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Subtitles for Jackie Brown 1997 CD2.

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Jackie Brown 1997 CD2

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So, what's your name?
Sheronda, that's a nice name.
Sheronda, go ahead. You can eat.
Well, Sheronda, it was nice talking to you.
All right. I'll be back. I'll check the bag. Stay here.
Max, you said it yourself. Ray wants Ordell.
He doesn't give a shit about the money.
The money won't convict him. Guns will.
You're rationalizing.
Well, that's what you do to go through with the shit you start.
You rationalize.
I can do it, Max. I know I can.
I just can't do it without you.
It's cool.
Excuse me, baby. Uh, do you know what time it is?
- No, ma'am. I ain't got no watch. - Oh. Hmm.
It could work.
If she handles the cops right...
it could work.
I gave my heart and soul
To you, girl
Didn't I do it, baby
Didn't I do it, baby
- What?
- Jackie Brown.
It ain't like I'm asking you to go somewhere and spend the night.
I just want you to go out for a little while while I work this deal.
So now you're going to pout!
Now it's going to take her 20 minutes to find her purse, look for her sandals...
find her sunglasses, get outta here.
Jackie, Louis. Louis, Jackie.
That chick you saw stomping around the back there...
that's Melanie, who's about to leave!
Have a good time in there, baby. Don't burn now.
- Want a drink? - No. I want to talk to you now, outside. Now.
Mm. Let's step into my office.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.
The day I follow Audrey Hill Clayton...
- What's up? ...that day, I cut my throat.
You got that we do it the way I laid out, or we don't do it at all!
- What the hell you talkin' about? - What the hell I'm talkin' about?
- Sheronda passed the money on to somebody else. - How do you know she did that?
- I was there! I saw it! - You weren't supposed to be there.
- I knew you would try to pull some shit like that! - Hold up!
- I ain't pulling no shit! - What do you call it, then?
It's my goddamn money! I can do whatever the fuck I wanna do with it.
With my ass on the line, oh, no, you fuckin' don't!
- If we don't do it my way, then fuck it! - Jackie, Jackie, Jackie!
- Now chill! Chill! - Oh, no! Chill, my ass! No!
Listen! Listen! The woman you saw was my friend Simone.
She's the one gonna be receiving the money.
I think she oughta see how the shit go down. She's a nice woman.
You'll like her. Matter of fact, she's on her way over here right now. Hold up.
Louis, call Simone. Tell her to get her ass over here.
We're waiting on her.
- Damn! Is that what you're pissed off about? - Oh, just a little pissed?
- Mm, mm, mm. I'm sorry.
I'm about ready for a refill. Are you sure I can't tempt you a little bit more?
- Come on. - Okay, fine. Yeah.
You better give me something strong.
Now, Nicolet and Dargas are gonna stop me at the airport and mark your bills.
I don't like that part.
It washes off!
I tell 'em we do the same thing as before, and they'll follow Sheronda.
Yo, Louis. Louis? She ain't there?
- Yo! No answer? - Hmm?
Now, you gotta listen to this, man, 'cause this concerns you, all right?
- Lou! - Hmm?
Okay, now, this time you're going to get Sheronda a Billingsley bag, right?
Right. The same one Simone gives me, okay?
Now, Simone and I make the switch in Billingsley. She knows what I look like?
She's seen you with Sheronda, remember?
All right. Now, Simone's gonna meet you in the dress department, right?
- Right. Designer clothes. - Right, right, right. The place y'all try shit on.
It's a fitting room. Big sign over the door. You can't miss it.
Why over there?
Because they're gonna be watching my ass hard.
That's why we can't take the risk in doing it out in the open...
or even in the dining area.
That's why we got to do it in the fitting room with a woman.
Okay. Now, you're going to take...
the Billingsley bag Simone gives you and give it to Sheronda.
- Right. - And Simone is going to wait.
Then she's going to peep out the dressing room, wait on you...
to give her the sign there ain't nobody watching.
She's going to leave the store, get in the car, mission accomplished.
Hey! See?
So, what are you going to be doing during all this?
