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Jaal (The Trap)

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Naved Rabbani, answer to the point|if you want to save your skin
Jehad (Holy war). Jehad is the answer|to every question of yours
7th October, Doda military camp;|22 Indian soldiers were killed
Were you behind the attack in which|we killed four of your accomplices?
Speak up!
Wrong. We got rid of 22 enemies
And four of our Jehadis|attained martyrdom in the operation
It means you admit that|you were the one who conspired
Wafai Al Haq is not|a single identity, officer
It is the name of|thousands of men like Naved Rabbani
Where is your headquarter?|On whose directions...
are you spreading terror|in our country?
We want to know what your outfit is|plotting right now to bring us to harm?
Speak!|- Not words...
we are taught the language of guns|to talk to you guys
And remember this one thing, officer
You cannot keep Naved Rabbani|under custody for long
Because our Jehadi soldiers know|what nerve to hit...
to bring your government|down on its knees
Anita! Move away!
What's your problem?|Why don't you understand...
that a militant outfit is|hovering over your head like death?
Despite mine and Amarjeet Singh's|orders why did you come here?
Why don't you realise?
It is for your own safety|that we brought you here from India
And I'm responsible for your safety
What would I answer them|had something happened to you?
Come on
Junaid-bhai, our attempt to murder the|Home Minister's daughter has failed
Uncle, you cancelled|your trip back to India?
It was my mistake.|Your forbid me, yet...
It's tough to understand you.|You are very crooked
You commit mistakes again and again and|then you pull a long face before me
And I'm such an idiot, I take|every mistake of yours to be the last
Mr Kaul?|- Nothing to worry, Mr Chaudhary
Everything is fine
But you must reason with Anita.|It all happened due to her foolishness
Let me talk to her.|- Sure
Talk to your daddy
What am I hearing, Anita?|- Actually Daddy...
And get this very clear.|Obey whatever Mr Kaul orders
Not only a question of your life, dear,|it's a matter of India's honour too
If you are harmed, our country's|security system will be mocked at
Understand?|- Yes
I don't want anymore complaints
Not anymore. Promise
Forgive me, uncle. Trust me, I won't|defy your officers' orders anymore
I will do just as they ask me to. But|don't cancel your trip back to India
If the wedding is called off,|it will break hearts
And I'll be held responsible
Our commandos are placed all around,|within 12 kilometres of this bungalow
Should the enemy try to penetrate,|it will mean inviting its own death
I will stay within limits,|but you must go to India
I feel like giving you a tight slap
This is a great responsibility|that I entrust you, Amarjeet Singh
And I hope you will live up|to my expectations
I won't betray your trust
What's your plan?|- May I come with your to the airport?
All right, come on
Who else do you have at home, uncle?
There's a lady who bosses me around,|my wife
And I have a son, Ajay
What does Ajay do?
I'm still trying to figure out|what he does and what he tries to do
He does not want what I want. And|I don't understand the things he does
Things like?
Everywhere they go,|they rule
They win over every heart
Whether it is for a beauty|or for their country...
their love is true forever
They are number one|in everything they do
Indians, the lion-hearted ones
Nehru and Gandhi...
raised a storm
To every martyr...
I salute
Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh|were soldiers who rebelled
Indians, the lion-hearted ones
Our Mother Theresa|spread the message of peace
Our Queen of Jhansi|found martyrdom
No foe could stand|against Rana Pratap
Indians, the lion-hearted ones
Lord Ram, the great archer...
Lord Krishna, the mesmerizer...
our bagful of benevolence...
our bagful of pride
Our soil is golden,|our water is elixir
Indians, the lion-hearted ones
Indians, sweet Indians
Indian boys...
and Indian girls...
have sweet voice...
their aura so sweet
Every couple here is exemplary
Indians, the lion-hearted ones
Everywhere they go,|they rule
They win over every heart
Whether it is for a beauty|or for their country...
their love is true forever
They are number one|in everything they do
Indians, the lion-hearted ones
Indians, the lion-hearted ones
Ajay, you are an amazing singer,|you are a sensation is this city
Why don't you cut an album?|- You know very well that...
to cut an album is no child's play.|And I don't dance so well
Well, when did you return from Delhi?
Today morning.|I wanted to give you a surprise
Your articles, news report,|investigative stories are just amazing
How do you manage to meet those guys|whose whereabouts are hardly known?
It's tough.|It takes months to trace one man
But ultimately, you manage|to find some way or the other
Brother, you got to go to the station|to receive Father. Remember?
Yes, I do.|- The train arrives at 4pm
Be there on time.|- I'll be there at four
Hey, it's about to be four.|Alok, I'll catch you later
Interview stalled once again
Whose veil is this?
Whose veil is this?
What are you watching?|Who does it belong to? Tell me
Whose veil is this?|Can't you take care of your veil?
All right, whoever it belongs to,|come and take it
Excuse me... it's mine
You are so careless
Can't you take care of a veil? Do you|know what it has done to my motorcycle?
I'm a teacher in a nearby school.|While I was crossing the road...
the sudden breeze blew my umbrella.|I was trying to hold it...
when my veil flew off|and you fell down
Strange! Isn't your veil|more important?
I guess you know what a veil|means for a girl?
