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Subtitles for I will walk like a crazy horse.

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I will walk like a crazy horse

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I Will Walk Like A Crazy Horse
And now the latest news for our deaf-mute friends.
Another black tide is ravaging our coast.
Efforts are under way to save
the birds which would otherwise die.
They are being treated in special hospitals.
Since the beginning of the week
intensive bombing has caused heavy destruction
and killed hundreds of civilians.
Cosmonauts have been launched into space
to set up a new interplanetary station.
The progress of science never ceases to amaze us.
The drought...
The disastrous drought this year has caused a spectacular famine.
But there cent discoveries of medicine
will assist the unfortunate victims
of this terrible calamity.
Thanks to a monkey, Dr. Terran has discovered
that dreams strengthen the memory.
Police Inspector Gay is investigating
the death of Mrs. Rey. Her jewels were stolen.
The dead woman's son, Aden Rey,
has mysteriously disappeared.
My son, you will suffer much pain.
My son, you are the baby Jesus.
The victim and her son.
A recent picture of Aden Rey.
Where could he be now?
She was a beautiful woman.
Upper middle-class home.
Better drop this case!
No, we must find that boy.
Maybe he was killed too!
And what if he killed her?
My son...
you must always be very well dressed
and keep your shoes shined.
That way, everyone will respect you.
Come on, don't worry.
Come on down, I'm alone.
You are welcome here.
Want to share my meal?
Here, taste this, it's good.
- Eat it. - Thank you.
Is it good?
What is it?
I use rose petals to wrap them in.
It's very good.
What's inside?
A mixture of flour...
and goat shit.
Have Interpol send out a description.
We must find Aden Rey.
This is Inspector Gay speaking.
Don't move!
What's this?
Look. Funny, isn't it?
Sleep well.
I'll split you wide open.
I'll make you scream. You'll beg me to forgive you.
You bitch!
You slut! I'll make you sweat blood!
It's epilepsy.
Put a key in his mouth
so he won't bite his tongue.
Suspect spotted in the desert.
It could be Aden Rey.
You live alone in the desert?
Here? Yes.
Who brings you food?
No one ever comes here.
You're a king, aren't you?
He's a king, he's a king, you see.
What is your home like?
My country?
It's huge, full of cities, full of cars.
There are other people with you?
Millions of people.
More people than grains of sand here.
Fabulous! Do you know them all?
No, I don't know them all.
Too bad for them.
I'm going to give this to the snake.
There are scorpions too.
You were thirsty, weren't you, Jossida!
Marvel, I am your sacred desert camel.
Ride me, I'll take you to Babylon!
Giddup! Go! Move! Whoa!
Let's go!
Can you read?
What does "read" mean?
I'll take you to a big city.
I'll make you very important.
No one will make fun of you.
Make fun of me? Why?
No, I mean that even women will love you.
They'll think you're handsome anyway.
You will be happy.
Drink this.
Go on.
Thank you.
Aden Rey is very reserved, he has no friends.
He never went to school. His mother educated him.
What is happiness?
Happiness is...
End barbarous heresy!
Viva the Western Christian world! Viva Spain!
Are you looking at my nail?
Why is it so long?
I cut it only once a year, in the autumn.
I wrap it in a little leaf. I keep it in a sack.
Don't you do the same thing?
You won't pull any tricks and tell the police?
I am your friend.
Do you want me to cut off a finger for you?
I think I drank too much.
Tell me about where you live.
Where do you come from?
- Where do I come from? - Yes.
The civilized world...
is fantastic.
For ages and ages, man has been storing knowledge
and enriching his mind
to attain the wonderful perfection that life has become.
everywhere, there is happiness, joy...
tranquillity, laughter and understanding.
everything is devised to simplify human existence
to make man happier
and to preserve peace.
Today, in the civilized world
man is the happiest creature on earth.
It's really strong.
It's not ob vious, but I'm slowly getting drunk.
Can I help you in any way?