Now that you got 'em watching my ass, I'm gonna be in a titty bar waiting on Louis...
to call me and tell me everything's cool.
I got to go! Hey!
- Damn! Who's wantin' to page you like that? - It's Ray, the A.T.F. guy.
That shit works my nerves, you and that motherfucker being so buddy-buddy.
Hey, if I wasn't so buddy-buddy with that motherfucker, this wouldn't work.
Ordell has a guy working for him named Louis.
- You two meet? - Yeah, this afternoon before I came here.
He was at Ordell's apartment in Hermosa Beach. Yeah.
I don't know if he lives there, but I can find out.
- Did you talk to him? - Not really. Mm-mm.
A fellow named Louis Gara. Just did four years up in Susanville.
- For what? - Bank robbery.
We've been following him. He definitely works for Ordell.
They did two years together about, I don't know...
20 years ago or so over at Huntsville.
He's not living over in Hermosa Beach, though.
Ordell's got him staying down at Compton.
Living with some 56-year-old petty thief, some woman named, uh...
Hawkins, Simone Hawkins.
- You know her? - No.
- They ever talk about her? - Not yet.
Okay, who's the other one?
Some white chick named Melanie, another girlfriend of Ordell's.
- What's her deal? - It was her coke I got busted with.
- Oh, yeah? - She knows everything. She's not a part of it...
and she's pissed off that she's not a part of it.
Well, this is definitely somebody I wanna meet.
Okay, are we all set up for tomorrow? Everything okay?
Everything's the same, except for one change.
- I told him Ordell's changing the amount he's bringing in.
Think they bought it?
Mm, oh, yeah. I got 'em thinking that Ordell's real nervous...
and they love thinking that he's scared of 'em.
You know, a good cop will never let you know that he knows you're full of shit.
All he needed was a reasonable explanation.
Everything's the same, except for one change.
What's that?
Ordell feels way too hot for him to bring in his money...
and he knows you're watching him and he's fucking paranoid.
- So he's sweating a little bit. - He's gonna keep his half mil where it is...
but he's gonna bring in 50,000 just in case he needs bail.
- It'll be more than that. - Don't be so literal. Ray believed it.
You still have to show him the money at the airport.
I'm not gonna show him the whole amount. He'll see 50,000.
- And where's the rest of it? - In the bag, underneath.
- What if he checks? - He won't. He didn't before.
He's expecting to see 50,000, and there it is, on top.
- You're taking a hell of a chance, kid. - Not really.
If he finds it, I'll say Mr Walker put it in there...
and I didn't know anything about it, like the coke.
- Well, then you're out. You get nothing. - Yeah, but I'm not in jail...
and at least I tried.
You're going to have surveillance all over you.
That's why you don't make a move until I come out of that fitting room.
- Wearing a dress. - Well, a suit. There's this one I had my eye on.
- You know, it's like...
Excuse me.
Look here, we got a little change in plans.
No, no, no, no, it ain't no thing.
Everything's the same, except one little difference.
You know that bitch Simone you saw in the mall?
Well, she wasn't here today 'cause she done split on my ass.
Yeah. Me and Louis went by her pad. She's gone.
She's gone, her shit's gone and my 10,000 motherfucking dollars is gone.
Hey, hey, hey! Don't start buggin' on me.
Goddamn it, I'm telling you, ain't nothing different.
Everything's just like we discussed.
Now, except for this time when we make the split...
instead of Simone it's gonna be Melanie.
I think someone's knocking on the door.
Goddamn it, Melanie got just as much sense as that bitch has. She'll be in the same place.
All right. Yeah, later.
Yeah? Well, I'm gonna open it.
I hope he's a good sailor.
Chicken shit.
Okay, the envelop contains $50,000.
I've counted it, and I'm now marking the bills...
in the upper left-hand corner in the second zero with a green felt-tip pen.
Ever been tempted?
What? Put one of these in my pocket?
If I did, I'd have to give one to you, wouldn't I?
Of course, nobody knows how much there is.
I guess we could take as much as we want. Isn't that right?