Yes. I'm sorry, forgive me
My veil...|- Here you are
See? My son is not here as yet
Despite the train being|delayed by half-hour. Ridiculous
Sardarji, will you go to Mashobra?|- Sure
Past the Yellow Mansion, to the end|of the road. Don't crib later
Uncle-ji, I'll drop you|wherever you say
Uncle-ji, you remember me?|You have travelled in my cab before
My name is Sukhwinder Billa.|- Sukhwinder Billa?
Yes. They call me Singer Billa
The door opened on its own!|- Shut it before you fall off
I'm Ajay's disciple,|I never miss his performance
I spend all my earnings on his shows
Why don't you send Ajay to Bombay?|He'll cut an album and become a star
I have thought up|a name for myself for the album
Name for an album?|- Yes. Singer Billa Brandy
Singer Billa Brandy?|- Yes. And I have composed a song too
O my car, take me to Patiala...
Stop it, will you?
Is it a car or a piece of junk?|- Shut the door!
The handle came off.|- Never mind. You like my song?
Hi Ajay.|Your father took Billa's cab
Billa's cab?|He's going to drive Father crazy!
Pull over.|- Like my song?
Pull over.|- Another song?
I say, stop!|- Hear another song I composed
You chew my brains!
Your scream just like your car
Uncle, you mustn't be angry.|You are Ajay's daddy, my guru's daddy
Ajay can only be a guru|to an ass like you
I'll take the luggage.|- Don't touch it, lay off
Uncle-ji is angry
I hope we didn't|leave Mashobra behind
Actually, in trying to save my veil and|umbrella, I lost hold of my umbrella
You said my veil is more important
You are hurt
There's a limit to carelessness
I'm still strong enough. He didn't|have to carry me from the station
It just feels nice to see my son|coming to receive me at the station
Please forget it, Father.|Brother is here
Where were you?
Bless you
Father, I was going to the station|to pick you up, but on the way...
What happened on the way?|- Ma, a veil flew out of nowhere...
and landed on my face, and I lost|balance. But I'm not hurt much
What happened? How could this happen?|- It's only a scratch
I managed somehow and saved myself|from a terrible accident
Anyway, the girl was pretty I guess?|- Yes, Ma
That explains it. The sight of|the girl must've sent him in a tizzy
Then who cares who is arriving.|Hardly makes a difference
No sweat. He rams into|a beautiful girl who enchants him
So what's the problem?|- Nothing of that sort, Ma
I'm over her
You said my veil|is more important to me
You are hurt
A girl takes over my heart
As if life|breathes into my heartbeats
She has driven me crazy
She has driven me insane
Her eyes are so intoxicating
A girl takes over my heart
As if life|breathes into my heartbeats
Everywhere I see only her
My heart is hysteric,|I'm sleepless
In the garden of my heart,|flowers blossoms...
now that a girl|takes over my heart
She has driven me crazy
She has driven me insane
Her eyes are so intoxicating
Her tresses, of the night
Her face, of sunshine
It appears as if the clouds|have spread over the moon
I gave my heart away|almost at once...
the moment she sought
She has driven me crazy
She has driven me insane
Her eyes are so intoxicating
A girl has taken over my heart
Hi Neha.|- What kept you, Ashu?
Extra classes
Brother!|- How are you, Neha?
You were supposed to come on 10th.|- Yes, but I got 4 more days of leave
So I came over.|- Looks like Chandigarh suits you
You have put on some weight.|- A little. Let's go
What are you looking at, gentleman?
You stay around here?|- Right. So?
Can you tell me who owns that house?
It's mine. Any problem?
I see. The owner of the house|sends you to scare me out of there
So Suresh-bhai has stooped down to|hooliganism. I failed to pay...
two months' rent, so what? The house is|still there, I haven't taken it away
I will pay up next month, tell him.|- You are taking me wrong
Really? Useless chaps like you|do nothing more than this these days
But I'm a free citizen of|a free country. You can't threaten me
Which house am I talking about?|- The one where a carpet is hung
No, I'm talking about the next one
It belongs to Mr Sharma. So?|- I came here to meet Mr Sharma
So go and meet him. He doesn't|stay there, it is always locked
Everyone comes asking me about him.|Big problem. Sharma, the sonofagun!
Ajay, don't be engaged tomorrow|morning. You will be with me all day
I have to meet someone|at nine tomorrow, Father
The wedding is at hand
Tomorrow we got to place the orders|for the catering and the wedding altar
Tomorrow morning is impossible.|We'll go around 3 o'clock
But she leaves at three!
Who leaves?|- Nothing, Father
I can't go with you. I have organised|everything for the wedding, anyway
Everything is done.|- You are coming with me. Period
Yes Father
Come, young man. Ready?
Let's go.|- But Father, I told you...
I got to see someone at nine.|I can't go with you today
I doubted that last night itself.|That's why I've been sitting...
on this motorcycle since seven.|I read the entire paper sitting here
I even had breakfast|on the motorcycle
Why are you insisting, Father?|I have to meet someone at nine
No sweat. Let's place the orders first|at Pannalal's, then you can go and meet
I'll meet, too.|- Father, it is already 8:30
It'll take 25 minutes to reach|Pannalal's, you will chat with him...
for half-hour.|Then how will I reach on time?
All right, but let's go|to Pannalal's first. Sit
Sit, will you?|- Ma!
