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Subtitles for Jackal The - Collectors Edition.

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Jackal The - Collectors Edition

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00:02:01:Mr. Gorbatschow, 00:02:03:tear down this war! 00:02:33:Bring to an end the Soviet empire... 00:02:34:and its 70 year experiment of comunism... 00:02:37:continuing stife in... regions, along with widespread corruption 00:02:41:and economic misery 00:02:43:resulting in a virtual tidal wave of crime.... 00:02:45:the Russian maffia has involved into a world class 00:02:47:organized crime network, 00:02:50:with profits in billions including substantial US operations. 00:03:03:announcingthe unprecedented opening 00:03:05:of the FBI legal attache office in Moscow 00:03:08:along with the first ever joint US|and Russian cooperation. They insist.... 00:05:25:Ghazzi is in the Club. He is in position. 00:05:29:O.k. Up to go. MVD only! 00:06:33:What is this? 00:06:34:An Amerikan. 00:06:36:Who the fuck are you? 00:06:38:Deputy Director Carter Preston, 00:06:40:FBl. 00:06:42:You fuck Americans now? 00:06:46:You ugly milicia whore. 00:06:49:And you, 00:06:50:go fuck yourself! 00:06:51:This is not Chicago.|This is Russia. 00:06:53:So take your bitch and get the fuck out of here! 00:06:57:Do you think I am afraid of the MVD? 00:07:03:I swear I will kill you... 00:07:06:and your fucking whore mothers, if you don't get... 00:07:08:I repeat...|Fuck you, fuck you! 00:07:10:You scumface cunt! Fuck you! 00:07:12:All right, that's enough! 00:07:53:It's never easy taking a life... 00:07:55:but you saved one, too. 00:07:57:Mine. Thank you. 00:08:13:If you had my warning... 00:08:14:they must have ambushed our men outside... 00:08:17:before we knew it, there were militia with their gunns 00:08:21:out in every corner of the room. 00:08:21:They just opened fire and killed him. 00:08:25:It happened so fast... 00:08:28:it was over before it started. 00:08:32:Good. My poor brother... 00:08:36:How many militia did you kill? 00:08:41:Terek please,we didn't have a chance. 00:08:44:There were 30 of them. 00:08:45:Plus the American.|Yes, yes. But how many did you kill? 00:08:54:None. 00:08:56:None? Not even one? 00:09:02:Terek please. I did what I could... 00:09:06:You did what you could! 00:09:10:You let those militia pigs and that American scum kill my brother. 00:09:14:Without killing one in return? 00:09:18:O.k. That's what you could do. 00:09:21:Here is what I can do! 00:09:33:I loved this man like a brother. 00:09:36:He was a dear friend and partner to me. 00:09:39:So I took no joy in that. 00:09:43:But just think... 00:09:45:if I could do this to one I love... 00:09:48:what could I do to someone I hate? 00:09:55:So... the american FBI... 00:09:58:declare war with us. 00:10:03:And war it is. 00:10:06:Unlike other... 00:10:10:The hiena takes no chances. 00:10:13:Never atacking under sure of a kill. 00:10:15:Though a consument killer, 00:10:18:he is clearly no gentelman. 00:10:24:I apologise for keeping you waiting. 00:10:26:I had some other buisiness to dispose off. 00:10:29:So much wasted time, 00:10:32:confusing motion with acomplishment. 00:10:33:Another drink ? 00:10:51:The MVD killed my brother. 00:10:54:For that, I will see them drown in blood. 00:10:56:But their allies in America... 00:10:59:I wish to send them a message, 00:11:02:and very bad public (bad). 00:11:03:I want to strike fear into the marrow of their bones. 00:11:10:Can you kill this person?|Yes. 00:11:24:If I take this job I have to dissapear. 00:11:26:Forever. 00:11:29:So if you want me to do this, you're going to have to pay me. 00:11:32:How much? 00:11:35:American dollars. 00:11:36:All cash, of course. 00:11:39:A half now, a half on completion. 00:11:47:70 million. 00:11:52:Why not? 00:11:55:Done. 00:11:56:How many people know about this? 00:11:59:You and I.|Keep it that way. 00:12:03:Don't refere to our arrangement by telephone or fax, ever. 00:12:06:You should find a place outside Russia to hide,|untill the mission is completed. 00:12:10:If are leaks it will be my choice weather to continue the mission or not. 00:12:14:I've had a way I keep the initial payment. 00:12:18:Agreed?|O.k. 00:12:22:Informants tell us Terek has put bounties on all MVD and FBI personel. 00:12:28:Deputy Director Preston and Ihave special bounties on our lives. 00:12:32:In two weeks seven MVD operatives have been killed. 00:12:35:At least we know we are getting into. 00:12:36:Informants say it is just a start. 00:12:39:Terek has planned something more dramatic. 00:12:43:8 days ago... 00:12:44:Terek and his two top lieutenats were spotted in the town of Porvoo, 00:12:48:60 kilometres West of Helsinki. 00:12:50:They have been there ever since... 00:12:51:taking the entire thoughtful of for themselves and their bodyguards. 00:12:54:All for Specnaz, nine in all 00:12:56:but one has left the building in five days. 00:12:59:Their only contact with the outside is this man, 00:13:03:Victor Politovsky. 00:13:05:Goes to the Porvoo post office twice a day for Terek's mail which arrives general delivery. 00:13:09:Contact Interpol and get everything you can on Politovsky.