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Subtitles for Janguru Taitei.

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Janguru Taitei

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The babies!
The babies are born!
The heir to the King of the Jungle!
The children of King Leo and Queen Lyre!
I found it deep in the Bajelous jungle...
...glittering in the river.
I thought, "This is too beautiful for this world!"
So, how much will you pay for it?
You're not the only jeweler in town!
He has just the stone you're looking for!
This is just a worthless pebble.
Oh come on!
I'm begging you, any price will do.
Darn it!
It was just a piece of junk.
And I thought for sure this would make me rich!
Mr. Ham-egg I presume.
Who are you?
We'd like to ask you some questions about the stone... found in Bajelous.
The stone?
Would you mind stepping into the car?
H-Hey, don't.
Stop that!
Let me out!
Where are you taking me?
Hey, hey, hey!
No mistake, it's a Moonlight Stone.
Thank you very much for coming.
I'm Dr. Minus from the Science and Technology Agency.
This is my assistant, Lemonade.
Science and Technology Agency?
Now, Mr. Ham-egg, where did you find this stone?
Well, somewhere in the middle of the Bajelous jungle...
...but, I don't remember exactly where.
This is extremely important.
Can you please try to remember?
If it's that important, how much will you pay me for it?
This is not a matter of money.
Well then, what is it about this stone?
Well, um...
I see.
There's no choice.
I suppose I'll have to sell it to the highest bidder I can find.
How can you?
Well then, how much will you pay me...
If I take you to the place where I found it?
Quite truthfully sir, that stone is... valuable that it may save the world from an energy crisis.
I see.
All the more reason for you to pay me well.
Certainly, Mr. Ham-egg.
But we'll ask you to accompany us to Bajelous.
Who are you?
Dr. Plus from the Agency.
A doctor?
I see.
Well, I was once known as the Master of Bajelous.
And a first-class hunter.
We've investigated you thoroughly, including your finances.
We know just how deeply you are in debt.
But that's besides the point.
What's important is that we find the Moonlight Stone as soon as possible.
Moonlight Stone?
The elements of the Moonlight Stone...
...allow us to create energy...
...through a chemical reaction instead of a nuclear one.
This was also found near Mt. Moon.
Mt. Moon?
According to our research...
...this stone came from a mountain in the area known as Bajelous.
But no one knows the exact location of this mountain.
Our only clue is a photograph taken long ago.
Your task is to go to Bajelous and...
...pinpoint the exact location of the mountain.
We are in great need of your help.
Leave it to me.
I'll gather a team together.
Don't skimp on the budget.
Mt. Moon, eh?
Mr. Ham-egg.
We were able to make contact...
...with an important professor who will be joining our search party.
He's an expert in the medical field.
...and he was part of the original expedition to Mt. Moon.
For the past six years he's remained in Bajelous continuing the search.
All right, all right...
Sit down and relax over some drinks before we get there.
Hey, Pilot! Watch what you're doing!
Even if I wanted to die before we find that mountain, I couldn't afford to!
Listen up now!
Tie them tightly so they don't come loose.
That should do it.
Now Lune, the secret is to flap your wings rapidly...
Like this!
Flap, flap, flap, flap!
No, like this.
So, like this right?
Oh, you just don't get it.
I said, like this!
I am doing that!
Lune, it's too dangerous.
She's right, what if you get hurt?
In this day and age the King must be able to fly.
But I've never heard of a flying lion.
That's not the point.
Challenges should be met.
They are growing up to be strong and healthy.
But perhaps too brazen and fearless.
Lune worries me especially.
He's brave, the way a boy should be.
Lune will succeed you to the throne.
He needs to be bold.
You were just like him.
Okay, everything's in place!
Lune, ready for take off?
Lune, you did it!
You're flying!
Flap your wings.
Are you okay?
Sure, it's nothing.
The problem is the wings.
Next time we'll make them bigger.
You'll keep trying?
Of course!
Until he flies!
Maybe you should stop.
Shut up!
Coco, what's that?
What is it?
If I remember correctly, it's a man-made flying device.
Humans fly in this enormous thing?
Lune, don't!
I'm fine, I'm fine!