What are looking at?|Come and sit
What is it?|- Take a good look at him
What does it mean?
Watch it
You love it, Father, don't you?|You used to enjoy the way I drove
But it appears like you are|old enough to get scared
I'm not scared, son. But where|is the need to drive so fast?
Father, my motorcycle doesn't|get any slower
Watch this
Go slow on the slope, Ajay!
Father, I jog 12 kilometres daily.|I take total care of my health
I meditate for an hour everyday.|Watch my command over the motorcycle
Look, my hands are free.|- Hands on the handle!
Put your hands down!|- Isn't it fun, Father?
Grab it!|- Watch this lovely cut
Take this
Father, another lovely cut
It's fun, isn't it?
Isn't it fun, Father?|- Real fun, of course!
It's a routine, Father.|- Grab the handle!
See that, Father?|- I will, only if I can see anything
All I can think of is that Pannalal's|shop seems too far all of a sudden
Pannalal's shop?|Here we go
Open your eyes, Father.|Pannalal's shop is here
Well Father, are you reeling?|Does everything seem to go round?
Oh come on, I was only joking
You look good when you are joking
In fact, I'm really good
Try me. You will be|with me all day, right?
All right, stay here, I'll be|right back. Don't you move
One Neha teaches here...|- You mean Neha Pandit?
Yes... Neha Pandit. Can I meet her?|- She's absent today, she's unwell
What...? What are you doing?
I found out at your school that|you are unwell, so I...
Why did you come to my house?|Please go away
I need to talk to you.|- Father should be here any moment
If he sees you here...
Father is here. Please go away.|I'll be in trouble if he sees you here
But I need to talk to you...|- We can talk tomorrow
Go for now.|- At Mount View at 2 tomorrow
I'll be there. Go for now, please.|- I'll wait
Why did you enter my house?|- Mr Sharma...
Didn't I show you his house?|- No way
You showed me this house. You may not|remember, but I'm pretty sure...
you showed this one.|- What nonsense!
Am I crazy to show my house|as Sharma's house?
How would I know your problem? But you|showed this one as Mr Sharma's house
I showed you that one.|Can't you see that big nameplate?
Look there.|- I just didn't notice that...
because you indicated this house.|And how could I doubt you?
Because you don't look like a liar,|you can't pull someone's leg either
All right, my mistake, forgive me
Now you know Sharma's house,|don't you? It's that one
Yes. I can see the nameplate|as well as the lock
Bye. See you later
This guy is bad.|Sharma, you have ruined my life!
Bye, Mr Pannalal.|- Bye
Ajay, let me ride.|You be the pillion
Fine, Father
Sat?|- The gear is down there
That's the brake.|- I know
Are you ready?|- Yes Father
Then hold on tight.|- Here I go
Now watch!
Father, this slow pace is|humiliating to my motorcycle
We'll reach home tomorrow.|- Is that so?
Of course.|- Then let's take a short-cut
Father! What are you doing?|It's a dusty track
So what's wrong?|- Father, it's not tarred
Father, trust me, let me drive.|The road is not tarred
But son, I'm strong enough.|I have seen enough of your cuts
Now watch my jumps. Take that
Fun, isn't it?|- Of course
Now watch the best jump of mine.|- I've seen it, Father!
Let me drive it, Father, please
Now watch my balance and command
Hands on the handle, Father!
What are you doing, Father?|Hands down, please!
Father, watch ahead!
It's only a bump
Hold on tight, son
We're home, son
Let go of me now.|Come on, let go
How do things appear, son?|Round?
Look at you! You are frazzled
And you say you jog 12 kilometres|and meditate
Darling, feed him some dry fruits
I was confident you'd come
My heart kept throbbing|to say Neha will surely come
Look, the thing on your mind|cannot come true
Why not?
Because I'm married
My husband is no more
But we're here, baby
Of course
If you got space,|give us some
Not a car, she is|the wine of Shimla
Let's get out of here, please
Where to, lady?
Bye.|- Let me drop you
No, thanks
Your house is on the way,|I'll drop you
Why must you bother?|- Are you scared to sit with me?
Nothing of that sort.|- Then come on
Drop me here, I'll walk
No need to worry when I'm with you
That guy is strange!|- Who? Mr Sharma?
Bloody R. K Sharma! Had I found him|today, I'd have abused him
I've been waiting since two hours.|He fooled me
He has driven me insane! If you meet|him, tell him that I'm really angry...
whether he comes in the evening, night|or day. You will not sleep tonight
You will not go to work tomorrow.|You will do only my job
What are you staring at?
I'll come again and ask you|whether you have informed him or not
Step aside, will you?
To hell with your Sharma!|And why will I stay up all night?
What do you mean to me?|And what does Sharma mean to me?
He orders me as if I'm his servant
Good that he went before I got mad,|else I'd have given him one rap
Excuse me...|- Shut up!
You want to know about Sharma, right?|- Yes...
Sharma is dead. His last rites have|been performed. He's in heaven now
I'm going to stone anyone|who dares to ask me about Sharma!
Hurry up, will you?|- Trying
I'll make a racing car out of you
Why are you here?|- We found out that...
the police have arrested Ajay, so...|- Did you have to deck yourselves up?
Are you here to bail him out|or have you come on his wedding?
Come on
Welcome, Mr Kaul.|- Well...