|Yes sir. 00:13:14:Terek's men are notoriously hard to turn out. 00:13:15:Should we get the opportunity, we must be prepared to conduct the interrogation 00:13:20:with the at most efficiency. 00:13:21:Good day to you, Mr Preston.|Sir. 00:13:29:I don't think I wanna know what that means. 00:15:24:The new contamination is a tricky part. 00:15:28:They got to use ethyl acetylene. 00:15:29:Nasty stuff. 00:15:30:Gives you a liver cancer. 00:15:33:And I used a disk drive to erease the magnetic strip. 00:15:39:It's perfect.|Thank you. 00:15:40:You really did a beautiful work. 00:15:47:What do I owe you? 00:15:51:I think your ballance is about... 00:15:52:375 pounds. 00:15:55:This is 500 pounds.|Ooo...thank you! 00:15:59:Luck with it baby. 00:16:02:See you next time. 00:16:28:How do you want the accounts handled? 00:16:31:Split the deposit equally between 00:16:33:the Macao and the Panama accounts. 00:16:33:And the balance?|Live it here in dollars. 00:16:37:I need you to open me a Luxemburg account. 00:16:39:And get me some credit cards|use an American bank. 00:16:41:I'll sign you the names this week. 00:16:43:I'll live the creditcards in your box in Montreal. 00:16:48:Oh..this also came in the draught. 00:16:50:I need to use your computer, Clive. 00:16:53:Of course, everything is ready for you. 00:16:58:Good afternoon. 00:17:01:How may we help you? 00:17:03:I'm interrested in intermediate range system, 00:17:04:high cyclic rate. 00:17:09:Man portable? 00:17:10:Compact, vehicle mounted unit. 00:17:13:What caliber? 00:17:15:Not smaller than 7,62. 00:17:18:Available. 00:17:18:7,62 millimeter,M- 134 electric gatling gun. 00:17:24:I prefer non US equipment. Single parallel system. 00:17:28:Available. 00:17:30:Jugoslavian 20-millimeter 19/55 cannon. 00:17:34:Too heavy. 00:17:37:Available. 00:17:38:Polisch ZSU-33, elektric, 00:17:40:14,5 millimeter. 00:17:41:cyclic rate1.400 round per minute. 00:17:46:Interested. 00:17:48:Effective combat range 3.500 Meter. 00:17:52:middle velocity is 1.700 meter per second. 00:17:56:I'll take it. 00:17:57:Cost will be $200.000 US. 00:18:03:Transfer funds in a usual manner,|half now, half on delivery. 00:18:07:To the following address: 00:18:09:"Letterham Shipping",|Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 00:18:12:GIH 876. 00:18:16:Client name: Murdock, Charles C. 00:18:27:What are they planning? 00:18:30:Why is Terek in Finnland? 00:18:33:The Americans... Killed. Example. 00:18:35:Jackal? What Jackal ? 00:18:38:It doesn't make sense. 00:18:40:What are they planning for? 00:18:43:Who are you? 00:18:49:You fucken Jackal! 00:18:55:Why are you hanging around? 00:18:57:Revive him.|Jesus... 00:19:04:Drug assistance interrogation is perfectly legal, 00:19:07:when the matter is a state security. 00:19:09:Unfortunately Mr Politovsky had an undiagnozed heart condition. 00:19:15:He said... 00:19:17:Jackal? 00:19:18:Does this mean something to you, Mr Preston? 00:19:22:He is supposedly a killer for hire, who uses that name. 00:19:25:Several assasinations was acredited to him, 00:19:26:but we have never been able to prove if he even exists. 00:19:43:From time to time he was KGB assert. 00:19:47:Do you have a name?|No name. 00:19:49:Payments were made to the contracting organizations 00:19:53:or a Hong-Kong bank account. 00:19:55:no KGB member has ever seen him. 00:19:57:Do we know, if he ever operated in the US? 00:20:01:No. 00:20:02:But... 00:20:04:Politovsky's briefcase contained bigraphical material... 00:20:09:on your Donald Brown,|Director of the FBl. 00:20:13:Jesus Christ. These guys are going for the gold.|Get her on the phone for me. 00:20:46:Good morning. Purpose of your visit to Canada?|Steel... 00:20:50:Fishing. 00:20:55:Enjoy your stay Mr...Hayslip.|Thank you. I will. 00:21:01:Man, I give you a really good deal on this minivan, you know... 00:21:04:It's brand new, it's fully loaded. 00:21:07:We have got 60 CD changer for you. 00:21:09:Now, the only thing I need right now is your driving licence, 00:21:10: your credit card and I'll check this with the credit manager. 00:21:13:I think everything should be okay Mr Murdock.|Oh. Make it Charlie, allright? 00:21:18:Allright Charlie, see you in a second.|Take your time. 00:22:28:I want this...close hold. 00:22:31:No publicity. 00:22:33:For the working group together,|Staat, CIA, Secret Service, 00:22:37:Russian Emabassy. 00:22:39:I'll have daily progress reports 9 p.m. at this office. 00:22:43:Major Koslova, anything else? 00:22:46:Since 1983... 00:22:48:KGB provided founding for fight direct action missions. 00:22:52:One bombing and 4 assasinations... 00:22:54:The Jackal was the operative used. 00:22:56:Not giving me much to work with, Preston. 00:23:00:We don't have much, Sir. 00:23:02:Major Koslova's informers can't finger. 00:23:04:They don't know who he is.|The CIA can't track him. 00:23:07:Then what? 00:23:09:Using KGB files I've identified 6 operatives we belive, 00:23:11:they have actually seen him. 00:23:13:4 are dead, one is in Lybia, 00:23:16:but the last one is belived to be here in the United States. 00:23:18:A bask Separatist named lsabella Celia Zancona. 00:23:22:She maight at least know how he looks like. 00:23:24:But we have no idea about where she is. 00:23:26:Now, someone must tell... 00:23:28:Interpol says... 00:23:30:in the 80's she was involved with one...Declan Joseph Mulqueen, 00:23:33:IRA sharpshooter. 