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Jagged Edge CD1

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Detaills of the brutal slaying of Page Forrester...
... atthe Forresters'Baker Beach weekend retreat, are still sketchy.
Her husband, John C. Forrester, has been rushed to St. Pau"s Clinic.
The Times-Lofton publishing empire, founded by hergrandfatherin 1876...
-I'm District Attorney Krasny. - Yes, sir, Mr. Krasny.
- What are you doing outside? -I needed air.
You got a lot of headlines in there.
It's a forced rear entry. Window at the back. We're upstairs.
It's the maid.
Consuela Martinez.
And that's Page Forrester.
We've got multiple stab wounds. Thewounds are jagged.
The blade must have a kind of serration. I'll know much more tomorrow.
The cause of death is obyious.
- Wherewas Forrester? - Over here.
He comes in, he gets hit. He blacks out.
He comes to and goes upstairs and finds them.
- And saw what? - The bodies.
- Where is he now? - St. Pau"s Clinic.
- Mr. Krasny, was she raped? -Is it a ritual killing?
We have no comment.
Do you have any leads?
We have no comment.
No sign of sperm. No evidence of any real sexual pattern...
...apart from the specificwounds we found on thewife.
The knife used was a heavy blade...
...six inches, with a serrated upper edge. -I'm betting a hunting knife.
The rope you could buy at any Safeway.
No prints were found, except Forrester's, his wife's and the maid's.
The blood on Forrester's clothes was that of thewife but not the maid's.
What about his head wound?
No concussion, some bleeding. Blunt object.
Come on, Hal, you know what I'm asking you.
Possibly self-inflicted?
Got it! Everything was in her name. The corporate stuff, personal, everything.
She owned the guy. Hewas an employee and you know what?
He gets it all. Jack Forrester is the direct beneficlary...
...of all Page Forrester's corporate and personal assets.
Do you really think he could've done that to his own wife?
What the hell is "that"? You murder your wife to take all the money?
"That" is the oldest crime in theworld.
Only you're real smart... you make it look like some fucking Charlie Manson did it.
You want people to say: "Do you think he could've done that to his own wife?"
lfl was gonna kill my wife, that's theway I'd do it.
Mr. Forrester, why didn't you go out to the beach housewith your wife?
I had dinner at the Union Club and then I went back to the paper.
-I checked on the Sunday editorials. - You don'twrite those yourself, do you?
I didn't think editors wrote thelr own editorial.
Sometimes they do.
Did you write the ones about me?
Yes. I insisted on writing all of those.
Is that relevant here?
- The editorials I wrote on Mr. Krasny? -I was just going to object.
Objection sustained. I was just curious, that's all.
Pagewas a woman of great generosity and compassion.
I think the thing I'll miss about my sister the most... her great sense of resolve.
Page always did whatever she set out to do.
I'll miss her more than I know how to say.
Thank you.
Nice service.
He's gonna ride my ass into the Senate.
He can't do that. You're innocent.
The fuck he can't.
You've been coming here for weeks now...
...putting the best apples on top of the barrel. I don't buy it!
You say you were happy? You ever argue? Any problems?
We've been over this and over this.
And we're gonna go over it again, and again and again.
Frank, there's no need to badger Mr. Forrester.
Right, Counsellor?
Mr. Forrester...
... I'm not tryng to get you to admit you whacked your wife around every day...
...but I wanna know if you ever argued.
I never said we didn't argue.
- So, you argued. - What did you argue about?
I told you, we had the usual arguments.
- Wewere married! - Arnold needs to speak to you, sir.
I thought you had the only perfect marriage in the state of California.
That's fine, Mr. Fabrizi, but let's get back to the bit about the lockers.
The club gives me a passkey, you know. So, I go through them.
The members don't even know I've been in there.
I've seen all thelr stuff. Thelr rubbers and everything.
- That's when I saw it. - The knife?
- Yeah, the knife. - When did you see it?
When? Itwas right aftr New Year's last year.
They like me to go in there at the start of the year and clean them out.
Start the year offwith clean assholes.
Excuse me.
They let you clean out private lockers?
Sure, they trust me. I been workin' for them for 20 years.
What kind of knife did you see?
A hunting knife, about 6 inches long with a jag on the edge.
How'd you know itwas Forrester's locker?