Yes. All those things are true.
I mean, it's not like the money belongs to anybody.
- That would be one point of view. - Yeah.
Except it's not a point of view shared by the A.T.F.
Once we make this evidence, it belongs to us.
You're officially out of trouble now.
Don't go doing something stupid.
How can I do anything stupid when I'm being watched every second?
You know, I'm glad you pointed that out...
'cause it saves me the trouble of pointing it out to you.
Now, look. Here's the deal.
I want you to take all this cash.
I want you to put it in this Billingsley shopping bag.
And that is exactly what I expect to see...
when I look inside Sheronda's Billingsley shopping bag.
- Sí, comprende. - Cool.
Hey, there's only three reasons you couldn't make your court appearance.
One, you're in a hospital, two, you're in jail, three, your ass is dead.
That means you're not my friend, man. Why're you putting...
- Wait. Hold on a second. Wait a minute. - I'm gonna be gone a few hours.
Where you going?
Del Amo Mall. Catch a movie, maybe something to eat.
- What you gonna see? - Something that starts soon and looks good.
Cool. Have fun.
- Let's go! - In a minute!
You said that before. Let's go! Found out she couldn't fly
It was too late
It's too late She's gone too far
Louis? What the fuck you still doing there, man?
Well, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm waiting on her. I'm ready to go, yeah.
You're the one who's motherfucking in charge!
She keeps saying, "In a minute", right?
Go in there, grab that bitch by the hair, drag her fuckin' ass outta there!
That's my goddamn money we...
She didn't know what she was headed for
And when I found what she was headed for
- Hey, we gotta go! We're late! Mama, it was too late
- Come on, Mel! We gotta go! Let's go! - Kiss my ass, fuck wad!
I play the street life
Because there's no place I can go
Street life It's the only life I know
Street life
And there's a thousand parts to play
Street life Until you play your life away
You let those people see
Just who you wanna be
And every night you shine just like a superstar
The travel life has played A ten-cent masquerade
I love you
The little gold ring you wear on your hand
You wanna turn it down?
I'm listening to it. Makes me understand
Louis, man, I've been meaning to tell you you're a little bit uptight.
Street life But you better not get old
Street life
Or you're gonna feel the cold
There's always love for sale
A grown-up fairy tale
Prince Charming always smiles behind a silver spoon
And if you're keeping young your song is always sung
Your love will pay your way beneath a silver moon
Street life
Street life
Street life
Oh, street life
Ooh, I play the street life
Because there's no place I can go
Street life
It's the only life I know
Street life
And there's a thousand parts to play
Street life Until you play your life away, oh
- Hi. Can I help you? - Yeah.
Um, I think I like that suit. I'd like to try it on.
Wow! You look really cool.
- Hey, it looks cool on me too. - It looks great.
I mean, you wear that suit to a business meeting, and you'll be the bad ass in the room.
Yeah? I think I like it. I'll take it.
- I'm in a hurry. Can you ring it up for me? - Cash or charge?
- Melanie? - Jackie?
Hey, girl, what's up?
- Hey, are you getting that suit? - Yeah. You like it?
- It looks really good on you. - You got something for me?
You betcha.
I put a cherry on top. Booh-yah!
What the fuck did Ordell ever do for us, huh?
I decided to wear this suit instead of my tired old uniform.
- Oh, that's no problem. - So, how much is it?
- Okay, there's a blouse...
Comes to $267.
- Wait! Your change. - Oh.
Uh, by the way, someone left a bag of beach towels in the last dressing room.
Ray, Ray, Ray, come out wherever you are! Ray!
Ray, come out! Ray, Melanie, she burst into the dressing room.
She took all the money and ran out!
Aw, fuck.
Come on. Goddamn, we're late. Come on.
- Come on. - What the fuck?
We should've been there already, and we would've if it hadn't
been for your fuckin' around.
Jesus Christ, Louis, maintain.
- Jesus. Ow! - Just... I'm telling you, cut the shit.
- Just let go. - Straighten up, bitch.
- You fuckin' mongoloid. - Fuckin'...
