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Insider The

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i took away the hearing. in the beginning.

- Coffee? - Yeah, thank you.
How have you liked your stay?
- What I've seen, I've liked.
Because I think Hezbollah...
and in America at this moment in time,
Hezbollah does not have a face.
and I see the questions first.
No. We don't do that.
You've seen 60 Minutes and Mike Wallace,
You also know we are the highest-rated, most-respected...
TV magazine news show in America.
So, Mr. Wallace-- should he get on a plane or not?
Tell him I'll see him day after tomorrow.
Hello? Sheikh?
Hello? Sheikh?
- Norman? - What? What?
Take your blindfold off.
Welcome to the world.
[Phone Beeping]
[ Line Ringing ]
- Hello? - Mike, it's me.
We're on.
[Phone Beeps]
[ Chattering ]
[ Elevator Bell Dings ]
A little early for cartoons, isn't it?
[TV Turns Off]
Deborah? Debbie?
Oh, I didn't know you were home.
It's early, isn't it?
[Girl] Mommy!
[ Hyperventilating ]
Sweetheart, come on. Come on.
Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. Breathe deep. Breathe deep.
Slow down.
Uh-huh? Okay?
Better already, aren't you?
[ Exhales Deeply]
Okay, baby?
[Deborah Laughing]
I can take her.
[Mother] Do you want more rice?
-[Barbara] I'll take some. - Instant rice?
[Barbara] Can I go over to Jeanine's house?
[ Sighs ]
Um, what are those boxes?
- I didn't want to leave it there. - I don't understand.
Where else am I gonna take it?
Thomas Sandefur.
What are we supposed to do?
No, thank you.
[Engine Starts]
[ Men Speaking In Arabic ]
I gotta go outside.
Give me a hand with this, will you?
[ Speaking In Arabic ]
I can't conduct an interview from back there.
You must move back your chair.
- There is no interview. - You!
[ Speaking In Arabic ]
- Are you interpreting what I'm saying? - Yes.
- We're there. - Good. Well, ask him if Arabic is his second language.
Hold it! Hold it! Slow. Slow.
Sheikh, do you mind?
to face Mr. Wallace.
and warm up some more?
All right, Todd.
Give me the three-button on Mike, please.
Good. Good.
Okay, we are rolling.
[ Clears Throat ]
Thank you so much for seeing us. Are you a terrorist?
Mr. Wallace, I am a servant of God.
A servant of God? Really?
Yeah, Stuart?
- What New York bank? - Hey, Dad.
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello? Yeah. - Do independent sources corroborate?
- [ Chuckles ]
[Door Closes]
I can't. I've gotta fly to Boston tomorrow.
2:00 P.M. Great.
- Bye-bye. - "Ignition propensity."
You understand any of this?
No. [ Chuckles ]
Uh, this looks like a table of temperatures.
- Who's this from? - It's anonymous.
References to " P.M."
Hmm. I have to take a shower.
[Pager Beeping]
Hi. This is Doug Oliver.
I receive a shitload of scientific papers from inside Phillip Morris.
who can translate this stuff into English for me?
Uh, yeah.
- Hello? - Uh, Mr. Wigand, please?
- Did you say " Berman"? - No, Bergman. B-E-R-G-M-A-N.
- I'm a producer for 60 Minutes. - 60 Minutes?
- Yeah. - 60 Minutes, the television show?
- Yes. - He doesn't want to talk to you.
How does he know he doesn't want to talk to me? He doesn't know what I'm calling him about.
He doesn't care to know.
[ Dial Tone ]
[Dialing Numbers]
[ Phone Ringing ]
I have scientific documents from a tobacco company,
explaining these documents tome.
- I'll be thereat this number in ten minutes. -[Hangs Up]
[Phone Rings]
[ Beeps ]
[Phone Rings]
[ Beeps ]
If you're curious to meet me,
reading The New York Times tomorrowat5.:00.