I had to see this day|too because of you
I have to come to the police station|to bail you out
Nothing of that sort has happened,|Mr Kaul. No bail, it's only formality
Just sign here.|- Later
Ask him why he did this?|- Father, they were teasing a girl
I see. A girl here too?
There's a girl behind|every story of yours
Is this the girl with the veil?
Mr Kaul, he is right.|The guys he hit were goons
They have nothing to do|but eve-teasing
But it's not his job to take on goons.|The city has policemen
Ask him to swear that|he won't hit anyone again
Go on
I won't hit anyone.|- He said it. Okay? Now sign fast
Got to go home,|my son is hungry
Son is hungry!|- Hurry up
Ajay! You are incorrigible!
You raised your hand again!|- Father, he stared at me
He promised, didn't he?|- Yes
I forgot. I forgot, Ma.|- He forgot, he says
Come on
Today you have to distribute these|invitation cards for the wedding
And look, deliver it personally.|- Sure
And... for Mr Sharma,|I will go and invite him personally
Which Sharma?|- My friend R. K Sharma
Sector 2, B block, Cant Area,|Cottage 39?
How do you know him?
Father, I know him very well.|I will go and give it myself
That's fine, but I want to go|and personally invite him
He's a special friend.|- Whether I go or you...
it's one and the same. Mr Sharma|will definitely attend the wedding
I will deliver the card
Why is he so excited to deliver|the card to Mr Sharma?
I smell a rat
You! Not again!
Move it!
This guy is bad!|Sharma, you...!
Here you are. My sister's wedding.|You must come
Please don't refuse.|You will come, won't you?
Congratulation, Mr Kaul.|It was a grand wedding
And you found a gem of a son-in-law.|- Thank you very much, Mr Gupta
But your son Ajay is not to be seen
Congratulations.|- Congratulations
Yes Father?|- You invited Mr Sharma, didn't you?
I'm waiting for him, Father.|I'm more tensed than you
All right, I'll wait here. There's|a girl on stage asking for you. Go on
When did you arrive?|- Just a while ago
I was waiting for you at the gate
Good you came, else...|- We go uninvited to offer gifts...
when girls in our families|get married
Besides, you had invited me
I must leave now.|- What! You haven't had anything yet
It'll be too late,|there's no one at home either
Okay, let me drop you home then.|- But the wedding...
No problem. I'll hurry back
Well...|- What's wrong?
No idea
What happened?
I filled the tank this morning,|I don't know how it ran out of gas
Now what?|- Let's take a lift
I'll try that car
So this is what you are upto? You|sell off your shame and freak out...
with a hooligan at this hour?|You bring my honour to the street?
Look...|- Shut up! I'm not talking to you
How could you pull wool over my eyes?|Not even a year has passed...
since my son died, and you|have begun showing your true colours!
Let go of my hand and get lost
Come on, I'll deal with you at home
Reason with him. This song-n-dance|is not going to carve his future
It's been six months|since he trained to become a commando
Why doesn't he join and work with me?
What's wrong with you now?|Why have you pulled a long face?
It's nothing, Father.|- Heed me, it's in your own interest
It's not easy to find a job|these days
I'll make him see reasons,|he will join you
All right Sudha. Bye
Bless you
You are fine, aren't you, dear?|- I am
Miss Neha?|She has stopped teaching
Ajay here
How dare you call my house?
I need to talk to you.|- But I don't want to talk you
I'm coming home to meet you.|- Step into the neighbourhood...
and you will be at great loss.|- I'll be there soon
Stop there
You're the one who's saying|wrong things! What's the problem?
My sister's going to settle down,|her life will be made
Ajay is a good boy. He comes|from a nice family and you...
Don't tell me what's good and bad!|Your sister is now my daughter-in-law!
She's the pride of this house,|she's not a burden on me
I can't allow this marriage to|take place. And that's final!
I have seen the consequences|of your decisions
Have you ever thought how your|decisions hurt everyone else?
It was a decision of yours that|drove your son to suicide!
She's a widow because of you!
Neha, go to Ajay
As her elder brother, I approve|of this alliance4e
You have all the right to Neha
She's your daughter-in-law|and your daughter too
And thus, only you will decide|about her life
Only if you show trust in me|and give Neha's hand in mine...
will I take her hand
You don't just understand|relationships...
you have respect for them too
I can see your character|because of your beliefs
I approve of this alliance
The love you have given me...
what do you call it?
Love is a feeling|beyond comprehension
It's a thirst that|can never be quenched
Give me the sign of love|with your eyes...
simply call love|by its name, my love
Call it love
What are you thinking about?
Nothing.|- There surely is something
I'm thinking of how you came into|my life, like a gust of wind...
and forged a relationship.|I didn't even realise it
But I took you to heart,|the moment I saw you
The more I got to know about you,|the more determined I grew to have you
I had made up my mind|that I'd have you
And see? I have you today
Lonely, my life was...
tearful, was my happiness
There was an|unsurmountable pain
Your Ionely life, I will embellish
I will lay happiness|in your path
I will show this cruel world...
this promise I will fulfill...
this is a promise|I will fulfill
The love you have given me...
what do you call it?
The love I have given you...
I simply call it love
What are you looking at?|- Your eyes
They were those of a stranger till|recently. They mean the life to me now
You know how it all happened?|- How?