I wish night would come.
You want night?
What's happening?
You wanted night.
I'm scared.
I think I'm completely drunk.
Son of a bitch!
What's this thing?
What was he playing at?
What do you usually do in the morning?
I was very happy, really.
My world has many things that make life
an endless paradise.
Television, for example.
What is that?
is a blind woman that teaches philosophy
and caresses the foulest recesses of our brains.
You are the trumpet call of Jericho.
From your saliva comes the light of felicity.
Come and say goodbye. I'm going to Aden's land.
Goodbye, my friends.
Come on.
No, not you. Goodbye.
Beautiful, aren't they?
Look, Marvel.
- This is for you. - What's this?
What is this?
It's beautiful.
- Take everything I have. - What is this?
- What is this for? - We're going to have fun!
With money, you can buy anything you want.
Love? Happiness?
Does it give milk like goats?
Here, Theresa, eat this!
So long, and don't get lost in the desert.
Come on, Marvel!
- You want me to take the goat? - Yes!
Come on, Theresa.
Get in.
Come on, Theresa.
Don't be scared.
- Are you glad? - Yes.
Goodbye, scorpions, camels, snakes, goodbye.
You are gathered here together
men, women and children,
united in purpose.
You are aware of your duties, proud of your leaders
those few conscious, well-organized technocrats
who decide for you.
You have thronged here tonight
to applaud the men who prepare
heaven on earth for you.
Those men today...
ask you to be conscious.
Tomorrow, our beef will be rich with the proteins
that we need to make men of your sons.
Tomorrow, computers will serve the housewife
selecting diets
so that your sons will be healthy descendants of your race.
Tomorrow, color television
will be in each and every home.
Widespread, state-controlled television
will give everyone
the instruction needed
to make good citizens.
Tomorrow, antipollutant bacteriological weapons
will insure lasting peace
and forever eliminate
those vile idealists
who praise the individual.
Any news of Rey?
You got here too late.
He just crossed the border in a jeep.
Son of a bitch!
Look, what are they doing?
They're smoking.
Nothing odd about that.
But they're choking.
So what, that's natural.
You'll get used to it.
It smells bad.
Some smoke cigars, some smoke pipes.
They look like babies sucking.
It's silly to go on,
we must drop the case. It has cost enough time and money.
I am sure Rey is back in Paris.
I want to continue my investigation.
I assume full responsibility.
Come on in, gentlemen.
You have every modern comfort
large kitchen and garbage disposal.
As you see, it is furnished in very good taste
floor heating, very high ceiling
fully soundproof and plenty of light.
Here's the contract.
You sign and it's yours.
Do you like it?
Oh yes, very much.
But what is it for?
I chose a luxury apartment...
especially for you.
Live here?
There's no soil.
Do you think they'd say hello?
Would you look at that! He drops soil everywhere!
And who has to sweep it up? Me!
Tonight we'll go out. You'll see lots of women.
They'll love you.
You'll fascinate them.
They've never seen anyone as exceptional as you.
- What are they doing? - Cutting down trees
to build a factory.
May I have your order?
Hurry up, I have other people to serve.
Tea for me.
What do you want?
A cactus.
One cactus for my friend.
I'll bring you two cups of tea.
Drink it, you'll see, tea is very good.
I'll take those two.
No, that's not what it's for.
Recognize this guy?
You bet I do. He just left.
He came in with a moron.
He sat on the table and ordered a cactus.
What are they doing?
I took him on my knees.
I gave him a good whack. That ended it.
What are they eating?
One is having trout.
The other is eating roast quail in a sauce.
Are they alive?
No, they were killed first.
Oh! People kill them!
Bring me some water...
to put in here.
Today, I'll introduce you to a wonderful woman.
Theresa, come here.
That's right.
Bee, bring me a toothpick.
Thank you.
I don't understand why bees
mountains and goats all obey you.
I don't know. Roaches, flies, animals all obey me.
even mountains and clouds.