[Hangs Up]
[Elevator Bell Dings]
[ Elevator Bell Dings ]
- [Knock On Door] - Who's that?
That's room service.
Come on in.
Over here, please.
Black. Black.
Like what? Your sign?
I know what I have to know.
it stays that way.
I still do the tough stories.
60 Minutes reaches a lot of people.
Let me see the documents.
This is a, um,
because it's from another company.
This issue is a drop in the bucket.
Doesn't CBS have confidentiality agreements, Mr. Bergman?
Did work.
- Did work? - How much would I get paid?
If you want to do it.
I worked as a, uh,
Tobacco company.
Mr. Bergman.
[Door Closes]
[Wallace On Television] President Assad of Syria said...
that difficult obstacles remain, but that his country,
- [ Static ] - That's a Peabody, Mike.
- [ Chuckles ]
Come on.
- Debbie! -[Man]Hey, Lowell.
-You want it for the news? -What about you? You got a crew already?
- Debbie. - How are you?
Kentucky state law about--
[ Vacuum Whirring ]
[Whirring Continues]
[Man] Mr. Wigand? You can go up now.
[Quiet Chattering]
from the Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation.
- Seven. - And he gets out there...
and he has five strokes on us.
He has more concentration than anybody I've ever met.
I don't like being back here.
One of the reasons I was a great salesman...
I knew that if I ever broke my promise,
I'd suffer the consequence.
Is that a threat?
Now, the work we did here is confidential, not for public scrutiny...
[ Chuckles ] Now, don't be paranoid, Jeff.
About the direction of research here, we may have had our differences, but--
Research. You declare
[ Scoffs ] Okay.
I don't believe that you can maintain corporate integrity...
without confidentiality agreements.
the health and welfare benefits are good,
so we've drafted a supplement to your agreement.
what is confidential.
I didn't know that was a secret."
We'd like you to sign it.
And if I don't?
If we arrive at the conclusion that you're acting in bad faith,
and you'll sign it.
Now you question my integrity?
Fuck me? Well, fuck you!
I'm not sure he got the message.
Oh, I think he did.
[ Horn Honking ]
[ Line Ringing ]
[ Chuckles ]
- Yeah. - You fucked me!
- Who's this? - Protect your sources?
You screwed me. You sold me out.
[ Sighs ]
[Ball Clanging]
[Ball Clattering]
[Ball Clanging]
[ Exhales Deeply]
[Hits Ball]
[ Breathing Deeply]
[ Engine Starts ]
Stay away from me.
You stay away from me!
I did not give you up to anyone.
- What business do we have?
Right here, right now.
How the hell do I know about Brown &Williamson?
- No, I did not.
I don't burn people.
[Engine Starts]
Ride with me while I take the girls to school.
Deborah, my oldest daughter.
I will sign it.
Talk to me outside the zone of your agreement.
- Like what?
Johnson &Johnson.
Union Carbide in Japan.
I was a director of corporate development at Pfizer.
All health-related.
What else outside the zone?
When he found out that some lunatic had put poison in Tylenol bottles,
He didn't even wait for the F.D.A. to tell him. He just pulled Tylenol...
[ Chuckles ] And then he developed a safety cap.
Because as a C.E.O., sure, he's gotta be a great businessman, right?
But he's also a man of science.
Not like the Seven Dwarfs.
- Seven Dwarfs? - Seven C.E.O.s of Big Tobacco.
It was on C-SPAN. Yeah.
market and sell enormous volume, go to a lot of golf tournaments.
Could have been beneficial. Mostly, I got paid a lot.
I mean, what the hell is wrong with that?
Because look, here's how it lays out.
[ Engine Starts ]
- [Man]Congressman,
definitions of addiction.
- There is no intoxication. - [ Congressman ] We'll take that as no.
I believe that nicotine is not addictive.
