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Subtitles for Into The Mirror CD2.

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Into The Mirror CD2

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If anything turns up, contact me immediately
Yes, I will
It's nice to see you working hard
Keep up the good work, and ask if you need help
Do you know this woman?
LEE Ji-hyun, or LEE Jeong-hyun?
So you do know
Where is she?
She's the one. Where is she?
She didn't do this
It's not a human who did it
Sure, then who did? Huh? Answer me!
Ji-hyun believes her dead sister is taking revenge
- If this store... - Do you really believe that?
She was a mental patient. Did you know that?
This is her doing, for not receiving any compensation
Where is the chairman?
I devoted my whole life to this store, and now what?
Give up my management rights?
Damn stockholders sit at their desks, scheming all day
The keys... in the waiting room
Hurry up!
Where's my sister?
Save her! Save my sister!
If we don't find my sister soon,
something awful will happen
Oh, really?
Where could she be? We'd like to know, too
You mean your sister inside the mirror?
If she won't talk, she should write it down,
or at least gesture with her hands or feet!
Look here, Ji-hyun!
I know some shady transactions took place in General Affairs
Your hospital bills all came from there too
You had tons of cash in your account
Did your sister ever tell you about that money?
Somebody used her and then killed her
If we don't find my sister soon,
something awful is going to happen
Shit! I'm going crazy!
As Chief of Security here,
you can't even protect the company's top administrator?
Today HA Hyun-su caught the criminal
And saved my life
From today, you should give up your transferal here
I'm ashamed that you're my nephew
You're the man, Detective Ha!
I don't know. I really don't
What do you mean?
Everyone agrees that it's her
There's no hard evidence... shit!
She was caught attempting murder who needs evidence?
And we have witnesses
People said they saw ghosts, right?
I'm sure it was her that they saw
Um, Chairman JEON asked me to give this
It's for you
Oh, good evening, Detective HA Hyun-su!
How did this happen?
You're not allowed in here
I mean, you caught a serial killer with no evidence
What kind of fucked-up circumstance is that?
The store will open on schedule in two days
The killer caught, the store re-opens. Need anything else?
Who said she's the killer?
Where's the evidence?
She's unbalanced anyway. She'll be sent to the mental
You're not making sense!
Who's the one not making sense here?
Look, Detective HA Hyun-su...
However much you want a promotion,
don't go locking up just anyone
What? You bastard!
Getting drunk and coming here talking nonsense
Be grateful I didn't lock you up
Going around shooting when your partner's held hostage
He was my partner
He was my friend
Stupid asshole!
You shithead!
Yeah? You want to go at it? You're drunk again, aren't you?
Shit! Firing away when your partner's being held?
Now you're propped up by your uncle. Chief of Security?
Is life such a joke for you?
What else can an irresponsible bastard like you do?
Irresponsible? That's well said
Did you forget what you said when you became inspector?
Now the higher-ups are slipping you cash to wrap it up quickly
You nervous about not getting promoted?
Even without all that, I'll never live like you
I won't live like you, bastard!
What the hell do you know about me?
How can a pampered, spoon-fed bastard like you understand me?
Try living like me once!
Self-centered bastard
Last Tuesday was a year since Young-ho's death. Remember?
Don't you feel sorry for his wife?
You asshole! You asshole!
Where did it go?
See you later
Bye now
How did you end up like this?
Why did this have to happen?
I'm sorry
I'm sorry, I really am
CHOI Mi-jeong
BAEK Jin-su
Hey, hurry up!
Detective HA! Take a look at...
I said hurry up! IM Jun-seok is dead!
LEE, Ji-Hyun
She was hospitalized in Bucheon, I thought you might know her
Detective HA!
Have it tested for fingerprints
Ji-hyun had a deep admiration and attachment for her sister
After they separated, she suffered a nervous breakdown
Then her sister died last year,
and with no guardian, she was discharged
Excuse me, but... what are these lockers?
These used to be in the General Ward
They were going to be discarded, so we took them
By any chance, is there a locker #805?
