Really can't stand you.|Says he wants to kill you.
Howard Cosell, you ain't|nothin' but an instigator.
- Man, how you get that way?|- Cassius, now you're being truculent.
If it's good, I'm that.
You next. Soon as I'm done with Sonny|Liston, I'm fightin' Howard Cosell.
Y'all write that down right now.
That's good?
Wanna check that out?
Hey, man, when you get back?
I just got here.|I'm front row, seat seven.
I'll be sittin'|with Mom and Dad.
You should've stayed in the first place.|Nobody gotta hide when they're with me.
There's nothing wrong|with being cool, my brother.
He's right.
- ...and challenger, Cassius Clay.|- Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Brought to you|by the City Service Oil Company...
and its dealers|in 37 states and Canada...
known to millions of motorists|for Big Gallon gasoline...
and by new Wildroot,|totally new Wildroot in a new tube...
with a great formula that grooms hair|to look neat and natural, never greasy.
Another boxing milestone|is at hand.
In just a few minutes,|Louisville's Cassius Marcellus Clay...
will be facing|the devastating punching power...
of the heavy weight champion,|Charles "Sonny" Liston.
...for the heavyweight championship|of the world.
Introducing, on my right--
And now the time has come.
Both challenger and champion|are in the ring.
The heavy weight championship|of the world is on the line.
If it goes past the first round,|there will be surprises already.
Sonny Liston wrapped in that|terry cloth towel of his...
wrapped around his head|swami fashion...
Looking as malevolent|and baleful as ever.
But this man|is a professional prizefighter.
Make no mistake about it.
I want a clean fight.
When I say break,|stop punching and step back.
Do you have|any questions, champ?
Any questions, challenger?
We're fine.|Touch gloves, gentlemen. Good luck.
Good evening,|sports fans across the nation.
Liston in the white trunks|with the black stripes.
Clay, an inch and a half taller, in|the white trunks with the red stripes--
And Cassius Clay|is side stepping.
There it is, champ.|Stay on your toes now.
And we can see that the champion|is the aggressor.
There's a shot under the heart.
Cassius Clay slips away.|And now Clay pounds a left.
Another left. A straight jab.
It seems to have stunned him.|And that's the bell.
And they're fighting after the bell.|And they're still fighting.
This round is over.
Break it up, ref.
There is no love lost between|the two contenders at this time.
Cassius goes back to his corner.|It's been an amazing round.
You can beat this guy.
I'm still here.
And Sonny Liston|is not taking the stool.
He's anxious to get back|into the challenger's face.
Take it to the body.|Kill the body, the head will follow.
This is a totally different fight|than Liston expected...
and anyone in this arena|will tell you.
There's a long, looping left hand.|Clay's eyes are wide open now.
- Come on, Cass! Move!|- Step back.
- Come on, Cassius!|- Come on, Chi-Chi!
I'm not prognosticating|anything...
but merely his survival|to this juncture--
Cass, hit him!
Let him go.
Sonny Liston is hurt.|He's bleeding from his eye.
He's defying the experts early.
We have to take a look at this man and|say he is not in awe ofthe champion.
He ain't nothin' to me.|And he know it.
This is it now.
Let me have that, John.
And now they're ready.
You gonna knock|the ugly off of him.
That's gonna take a long time,|but you can do it.
There he is. Get him off.|Do your job, ref.
Shake him.|Do your job, ref.
There it is.
Come on, ref.
- There he is.|- Clay slips around and out.
Up against the ropes.|Right above me now.
Too tight. Get in there.
My eyes. There's something in my eyes.|I can't see nothin'.
Come on.
- What's going on?|- Nothin'.
The guy's punchin' on the breaks.|Just take care ofit. We're fine.
I can't see nothin', man.|Just go and cut 'em off, Angie.
No, no. You can't fight|with no gloves on.
Just get up. Get up.|Try and do it. Come on.
I can't see, man.
- Come on, Cass!|- Dance!
Liston crouching,|hitting to the body.
It's like he's blinking,|like he doesn't see Liston.
Ref, you gotta do your job.
Hold it.
Stay away from him, Clay.|Stay away from him.
The champion, you can see,|is the aggressor.
- Get him, Cass!|- Come on, Cass!
- Knock him up!|- Clay looks all done.
