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Subtitles for Ice Woman.

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Ice Woman

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My name is Diane Stevens.
I am... or was ...|a pastlife therapyst.
That's a joke here,|in this place,
beyond time and space...
But if there is anyone|out there listening,
I think you should know...|that I, Diane Stevens
have made an incredible|scientific discovery:
The only thing that lasts|in this universe... is love.
C'mon, darling!|We're almost there! Hurry up!
Coming, darling!
Allan, you look|a little overheated.
Honey, could you get me|up here... from walk.
It's great up here,|doesn't it?
Nice, fresh air.
Beautiful (?).|Most primitive (?) other know.
I'll take.
My delicate skin.
I have to have you.
I know.
I know.
What is it?|What d'you think it is?
I don't know.
Oh my god!
Oh my god!|There is a body under here!
Allan! Allan, don't touch it!|Come on! Come on, Allen!
Cherry!|I think I got something.
Oh, this is big. This is big, Cherry.|This is very big.
Allan, don't touch it!
This is Bob Whiley,|with the KXTV ten o'clock report.
Our top story tonight is|still the Ice Woman,
found a week ago in a Tirolian glacier|by two picknicking lovers.
The Ice Woman's remains (?) in secrecy|by Dr. Allan Verner noted international pathologist.
The doctor is keeping the eight thousand year old|(?) mummy in his Los Angeles lab.
Here we see Dr. Verner and two assistants|taking the mummy into his laboratory.
Dr. Verner has failed to grab the media interviews|despite the fact that you, the public have a right to know.
Our question to you Dr. Verner is:|what are you hiding?
Now back to you with the weather, Chuck.
Hey, what the hell did you do that for?
Because you won't paying attention... me.
You always get this hard|when you watch yourself.
Hey, I (?) very good.
(?) bastard.
Hey, listen. I thought you are a pastlife therapist|not some kind of half-ass psychiologist.
(?) in the interview.
In a previous life (?) that you were dildo.
I wonder what it was like for her.
For her?
The Ice Woman.|She got all this primitive cock.
Diane!|Cock is cock.
At least that's what all you women say|all the time anyway, so...
What secrets have you kept|for nearly eight thousand years?
You have slept through|all the great loves of history.
Romeo and Juliet,|Antony and Cleopatra, Sonny and Cher.
So pain can tender.
My sleeping beauty.
Yes, what is it?
It's me, open the door,|I have a surprise for you.
I'm up to my butt work!
Oh, please!
Excellent!|21 degrees Fahrenheit.
OK.|Honey, (?) open the door!
Wait till you see!
Well, what do you think?
Cherry! Have you no decency?
I thought you were a feminist.
I , don't I?
Come on, honey!|Let's play a little (?)!
Hey, what is...
No, no, no, no.|That's a very delicate instrument, honey.
Thank you.
This is a very delicate instrument, too.
If you don't start paying a little attention to it,|I'm gonna find somebody else who will.
I'm sorry, honey I (?) my work that's because suing me.
(?) having a type of normal intimacy.
Intimacy?|All I wanted was to get date.
No, what are you doing?|Stop!
Stupid Ice Woman as I think about.
Jeez...|I wish I never found that bitch.
Look!|There is somebody up there.
I don't see anybody.
It's kind of cold in here.
My back, my back, honey!
I'm sorry. Hear, let me take this off and rub it.|Take your cloth off.
Easy, easy!
Right here,|is that it?
You take your shirt off|I do it more.
Is that feel good?|Yes.
Is this the way you want it, Cherry?|Yes!
Wanna to get fucked?
Fuck me!
That odor...
What odor?
You bastard!
That hellish ice (?) is the|only woman you think about.
Why help she melts on.
Since she is the only woman|in your life right now,
you can sleep on the|office sofa tonight.
Or with her.
Gee, doc!|You could catch cold doing that.
Didn't I always tell you to knock first.