00:23:33:so they decided to get him out of Irland 00:23:35:and shipped him over here. 00:23:39:In 1989 he picked up twice 25 years 00:23:41:for weapon... 00:23:43:He is curently serving time in|a maximum security state camp in Massachusetts. 00:23:48:I say he does know where she is. 00:23:49:What makes you think he'll talk to you? 00:23:52:I'm hoping he will cooperate for a reduced sentence. 00:23:55:But don't promise too much. 00:23:56:After all...he's a terrorist. 00:24:16:You have got some visitors, Mulqueen. 00:24:25:What do you want from lsabella ? 00:24:26:She has done nothing here. 00:24:28:She entered the country illegaly. 00:24:33:What? 00:24:33:The FBI sent Deputy Directors 00:24:37:out after illegal aliens? 00:24:40:Give over, Preston,|What you're really looking for? 00:24:43:A pro. 00:24:45:Calls himself "The Jackal". 00:24:52:The "Mystery-Man". 00:24:55:We think she maight have seen him,|and may be able to help us find him. 00:24:57:If so, we will arrange a pardon for her 00:25:00:signed by the President of the United States. 00:25:03:And garantee - no extradition, 00:25:04:and also garantee, the Spanish government will never know about her. 00:25:09:They don't know now, do they?|Neither do you. 00:25:11:Let's keep it that way. 00:25:23:Would it matter that you maight be saving a human life? 00:25:25:Human life, whatever, say again|...would it be important enough for all of this? 00:25:30:Mr Donald Brown, Director of the FBI. 00:25:34:It can not be truth. 00:25:39:Look, we know that certain elements in this prison want you dead. 00:25:42:The entire government wants me dead, Mister. 00:25:45:Yet, here I am. 00:25:47:Oh you smart ass, let's cut the bullshit. 00:25:48:You cooperate, and you'll be to transfer to a minimum security facility. 00:25:53:That's our deal. 00:25:55:And that's your chance|to walk out this god damn place in one piece. 00:25:57:That's a one-time offer.|Take it or leave it. 00:26:02:Stuff a time, waste of fucken time... 00:26:05:Pardon my language, I've been in prison... 00:26:22:Alright, what would it take for you to help us? 00:26:25:First I'd have to be convinced that Isabella would be kept safe. 00:26:28:Done. 00:26:31:Then you would have to let me go, 00:26:33:back to Ireland. Free man. 00:26:37:Out of the question. 00:26:40:Besides gunnery, you are a known killer by the British government... 00:26:43:Not to mention all the women and children you've probably blew out. 00:26:47:It's not my war!. 00:26:48:I was never a bomber.|I don't see the distinction! 00:26:50:You steal human lives. 00:26:53:A distinction is a killer at war.|I wanna go home. As simple as that. 00:26:56:Simple for you, perhaps. 00:26:58:Same as in Russia, soldiers go home when the truce is signed yet? 00:27:02:Well, that's not gonna happen. Sorry 00:27:07:Alright, just the chance. 00:27:10:Your best effort is to give me freedom. 00:27:13:I'll sell her for your word on it. 00:27:18:I'm sorry. 00:27:23:So the Jackal is after your Director, is he? 00:27:25:Just tell him to get his affairs in order, 00:27:28:Nobody can save him now. 00:27:31:Nobody, except me! 00:27:33:Because I've met him! 00:27:39:Oh yeah, didn't I mentioned that? 00:27:52:I can identify him, by his face. Give me the opportunity. 00:27:55:But more his methods. 00:28:01:So you can leave Isabella out of this. 00:28:03:Did you work with him? 00:28:05:With him? No. No way. 00:28:10:Did you have a problem with this man? 00:28:16:That's between him and me. 00:28:24:Isabella Zancona is the only confirmed contact we have. 00:28:27:And we will find her. 00:28:30:With or without your help.|O.k., o.k. 00:28:37:I want 3 things. 00:28:38:One: get me out of here. 00:28:40:No use to here 00:28:41:What will keep you from trying to escape? 00:28:47:Nothing. Simply, I give you my word. 00:28:49:Two: 00:28:50:I go with you to meet lsabella. 00:28:54:Why? 00:28:55:To see her. That's all. 00:29:02:And the third thing? 00:29:04:Decent razor. 00:29:11:Here is how it's gonna go: 00:29:13:You will be searched... 00:29:15:and if we find as much as a paperclip, that hasn't been authorized 00:29:18:I send you right back to prison. 00:29:19:The same goes for using the telephone. 00:29:22:you don't trust me? As far as I can throw you... 00:29:25:But I have a little choice. 00:29:26:And if you have got any thoughts about the IRA snatch 00:29:30:we will shoot to kill...them and you. 00:29:32:And not necesserily on their arm 00:29:34:Understand ?|I heard you. 00:29:37:Go along and we will get along. 00:29:49:I will keep a real good eye on you. 00:29:56:Miss Koslova, is it? 00:30:05:And what your first name be, then? 00:30:09:Major. Major Koslova. 00:30:20:We're a bit rusty, that's all. 00:30:38:Sub assembly of titanium, so light as stresses will allow. 00:30:42:The arms are gonna traverse 270 degrees. mechanism with two time servos. 00:30:48:All things are gonna run at 12 Volt DC. 00:30:52:Okay. Well, it's car batteries, that's cool. 00:30:54:How much weight is the arm gonna support?|55 kilograms. 00:30:58:Hehe...bigfucker, yea? 00:31:02:Hey, you want one?|No. 00:31:05:You know, I want this in 8 days. 00:31:09:I can do that. 00:31:11:O.k. How much? 00:31:16:Well, titanium is gonna be a problem. 