It was because of your scarf
Had it not flown,|had it not covered my face...
had I not fallen...|I'd never have met you
You have given|desires to my heart
I don't know what|you have done to me
My dreams seem to be|coming true
My obsession has|borne fruit, my love...
what was just a joke,|is love now
Not for nothing do|you pine in love...
it's the spell I have cast,|O beloved
O beloved
The love you have given me...
what do you call it?
Love is a feeling|beyond comprehension
It's a thirst that|can never be quenched
Give me the sign of love|with your eyes...
simply call love|by its name, my love
Call it love
The love you have given me...
what do you call it?
The love I have given you...
I simply call it love
Let me go!
Leave me alone!
My name is Junaid Afghani.|From the Wafa Al Afghan
She's in your custody
Hold it
If anything happens to Neha...
Your anger is justified
You sure are obsessed|with your love
But isn't right to lose control|of yourself at a time like this
Listen to me with a calm mind.|We don't intend to kill Neha right now
We'll return her to you safely
But you'll have to do something|for us in return
I will do nothing for you
It's perfectly all right for us to|kill anyone to accomplish our mission
When I gesture again,|Neha could fall off too
This is Anita Chaudhary
She's now in New Zealand, under|your father's security arrangements
You will have to bring her to us.|That's it
We'll let Neha Pandit go
The sooner you accomplish this mission,|the better it will be for Neha Pandit
Because spending|a single day with us...
is like leading a life of|a thousand years of hardships
Here's your new passport with Anita|Chaudhary's. They're in new names
I know you'd want the next meeting|to take place at the earliest
God protect you
Your luggage is...
That's all right.|Here you are
Here it is
You're from India?|- Yes
Anita, get out of that car!
You can't escape.|Step out!
Step out of the car, I say.|Step out
And you... what have|you been up to?
Sorry, sir. I made a mistake
Forgive me, sir.|I did at the lady's orders
You know what you've done, you idiot?|- I'm no idiot, I'm helpless
If I listen to you,|she hits me
You hit me, when I listen to her.|Forgive me, sir
Touch my feet later, you moron!|Tell me where Anita is!
Who are you?|And why did you hold back my car?
How did you get in?|Who let you inside?
Ajay, when did you arrive?
A little while ago, dad
Did you see a girl around?|- Yes
How dare you lock me in the boot?
Uncle, who does he think he is?|In the boot...!
She was running away, father.|I had a tough time...
Who the hell are you to touch me?|You called me mad!
You might wring my neck tomorrow!|- He'll do nothing of the sort...
Go on inside.|- I'll fix you!
Did you say so much to Anita?|- No, father. Not so much
But how do you handle her?|She's absolutely crazy
Never mind. And tell me how you|made this trip her so suddenly
Father, I thought about what|you said after you had left
I decided to forget everything else|and concentrate on my career
So I came here.|- Good! At last!
Mr Kaul... what am I hearing?|Anita tried to run away again?
Yes, but my son Ajay|stopped her at the last minute
Amarjeet Singh, this is my son Ajay.|I told you about him, didn't I?
Ajay, this is Captain Amarjeet Singh.|Chief of our team of commandos
I've met him at the airport, father
He's the one you will work under
Captain, explain his duties to him.|- I will...
but he's had a long journey, sir.|Let him take some rest
Ajay, go and freshen up|and I'll work out...
where and what work I can|give you in my team
Come, son
Coming, madam! At once
This new officer's very strict.|He's worse than the senior Kaul
He's being put on duty|to keep an eye on you
And madam, your tricks aren't|working with the new officer
Who are you working for?|Him, or me?
For you, madam|- So stop praising him!
Who does he think he is?|Has he landed from the skies?
My foot he'll be strict with me!|I won't let him remain here at all!
He has dared to mess with me,|with Anita Chaudhary!
He has no idea what he's in for!
Is that a new design in shirts?|It isn't bad really...
but you'd rather not wear it here.|People will laugh at you
You needn't be very happy
You haven't done much by getting into|my room and tearing up my clothes
Girls are like cats, who go after|the cream on the sly
Really? And you guys|are like owls
You think the world is limited|to what you see in the darkness
But that isn't true.|Nothing much has happened yet
Just wait and see|what's going to happen
I know what's going to happen.|Your pride will be shattered
And you will cry on my shoulders.|Forgive me, Ajay you will say
And I'm... so large-hearted,|I will forgive you
Let's see who wins and who bows
You're the one who has|to lose and bow
You're the one who will|run away from the battlefield
But keep the elders|out of this game
Not even the breeze|will get to know of this game
And you will vanish into thin air
Baburam, call Ajay|and Anita for breakfast
I've got to go to the bank
What have you done, Anita?|You've ruined my clothes!
I had kept this skateboard over there!|How did it get under my feet?
Why did you keep|this nuisance in the hall?
It could break someone's limbs
God has given you feet to move about.|Why must you have wheels under it?
Nothing's broken, I must say.|- I'm all right!
But you've ruined my appearance!|I'll have to change again!
I'm already late|for the bank
Father, may I go to the bank?|- That would be all right
I need to withdraw|some money urgently
Give him the cheque!|Silly girl
You're justified in|being happy, Ajay
There is always a lull|before the storm
Anita, what are you up to?
So you've landed in a problem?|I can pull you out of it
But you'll have to do something.|- What?