Oh, now, look at this. This is nice...
I think I like it. I'll take it. I'm in a hurry.
- Can you ring it up for me? - Cash or charge?
It's a nice outfit on her. I'm gonna go over and look at this Michi Moon display.
You just stay right fuckin' here, all right? Just stay right here.
Are you sweating?
Job a little too much for you?
I'm gonna be over there.
- You just stay right here. - 'Cause you're a little bit too conspicuous.
I don't care how conspicuous, you fuckin' stay here.
Hey, would you let go!
- Designer Clothes.
- Fuck it.
Look, where you goin'?
- Getting out of here. What do you think? - Let me have the bag.
- Fuck you. I can carry it. - Goddamn, give me the bag.
- Fuck you... - What, you're gonna rip the fuckin' bag?
Give me that bag before I knock you the fuck up.
- Take your fuckin' hands off. - Okay, okay. Jesus, what's wrong with you?
I'm carryin' the bag.
All right, you got it. Take a chill pill, for chrissake.
Fuck you and your chill pill.
'Member where we came in? No, that's towards Sears.
Where the f... Which way? Which way?
Jesus, but if you two aren't the biggest pair of fuckups...
I've ever met in my entire life.
How did you ever rob a bank?
Hey, when you robbed banks, did you have to look for your car then too?
No wonder you went to jail.
Is it this aisle, Louis?
Is it?
Is it this aisle, or is it the next one over?
- It's this one. - You sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure. - You positive? You don't seem sure to me.
Hey, don't say...
Don't say anything else, okay? Keep your mouth shut.
- Well... - I mean it. Don't say one fuckin' word, okay?
Okay, Louis.
See, just where I said it was.
In my midnight confession
When I'm tellin' the world that I love you
In my midnight confession
When I said all the things that I want to
Na na na na na na na na
A love you never knew, girl
Ooh, didn't I do it, baby
Didn't I do...
Can I show you something?
Not right now. I'm just killin' time, waitin' for my wife.
Oh, sure thing. Well, if anything grabs you, don't be shy.
I won't. Thanks.
- Wow, you look really cool. - Oh, yeah.
- Hey, it looks cool on me too. - It looks great. I mean, you wear that...
- Straighten up, bitch. - You fuckin' mongoloid.
- Now, look at this. - I think I like it.
I'll take it. I'm in a hurry. Can you ring it up for me?
- Cash or charge? - Cash.
Hey, would you let go!
Designer Clothes.
I decided to wear the suit instead of my tired old uniform.
- Oh, that's no problem. I understand. - How much is it?
- Okay, blouse, pants. - And away we go.
Comes to $267.
- Here you go. - Wait! Your change!
By the way, someone left a bag of beach towels in the last dressing room.
Excuse me.
My wife thinks she left a bag of beach towels in the fitting room.
Yeah, I think they're there. Go get 'em. There's nobody in there.
- Thanks. - Last stall.
Got it. it, baby
I tried so many times and that's no lie
It seems to make you laugh each time I cry
All right. Just keep drivin' to Ninth, where all them car dealerships is.
We gonna leave this heap in the parking lot and pick up...
a car the cops don't know nothin' about.
Where's Melanie?
That's what I wanna tell you. She was buggin' me the whole time.
She got pissy with me 'cause I wouldn't let her carry the bag.
And then she started runnin' her fuckin' mouth about, you know, like...
'cause I couldn't remember where the car was parked right away when we came out.
So then she got on me about that. "Is it this aisle, Louis?"
"Is it that aisle, Louis?" It was totally fuckin' with my nerves, man.
- So, what? You left her there? - I, I shot her.
You shot Melanie?
- Twice. In the parking lot. - You couldn't talk to her?
Well, how can you talk to her? You know how she is.
You couldn't just hit her?
Maybe, but at that time... moment, I don't know, I...
You shot her? Twice?
- Is she dead? - I... Pretty much.
What do you mean "pretty much", Louis? That ain't no fuckin' answer.
- Yes or no. Is she dead? - I think so.