It's dead. It can't attack you.
Well, well.
There's nothing in here, it's empty!
This actually flies?
A flying machine.
Are you okay?
Quick, I've found something that humans use!
Hey, hey, hey, what's that?
Tell me.
It's what humans call a lunch box.
No, they're drawers.
Lune don't!
Don't worry, it's all right.
What is it?
It makes weird noises.
Bizo, don't.
It's mine.
I don't see your name on it.
I found it in there.
Inside there?
Then it must belong to humans.
I'll break it.
Fine then.
Give it back, that's my box!.
Humans are bad, that's why you shouldn't touch this.
My father told me so.
Give it back!
Ouch, let go!
Hey, let go!
That hurts!
Let me go!
I said, let go!
I'm telling my dad.
Dad, Dad!
Dad, it's Lune, he picked on me.
He what?
Are you the one who made my boy cry?
You're Leo's son aren't you?
Yes I am.
Dad, get rid of him, stomp on him!
You're a brave kid.
I'm not a kid, I'm Lune.
I see.
Your name's Lune, is it?
Leo's lucky to have such a fine son.
And in comparison, you...
Shame on you, you coward!
If you want to defend yourself, fight strong!
But, but...
Come on.
Buffalo, in this area?
Look, we're almost at the base camp.
Dr. Moustache!
What's this?
Wounded by poachers!
How terrible.
How dare they!
What an amateur hunter.
He missed the vital spots.
I'd do it in one shot.
What did you say?
What is your...
This is Dr. Moustache, who has volunteered to accompany us.
Oh, you're the one...
This is our team captain, Mr. Ham-egg.
Hey, captain!
Can we hurry up and get a move on?
Good point.
The treasure is calling me.
Lukio, where's Lune?
He's not here?
I wonder where he went?
You're here again..
Mom's worried about you.
You really like that sound?
Cause it's not like the birds or the rain. It's different.
Humans must be amazing to be able to make such things.
I want to go and visit their world.
I have searched the northern jungle extensively for six years...
...and found no trace of the stone or Mt. Moon.
What's left is the area to the south.
However, many animals live in this area.
It will be a great challenge to avoid damaging the wildlife during our search.
With that attitude, no wonder you're here...
...after six years of no luck!
That's right.
Forget about the animals.
Yeah, forget about them.
We're not here to play kiddy games.
Hey, listen up!
We came here to follow our captain's orders.
I found the moonlight stone here... this river deep in the south jungle.
Get ready for some hard work boys.
Real hard work.
Listen, doc.
You spent six years wasting your time.
In one month, I'll do what you couldn't in six years.
We need to build a road for our cars!
Cut down any trees that block our path.
Alan and Carl, you gather rocks and gravel from the river!
What on earth are those humans up to now?
What's going on?
They've set up fires!
Stop shooting!
Stop it!
Don't shoot the animals.
I'm in charge here, don't order me around.
You've no right to destroy the jungle.
I'll do whatever it takes to find the mountain.
I can't be worried about animals!
How dare you!
Lemonade, let's go.
Ignore them, continue as you were!
Stop it.
Stop it, I say!
I won't allow this!
You'll pay for destroying the jungle like this.
The brakes are...
Big trouble!
Uncle Rhino is trapped in a fire and can't move!
Uncle Rhino?
Father, I'll go too.
Tommy, hurry, let's go!
We'll help you put the fires out.
First, Uncle Rhino.
Uncle Rhino!
A white lion!
Don't eat me, I'm not tasty.
Hey, wake up Lemonade.
I'll get you out now.
Good boy.
I know, I know.
It's okay.
Go back to your mom and dad now.
The fire is closing in, go on.
I can't fly.
Go on, get in line.
That's a bad burn.
It'll sting a little.
Leo, we're going to take revenge on the humans.
Pagoola, please calm down.
What will we achieve by attacking the humans?
Let's not sacrifice any more lives.
You don't understand.
I want to talk to Leo.
Leo, you' ll come with us?
My duty is to protect the jungle.
I won't fight against man.
You' re a coward!
You call yourself the King of the Jungle?
If you won't join us, we'll do it on our own!
Don't interfere.
