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Subtitles for JFK (directors cut) CD2.

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JFK (directors cut) CD2

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Beverly, tell Mr. Garrison|about the Carousel Club.
I used to go there to see Jack and|my friend, Jatta, who danced there.
It was a real swinging spot in town.
Everybody came.
Businessmen. Politicians from Austin.|L.B.J.'s friends.
Dallas was a slowpokin' town then.
You chewed toothpicks, played|dominoes, spit, dated policemen.
But Jack was exciting.|There were always cops there.
Jack liked them around.|But he threw out the drunks himself.
He had a violent temper.
Everyone in those days|knew Jack was in the mob.
Cops back then, they were bad.
They'd shake you down for|the money in your pocket.
What about Lee?
One time I came in.
Jack introduced me to 2 guys. He|says, "This is my friend, Lee Oswald--."
I don't remember the other guy's name.
But he was a weird-looking guy.|He had these eyebrows.
And he looked like a buzzard.
Lee didn't make much of an impression.
He wasn't very handsome.
He didn't look like he had any|money, and he was in a bad mood.
So I didn't pay him much mind.
I may not remember a name,|but I always remember a face.
Later, I saw him on television.
I screamed, "My God, that's him!"
"That's Jack's friend!"
Will you testify, Beverly?
-I don't think so.|-I thought we had an agreement.
-I don't want to be another statistic.|-We could call you in.
If they can kill the President|of the United States... think they'll think twice|about a two-bit show girl like me?
I understand the pressure you're under.
Don't think that I don't.
We both do.
Mr. Chief Justice, do you understand|that I can't tell the truth in Dallas?
There are people here who do|not want me to tell the truth.
Who don't want me to have a retrial.
Why don't you just tell us now?
My life is in danger!
If you request that I|go to Washington...
That is, if you want to hear|further testimony from me.
Can you take me with you?
No. It can't be done.
There would be no safe place for you.
We're not law enforcement officers.
There's a great deal at|stake in this matter.
If I'm eliminated...
...there won't be any way of knowing any|bit of truth pertaining to my situation.
Consequently, a whole new form|of government will take over.
And I won't live to see|you some other time.
I want to tell the truth.
And then...
...leave this world.
The Zapruder film establishes|3 shots in 5.6 seconds.
I'm Oswald.
Time me.
Between 6 and 7 seconds.
Without really aiming.
The 2nd and 3rd shots came almost|right on top of each other.
It takes a minimum of...
...2.3 seconds to recycle this thing.
The other problem is,|there was a tree...
...blocking the first 2 shots|when fired in the Zapruder film.
Didn't Hoover say something|about leaves falling in November?
It was Texas live oak, chief.
It sheds its leaves in early March.
Take this Carcano, world's|worst shoulder weapon...
...and try to hit a moving target|at 88 yards through heavy foliage.
No way.
FBI tried two sets of tests.
Not one sharpshooter could|match Oswald's performance.
Not one.
Oswald was at best a medium shot.
The scope was defective on it too.
This is the whole essence|of the case to me.
The guy couldn't do the shooting.
Nobody could.
They sold this lemon to|the American public.
The Zapruder film was the|proof they didn't count on.
We must get hold of it.
It means we'll have to|subpoena Time-Life.
Let me ask you something.
Why not just shoot Kennedy on Houston?
Plenty of time.
-He's out in the open.|-I keep asking myself the same thing.
-Frontal shot.|-Even if you miss him once...
...if he accelerates,|you get a second shot.
The only reason to get him on Elm... you got him in a|triangulated cross fire.
You put a team there down at the fence.
Frontal shot. Flat, low trajectory.
Put a third team down|in this building...
...on a low floor.
Kennedy's in the kill zone.|It's a turkey shoot.
How many men?
One shooter. One spotter on a radio.|Maybe three teams.
These are professional riflemen.|Serious people.
It takes skill to kill with a rifle.
That's why no chief executive's been|executed with one in 200 years.
Main Street's over there.
The original parade route on|the way to the trade mart... too far, right?
Impossible shot, so they change|the parade route.
Bring him down here.
Moving a normal 25 miles per hour...
...they knew the motorcade|would have to slow down... about 10 miles per hour|to make that turn there...
...and that's where they got him.
Who do you think changed|the parade route, Lou?
Beats me. Secret Service,|city officials, Dallas Police.
You know who|the mayor was at the time?
Roy Cabell.
Guess who his brother is.
General Charles Cabell.
Deputy Director of the CIA
Kennedy fired him in '61 because|of the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
Moved back to the Pentagon,|called Kennedy a traitor.
When he came to New Orleans... address the Foreign Policy|Association... know who introduced him?
Our friend, Clay Shaw.
Didn't the Warren Commission call him?
His boss was the one on the|Warren Commission...
...who handled all the leads|in the intelligence community.
Allen Dulles?
Head of the CIA since '53.
Kennedy fired them both.
Cabell was a deputy for nine years.
Talk about the fox investigating|the chicken coop.
Now, we'll have to subpoena them both.
Clay Bertrand? Sure, I know him.
Comes to the Quarter.
Who is he? I've been to all the bars.|Nobody wants to talk.
Why should they talk to you?
I told your uncle, I never met|a lawman who wasn't a punk.
A big shot businessman.|I seen him on the TV news...
...with all the other big shots.
The guy's a fag, you know?
Goes by another name.
What name?
Clay Shaw.
Clay Bertrand is Clay Shaw?
Ran the International Trade Mart?
What's the mystery?|Everybody down here knows him.
Then why does he call himself Bertrand?
Who gives a shit what he calls himself?
Will you give us a little help|on that Grand Jury thing?
I hope so. We could use it.
Your hunch was right, boss.
But it's even spookier than we thought.
Starting in September '63 on,
two months before the assassination,
there are sightings of Oswald|all over Dallas.
Buying ammunition, getting|a telescopic sight fixed.
Going to rifle ranges.
Early November... a Dallas downtown|Lincoln/Mercury dealership...
...where he tells the salesman,|Albert Beauregard--.
Let's take it out for a test drive.
Despite the fact that he|has no license, and...
...from what Marina says...
...doesn't know how to drive, he hits the|curves like A.J. Foyt at the Indy 500.
Beauregard later told his boss|that he drove like a madman.
300 bucks down now, Mr. Oswald,|you can drive out of here.
What?! For this heap?
No honest working man...
...can afford to buy a car in this|goddamn country anymore.
Maybe I'll have to go to Russia|and buy a car.