- You think so? Tell me Louis. Is she... - She's dead. She's dead.
- Well, where'd you shoot her? - In the chest and the stomach.
If you had to do it, then you had to do it, brother.
What we don't want is that bitch survivin' on us.
Anybody but that woman.
Where's the rest of it?
- How much is there? - I don't know. Maybe 40. Shit, maybe less.
Well, you... you said 550.
Yeah, so you light, ain't you? You light about half a million, ten.
Look, look, man. That's the bag she came out with.
She never put her hand in it. Neither did I.
Came out of where?
The fitting room. It went down exactly the way it was supposed to.
How long was she in there?
A minute. Not even a minute. She came right out.
- Louis, you tellin' me the truth? - Listen, I swear to God, man.
I swear on my life.
She came out with that fuckin' bag, and I took it from her.
- And then what? - And that was it.
We went to the parking lot.
- Where you shot her? - That's right.
Louis, you sure Melanie ain't in a room somewhere...
with a half million dollars...
I worked my ass off to get waitin' for you?
- Fuck you for asking me that. - I know the bitch tried to set me up.
Fuck you, brother. How could you fuckin' ask me that?
She didn't ask you?
Pull the car over a minute.
Why'd you ask me that?
All right, so where's the gun you shot her with?
It's in there.
Now, what the fuck's that gonna tell ya? I could've taken two out already.
It's Jackie Brown.
Well, you know, if she got to it, why didn't she take it all?
Oh, I'll be sure and ask that bitch before I blow her brains out.
Well, maybe the Feds got it.
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh. See, if there wasn't nothin'...
in that bag but them towels...
then maybe she didn't get a chance to take the money...
out of her suitcase and the A.T.F. got it.
But she put them books in there to trick our ass.
Well, that's why I didn't check it. Because the bag felt right.
That's right. And then she puts 40 grand or so in there...
to rub that shit in my face.
You know what I'm sayin'? She wants me to know she ripped me off.
Ah. I don... I don... You know, I don't know. I don't know.
Unless, you know, either she's got it or the Feds got it.
Or... Or... Now, check this out.
What if she gave the money to somebody else first...
before Melanie even went in the dressing room.
- Oh, man. You know what? - What?
Do you know who I saw in the dress department?
No, tell me.
I didn't think anything of it. I... No, no, I did wonder...
what he was doin' there.
I wondered what he was doin' there, but I thought it had...
nothin' to do with us.
Like, maybe he was with his wife or his girlfriend. It's a big place...
Louis, Louis, Louis! You gonna tell me who you saw?
- Yeah, Max Cherry. - Max Che...
You seen Max Cherry in the dress department where we...
Man, look at me when I'm talkin' to you!
You see that motherfucker in the dress department when we...
about to get a half million dollars.
And you don't think nothin' about him bein' there?
No. Do they know each other?
Hell, yeah, they know each other. He bonded her ass out of County.
- Well, how am I supposed to know that? - You know your bail bondsmen.
You know all them motherfuckers is crooked as a barrel of snakes, don't you?
Why should I think something's weird if I don't know nothin'...
about them knowin' each other?
I don't wanna hear no fuckin' excuses, Louis.
I ain't givin' you excuses.
But I'm tellin' you... I don't fuckin'... I'm givin' you fuckin' reasons.
Oh, you gonna tell me the reason...
you lost every goddamned cent I got in the world?
- Hey... Hey, man. - You gonna tell me reasons?
- You better... - Let me tell you the reason, motherfucker.
The reason is your ass ain't worth a shit no more.
You better fuckin' back off, man.
What the fuck happened to you, man?
Your ass used to be beautiful.
You didn't tell me you were goin' shoppin'.
- I thought I did. - Yeah, well, you didn't.
You know, if it's me...
and I got all that shit hangin' over my head like you got hangin' over yours...
I don't know, I'd go shoppin' later.
Well, I got there early. You see, I've had my eye on this suit...
that I've wanted, and, well, I'm just gonna go try it on...
- Wait a minute. Wait a minute. - Wait, wait, wait. Just wait a minute.