'Cause itwas numbered 122 and that's his number.
Because right aftr I saw it, I thought to myself:.
"I didn't know Mr. Forrester was a hunter."
It kind of made me feel good, you know...
...that hewas a hunter, you know?
Yeah. I know what you mean.
-I'm getting tired of this, Andrew. - Look, admit it, she owned you.
-I'm getting tired of this. - We're all getting tired ofit.
We've been doing this too long.
I had no quarrel with the financlal structure of the company.
Do you hunt, Mr. Forrester?
Have you ever been hunting?
- Do you own a hunting knife? - No.
What the fuck is going on?
Have you ever been in possession of a hunting knife?
I'm giving you a chance to cop a plea.
You think I killed my wife? Prove it.
You're under arrest for the murders of Page Forrester and Consuela Martinez.
Frank, read him his rights.
You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up that right...
...anything you say can and will be used against you in a court oflaw.
Mr. Forrester is the editor of the San Francisco Times...
...and president ofTimes-Lofton Publishing.
He is, however, charged with two capital offence felonies.
But, your Honour, the charges are based purely on clrcumstantial evidence.
Mr. Forrester has no prior criminal record. I don't expect him to flee the jurisdiction.
Fine. The set bail of $500,000 will stand.
I made some calls back east. I'll get you a heavy hitter.
I don'twant anyone from out of town.
I don'twant to contribute to the goddamn clrcus.
Your firm has got to handle it.
We're corporate lawyers. We can barely handle a hearing.
- Jack, you got something for us? - What do you think?
I'm innocent. That's all I can say.
- What do you think of Krasny? - No further comment.
Come on! Isn't this related to the Senate race?
No further comment.
My paper has been critical ofMr. Krasny's conduct as district attorney.
That's no secret. He's an ambitious guy. He's got big political aspirations... you can draw your own conclusions. Excuse me.
No comments at this time. Please, folks.
This will be a show trial, for God's sake.
We've only one person who's had any criminal experience.
- Who is he? - She.
And she hasn't practised criminal law for four years.
Jack, give us a...
-Is she any good? - Yes, shewas a very good prosecutor.
Sheworked for Krasny.
Teddy, are you familiar with the Forrester case?
I go out of my way not to be familiar with criminal cases.
Mr. Forrester wishes to speak to you about representing him.
I'm in the middle of a case, Andrew.
I think it can wait, don't you, Andrew?
Oh, yes. Teddy...
Nothing in theworld will make me go back to criminal work, Andrew.
You know the decision I made.
There is nothing in theworld I'd like less than to lose Jack Forrester as a client.
Teddy, you know the affection I've always had for you.
Nothing would please me more...
...than one day belng able to speak to you as one of my partners.
Please, do an old man a personal kindness. Speak to him.
Who lives here anyway, Joe Montana?
I told you. A guy called Jack Forrester.
He killed his wife. I saw it on TV.
He allegedly killed his wife.
That means he's gonna get away with it.
So, how do I look?
- Good morning, madam. -'Morning.
Mr. Forrester is expecting you.
No, I agree Carl, but the murders happened over two months ago...
...and there's no leads because Krasny's locked into me.
Excuse me, I'll be rightwith you.
I'll tell you guys what I'm gonna do at the mecting.
All right, I've gotta go.
I'll be home all evening, so if you need me you can catch me here.
All right, 'bye.
- Hello. - Hello.
-I'm glad you came. - Nice to meet you.
Nice mecting you. We met at a party five or six years ago.
You probably don't remember. You said you like horses.
Very much.
Come on.
- Andrew spoke to you? - Yes, he did.
And the problem is, I just don't do criminal work anymore.
Yes, I know, he told me. I was hoping you'd reconsider.
I didn't kill my wife.
-I didn't ask you if you did. -lf you represented me, you would.
I'd ask about the case they had against you.
I'd want to win my case.
Did you win all your cases when you were a prosecutor?
Yes, I won every one.
Is thatwhy you wanted me to represent you?
Yes, and because you're a woman and because you're good.
You know what Krasny's capable of.
Thanks, Karen.
All right, let's show her what you got. Come on!
I love this beauty. Hewas Page's pride and joy.
Isn't he beautiful?
The oldest equine species.
The most beautiful...
...perfectly tempered...