Hold on to him!
- Stop it. Stop. Break.|- Knock him up.
Get on him.|Get on him, man.
- You can see him now.|- You go get him, man.
Clay lands a left,|but Liston ducked under it...
and took it high|on the forehead.
It's Clay coming on.
And Liston backs away.
And all the predictions|are going down the drain...
as Liston is listless.
And there's the bell.
We're coming up|to round seven.
Wait a minute!
Liston's not coming out.
The winner and new heavy weight|champion of the world is Cassius Clay.
Eat your words!|Eat your words!
Les, I'm going up into the ring.|Get back.
I'm the greatest thing|ever happened to boxing.
Cassius. Cassius.
I shook up the world!
It's a scene of|absolute bedlam in the ring!
I am the greatest.|I'm a bad man. I shook up the world!
Did he ever hurt you?
I'm only 22 years old.|I ain't got a mark on my face.
- I must be the greatest.|- And you're pretty.
I must be the greatest.
Wait. Hold on. Hold on one second.|That's Sam Cooke back there.
- Come on, Sam Cooke.|- Let Sam Cooke in here.
The greatest rock-and-roll singer,|and I'm the world's greatest boxer.
Hello, Sam.
That mummy's|gonna get him, baby.
- That mummy ain't gonna get him.|- Yeah, he is.
He ain't scared of that mummy.|That mummy too slow to catch anybody.
- What's going on, Sam?|- How you doing, Cassius?
Don't believe that stuffon TV.|Don't listen to him.
- Hey, congratulations, Clay.|- Hey, thank you,Jim.
- Hell of a fight.|- You next, man. You next.
- Go ahead and get some food, brother.|- Cassius Clay versus Jim Brown.
Biggest fight in history.
- The mummy only has one eye.|- One eye and a limp.
That mummy's 643 years old.
He can't catch nobody.|Look at him.
You gotta fall down 'cause that's|the only way the mummy could catch you.
Way to go, champ!
- Yeah, you the greatest.|- Thank you, brother. Thank you.
- I'll see your next fight.|- You'll see the next one?
- Oh, yeah.|- Well, you better get there very early.
You better get there very early|'cause that man's going down.
If he talk a little jive,|he's going down in five.
He talk a little more,|I might drop him in four.
If you wanna have more fun,|do it in round one.
Oh, yeah. Hold on.|I'm doing the rhymin'.
The people really look up to you. You|plan on being a champ like Joe Louis?
Well, yeah, I'm gonna be|the people's champ.
Not likeJoe Louis.|Well, you know, not exactly.
My name is not Clay.
Clay is the name of the people|that owned my ancestors...
and I no longer wanna be called|by that slave name.
- I am Cassius X.|- Minister Malcolm.
What about the divisions|in the Nation of lslam?
This is the champ's time. I'm here|as a friend to support his victory...
so I have nothing you want.
I'm definitely gonna be|the people's champion...
but I just ain't gonna be the champ|the way you want me to be the champ.
I'm gonna be the champ|the way I wanna be.
...for no home is immune|to termites...
no matter how well|it is built or maintained.
- Hey, brother.|- I was leaving.
I saw your light on.|What you doing up at this hour, champ?
Oh, man, I'm watching this program|on termites.
And them little itsy-bitsy things is|eatin' these people's whole house down.
Oh, man, look.
I've been invited to speak|at lbadan University in Nigeria.
- You wanna go with me?|- Hey, look, man.
You can have six million termites|in your house and don't even know it...
till you going to get something to eat|and you bust through the floor.
- What'd you say? Where?|- Africa. You been?
All right, come on.|Let's go.
What is it?
You ever thought|you'd lose it?
I mean, really lose it?
When I was little, I tore out|this picture of Emmett Till.
They put the barbed wire|around his neck...
and strapped him|to that 75-pound cotton gin fan.
And they cut out one ofhis eyes|'cause he looked at some white lady.
I couldn't take my eyes to it,|couldn't throw it away.
When I heard about those...
four little girls who got bombed|in that Birmingham church...
the prohibitions ofthe Honorable|Elijah Muhammad prevented me...
from speaking|my thoughts in action.
Because Birmingham was part|ofthe civil rights struggle.
You know, begging for our place|at the white man's table.