Really dumb dialogue... he's trying to draw attention|to himself. A real moron.
He walks out. Salesman remembers|him as about 5'7".
But we know from Oswald's draft card|that he was actually 5'1 1".
Other witnesses see him at|different firing ranges.
One time, November 9th...
...he decides to practice|on the next guy's target.
I didn't pay for a target...
...just to have you shoot at it!
I'm sorry, buddy.
I thought I was shooting at|that son-of-a-bitch Kennedy.
As subtle as a cockroach|crawling across a white rug.
Then he shows up at Sylvia Odio's...
...Cuban lady in Dallas in|the anti-Castro underground.
The two Cubans introduce|him as Leon Oswald.
Something about the man bothers her.
About 48 hours later, one|of the Cubans calls her back.
Oye! What do you think|of Leon Oswald last night?
I don't care. I don't know Oswald.
You know what he said to us?
He said, "You Cubans|don't have any guts...
...'cause Kennedy should have been|killed after the Bay of Pigs...
...and some Cuban should have done it."
It's like he's giving her information|she doesn't even ask for.
She's scared. Doesn't see him again...
...till she sees Oswald's|picture in the paper.
But the Warren Commission|says Sylvia...
...has bad eyesight because|they have Oswald in Mexico...
...trying to get back into Cuba.
The CIA has a camera|outside the Cuban Embassy.
And they say that this... Oswald in Mexico.
If this is Oswald, it|must be our third Oswald.
The Warren Commission made great|efforts to make him a Communist.
I think the point of the Mexican episode|was to lay the blame on Fidel Castro.
If Oswald or someone|purporting to be Oswald...
...had gotten into Cuba, come back,|then killed the President...
...the American public would|support a Cuban invasion.
I even have doubts|about this photo, boss.
This convicted Oswald|in the public's mind.
But Oswald told Capt. Fritz|that the photo was a fake.
This is not me!
It was in Janet Williams' garage.
I never saw this picture.
It's my face but it's superimposed.|The rest is not me.
I know photographic work.|That picture was made by someone else!
I took this picture to two experts.
The shadows on the nose...
...fall straight, like it's high noon.
But the shadow on the ground reads|like late afternoon or early morning.
It's not the same time. And see|the crop marks across the chin?
This head is pasted onto another body.
Implicating him with the rifle and gun.
Who the hell are you?|Alex Hidell or Lee Oswald?
You're policemen. You work it out.
Now it gets positively spooky.
In January 1961, in New Orleans,|at the Bolton Ford dealership...
...when the Oswald we know|is in Russia...
...there is a man using the|name Oswald to buy trucks...
...for the Friends of Democratic Cuba.
Salesman never sees him again,|but guess who's on the...
...Articles of Incorporation of|the Friends of Democratic Cuba??
Guy Banister.
Banister has someone using the|name Oswald to buy the trucks.
Hoover at the FBI has a|memo dated June of 1960...
...that someone...
...could be using Oswald's|passport and identity.
They created Oswald from day one.
Like a dummy corporation in the Bahamas.|Just move him around a board.
Anybody want to quit?
Dumb question. Put your hands down.
I found Clay Bertrand.
Grab your socks and hose and pull.
Clay Bertrand is Clay Shaw.
-Director of the Trade Mart?|-Former director.
Can you get sworn statements?
That'll be tough. Nobody's talking.
Let's have him in for a chat.
I hate to get him dragged into this.
He's done so much for the city,|restoring the Quarter.
Remember, we saw him at a fund-raiser.|Seems like such a nice man.
It'll be off the record.|I'll bring him in on a Sunday.
A quiet little chat between gentlemen.
In heavy fighting in Vietnam today...
...7 more American soldiers|died and 23 were wounded.
The body count for this week|is now over 67 Americans...
...and 626 enemy soldiers|killed in action.
President Johnson said he regretted|there is no end in sight to the war...
...where 500,000 U.S.|troops are now fighting.
We face...
...more cost...
...more loss...
...and more agony.
Come hunt for Easter eggs.
That's the kids' job. You know I don't|like these tribal rituals, anyway.
I'm talking to Clay Shaw this morning.
We're going to Antoine's with the kids!
I told you I was talking to Shaw.
In the middle of Easter Sunday?
When I scheduled it, I didn't|know it was a holiday.
Look at the calendar!
You said a Sunday, not Easter Sunday.
Clay Shaw is important.
-And we're not.|-I didn't say that.
I didn't say that.
You're missing most of your|life and you don't know it.
The kids are missing out too.
-We're all making sacrifices.|-I'll be there by 2:00, I promise.
Just start without me.
Mr. Garrison, what can I do|for you on Easter Sunday?
I'm sorry to interrupt this holiday.
But this conversation is best kept out|of the everyday bustle of this office.
I don't understand.
In an investigation we're conducting,|your name keeps coming up.
Can't imagine where.
We've talked to a number of|men who claim to know you.
Do you know a David Logan?
No. Never heard of him.
Perry Russo?
Willie O'Keefe?
I don't know anyone by that name.
Mr. O'Keefe told us he met you at|the Masquerade Bar in the Quarter.
Then you had him over for dinner at|your apartment on Dauphine Street.
-Do you recall that?|-I don't know this man.
Be still my heart.
Obviously, I wouldn't have him over.
Hope you like squab.
Perhaps a few more details about the|evening will refresh your memory.
Mr. O'Keefe told us dinner was served|by a uniformed waiter, a colored man.
You sat at one end and he at the|other, which he found unusual...
...because the table was so long.
How was your mousse?
Bring back memories of Willie O'Keefe?
Not at all.
But I do have...
...a lovely Chippendale dining table.
I often have a friend sit at one|end while I sit at the other.
It's precisely the point|of a long dining table.
The splendor of the meal|adds to its enjoyment.
I imagine a uniformed waiter helps.
It adds elegance, for which I confess...
...a weakness now and then.
I call him Smedley.
His real name's Frankie Jenkins, but it|would be so uncouth during dinner... turn to the kitchen and holler...
..."Frankie! "
Where is all this leading to?
After dinner, you paid him to have sex.
That is absolute nonsense.
The Quarter is filled with vivid|imaginations, dear Mr. Garrison.
Grimy young hoodlums who|will say and do anything!
Mr. O'Keefe told us...
...David Ferrie came to the|house with another young man.
-Who?|-David Ferrie.
I don't know that name.
Having never met Mr. O'Keefe,|I couldn't have met Mr. Ferrie.
You're mine, Mary.
You partied early into|the morning hours.
Look at this picture.
