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Subtitles for Jamon Jamon 1992 CD2.

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Jamon Jamon 1992 CD2

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Don't worry, Ma'am.
Don't call me "Ma'am". You make me feel old.
Why? You look real young.
Trust me, I never lie.
You just relax, Ma'am.
Silvia's real pretty, I ' II end up liking her.
Will you end up liking me?
I already do.
Ever since the day we were in the car.
Kiss me.
I can't.
Why not?
I 've eaten garlic. You' II notice the smell.
Garlic's what I like best in the whole world.
You like garlic?
Here, for you.
It's a good luck charm.
You think they' II have rooms?
I hope so.
I love your breasts, white as mother-of-pearl.
Drink, slowly.
- You don't feel well? - I ' m fine.
Maybe you should have some tea.
Booze doesn't affect me. Tea does.
The only time I had one, I puked.
It's so hot! Close the curtains.
Come on, carry me.
Carry you?
It's been so long since I had flown!
Wait, wait.
I wanna fuck you. I wanna screw you.
Shouldn't I take my panties off?
No, leave them on.
Shit, I can't.
You' re too tense.
So tense.
I don't get it, it's never happened before.
Wait. Here, relax.
Must be the champagne.
I was real hot for you, and now, nothing.
Don't worry.
Take a deep breath.
You' II feel better.
But, but... What's that?
I ' II send you a dozen shorts from the latest collection.
The Regatta, my own design They' re real cute.
I can't. Forget it.
Don't I turn you on?
You turn me on alright, but I can't.
You said it without my asking you.
Do you like it?
I do. I love it.
- Don't go see Silvia again. - I won't.
- Swear it. - I won't.
I swear it.
Whatever you want, it's yours.
A bike.
A bike?
What brand?
A Yamaha 600.
Silvia's pregnant.
Will you marry her?
Or, as usual, will you do as your parents say?
Won't you ever take a decision?
You can't even quit smoking!
Why do you harp on at me?
How can I tell her? She won't let me.
You' II have to find a way. Don't count on me.
Silvia's wonderful.
Don't let her escape.
Hi. It's me.
- How's your sister? - Fine, just fine.
You smell like garlic.
Probably something I ate at the hospital cafeteria.
Jose Luis wants to talk about Silvia.
Don't mention her in front of me!
My poor head! Where are my pills?
I live for you both and you give me headaches!
Just look! Like my bike?
I ' II help you.
- Let me be! - Alright, alright.
Look at my picture first.
- What picture? - Stop, will you? Stop!
Turn around.
What do you say? That's me.
Good. I 've seen you, now what?
Don't you like it?
- You' re a pig. - And you' re a "jamona".
You've a Samson inside.
Leave me alone.
- I ' II give you a lift. - No, thanks.
I can be there an back 100 times while you walk home. So, just do it.
So what?
- Butterfly. - Eat up.
Look, a bike!
He nearly fell off.
See, Pablito, that's a bike.
Let's go see it.
Come on.
Are you alright?
I love you.
I love you.
If anything happened to Raul, I 'd kill myself.
You' re such a child!
You also said you'd kill yourself for Jose Luis.
What about your child?
But I love Raul.
He's a no-gooder. Don't ruin your future.
Look at me...
...none of the men I 've known have loved me.
You mean Jose Luis' Dad?
- Hi, Marian. - Hi.
- What's that? - Nothing.
The girls' piggie.
Poor Pablito died.
What you gonna do?
Make an angel food cake.
Is this new, Mom?
Silvia, think about what you' re gonna do.
Promise you will.
We better break up.
I can't take it.
You' re too immature.
You failed me.
I ' m heart-broken.
It hurts here,
I can't bear it any more.
What is it? Don't you love me any more?
Is there someone else?
You don't care about me, about the baby.
I ' m doing all I can and you know it. Come here.
I want to be with you.
Sit down.
Say something.
Come on.
Say you love only me.
Tell me you like my prick.
Touch me.
I can't.
Get up.
Get up!
Don't you want to make love?
Get up!
I may be immature but I ' m not an imbecile.
You like someone else!
You don't understand.
- You can't understand. - I can't?
Like hell I can't! Damn his fucking balls!
I sure do! I get it alright!
Goddamn his fucking balls!
Shit! I ' m sick of it!
Damn his balls! Sure I get it!
You bet I do!