But dead children|are dead children.
So the anger I felt|I had to contain.
I locked it up so tight...
my muscles seized.
I lost control|over the right side ofmy body.
My leg gave out.
Right arm gave out.|"I'm having a stroke," I thought.
But I had to hold it in|'cause all I wanted--
Brother, all I wanted to do|was find something and break it.
Break a part--|Break any part ofthis system...
because you are so provoked|in your heart...
and your spirit|as a human being...
at dead children.
And I could do...
Everyone knows|I can't do nothing...
So Elijah Muhammad has suspended me|as a minister in the Nation oflslam.
you can fix that.
I don't know.
I'll trywhen we get back.
You get some rest, champ.
All right, brother.
You know, only after|long service and high merit...
in the spiritual and physical rebirth|of Afro-American people...
is one granted an original name.
But you are special.
A world champion.
So there is a gift|I wish to giveyou.
From this day forward...
you will be known|as Muhammad Ali.
- What?|- That's right.
You what?
Well, what's wrong with our name?|My name?
We-- We madeyou.
Ain't nobody made me.
No bow tie-wearin',|Arab-talkin' nigger gonna change that.
Ain't nobody in that ring but me.|I made me.
You don't know who you are.
I know who I ain't.|I ain't drinkin'.
I ain't going back on my wife|and for sure I ain't prayin'...
to no blond-haired,|blue-eyed Jesus.
Paintin' those blue-eyed, blond-haired|Jesuses is what put food in you.
- Steak and vegetables on the table.|- It's dinner!
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Here you go, Daddy.
Thank you, baby.
- Yeah?|- Brother Malcolm.
The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has given|the Muslim name of Muhammad Ali...
to Cassius X.
Herbert Muhammad has been put|in charge of his training.
He will not be traveling|with you to Africa.
He also asked me|to inform you...
that your suspension|will be extended indefinitely.
Brother Cassius|won't be coming to Africa.
Not with me.
Don't put it off.
We'll be fine.
I will.
I got a little doll|for Atallah.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
I've got so much|to show the girls when l get back.
- I'm taking a lot of pictures.|- Yeah?
Yeah, l got some good stuff|I want to show you.
Are you eating?
Well, you're not cooking, so--
- What's going on? Anything?|- Nothing.
He's on the phone,|talking to his wife.
She's having a hard time sleeping,|the baby's kicking a lot...
what are they gonna|name the baby.
Ijust wake upa couple oftimes|in the night, but it's okay.
Would you like to take a seat?
Sure, thank you.
What y'all done did|with the real pilot?
I am the pilot.|He's the copilot.
Here. Sit down, Mr. Clay.
Oh, man.
In Louisville, where I growed up,|they barely let black folks drive buses.
Hey, brother.|What's going on, man?
- What you doing here?|- I was just going to the airport.
We just got here now.|So where you going?
Say hello to Maya Angelou right here|and Ambassador Huang Hua.
And that is Taher Kaid.|He's the ambassador from Algeria.
Oh, man. Where should I go?|I wanna go all over this place.
Go to Algeria.|See Ben Bella.
Then go to see Mecca and Medina.|I just came from there.
Made my seven circuits|around the Kaaba.
I prayed at sunrise. Two million people.|Pilgrims from all over, man.
Dressed the same.|High and low, the same.
Blond-haired, blue-eyed Muslims,|Arabs, Africans, lndonesians.
Seeing brothersjust like us,|praying together, it was beautiful.
I drank water|from the well of Zem Zem.
I prayed in the ancient city of Mena.|I prayed on Mount Arafat.
You shouldn't have quarreled|with Eliijah Muhammad.
Walking in their footsteps.
All of us together.
You shouldn't have quarreled|with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.
You shouldn't have quarreled|with Elijah Muhammad.
Hey, Brother Muhammad,|look here.
Brother Muhammad!
Listen, I'm sorry|to keep you waiting.
Into each life...
a little rain must fall.
And, you know,|every day cannot be sunny.
Every smile is not|a smile of happiness.
And every tear that is shed--
Sonji, Sonji, Sonji.
- What you keep saying my name for?|- 'Cause I love it, girl.
-How long you been working with Herbert?|-About a year.
I sell Muhammad Speaks|over the phone.
