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Jaws 3-D

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(Highest girl) Tah-dah!
(Highest girl) Come on, slow poke!
Don't lean forward! Don't lean forward!
(Man) Come on, Overman. Give us a break, will you?
Look at the clown in the jockey shorts!
Kelly, come on. Pay attention.
Hey, girls!
Do it like this! Ooh!
(Man) Damn it, Kelly! Do the job!
Next time we're goin' right into the lagoon.
The lagoon is my favourite! (Laughs)
Damn boat. I flooded the... Damn boat!
(Girl) Come on, Richie. I got a date tonight!
(Skier) Through the gate!
(Richie ) Come on, baby.
(Motor starts)
(Richie ) OK, guys, here we go.
Oh! That's right. Good.
(Woman) You've been chosen for your neatness,
courtesy toward others and your Southern grace.
We enforce our dress code here, so keep your hair and nails trimmed.
And, please, don't alter your costumes.
Once you've got your Sea World guide apparel,
the shorts are short enough.
(Girl giggles)
Show any cheek and you'll be back shovellin' french fries.
(Girls giggling)
Now, let's continue with our welcome speech again. All together now.
(All) Welcome to Sea World,
the world's largest marine life park.
Above and below the surface of our unique Undersea Kingdom...
(Man) The park opens on Saturday.
All this week has been, and continues to be, preview week,
during which family and friends attend Sea World as our guests.
This is the Undersea Kingdom,
four years under construction, at a cost of more than $34 million.
Four pressurised viewing tunnels radiate out into the lagoon.
There's the Sunken Spanish Galleon, Jonah's Marine Fun House,
the Deepwater Coral Forest, all connected to Central Control.
And a deluxe restaurant and lounge, all 40 feet below the surface.
The complex is built in our manmade lagoon,
which connects to the ocean by a deep channel.
The new additions to Sea World are the brainchild
of entrepreneur Calvin Bouchard.
(Kelly ) Hi, guys!
(Girl) Now you can close the gate.
(Gate motor whirring)
(Man) Jesus!
Overman, I thought you said those tracks were secure.
Hey, I welded the damn thing myself.
(Worker) Something's hung the gate up.
(2nd worker) Better get Brody. He'll be pissed.
(Guy ) Here's the lagoon. Set up for the turn.
(PR man) I call your attention to the Sea World skiers,
who are entering the lagoon
in a preview of the opening day ceremonies.
(Reporters chattering, indistinct)
Here come my pride and joy.
(Female reporter) Can we talk to Mr Bouchard?
- Beautiful. Just beautiful! - (Girl skier) Hi!
(Man) ..this exciting complex.
We WOULD like to avoid references to his colourful past.
(Woman) Did the Undersea Kingdom really cost $30 million?
Aren't those kids great?
Mr Bouchard, is there anything special goin' on openin' day?
Well, this afternoon, at the main gate, we'll be pleased to announce...
the welcomin' of Mr Philip FitzRoyce.
Oh, really? Is that true?
No lie, he gonna be here. Now, we got drinks at the bar.
They free. Come on, follow me.
(Reporters laugh)
- What's it look like? - It's off the track.
- How'd that happen? - I can't tell, but she is jammed.
Just wouldn't close, Mike.
(Overman) Now what do we do?
Somethin' knocked the son-of-a-bitch right off the track.
Just secure the damn gate, all right?
- Think you can handle that? - On overtime, maybe.
You got enough overtime.
- Your party. - You buy the beer, Brody.
Well, look, you're in charge.
See you guys later. I got more important things to do.
- No overtime. - OK. See you, Mike.
(Shouting) No overtime!
(All shouting, laughing) No overtime!
(Dolphins clicking)
(Clicking loudly )
(Clicking continues)
(Dolphins clicking, cage rattling)
Hi, Mike.
- Oh. Ah. Hey, Dan. - Hey.
Havin' gate problems?
The dolphins tried to open them again.
- Where's the boss? - Up with Shamu.
(Woman) Come on, Cindy.
Come on, Sandy. Come on.
- Hey, Liz. - Hey. Come on.
It's the boss hard hat. Where's your boots?
I only wear 'em to bed and in the shower.
- Where's Kay? - She's down that way.
Yee-hah! Ride 'em, cowgirl.
