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Subtitles for I am Ali CD2.

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I am Ali CD2

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We will give you five minutes|to leave this area.
Who is the heavy weight champion|of the world?
What's happenin'?
- Hey, man.|- We lost on the appellate level...
in New Orleans.
- We're heading to the Supreme Court.|- We already got turned down there.
I'm petitioning on a conscientious|objection basis. Religious belief.
I believe that they'll hear that.
Where the money|gonna come from, Chauncey?
Herbert say l'm runnin'on empty.|Now, just put a side...
"How did that happen?"
License all revoked, passport gone,|can't fight here, can't fight nowhere.
Then what happen if l lose|at the Supreme Court?
Then you go to jail for five years.
Oh, I saw Bundini|when I was in Europe.
- Yeah? How is he?|- He's bad. He's in bad shape, man.
You better get your belt back
Look at this.
Joe Frazier.|He can't up no gate.
Can't fill no arena.|They got to let me fight.
If that happens, promise me you'll|put some new people around you.
What you talkin' about?
Where Herbert and them|when we need 'em?
Gene Kilroy's dropping off groceries|like charity.
We borrow money from my folks.
They're all over you when you got it,|and then they just drop off you...
when you don't.
Norton, he's big and strong,|but he ain't nothin'.
Hold on a second,Joe.|They're telling me we have a caller.
- Go ahead, please.|- Cosell, this is MuhammadAli.
It's Muhammad Ali.
Everybody knows|that I am the champ.
The crown is a lie. I know it's a lie.|Joe Frazier knows it's a lie.
And it's time for everybody|to stop lying and tell the truth.
Let's tell it like it is.|With your court and boxing problems...
can you get a fight promoted?
I would fight Joe Frazier for free|in a phone booth...
in the middle of Times Square|if l wasn't broke.
Did you say you were broke?|How can you be broke?
You made more money than all previous|heavy weights champions combined.
Whataboutyourmanagement?|Surely theyhaveprovidedforyou.
All I'm trying to say is it's time|for every body to stop lyin'.
Muhammad Ali is the champ.
Get my son Herbert|on the telephone.
Muhammad, thank you for calling in.|I'll relay that toJoe.
And tel IJoe I said|he is very ugly.
Muhammad says that he will|fight you anywhere, anytime...
and that the championship really is his|until that battle ensues.
Mr. Ali has sporting blood.
Mr. Ali wants a place|in this sports world.
He loves it too much.
I am therefore suspending Mr. Ali|from the practice of lslam.
He may no longer appear in temple,|pray or teach...
or have any conversation|with any Muslim whatsoever.
Why didn't you call|an ambulance or a doctor?
Because he gave me your number|when he checked in.
Normally, he's up there|making a lot of noise.
But now he hasn't answered the door|in three days.
- What's that?|- It's daylight.
Get me that short dog.
Give it to me.
What's wrong with you?
Ain't nothin' wrong with me.|My head ain't bad.
- Leave me alone.|- Leave you alone. You called me!
Yes, but that was a week ago.
- Why are you shamin' yourself?|- Let me go, man.
Why you doin' that|to yourself?
- Why you shamin' yourself?|- Ain't nobody shamed.
Ain't nothin' wrong with me.
I'm flyin'.
The Sky Chieftalk through me.|I know the word.
- You know low.|- Yeah?
I know low where the king|is goin' back to his throne!
- From the root to the fruit!|- Them rhymes is old, Bundini.
You need to get some new ones.
God don't care aboutyou.|Don't care about me.
In all of everything, we don't mean|nothin'. He don't owe us.
We be.
And that's the onliest thing He did.
But that's good.|That's why we free.
But free ain't easy. Free is real|and real is a motherfucker.
It eats raw meat.
It walk in its own shoes.
It don't ever waiver.
I-- I sold your belt.
I sold your belt to a barber|for $500 on Lenox Avenue.