I too believe that nicotine--
He referred to this-- the Seven Dwarfs--
- What Seven Dwarfs?
- What's this? - What that is is tobacco's standard defense.
It's the "we don't know" litany.
Addiction? We believe not. Disease? We don't know.
We take a bunch of leaves, we roll them together, you smoke 'em.
So, that tells me nothing.
in the number-three tobacco company in America.
He's got something to say. He wants to say it. I want it on 60 Minutes.
- Doesn't matter what he wants. -[Wallace] Am I missing something here?
-What do you mean, Mike? -He's got a corporate secrecy agreement.
Give me a break.
Issues like that. He can talk, we can air it.
The unlimited checkbook. That's how Big Tobacco wins...
Chadbourne-Park, Ken Starr's firm, Kirkland and Ellis.
Listen, G.M. and Ford, they get nailed...
-These clowns have never-- I mean ever-- -[Man]Not even once.
Not even with hundreds of thousands dying each year from an illness...
What do you mean?
[ Chuckles ] What do you mean, "compelled"?
State courts. Be a witness.
- What does that do? - What do you mean, what does it do?
What I mean is like, how does it cut through the confidentiality agreement?
Because he has to, uh, reveal it in a court of law.
It's on record. It's out. It's no secret anymore.
Yeah, but what venue? And where does he get-- Does he have killer attorneys?
I don't think he's got any attorneys.
and millions of dollars of their own dough in legal costs.
will he go for it?
[ Clears Throat ]
I'm trying to start a new career.
I believe I could be a good teacher.
That's it.
It's where our babies were born.
In the grass.
Come on. Come on.
We can make this work for us. Okay?
It's just-- It's not--
Simpler, easier.
More time. More time together.
More time with the kids.
More time for us. Okay? It's just--
This is gonna be better.
This is gonna be better.
[Dishes Clattering]
You'll find incredible
- Back to-- -[Woman On Radio] Welcome back.
Who's that outside, Daddy?
- Where? - In the backyard.
You stay down here.
[Phone Ringing]
- Yeah. - Lowell. Jeffrey Wigand.
- Yeah. - Lowell. Jeffrey Wigand.
Is it too late?
No, no, it's okay. I--
How-How's the new place?
The new place? New.
- You okay? - Sure.
One's hers, one's mine. Everybody uses a different name.
Modern marriage.
Uh, how's Liane?
Uh, she's okay. Uh--
Hold on a minute.
I-I don't wanna be paranoid. I mean--
I don't know what the fuck I really think.
- I don't fuckin' know. -Jeffrey, describe for me...
in detail what happened.
No. Look, I mean, there was a footprint. Forget it.
- You called me.
- So, what about?
Hello? Are you there?
Look, um--
- I didn't know. - It's okay.
[Phone Ringing]
- Lowell. - [ Static On Phone Line ]
Who is this?
Do not call here! Do not--
[ Dial Tone ]
[ Wigand Speaking Japanese ]
[ Waitress Speaking Japanese ]
[Japanese ]
What are you gonna get us?
- Marcus-- - Marcuse. Yeah.
He was my mentor.
And on me, personally.
I, uh-- [ Clears Throat ]
You charge by the hour?
You understand?
I drink.
- Um-hmm.
Pushed Liane one time. We were both stressed out because of the pressure.
She went to her mother's. [ Clears Throat ]
and I don't like to be pushed around.
I'm just a commodity to you, aren't I?
- You believe that? - No.
You should. Because when you're done the judgment...
And that's... the power you have.
- You believe that? - I believe that?
- Yes, I believe that. - You believe that...
- Yes.
to justify having a good job.
Having status.
[ Both Talking At Once ]
or 60 Minutes with this cheap skepticism.
I've been out in the world givin' my word...
I said I'd call the kids before they went to bed.
[Japanese ]
- What's with all the horses?
This is Richard Scruggs.
[Radio: Indistinct]
- Area code 21 2-555-01 99. - I'll call you then.