00:31:18:It's a listed material, so it's gonna take time|and a little more money. 00:31:23:50 grand? 00:31:30:I mean... well... 40... 00:31:32:40 grand. 00:31:34:Alright. 00:31:35:Half now, half on delivery. 00:31:39:This suckers definietly are gonna kick some ass, yea?. 00:31:45:It is straight: 00:31:47:When you finish this unit, your gonna turn over the plans|and all the scrap material 00:31:50:You're gonna forget about Charlie Murdock and his plans 00:31:55:Yea, sure man, I'm cool. 00:31:57:Relax.|Alright. 00:32:33:Are you nervous? 00:32:37:8 years. 00:32:38:It's a life time, isn't it? 00:32:46:Hello! Mr Decker, is it? 00:32:48:Hello there, I'm Declan Mulqueen. 00:32:50:And this is Major Koslova.|How do you do? 00:32:57:We would like to speak to your wife. 00:33:02:Iss. Someone to see you! 00:33:41:I'll take the kids out there. 00:33:48:My beautiful Irish. 00:34:03:They have let me out to ask you something. 00:34:07:Sir, I was thinking, maybe we could use the woman as insurance.... 00:34:15:However he plays, we play it straight: 00:34:17:Isabella Zanconas environment remains classified 00:34:20:That means: nothing in the report. 00:34:23:No name, no location. Nothing. Got it?|Yes sir. 00:34:32:I've never known his name, but was definietly an American 00:34:36:He had some kind of a...|special military training and he learnt Spanish 00:34:39:in EI Salvador, I think... 00:34:41:I didn't like talking to him 00:34:44:I suppose, we were all dangerous people, 00:34:47:but he was...different. 00:34:49:I mean, Declan was fire, all passionate... 00:34:53:But this man was ice. 00:34:56:no feelings, nothing. 00:34:58:O.k. Thank you Mrs Decker. 00:35:00:You've been very helpfull. 00:35:01:Incidentaly, it would be best 00:35:03:if you'd keep our conversation confidential even for your husband. 00:35:06:Don't worry about George. 00:35:08:he doesn't know anything about my pass,|and he doesn't want to. 00:35:13:All he needs to know is...that I love him. 00:35:22:I see. Well, I thank you again. 00:35:26:I'll wait for you in the car. 00:35:34:This opens a lock at Norfolk bus station 00:35:38:Inside is a clean passport and 10000 dollars cash. 00:35:43:Your friends left it with me|in case you have shown up 00:35:47:Take it, and go back to Ireland. 00:35:50:I can not. 00:35:56:You gave your word? 00:36:01:Go now! 00:36:02:You know, after he kills whoever he's after 00:36:03:they'll send you back to prison. 00:36:05:When I believed that, I'd use the key. 00:36:21:Are you happy at least? 00:36:23:Yes. 00:36:24:I love my children... 00:36:28:and my husband. 00:36:30:In my way, I mean.. 00:36:41:Still at night I can close my eyes... 00:36:45:and sleep... 00:36:48:and no dead faces come to wake me. 00:36:51:That is more than I ever had.. 00:36:57:You wouldn't have me give that up, would you? 00:37:03:Give me some credit babe... 00:37:38:She is Bask, isn't she? 00:37:45:They say, Bask live by the vendetta. 00:37:48:If they hate someone, it's to the death. 00:37:50:It's the same way, when they love... 00:37:56:My first name is Valentina. 00:38:04:Do you have family in Russia? 00:38:07:My parents. My brother in the Navy. 00:38:11:Husband? Kids? 00:38:14:No. I have not found the time. 00:38:19:In truth... 00:38:21:it's never been a conflict for me. 00:38:24:This is not a quality a man looks for in the woman. 00:38:35:By the way, 00:38:36:Whatever lsabella gave you, after I left 00:38:39:I trust you won't use that after our buissiness is concluded. 00:38:45:You don't miss a thing, do you? 00:38:48:No, Mr Mulqueen, 00:38:49:I see everything. 00:39:02:Maybe we should start by canceling you public appearances? 00:39:05:No, no. I don't thing that's necessary. I mean not yet. 00:39:08:Those fellows are gonna do same preparations|and they need time. 00:39:18:Mr Mulqueen, something you'd like to share with us? 00:39:20:He's likely to be using full of false identities 00:39:23:Three would be on him,|and one reserve in a dropbag somewhere 00:39:27:This is how he used to operate. 00:39:29:What matter if he has 40? It's still one man! 00:39:32:We maight be creating a storm in a tea cup. 00:39:34:Yea, yea... exactly... 00:39:38:Direktor Bolitonov, 00:39:41:Terek has always made doing his own killing a point of honour... 00:39:45:usually very bloody and very public. 00:39:47:A "Statement", if you wish. 00:39:49:So, if he's hiding outside there 00:39:51:obviously this is something he takes very seriously. 00:39:55:Untill this Jackal is captured or killed, 00:39:58:I don't think we can afford to do the less. 00:40:01:Ah come on, let's get real...|Hey, I mean - it's one guy. 00:40:04:It's just one guy. Bolitonov's right! 00:40:06:But with the assets in this room, the guy is good as god. 00:40:09:As if he does stick his dick in a ring... 00:40:13:like a lot of this clowns... 00:40:18:What's that Mr Mulqueen ? 00:40:20:Sorry, Mr Brown.This man is not a clown. 00:40:23:He knows all your moves back to front. 00:40:28:You have a name. That's all you're at! 00:40:30:So the Jackal has got a target.|You! 00:40:32:He's got the timetable. 00:40:33:And as to making mistakes, he spent 20 years 00:40:36:in a trade that doesn't forgive error! 00:40:41:Do you think he's vulnerable up against us? 00:40:44:Set the way round. 