- What kind of name is that?|- My father named me after Sonja Henie.
What's your father do?
He was shot in a poker game|when I was two, so he don't do nothing.
And my mother died|when I was eleven.
- Who raised you?|- My godparents.
But I been off on my own|for a long time.
What you doing tomorrow?|Go for a ride with me.
- Oh, no, no. I gotta work.|- I'm gonna square it with Herbert.
- Herbert said you met the Beatles.|- Oh, yeah, yeah.
Only one of'em is smart, though.|The fella with the glasses.
Oh, he is my favorite.
Yeah, folks was screaming|and fainting.
I said, "Man, is this how they act|when you get big?"
- What did he say?|- He said, "Champ...
the more real you get,|the more unreal it's gonna get."
Precious love
Means more to me
More, more
Than any love
Can ever bring me
Never came true
Oh, and l
I wanted you
Let me tell ya|I was so lonely
So lonely, lonely|So lonely and so blue
Good God Almighty
That's what love will do
Let's go.
Where you live?
I'm gonna take you there.
And you know I got a man somewhere|out there that I don't mind crawling to.
Sometimes I wake up in the midnight|hour, tears rolling down my face.
And if l look around for my man|and I can't find him...
I follow the Lord,|look a little higher.
Kind of pray to the Lord.
Because I always believed that the Lord|could help me if nobody else could.
But sometime|I think he don't even hear me.
So I have to fall a little lower|on my knees, look a little higher.
Kind of raise my voice|a little higher.
And this is what I say|when I call on my man.
I especially want you ladies to listen|to me 'cause maybe you can try this.
It might help you|every once in a while.
This is what you say|when you call on your man.
Get in tune to--
Darlin; don't you know
That l love you so much, yeah
Fall down on my knees
Beg my baby, please
I got to tell the man|that l love him, yes, I will
For your precious love
For your precious love
There's nothing|There's nothing, nothing
In this whole wide world|I wouldn't do for you, darling
I'll walk all night|out in the rain
Lord, l got to see|my baby again
I got to tell the man|that l love him
One more time, yeah
You ain't no Muslim, huh?
Cover my hair, wear no makeup|and wear those long dresses?
Honey, please.
Were you a virgin?
A virgin? How you gonna--|What you saying?
Well, you were just so gone,|off on a little good time.
Well, no,|I ain't no virgin.
But I may as well be.
I ain't joking.
I always know when I know.
You see this face?
You got a pretty face|for a lady's face...
but you ever seen anything|as pretty as me?
Who wouldn't want|to be with me?
What, you five foot three|or something like that?
That's too small for me,|but I'm gonna make an exception.
- Oh, well, thankyou.|- Because ofyour spirit.
- My spirit?|- Yeah, girl. You too much fun.
- Butyou got to be a Muslim.|- A Muslim?
And how you do that? You jump over|a broom and, shazam, you're a Muslim?
I ain't never been|with nobody like you.
And, baby...
baby, you ain't never|gonna be with any other.
- What?|- That's right.
I wanna marry her.
True love.
You don't marry that girl.|She was a date.
Have some fun.
She's not your wife.|You don't marry this girl.
Here's some management papers.|I need you to sign right there.
My father would kill me.
Watch what you're signing, Ali.
This ain't got nothing|to do with you.
Anything's to do with me I say is to do|with me, fat boy. I'm still a Christian.
And get me a kosher cook. I want|that lady over at Malcolm's temple.
- Lana Shabazz.|- And put my brother on payroll.
Fifty G a year|just for drivin' andjivin'.
What do you say, Howard?|Come on full-time as my photographer?
I'm not gonna be on the payroll.|I'm freelance. Emphasis on "free."
Muhammad, she's not for you.
When I met her,|she worked in a cocktail lounge...
with a bunny tail|on her backside.
What the hell was you doing|in a bunny tail lounge anyway, Herbert?
Sellin' MuhammadPeeks?
- You been saving it up training, Ali.|- Your ass.
You should spread that stuff around|a little bit before you settle down.
No, man. Marriage is|the corner stone of Muslim life.
- Yeah, well, Sonji Roi is not a Muslim.|- Well, she's gonna be now.
You just fix it up, Herbert.
Yeah. Okay.
So, why we meeting?