- I don't know. - [Phone Ringing]
Richard Scruggs.
research at Brown & Williamson.
Former corporate officer there.
Has he decided to go public?
It would be better if he called us.
Get me, uh-- Get me to New Orleans this afternoon.
I'll shoot the fucking thing myself!.
[Man On Radio: Indistinct]
[Girl] What are you cooking?
[Beeping Continues]
[ Beeping Continues ]
[Clicks Mouse, Beeping Stops]
Jeffrey! Jeffrey!
Jeffrey! Jeffrey!
Uniforms arrived on the scene, found this white male subject shot to death.
[Phone Beeps]
Yes, I'm afraid I did.
We won't be able to lift usable prints.
What caliber is my gun?
Yes, sir. What caliber is your gun?
What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?
[ Crying ]
If we could take a look, Mr. Wigand.
Why do you keep this gun?
I don't think it's unconstitutional yet to own a gun. I'm a target shooter.
That bullet was for a .38 caliber. Do you own a .38?
Yeah. Yes, I do.
[ Coughing ]
You all right?
[Dog Barking]
We need to take a look At your gun safe, Mr. Wigand.
Now who are they trying to protect?
pissed off and curious!
as we fuckin' speak!
I'll give it a look.
- How are the rooms? Comfortable? - Yes, very.
An interview?
I thought we--
I'm sorry.
Liane, this is a preliminary--
You didn't tell her we were taping?
What did she think she was coming to New York for?
Talk about it, think about it. I had a plan to, uh, ease her into it,
Oh, man.
Who are these people?
[ Crew Chattering ]
[ Wallace ] You heard Mr. Sandefur say...
I believe Mr. Sandefur perjured himself...
because I watched those testimonies very carefully.
[Wallace] All of us did. I mean, there was this whole line of people,
whole line of C.E.O. 's up there swearing.
Part of the reason I'm here is that I felt...
at least within Brown & Williamson's representation--
We are in the nicotine delivery business.
And that's what cigarettes are for.
Delivery device for nicotine.
While not spiking nicotine,
they clearly manipulate it.
There is extensive use of this technology, known as ammonia chemistry.
It allows for the nicotine to be more rapidly absorbed in the lung...
and therefore affect the brain and central nervous system.
The straw that broke the camel's
was a compound called coumarin.
When I came on board at B&W,
that it would effect sales, so I should mind my own business.
I constructed a memo to Mr. Sandefur indicating I could not in conscience...
continue with coumarin in a product that we now knew--
we had documentation-- was similar to coumadin, a lung-specific carcinogen.
I sent the document forward to Sandefur.
I was told that we would continue to work on a substitute.
[Wallace]In other words, you are charging Sandefur...
and Brown & Williamson...
Thomas Sandefur, C.E.O. of Brown &Williamson,
had you fired.
And there a son he gave you?
Poor communication skills.
Yeah, there are times I wish I hadn't done it.
There are times I feel com-- compelled to do it.
If you'd asked me...
Yeah, I think it's worth it.
[ Chattering ]
[ Chattering Subsides ]
- Hi. - [ Students ] Hi.
My name is Jeff Wigand.
You can call me, uh, Mr. Wigand.
You can call me Dr. Wigand.
You can call me Jeff.
I find it an adventure.
He's on line three.
[ Students Chattering ]
- Hello? - Mr. Scruggs? Jeff Wigand.
When should we do this?
You've got your own security now.
You know, Lowell, I can't-- I can't afford to--
There'll be three of us on the detail.
Uh, I called Richard Scruggs in Mississippi.
- I heard.
- Uh, coffee, Lowell? - Yeah, all right.
Where should I wash them?
Use the bathroom.
What's the difference?
That's for food.
[Turns Off Water]
Leave it on. Just leave it on! Okay?
I don't think I can do this.
I don't think I can do this anymore.
I am so sorry.