That's how low I did you.|I couldn't help it. I got a crazy mind.
That belt say you the heavy weight|boxing champion of the world...
and I took that $500...
and I put it in my arm.
That's what I called to tell you.
I heard about the Nation stuff,|the courtroom.
What you gonna do?
Take me back.
I could go down there and get the belt.|I can go get the belt.
Hey, champ.
$1 ,000 to the man that bring me|Howard Cosell's toupee dead or alive!
Don't bother me.|I'm a world-famous sportscaster...
and you're an ex-champion|with diminished skills.
I can't be seen with you.
- How's it goin', champ?|- Pretty good, man.
Muhammad, I'd do anything for you.|You know that.
But I've got bosses who only|give a damn about Nielsen ratings.
I guarantee...
it will be a historical|and a momentous night.
If they came to me tomorrow and say,|"We want you to fight Joe Frazier.
Madison Square Garden.|Millions and millions of dollars.
Here's your license back."|I will tell them...
"I will never fight again."
Frankly, Muhammad, I'm surprised,|because unless you--
or until you fight Frazier--
Cosell, are you losin' your hearing|along with your hair?
Don't put no question to it, man.|I done told you, I'm through fightin'.
I got a much bigger contender,|a much heavier opponent.
I'm fightin'|the entire US government.
Do you think|you're going to jail?
I don't know. I don't know.
Joe Frazier told me on this show|that he could knock you out.
See, there you go agitatin'.
You should've asked Smokin'Joe|what have he been smokin'?
That boy even dream he whupped me,|he better wake up and apologize.
If l was togetin thering withJoe...
here's what you might see.
Ali comes out to meet Frazier,|but Frazier starts to retreat.
If Joe goes back an inch farther,|he'll wind up in a ringside seat.
Ali swings with his left,|Ali swings with his right.
Just look at the kid|carry the fight.
Frazier keeps backin',|but there's not enough room.
It's only a matter of time|before Ali lowers the boom.
Ali swings with his right.|What a beautiful swing.
But the punch lifts Frazier|clean out of the ring.
Frazier's still risin',|and the referee wears a frown...
'cause he can't start countin'|till Frazier comes down.
Frazier's disappeared from view.|The crowd is getting frantic.
But our radar stations picked him up.|He's somewheres over the Atlantic.
Now, who would've thought|when they came to the fight...
theywas gonna witness the launchin'|of a black satellite.
But don't wait for that fight.
It ain't never gonna happen.
Onliest thing you could do...
is wonder and imagine.
This has been another|sports exclusive from ABC.
- Two. Go two.|- Over toJim McKay...
in Bern, Switzerland.
- How you gonna go from me to Jim McKay?|- Listen, uh--
- Did your wife leave you yet?|- No, she hasn't left meyet.
She's going to, 'cause I|told yourwife when I seen her...
I said, "Listen, why you|doin' this to yourself?"
Oh, man,Joe.|Who dresses you?
You look like the heavy weight|champion of pimps.
Hey, shut up and get in.
That jacket's a mess, man.
What you in Philly for?|Philly's my town.
Well, I just wanted to get|a little closer to you, honey.
Man, fuck you.
There'll be two undefeated heavy weight|champions, and they ain't fightin'.
- What about your license?|- I can fight in Atlanta.
There ain't no state boxing commission|in Georgia.
It's all set. I do a prelim in Atlanta|against Jerry Quarry...
but we got to get this|steam roller movin' right now.
So what do I have to do?
All you got to do is announce|that after I whup Jerry Quarry...
you gonna give me a title shot.
Come on, man.|Say it! Say it!
What I got and all I got,|I got with these right here.
Hell, man, I already got the title.
So I ain't got nothin' to win,|but I got everythin' to lose.
Yeah, but you know|you ain't the real champ yet.
You beat Quarry...
I'm gonna get you in the ring.|I'm gonna kick your ass.
By the way...
you need any money|or anything to tide you by?