Just wait a fuckin' second, all right? Let me finish.
I got there early. The idea was to try on the suit, see if I liked it.
If I did, they would wrap it up, and I would put back on my uniform...
'cause Sheronda is expecting me to wear it.
Meet Sheronda, give her the shopping bag with the $50,000 and go home.
Yeah, but you didn't do that.
Because I couldn't. Ray, I swear.
Melanie burst in. She grabbed the bag.
And then somebody fuckin' killed her for it.
What happened to the bag she gave you?
She didn't give me a bag. Melanie was not a part of the plan.
Ordell probably told her to do it.
That's why she came into the dressing room, grabbed the bag, took off.
But I couldn't go after her, because I was in my fucking underwear.
And I had to put on this suit because I could put it on faster than my uniform...
- You had time to pay the sales chick. - I had to. Ray, I was frantic.
What was I supposed to do?
All right, what you do after that?
I went lookin' for you. And I went back to the place in the mall...
where you were before, but you weren't there.
What was I supposed to do if something happens? You didn't tell me how to do that.
There was a guy with Melanie?
There was nobody in the fitting room.
You've no idea what happened to the $50,000.
You're clueless, right? You've no idea where the 50 grand is?
I have no idea.
- None. You have no idea... - None.
It could've gone here, could've gone there?
I know nothin'. Not a clue. I don't have an idea where the motherfuckin' money is.
- Not even a little idea. A maybe. - Not a tiny motherfuckin' idea.
- You'd take a polygraph? - Yeah, if it'd motherfuckin' make you happy!
Yeah, put it right there. I'll do it.
I sure hope you didn't do anything stupid, Jackie.
I gotta talk to you for a second.
Louis Gara's dead. L.A.P.D. found him shot in the car on Ninth.
And we lost Ordell.
I thought you were fuckin' watchin' him.
We were, and we lost him.
He walked into a strip bar sometime around 3:30 and never came out.
The bar was on Ninth, what, less than a mile and a half from where they found Louis.
It looks like Louis' buddy shot him twice, point-blank range.
- So what's gonna happen now? - We pick up Ordell.
We got three murders we can link him to, and we got you.
What about me?
What about you?
You think I took some of that money?
Hey, I have no evidence of you doin' anything.
You didn't pay for that snazzy new suit with marked bills.
I'm glad to see that. You've been helpin' us out.
You gave us Melanie. You gave us Louis.
Melanie was found with a packet of marked bills stuffed in her shorts.
That goes a long way in backing up your story.
I'll settle for Ordell with marked bills.
But if there's anything else...
you haven't told me about, you know what, that's between you and Ordell.
I just got one thing to say.
You better hope we find him before he finds you.
No, no, no, I done told you, I can't leave here tomorrow, Mr Walker.
I ain't goin' no goddamn way anyway till I get my motherfuckin' money.
Come on, man. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have that motherfuckin' boat.
Oh, yeah, yeah, right. I'm seein' who my friends are, motherfucker, right...
Hello? Hello?
Motherfucker hung up on me. Do you believe that shit?
Ingrate nigger. See, you bring a motherfucker up...
next thing you know they breaking you off some goddamned disrespect.
Motherfuck! Shit!
Goddamn, girl. How you live like this?
- Like what? - Like this.
This some repugnant shit.
Bail bonds.
- Yeah, Max there? - He ain't here right now, man.
- Well, where he at? Out of town? - He's around, man.
- Well, give me his home number. - No, I'll give you his beeper number!
All right. Break out the beeper number, nigger.
- Yeah. - I've been looking for you.
- Do you know who this is? - This is Mr Robbie, isn't it?
I have your 10,000. That's why you called.
The bond collateral that you put down on Beaumont Livingston...
and moved over to Miss Brown, remember?
Oh, she got off, did she?
They decided to no-file this morning.
Tell me where you are. I'll come give you your money.
You still there?
Look here, man. I know you helped her.
And I know you know what I want.
And Jackie can tell me any story comes into her pretty little head...
as long as at the end of that story she hands me my motherfuckin' money.