I don't know why.
Take all my money.
All of it.
And my jewelry too.
I'll do anything to make you happy.
Do you love me?
You recognized my voice?
Any time you like.
That's exactly why I'm calling you.
Tonight you can meet an extraordinary friend of mine.
Can you come to my new apartment?
Okay, see you tonight.
He's all you think of.
Stop talking about him.
He's a virgin.
He has never had a woman.
He's a unique, extraordinary person.
I want him to discover love.
I want you to make love to him
and get him to come.
You know I'm no prude but I really think
he's revolting.
No, he isn't, you've hardly seen him.
When you know him, you'll see how wonderful he is.
I'll do anything you ask me to
but not make love to a nauseating dwarf.
Look at him! Isn't he magnificent!
He mustn't touch me!
Come here, Marvel, sit down.
Don't be nervous, relax.
But he stinks! It's horrible,
I won't stay with him one second.
I'm going to leave.
You hurt his feelings.
You can beat me!
You can kill me!
But I'll never sleep with that disgusting midget.
You floozie, you whore!
You know what you are, you're a pimp.
How dare you, you slut!
Not a clue yet, eh?
Yes, one.
The body was placed in a crypt.
And the oddest part is
that it was Mrs. Rey's vault.
We must systematically check out
everyone listed in the victim's address book.
Go on, go ahead, shoot it!
One less.
Hello, Inspector.
The new tenants are a real headache.
In spite of the warning notice
they have a garden in their living-room.
So, naturally, that attracts pigeons.
And look how they dirty up the court.
It's full of droppings.
If we sue them, they'll, of course, get a lawyer
who'll defend them so he can play politics.
You know that better than I do!
I'd like to ask you a favor.
Let me see the third-floor apartment.
The one with the garden?
Did you find anything?
More than I hoped for.
Wait for me at the café.
Where are you going?
I'm going...
to my mother's house.
See you later.
I told you so. It's Aden Rey.
Give orders for his arrest.
My son, you are going insane.
Let me hold you and comfort you.
everyone hates you for being handsome.
Look at the pictures I took of you.
Come and sit at my feet.
Well now, how are you?
- All right? - Yes.
You know, I've got a circus
with lots of animals.
And incredible things.
- Would you like to see them? - Yes I would.
What are you making?
A bird.
- A bird? - Yes.
Come and see the Oklahoma Fair!
It's your first and last chance!
Sensational! Ladies and Gentlemen!
Come and see the most incredible shows
the strangest sights of the century!
The 440 pound Lady Mammoth who has been weighed
all over the world!
The richest princes of the Orient lust after her!
The Samurai with the hand of iron!
With his little finger
he can split a beam 8 inches thick
while wearing the smile of the legendary Madam Butterfly!
The fabulous athlete from the deep,
dark jungles!
The strongest man in the world!
Ants that perform on the trapeze!
Acrobats! Fire-eaters!
The circus world in miniature!
And that's not all, ladies and gentlemen!
Other quirks and triumphs of nature!
An amazing creature
from a mysterious desert
heir to the ancestral magic of Mesopotamia!
That creature is going to dance for you!
Here he comes, here he is!
Have a heart, let me love you.
No one will love you as much as I do.
Four, five.
He's a moron, a retard.
He'll be terrific with his dance.
What's his price?
He has no price, he has never seen money.
He doesn't know what it is.
He'll make a terrific act for the season.
- And cheap too. - I'll say, very cheap!
Don't you know what painless birth is?
Breathe deep, that's it!
Filthy whore!
Breathe deep, like a bitch!
Fornication is all you know. Breathe deep!
Remember yourself on all fours with that pig!
Now you can't even bark.
Breathe deep, you bitch!
Breathe deep!
More, more!
Perfect specimen of an earthman.
Where is Marvel?
He'll come back, won't he?
How old can he be?
He's such a child.
He's a poet.
...2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
...53, 54, 55...
...121, 122...