No, I'm fine.
What you want?
Take me back, boss.
I'm clean.
This is a resurrection.|This is God's act.
And the prophet is goin' home.
Take me with you, boss.
I'll do anything.
Your hands can't hit|what your eyes can't see.
Float like a butterfly,|sting like a bee.
Rumble, young man, rumble.
God ain't watchin'!|Ain't nobody but us!
God ain't watchin'!|Ain't nobody but us!
There it is!|Stay in his face!
Go, Muhammad!
There it is!
Now for the right. Boom!
Prophet is goin' home|to the throne.
That's how you do it, Ali.
That's how you do it.
You okay?|You're a goddamn Superman.
Ain't no kryptonite|in this ring tonight.
- We want Joe Frazier!|- We want him!
- We want Joe Frazier!|- And you deserve it. You deserve it.
This prophet is comin' home,|goin' from the darkness to the light.
Soak it in this|for about 20 minutes.
We don't need their management.
Hey, Herbert, we did good.|Doin' good tonight.
All praise to Allah.
The messenger has lifted|your suspension.
So you're sayin'|I can be a Muslim again.
- Yes.|- I ain't never stopped.
Just like I ain't never stopped|bein' the champ.
I begged my father|to reinstate you.
When? When you do that, Herbert?
After I promoted this Quarry fight|or after I won it?
- We can get Frazier.|- Man, I done already got Frazier.
We can get $5 million for Frazier.
We talkin' management,|talkin' money or talkin' religion?
When I got leery|and talked up why I'm broke...
then come the suspension.
Now you explain that one to me,|my brother.
That was my father.
Your father.
I love your father, Herbert.|I swear, man. I love the Nation.
But it don't own me.
You go on out there|and you make that Frazier deal.
My brother.|Yeah, your brother Herbert.
Go on somewhere,|make that deal.
And he accepts me.|I'm Jewish, but yet he's Muslim...
and we still get along.
He understands me. He understands me|and he still allows me to hang with him.
He knows I like pork and white women,|but still allows me to be here with him.
Now, I can give up pork...
but them white women,|goddamn it!
How you deal with it, boy?
Hello?|Muhammad, it's for you.
Thank you, Lana.
- Yeah?|- Muhammad? Howard Cosell.
- You TKO'd them.|- Hey, what you talkin' about, Howard?
- With Quarry?|- No.
The Supreme Court ruled today...
in the case of The United States|vs. Cassius Clay...
aka Muhammad Ali.
You won an eight-to-zero|unanimous decision.
You're free.
I'm free.
The Supreme Court|just set me free.
What are you talkin' about?
Eight-to-oh, unanimous decision.
The Supreme Court|just overturned my conviction.
- Yes!|- All right. All right.
- Did we get 'em, Ali?|- We got 'em, man.
Hey, man.
- Did we do it?|- We did it, man.
They wanna be on your side now because|the truth has shown itself to the power.
Now the power's comin' to the truth.|That's what it is.
And the truth tastes good|when there's a belly full oflies.
- What you talkin' about?|- It don't matter. It don't matter.
Ladies and gentlemen,|15 rounds of boxing...
for the undisputed heavy weight|championship of the world.
In this corner, the contender and former|heavy weight champion of the world...
weighing in at 213 pounds...
with a record of 31 and 0|with 25 knockouts...
Muhammad Ali!
His opponent,|weighing in at 2051/2 pounds...
with a record of 26 and 0|with 23 knockouts...
the current heavy weight|champion of the world...
Smokin'Joe Frazier!
I want a good, clean fight.|Protect yourself at all times.
Gentlemen, touch gloves.|Good luck to both ofyou.
Come on!
Stick him! Come on!
That's okay, champ.|Don't stop fightin'.
What's comin'?
Leanback, man.|Moveback. Work, legs.
Ain't nobody hurt.
That's all right.|Ain't no--
Keep puttin' out.|Come on.