"It makes men imperious to sit on a horse."
Oliver Wendell Holmes, right? Well, hewas wrong.
Look at his legs.
Shows how vulnerablewe all are.
What's with this lead on Krasny we're running Sunday?
It's a profile. Reviews his career, looks at the Senate race.
The Senate race is nine months away!
-I just thought now would be... - Look, folks!
I don'twant any slant, any bias on our coverage of my case or of Krasny.
You hear me?
I've put my nuts into this paper for 15 years. I want objective coverage.
I'll be taking a leave of absence until my tria"s over.
Car"s gonna be running things.
I'm gonna miss you.
Thank you.
You know how much I'm gonna miss these goddamn machines?
- Good evening, Mrs. Barnes. - Good evening.
-Is Mr. Barnes here? - Yes, right over there.
- Hi. - Sorry I'm late.
Wewent to thezoo.
David's been aftr me for weeks.
Damn! I was gonna take him to thezoo nextweekend.
Oh, well, we'll just do something else.
Did I hear something about you and the Forrester case?
You heard wrong.
Matthew, remember Tom Krasny?
May I?
I think you should take the case.
- Think of the fun we'll have. -Itwouldn't be any fun.
Maybe you're right.
Too bad about Styles.
Don't you remember Henry Styles?
He's dead.
I'm sorry.
You didn't know.
He hanged himself.
Day before yesterday.
I don't know how you figure it.
Teddy and I send this guy to the joint four years ago.
He's halfway to his parole hearing, and he hangs himself.
You take care.
Good night.
When's Bridget gonna be back?
Bridget is coming back tomorrow.
- What's for dinner? - What do you want? I'll cook you anything.
- Oh, God, Mum. You can't cook. - Either can Bridget.
Yes she can. I thought you liked Bridget.
She farts too much.
So do you.
At least not atom bombs.
- Did you finish your homework? - Yes.
Was Dad here last night?
Hewas? Why didn't hewake us?
He kissed you when you were asleep.
-'Bye Mum. - Bye-bye, honey.
Can I have my kiss?
Tell him to wake me next time.
I will.
'Bye Mum.
Have a good day.
Mrs. Styles.
You have no place here.
Just a goddamn minute!
You look like a real broad. Come over here.
It's good to see you.
Come on in. Oh, yes.
Teddy, I'm a busted tyre for Christ's sake.
My lungs are shot. I can't even piss straight.
You were the best investigator the DA's office ever had.
- Thatwas a long time ago. - Four years!
I know the fuck how long ago itwas.
Henry Styles.
Dumb fucking asshole. He hanged himself.
-I know. -I know you know. You're here, aren't you?
Forrester isn't Styles, right?
Let's say the bastard didn't do it. You're never gonna get him off.
If he didn't do it, I'll get him off.
Stop the horseshit, Teddy.
Look, I don't give a flying fuck how much money he's got.
A rich guy like Forrester...
Where the hel"s he going to find a jury of his peers?
He'll get a lot of people who hate him for what he's got.
If he didn't do it...
... I'll get him off.
Forget Styles, will you? Forget him!
You're going to eat yourself alive with all that guilt.
I can't forget him, and nelther can you.
The fuck I can't!
- Sam, I'm responsible and so are you. - Like hell I am!
Tom Krasny is responsible!
And fuck Styles and fuck you and your goddamned guilt!
I'll take the case on one condition:
If you lie to me, or ifl think you're guilty, I'll drop out.
That's not professional, and you know it.
It's not a problem. I'm not going to lie to you.
I want Sam to have access to all your personal and corporate correspondence.
Your financlal records, your wife's records...
...everything. Absolute access. - You got it.
We've got four months to the trial.
I don'twant you out in public.
I don'twant pictures of you in the paper.
Look as if your life's been shattered.
My life has been shattered.
I don'twant any visible support from the firm, unless I ask for it.
I want to defend him alone. Notwith a team of high-priced lawyers.
The jury will like that.
I like her.
Yeah? She pisses me off.
Nice to meet you. I'm very happy.
See you tomorrow.
- Andrew? - Be back in a moment.
- What do you think? - What the fuck do I know?
Did your mother ever wash your mouth outwith soap?
Yeah. But it didn't do any fucking good.
What if he passes the polygraph? How will you know if he's lying?