- Hi, Mike! - Hey!
I'll be with you in a minute.
All right.
- Use your spurs. - Hey, Liz!
Good boy. That was nice!
- Hey. - Hey!
Liz, he did that great. I don't wanna do it again. Do me a favour.
Put Cindy and Sandy in the lagoon for a run.
- How you doin'? - Great.
Hey, you. Come here.
(Shamu squeaks)
Come here, kiddo. That's the feeding place.
- Is this whale house-broken yet? - Nope.
- Then he can't come to dinner. - You takin' me to dinner?
Soon as we pick up my brother.
When's Sean coming?
We're gonna meet him at the main gate.
(Dan) Kathy.
Cindy and Sandy don't wanna go.
Am I gonna lose you to a couple of neurotic fish?
- Mammals. - Mammals. Mammals.
(Dan) Something's bugging 'em.
It's play time. They'll be beggin' us tomorrow. Put 'em up.
You got it.
- I'm begging you tonight. - You don't have to beg.
Take me to dinner!
All right. Let's try sushi.
- Mike! - I'll change.
Come here. Who's a good boy?
Are you a good boy? Yes, you're a good boy.
(Shamu gurgles)
And you get a fish.
(Calvin) Ladies and gentlemen, here he is now.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Philip FitzRoyce, with a capital R,
is here to film us, meet our resident day scientific staff.
- Hey, what's this? - Oh, no.
Philip the Great.
I am able to combine business with pleasure,
which, they tell me, is the secret to a long and happy life.
- What, FitzRoyce? - Mmm.
Sure is.
Any further questions, in the bar, if you please.
For the first one who buys.
- Look at Calvin. Best of buddies. - Ah, best of friends.
(Mike ) A regular Barnum and Bailey.
(Kay ) I'm sure they'll be very happy together.
Perfect. Into the Undersea Kingdom they go.
(Chuckle )
Hey, Mikey!
- Hey, hey! Hey! - Oh!
- How you doin'? - All right!
- My brother, the cowboy. - Hey! Hug me, huh?
- Oh, OK. - Hey.
(Kay shrieks)
You put on weight, you need a shave and you're too tall.
Well, two out of three I can fix.
(Laughs) Get that gear and let's go. Come on.
- So, nice boots. - Thanks! Aw, gee.
How'd you do on your finals?
Great. A gentleman's 'C,' an incomplete, but I aced Phys Ed.
- (Kay ) A real Einstein. - Glad you're here.
There you go, Charlene.
- (Man) Shelby showed up yet? - (2nd man) Haven't seen him.
(Woman) What are they doing?
(Man) Kelly's really gettin' this one down.
(Woman) See that big guy? He gets knocked on his ass every time.
(Woman laughs)
- All right, Charlene. - All right!
Here, let me help you out. Work with me, work with me.
Let's go.
- There we go. - Wait. One more.
- Hey, Mike. - All right. Yeah?
Is Shelby workin' overtime?
Not on my say-so. He was supposed to knock off.
Have you met my kid brother?
If he's messin' with that bitch at the souvenir stand,
it's gonna be his ass.
- You tell him. - Charlene, I'm not his mother.
- You're his boss. - Yeah, ask Woodbury, OK?
(Man) Come on, Kelly. You can do it!
- They're playing stand-off. - Uh-oh.
My brother considers himself the stand-off champion of New England.
And the western states.
- Go get 'em. - (Growls)
(Whooping, laughter)
Hey, I wasn't ready!
I tell you, it's a game of balance. I told you he'd fall on his ass.
(Man) Hey, who's this guy?
This is for beers. You buyin'?
My fly's open. (Chuckles)
(Bystanders gasping)
- No fair! - (Guy ) Whooo!
Well, it's, uh...
not only a game of balance, it's a game of deception.
Come on, I'll buy you two and the one you owe me.
- OK. - All right.
(Bystander) All right. (Girl) See you later, Kelly.
Hey, I want you. Come on, right now! Let's go.
- Kathryn, Mike. - (Mike ) Hi.
- You know each other? - I see my brother nailed you.
- Your brother? - Yeah.
Without that old crotch trick, he'd never have won.
- That's his best move. - Runs in the family.
Well, it worked.
- What are we drinkin'? - Champagne of the working classes.