Can we talk about this when I get back?
Yes, Jeffrey.
You've been served.
Now, what this one is is a temporary restraining order,
- Right. - Now,
but the judge threw it out.
And you ought to know that.
That's right.
How does-- How does one go to jail?
Wh-What does my family do?
Go on welfare?
Put food on the table? I mean, my children need me.
Dr. Wigand, listen.
As I understand from Dick, you're our key witness,
And I think I know how you're feeling.
In combat, events have a duration of seconds.
Sometimes minutes.
Week in, week out.
Month after month after month.
You're assaulted psychologically.
You're assaulted financially,
directed at your kids.
What school can you afford?
How will that affect their lives?
You're asking yourself,
"Will that limit what they may become?"
held hostage.
I do know how it is.
You attract a crowd.
Yeah. Great.
I heard about the Kentucky gag order.
I don't know what to do.
[ Reporters Chattering ]
[ Reporters Shouting Questions ]
[ Crowd Chattering, Laughing ]
Hold on a second.
[Man On Police Radio.: Indistinct]
I can't seem to find the criteria to decide.
Maybe things have changed.
A lot's changed.
You mean since this morning?
No, I mean since whenever.
Fuck it.
Let's go to court.
[ No Audio ]
[ Reporters Shouting Questions ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Chattering Subsides ]
I want to start as fast as possible.
Please stand. Raise your right hand.
Jeffrey S. Wigand. R-E-Y. W-l-G-A-N-D.
No, I don't have a clue.
- That is correct. - In other words, it acts as a drug,
Your objection's been recorded.
I am instructing you...
not to answer that question.
In accordance to the terms of the contractual obligations...
under taken by you...
not to disclose any information...
And in accordance with the force and effect...
that has been entered against you...
That means you don't talk.
Mr. Motley, we have rights here.
Oh, you've got rights.
And lefts. Ups and downs and middles.
This is not North Carolina, not South Carolina, nor Kentucky.
Wipe that smirk off your face!
Answer the question, Doctor.
Um, nicotine is associated with...
impact, satisfaction.
One of the reasons I'm here is that I felt...
Then back on Jeff...
Hell of a show, Mike. Explosive material.
of Kools to the world.
[ Laughing ]
- I like that. - [Hewitt] Corporate has some questions.
- When's the air date? - Lowell, Sharon's online three.
- Tell her I'll call her back in ten. - [Editor]Here we go.
Brown &Williamson's chief executive officer, Thomas Sandefur.
I believe that nicotine is not addictive.
I believe Mr. Sandefur perjured himself...
because I watched those testimonies very carefully.
[ Wallace ] All of us did. There was this whole line of people,
whole line of C.E.O.'s up there all swearing.
We are in the nicotine delivery business.
There is extensive use of this technology, known as ammonia chemistry.
It allows for the nicotine tobe more rapidly absorbed in the lung...
and therefore affect the brain and central nervous system.
- [ Wallace ]
You're going to get your fix.
[Dog Barking]
- Shall I send for coffee?
because there's a legal concept...
Tortious interference.
Hence, tortious interference.
And after we corroborate it.
is exact and precise.
And I don't think it would hurt to make sure you're right on this one.
[Hewitt] Why? You think we have liability?
What's the CBS News position, Eric?
But one we have to check on, Mike.
I've retained outside counsel to do exactly that...
What does that mean? " Rife with--"
And I'm told there are questions as to our star witness' veracity.
Our standards have to be higher than anyone else's,
because we are the standard for everybody else.
Well, with tortious interference, I'm afraid...
the information he's disclosing.
The truer it is,
If he lied, he didn't disclose their information, and the damages are smaller.
- Is this Alice in Wonderland? - You said "on this one."
What about this one?
But if it did and we aired this segment,
and CBS was sued by Brown &Williamson,
I think we could be at grave risk.
because of your segment,
the Brown &Williamson Tobacco Company...
could own CBS.