I've never met anyone of|such bizarre appearance.
Only way you get this, you do|exactly what I say. I'm the man.
You know the name Clay Bertrand?
Clay Bertrands.
A man with a similar name worked|at the Chamber of Commerce.
-That the man you had in mind?|-No, it was not.
Can you identify this man?
Naturally. You claim Mr. Oswald|also had dinner with me?
Have you ever met Lee Harvey Oswald?
You have me consorting with|a sordid cast of characters.
-Please answer the question.|-'Course not.
The assassination was such a pity.|In fact...
...l admired Kennedy.|Man of true panache.
Wife of impeccable taste.
Let's order without your daddy.|He won't mind.
I want a Shirley Temple!
Kids, put your water guns away.
When's Daddy coming?
He's coming soon.
He's sorry he's late, but|he promised he'd be here.
Daddy never keeps his promises.
This Italian newspaper article says... were a board member of|Centro Mondo Commerciale in Italy.
This company was created by the|CIA to transfer funds in Italy...
...for illegal political|espionage activities.
Says that this company was expelled|from Italy for those activities.
I'm well aware of that asinine article.
I'm thinking of suing that rag.
This company is linked to the|Schlumberger Tool Company... Louisiana, providing arms|to David Ferrie and his Cubans.
You're reaching.
Am l?
I'm an international businessman.|The Trade Mart I founded... America's commercial pipeline to|Latin America. I trade everywhere.
Like all businessmen,|I am accused of all things.
I go about my business, make money,|help society the best I can...
...and try to promote|free trade in this world.
Have you ever been a|contract agent for the CIA?
And if I were... you believe I|would be here today...
...talking to somebody like you?
-People like you don't have to.|-May I go?
People like you walk|between the raindrops.
May I go?
Regardless of what you may think of me,|I am a patriot first and foremost.
I've spent half my life|in the military...
...defending my country.
I don't consider it a patriotic|act to murder your own President.
You are way out of line.
It's getting late. That's|all the questions we have.
Thank you for your honesty.
I enjoyed meeting you.
And you, Miss Cox.|It's been most pleasant.
I extend to you and your families|my best wishes for a Happy Easter.
"One may smile, and|smile and be a villain."
Goddamn it! We've got one of them.
See that?
Hi, honey.
Tough day.
Where you been?
My sympathies.
I'm sorry, the meeting took|much longer than expected.
Just a second.
We waited for hours, Jim!
You could've telephoned.
I can only say I'm sorry.|I just don't have rabbits on my mind.
You know what I think?
You care more about John Kennedy|than your own family.
All day the kids ask, "Where's Daddy?"|What should I tell them?
I don't know!
The truth! I'm doing my job|to make sure they grow up... a country where justice won't be|a vanished idea in history books... dinosaurs or Atlantis.
It doesn't replace a husband|or a father on Easter Sunday.
It's going to get worse!
I beat you again, I must get a raise.
Who can you brag to?
Who killed President Kennedy?|Was there a conspiracy here?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Clear the door! Watch out! Move!
Congratulations. You're Page One.
Ain't pretty. It says...
...we've spent $8,000 on|unexplained investigative expenses...
...since November, 1966.
They went to the public records.
They got the vouchers that|we requested for withdrawals.
Shaw must have gotten them on our tail.
It could have been Ferrie, Martin,|Andrews, any of them.
Damnit, we didn't talk|to Ruby 'cause of them...
...and they're on our asses|for a measly $8,000.
They're hunting down the news.|It's their business.
Well, you'd at least think they'd attempt|to understand what we're tryin' to do!
Getting angry doesn't accomplish|a damn thing, now--.
Well, this changes everything,|now, doesn't it?
What do you mean?
Well, either we pull out now...
...or we go through some|heavy flak together.
Bear in mind, each of you...
...this may affect the rest|of your careers, your lives.
Any one of you who want|to pull out now, I assure you...
...l will bear no ill feelings|towards that person.
I'll reassign you to regular duties.
There it is, then.
Thank you.
It means a great deal to me.
I'm giving this office $6,000 from my|National Guard savings account... we can continue.
I'll make speeches where I can|and pick up additional money.
Mr. Garrison, what shall I tell them?|They're piling up outside the door.
They want a statement.
The phones are going crazier|than bugs on a cake!
Neither confirm, deny,|nor discuss, Sharon.
Goodbye, ladies, gentlemen.
I'm going home to where I can get|a decent day's work done.
...has raised some interesting questions.
With taxpayer money, has he|uncovered valuable new evidence?
Or is he merely saving the information|to gain exposure at a national level?
Mr. Garrison should|have some explanation.
Did your office plant|that in the paper?!
-Who is this?|-You know damn well.
-Dave?|-You got it. Listen.
You're the only|straight-shooter there.
I want an answer! Did you plant it?!
You think we're nuts?|It's been a zoo since that broke.
Reporters everywhere.
Somebody planted that fucking story!
I'm one of fucking Garrison's suspects.|I can't go home!
The maggots are everywhere!|Do you know what you've done to me?!
Calm down.
From here on...
...I'm a fucking dead man!
You weren't even|mentioned in the story.
Meet me in the lobby of the|Fountainbleau in 20 minutes.
I guarantee the boss'll protect you.|He likes you. He likes your mind.
I just don't know who to trust anymore.
I suppose I could use a pot of hot|coffee and a few packs of Luckys.
Anything new?
Who are you scared of?
Everybody. The Agency, mob, Cubans.
Follow the Cubans.
Check them out. Here.|In Miami. Dallas.
Check out Eladio del Valle.
He was my paymaster when|I flew missions into Cuba.
You're on the right track.|Don't write this down!
I ain't cooperating with no one!
There's a death warrant for me!|Don't you get it?
Damn! Wait a minute!
You ain't bugged, are you?|Son-of-a-bitch, Lou!
Are you?
I play square. No bugs.
I'd love you to go on the|record, but I'm in no hurry.
I haven't slept since that article.
-Why'd you get me involved?|-Did we involve you? Or did Shaw?
Cocksucking faggot.|He got me by the balls.
-What do you mean?|-Photographs, compromising stuff.
He'll use them too.
Agency plays for keeps.
Oswald was in my Civil Air Patrol unit.|I taught him everything.
He was a wannabe. No one liked him.
But I treated him good.
He wanted his kid to|grow up with a chance.
What's this? What's going on?
Don't let him in.
No one's coming in here.
Black. Give it to me.
Black. My neck is killing me.
I've had cancer for years.|Been working with mice to find a cure.