- Move, Ali!|- Back, back, back!
Muhammad, you said|you were gonna win the fight.
How do you account|for the beating you've taken?
- Did he hurt you?|-Joe said you don't wanna fight again.
Oh, how wrong he is.
- Why would it be different?|- Muhammad, wait!
- But I wanna ask him something!|- We all wanna ask him something.
- Sons of bitches! Get outta here!|- When are you gonna get a hair piece?
Don't worry about it.|You lost all of yours.
You cue ball head motherfucker.|Get outta here!
-Just one more question.|- Let me talk to him.
We're close to the start|of round one.
Now that Smokin'Joe|done run outta tomato cans...
I got Yank to commit to a rematch|with you in about six months.
Frazier said he'd be happy|with three mil.
I'll fly to Jamaica, get Yank to sign|right afterJoe beats this big stiff.
I think he hurt Joe Frazier.
I think Joe is hurt.
Down goes Frazier!|Down goes Frazier!
- Down goes Frazier!|- Get up, Joe.
The heavy weight champion is|taking the mandatory eight count...
and Foreman|is poised as can be.
Foreman is all over Frazier.
And Frazieris down again!
He maybe--|No, he's rising.
It's over! lt is over!
It'd be easy to get a fight|with Frazier now.
Only thing he's champion of|is gettin' knocked down.
George Foreman is|the heavy weight champion of the world.
The Rumble in the Jungle.|That is the name that I've given it.
Muhammad Ali and George Foreman|in Kinshasa, Zaire.
- Don, Zaire?|- Yeah, Don.
I mean, why not Antarctica,|somethin' like that?
What's wrong with New York City?
Because you miss the significance.
See, I dream of overcoming|400 years of racial depression...
to the dawn of a new day of liberation,|financial and otherwise.
It will raise up the spirits|of our inner cities.
It will rise up and fill with hope,|the souls...
the unrequited needs|of the black proletariat.
That is, the discouraged, dispirited,|denigrated denizens...
of the demi monde|that is called the ghetto.
Man, Don, you crazy.
You must've studied the whole|"D" section of the dictionary.
Good morning, sister.
Hi, brother.
How you doin', champ?
Why they saying that?|What they sayin'?
What that mean?|I don't understand.
- It means--|- What?
It mean, "Ali, kill him.|Ali, kill him."
The champ is here!
Ladies and gentlemen, the heavy weight|champion ofthe world has arrived!
The champ is here!
Hey, man.
He's quite younger than you.|How you feeling about that?
He's quite younger than me?|Well, we quite younger than you.
What you talkin' about? Thirty-two|years old. Best shape of my life.
Hey, stop!|All right, back up.
Did you see Muhammad Ali?
- Here's your water.|- Oh, thank you, hon.
Bottled water.|Frozen steaks.
Brought all that stuffin|like Africa's ain't got no steaks.
- You could pick up parasites.|- Mobutu eats it.
Mobutu's takin' care of Mobutu.
He steals all the wealth|and sends it to Switzerland.
What that got to do|with any of why we here?
We are here 'cause Don King|got Mobutu to put up $1 0 million.
Don King don't care about Africa.|He's worse than Herbert.
Here come Herbert.
And Don King fit right in too.
Now he's a dashiki-wearin' rip-off.
Don King delivered the first-ever...
black-promoted|championship fight in Africa.
Don King talks black,|lives white and thinks green.
And you're defending him|and Brother Herbert?
'Cause clean-cut Muslims in a parade|on the South Side ofChicago...
ain't gonna get this done!
I got to put honkies with connections|and bad-ass niggas to it.
And now they matched you up|against George Foreman.
Do you think they give a damn|ifyou get killed?
So that's what you think?
I just wanna know why|my Muslim husband...
is allowing himself|to get strung up on a cross.
Just tell me why.
Maryum's sick.
Maybe I ought to go back|to Chicago and look after her?