I'll know.
Teddy, a guy like him, you never know.
I'm representing Jack Forrester.
Is he finally going to cop a plea?
Go ahead, I'm a reasonable man. I'll listen.
I don'twant any problems with discovery.
I don't know what you're talking about.
If you hold anything back on me I'm going to bust your ass wide open.
You talk to corporate clients this way?
I mean it, Tom.
"It's unprofessional conduct for a prosecutor to fail to disclose...
- " the defence at the..." -I know thewords.
I'm not going to let it happen again.
You prosecuted the Styles casewith me, and you did a good job.
The jury found him guilty.
He had a rap sheet as long as my dick.
I'm going to nail you to thewall.
I'll see you in court, Counsellor.
Consuela's door was open.
What did you see?
I ran to our room.
Was the door closed?
Open it.
-I can't... - What did you see?
Thatword on thewall...
...and the rope. Her hands and her feetwere tied.
Therewas blood all around her breasts and all over the bed.
She didn't have any clothes on.
All between her legs, the blood! Oh, God!
How did you meet her?
We met at Stanford.
We met at this party. I didn't even know her name.
I'm glad I didn't. I never would've had the nerve to talk to her.
A couple of years later, we ran into each other at the country club.
I wasn't a member, but I used to...
...go in and use thelr pool every once in a while.
Then we got married.
I started working for the paper.
I used to...
...bring coffee around to everybody. I hated that shit.
I worked in Advertising Circulation.
Got to know everything about the company.
Her father liked me.
Why didn't you ever have any children?
Thatwas the biggest mistake we ever made.
Were you faithful to her?
You know how many times Krasny asked me that?
Yes, I was faithful to her.
Except for a short period a long time ago.
Itwasn't even an affair. Itwas like a series of one-night stands.
The girl went back to France.
It didn't even last a month.
You'll have to tell me all about her.
I'll send you all the details, times, dates, restaurants.
Do you want the motel room numbers? I may have forgotten those.
You're divorced, aren't you?
Were you faithful to him?
- Was she faithful to you? - Yeah, as far as I know.
What does that mean?
It means, as far as I know.
I didn't kill her.
I know you didn't.
No, you don't.
You justwant to get closer to have a better look.
- What are you doing, Mum? - Homework, nothing much.
I could sure use a hug, though.
- You're such a good hugger! - Really?
Do you ever...
Do you ever think about boys and all that stuff?
Do you ever think about itwith Dad?
- Mum? - What?
I liked itwhen Dad was here the other night.
I miss him, Mum.
- Give me the bottom line, Dan. - The bottom line?
A straight, solid graph. The machine loves him.
He's telling the truth.
Or he's the kind ofice cube even the machine can't melt.
Is he psychopathic?
No, but he's manipulative.
He didn't getwhere he is without belng manipulative.
Nelther did l, nelther did you.
But did he do that bloodbath?
I don't know.
But if you're asking mewhether I think he's capable of doing that...
I saw nothing thatwould lead me to that conclusion.
Sam, come on in.
Thank you, doctor. I'll call you later.
All right. I've got 832 pages, signed, sealed and delivered... Thomas Krasny, Esq. The People versus John C. Forrester.
It really took Krasny two months to put this together?
Christ's sake, he's got him tied to that fucking knife.
No, he doesn't. He has a janitor who claims to have seen a knife in a locker.
- The next best thing, isn't it? - Nope. It's not good enough.
It's clrcumstantial. Krasny doesn't have the knife that killed Forrester's wife.
The janitor isn't identifying it.
What about this friend of his wife's?
This Virginia Howell?
It's hearsay coming from onewitness.
Kathy, would you get Mr. Forrester on the phone for me, please?
Thank you.
Krasny's too smart.
He's holding something back, that son of a bitch. He's got to have more.
Teddy, I gotta tell you.
I've been watching this guy for months now.
Do you wanna know what I think?
- What I really think? - What do you think?
He killed her.
He's got a witness who saw a hunting knife... your locker at the country club.
I figured something like that. It's complete bullshit.
May I use your phone?
He described it. Said itwas 6 inches long and...
I never had any kind of knife in my locker.
Why would he be lying?
All I can tell you is, it never happened.
Did you always want to be a lawyer?