Did you work for the CIA?
You sound like it's a remote|experience in ancient history.
You don't leave the Agency.
-Once you're in, they got you for life.|-And Shaw?
Shaw's an untouchable.|Highest clearance.
Shaw, Oswald, the Cubans, all Agency.
Jack was a pimp.|A bagman for the Dallas mob.
Ran guns to Castro when|he was on our side.
Castro was almost with us|till we tried to whack him.
Everybody keeps flipping sides.
It's fun and games.
-How do the mob figure in this?|-They're Agency too.
The CIA and the Mafia worked together|for years trying to whack out the beard.
There's more to this|than you could dream!
Check out something called|"Operation Mongoose."
Government, Pentagon stuff.|They're in charge.
But who pulls whose chain?|Who knows?
"Oh, what a deadly web we weave|when we practice to deceive."
Who killed the President?
Why don't you fucking stop it? Shit!
This is too big for you, you know that?
Who did the President? Fuck!|It's a mystery.
It's a mystery wrapped in|riddle inside an enigma!
The shooters don't even know!|Don't you get it?!
Fuck man! I can't keep|talking like this!
They'll fucking kill me!
I'll fucking die!
It's all right.
I don't know what happened.
All I wanted in the world...
...was to be a Catholic priest.
Live in a monastery.
Pray. Serve God.
I had... terrible fucking weakness.
And they defrocked me!
Then I started to lose everything.
You'll be okay, Dave.
Just talk to us on record.|We'll protect you.
They'll get to you too.
They'll destroy you.
They're untouchable.
I'm so fucking exhausted,|I can't see straight.
Early for Mardi Gras, isn't it?
"Paris Match," the largest magazine|in France.
Moscow "Literaturnaya Gazeta."
Victoria Taylor...
..."Private Eye."
You know who shot the President?|Mr. Garrison is too busy--.
They're putting the heat on David Ferrie.|If we wait, he won't hold off.
He keeps changing his story.|We can't call him to a Grand Jury.
He'll keep deteriorating. We'll|get more out of him when he cracks.
If he freezes up, we'll|lose our best shot.
He can't go down further.|We must protect him full time.
I know what you're going|through with Ferrie.
We'll talk tomorrow. I have to|catch a plane to Washington.
Lead says he's closely|connected to these events...
...but he won't come here.
I'm onto Ferrie's Cuban|paymaster, Eladio del Valle.
I need more men. I got to get him in.
I can't pull the teams watching Ferrie.|I promised him!
This is our case!
I got something to show you.
I think you'll find it interesting.
This was found in your office.
The conference room is bugged, maybe|the phones. We have to debug the place.
Bugging the DA's office.|This is outrageous!
Believe what you want, but|we must be more careful.
All these new volunteers!
You handle it, okay? I don't|have time for this nonsense.
Well, we obviously got|the bastards worried now.
I'm coming to Washington!
Dave Ferrie's dead.
Found his body at the|apartment two hours ago.
What's it look like?
I don't see any violence. Heart attack,|maybe an aneurysm. Natural causes.
This is addressed to no|one and no signature.
"To leave this life is|for me a sweet prospect.
I find nothing in it that is desirable...
...and, on the other hand,|everything that is loathsome."
It goes on and on.
"Daily we are propagandized more|and more by the rising crime wave."
Seems pretty flowery|for Dave Ferrie.
I took it once for a|low thyroid condition.
It raises the metabolism.
Ferrie strike you as the kind of|person with a low metabolism?
Hardly, I'd say the opposite.|Maybe hypertension.
Ferrie was the only one to express any|kind of remorse about the whole thing.
I think it got him killed.
More bad news from Miami.
Ferrie's friend, Eladio del Valle,|was found...
...hacked to death with a machete today.
He was tortured, shot point-blank in the|heart, his skull split open with an ax.
Ain't that the devil's piss!
Found another note. Same thing.|No name. No signature.
"When you receive this, I will be|quite dead, so no answer is possible.
-I offered you love; I got kicked."|-Must've pressed to come up with that.
What if a man with hypertension were|to take an entire bottle of Proloid?
He'd die quickly. A heart storm or|a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.
Can you ascertain if there's|Proloid in his system?
Not with a routine autopsy.
But there may be a high level|of iodine in the spinal fluid.
But it's difficult to know.|What's your thinking?
It doesn't make sense.|Would a man afraid of dying...
...kill himself in a way|that leaves no trace?
And leave two unsigned suicide notes?
If it's a suicide, I've seen weirder.
The fact is, he's gone.|And so is our case.
Unless we go for Shaw now.
With whose testimony?|O'Keefe, a male prostitute?
Jack Martin, a drunk?|Vernon Bundy, a dope fiend?
Shaw's got respect. Newspaper|editors, American Bar Association.
-I agree. We don't have the goods.|-We wait, Shaw will get whacked!
How many corpses do you need|to figure out what's going on?
Watch your mouth!|Ferrie did this himself.
Where're you going?
I don't know.
I just don't know.
Frank, you're wasting your time here.
Big Jim gave strict orders.|No FBI.
It's you I want.
Boss'd fry me in hog|fat if I talk to you.
Boss got a problem. Real serious.
We know what's going on.
Guess you do.
You got nothing. I'm a friend.|You're riding on the Titanic.
Time to jump off before|you too get destroyed.
We're talking about your career.|You're young.
You're on the Castro thing.
-No, I'm not.|-You are.
We know Oswald didn't pull|that trigger. Castro did.
If it comes out, it's war.
Millions of people will die.|That's more important than Jim Garrison.
Look at me when I talk to you!|You're too selfish!
Shut up!
If you got a brain in your thick skull,|listen to me. Listen real hard.
Get in the car.
Glad you came.
Sorry about the precautions.
I just hope it was|worth my while, Mr...?
I could give you a false name,|but I won't. Call me "X".
I've already been warned by the Agency,|so if this is another threat--.
I'm not with the Agency, Mr. Garrison.
If you've come this far, what|I have to say interests you.
I won't name names or|tell you who I represent.
Except to say you're close.
Closer than you think.
Everything I'll say is|classified top secret.
I was a soldier, Mr. Garrison.|Two wars.
A secret Pentagon guy,|supplying the hardware.
Planes, bullets, rifles...
...for what we call Black Operations.
Black Ops. Assassinations.|Coups d'etat...
...rigging elections,|propaganda, psych warfare.
In World War II, I was in|Rumania, Greece, Yugoslavia.
I helped evacuate part of Nazi|intelligence at the end of the war.