Well, then I guess|I'll be back before the fight.
If that's all right, my husband.
This fight is no contest!
He is entirely too slow to fight me.
I say that George Foreman|is a mummy.
He's too slow.|You know I name all my fighters.
I'm gonna call George Foreman|"The Mummy."
He fight like a mummy.
And when I see George throwin' punches,|this is what I hear:
Here come the left.
Here come the right.
But the mummy can't hit|what the mummy can't see...
'cause I'm too fast for him.
I'm too fast.
I'm too fast. I'm too fast.|I move too good for him.
I'll hit George Foreman so many times,|he'll think he's surrounded.
He gonna say, "Call the police!|It's five of'em in here!"
I'm bad, man. I'm bad!
Muhammad, I'm sorry.|I have to ask.
Are you really|fast enough anymore...
to beat George Foreman?
Ifhe gets you against the ropes,|he can knock you out with either hand.
Many people believe you're not the man|you used to be ten years ago.
See, now, Howard...
I didn't even want to talk|about this, man.
Especially not out here|in front of all these people.
But I talked to your wife...
and she said you not the man|you used to be two years ago!
- Champ, George had an accident.|- He-- He had what?
- What are you talking about?|- He got cut right above his right eye.
His sparring partner's elbow|split it open.
- Can he fight?|- Not for six weeks.
This is not a humorous situation,|my champ.
This postponement could be long,|especially if George leaves.
You trying to|pull something here, Don?
If George leaves, he ain't comin' back.|George don't like it here.
How right you are, my suspicious|and short ltalian brother.
Look here, man,|my fiduciary responsibility...
to this first all-black promotion...
is analogous to a garden in the African|sun-- it must grow, it must bloom.
Cannot flower in the gloom and shade|of postponement to the Astrodome...
or any dome out ofZaire where it be|deprivileged of light and bled of water.
'Cause what gonna be bleedin' out of|there is money-- a hemorrhage of cash.
I'm talkin' about blood on the floor.
Double hotel costs, airplane,|travel costs, food and beverage.
- So what do you want us to do?|- Muhammad Ali. The people's champion.
My black brother.
I need you.|I need your strength.
I need you to find a way|to get George to stay.
Be Moses in reverse.
Do not let my people go.|Keep them the fuck right here in Egypt.
- If you'll pardon my Swahili.|- Lingala.
- Say what?|- They speak Lingala.
Ali wants his title,|and he wants it in Zaire.
Okay, all right, okay.|Let's take it back.
George go, George go.|Hell, I can get youJoe Frazier.
Ali-Frazier 3.|That's the fight everybody want to see.
- We don't want Frazier, we want George.|- Hell, I don't control George Foreman.
There's been an accidental injury|to George Foreman in training.
The truth is...
George knocked hisself out.
That's right.
He did three rounds, realized|he was gonna lose to Muhammad Ali...
and knocked hisself out.
I predict that when the fight is set,|he might not show.
Oh, you bad.
- That's right, I'm a bad man.|- Ain't no doubt about that.
Yeah, but you tell George|the same thing.
I heard you.|I been watching you.
I know he's your man, I know you got|him picked, but the man is in trouble.
The whole world was gonna know,|but now he ain't gonna show.
In order to ensure that George is ready,|we are thinking of postponing...
from September 24 to October 30.
What about the concert?
The concert will go on as planned.|Those dates are September 20, 21 --
I want all the helicopters guarded,|all the private planes, private boats.
I'm serious.|I want the airports--
I want President Mobutu|and all his paratroopers--
All you Zaireans,|y'all be on guard too.
Any strange boats creeping away,|they might be taking him out.
Bus stations.
And bus stations!
Right.|Watch the bus stations.
The elephant caravans-- They might be|trying to take him out on an elephant.
- What'd you say?|- Hell, I ain't talking toyou.
Hey. Hey, man.
Don't you never talk|to Angelo like that.
Don't you never talk to Angie|like that again.