We're all CBS. We'll find out soon.
Thank you, gentlemen.
"Tortious interference."
That sounds like a disease caught by a radio.
-[Hewitt]Lunch? - Sure.
[Dialing Phone]
Debbie, it's me. I want you to check some filings,
and give me John Wilson's number at Bear-Stearn.
[Man] Hello, Lowell, Mike.
-[Door Closes] - Don.
I've decided we should cut an alternate version of the show without his interview.
I've decided we should cut an alternate version of the show without his interview.
have it in the can.
- No, I'm not.
Since when has the, uh,
[Hewitt] It's an alternate version.
So what if we have an alternate version?
Before you go,
I discovered this.
- What? - Yeah, I heard rumors.
It's not a rumor. It's a sale. If Tisch can unload CBS...
for $81 a share to Westinghouse,
and then is suddenly threatened...
with a multi-billion dollar lawsuit from Brown &Williamson,
Uh, " More vested interests. Persons who will profit from this merger.
" Mr. Eric Kluster, president of CBS News,
1 .4 million."
You hear "reasonable" and "tortious interference."
-[Hewitt] You're exaggerating. - I am?
I do. I deliver him. He sits. He talks.
maybe the biggest, most expensive...
Yes. Is it newsworthy?
Yes. Are we gonna air it?
Of course not. Why?
Because he's not telling the truth? No.
And the more truth he tells, the worse it gets.
[Hewitt] You are a fanatic, an anarchist. You know that?
If we can't have a whole show, then I want half a show rather than no show.
What are you? Are you a businessman or are you a newsman?
- Lowell--
I'm with Don on this.
[Door Opens, Closes]
What's wrong?
- What?
I'm alone on this.
[Phone Ringing]
It's Jeffrey Wigand.
Jeffrey. How are you?
Uh, Liane has filed for divorce.
And, so, I've moved out.
I checked into room 930.
Odd choice, huh?
I don't know how to say this,
- What? - B&W may have threatened litigation.
CBS is on the block.
- But you, I mean-- I know how you-- - No.
No, what?
Mrs. Wigand?
All right.
Um, seven months after we were married,
we found out that I had multiple sclerosis.
[Man] And you had a daughter, Diane--
[Man #2] Tommy Sandefur told me himself.
to the American public.
[ Man On TV]
First wife and estrangement of daughter.
He's a shoplifter.
He's a convicted shoplifter.
What do you think I'm gonna do? Quit in protest?
I'm not gonna do that.
You're not? What are you doing?
You don't like it? Hey, I tell you what?
Fire my ass.
I don't think so. Take a look at this.
He wouldn't lie about his whole life.
You backed the wrong horse.
The version without the interview is gonna air the week after next.
What was that about?
- Get me Wigand. - Sure.
What the fuck is this? Fuck!
with one hand tied behind my back...
I was young! I was young!
Confused. We didn't handle it the right way.
- What? - Some public relations guy...
What kind of shit is this? l-- I was--
I was not on the team. I sparred with the Olympic team.
- ABC-- - ABC Telemarketing Company.
The can opener! A 39.95 can opener!
You ever bounce a check, Lowell? You ever look at another woman's tits?
You ever cheat a little on your taxes?
with my testimony?
with my testimony?
- I told the truth!
I told the truth.
I told the truth.
I am trying to protect you, man.
[Dialing Phone]
- Hello? - It's Lowell.
You bet we are, and I can't talk to you now.
[Phone Beeps]
[Siren Wailing]
He's dead unless I can get this thing knocked down.
Make it even a little more attractive.
- What's the deadline? - Soon.
[ Crowd Chattering ]
- Hey. How are you? Hey, listen. - Hey.
- Push it. - What? Forget it.
- It's drawn from
Well, it's authoritive... and overwhelmingly documented.
And it's bullshit. And if I'm right, are you gonna put...
Are you all right?