And we used those guys|against the Communists.
In Italy, '48, we stole the elections.
France '49, we broke the strikes.
Overthrew Quirino in the Philippines.|Arbenz in Guatemala.
Mossadegh in Iran. Vietnam in '54.
Indonesia, '58. Tibet, '59.
Got the Dalai Lama out.|We were good.
Very good.
Then we got into the Cuban thing.
Set up an invasion to take|place in October, '62.
Khrushchev sent missiles to resist.|Kennedy didn't invade.
We just had our dicks in the wind.
A lot of pissed-off people, Mr. Garrison.
I'll come to that later.
So, 1963...
I spent much of September of '63...
...working on the Kennedy plan|to get all U.S. personnel...
...out of Vietnam by the end of 1965.
One of the strongest plans issued|by the Kennedy White House...
...National Security memo 263...
...ordered home the first 1,000 troops.
But in November, a week after the|murder of Vietnamese President Diem...
...and 2 weeks before|Kennedy's assassination.
...a strange thing happened to me.
Is Dave in there?
You wanted to see me, General?
I do, indeed.
You're going to the South Pole.
I am?
Dr. Mooney's got the details.
Check with him. Have a nice vacation.
I was sent by my superior,|we'll call him "Y"...
...l was sent by General Y|to the South Pole... military escort for a|group of international VIPs.
I was on my way back, in New Zealand...
...when the President was killed.
Oswald was charged at 7 p.m.,|Dallas time...
...with Tippit's murder.
That's 2 p.m. the next day|in New Zealand.
But already their papers|had the entire history...
...of this unknown, 24-year-old Oswald.
Studio picture, detailed biography,|Russian information...
...and were sure he killed|the President alone...
...although it took them 4 more hours to|charge him with that crime in Dallas.
It felt to me as if...
...a cover story was being put out.
Like we would in Black Op.
After I came back...
...l asked myself, why was l,|the chief of Special Ops...
...sent to the South Pole to do a job...
...many others could have done?
I wonder if it could've been because... of my routine duties,|if I'd been in Washington...
...would've been to order|additional security in Texas.
I checked it out and|found that someone...
...told the 1 12th Military Intelligence|Group at Fort Sam Houston... stand down that day, over|the protests of Colonel Reich.
I believe it's a mistake.
It's standard procedure, especially in|a known hostile city like Dallas... supplement the Secret Service.
Even if we let him ride|with bubble-top on...
...we would've put one to two|hundred agents on the sidewalk.
A month before, in Dallas, Ambassador|Adlai Stevenson was spit on and hit.
There had been attempts|on De Gaulle's life.
We'd have arrived early,|studied the route...
...checked all the buildings.
We'd never allow open|windows on Dealey. Never!
Our own snipers would cover the area.
A window goes up, they're on the radio!
We'd watch the crowd. Packages,|rolled-up newspapers, coats.
Never let a man open an umbrella.
Never let that limousine slow|down to 10 miles an hour.
Or take that unusual|curve at Houston and Elm.
You'd have felt an Army presence|in the streets that day.
But none of this happened. It violated|our most basic protection codes.
And it is the best indication|of a massive plot in Dallas.
Who could have best done this?
Black Ops. People in the business.
My superior could've called|Col. Reich and said:
"We have another unit coming for|security. You'll stand down."
That day, some Army Intelligence|people were in Dallas.
I don't know who or why.
But they weren't protecting clients.
And Oswald. Army Intel had|a Lee Harvey Oswald on file.
Those files have been destroyed.
Many strange things were happening.
Oswald had nothing to do with them.
The entire Cabinet was in the Far East.
A third of a combat division|was returning from Germany... the air above the United States,|at the time of the shooting.
At 12:34 p.m., the Washington|telephone system went out for an hour.
On the plane back to Washington...
...word was radioed from|the Situations Room... Johnson that there|was only one assassin.
Sound like coincidences to you?
Not for one moment.
The Cabinet was out of the way.
Troops for riot control were in the air.
Telephones were out to stop the|wrong stories from spreading.
Nothing was left to chance.
He could not be allowed to escape alive.
Things were never the same after that.
Vietnam started for real.|There was an air of...
...make-believe in the Pentagon and CIA.
Those of us in Secret Ops knew|the Warren Commission was fiction.
But there was something...
I knew Allen Dulles well.|I often briefed him in his house.
But why was he appointed to investigate|Kennedy's death? The man who fired him.
Dulles, by the way, was|General Y's benefactor.
I got out in '64.
Resigned my commission.
I never realized Kennedy was so|dangerous to the establishment.
Is that why?
That's the real question, isn't it?|Why?
The how and the who is just|scenery for the public.
Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, the Mafia...
...keeps them guessing, like a game.
Prevents them from asking|the most important question:
Why was Kennedy killed?|Who benefited?
Who has the power to cover it up?|Who?
In 1961 ...
...right after the Bay of Pigs--|very few people know this...
...l participated in drawing up|National Security Memo 55, 56, 57.
These are documents|classified top secret.
In them, Kennedy told Gen. Lemnitzer,|chairman of the Joint Chiefs...
...that from here on, the Joint Chiefs|would be wholly responsible...
...for all covert paramilitary|action in peacetime.
This ended the reign of the CIA.
"Splintered it into 1,000 pieces,"|as JFK promised he would.
And now he was ordering the military... help him do it. Unprecedented!
I can't tell you the shock waves|this sent along the corridors of power.
This and the firing of Allen Dulles...
...Richard Bissell and|Gen. Charles Cabell.
All were sacred cows in Intel|since World War II.
They got some very upset people.
Kennedy's directives weren't|implemented because of...
...bureaucratic resistance.
But one of the results was...
...the Cuban operation was|turned over to my department... Operation Mongoose.
Mongoose was pure Black Ops.
It was secretly based|at Miami University...
...which has the largest|domestic CIA station...
...budgeted annually for|hundreds of millions.
300 agents, 7,000 select Cubans.
50 fake business|fronts to launder money.
They waged non-stop war against Castro.
Industrial sabotage, crop burning, etc.
All under General Y.
He took the rules of covert|warfare he'd used abroad...
...and brought them to this country.
Now he had people, equipment, bases.
The motivation.
Don't underestimate the budget cuts that|Kennedy called for in March of 1963.
Nearly 52 military|installations in 25 states.
21 overseas bases.
Big money.
You know how many helicopters|have been lost in Vietnam?
Nearly 3,000 so far.
Who makes them?|Bell Helicopter, who owns Bell?