Go, Daddy! Get him!
Leo, I can't understand why you'd risk death to stop us.
We can no longer follow your rule anymore.
I agree with you, Dad.
I think it's wrong to fight against man...
...because one of them saved my life!
Pagoola is not entirely wrong.
There are some men who are kind...
...but there are some men who are cruel to us and wish to destroy the jungle.
Fighting achieves nothing.
But then what should we do?
We should be friends with man.
If we become friends...
...then we can ask them not to destroy the jungle, right?
Isn't that a good idea?
Perhaps you will succeed in creating such a world in your lifetime.
A world where humans and animals can live together...
Man's world must be far beyond this place.
Lune, you're off to the world of man!
Yah hoo!
It's too dangerous here!
We have to get higher, move upstairs!
What are we going to do?
The flood!
Leo, the water's getting closer!
Something is not right.
Whenever there's rain like this, strange things happen.
Great Mother!
Leo, it's been so long.
Mother, has something happened on the mountain?
Yes, well.
There is a problem.
Not enough food is growing on Mt. Moon these days.
I came here to take some food back.
I' m pleased to see that you are all doing well.
Leo, I know it is hard work protecting the jungle...
...but believe in yourself and do your best.
Continue to protect everyone.
Mt. Moon!
I've found Mt. Moon!
Now, the Moonlight Stone is mine!
What is it?
Lune's not here.
I'm sure he's here.
What's that?
Oh, it's a cat.
No, it's not a cat.
It's a lion.
A white lion cub!
What, a white lion?
Hey, there.
From today on, you'll be working here.
What is that?
A cat?
No it's a white lion cub.
All right...
Eat your fill.
You are the next star of the Sergo Grand Circus.
What excellent food!
Fit for a star!
Want some?
I couldn't possibly, I'm not a star like you.
Bon Appetit!
I'm Lune.
I'm Jack...
...born and raised in the gutters of New York.
I'm one street smart rat!
Pleasure to meet you.
So, you've long admired the human world from afar, eh?
It's great here!
I'm so impressed.
Cuz humans and animals live happily together.
It's amazing!
Happily together?
Yeah, I saw that all the animals were having so much fun dancing.
Oh, well that's just their job...
It's a show, they're forced to act that way.
You'll soon understand, kid.
Dreams and reality are not the same thing...
Oh, look at that.
It seems the future star's a little sleepy.
Enjoy your sweet dreams while you can.
How many times do I have to tell you?
Now, do it.
Get on!
What's wrong with you?
Hey, you little rebel.
What're you trying to do?
Stop it!
Why're you stopping me, Mary?
He's just a little cub.
There's no use whipping him.
Let me handle him, all right?
I'll take care of him.
All right, then.
Let's see what you can do.
Are you all right?
Aren't you hungry?
I know, you must be lonely in such a strange place...
...but I'm all alone too.
My mom and dad died a long time ago.
But I'm doing fine...
No, I'm doing great!
Cheer up little one, all right?
Hey, that tickles, stop it!
I know!
Let's team up!
You can come on the trapeze with me.
Blessed Moon, can you see my son, Lune, from where you are?
If so, please light his way, bright and clear... that he won't feel all alone.
S-She has the death pox.
Death pox?
It's a horrific disease.
It once swept through the jungle many years ago.
More than half the animals died.
How terrible!
So, how does it feel to be a star?
Well, it's no fun being a star alone.
Jack, I'm so confused.
What's up?
I came here to see the human world...
...and I've met some nice people like Mary...
...but there are also mean people who whip animals.
So, which is the real human?
That is a difficult question.
You see...
Is that you Lune?
You're Leo's son, Lune, aren't you?
What are you doing here?
There's a terrible sickness sweeping the jungle.
Many of our friends are dying...
We're all migrating to somewhere safer.
What about my mom and dad?
What about Lukio?
I' m afraid I don't know.
I' m sorry, we must hurry.
Okay, ready?
Come on!
That's it.
Keep it going.
It's all right, l' ll free you!
Go on!
Little one, run!
Not that way!
Little one!
Ma'am, Ma'am!
Hurry, wake up!
We've got to escape.
Little one!