00:41:49:Hi. Can I buy you a drink?|Yea. 00:42:05:Maybe you should come home with me? 00:42:09:I'd love to. 00:42:13:But I can't. 00:42:16:I have to go back to Atlanta... 00:42:21:Does she know? 00:42:23:She does now. 00:42:29:So, how am I gonna see you again? 00:42:31:You can give me one of your cards. 00:42:39:You're not gonna call. 00:42:47:You just have to have a little faith in people, thats all. 00:42:49:Like I do. 00:44:04:Open your shirt. 00:44:08:Easy... 00:44:11:Now! 00:44:15:Easy... 00:44:17:Open your shirt... 00:44:29:Souvenires... British hospitality. 00:44:36:I apologize 00:44:43:No problem. 00:44:43:Oslo travel came up with James William Hayslip, 00:44:47:he flew from Toronto on August 25th.|Two days before meeting with Terek. 00:44:49:We checked the social-security number on his passport, 00:44:52:and guess what. 00:44:56:They belonged to an inmate commited to a mental institution in Virginia 00:45:00:twelve years ago. 00:45:02:Now, Canadian travels says 00:45:04:he flew to Montreal. 00:45:06:Nine days ago. 00:46:00:Charlie Murdock. 00:46:02:I think I have a delivery yet. 00:46:07:Yes, yes. 00:47:17:Hi! I need to use one of your computers. 00:47:19:Sure. Anyone. 00:47:26:Can I get online with this? 00:47:28:Yeah, sure. 00:51:51:Thank you. Hayslip has dissapeared. 00:51:52:A border patrol has his passport photo,|but nothing has shown up yet. 00:51:57:He's moved on. I told you.|One moment. 00:52:01:Only place for sure he has been is Montreal. 00:52:03:What if he started the next identity there? 00:52:07:I'm not following you. 00:52:09:Hayslip's dissapeared, but that doesn't mean the Jackal though. 00:52:13:Perhaps something has happened. 00:52:16:Witherspoon, 00:52:18:Have the Montreal Police|goes through their logs for the last 48 hours. 00:52:20:If he signed to the next name, because it's in the plan? 00:52:22:Man like this doesn't make mistakes. 00:52:26:No. They always make one. Somewhere. 00:52:28:Isn't that how you were caught? 00:52:42:What's our story...? 00:52:45:Major Koslova... 00:52:48:ends the debate about women in combat.|As far as I'm concerned. 00:52:50:How is that? 00:52:52:When she saved my life and took out Terek's brother. 00:52:57:She did it knowing she would be drawing|a death sentence down there... 00:53:02:But when we offered 00:53:03:settle her up at some place elswhere,|when this is over... 00:53:06:You know what she said? 00:53:09:The good guys don't hide. 00:53:15:Fearless woman. 00:53:17:In that country... under that system... 00:53:21:staggering. 00:53:29:Oh shit, you know what? I couldn't get titanium, 00:53:31:so I had a friend of mine mould the base|at carbon fibres instead. 00:53:33:It came at 23 kilos down of the weight you wanted. 00:53:36:Is that cool? 00:53:37:Yes, it's great. 00:53:39:But I still want the planes,|the mould and the scratch material. 00:53:48:Yeah... maybe we...are to talk about that once more. 00:53:50:You see, this rig... 00:53:54:I figure it's to support something really heavy. 00:54:00:Like a... gatling gun maybe? 00:54:03:Or a... 20 millimetre cannon? 00:54:05:So, you gotta be sure|that it's really something big, right? 00:54:08:Armoured car, maybe? 00:54:14:I don't know! You know, you gotta be sure the fucken... 00:54:19:But a.... the point is... a job like this can atract a lot of attention. 00:54:26:I don't want an attention... 00:54:27:Right, right... and that's what I'm saying, 00:54:31:I think the plans and the mould were a little bonus. 00:54:34:How much?|I don't know... 00:54:38:100 grand? 00:54:43:Come on man, you know it's worth it. |You've got a serious piece of equipement there. 00:54:59:Alright. I'll give you 50 grand tomorrow. 00:55:02:I need a place to test it, though.|Some place that won't draw any attention. 00:55:05:We have place like that, we have place just like that. 00:55:24:Target's at place. 00:55:28:You know, I should have brought some beer. 00:55:36:Motherfucker... 00:55:38:That motherfucker 00:55:41:is a state of the art! 00:55:44:I knew it's gonna be big, 00:55:46:but I didn't know it's gonna be|the fucken prototype cannon! 00:55:48:It's a fucken monstrum! 00:55:52:Man, look at the rounds.|Made from the uranium. 00:55:58:Once they get inside, they just spatter.|Yeah? 00:56:03:They get in there and... 00:56:05:That rocks! 00:56:07:Look at the phreacking lens on that thing.|Don't touch that! 00:56:11:They're like 2.000 mile-zoom-lense. 00:56:16:Is this thing a prototype, or what? 00:56:18:I bet it has cost you a shit load! That rocks! 00:56:24:You know, what I'm saying? It kicks ass. 00:56:49:I can't wait to see...|Lamont! 00:56:52:Close your mouth. 00:57:32:O.k.? 00:57:49:Well, at least... 00:57:51:you took out the target. 00:57:52:No, it's off. 00:57:54:By at least 3 millimeters. 00:57:57:No, that's precision craftsmanship. 00:58:01:So Lamont, tell me how to set this thing automatically. 00:58:06:You just... 00:58:08:touch a wind-correction and elevation, and hit enter. 00:58:12:So you just a... estimate it, huh? 00:58:18:And hit enter? 00:58:26:I give up! 00:58:30:I guess the automatic siding works. 00:58:32:is about to sprawl... 00:58:33:Well Lamont, 00:58:35:Let's speed-test it now.|Speed-test. 00:58:41:So... run! 00:58:47:What do you mean? 00:58:49:I mean run.