Bell was near-bankrupt when 1st National|Bank of Boston asked the CIA... use the helicopter in Indochina.|How about the F-1 11 fighter?
General Dynamics of Fort Worth, Texas.|Who owns that?
Find out the defense budget since the|war began. 75 going on 100 billion.
200 billion will be spent|before it's over.
In 1949, it was 10 billion.
No money.
The organizing principle of|any society, Mr. Garrison... for war.
The authority of the state over its|people resides in its war powers.
Kennedy wanted to end the|Cold War in his second term.
He wanted to call off the moon race|and cooperate with the Soviets.
He signed a treaty to|ban nuclear testing.
He refused to invade Cuba in 1962.
He set out to withdraw from Vietnam.
But all that ended on the|22nd of November, 1963.
Since 1961, they knew Kennedy was|not going to war in Southeast Asia.
Like Caesar, he is|surrounded by enemies.
Something's underway, but it has no face.|Yet, everybody in the loop knows.
Forget about combat troops.
He told McNamara he would pull|out the goddamn advisors!
He fucked us in Laos and now|he will fuck us in Vietnam!
He can't afford to implement|it before the election.
I hear the NSC meeting|was a real barn burner.
I wouldn't have missed it for the world.|Heads will roll. Hear about Lemnitzer?
Kennedy rubbed Lem's nose in shit.
Said if we didn't go into|Cuba which was so close...
...why go into Vietnam|which is so far away?
There he goes again.
Got his hand on the chicken switch.
Lem said that Chiefs still|think we should go into Cuba.
Money's at stake.
Big money. A hundred billion dollars.
Kennedy bred voting districts|for defense dollars.
He gave TFX fighter contracts only to|those countries that will matter in '64.
The people in the loop fight back.|Their way.
We have to control|intelligence from Saigon.
We just don't let McNamara|stick his nose in this thing!
Every time he goes over to Saigon|for a fact-finding mission...
...he comes back and scares|the shit out of Kennedy!
Now I want Max Taylor on him|night and day... a fly on shit.
You control McNamara,|you control Kennedy.
I think it started like that.
In the wind.
Defense contractors, oil bankers.|Just conversation.
A call is made. Maybe to someone|like my superior officer, General Y.
We're going. We need your help.
In the fall. Probably in the South.
-We want you to come up with a plan.|-I can do that.
It is cellularized.
No one said, "He must die." No vote.|Nothing on paper.
There's no one to blame.
It's as old as the crucifixion.
Or the military firing squad.
5 bullets, 1 blank.|No one's guilty.
Everybody in the power structure...
...has a plausible deniability.
No compromising connections|except at the most secret point.
But it must succeed.
No matter how many die|or how much it costs...
...the perpetrators must|be on the winning side...
...and never subject to prosecution|for anything by anyone.
That is a coup d'etat.
Kennedy announces the|Texas trip in September.
At that moment, second Oswalds|pop up all over Dallas.
They have the mayor and|the cops in their pocket.
General Y flies in the assassins.
Maybe from the special camp|we keep near Athens, Greece.
They'd be locals, Cubans,|Mafia hire. Separate teams.
Does it matter who shot...
...from what rooftop?
Part of the scenery.
I keep thinking about that Tuesday...
...the 26th of November.
The day after they buried Kennedy.
Gentlemen, I am not going to|let Vietnam go like China did.
I'm committed...
...not to take our soldiers out of there|till they know we mean business in Asia.
Lyndon Johnson signs National|Security Memo 273...
...which reverses Kennedy's|withdrawal policy...
...and approves covert action|against North Vietnam...
...proving the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
Just get me elected, I'll|give you the damn war.
In that document...
...lay the Vietnam War.
I can't believe they killed him|because he wanted to change things.
-In our time in our country!|-They have throughout history.
Kings are killed. Politics is power,|nothing more!
Don't take my word for it.|Do your own thinking.
The size of this is...
...beyond me.
No chance in hell.
No, I'd be arrested and gagged.|Maybe sent to an institution.
Maybe worse. You too.
I can give you the background. You|find the foreground, the little things.
Dig, you're the only one to bring|a trail in Kennedy's murder.
That's important. It's historic.
I haven't yet.
I don't have much of a case.
You don't have a choice anymore.
You're a significant threat to|the national security structure.
They'd have killed you already,|but there's light on you.
So they'll destroy your credibility.
They already have in many circles.
Be honest.
Your only chance is to come up with|a case. Something. Anything.
Make arrests. Stir the shitstorm.
Hope to start...
...a chain reaction of|people coming forward.
The government will crack.
Fundamentally, people are|suckers for the truth.
And the truth is on your side, bubba.
I just hope you get a break.
Mr. Shaw?
You are under arrest for conspiracy...
...and entering into agreement with|others for the purpose of murdering...
...President John F. Kennedy.
We have a warrant to|search the premises.
It's my duty to inform you... have the right to remain silent.
Clay LaVerne Shaw.
1313 Dauphine Street, New Orleans.
Ever use any aliases?
Clay Bertrand.
Mr. Clark, are you aware of the charges|filed by Attorney General Garrison?
Yes, Mr. Shaw was included|in our investigation.
No connection was found at all.
If the FBI did investigate him,|why is his name not mentioned... the entire 26 volumes|of the Warren Report...
...even if it is to clear his name?
I doubt this Attorney General|would qualify for my staff.
Mr. Garrison has presented|absolutely nothing publicly...
...which would contradict our findings.
I know of no fact which would refute...
...the Commission's conclusion...
...that Lee Oswald was the lone killer.
I congratulate Mr. Shaw.|Most defendants must wait for trial...
...before they produce sacred|cows like a Chief Justice... a character witness...
...who is not under oath and|therefore free from perjury.
Even if it's partly true... realize you're damaging|the credibility of the country?
Is a government worth preserving|when it lies to the people?
It's become a dangerous country...
...when you cannot trust anyone.|When you cannot tell the truth.
I say let justice be done,|though the heavens fall!
"The JFK Conspiracy:|The Case of Jim Garrison."
-Honey, this is about you.|-After an investigation in New Orleans...
...reporters have learned...
...that District Attorney|Jim Garrison and his staff...
...have intimidated, bribed|and even drugged witnesses... attempt to prove a conspiracy|involving businessman Clay Shaw... the murder of John F. Kennedy.
John Chancler was a cell mate|of Willie O'Keefe's at Angola.
He said he'd be cut loose|if he copped to the DA's office.
I sent him up for burglary.