[ Woman ] Officer Muravchick?
Thank you.
Officer Muravchick, how are you?
- I'm Sandra Sutherland. - How do you do?
Mind if I sit down?
Your Honor, could I have a word with you?
You presided in a dispute over support payments.
CBS is under criticism because the CBS News program, 60 Minutes,
will not be presenting an interview--
What the hell are you doing?
What does it look like I'm doing? I'm editing.
No! I should have.
Okay? Take a vacation. Now!
[Phone Ringing]
Lowell? Look, I've decided to preface Sunday's show.
I did three minutes on the Evening News. You'll want to see it.
in lieu of being fired.
I took off on Tisch. I took off on Corporate.
I don't know. How does that get Wigand on the air?
Do me a favor, will you? Spare me.
That decision I've already made.
Is there information that people should have...
- Yes.
defended the network's decision not to broadcast...
- Where's the rest? - [ Woman On TV] Dan.
Where the hell's the rest?
- [Dan]Nebraska football fans voiced their criticism-- - You cut it!
Time? Bullshit! You corporate lackey.
Mike. Mike. Mike.
" Mike"? Mike!
Try " Mr. Wallace."
Here. These are their leads, their sources.
Have them make their own calls.
Push the deadline, Charlie.
Mmm, he's into kind of little cars that, um--
[Man On TV] The 63-36 vote was three shy of the two-thirds needed to pass--
- Mom. There's Dad. - Yes?
- On the TV. - [Man On TV] back to 1986.
The most recent trouble for Wigand occurred here--
And in local news, WLKO, Louisville,
on former Brown & Williamson research head, Jeffrey Wigand,
at the DuPont Manual High School.
[Wallace] Thousands of documents from inside the tobacco industry...
have surfaced over the past year.
Documents that appear to confirm...
what a former U.S. surgeon general...
and the current head of the Food and Drug Administration have been saying.
We learned of a tobacco insider who could tell us...
That insider was formerly...
But we cannot broadcast what critical information about tobacco,
if we were to broadcast an interview with him,
CBS could be faced with a multi-billion dollar lawsuit.
The fact is, we are not allowed even to mention his name...
And, of course, we cannot show you his face.
- Is still in force? - [ Voice Over] Yes, it is.
[Voice Over] I would be tonight.
[Wallace] The former executive has reason to be ton being sued,
[ Phone Beeping ]
[ Wallace ] You disappeared on me.
I think it was a disgrace.
[ Dial Tone ]
[Dialing Phone]
[Phone Ringing]
- [ Man ] Still no answer. - Get me the manager's office.
I'm concerned for a friend of mine who's staying at your hotel right now.
Mr. Wigand?
Mr. Wigand?
Did he hear you?
What about now?
- What? - Hello? Can you hear me now?
in these words: Get on the fucking phone.
I-l can't say that.
You manipulated me into this.
That's all. You're not a robot, Jeff.
Vital inside information the American public need to know."
So, where you going?
You are... important...
You think about that.
You think about them.
Yeah, guys like you too.
Where are you, anyway?
I'm on a leave of absence. Forced vacation.
Yeah, I will.
out of that sentence, nobody returns your phone calls.
What am I hooked on?
The rush of 60 Minutes?
What the hell for? "Infotainment"!
- Get some perspective, Lowell. - I got perspective.
No, you do not.
From my perspective,
- It's half-measures. - You're not listening.
[ Beeping Stops ]
[Debbie] I've got Richard Scruggs on the phone.
without Jeff ran,
- Hello? - Yeah, I'm here.
Less than great.
I'm about out of moves, Dick.
[ Chattering ]
All right. Seeya.
[ Doorbell Jangling ]
[Doorbell Jangling]
Yeah? Really?
How about you?
I work for CBS News.
Oh, yeah?
Lowell, do not... screw this up.
- So I'll hold it. And?
You got a deal.