Go away!
You don't have balls, that's what!
Jose Luis.
What is it?
What do you mean?
You and Silvia argued?
How come you' re smoking?
I do whatever I goddamn feel like!
- You' re soaking wet. - Mom.
She was with another guy.
Another man?
Let's go.
- I must go home. - Home?
Alright, but we go to my place.
I don't want to leave you. I ' II never leave you.
I love you, Silvia.
Come on, Silvia,
Let's go.
You' re crazy.
- I love you. - You' re crazy.
I love you.
Want some ham? Good for your sex drive.
Give me some garlic.
You sure?
What are you thinking about?
Having a closet for shoes isn't that important.
- Like them? - I love their taste.
What do they taste like?
Like ham.
- Isn't it disgusting? - You bet.
Why do you do it?
Because I ' m going to eat you alive.
- You' re a pig. - And you' re a "jamona".
- What are you doing here? - I followed you.
You want to see your girl with someone else?
Mom, she's pregnant.
Will you forgive me?
Forgive you for what?
No, for nothing.
- I need her. - Now, don't worry.
Leave it all to me.
You just relax.
Why didn't you tell me she was pregnant?
I tried.
Come on, hide.
Had you ever seen them together?
Now, calm down, Jose Luis.
- I ' m going to kill him. - What good will it do?
Wait here. I ' II fix it.
- Who is it? - Jose Luis' mother.
What are you doing here?
We must talk.
No, we mustn't.
You must marry my son.
I can't.
You must marry him, he's heart-broken.
Besides, you' re pregnant although I think you should have an abortion.
The baby's mine, I ' II do as I please.
I won't marry Jose Luis.
Because of Raul?
How do you know Raul?
Because I paid him to go to bed with you.
He's in love with me.
How do you think he bought that bike?
I need you!
We' II go away from here, forever.
Let's go.
Let me be.
What can I do to make you love me?
We' re going home!
I ' II kill him! I swear I will.
Remember what I said.
Go home.
Let me be! You've ruined my life!
You had to see her after all I 've done for you!
I ' II see her when I feel like it.
Although she's carrying my son's baby?
You didn't know it, did you?
I ' II be goddamned! Fuck!
I need you, don't leave me. I ' m heart-broken.
You' re everything to me, my love, my passion.
Even if it isn't true, say you love me!
Say it!
I don't. I don't love you.
Besides, Silvia is the first...
...the only one, the only true love for me...
...Raul Gonzalez. The only one!
I don't turn you on?
Yes, you do, you turn me on alright.
I like your lips, your eyes...
...even your hair.
Your breasts...
...I love your breasts.
Let me be.
Let me be!
I ' II buy you a Mercedes.
Say you want me.
I want you.
Life plays strange tricks
I never got such a hard-on as I did with you last time.
Don't worry, honey.
Nobody's ever gonna eat you. Believe me.
Where's Carmen?
Eating outside like cannibals.
- I wanna make love with you! - We' re about to eat.
I wanna fuck you!
I wanna fuck you!
I said I wanna fuck you!
And I told you it was over.
Forget about Silvia, she doesn't love me anymore.
You' re a coward. You let that bum take her away.
I ' II show you he didn't take her away from me.
I ' II kill him!
I ' II do it with you!
What's going on?
Leave Guaca alone!
Shut up!
Shut up!
I didn't know what to do.
What's wrong?
Jose Luis is gonna kill Raul.
You've got to do something!
What are you doing?
I don't know.
What are you doing?
The pearls! Grab me by the pearls!
Open up!
- Who's that? - Open if you've got balls!
- My son! - Your son?
- He mustn't see me here! - Your son?
- He probably saw the car. - Cover yourself up.
Stay here.
Open up if you've got balls!
You bet I 've got balls!
What the fuck do you drop that?
- Stop it! - What are you doing?
- Get the hell outta here! - Don't fight!
- Show yourself! - I ' II break your neck!
Show yourself, goddamn you!
Let him be!
Let him be!
- Whore! - Stop it!
I ' II kill you!
You' re gonna get hurt!
I ' II kill you!
What happened?
What happened?
I killed him.
Answer me!
Answer me!
Answer me!
Goddamn it! What shit!
What the hell did you do to my son?
What is it?
He's dead.
Good Lord!
Please, take care of her.
Let me.
Forgive me, forgive me.
My poor baby.
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