And there's his old buddy Miguel Torres.
We sent him up too.
They wanted me to say Shaw|was Bertrand. They'd get me a pardon.
Janet Williams comments|on Willie O'Keefe's...
...descriptions of having met Oswald.
Was he a homosexual?
Not the Lee I knew. Absolutely not.
Mr. O'Keefe must have seen someone|he thought was Lee Oswald.
I didn't talk to nobody.|I was on drugs at the hospital.
I told the FBI that call was|a figment of my imagination.
I think he's quite ill, mentally.
With one half of his mind, he is|able to fabricate evidence...
...then he convinces the other half|that the fabrication is the truth.
Don't worry. There's only 20 or 30|million people watching this tonight.
My reputation's all right with|the people watching "Laugh In."
Has he ignored the Mafia|connections to this conspiracy...
...because he's indebted to the mob?
The more one looks at Jim Garrison,|the more one finds...
...he has destroyed reputations, spread|fear and suspicion, and worst of all...
...exploited this nation's|sorrow and doubt.
Jim Garrison has said:
"Let justice be done,|though the heavens fall."
He seeks the truth. So do we.
Dr. Martin Luther King's beautiful|dream expressed so dramatically...
...during the 1963|march on Washington...
...was shattered tonight in Memphis,|Tennessee by an assassin's bullet.
Police think the single shot|came from across the street.
They found a Browning automatic rifle,|fitted with a marksman's scope.
I'll get it.
Hello, is this Jim Garrison's daughter?
Virginia or Elizabeth?
Virginia, you're a lucky little girl.
Your daddy's entered you in a|beauty contest. Like to be in one?
I don't know.
My God! What have they done?
It's lynching time.
That sounds fun.
You get out of school at 3:00?
Who are you talking to?
That's all I need to know.
Mommy, I'm going to be|in a beauty contest.
Who is this? Who is this?
Did you enter Virginia|in a beauty contest?
A man called and asked her height,|her weight--.
Some crackpot. Martin|Luther King was killed.
Her life's been threatened!
A crank making calls.|Happens 12 times a day at the office.
Our home! A kidnapper, a murderer!
Only cowards make crank calls.
Nothing will happen.
You don't know what goes on here|anymore!You're busy making speeches!
Getting every crazed Klansman after us!
I'm taking the kids and I'm leaving!|I can't stand it anymore!
-The government wants us scared.|-You and your government!
They want everybody too scared|to speak out. They count on it.
-There's nothing to fear!|-Don't you have feelings?
Your own daughter!
What kind of a man are you?
I'll take them to my mother's.|You spend a week.
I'll change the locks, the phones.|I'll get a bodyguard.
Get a hold of yourself!
Before this Kennedy thing,|your children mattered most.
The other night you didn't|even notice Jasper.
He came to me bawling his eyes out.
I promise I'll make|more time for Jasper.
Is it such a chore?!
Goddamn it! If I said I'll spend|more time with him, I will!
I cannot fight you and|the whole world too!
I'm not fighting you!|I'm trying to reach you.
-You've changed.|-Of course I've changed!
My eyes have opened.
And what once looked|normal seems insane.
And now King. Don't you think this|has something to do with that?
Can't you see?
I don't want to see, goddamn it!|I'm tired. I've had enough!
You're ruining this man Shaw's|life because he's a homosexual.
That's not why!
Did you ever once stop to|consider his feelings?
You don't believe me?
-I don't know!|-You never believed me?
I just want to raise our children|and live a normal life.
I want my life back!
So do l, goddamn it!
I had a life too, you know!
You can't bury your head in|the sand like an ostrich, Liz!
It's not about our well-being, our|two cars, our TVs and your kitchen!
It's about our kids growing up in|a shithole of lies. I'm angry!
My life is fucked because of it.
If you could see it that way,|you'd see your life is fucked too.
You never talked to me this way.
If you don't want to support me, fine.
But don't make threats|about taking the children.
I'm leaving you!
-I'm taking the children!|-Go on! Get out!
-I am!|-Go hide!
Join the rest! They'll say I'm crazy.
Plenty of people will tell you I'm crazy.
You won't have any problems|filling out divorce papers.
But somebody's got to try, goddamn it!
Are we going away, Daddy?
I don't know, Jasper.
Because of Kennedy?
Will the same people kill us, Papa?
Nobody will kill us.
I'm scared.
I don't like it when|you and Mommy fight.
I don't like it either, honey.
Why do we have to leave?
Don't you love us anymore?
Daddy loves you both.
There's nothing wrong feeling|a little scared, Jasper.
Telling the truth can be|a scary thing sometimes.
It scared President Kennedy,|and he was a brave man.
But if you let yourself be too scared...
...then you let the bad guys|take over the country.
Then everybody gets scared.
Stay with Mom, Papa.
Here's another.
The U.S. Attorney in Washington|declines to serve our subpoena...
...on Allen Dulles, Charles Cabell, CIA|director Richard Helms, any FBI agent.
What'd you expect from|a pig but a grunt?
Now it'll be near impossible to|prove Shaw's connection to the CIA.
What's going on?
We've never been refused|an extradition request.
Let's get Julia Ann Mercer in here.
No, she could get hurt.
Look what's happening to other people.
She's the best witness we have.
I just don't want to do it.|Now, what else?
You got your hate mail here.|And your fan mail here.
The bad news is that the IRS requested|an audit of your income from this office.
I expected that two months ago.|They're wasting their time.
The bad news is the National Guard just|asked me to resign after 18 years.
Maybe that's the good news.|Never was as good as combat.
But this is.
Any more on Oswald or Shaw?
They were seen together|in Clinton in early September.
The Civil Rights Movement was running|a voter's registration drive.
Rumor is, Shaw, a local boy,|was working on some arms deal... discredit the Civil|Rights Movement.
Nobody really knows what|they were doing there, but...
...hell, they stood out|like cotton balls.
I got whites and colored|that saw 'em with a....
Last time I checked...
...there was nothing illegal|with registering to vote.
We still got the uh, Negro junkie,|Vernon Bundy...
...who saw him talking at the|sea wall near Lake Pontchartrain.
But, hell, it's tough, boss,|nobody wants to talk about Shaw.
He's just--.
You keep saying this, see,|you keep saying that...'re not digging--.
-I keep saying what?|-You're not digging--.
You wanna do my job? You do my job,|I'll do your job!
I think Clinton is a breakthrough, now.
Shaw denies ever knowing|Ferrie or Oswald, right?
That proves he's a liar.
Keep on it, Bill.