I always wanted to be a prosecutor. My dad was a cop.
What'd I get myselfinto? You want some more of this?
You're a very pretty lady.
Now she thinks, maybe he did do it. It sounds like he's coming on to me.
You like to play games, don't you?
Racquetball. I play every day.
I used to play, years ago.
We should play. You still look in shape.
I don't play games with my clients.
Yeah, you do.
Tell me about Virginia Howell.
She's a real bitch.
She says your wife told her shewas going to divorce you.
- We can blow her out of thewater. - How?
- Coffee? - Yeah.
When you come back, I want to know exactly how.
When I come back, I'll tell you exactly how.
Hello, Mr. Fabrizi? Teddy Barnes.
How do you know itwas this locker?
'Cause right aftr I saw it, I put it together that itwas Mr. Forrester's...
...and it stuck in my head that he had it.
Is there any possibility that itwasn't this locker?
Lady, listen. I like Mr. Forrester.
I wish I'd never seen the damned thing.
Now, you ask me ifl think Mr. Forrester killed his wife.
I say, "No way Mr. Forrester would ever do a thing like that."
But, you ask me if the knife I saw was in the locker here, I say:
"Hell, yes. The son of a bitch was right up there!"
I'm telling you now.
I see this trial degenerating...
...and I'll hit you like a freight train roaring down the High Sierra.
We've got a man's life at stake here.
Not headlines, not careers.
Do you have anything you want to sharewith me?
- No, your Honour. - Yes, your Honour.
I'm not satisfied that the prosecution is complying with its discovery obligations.
I have complied, your Honour.
Do you have any evidence Mr. Krasny has not complied?
No, your Honour.
Then, what do you base your allegation on?
On my past assoclation with Mr. Krasny, your Honour.
Cite the case.
I held something back?
Cite the case, Teddy.
I hope I don't have to say this to you again, Mrs. Barnes...
...but you don't question ethics in my chamber...
...unless you have the evidence to support you.
Thank you, your Honour.
Yes, your Honour.
Why didn't you clte the case, Teddy?
You could've gotten disbarred before the trial.
- Do you realise how much I admired you? -It never got me anywherewith you.
What about Forrester?
Do you like him any better?
I like him a lot better.
Why don't you clte the case? Put it all on the line.
The People versus Henry Styles. Case Number 26022.
You got me! Come on. You can catch me. Watch out!
You can do it!
I'm not sure I want to.
Yes, you do. Come on!
See? It's a clnch! Hey, where are you going?
I'm getting you now!
- You ride very well. - Thank you.
Thatwas wonderful. I loved it.
You're not going anywhere.
You left your lights on.
I'll get a jumper.
Why don't you just take me home?
The first time I saw you...
... I wondered.
You did too, didn't you?
You liar.
Good night.
Good night.
- Good night. - Good night.
You got another one of these crank letters today.
- Hello. -Hi, Teddy.
David called from school. Hewas a little upset.
Come on, Matthew, nothing happened.
That's notwhat David says.
It's so difficult. Lfl like someone, I'd like to be able to invite him home.
I'll talk to David when they come this weekend, man-to-man.
Thanks. 'Bye.
- Hi. - Hi.
I got another one.
Are all the t's slightly raised?
I had the last one analysed. He told me itwas typed on a 1942 Corona.
It's a big help, isn't it?
How are you doing with the knife?
I'm striking out, that's how I'm doing.
How are you doing with our killer?
-I like him. - You like him. Hewants you to like him.
The more you like him, the harder you'll try to defend him.
I know that, Sam.
I'm just reminding you, sweetheart!
I can't.
-I can't. - Yes, you can.
I'm ata friend's house.
Jen, I gotta go.
Okey. I love you too. Bye-bye.
I make a great Denver omelette.
I have to go.
I know.
Look, I hope you don't think...
It's okey, Teddy.
It really is.
I want you to stick close to me in court tomorrow.
I think you should help me carry my things.
We might as well take advantage of the fact that a woman is defending you.
The jury's going to bewatching every move thatwe make.
Body language is really...
Wear a blue suit.
Juries like blue suits.
Anything else?
Jack, this way!
Any new developments in the case?
Hear ye hear ye.
The Superior Court for the County of San Franclsco is now in session.
The Honourable Clark Carrigan presiding.