Hurry, or you'll burn to death!
Quick, quick!
Put the fire out!
Everyone out this way, hurry!
Through here, hurry!
All the other animals are obeying the little cub's orders.
Little one, you're incredible.
Come on, let's go.
I'm coming too!
You're worried about something, aren't you?
See that?
There's the harbor.
That's where you can take a boat and make your way home.
It wasn't long but I had fun with you on the trapeze.
The circus animals and I will be fine.
Don't get all sentimental now.
Get back to your jungle, see if I care!
Go on now.
Take care of yourself.
Good bye Mary, Jack...
Good bye everyone.
I'll never forget you.
I'm right here, Lyre.
I love you... much.
Come here, Lukio.
My darling Lukio.
Help your father and Lune protect the jungle.
But Lune's...
He'll be back soon. I can feel it.
He's getting closer and closer as we speak...
Lune, Lukio...
You've made me so happy.
Thank you.
Mommy, Mommy!
Mother, your favorite flowers.
Don't they smell nice?
I'll go find some more.
Lyre, how painful it must have been... have to leave your children behind.
But you needn't worry.
I'll raise Lukio to be strong and honorable.
And Lune will come back.
Please watch over us from heaven above.
What is it that I have done wrong?
Am I to lose Lukio as well?
What's Ham-egg up to?
Well, no movement at this time.
How are things over there?
You said something's wrong in the jungle?
What happened?
I found her in the jungle, infected with death pox.
Death pox?
It's a deadly plague that only affects animals.
What's the cause?
I don't know but environmental changes are a possibility.
I' m going back into the jungle.
Keep an eye on Ham-egg.
If anything happens, contact Dr. Plus.
I' m counting on you.
Dr. Moustache.
Pack your bags!
We're heading for Mt. Moon!
But, we were only paid to find the mountain.
While those fools are gone, we' ll race ahead of them and grab the treasure.
With the Moonlight Stone, you could buy half the planet, if you wanted.
With the enormous profit from selling the stones, you' ll never have to work again!
We' ll all be rich for the next ten generations!
What's it gonna be?
Are you in, or are you out?
Ouch, stop that!
What are you doing? Will you stop it?
I' m not a bad man.
Just stop it!
H-Hold on...
W-Wait, listen. I'm on your side.
I've brought...
...something you need.
I came to cure the disease.
You are in great danger.
A plague is upon you.
You are the cub's father.
Please tell them that without this medicine they'll all die.
I'm a man who loves the flowers, the trees...
...and all the animals.
Please, you must let me save as many lives as possible.
I beg you!
You're going to rely on a human?
You can't do that!
It's not allowed!
It's against the Law of the Jungle to ask for help from humans.
Coco is right.
We of the jungle must protect our lives ourselves.
However, unless we ignore the law this one time...
...we will not escape this deadly plague.
That's wrong!
That's wrong!
Coco, we must save Lukio.
You trust me?
I promise, I'll save her.
She'll soon wake up.
She'll be fine.
Don't you worry so much.
The spots are gone!
Thank God! Thank God!
She's safe, see?
She's cured!
She's cured, she's cured!
What a relief!
There's a cure!
There's a cure!
There's a cure for the plague!
There's a cure!
There's a cure for the plague!
There's a cure!
There's a cure for the plague!
There's a cure for the plague!
There's a cure!
Bizo, stand up.
Come on.
I can't.
What is it?
Now, stand up!
Pagoola, go to Leo's castle!
There, a man will heal him.
I'll never ask for a human's help!
Now, now.
Be quiet.
You'll be all right.
Calm down, it won't hurt you.
All right.
Next, please!
Wait for us captain.
Come on, hurry up!
Right, we're off to Mt. Moon!
Ham-egg is on the move!
Leo, Bizo can't move!
Ouch, ouch!
Stop it.
I know, know, I'm going!
Ouch, I understand!
Bizo is ill.
Let the man heal him.
I trust no man!
But, we have no other choice!
What's going on?
All right.
Is it safe?
Oh, this is bad!
Dr. Moustache!
Dr. Moustache!
What's this?
Hey, Lemonade.
There you are!
I searched all over for you.