This is interesting.
Oswald went to see the FBI 2 weeks...
...before the assassination.
May I see Special Agent Hosty?
He's not in. Can someone|else help you?
Special Agent Hosty made 3 visits|to Janet Williams' house... keep an eye on Marina.|He left a note.
Hosty told a newspaperman|it was a warning... stop questioning Marina|when Oswald was not present.
She was not a citizen, so possibly he|was threatening to deport her to Russia.
But what the note really|said, no one knows.
Hosty tore it up and|flushed it down the toilet.
This is just speculation.
But what if the note described the|assassination attempt on JFK?
Come on, think!
That's the only reason to destroy it.
If it was a threat like Hosty|said, they would have kept it.
It makes their case against the|angry lone nut that much stronger.
Remember Agent Quigley...
...the day he was arrested?
Quigley destroyed the|notes from the interview.
We can raise the possibility that|Oswald was not only an informant...
...but he may have been the original|source for the telex dated November 17...
...warning of Kennedy's assassination|in Dallas on November 22.
William Walters, the FBI|night clerk, gave me a copy.
It went all over the country.|Nothing was done.
The motorcade went on schedule.|The Warren Report didn't mention it.
"A militant group may attempt to|assassinate President Kennedy...
...on his proposed trip|to Dallas, Texas."
Shortly after the assassination...
...Walters says the telex was|removed from all the files... an obvious|embarrassment to the Bureau.
I believe Oswald sent|information through Hosty.
I have a hunch Oswald had|infiltrated this group.
Cubans or right-wing extremists.
He was told to be at the|Book Depository that day... either prevent the|assassination or take part in it.
Either they told him they'd|close down the plotters...
...or simulate an attack...
...on Kennedy to whip|up public opinion... Kennedy would have to|reverse his policies on communism.
What they told him doesn't matter.
He was under orders.
He was a foot soldier.
You can't miss. He is a dead duck.
I don't buy it.
Why would the FBI cover it up?
A telex disappears from every|single FBI office in this country?
There's a word, Bill.
-Orders.|-Or a cover-up.
Don't you have enough proof|of the FBI's complicity yet?
I respect this country's institutions!
How the hell can you keep|a conspiracy going...
...between the mob, CIA, FBI, Army|Intelligence and who knows what else...
...when you can't keep a secret|in this room between 12 people?
I mean, we got leaks everywhere.
We are going to trial, y'all!
What the hell do we really got?
Oswald, Ruby, Banister|and Ferrie are dead.
Maybe Shaw is an agent. I don't know.
But as a covert operator...
...he is wide open for blackmail|because of his homosexuality.
Shaw's our toehold. I don't know|or care exactly how he fits.
But he's lying through his teeth.|I won't let go of him.
That's why you're going to|trial against Clay Shaw?
You will lose!
We should investigate|our Mafia leads here.
I can buy that easier than|I can the government.
Ruby is all mob, knows|Oswald, sets him up.
Hoffa, Trafficante, Marcello,|they hire some guns and do Kennedy.
The government doesn't want to|open up a whole can of worms...
...because it used the|mob to try to get Castro.
Castro being assassinated|by the mob by us...
...sounds wild to John Q. Citizen.
So they close the book on JFK.
Makes perfect sense to me.
I don't doubt their involvement|at a low level.
Could the mob change the parade route?
Or eliminate the protection|for the President?
Could the mob send Oswald|to Russia and get him back?
Get the FBI, the CIA and the Dallas|Police to mess up the investigation?
Get the Warren Commission|appointed to cover it up?
Wreck the autopsy? Influence the|national media to go to sleep?
Since when has the mob used anything|but .38's for hits up close?
The mob wouldn't have the guts or the|power for something of this magnitude.
Assassins need payrolls.
Schedules, times, orders.
This was a military-style ambush.
A coup d'etat with|Lyndon Johnson waiting in the wings.
You're saying Lyndon Johnson|was involved? The President?
Johnson got $1 billion for his friends,|Brown and Root... dredge Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam.
Boss, are you calling|the President a murderer?
If I'm so far from the truth, why|is the FBI bugging our offices?
Why are witnesses bought|off and murdered?
Why are federal agencies blocking|our extraditions and subpoenas?
I don't know.
Maybe there's some rogue|element in the government.
With a full-blown cover-up?
You ever read Shakespeare?
I do.
"Julius Caesar"?
"Brutus and Cassius, they|too are honorable men."
Who killed Caesar?
10 or 12 Senators.
All it takes is one Judas.
A few people on the inside.|Pentagon, CIA.
This is Louisiana.
How do you know who your daddy is?|'Cause your mama told you so.
You are taking a crap in the wind.
And I am not going along on this one.
I've had my doubts all along about Bill.
He's been fighting us.
We need him back.
He wasted a month trying to prove...
...that mob boys like Jack Ruby|are hooked up with Hunt Oil.
-I don't trust him.|-I will not hear this.
I value Bill as much as any person here.
It's time
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Joey 1x01 - Pilot
Joey 1x02 - Episode One
Joey 1x03 - Joey and the party
Joey 1x04 - Joey and the book club
Joey 1x05 - Joey and the perfect storm
Joey 1x06 - Joey And The Nemesis
Joey 1x09
Joey 1x10
Johnny English
Johnny Got His Gun
Johnny Stecchino (Johnny Toothpick)
Joint Security Area
Jolly Roger
Jonas qui aura 25 ans en 2000 (Alain Tanner 1976)
Jonny Vang
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat CD1
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat CD2
Josie and The Pussycats
Journey To The Center Of Earth 1959 CD1
Journey To The Center Of Earth 1959 CD2
Journey to the Seventh Planet
Joy Ride
Ju-On - The Grudge 2 (2003)
Ju-on The Grudge
Juana La Loca
Judge Dredd
Judgement in Stone A
Judgment at Nuremberg
Juego de Arcibel El 2003
Jules and Jim
Jumanji (1995)
Jungle Book II The
Jungle Book The
Jungle Fever
Jungle Juice
Junk (Shiryour Gari 1999)
Junk 1999
Jurassic Park - Collectors Edition - DTS
Jurassic Park - Lost World
Jurassic Park 2 - The Lost World CD1
Jurassic Park 2 - The Lost World CD2
Jurassic Park III
Just Cause (1995)
Just Do It (aka Hamyeondoinda)
Just a kiss
Just married
Just visiting
Juste une Question dAmour
Juwanna Mann
Juyuso seubgyuksageun (Sang-Jin Kim 1999)