Something wrong with you, man?
Think you callin' some shots here?|You ain't callin' nothin'.
They all know.
All them ladies out there,|they know I'm ready.
I see fear in the eyes|of his followers.
This was supposed to be the fight|that Muhammad Ali was ended.
Supposed to be Muhammad was gonna fall.|Supposed to be my destruction.
Well, they miscalculated.|They misjudged.
They got it wrong.
Hold on a second.
What's your name?
Veronica Porche.
Porche. Like the sports car.
- Yes.|- With just a little something extra.
Hey, you with Don?
Don brought me here,|but I'm not with anybody, no.
- Where you come from?|- LA.
- LA?|- But my people are from Louisiana.
What, you Creole?
We're Creole,|so I'm African, French and Spanish.
My mother's grandfather was Jewish.
Well, they mixed all that stuff up|in there real nice.
I'm the only witch doctor here.|Bundini Brown.
Bundini Brown|is an authentic witch doctor.
- You tell 'em.|- The only one in the United States.
I'm real glad|you said what you did.
You made sure the fight stays here.
You know all them reporters|and writers in there...
they say George|is gonna kill me.
What you think?
Mr. Ali? Mr. Ali?
- We want thank you.|- Hey, fella.
Y'all wanna thank me?
Y'all gonna thank me?|What I did?
They thanking me for something.
Hey, you ever been down to Hong Kong?|Thailand? Taiwan?
- No.|- No? I can't go there.
- Hi, Ruthie. How are you?|- Hi, champ.
What's going on?|I'm great. How you feeling?
When I go to sleep,|this closes up.
That's what happens. When I go|to sleep, all this rests together.
During the day, I got to think.
Get me out ofthis country.|All the women so pretty.
All of'em, they got hair come all|the way down to the back of their knees.
All of'em-- All of'em|about Veronica's complexion.
Every single one of'em.|Bad, man.
But ain't nothing like the sisters.
Ain't nothing like the sisters.
Come on. Why don't we go|take a ride or something?
Wanna come with me?
Ruth, tell us the truth.|Is this your kind ofguy?
More cushion for the pushin'.
What'd he say?
So why you so glad|we still here?
Making the fight stay here|in Africa--
Anybody can fight in Vegas.
Well, that's one job.|I got two.
Got to whup George.
Islamic faith help you do that?
Listen, girl, as a Muslim|I am failed in the eyes of God.
I should've discovered lslam at 50,|'cause I'm weak on women.
First they take my eyes.
My heart follow.
Making me the lovingest husband|in the world...
and the most terriblest husband|at the same time.
Look at you.
Green eyes.
Cocoa skin.
Okay, rest of me, let's go.
Rumble, Ali.
- Mrs. Ali.|- Hello, Muhammad, Mr. Cosell.
- Hey, when you get in?|- Today.
And I learned we now have this suite|at the lntercontinental Hotel.
Muhammad, may I have|a word with you, please?
What's goin' on?
What do you mean,|what's goin' on?
Do you have to throw it|in my face?
Do I have to read about it? Do people|have to call me on the phone to tell me?
I didn't mean for that|to come out.
And I live with the casual ones.|I live with 'em.
So why do you|disrespect me like this?
I respect you.|I will always respect you.
Do you love her?
I don't know.
So what is supposed to happen now?
I fight George.
I didn't come all this far to lose.
Neither did l.
What, Bingham?
There it is.
Hey, Zack, where's George?
What's he pulling?
Where's George?|Where'd he go?
I just wanna make sure|you're gonna control the evening.
George is jerking us off,|making us wait.
It's all over for you, man.|You don't have a chance.
You don't have no chance.
The rumble in the jungle!
You don't have no chance, man.
Okay, let's go.
You guys know the rules.|I want a good, clean fight.
Ali, be quiet|and listen to the instructions.
You been hearing about me|ever since you was a boy.
Ali, be quiet.|Listen to the instructions.