|Now! 00:59:10:Run to your right! 00:59:39:Get up! 00:59:44:Just stop there! 00:59:48:Get up! 00:59:59:Hold that pack of cigarettes. Don't be afraid! 01:00:06:Stand very still! 01:00:19:Stand still ! 01:00:37:I told you, that was off. 01:00:43:Move over by the car!|Quick! 01:01:41:Here it goes Sir.. 01:01:45:Eleven days ago Charles C. Murdock... 01:01:47:bought himself a brand new Dodge Minivan. 01:01:50:Now! That was a big surprise for Mr. Murdock, 01:01:52:whose passport and wallet|were stolen 16 days ago at the Helsinki-Airport. 01:01:58:Anything from the border? 01:01:59:We have sent the description of the van to every crossing... 01:02:02:I have something. Uphall Station.|It is a small town outside Ottawa. 01:02:05:I think your man has been there.|Let's go. 01:02:24:The owner is lan Lamont... 01:02:44:Hello! I think I got something here. 01:02:51:What is it? 01:02:53:This is a remote firing station. 01:02:57:It manoeuvres a weapon,|the servo is on of a... remote control. 01:03:00:Like a... like a model aeroplane. 01:03:02:We used that things for models or a...|But nothing like... this size! 01:03:06:He needs a van, just to move around. 01:03:09:What would something of this size be used for? 01:03:13:Antiaircraft?|No! You can buy them... 01:03:16:Missiles are best for the aircraft. 01:03:18:This was something else... 01:03:20:Something with one hell of a range! 01:03:23:Not just a range, though. 01:03:26:See, this is a gun, It's a cyclic rate. 01:03:29:It sends out a hundred bullets,|before the first one reaches the target. 01:03:36:The thing about boats like this, is it sells itself. 01:03:39:It has a lot for the money. 01:03:44:It's got radar, GPS, autopilot, autotackle... 01:03:48:This has even a cellular phone.|You can call your wife if you want to... 01:03:54:So, what you think? 01:04:03:Deja vu. She is perfect. 01:05:49:Jackal. 01:05:51:They know you were in Canada,|and have an Irish who is helping them. 01:05:57:The Irishman's name?|Mulqueen. 01:06:01:Declan Mulqueen? Declan Mulqueen. 01:06:06:The operation still at go. 01:06:11:Declan. 01:06:14:The crossing points and airports have his photograph 01:06:16:but R.M.C.P. has nothing. 01:06:18:On our side the boarder patrol and I.N.S.|are both in a highest alert. 01:06:21:Again. Nothing. 01:06:23:But let's face it. Don't be Houdini to make a cross from Canada. 01:06:25:Probably walking cross for Christ sake. 01:06:27:He won't be walking, I can tell you that.|He's got a weapon to move. 01:06:31:What kind of patrol do you have on this?|the Great Lakes? 01:06:36:Not a lot. No need. People either fly or drive. 01:06:40:There are a few ferry services,|but we checked those, as well 01:06:44:What about people with boats? 01:06:46:What kind of emigration controls they have? 01:06:48:Arriving vessels have to check at the harbour. 01:06:51:Hmm...voluntarily?|Yeah. No active enforcement. 01:06:57:Say he does use a boat|he still wanna..mix with others. 01:07:01:Are there any gatherings to speak of? 01:07:04:Yeah, the Mackinaw-Regatta is going on. 01:07:06:It's the biggest regatta on Lake Michigan. 01:07:08:From where to were? 01:07:10:It starts in Mackinaw and it ends in Chicago. 01:08:21:Witherspoon, take Waveland. 01:08:25:Declan, Valentina, Chicago-Yachtklub. 01:08:27:I'll take the locals. 01:08:29:And remember, he would be on Ontario registered boat. 01:08:33:So look at everything and stay on your radios. 01:08:34:If you do find something, call in back. 01:08:36:I want an arrest, not a firefight. 01:08:44:Alright, lets get to it. 01:08:49:Preston,what about let me have a gun? 01:08:53:Are you crazy? 01:09:01:a fucking gun... 01:09:08:So many people.|So many rich people. 01:09:10:Shall we dance? 01:09:14:Would you give me a gun? 01:10:21:Hi, want some chmpagne?|Come on, join us. 01:10:25:Maybe later... 01:12:48:Get out of the way! 01:13:12:Preston, canI talk to you? 01:13:19:Look, he saw me. He wasn't surprised! 01:13:21:Like he was expecting me! 01:13:23:One of your team is playing for the other side! 01:13:27:Impossible! I can trust every man on tis team.|I'm telling you... 01:13:29:This is not the IRA, we don't get into... 01:13:31:Somebody got to... 01:13:34:Look. This is a manhunt, not your Cause. 01:13:38:Don't make it personal. 01:13:40:What do you fucken know... 01:13:51:I'll tell you, what I know... 01:13:53:I know the Jackal set you up|in an arms deal in Lybia. 01:13:57:I know Isabella was wounded,|when you walked into the trap. 01:14:01:I also know, it was the buissiness... 01:14:04:Do you also know, that Isabella was pregnant? 01:14:07:That our child didn't survived! 01:14:14:Don't tell me it's not personal! 01:14:19:I can't let you jeopardize us! In a vendetta. 01:14:23:There's no Vendetta.|I hope for a fresh start, you know... 01:14:34:maybe it will happen... 01:16:06:This was recorded at 1 a.m. this morning. 01:16:08:It's a call to a number in Brighton Beach, New York. 01:16:14:Item 4: at 1:05 p.m. Direktor Brown is scheduled|to meet the First Lady. 01:16:19:diplomatic reception at the White House, 01:16:21:regarding to a New Hope Hospital opening. 01:16:29:That information came out of this room. 01:16:34:Who? Whos voice is it? On the tape? 01:16:44:Mine. 01:16:49:Mr ambassador 01:16:51:we have arranged the 9 p.m. Aeroflot flight to Moscow. 