I got Malcolm shoulder to shoulder|with Martin Luther King.
And we got Malcolm traveling all over|the world, getting Ben Bella and Nasser.
We were better off before|with Malcolm inside the Nation.
So we've decided|we want you...
to get Elijah Muhammad|to take Malcolm back.
That's a joke, Joe.
When am I being reimbursed|for my expenses?
Dry-cleaning all these suits|is not free.
We gotta talk about this guy too.
Get me receipts, I'll reimburseyou|for your dry cleaning.
- What you drinking?|- What I'm drinking?
Come on, champ. This is water.|You know I'm a natural man.
You know.
- What's going on? We're late.|- I'm changing my damn clothes.
You gave me that look,|so I know you don't like what I had on.
- What is this?|- What you wanted, isn't it?
- A water glass with vodka in it.|- No, that was before.
- Before what, sir?|- Before you showed up. Get out of here.
I'm fine running around here|in these cute, short things for you.
I am submissive to you.
I ain't gonna be submissive to them|BrotherX's and Z's...
about what they think.
They ask me a bunch|of questions all the time any way.
- What questions?|- About you and us.
- And I ain't telling them shit.|- You tell it like it is, sugar.
Took away my boy's name.|What they give him back?
Bad style.
I think you drunk.|Daddy Clay, you're something else.
Now, that's a firecracker right there.|We're gonna have to work with that.
- A scale of one to ten.|- That's right.
I have one-- I had a ten--|Well, I didn't have a ten.
I had a five--|five good twos.
I don't drink. I don't smoke.|I converted to lslam foryou.
Okay? l--|All except the dress.
What you doing in my pockets, man?|Get your hand out of my pocket!
- Hold it, my brothers.|- We got a thief in here!
Just be cool.
Be cool.
Brother, you crazy?
They killed Malcolm!|They shot Malcolm! They shot Malcolm!
They shot Malcolm!
...was hit seven times|in the chest and body...
and one in the lower|right shin.
Apparently, the unknown man...
walked up|to the speaker's platform...
at the time|Malcolm X was speaking...
opened fire at him|at very short range.
The arena is surrounded by FBl.
The stands are only half full.
The promoter has taken out|a million-dollar insurance policy...
due to Cassius Clay's membership in|the militant and radical black Muslims.
And, oh, by the way,|Sonny Liston is here too.
Touch gloves|and come out fighting.
Come on, son.
- Come on, Chi-Chi.|- Put a whupping on him now.
Ain't nothing changed.
Whup on him now.|Whup up on him.
Way to go!
- There it is!|- Sock it to him, baby!
Get up!|Ain't nobody gonna believe this.
Get up!
Confused.|We're confused.
- Check his time.|- Time keeper's sounding it's over.
Check his time!
It is over!
I think the champ|was in a hurry.
Are you okay?
What's wrong?
Why you all done up like that?
I'm out there dying for you|out of worry.
- Worry?|- Yes.
And all you can think about|is if l look dull enough?
What if l straightened my hair|and moved into some white suburb?
How I am says something.
You want me to go get her?
Not now.
- Not right now, fellas.|- Not now.
- What I got to do?|- About Sonji?
Have no contact with her|for 90 days.
Make a public statement|of divorce at the mosque...
and lslamic law|will be satisfied.
Satisfaction is not making it with|the woman who send you to the moon?
I'm the only normal person|left around here.
I'm a black Jew, I can't read|and I'm half drunk.
I need to talk to you.
- No, you can stay, Brother Herbert.|- Brother? He ain't your brother.
Your brother's taking your wife back|to Chicago. She's crying like a widow.
- Well, I ain't dead.|- Well, you may as well be.
You don't remember your name|or who you are.
You gonna try for Germany?
You gonna try to get|stationed in Germany?
- Everybody is trying to avoid Vietnam.|- What you talkin' about, man?
They changed your classification.|It's in the paper.
- What?|- Champ. Eskridge.
You're 1 A.
They tryin' to draft me in the army?|You know about this?
Okay, here we go.
All right, all right.|Hey, I got to go.
They started runnin'.
You know, so I went down there,|I did everything I was supposed to do...
You know, so I went down there,|I did everything I was supposed to do...
and I flunked|their draft board test.