What's wrong?
Ham-egg and the others are headed to Mt. Moon.
We mustn't let the Moonlight Stone fall into their hands!
The stone can bring much good...
...but in the wrong hands it can also bring evil.
We'll pursue them immediately!
I must go.
I'll leave it up to you to finish here.
Remember, they must not eat the dead animals.
You must remember that...
All right?
What is it?
Listen carefully to me.
Lukio, I must go with the men.
Man has saved us from the plague.
And he has even saved Lune.
Now it's time for me to help them.
Do you have to go?
Lukio, you' re smart just like your mother.
You'll be all right without me.
If I don't return, you must join the others in protecting the jungle.
I'll be all right and I won't complain.
But please come back.
You must tell Lune what I said to you, when he returns.
Good bye.
Bizo, I'm happy to see you well.
I'm happy too!
Glad you're alright, Bizo.
Leo, I'm beginning to understand your thinking.
You're a worthy King of the Jungle.
I will now go with the men to Mt. Moon.
That mountain is very dangerous.
No one has ever climbed it.
Yeah Leo, what if something were to happen to you?
I've already made up my mind.
Watch over the jungle.
Darn it, I can't see a thing through this mist.
Don't get so frustrated.
Have some gum.
Want a piece of chocolate?
What a nightmare!
Sweets, candy, caramels.
I have all your favorite foods!
Captain, Carl is missing!
Be careful, you lot!
If you get lost in this mist, you'll die.
Then Carl is...
Forget about him.
When on earth are we getting out of this jungle?
We've been walking for half a day straight.
Look carefully, pebbles at your feet may be traces of Moonlight Stone.
Doctor, are you sure this is the right way?
You' re not sure?
It's you!
A-A white lion.
Has something happened in the jungle?
Hey, where are you going?
What is it?
What are you trying to say?
Mt. Moon?
You don't mean...
You'll guide us?
Dr. Moustache!
Lemonade, hurry up!
He's guiding us to Mt. Moon.
That's crazy...
Hey, wait for me!
Which way, captain?
This way!
My instincts are never wrong!
Let's go!
I don't know about this.
What if he's wrong?
Shut up!
I'm the leader.
This river leads right up to Mt. Moon, there's no other way!
It's the only road to my riches!
The stone will be mine and mine alone!
W-Wait for me!
The wind...
We made it!
What time is it?
Wait, ten?
That can't be...
Oh no.
It's broken, darn it!
Mine's stopped too.
There's no mistake, we must be getting closer to the stone.
Captain, this is all the food we have left.
What should we do?
Something will turn up.
Get some sleep.
Where're you going?
I have to... you know.
Be careful, this area is surrounded by cliffs. One slip and you'll fall.
I got it *hic* Captain...
Well, I did warn him.
Darn it!
That stupid fool.
Captain, I can't climb this! It's too steep.
We'll all die!
Quit your whining!
The Moonlight stone is almost within reach!
It's that lion...
...and those other two!
What are they doing here?
We've come a long way.
Look how small the jungle is!
You've been a great help.
I can't imagine how long it would have taken without you.
I get it, the lion is guiding them.
It's been two days since we left the base camp.
The lion led us out of the dense jungle mist and along the river...
...Ieading us around the desert towards the rocky eastern front.
I' m beginning to wonder...
Will we ever find Mt. Moon and the Moonlight Stone?
Darn, look at all that food they've got!
Let's get ready for supper.
We haven't got any food left, moron!
What's that?
Well, what' re we going to do?
Don't ask me!
Carl's the one who disappeared with all the food, it's not my fault!
How can we go on like this?
Stop complaining!
What are you eating, captain?
Don't be greedy!
Give us some of that!
I'm starving!
Captain, we need food!
Isn't that a tree root?
What do you expect, room service?
Man can survive on almost anything if he's forced to.
You just keep on chewing, and it' ll get real tasty after a while!
What' re you waiting for?
Come on, there's plenty.
They are eating some tasty meat down there...
Why have we got to chew on these roots?
Quit whining.
Just be patient until we find the Moonlight Stone.
The Moonlight Stone...
What is it?
What's happened?
Over there!