The facts in this case are simple.
The Peoplewill prove that on the night of June 12 of this year...
...the defendant, John C. Forrester...
...brutally murdered his wife and his wife's maid.
The murders were in cold blood with malice aforethought.
And he did it out oflust and grced.
His grced for money and his lust for power.
Finally, the Peoplewill prove that John C. Forrester was, in fact, living a lie.
That behind the facade of all the dinners...
...and all the charity events he and his wife attended...
...thelr marriagewas crumbling.
The Peoplewill prove that had Page Forrester divorced him...
...itwould've meant the end of his prestigious career.
The end, in fact, of his livelihood.
Wewill prove that at the time of her death...
...her brutal murder...
...Page Forrester was contemplating divorce.
Thank you for your attention.
Do you wish to make your statement now?
Yes, your Honour.
John Forrester did not murder his wife.
He did not murder his wife's maid.
He is an innocent man, unjustly accused.
You may call your firstwitness.
My sister directly owned 20 percent of the elght million shares outstanding.
The shares were in her name. She had absolute control.
Jack had less than 1 percent of the shares in his name.
Mr. Lofton, could you tell us the provisions of your sister's will?
Jack Forrester is the direct beneficlary of all my sister's assets.
All ofit? Corporate and personal assets?
Mr. Lofton.
Did your sister ever express any dissatisfaction...
...about Jack's administration of the company?
No, shewas very pleased with Jack's helmsmanship.
Did she ever express any dissatisfaction to you...
...about her personal relationship with her husband?
- Never? - Never.
Do you think Jack Forrester killed your sister?
- God, no! - Objection!
-I move to strike that from the record. - Granted!
The jury will please ignore the last remark.
The People call Mrs. Virginia Howell.
Describe your relationship with Page Forrester, please.
Wewere like sisters.
What did she say about her relationship with her husband?
Objection. Calls for hearsay.
This testimony is belng offered to show the state of mind of Page Forrester.
It's an exception to the hearsay rule.
He's shown no connection between Mrs. Forrester's state of mind...
...and my client and the charges in this case.
I'll allow it, subject to connection to Mr. Forrester.
What did Page Forrester say about her relationship with her husband?
She knew that he didn't love her...
...and shewas sure that hewas seeing someone else.
Did she tell you anything else?
Shewas going to tell her husband shewanted a divorce.
Thank you.
I will tolerate no further disruptions in this courtroom.
Mrs. Howell.
When was the last time you saw Mrs. Forrester at her home?
At her home?
I really don't remember.
Wasn't it about the same time she stopped playng tennis with you at the club?
No. We played together all the time.
She's bluffing.
Isn't it true, Mrs. Howell, that six months before her death...
...Page Forrester broke all contact with you?
No, we spoke together on the telephone and we'd see each other at the club.
Mrs. Howell... find Jack Forrester an attractive man, don't you?
What do you mean?
Isn't it true that Page Forrester broke all contactwith you...
...because she learned you were tryng to seduce her husband?
- That's not true. - You're under oath.
Objection! Badgering thewitness, your Honour.
Motion denied.
Isn't it true that during theweek ofDecember 7, 1984... called Jack Forrester, at his office, on elght separate occasions?
I don't remember that.
Let me refresh your memory.
December 7: 9:40 AM and 4:23 PM.
December 8: 10:15 AM and 3:45 PM.
Would you like me to read the list?
Jesus Christ. How did you miss this?
She came to us. How was I supposed to know?
Did you ever write to Mr. Forrester?
Is this note in your handwriting?
I ask that this be marked as "Defence Exhibit A" and admitted as evidence.
Mrs. Howell, did you send this note to Jack Forrester?
Yes, I suppose so.
Will you read it, please?
"Dear Jack:
"I've been tryng to reach you all week.
"I'll be at the Canyon in Palm Springs.
"Wouldn't it be fun if you came down?
"Isn't it silly to keep avoiding me?
"Pagewill never know."
How is it signed, Mrs. Howell?
"Love, Ginny."
Your Honour, may I show this to the jury?
Mrs. Howell...
...did Mr. Forrester meet you in Palm Springs?
Did he meet you any time, anywhere?
What did he do with your note?
I really don't know.
He gave it to his wife, didn't he?
I don't know.
Why don't you ask her?
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