You'll have to accept defeat|and apologise to me
That's impossible.|- All right then
You can rot there
What's up with Ajay?|He hasn't arrived yet
I think... but that's not possible.|- What are you thinking about anyway?
Maybe Ajay's sitting in a casino
That he's fond of gambling,|you never told me...
No, he has no such vices
I hope you've been giving him|money to meet his expenses?
What?|- At his age...
one feels like going to the|discos and the bars
That he likes his liquor,|you never told me...
What rubbish are you talking?|- No, that's just an idea
Maybe that's not true.|- Whenever you think of something...
it's always rubbish
Police with Ajay?
I didn't imagine anything|so nasty, Uncle!
What happened, Ajay?
Someone called the bank and said that|the cheque I have, is a stolen one
Who could've played this joke on you?|No one even knows you here
Well...? How was it?
Where are you going?|- We're going to Ricky Martin's show
Sorry, I can't allow you to|go out right now
Uncle, we planned it long ago!|All my friends...
You are not going anywhere
If you give me anymore trouble,|I'll have to talk to your daddy
You get that?
Security! They've made|a prisoner out of me!
I can't go out,|I can't meet anyone...
there's no entertainment in my life!|I'm sick of such a life!
You girls appear to be fed up
Uncle has stopped us from|going to a programme
What programme?|- Ricky Martin
Whatever father has done|is in your own interests
Life is precious. But you can have|a song and dance here, if you wish
Here? In this house?|- Why not?
The singer's right here, before you
He's going to sing...?
You don't appear to have anything|to do with dance and music
You appear to be a wise girl too.|But you aren't really
What did you say?|- Instead of getting into a fight...
give me the opportunity|to prove what I've just said
You mean we'll have tolerate|your horrible voice?
I can make you dance to my tunes
You won't be able to stop yourself,|even if you wish to
What if that doesn't happen?|- I'll accept defeat...
and return to India.|- Very good!
Girls, he's going to pack his bags!
Beautiful...|you're a beautiful sight
You're a beautiful sight,|O fair one
Come to me... I bring for you|all the love from India
Why must you sulk|and torment my heart?
Where do you go,|leaving me pining?
Meet my gaze, O beautiful one...|keep anger out of this
Your glitter takes away|my life, O pretty one
You're a beautiful sight,|O fair one
You're a beautiful sight,|O fair one
When someone from India|makes a promise...
he doesn't even|fear for his life
Be not so arrogant, O pretty one.|Fear the Lord, O pretty one
Whoever has managed to live|without love anyway?
You're a beautiful sight,|O fair one
You're a beautiful sight,|O fair one
Why did you stop singing?
Sing, I say!
That wasn't right, Anita.|You can't do a thing like that
He said he'd make you dance|and so he did
But you can't slap someone|like that
Do you forgive me?
Do you forgive me?|- Yes, I do
I accept defeat, Ajay
Here, have a bite
What is the matter? What are you|doing here at this hour?
I thought someone has gone|towards Anita's room
So I...|- It isn't right for you...
to leave your room in|the darkness of the night
The security officer can|even make a mistake
I am responsible for Anita's security|and I'm doing my job pretty well
Please go to bed
Give that photograph to me!
That's my photograph, Anita.|Give it back to me
No, I want to take a look at it.|- I want my photograph back
What's your problem|if I take a look at it?
Let me take a look at it.|- I want my photograph back
No, I want to look at it!|And that's it!
I was afraid...
I thought it was someone|else's photograph
Give my photograph back to me.|- Here you are
Ajay, love is a strange|feeling, isn't it?
Man can do anything for it.|- What can you do for it?
I can take a jump from here|for you
You're laughing?|You think I'm kidding?
I'll take a jump right now|and show you!
What were you up to?|What...?
I love you
And I can jump a thousand times|for my love, Ajay
We've been looking for you!|Get into the car
You, Mr Chaudhary?
Is all well, Mr Kaul?|- Yes, it is
Mr Chaudhary, this is my son Ajay
You've landed suddenly|with such a huge entourage
Is everything all right?
This is my friend, Balwant Gargi.|He lives in America
This is his son, Manish.|My future son-in-law
So Anita's getting married?|Congratulations, Mr Chaudhary
Yes, I'm getting Anita married. Which|is why I've brought these folks here
They're getting engaged tomorrow|and married the day after...
so make some arrangements, please.|- Certainly! Please come
Daddy, you didn't even ask me|before taking such a big decision!
I'm doing what is best for you|under the circumstances, Anita
I want to rid you of the shadow|of death forever and forever
But I can't marry him...|- I will listen to nothing
I am not changing my decision.|And that's it
That's enough, Ajay!|Your run ends here
Come here, Anita
Your conspiracy will|not succeed, Ajay
Come to me, Anita.|He's a very dangerous man...
Anita, you don't know him!|He's a very dangerous man
Come to me!
Hurry up!
You've found a nice|son-in-law, Mr Chaudhary
Our Anita's stands out|in a million too, Ratilal
Stop there, Ajay!
Stop there!|Else, I'll shoot!
Move aside, Anita!|Move aside!
Don't be crazy, Anita!|Move aside!
Sir! The lady's not in her room!
