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Jagged Edge CD2

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Mrs. Howell...
...did Mrs. Forrester, to your knowledge...
...begin divorce proceedings against her husband?
No further questions, your Honour.
How was I supposed to find out? Only the two of them knew.
Mum, I don't understand this.
- Honey, why don't you go ask Jenny? -I don'twant to ask Jenny!
-I have a trial tomorrow, okay? -I've got a test tomorrow!
- Honestly, David. - You don't care!
Forget it!
I hope he did it! I hope he's guilty!
David, honey...
Come here.
David, honey, come on. I didn't...
Teddy, come here.
The tennis pro at the club, a guy named Slade, Bobby Slade.
I talked to the bartender at the club.
Two weeks ago he disappears when some guys...
...from the DA's office come to see him.
Krasny's going to spring him on us.
What do you have on him?
Heworked along the coast at all the clubs.
We got La Jolla, Laguna, Newport Beach, Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz?
I talked to 183 goddamned club members about that knife.
Know what I get? Nada, zilch. I told you, you're dreaming.
What about former club members?
- Peoplewho quit aftr January oflast year. - That's a wild- Goose chase!
Sam, he didn't do it!
Is that your head talking or another part of your anatomy?
Okey, what the hell? Fuck me!
You may call your nextwitness.
The People call Eileen Avery, your Honour.
Who's she?
Your Honour, may counsel approach the bench?
This witness was not mentioned in the discovery material.
The prosecution isn't complying...
She's a reluctantwitness. Shewas served a subpoena last night...
...on the basis ofinformation uncovered yesterday.
- Bullshit. - Mrs. Barnes.
-I want it on the record. -I'll be happy to put it on.
- You think it'll hold up in appeal? - What appeal? You don't expect to lose.
Here's the subpoena, your Honour.
I'll allow her testimony. Put the clrcumstances on the record.
Thank you, your Honour.
Let's continue.
Let the record show that Miss Eileen Avery is a reluctantwitness.
Shewas subpoenaed on the basis ofinformation uncovered yesterday.
Who is she?
A friend.
- What do you mean? - A friend, that's all she is.
- State your name, please - Eileen Avery.
How old are you?
I'm 26.
What's your relationship to John C. Forrester?
He's a friend of mine.
Between July and December of 1983 whatwas your relationship?
Hewas my...
Hewas my lover.
You had an affair with him for six months...
...two years ago?
Answer the question, please.
Yes, I did.
You were in lovewith him?
Yes, I was.
And hewas in lovewith you?
Did Mr. Forrester ever speak to you about divorcing his wife?
Please, Miss Avery.
He said hewanted to.
He said he could never do it.
And why could he never do it?
Because, he said, hewould lose everything he had always worked for.
Your witness, Mrs. Barnes.
No questions.
Thank you, Miss Avery.
You may step down.
The People call Robert Slade.
Mr. Slade, how did you meet Mrs. Forrester?
I played tennis with her at the club.
And you became friends?
She liked me...
...and I liked her a lot, too. Itwent on from there.
You had an intimate sexual relationship with Mrs. Forrester?
For how long?
Let's sce, I got to the club in November of'83...
...until the time she died.
You knew shewas married?
-It didn't seem to bother her. - What do you mean?
- She said he didn't carewhat she did. - Objection as to form!
Did she talk about her relationship with her husband?
Objection. Hearsay.
I'm tryng to establish the state of mind ofMrs. Forrester prior to her murder.
The testimony is irrelevant.
I think I can establish the relevancy of the testimony.
You may proceed.
Did she ever speak to you about her relationship with her husband?
- She said he didn't carewhat she did. - Move to strike, your Honour.
Motion denied.
Please continue.
She said she knew hewas seeing someone, too.
Whoever hewas seeing...
...Page said he'd take her riding all the time.
She joked about it. She said those horses of his were...
Did Mrs. Forrester ever talk to you about divorcing her husband?
Shewas thinking about it.
She said the thing that stopped her from getting a divorce... that hewas doing such a good job running the company.
She said he had a million-dollar image.
I remember once, she said that...
...she knew hewas using her, but she said...
...shewas using him, too.
She said thatwas his special talent. He really knew how to use people.
Your witness.
Due to the lateness of the hour, we'll adjourn and reconvene at 9:00 AM Monday.
That's it. It's over.
You didn't think he'd find out?
Four years ago I walked away from all this.
I felt that I was drowning...
Over my head. The dirt, the slime.