Well, there were three wards
so the numbers only went up to 399
Blood Type: AB
We've removed all the furniture and articles that were here
Thank you
The mirror is still here
Ji-hyun's sister requested this for her
Ji-hyun used to feel nervous without a mirror
Did her sister come often to visit?
Instead, she called Ji-hyun every night
It wasn't allowed, but there was something special between them
We couldn't stop them
Oh, the last time she visited was the day before she died
Wait, there must be a #208
The locker number
I know that painting
You recognize this?
Sure, look in the mirror there
You can see the figure of the artist painting. Amazing, huh?
This here... what is that? Is it writing?
Oh, what was it?
"I was here..."
I think that's what it meant. I don't remember...
So you were here?
How can CS Trade Co. Expect to buy out our company?
Chairman JEON!
Haven't you done enough?
Wouldn't you like to rest awhile?
Director CHOI!
Don't speak so lightly of other people's business
You've gotten where you are due to this department store?
If it weren't for me, you'd be a village police chief!
This picture... look at this picture
Who took it?
You drew this, right?
You saw it too?
What your sister wanted to tell?
If your sister was murdered,
she'd tell you who did it? Right?
Who was it?
It was someone my sister met
I think they met at work
She said, Director CHOI...
CHOI... Director CHOI Sang-ki?
He asked for my sister's account book
Even after the accident, he took care of me
Just a minute
Detective HA, they identified the fingerprints
I know who killed LEE Jeong-hyun
Chief Woo!
I arrest you for IM Jun-seok's murder
IM Jun-seok?
Something's wrong
What is this?
It's Director CHOI who killed LEE Jeong-hyun
You expect me to believe that?
Where is the evidence?
Will you take that crazy bitch's words for evidence?
Investigate Director CHOI
LEE Jeong-hyun did not die in the fire. Check the body!
There will be evidence, okay?
There will be evidence
Where are you going?
Detective HA Hyun-su?
Yes, that's me
- Come this way - Yes
I looked for the data you requested
LEE Jeong-hyun...
her body was identified by some co-workers
But actually, it was so burned it was totally unrecognizable
Then how did you identify it?
Well, she didn't appear afterwards,
so we assumed it was her
The co-workers came and said it was her, so...
But didn't you have to do an autopsy?
Blood Type: B
They probably gave it a quick look
Can identical twins have different blood types?
Sir! It's not just blood type, their DNA is exactly the same
She had a twin?
Isn't it scary to work here?
With the corpses?
I heard you can see dead people in the mirror
That's why there are no mirrors in the body storage room
Funny? Still, before that a few people went crazy and quit
A lot of strange things happen here
You may not believe it, but I've experienced it too
On my first day working here
Was it last year?
A man shot in a hostage incident came in
After the autopsy, I was applying cosmetics
Just before, I had taken the corpse from the freezer
In the door's reflection, I saw a hole in his head
A perfectly placed bullet in his forehead
The real corpse had none
I really saw it. No one believes me
CS Trade to Buy Out Dreampia
"SecuZone" assists in securing management rights
I may have seen her at work, but I don't know anything
Nothing for me to know
Anyway, I feel bad about Chief Woo
Well, congratulations Director CHOI... No, Chairman CHOI
Anyway, when will you acquire Dreampia?
If I'd known, I'd have bought some stock myself
Don't you need to be working someplace?
You're right. Just need to tidy things up now
Very well
Oh, by the way. How do you know Chief Woo?
Welcome to Dreampia!
Detective HA, let's go back
Everyone's too scared to go in
I wouldn't go if they paid me
It's money!
DREAMPIA. Designer Fashion Show in B1 Event Hall
What's going on?
There's nothing wrong! Please calm down!
Chairman CHOI Intends Change of Business for Dreampia
Open the door! You are in danger
What's so dangerous here?
This is my home. It's my home
Please open the door. Come out quickly
Get out of my home!
Get out!
We can't end it like this
Let me re-investigate from last year's fire
Detective HA, this isn't like you
It's over
- There's no point in continuing - Chief!