- Now you got to face me.|- No hitting low.
- When I tell you to break--|- You got to face me now.
Be quiet,|or I'll disqualify you.
When I tell you to break,|I want a clean break. Understand?
- You shoulda never came to Africa.|- All right, shake hands.
Take your corners.
Okay. All right.|No problem.
All right, break. Step back.
Take it to him!|That's what we came to do, Daddy!
The heavy weight championship fight...
- That's all you got?|- Live via satellite...
direct from Zaire, Africa.
- There we go.|- That's it, Daddy.
You just keep dancing|around him, okay?
Just keep moving.
Legs hurting.
Iike I'm in water.
Get away from the rope!
Get off the rope!|Get off there! Move it!
Get off there! Get off there!
Get off the rope!
Get off them ropes!
Come on now, Ali,|get off the ropes!
Come on, baby!
Come on, Ali!
That's it?|That's all you got? That's it?
Move him out to the center!
There he goes!
Get away from the ropes!|Get off the ropes!
Been here before.
Little green room.
Open that door.|Gonna get out this place.
Come on, man,|get up and get out.
They said you could punch, George.
You ain't hittin'.|You hittin' like a sissy, George.
You can't lay up on the ropes|like that.
You're letting him beat on you.|You can't do that, champ. Come on, now.
-You wanna explain that to me?|-Jab, then go to the middle of the ring.
- You had your fight going, then--|- You gotta dance, baby.
Shut up! Just be quiet!|You let me take care of this!
Got to dance.|You can't come out there like that.
- You can't back up.|- You got to respect the man.
What is with the ropes? Something|going on you wanna talk to me about?
Tell me what's going on with you.|What are you doing?
Put the jab on him.|You got to let him go and dance.
Don't let him get in your corner.|He's trying to cut the ring off you.
He's trying to cut you off the ring.|You can't let that happen.
Just take care of it!
And there's the bell.|The fighters meet in mid-ring.
Get off the ropes!
Stay off the ropes!
Foreman again|pushing him against the ropes.
And Ali laying back, fighting those|blows against the sides of his body.
Get back in the middle|of the ring, Ali!
Muhammad, get off the ropes!
You're punching like a sissy, George.|Punching like a sissy.
What the hell's going on?|Come on.
George, get him back.|What the hell's going on? Come on.
You got to get off the ropes!
Get off the ropes!
Eight rounds to go.|Running out of gas, big fella?
Let him go.
Can't let you get that second wind which|you don't even know is there for you.
You want the title?|Want to wear the heavy weight crown?
Nose broke, jaw smashed,|face busted in.
You ready for that?|ls that you?
'Cause you facing a man who will die|before he lets you win.
Ali, don't let him beat on you|on the inside.
Don't let him beat on you|on the inside.
Come on, Ali.
Let's go, Ali.
Let's go, baby!|Stay off the ropes!
Get off the ropes!
There it is.|Keep 'em in his face.
Oh, you missed him, George!
You gotta go to work on him, Ali!
I thought you could punch, George.|They said you could punch.
Come on, Ali!
Get away from the rope!|Get off the rope!
He got him!
Move him around! Take him!
Come on, Ali!
Get off the ropes!|Get off the ropes!
Get off the ropes!
George Foreman is hit|by a combination of punches...
and down he goes!
George Foreman is down!
He's fallen|like a tree in the forest!
He is felled by a combination of blows|from Muhammad Ali!
Okay, this fight's over!|This fight's over!
I told you! I told you!
Referee Zack Clayton is counting.|Seven, eight!
And he's on his knee.|It is over!
It is over! It is over!
It is over!
George Foreman has been knocked out|by Muhammad Ali!
Muhammad Ali|has done the impossible!
He has regained|the heavy weight crown...
that was taken unjustly|from him in 1967.
What a moment of history|in this arena...
in Zaire, Africa!
A tremendous, tremendous moment.
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