Then without testing me again,|to see if l'm any wiser or worser...
they decide|I can go in the army?
- Cassius, in my opinion--|- My name ain't Cassius Clay.
That is a slave name,|and I am a free man.
I am Muhammad Ali.
You know, I apologize.|I apologize to you on the air.
Your name is Muhammad Ali.
You have a right to be called|what ever you want.
I apologize to you.
You sure make a lot of mistakes|for a so-called educated man.
- You really went to law school?|- Yes, Muhammad.
And to think I gave up a lucrative|practice for the likes of you.
I'm the best thing|ever happened to you, Cosell.
Without me, you'd be a tall white man|with a microphone in his mouth.
And without me,|you'd be a mouth.
We'll be right back.
- You want some food for that thing?|- How could you do such a thing?
- 'Cause it's funny.|- To someoneyou revere.
- That thing almost bit my finger off.|- Mr. Bundini...
I'm glad you were here|to witness this-- this assault.
Have a little coffee|with your sugar.
They're coming after you...
because they're scared of|black militancy in the inner cities.
I ain't no H. Rap Brown.|I ain't no Stokely Carmichael.
All they are is political.
You're the heavy weight|champion of the world.
Here's the deal the government offered.|You do six weeks in basic.
You go to the reserves.|You don't go to Vietnam.
Now, the messenger would not object|if you joined under those terms.
I stay out of jail and keep boxing.
If you accept the induction,|life goes on.
Marvin DeckerAnderson,|US Army.
Marvin DeckerAnderson,|US Army.
Juan Raymondo Benitez,|US Army.
Pryce Marshall Benson,|US Marines.
Cassius Marcellus Clay,|US Army.
Mr. Clay,|I'm required to inform you...
that refusal to accept|a lawful induction order...
constitutes a felony...
under the Universal Military|Training and Service Act...
punishable by|five years imprisonment...
and a $1 0,000 fine.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Federal Bureau of lnvestigation.
Mr. Clay, you're under arrest|for refusing induction.
Yeah, this is me.
No, you got to ask Chauncey Eskridge.|That's my lawyer. He's in Chicago.
No, I'm out on bail.
No, man, I ain't never|shot nothin' in my life.
No ducks, no geese,|no deer, no nothin'.
Yeah, I know where Vietnam is.|It's on TV.
South east Asia?|What, it's there too?
What do I think about who?
The Vietcong?
Man, I ain't got no quarrel|with them Vietcong.
Ain't no Vietcong|ever called me nigger.
Yeah, that's right.
You know what you're doin', Ali?
You know what you just said?
Every one, Europe to China,|every home in America...
everyone's gonna know what the|heavy weight champion of the world...
said about the US war.
So what? So what?|I ain't got to be...
what nobody else|want me to be...
and I ain't afraid to be|what I wanna be...
think how I wanna think.
I got almost nowhere I can|promote a fight for you.
Plus I think they're gonna|vacate you from the crown.
- What?|- Yeah, if you're convicted.
Oh, so they're gonna take from me|what no fighter in the world can.
And New York may revoke|your boxing license.
You sure you wanna do this?
The next three to four years|are every heavy weight's prime.
There are few of those years.
- What about Terrell?|- We'll know about that this afternoon.
I gotta find us some venues fast.|I'll call you later.
You understand the issue is your|license to fight Terrell in Illinois?
Then are you prepared|to apologize...
about your unpatriotic remarks|about the war?
- You say you're the people's champion.|- Yes, sir.
Do you think you're acting|like the people's champion?
Yes, sir.|I'm not gonna apologize to you.
This is not a court room, and I do not|have to answer your questions.
- What about Terrell?|- We'll fight in another state!
- Areyou gonna dodge the draft?|- I ain't draft-dodgin'...
I ain't burnin' no flag,|and I ain't runnin' to Canada.
I'm stayin' right here.|You wanna send me to jail?
Fine. You go right ahead.|I've been in jail for 400 years.
I can be there|for four or five more.
But I ain't goin'|no 1 0,000 miles...
to help murder and kill|other poor people.
If l wanna die, I'll die right here|right now, fightin' you, if l wanna die.
You my enemy. Not no Chinese,|no Vietcong, no Japanese.
You my opposer|when I want freedom.
You my opposer when I want justice.|You my opposer when I want equality.