01:16:53:A car is waiting to drive Colonel Bolitonov to the airport. 01:17:14:how did you know, whose phone to tape? 01:17:16:I didn't, so I taped everybidies. 01:17:21:But I... I have diplomatic immunity. 01:17:25:Who authorized you to tape my telephone? 01:17:27:I did, ambassador. 01:17:29:We are currently examining|documents taken from Direktor Bolitonovs Apartment. 01:18:20:Jackal. 01:18:22:Direktor Bolitonov is no longer contactable at this number. 01:18:26:All inquiries should be forwarded to... 01:18:34:This is only a precaution for a short while|untill we get this man. 01:18:37:You and your family would be safer in Washington. 01:18:41:You don't really think you'll find him,|because you won't. Belive me, you can't. 01:18:45:It's my job to try.|Waste your time and maybe get killed for nothing? 01:18:52:I began this. I have to do what I can.|So please, get your family away. 01:19:22:Everything o.k.?|Valentina is evacuating Isabella family 01:19:26:in case the Jackal knows, where she lives. 01:19:30:Look, the Director doesn't even know |where Isabella lives. 01:19:34:I ordered Witherspoon to keep it out of the report. 01:19:35:No way the Jackal knows. 01:19:39:Well, our Russian black heart |passed everything else, didn't he? 01:19:43:Hier, look. 01:19:46:That's your phone number,|that's Valentina's. 01:19:50:Are you still at the bottom? 01:19:54:The first one is a Russian Embassy. 01:19:58:The second one is... son of a bitch! 01:20:07:This is an FBI access code! 01:20:17:This is Special Agent Carter Preston. 01:20:19:Mine authorisation number is: 223578k 01:20:22:I need a voice transcriptions|of field report November-Alpha... 01:20:26:from 915 this year|Agent Witherspoon. 01:20:30:And I'm in a hurry, operator. 01:20:35:I shouldn't have trusted you. 01:20:41:Field report November-Alpha, 01:20:43:File 0900 hours|Scroll 01:20:46:interviewed subject lsabella Zancona, 01:20:49:at the following address...|Witherspoon,you fool ashole! 01:21:11:I' gonna check upstairs. 01:21:41:Witherspoon ! 01:22:07:Come out! 01:22:11:Please don't shoot me. 01:22:13:I'm just taking out the garbage. 01:22:16:I've got to do one more trip.|Hurry! 01:22:19:I meet you at the front.|Yes Madame. 01:22:32:Were is Witherspoon? 01:22:34:He's in the backyard, taking out the trash. 01:22:39:It's comming from the back! 01:22:56:Where is that commieng from? 01:22:58:I don't know! 01:23:24:It said to go of 2 minutes ago.|What the hell... 01:23:32:Where is McMurphy? 01:25:34:Press here. 01:25:37:Hard. It's a load of bleeding. 01:25:52:You see, that's bad... 01:25:54:Blood is almost black, that means the bullet is in your liver. 01:25:58:You have got about 20 minutes to live... 01:26:00:Paining is too much, you can take your hand away. 01:26:05:And you'll be...|dead in five minutes. 01:26:13:When Declan kills you, 01:26:15:you think of me, ok? 01:26:24:Ok.... I'll make it... 01:26:28:If you see Declan befor you die...|you tell him... 01:26:30:that you can't pick up this woman. 01:27:13:It will be fine.|...Declan... 01:27:26:You're gonna be fine. 01:27:28:I tried... 01:27:30: help Isabella... 01:27:34:Oh I know. You did fine. Shh.... 01:27:37:He said to tell you, 01:27:41:You... 01:27:43:cannot protect your woman. 01:27:54:No Valentina! 01:27:56:No don't Valentina... don't go! 01:27:58:Stay with me! 01:28:54:0h, was him, wasn't it? 01:28:58:I thought, it was all behind us... 01:29:03:Oh... is this ever gonna end? 01:29:06:Yes. 01:29:08:I promise you, it will end. 01:29:14:And I will end it. 01:29:21:Do you have a gun? 01:29:42:Fallowing a lot of helicopter searching... 01:29:44:the team can infiltrate the weapon to a point here... 01:29:46:covering the Northern approaches in "Route 0ne". 01:29:50:If your weapon has needed range and cyclic rate... 01:29:53:you can engage any ground vehicle|and aircraft approaching the place. 01:29:57:He doesn't have a helicopter|or a team to help him set off. 01:29:59:He is alone. 01:30:03:What do you say, Mulqueen? 01:30:06:...the only way you can make the killer escape from a distance. 01:30:12:So, we'll make sure you're always secure, indoors... 01:30:14:with the cordon of men outside your location. 01:30:18:Exactly. 01:30:21:tieing a knot, if you like. 01:30:25:If he make his move, 01:30:25:we'll tie the knot and we'll hang him. 01:30:29:Not exactly foolproof, I know... 01:30:31:But it's the best regard.|Best regard? 01:30:40:You have a call on line 6.|Thank you. 01:30:46:this is Doug. 01:30:48:I told you I'd call... 01:30:51:Oh... how are you? 01:30:51:You just have got to have|a little faith in people, Douglas. 01:30:57:O.k., noe, that I have a faith... 01:30:59:Are you busy tonight? Are you here? You're in town, yes? 01:31:27:Hello! I am home! 01:31:33:I see you have found the keys. 01:31:36:Where are you? 01:31:38:In the garage! 01:31:51:You changed your hair. 01:31:55:Yeah, like it? 01:31:59:Yes, sure. 01:32:05:Do you like Korean food? 01:32:08:Oh, sure, yeah. 01:32:10:Take it. 01:32:16:I... I thought we're gonna...|Oh, I'm sorry. 01:32:23:I thought we were gonna go out. 01:32:27:Yea...maybe later. 01:32:33:We are covering tonight Top-Story: 01:32:35:Police is asking your help on locating this man. 01:32:38:He is wanted in several states|for a serie of brutal murders. 