You played me.
You played me so well.
You set me up from the very beginning.
How did you find out about Styles?
- That's why you wanted me to defend you. - What are you sayng?
If you'd told me about Avery I wouldn't have taken the case.
I had an affair with somebody. That doesn't mean I killed my wife!
I couldn't tell you in the beginning...
...because you wouldn't have taken the case.
Later on, I...
I couldn't, because you wouldn't have thoughtwewere real!
- You lied to me. -I had to lie to you.
Don't you understand? I had to lie to you!
Teddy, that stuff about Page. I didn't know anything about it.
I didn'twant to be used anymore. I gave all this up because I just...
I wanted to clean myself off.
I'm dropping the case.
You can't. It's my life.
It's my life, you can't!
I didn't kill her!
I don't believe you.
What did he say?
-I told you. -I don'twant to hear it.
We got another letter from the 1942 Corona.
I'm sorry to disturb you, your Honour.
It's against all better judgement for me to speakwith you.
Please, your Honour.
Did this hypothetical client confess his guilt... his hypothetical lawyer?
...the defence counsel has no real ethical dilemma.
He took an oath.
He must live up to that oath.
What if he finds that he can't?
Then he had no business taking the oath in the first place.
What if someone came to you...
...under clrcumstances like these and asked to be dropped from a case?
I probably would accede... his or her wishes.
...with great regret.
What the fuck are you doing in the dark? Playng with yourself?
Everything okay?
You're going to lovewhatwe got on Bobby Slade.
What the hel"s the matter with you? Come on, read it.
Are you okay?
You're not okey. You look like shit.
I'm sorry. Come here.
I'm sorry, kid.
Hear ye hear ye.
The Superior Court for the County of San Franclsco is now in session.
- The Honourable Clark Carrigan presiding. - Will counsel approach the bench?
Do you have anything you want to say to me, Mrs. Barnes?
Yes, your Honour.
The defencewould like to recall Bobby Slade.
Recall Robert Slade.
Wherewere you employed before coming to the Hillsborough Country Club?
At the Oceanside Racquet Club in Santa Cruz.
Whatwere the clrcumstances under which you left there?
-I don't understand. -I think you do.
You were fired, were you not?
No, I got a better offer from Hillsborough.
Isn't it true that you were fired in Santa Cruz for selling sexual favours?
- That's not true. - Perjury is a criminal offence, Mr. Slade.
Objection, your Honour.
I presume you know the penalty for committing perjury, Mr. Slade?
That's what they said...
...but there's no proof. There's nothing on my record.
I wasn't fired. I left.
During the course of your intimate sexual relationship with Mrs. Forrester...
...where did you have sex with her?
Motels. The house in Hillsborough.
- Down at the beach house. - The house in Baker Beach?
- Yes. - Where the murders took place.
Did Mrs. Forrester ever pay you for having sex with her?
Shewas beautiful. She didn't have to pay anybody.
What kind of sex did you havewith her?
What do you mean?
Did you tie her up?
- Objection, your Honour! - Sustained.
You fucking bitch!
What did you call me?
-I object! - Denied.
What did you call me, Mr. Slade?
You called me a bitch.
Is thatwhat you called me?
Speak up, Mr. Slade.
No further questions, your Honour.
No questions.
The People call Anthony Fabrizi.
Itwas a 6-inch hunting knife with jags on the edge.
And what locker was it in?
-Itwas in locker 122. - And whose locker is that?
Itwas Mr. Forrester's locker.
Mr. Fabrizi, are you absolutely certain that the knife you saw...
...on January 2, 1984, was in Mr. Forrester's locker?
Yes, I am certain.
Your witness.
No questions.
The People rest.
Thatwill be all, Mr. Fabrizi.
Are you ready to call your firstwitness, Mrs. Barnes?
I am, your Honour. We call Duane Bendix.
Who's Duane Bendix?
Were you a member of the Hillsborough Country Club on January 2, 1984?
Yes, I was.
Was there a knife, on that date, in your locker at the country club?
What kind of knifewas it?
Itwas a hunting knife with a 6-inch blade and a jagged edge.
Is this the knife?
Yes, it is.
Whatwas your locker number at the club?
No further questions.
Your witness, Mr. Krasny.
No questions.
Thank you.
Your Honour, wewould like to recall Anthony Fabrizi.
Mr. Fabrizi, I'd like to remind you that you are still under oath.
Thank you, Judge.
Mr. Fabrizi.