Mt. Moon.
We finally located Mt. Moon.
And from its summit there was...
...a red glow, suggesting the presence of the Moonlight Stone.
Our search is finally coming to a close.
Soon we will finally see for ourselves...
...the light that brings hope to the future of mankind, the Moonlight Stone!
Don't push yourself!
What's wrong?
Have you lost your way?
I don't blame you, in this blizzard.
The wind's stopped.
Great Mother!
What's that?
It's a mammoth.
A mammoth?
Leo, what brings you here?
I have brought these men... the shining stone.
With good reason, I feel.
I will guide you there.
You know where it is?
Follow me, Leo.
The mammoth is leading us this time.
Let's hurry.
Yes, of course.
We encountered a mammoth in a blizzard on Mt. Moon.
It appears to be guiding us to the stone.
Progress is being made with each step as we approach the Moonlight Stone.
What's wrong Mother?
I' m afraid this is as far as I can take you.
Here come those trouble makers.
Leave them to me and go!
Is the mammoth leaving?
Stop that.
And don't you dare lay a paw on Leo.
Leo, stay back.
Dr. Moustache.
We must do something.
No, you can't fight against a wolf.
What is going on?
Don't mess with me!
Leo, bring them to me.
Hey, what are you doing?
It's an avalanche!
Darn it!
There's no way I'm gonna die here!
Are you all right Doc?
Mother, thank you very much.
I'm glad no one was hurt.
From here on, the path is very perilous.
I cannot go any further.
Please, be careful.
Please, wait for us!
Let's rest.
We're exhausted.
What's wrong?
It's 25 degrees below zero with a bitter north-west wind.
The last leg of our journey.
Filled with anticipation, we are steadily approaching the mountain's peak.
Is this the summit?
Where's the Moonlight Stone?
Look around, it must be here.
Not here.
Not here.
I can't find it anywhere.
Me, neither.
But, that light we saw...
What was it?
I don't know what to do.
Is there no choice but to give up?
What's that?
The Moonlight Stone.
We did it!
Yes, we did!
And now, mankind will be saved.
Good work.
Thank you, thank you!
We couldn't have done it without you.
Don't touch my treasure.
The Moonlight Stone is mine...
...and mine alone.
After all this...
The stone is...
The stone is...
The stone is mine alone!
Lemonade, Lemonade!
Don't give up!
Don't give up!
Please give my report to the Science and Technology Agency.
Mankind's future depends on it.
It's that important.
Hey, Lemonade!
Which way?
Which way should we go?
The storm seems endless.
We' re out of food.
You must be hungry, too.
Your eyes!
You've gone blind!
I' m sorry, l' m truly sorry.
I didn't realize!
We didn't think of you, only ourselves!
Forgive us.
I'm sorry for dragging you into this...
I'm truly sorry.
If you think about it, it's only a stone.
And for this, Lemonade and so many others have died.
Is this the stone that will save mankind's future?
If that's really true...
If it truly has the power to save us all...
...then save me and the lion now!
Save us!
Useless stone!
Thanks for everything.
I'll never forget you.
Go on.
You still have a chance to live.
Don't mind me.
I can't survive.
I'm freezing and there's no food.
What is it?
This is as it should be...
Eat my flesh, clothe yourself with my fur, and return to your home safely.
You must live to deliver Lemonade's report.
Hey, hey!
Isn't that...
Come here, little one.
You're the lion's son.
Your father was a noble lion.
Let me tell you about him.
The story of the bravest of them all, the true King of the jungle.
When two blue stars shine in the East sky...
...I will see you, even though it's only in my memories.
Close to you, I believe in you.
When I was cheerless and when I found kindness...
...I wish you were there with me on the endless road.
Close to you, I dream of you.
Stand by me when I spend countless nights crying.
Comfort me, just like the rainbow after the rain, or the morning sun in the sky.
Have faith in the light on the opposite bank, and just follow the wind.
Fly to the promised hill, like a bird flies across the ocean.
Embrace the belief that has no place to go...
...and call the belief love.
Even if the sky falls, or the sea dries up...
Even if you're hurt, or sad...
Fly far, far away.
Fly far, far away.
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