Now, she wanna be my friend, she do that.
She don't want to be my friend no more...
well, you just tell her to think about old Beaumont.
And if she go to the police...
you tell her I will name her ass as my accessory.
And we'll go upstate, hand in handcuffed motherfuckin' hand.
And that's a promise. Do you understand what I'm sayin'?
You tell her that, and I'll call you back.
You're right. It was Ordell.
If you have time, do you think you could find out where he's stayin' for me?
Cops can't locate him, huh?
They don't have your winning personality.
Sure thing. I don't have to know what I'm doing, just as long as you know.
I think I do. Good enough?
You bet.
Fuck's wrong with you, knockin' on the door like the goddamned police?
- You lookin' to get shot? - I thought you might be asleep.
You keep fuckin' with me, you the one gonna be asleep. Forever.
I'm alone.
Get your ass in the house.
No, freeze, motherfucker. What you doin'?
You want your money? Your bond refund?
This all?
- I have a receipt for you to sign. - No, no, no, motherfucker.
You know what I mean. You talked to her?
She wants to give you your money.
If she didn't, there'd be cops batteramming your door down right now.
- How'd you find me, anyway? - Winston found you.
- How'd he find me? - That's what he does.
He finds people that don't wanna be found.
Oh, well, bully for that nigger.
So, she wanna give me my money, huh?
Yeah. She wants to give it to you herself, and she wants to collect her ten percent.
She also wants to explain why she had to hang on to it.
Oh, and I wanna hear that shit too.
Turn around. Put your hands on your head.
Why don't you tell me why?
Jackie didn't trust Melanie. She'd already tried to get Jackie to go in with her...
split the half million amongst themselves.
What she did was take quite a risk to make sure you got your money.
And you helped her, didn't you?
All I did was walk out with it.
Y'all went to all that trouble just to protect my interest?
In a way, yes.
My ass may be dumb, but I ain't no dumb ass.
Go over there and sit on that couch.
Don't worry about her. She don't even know you're here.
Sit down.
Place stinks.
You get used to it.
- Where my money at? - My office.
- Where Jackie at? - She's been there since Thursday night.
If she want to talk to me, how come she wasn't home?
- She's afraid. - Oh, right. That I gotta see.
She still is. She doesn't wanna get shot before she can tell you what happened.
- Tell her to bring the money over here. - It's in the safe, she can't.
Call her and give her the combination.
Look, I'm tellin' you, you got her spooked.
She won't leave there till you get your money and you're gone.
Oh, you expect me to just go walkin' in there?
If she wanted to set you up, you'd be in custody by now.
When you told her that you'd name her as an accessory, that scared her more than anything.
- She believed you. - Mmm.
Then that's why she wanted to give me my money, ain't it?
It ain't got nothin' to do with that bullshit about Melanie, huh?
See, I ain't trust Melanie either, but I could handle her.
That was my little blonde-haired surfer girl.
And I told that fuckin' Louis all he had to do was hit her in the mouth.
But no, he had to shoot her.
- Jackie's at your office, huh? - Uh-huh.
She by herself? That big-ass nigger Winston ain't there, is he?
She's all alone.
All right.
I call over there, she better answer the phone.
She will.
I'll be here. See you in a bit.
Goddamn. In all the time I've known her...
I ain't never heard her scared like that.
Usually, she too cool for school.
Hold up, home. Give me the keys. I'll drive.
I didn't know you liked the Delfonics.
They're pretty good.
I gave my heart and soul to you, girl
But this time I'm really leavin' you, girl
Oh, oh Hope you know it, baby
Hope you know it, baby
Didn't I do it, baby
Didn't I blow your mind this time
Didn't I, ohh
Didn't I blow your mind this time
Didn't I I got to leave you, baby
My money's in that office, right?
If she start giving me some bullshit about it ain't there...
and we gotta go someplace else and get it...
I'm gonna shoot you in the head right then and there.
Then I'm gonna shoot that bitch in the kneecaps, find out...
where my goddamn money is.
She gonna tell me too.