01:32:42:The Police belive he is in Washington area, tonight. 01:32:44:The man is supposed to be armed and extremaly dangerous. 01:32:46:If you see him, please do not approach him.|And notify authorities, immediately. 01:34:14:Donald Kennedy said once, that if somebody want's to kill... 01:34:18:a public official... 01:34:20:it's impossible to provide a 100% safety. 01:34:23:Would you agree? 01:34:27:Certainly! 01:34:29:but hopefully there aren't many people willing to do that... 01:34:35:Preston!|What? 01:34:38:You remember Valentina said:|"A statement, public and brutal". 01:34:42:It has always bothered me, why does he keep comming? 01:34:44:Well, he knew... he knew we can protect the director,|as long as I get involved. 01:34:48:But he didn't abort!|Why? 01:34:50:It didn't come together, untill I remembered|what he said to Valentina... 01:34:53:"tell Declan, he can't protect his women" 01:34:55:Wasn't he refering to lsabella? 01:34:59:Any woman. All women! 01:34:59:but remember:|"public and brutal". 01:35:03:We're garding the wrong person. 01:35:06:He's after the First Lady. 01:36:29:Ladies and Gentelman... 01:36:33:Welcome! I am sure you... 01:36:57:She is already on the stage! 01:36:59:The Secret Service wants to know,|what is going on. 01:37:01:Tell them!|No! 01:37:03:They'll try to get her of the stage.|He will shoot in the crowd! 01:37:44:We are looking for a dark brown minivan.. 01:37:48:The only one here is red... 01:37:51:I checked that about 15 minutes ago. There are local parked... 01:37:57:I will check that out again, if you want. 01:37:57:No. It's probably one of the safe and sorry circle jerk... 01:38:01:Yeah... 01:38:23:The Secret Service said,|the search came at nothing. 01:38:25:They're on alert,|but she's going to the podium! 01:38:29:I guess it's all on us! 01:38:36:You'll need a gun! 01:38:48:Forget the laser! 01:38:50:Got to work with the this range. 01:40:10:Get out! 01:40:29:I am going for the First Lady. 01:40:31:It's going to be hard to shoot on the weapon on the system. 01:40:40:Ladies and Gentalmen, it's a great pleasure to introduce 01:40:42:the First Lady of the United States... 01:40:53:It's a beautiful day for the beginning of the new hope... 01:41:51:Give me the gun! 01:42:10:It's that how he plans to get out. 01:42:14:The phone, give me the phone! 01:42:33:And also right now... 01:42:35:there are Police officers, risking their very lifes 01:42:38:to help kids stay out of troubles... 01:43:05:Red minivan,|There by the trees. 01:43:06:One o'clock! 01:43:10:Jesus!|Range it
meter! 01:44:01:Right, I am after him!|You check up the minivan! 01:50:33:Get out! Get out of here! 01:51:23:Say: "Help me Declan"!|Please, help me Declan! 01:51:53:Loud! 01:51:53:Help me, Declan! |Please! Declan, help me! 01:52:08:What you gonna do, Declan? 01:52:10:You just can't protect any of your women! 01:52:14:Let her go!|She has nothing to do with this! 01:52:16:Now, you can save this girl! 01:52:18:What's your name?|Maggie. 01:52:21:You can save Maggie, you see? 01:52:23:You can save her right now! 01:52:25:You just have to put down your little gun! 01:52:48:Okay?|Declan!? did so good, you did so good! 01:53:03:You slip it, Declan. 01:53:12:Now, let her go. 01:53:14:You step away from the gun. 01:53:16:Step away from the gun! 01:53:21:Maggie, 01:53:21:you're so brave. 01:53:23:You'll remember this for the rest of your life. 01:53:33:Get down. 01:53:38:Kneel down. 01:54:06:I'm sorry, Declan. 01:55:31:It's alright, it's okay. 01:56:31:I wonder if we'll ever know 01:56:33:who the hell he really was. 01:56:36:We know what we need to.|He was evil. 01:56:40:he is dead, and he is gone.|Nothing more about it. 01:56:46:Sorry I didn't give you an apartament. 01:56:48:You will get the minimum security. Just like a Country Club. 01:56:51:By the way... 01:56:53:Direktor Brown sends his warmest thanks. 01:56:55:Oh... that's nice. 01:56:57:I look forward to play tennis with him. 01:57:02:Did I tell you I'm going back to Russia? 01:57:04:And I'm going to stay untills Terek Murad|rocks in prison... 01:57:07:or in the grave! 01:57:09:She'd appreciate that.. 01:57:12:I think so. 01:57:15:And lsabella ? 01:57:17:Back safe, with the family. 01:57:21:For good. 01:57:23:I know about that key she gave you... 01:57:26:I know you could use it any time you wanted to... 01:57:30:Do you have one of those drop-boxes, too? 01:57:33:Like the Jackal? 01:57:36:Did you read the paper today? |I'm quite a hero, because of you. 01:57:39:The agent, who saved the First Lady. 01:57:43:I could screw everything else up for the rest of my life... 01:57:47:and I'd still be...untouchable. 01:57:50:Is that a fact, then? 01:57:53:Going back to the drop-box... 01:57:56:An operative, with your experience... 01:57:59:with a clean passport... 01:58:01:and a lot of cash. 01:58:04:I bet, if you had taken off... 01:58:10:we never would have found you. 01:58:16:Do you drink coffe? 01:58:19:Oh no, that's right.|They drink Guinness in lrland. 01:58:22:I'll... ask across the street, if they've got any... 01:58:25:coffe, I mean... 01:58:27:I'll be back in... 01:58:29:30 minutes?|Okay. 01:58:39:Thanks Declan, for everything. 01:58:42:No, thank you... 00:00:00:
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