Don't have a cow doc,|the door was unlocked.
All right,|all right.
Listen, I want you to stay up|all night around here.
I want you to guard|the Ice Woman all night.
All night?
Yes.|All night.
(?) time and a half?|It is friday night and I did have a hot date.
Yes, yes, you get me time and a half.|I wanna show you something.
Whatever you do,|make sure this freezer stays on.
All the time.|See this right here?
This is the button,|make sure the arrow is pointing up.
Yes, doc.
Can I play some music?
After all, I'm gonna be here all night.
Yes, you can play|your primitive music.
But low. Low!|I'll be try to sleep in my office.
It's friday night, doc.|Shouldn't you and your girlfriend..., you know, doing it?
Look. Don't worry about my personal life.|Do you understand?
Or you would be right fired.
I was always concerned|for you well fair.
After all, you are a real stud.|In a (?) sort of way.
Stop that.|Why is everybody around here nymphomaniac?
Gee! What's (?) him.|I guess nothing.
Since he is spending all night|alone in his office.
See Ice Woman hungry?
You must been some sort of|stoneaged hard body.
You know only caveman action.
Eight thousand years.
Eight thousand years without getting in sex.
(?)makes me horny just thinking about it.
I want sex machine.
Is anybody up there?
What are you looking at?
Give me the (?).
I was just straighten up.
Oh I can see that.
I have a little surprise for you.
The Haitian (?) Club is sponsoring the contest.
They're looking for the perfect ass.
I immidiately thought of you.
The winner gets national exposure|and a thousand dollars.
Cool.|I've already signed your name up.
All you have to do is go|down there and strip that (?).
Just imagine.|Your butts nationally exposed.
I supposed to watch that thing all night long.
Don't worry about her just get going|and have fun and good luck.
If stupidity were a crime she been for life.
We're going to have|a little fun now.
We're gonna just try|to heat things up.
That you haven't felt this good|in a long time, have you?
Come on, thaw, bitch!
Oh, god, this is gonna take all night.
I got it!
Oh, yes!
I think you should get out|a little more often.
Like to the back porch.
God, you're heavy.
Must be (?) die for it.
I think you (?) nice here.
Anyway the cats will have a feast.
Shit! It must be where they kept the Ice Woman.
May I help you?
The Ice Woman.|Where is she gone?
Don't worry about the Ice Woman.|She stepped out for a minute.
She's getting her nails done.
What are you?|His lab assistant.
Me? No.|I'm the person who discovered the Ice Woman.
But I thought it was Dr. Verner...
Oh, no. Believe me,|without me there would be no Ice Woman.
Well, listen!|I made a deal with Crystal.
I told her, she shows me the Ice Woman,|I get her a tv commercial.
I make you the same deal.|Anything you want.
Let me think about this for a minute.
OK, how about interviewing me first?
Oh, but maybe I should change, right?|Because this is kind of (?) on tv
you could see everything, right?
You know, sometimes I go to the grocery store,|people give me really weird stares, even the women.
Well! Listen, you got quite a (?).
I'm quite a girl!
Sure you are.
Where is all this going?
You don't know?
But he does.
All right. I get it.
Listen. I've got an eleven o'clock deadline for make.
I'm gonna fuck you,|and then you show me the Ice Woman. Is that it?
Maybe.|If you're real good.
Don't worry.|I'll be real good.
Oh no, I want you to be as bad as you can.
Get that fucking thing off!
So now you can show me the Ice Woman.
Now, we're going dancing(?)
No! No!
You damn Cherry.
Damn Cherry!|She wanna ever quit(?).
Crystal's been arrested for indecent exposure?
Who's watching kinga?
Nothing, officer.|Thank you.
Oh my god!
She's gone.
Oh, my god! What have they done to you?!|What have they done to you, my love?
It's dangerous level.
I don't beleive it!|I don't beleive it!
Clitoris erectus!
The only thing that last|in this universe... is love.
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