...234, 235, 236, 237...
Stop, Marvel!
How old are you?
I don't know. 10,000 years...
...20,000, 30,000, 50,000 years, I don't know!
Anyone able to give information
concerning murder suspect Aden Rey
is requested to contact the police.
Stop, I want to see that.
That! We haven't got time!
My brethren, hear the message of the Messiah.
Crucified a thousand times by your sins,
he came for your redemption.
You killed him...
The lily of the fields
who came down among us to share love.
He found nothing but sordidness, treachery
and death.
He could have plunged mankind into darkness...
Yet he preferred to fall, fall...
in order to redeem your sins.
From the bottom of my bleeding heart, I tell you
that the holy spirit is forsaking you.
You have sinned.
You have misunderstood our Lord Jesus
with nails driven into his hands,
whips cutting his back,
And that was not enough...
The crown of thorns on his divine head,
his face covered with spit, his body trampled...
And then...
crucified like a thief,
his side pierced with a spear,
left all alone.
Such was the great suffering
of our dear Lord.
Blasphemy! Blasphemy!
Calling all police in the area! Be on the alert!
Aden Rey is driving a jeep.
It seems he stopped at the church.
He's driving a jeep.
It seems he stopped at the church.
Pay no attention to her.
All women are whores.
They're all sluts, I tell you.
Pay no attention.
Do you want to marry me?
Right away.
We will be the fire and water couple.
We will love each other forever.
Oh! Yes!
The goat will perform the wedding.
It's going to the fish!
Talk with your feet. I can translate, you know.
"In a sadness of torn mists
I will walk like a crazy horse.
While salmons glide
between our thighs,
I will walk like a crazy horse."
Do you want to see me naked?
You 're a man?
Don't wake him.
when you see him,
give him this from me.
I don't want any goodbyes.
All police on the alert!
Rey's jeep located under Luynes Bridge.
I repeat: Rey's jeep located.
Eat your soup.
He won't eat.
Must I punish him?
Put your hands behind your back.
I'm not an animal.
At least kill me with your own hands.
I want to feel your fingers tight on my neck.
Watch my jugular vein throb.
Kill me if you hate me, but do it right.
Fake it as a suicide, for your own sake.
You're so vulnerable, you can't live alone.
Your life is a failure
but what will you do in prison without me?
Don't leave any clues
so you can enjoy everything...
My jewels,
my bed, my house,
my perfume, my money.
everything is for you.
I have a weak heart.
If I'm frightened, I'll die.
Promise you'll never frighten me.
Do you love me?
Kiss me.
Dress up like a judge.
Judge me, Marvel.
Judge me.
Aden stands accused. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.
The Law will be carried out to the letter.
Does the accused plead innocent
or guilty?
Let all the centuries hear me!
I killed my mother all by myself.
No one helped me.
He saw us.
He had a fit of epilepsy.
What's more, he injured his foot.
I have a weak heart.
If I'm frightened, I'll die.
I killed my mother.
Do you love me?
but the point is my trial.
Kiss me.
If you want.
On the forehead?
Read the verdict!
What did she die of, Doctor?
Heart failure.
Where is her son?
He hasn't been seen since her death.
What is the verdict?
The accused is sentenced...
to death!
Your trial was only a game.
I am here beside you.
Don't let yourself die.
I love you.
I am so lonely now,
with you dead.
who will take me to Babylon on his back?
Who will I make night and day for?
Who will make me a gift of his dreams?
Who will be my golden beetle?
And my angel of muck?
I want you to eat me...
to eat me.
I want you to be both me and you.
You shall eat all of me, Marvel, do you hear?
You shall dress up like my mother...
like my mother, don't forget...
With black stockings and garters.
You shall be the hero, the stream, the child...
the blue clouds and the light.
Yes, Aden, I will eat every bit of you.
Down to the last bone... So as to commune with your essence.
I receive the body of your body for the centuries of centuries.
And I will give birth to you in pain.
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