Brown & Williamson's chief executive officer, Thomas Sandefur.
I believe that nicotine is not addictive.
I believe Mr. Sandefur perjured himself...
- because I watched those
There was this whole line of people,
whole line of C.E.O.'s up there all swearing.
Part of the reason I'm here is that I felt...
that their representation--
[ No Audio ]
and therefore affect the brain and central nervous system.
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello? -Jim, it's Lowell.
You asked me if we were
You mean, 60 Minutes is letting CBS Corporate...
decide what is or is not news?
What's Wallace think about this? Or Hewitt, or--
Oh, come on, Lowell. This is The New York Times. I don't know.
They will not air an interview.
Call me back in ten.
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello? - Debbie, it's me.
Hi. What time is it?
- Oh, it's late. - That I know. When are you coming back?
What is it?
[Phone Ringing]
- Hello? - It's Lowell.
Here's how it works. You ask me questions. I tell you if you're wrong.
You ready?
- Lowell? - Did I tell you you were wrong?
Are we talking, uh--
[ Wallace ] Did I get you up?
sleepy look on my face.
That's right.
But in all that time, Mike,
and find that a source for a story changed his mind?
Lost his heart? Walked out on us?
I'm gonna tell you why.
Because when I tell someone I'm gonna do something, I deliver.
Oh, how fortunate I am to have Lowell Bergman's moral tutelage...
- Give me a break. - You give me a break.
I never left a source hung out to dry ever.
Abandoned. Not till right fucking now.
What the hell did you expect?
You expect me to lie down?
Back off? Or get over it?
Like what? Corporate responsibility?
- What, are we talking celebrity here? - I'm not--
I'm-- I'm talking about...
What future? No.
What you think is...
after I'm gone?"
I showed them thieves in suits. I spent a lifetime building...
all that.
And should that be fronting a segment...
Does it give someone...
at my time of life pause?
in my--
You and I have been doing this...
together for 1 4 years.
In it is the whole sordid story...
of what went on inside our shop.
And in the editorial, it accuses us...
[Door Opens]
[Door Closes]
You're full of shit, John.
[Phone Ringing]
[Debbie] Front page. There's a picture of Wigand.
Article's entitled, "Getting Personal."
Wait. Hold on a second, Lowell.
Yeah, I'll see if I can find him.
Yeah, hold on. Don's looking for you.
- Good.
"A close look at the file
in The New York Times, in print, on television...
for caving to corporate interests!
The New York Times ran a
- You fucked us! - No! You fucked you!
Don't invert stuff.
a bastion of anti-capitalist sentiment,
refutes Big Tobacco's smear campaign...
as the lowest form of character assassination.
And now, even now, when every word...
totally out of the bag,
Don, what the hell else do you need?
Mike, you tell him.
You fucked up, Don.
It's old news. Stick with me, like always. We'll be okay.
No, that's fame. Fame has a 1 5-minute half-life.
We caved. It's foolish. It's simply dead wrong.
was two potassium chlorate...
[ No Audio ]
I'm on the 8:1 0. I should be home... 9:30.
- Oh. Thanks, Dad. - Thanks.
[Ticking Continues]
of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against us...
for tortious interference.
But now things have changed.
[ No Dialog ]
[ No Audio ]
[Wallace On TV] You wish you hadn't blown the whistle?
Yeah, there are times I wish I hadn't done it.
There are times I feel com-- compelled to do it.
If you ask me...
Yeah, I think it's worth it.
You won.
What did I win?
CBS News has learned that a remote home site...
outside of Lincoln, Montana...
has been under F.B.I. surveillance for several weeks.
[Woman] Great, Lowell.
Thanks for this.
You know, we beat everybody. ABC, NBC, CNN.
That Canada story...
still interest you?
Everything interests me.
Uh, I quit, Mike.
Come on.
It all worked out.
I did?
What do I tell a source on the next tough story?
What got broken here...
So, uh--
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