You want me to go somewhere|and fight foryou.
You won't even stand up for me|right here in America...
for my rights|and my religious beliefs.
You won't even stand up for me|right here at home.
- Which guy you want to go first?|- You, sir.
Tell Clay he gettin' on after me.|I'm the champ.
- What?|- I said you can get on after me.
- No. What'd you call me?|- I called you Clay.
You will announce it from right here,|from flat on your back.
What's my name?|What's my name?
What's my name? Say my name!|You gonna say my name!
Your mama called you Clay!|I'm gonna call you Clay!
I want you all to tell|all their aunts...
and all their uncles|and cousins and friends...
get to your television set,|get to your radio...
'cause I never wanted|to whup a man so bad!
What's my name?|What's my name?
What's my name, motherfucker?|What's my name?
What's my name?
The jury has found you guilty|of refusing induction...
into the United States|Armed Forces.
Does the defense have anything|it wants to say?
Yeah, I'd appreciate if the court would|just give me my sentence right now...
rather than waitin' and stallin'.
Very well.
I sentence you to|the maximum sentence allowable:
five years imprisonment|and a fine of $1 0,000.
Doubt less your lawyer|will lodge an appeal...
so while you're free on bond, I order|that your passport be surrendered.
I'll not have you benefiting yourself|by fighting abroad.
This court is adjourned.
Hold on. Watch this.|I've been working on this at home.
Hold on. Watch this.|I've been working on this at home.
Just relax.
See? 'Cause it's spooky and sometimes|people get scared and run.
Pay attention.|This is very spooky.
Go ahead.|Blow on that for me.
See, you don't need|to fight no more.
You don't remember me, do you?
Yeah. I remember somethin'.|What's your name?
- You know my name.|- I know your name.
You came to my school|right before you won the title.
I interviewed you|for my school paper.
I was eleven.
You had a long braid.
- You called me "Little lndian Girl."|- Wow.
- Man, that was you.|- That was me.
And I loved you then,|just like all them kids did.
I never stopped.|I still do.
Hey, did you see|that Ellis-Quarry fight?
We're gonna be in front of|the US Court ofAppeals next month.
We're gonna lose.
- We'll appeal to the Supreme Court.|-Jimmy Ellis, the champ.
Man, I've been whupping on that boy|since I was 1 6.
All that's gonna happen,|they gonna give Ellis to Frazier...
Frazier's gonna kill him,|then what?
Where's the gate?|Then they got to let me fight.
Jimmy Ellis.|Fight that boy in a phone booth.
Fight him in the middle ofTimes Square.|You think that'd draw a crowd?
Champ, draw a crowd|or not draw a crowd...
it's not gonna make a difference|with your boxing licenses.
The ACLU's handling your case|against the New York Boxing Commission.
They've discovered that New York's|got actual ex-murderers...
and ex-rapists|currently licensed to fight.
But revoke yours?
They don't want you to fight.
- Tijuana.|- No.
State Department refuses permission|for the one-hour visa.
No fight in Tijuana.|Look--
Can't fight here.|Can't fight outside the country.
I know people|in the restaurant business.
They want to start a chain.|Muhammad Ali Champ Burgers.
Muhammad Malts,|Fistful of Fries.
All of that.
Why do I wanna be|in the restaurant business?
'Cause you need the money.
- How much all this gonna cost?|- Too much.
They do that to you too, you know.
They bust you out.
All right.
Go get me some|Champ Burgers.
Did y'all see that?|That man just hit me.
Oh, you done messed up now, sucka.|You done messed up--
I don't wanna do nothin'|in front of your daughters, though.
I can't beat you up|in front of your daughters.
- Hey, champ, good to see you.|- All right, ladies. Take care now.
All right now.|All right now.
You called me "Little lndian Girl"|'cause I wore my hair in a braid.
And then I said,|"Man, you scribble.
You can't even write.
Need to go back to school|till you learn how to do it better."
Now, why you just havin'|a fresh mouth talkin' to me.
So you think that's funny, huh?
Telling me I can't write,|that I scribble.
Now you wanna try|to make up with me.
- This will make everything better.|- Shut up.
Mommy and Daddy|moved to Mexico!
Come on, baby.
Oh, sweetie, come on.
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