Are you certain, beyond any doubt, the knife you saw was in locker 122...
...and not in locker 222? - No, itwas in locker 122.
I remember, because I put it together in my head that itwas Mr. Forrester's.
Wherewas Mr. Bendix's locker in relation to Mr. Forrester's?
Well, it's in the row right behind his.
Does this look like the knife you saw that day?
- No, this one's different. - How is it different?
It's the same kind of knife, but...
...this one here is all scratched up on the sides and the handle's all worn.
If this knifewas brand new and hadn't been used for a year and a half...
...would it look like the knife you saw?
Could it have been the knife you saw?
It is possible?
Jesus Christ, I don't know! It's possible!
Your Honour, I'd like this knife marked...
...and admitted into evidence as "Defence Exhibit B."
Your witness.
- Mr. Fabrizi... - What the hell are you going to ask me?
I told her, it looks different. I don't know.
lfitwas brand new, sure! It's possible it's the one I seen.
I don't know how I could've mistaken the locker numbers.
No questions.
Thank you, Mr. Fabrizi. That's all.
We'll adjourn and reconvene again tomorrow morning at 9:00.
- Can I talk to you? - There's nothing to talk about.
I tried calling you all weekend. I went over to your place.
You still think I'm guilty?
How can you defend me if you think I'm guilty?
It happens all the time. It's theway our legal system works.
I bet you're a cold fuck.
What do you want, Mr. Slade?
You really think you're something, don't you?
You twist everything around, don't you?
You just don't give a shit.
I bet I could warm you up.
I bet I could make you real hot.
Jen, hi.
What are you doing?
No, I'm at the office. I justwanted to call.
Why don't you get David to watch Spiderman while you do your homework?
Why don'twe talk about that when I get home, okay?
All right, I love you.
Julie Jensen?
-I'd like to talk to you. My name... -I know who you are.
The Superior Court for the County of San Franclsco is now in session.
The Honourable Clark Carrigan presiding.
Mrs. Barnes, call your nextwitness.
We call Julie Jensen.
Ms. Jensen, where do you reside?
At 1326, Del Mar Lane in Santa Cruz.
Would you describe for us the events that took place...
...on the night of January 21, 1984?
Objection, your Honour. This testimony is not relevant.
This testimony is directly related to the crimes Jack Forrester is accused of...
...and Mr. Krasny knows it.
Thewitness may continue.
I was in my bedroom.
I woke up. Therewas a knife at my throat.
Therewas a man there. Hewas dressed in black.
Pants, a turtleneck. Hewore a black ski mask.
-I never saw his face. - Objection, your Honour.
- This crime is not relevant to this case. - Overruled.
He kept the knife pressed to my throat.
Itwas a big knife. It had these jags on the top.
He tied my hands and my legs to the bed.
He cut my night-gown off of me.
What did he do then?
He pushed the knife against my nipples...
...and he cut me.
How did he cut you?
He cut around my right nipple with the tip of the knife.
He smeared the knife with...
...the blood and he got up and hewrote it on thewall.
What did hewrite?
Hewrote theword "bitch."
Then he came back to the bed...
...and he started putting the knife...
...between my legs.
But he didn't...
...cut me.
And then he suddenly stopped...
...and hewent away.
And these events took place at your beach house in Santa Cruz...
...on January 21, 1984...
...18 months before the murders at Baker Beach?
Well done.
Ms. Jensen...
...did you relate these events to anyone from the San Franclsco DA's office?
Your Honour, that is irrelevant.
Yes, I did.
To that man there.
To this man? Mr. Arnold?
- An assistant district attorney? - Yes.
When did you relate these events to him?
He came to see me threeweeks aftr Mrs. Forrester was killed...
...and he came back to see me two days later.
When Mr. Arnold came back to see you, what did he tell you?
He told me that the Baker Beach killings were not related to what happened to me.
Ms. Jensen...
...were you a member of the Oceanside Racquet Club in Santa Cruz...
...from January to October, 1983?
- Yes. - Do you play tennis?
I did before this happened.
Did you ever play with the club's pro, Bobby Slade?
-I object... - Yes!
Bobby Slade is not on trial here!
Why isn't he?
You knew. You hushed it up.
You are tryng to mislead this jury.
That is not true and you know it.
I will see you both in chambers.
All I'm asking for is a two-week continuance.
For what? To tie him into the Santa Cruz crime?
He's had months to tie him but can't. He's innocent and you know it.
That's why he didn't turn over her statement to me.