Hey, look at me when I'm talkin' to you, motherfucker.
I go walkin' in there and that nigger Winston or anybody else is in there...
you the first motherfucker gets shot, you understand me?
There ain't nothin' you wanna tell me before we get out of this car, is there?
- No. - Last chance, motherfucker. Are you sure?
You better be, motherfucker.
All right.
Let's roll.
You got the key, right?
All right, now, when we get up in here, you go up in here slow, all right?
I want you to keep your ass in front of me.
Don't be fuckin' around herky-jerky or nothin'.
Why is it so dark in here?
Say, Jackie. That you?
Goddamn, girl.
What you doin' sittin' off in here in the dark?
Ray, he's got a gun!
He dead?
Yeah, he's dead.
Does he have the marked bills on him?
He oughta have 40,000 in his pocket there...
and maybe another 10,000 I gave him.
Why'd you give him $10,000?
Returned a bond collateral.
Brought it to him so he wouldn't have to come here.
Well, how'd you know where he was?
I found him.
- What do you mean you found him? - That's my job.
- You guys didn't tell the police? - I told Jackie.
She said you wanted him.
Remember when you said you hoped you'd get him before he gets me?
Well, you did. Thanks.
Knock, knock. Hey.
Hey, you.
I got your package.
It was fun gettin' a half million dollars in the mail.
- Less ten percent. - Why'd you take so little?
- That's my fee. - This isn't a bail bond, Max.
- I hesitated takin' that much. - Well, you earned it.
Well, I'm leavin' now, and, you know, I'm all packed up, ready to go...
- That's Ordell's. - They confiscated everything else.
Registration was in the glove box.
Keys were underneath the seat. Hey.
What's the matter? Haven't you ever borrowed somebody's car before?
Not after they're dead.
I didn't use you, Max.
I didn't say you did.
And I never lied to you.
- I know that. - We're partners.
I'm 56 years old. I can't blame anybody for anything I do.
Do you blame yourself for helpin' me?
Look, I'd really feel a whole lot better if you took some more money.
You'll get over that. Where you goin'?
- Spain. - Madrid or Barcelona?
Mmm, Madrid first. Have you been there?
- I hear they don't eat dinner until midnight. - You wanna go?
Thanks, but, uh, you have a good time.
You sure I can't twist your arm?
Thanks for sayin' that, but no.
Are you scared of me?
A little bit.
I'll send you a postcard.
Will you?
I sure will, partner.
You're running a business, Max.
Cherry Bail Bond.
Uh, what is it your son's charged with?
Yes, that's a very serious offence.
Is your son still in school?
Does his father still live in the house?
Could I excuse myself? Would you call me back in about half an hour?
Yes, thank you.
Ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh
I was the third brother of five
Doing whatever I had to do to survive
I'm not saying what I did was all right
Tryin' to break out of the ghetto was a day-to-day fight
Been down so long gettin' up didn't cross my mind
But I knew there was a better way of life and I was just trying to find
But you don't what you'll do until you're put under pressure
Across 110th Street is a hell of a tester
Across 110th Street
Pimps trying to catch a woman that's weak
Across 110th Street
Pushers won't let the junkie go free
Across 110th Street
Woman tryin' to catch a trick on the street
Ooh, baby Across 110th Street
You can find it all in the street
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Oh-oh-oh, ah
I got one more thing I'd like to talk to y'all about right now
Hey, brother There's a better way out
Snorting that coke, shooting that dope Man, you're copping out
Take my advice It's either live or die
You got to be strong if you want to survive
The family on the other side of town
Will catch hell without a ghetto around
In every city you find the same thing going down
Harlem is the capital of every ghetto town
Let me sing it Across 110th Street
Pimps tryin' to catch a woman that's weak
Across 110th Street
Pushers won't let the junkie go free
Oh-oh Across 110th Street
A woman's tryin' to catch a trick on the street
Ooh, baby Across 110th Street
You can find it all
Oh, oh, oh-oh
In the street Yes, you can
Oh, look around you Look around you
Look around you Look around you
Yeah, yeah
Ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh
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