And have you been keeping in line?
You've been passed over for promotion
What about the re-opening?
As you wished, it was cancelled
Let me out
Jeong-hyun is in that store. If we don't find her...
I don't believe in ghosts
And the evidence on Director CHOI?
You'll need evidence
You know too?
You know too, right?
No, I don't know what you're talking about
- Officer Kim! Follow me - Yes!
Yes, I've discovered something about LEE Jeong-hyun
I think I need to see you, Director CHOI
Come here to Dreampia now
Yes, yes. I understand
Oh, yes. Hello...
Thank you for remembering my husband's one-year memorial
That day was so busy, I couldn't see you off
No, don't mention it
Of course, I had to come
I'm not in touch with Young-min lately... I heard you see him
This time too he came alone to tend to the grave.
Tell him many thanks...
Oh, yes
I'll tell him
Yes, goodbye
BAEK, CHOI received calls from same number just before death.
This is Director CHOI. Please leave a message
Why are you still here?
I'm sorry, Young-min
Go now
I can't find my sister
Why is that ringing now?
It's the time when my sister always called to the hospital
It's my sister
It's a mirror
You finally found her
I was a bit concerned about that,
but I waited, figuring it'd be my store soon
Where is it?
She didn't make idle threats
Why did you kill her?
What do you care?
Everything about you is recorded in here in detail
If this makes it to the police or the press, you're finished
Why did you kill her?
I paid a lot of money to General Affairs to facilitate a buyout
Jeong-hyun, that bitch, betrayed me halfway through
She said that she'd expose everything
Do I pass up a once in a lifetime chance because of her?
Such opportunities come only once
Let it go, and you regret it always
So you made it seem she died in the fire?
The General Affairs people took care of it
So she murdered the people in General Affairs
LEE Jeong-hyun?
A dead woman taking revenge?
Anyone seen it?
I don't believe what I don't see
With no courage to live on, they killed themselves
Bastards had no right to live anyway, just like you
If you hadn't come snooping, this would've ended quietly
I thought I'd make use of a guy with a failed life
I never guessed you'd betray me so well
Still, stupid people follow orders well
Thanks for calling me
See you later
What's the hell?
Not everything's as it seems
There never was anything there
Damn bastards!
Drop the gun, CHOI Sang-ki!
CHOI Sang-ki, I hereby arrest you
for the illegal buyout of Dreampia through bribery,
murder, and the concealment of a dead body
Die, bastard! Die!
So, you want to tidy things up now?
Drop the gun, Young-min!
Oh, shit!
Want to screw up again?
Is it Detective HA's turn now?
You want to make the same mistake again?
I made no mistake
You can't do it
This is your image
The image of someone living in fear
Lower your gun, Young-min
I'm not you
Go prove yourself, idiot!
Drop the gun, Young-min!
You can't do it
It isn't possible
Crazy bastard
Where's the account book?
Tell me!
I'll kill you
So the sister's just as ruthless
Blood never lies
Stop it, CHOI Sang-ki
It's all over now
LEE Jeong-hyun?
Chief Woo, are you okay?
Mister, my uncle is still in there
- What? - Quick, go in and find him
Get a hold of yourself!
This afternoon, he jumped out his office window
He killed himself
Dreampia Dept. Store, scene of a suicide and related deaths,
re-opened today after resolving families' compensation demands
In addition, the team from the Seoul Violent Crimes Division...
were all granted a special promotion in reward
For our next story...
Oh, how did you?
Thank you
Your sister?
What will you do now?
Thinking of taking up photography
Your sister taught me how to look at photos
Just a moment
Please sign your discharge papers
This patient signs his name backwards!
Self-hatred, triggered by a mental shock,
causes a personality to split,
and you perceive two worlds, inside and outside the mirror
The world is divided into two symmetrical worlds,
that is, the person is psychologically divided in two
If you die outside the mirror
you can still be living within
Also, if the you in the mirror dies,
you see no reflection
Do you see someone else in the mirror too?
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