I want to know where|Amarjeet and Ajay are
Mr Chaudhary, Anita has done things|like this even in the past
We've alerted the police and all|airports with their photographs
They'll let us know the moment|they have some information
What happened, Amarjeet?|- Anita has run away, sir
What?|- That's true
And Ajay is the one|who has run way with her
What rubbish! How can he do|something so cheap?
It's true, Mr Kaul
Ajay came here only with the|intention of running away with Anita
When he ran into her at the airport,|Anita's picture fell out of his bag
Why didn't you tell me then?
I thought...|- What did you think about?
Do you think I value Ajay|more than my duties?
Do not worry, Mr Chaudhary
I will return your daughter|to you safely
I will forget that Ajay is my son.|Even if I have to shoot at him...
my hands will not hesitate
A companion I sought...
a companion I have found
I tried to stop my heart...
but I lost my heart
Thanks a million, Lord,|for this happiness
What else do I need in life?
A companion I sought...
a companion I have found
I didn't imagine|I'd fall in love...
that I'd lose my peace|like this
The moment I saw you,|my heart started pounding...
it went crazy with desire
You are the one|I have chosen...
for romance
Thanks a million, Lord,|for this happiness
What else do I need in life?
A companion I sought...
a companion I have found
On every breath of mine,|is etched your name...
in my heart-beat|is your love
These moments that I spend|in your arms...
spread into eons for me
I've fallen in love...
to make my life
Thanks a million, Lord,|for this happiness
What else do I need in life?
A companion I sought...
a companion I have found
I'm going mad with happiness!|I'm flying, Ajay
Don't ever let me fall!
Take care of me, Ajay!
I knew you wouldn't|let me fall, Ajay
Thanks, Ajay Kaul
Ajay, who are they?
You've done a great job for us.|God willing...
Freedom is now ours!|- Freedom?
What freedom is he talking about?|And what job have you done for him?
I'm asking you a question, Ajay.|Say something!
I'll explain
We had a deal with him
The girl he loves|is in our custody
To have her released,|he had to deliver you to us
You... you love someone else?
Why did you deceive me like this?
I had taken you as|the love of my life
And you, you kept pretending|to be in love with me?
I spurned every relationship|for your sake!
I hurt my father's feelings.|And why...?
Because I had fallen|in love with you!
My love was true!|And you...?
Why did you do this to me?|Why?
Where's Neha?
There's Neha
Drop your guns
Junaid, you think you will|succeed in your designs?
Neha was outside my reach then.|Or else, this game...
For the militants|and the cause...
I was working towards the fulfillment|of my husband Naved Rabbani's mission
I'm Krishnakant,|alias Captain Rashid
Congratulations, Junaid
The first step towards the success|of our mission has been right
You're right, Captain.|Naved will soon return to our fold
And India will be defeated
Javed, throw him over the cliff.|If he survives...
the police of India will kill him.|C'mon!
The latest news!
Home Minister Bhagwat Chaudhari's|daughter has been kidnapped!
Two rupees
Ajay Kaul entrusts her|to the terrorists
Hit them!
You work for the terrorists!|Bloody traitors!
Lynch them!
What are you doing?
What's happening here...?|What are you guys doing?
Out of my way!
What happened, Sudha?|- They've been pelting stones...
and they're calling us traitors
Now hurl the stones!|I'm standing right here
Let me see who's the brave man!
We are not traitors
For the last 40 years, I have been|serving the nation with all sincerity
I have even defied death in|the discharge of my duties
For you people!
What my son has done|has hurt us immensely too
He has given us a lot of pain
And I've already told you.|He is not my son anymore!
He's a traitor of the nation!
He will face the consequences|a traitor of the country must face
I will kill him and hang|his body in the market place
Comb the entire forest!|Find Ajay!
Spread out in all directions.|He mustn't slip out of our hands!
There he is!|Ajay, stop there!
Ajay, stop there!|Stop there!
Stop, Ajay!
Look where he has gone!
Where the hell|has he gone?
Welcome to Zee News
There is not much happening on the|release of Anita Chaudhary
Anita Chaudhary has been abducted|by a terrorist outfit, the Wafai Al Haq
Sources reveal that the journalist|Alok Das will play an important role...
as mediator between the|government and the terrorists
Where and when the talks between the|government and the terrorists...
will take place, has been|kept a closely guarded secret
Hello, Rashid saheb
This way, please
Please be seated, Rashid saheb
Mr Chaudhary, may we begin...?|- I came here at Alok Das's request
Else, we have other ways of|putting forth our demands
The release of our militant|Javed Rabbani
500 million rupees in cash, the|transfer of the Governor of Kashmir...
and the cancellation of|elections in Kashmir
The elections will not be called off
Nor will you succeed|in your evil designs
This game of terror and guns|will end with your death, Rashid
You will not have Kashmir. Never
Earlier, you only asked for|the release of Naved Rabbani
Your new demands...|- The girl we hold a gun to...
is not the daughter of a peon|in a government school
She's the daughter of the|Home Minister of India
We know what her head is worth.|- What will you do to her?
Kill her? Go ahead. Kill her
But the government of India|will not bow to you
Nor will your demands be accepted.|- The government will bow and break!
We have played|these games earlier
We have defeated the Indian|government on earlier occasions
You have 48 hours.|In case you refuse...
let us know where we must|send your daughter's body
Rashid saheb...|at least listen to me!