How did you find her? How did you? She kept her name out of the papers.
- We saw the police report. - We pulled it.
You pulled the police report?
You've breached the canon of ethics, Mr. Krasny.
Now, your request is denied.
lfitwere up to me, I'd vote to disbar you.
He told you, didn't he? He told you.
What did he do? Did he phone you?
- Send you anonymous notes? - You'll stop at nothing, won't you?
Anyone could've sent those notes. Everyone knew.
The police knew, people in your office knew.
Bullshit! Don't you understand what he did?
He did the identical crime 18 months before he murdered his wife.
He knew itwould get him off the hook.
He knew Bobby Sladewas seeing his wife.
That's why he did the first crime in Santa Cruz.
He threw us Bobby Slade as a suspect.
He picked thatwoman very carefully.
He knew she played tennis with Slade.
He planned this for 18 months.
He is not a psychopath.
He is an iceman.
He is a monster!
You're the monster, Tom.
If you make any attempt to implicate Mr. Forrester in the Santa Cruz crime...
... I shall strike it.
He is not charged with that offence.
They're in.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?
We have, your Honour.
Not guilty.
We stand in recess.
I'm proud of you!
I'd like to say something, please.
I'd like to say something, please.
Four years ago, I resigned my job as an assistant district attorney.
I'd like to tell you why.
I prosecuted a casewith Mr. Krasny.
Itwas a very newsworthy case.
The kind of case thatwins elections, makes careers.
We convicted the man and hewent to jail.
A week aftr the trial, I discovered...
...that during the trial... of our investigators had come up with evidence...
...which would have exonerated the man wewere prosecuting...
...and that Mr. Krasny had buried that evidence.
Although I found...
I didn't do anything.
I didn't tell anyone.
I let that man...
He hanged himselfin prison.
I will have to learn to livewith that...
The People versus Henry Styles...
...Case Number 26022.
Mr. Krasny, do you have a comment on that?
- Wewant a statement, please. - Do you have any comment, please?
Your partners are very proud of you.
This verdict has been a terrific vindication for our legal system.
It couldn't have happened without Teddy Barnes.
Where are you?
- Congratulations! - Congratulations!
- Congratulations! - Congratulations!
What's going on?
We're going to my house to let you celebrate.
I have no one to celebrate with except you guys.
- Yes you do. Come on, you guys. - Goodbye, Mum.
I feel vindicated, I think more than antyhing else.
This verdict has been a great vindication of oursystem.
Itcouldn't have happened without Teddy Barnes.
I'll never be able to thank her. Thank you very much.
Thank you, Mr. Forrester.
That's Jack Forrester...
... found notguilty of those brutal murders of his wife and her maid.
That's the sltuation here.
This word, justin to the Channel 7 newsroom.
Police are seeking Hillsborough Country Club tennis pro, Bobby Slade...
... for questioning in the Baker Beach killings.
We'll have full details and a film report at 11:00.
Good morning.
- Good aftrnoon. - What time is it?
The time is 3:30.
Are you hungry?
-I'm starving. -I made some brunch down there for us.
I'm going to the stables. I'll be back in 10 or 15 minutes.
You know how I feel?
I feel free!
Where are you going?
It's David. He has a fever. I've got to go home.
Go on, Ed.
- What's the matter with him? -I don't know. Matthew called.
-I'll comewith you. - No. I'll call.
Here, let me try.
Can I at least kiss you goodbye?
Hello? Teddy?
- Yes. -How's David?
He's fine.
Whatwas the matterwith him?
You said he had a fever.
I found the typewriter.
What typewriter? What are you talking about?
You killed her.
Whatis the matterwith you?
- Teddy, I love you. -No.
-Will you listen to me? - No.
-I'm on my way over. - No!
- Hello? - Sam?
Whatthe hel"s the matter? Are you okay?
-I need to talk to you. -Aboutwhat?
Teddy, whatis it?
Whatis it?
Whatis it?
For Christ's sake, whatis it?
I justwanted to...
I justwanted to say thank you.
Thank me?
Whatthe fuck do you have to thank me for, baby?
They gota warrantouton Bobby Slade. They're going to charge him.
Did you hear me?
I don'twant to hear about Bobby Slade.
Are you sure you're all right?
Sure you don'twant me to come over?
No, nothing's wrong.
It's all right now.
'Bye Sam.
I need to see your face, Jack.
I could've loved...
Jesus Christ.
Fuck him. Hewas trash.
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