The negotiations between the|government and the terrorist outfit...
the Wafai Al Haq,|is finally taking shape
The government has accepted|the demands of the outfit
It has agreed to release the|dreaded terrorist, Naved Rabbani
While the common man is jolted|at the government's decision...
even opposition political parties|have expressed their reservations
They believe that the government|is doing an irreparable harm...
to the country by releasing Naved.|That this decision by the government...
could further encourage the terrorists|to step up their activities in the nation
You have taken the wrong|decision, Mr Chaudhary!
How can you release such|a dangerous terrorist?
The government's decision has|cast a slur on our party
You have hurt the people|of the country, Mr Chaudhary
Sign here
To save one life, we have played|with our security arrangements
For your daughter's love, you|give up your duty and responsibility?
We didn't expect this|from you, Mr Chaudhary
Right now, I cannot answer|any of your questions
Sir, as far as I know you...
I can't believe it either|that you are doing this
No, Amarjeet Singh. I have taken|this decision after due thought
It's a move I cannot reveal to them
Till now, the terrorists opened|fire on us and went into hiding
I want them to come under the firing|range of our soldiers at least once
They will get death,|not Naved
I have issued instructions|to the police and the army
If a bullet has to find|my daughter's body, it will
Till now my daughter's life|was in danger
I am now betting on it
Open the door
Get in
Move it!
Hurry up
Let's go
The army entourage with Naved|has just left the camp
It's crossing the bridge
Stop it!
Where are you taking me?
Where has he taken Naved?
Ajay Kaul has run away|with Naved!
What are you doing?
Leave her alone!|- I'm going to kill her!
They'll kill Naved...?|As if I'll spare her!
Come to your senses!|Calm down!
Naved isn't just your husband,|he's also our chief!
And we can't bargain with|our chief's death!
You ought to know! For his life,|it's necessary that she lives!
He's right, Nusrat.|It's time to use your brains
We must find out|what he wants
Where is Captain Rashid?
Hit me as much as you want to
The girl's dying, no doubt.|And you're dying with her too
I don't know what|your son's problem is!
We had made all arrangements|to teach the terrorists a lesson!
But he has ruined it all|by abducting Naved!
He has saved your daughter's life|by abducting Naved, Mr Chaudhary
I didn't approve of your plan anyway
Do you think he's going to embrace|Naved and turn friends with him?
No, Mr Chaudhary
I now think Ajay is trying to|correct a wrong he has committed
And I'm sure, he will|set it right too
You know what you're doing, Ajay?
You have provoked them even more|with Naved's abduction
The danger to Anita's life|has increased
They could...|- Anita will not even suffer a scratch
They know, I have Naved|by the throat
What are you getting at?|- Because of one mistake...
I've lost everything I had.|I have been branded a traitor
Because of me, my father has had|to hang his head in shame
If Naved goes back to them,|it'll all be over
What do you want me to do?
I want you to take|my message to them
I don't know their whereabouts, Ajay
But I have a way of|sending the message to them
Greetings.|- Greetings
There's a message for Mr Rashid.|Please take this letter to him
Your man is alive and kicking
I have abducted him because I wanted|to correct a mistake I made
Bring the girl to Sarafa Bazaar,|hand her over to me...
and I'll hand your man to you.|At 7 this evening - Ajay Kaul
The meeting has been cancelled.|I'll return your man to you tomorrow
11 O clock,|at the potato market
Tea for you from the Sarafa Bazaar
Telephone me at this number
Stay here
Is there a telephone around?|- Near the temple close by
They have given us 24 hours, Ajay.|If you don't return their man to them...
it'll be a bus full of children|that will be blown up...
not an empty one!|- All right
I'll return their man to them|in 24 hours
But tell them to bring|Anita Chaudhary along
We have succeeded, Naved!|We have succeeded
Give that to me.|I'll unlock it
He has betrayed us!
Hurry up!
The train is about to start!
Hurry up!
Get a hold on yourself...|I'll do something!
Set him free!
Get the jeeps! Move it, everybody!|We've got to stop the train!
Shoot at the handcuff!
I don't want to listen|or say anything!
I don't need your help|and support anymore!
So you don't love me?
If my life were at risk and someone|asked you to do something to save it...
what would you have done?
You'd have done what I did
Anita, this train mustn't stop|till I want it to
Hurry up!
Don't move!
Don't stop the train|till I ask you to!
Keep hanging in there!
Don't fire at the train, Junaid!|It'll jump off the track!
Don't fire, Junaid!
Go over to that side.|Let's try and stop the train!
Move it! Get closer!
Fire at the handcuff!
Come to me!|My brave lions!
Watch it brother!|I'll come now!
We don't have the key!|We'll have the break it!
Give me your hand!|- Set me free
Junaid!|- Go and set your husband free!
Are you all right, dear?|- Yes
Where's Ajay?
Forgive me, father
You have been put to so much|of hardship because of me...
I've got to know|what you have gone through
Do you know why made|this mistake?
Because you had to fight this battle
Had you lost, I'd have|hung my head in shame
But I was sure you were the one|who would emerge victorious
Ajay, I can still take a|jump for you from anywhere
A companion, I sought...
a companion I have found
I tried to stop my heart...
but I've lost it
Thanks a million|for this happiness, Lord
What else could I ask for|in life?
A companion, I sought...
a companion I have found
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