- Beer. You owe me a couple. - That's right. Comin' up.
Two beers. So, you work at the park, huh?
- Mm-hmm. I'm a water skier. - Oh.
(Laughs) Your brother's cute.
Yeah. Him and Kathryn have, uh, been together for a year and a half.
How about you?
Desperately unattached.
Lonely, confused.
Generous and loving to a fault. It's all in my eyes.
(Man) Come on. (2nd man) OK.
We'll cop a lot of good stuff tonight.
- I've got the tanks. - Shh!
- Is the van OK here? - Yes, it's OK.
We're off Sea World property. Nobody uses this road.
Climb over the fence, and take it easy with the raft.
(Whispering) Damn it!
You asshole.
Now we gotta drag it all the way down to the water!
- Ready to go? - OK. Who's payin'?
- Watch out. Snakes. - Oh, come on. Don't bullshit me.
Chicken, huh?
- (Croaks) - (Man gasps)
All right, steady.
- Steady. - Got it.
OK. Here we go.
- Hey, Kelly, is this your car? - Sure is.
Hey. Get off of there!
(Moaning, groaning)
- You wanna take a walk? - Yeah.
Hey, what about baby brother?
- Aww! - Aww!
Little baby brother.
Kelly, can you give him a ride home, or shall I call his mommy?
- Nah, if he'll come quietly. - No way. I scream and shout.
Oh, God, it stinks out here. Let's get away!
- See ya. - Hey, let's go swimming.
- N-no, I hate the ocean. - Aww! Hey, I've got a better idea.
- Like lagoons? - Lagoons?
- Lagoons. - (She laughs)
(Engine starts)
Oh. How come Sean doesn't visit more?
- He hates the water. - What?
Yeah. Remember that shark attack I told you about when we were in Amity?
Well, that's why he goes to school in Colorado.
If our parents didn't live on an island, he'd never get wet.
- (She laughs) - My dad, he's the same way.
God, I love this place.
I hated it when we first came here.
What's the matter?
Did you get a telephone call?
Guess I'm gonna have to start learning Spanish.
- Ooh, baby. - Yeah. Yeah.
That's wonderful. That's wonderful.
Oh, shit.
How long?
Just a short year and a half.
I'd love you to come, you know.
But what about the six months I've got left here
and the job opening up at the Scripps Institute?
What about that? Huh?
Simple. Just give up your life and follow me.
(She laughs)
- Oh, I'm happy for you. I am. - I know you are.
What are we gonna do?
- Aha. - Mm-hmm.
(Both chuckling)
- Ooh! - (Laughs)
Come on.
- Oh, I don't go in the water. - You don't swim?
Not even with friends?
Oh, uh, I swim. I just, uh, I... I...
(Sighs) It's something that happened when I was a kid.
I don't go in the water. (Laughs awkwardly )
I bet I can overcome your childhood fears.
I bet you can.
Come on.
My boots!
Kick 'em off, cowboy.
- Kelly! - Come on in, Sean. It's fun.
Come on.
- Here? - Yeah, OK.
Somewhere down there is the best coral.
A guy in Miami will give us $200 for the good stuff.
Put it in the basket. I'll pull it up.
(Kelly laughing in distance )
Come on, hurry, Randy.
I love this park at night. It's so deserted.
Yeah. So quiet.
Wait a second. Isn't that Kelly's car?
Stop, stop, stop. Shh! Wait a second.
I don't believe it.
She got him in the water.
Never underestimate the power, huh?
Attention. You, in the water. You are trespassing on Sea World property.
Come out of the water with your hands raised high above your head.
I'm OK. My brother works here.
Uh, I'm Kelly Ann Bukowski, from the ski team.
You turkeys have any ID?
Wait a minute.
- Mike? Kay? - Brother?
Mr Bullhorn sees all, knows all!
Dead is what you are!
You keep your hands to yourself, young m...
- (Kelly screeches) - Here, take this.
(Mike ) Yell for mother!
(Mike, Sean shouting, indistinct)
Finish up down there, damn it!
Come on, Randy. We gotta get outta here!
- (Muffled thud) - Now what?
(Kelly ) Mike!
(Girls screeching)
(Kelly yelling, indistinct)
(Yelling, screaming)
- (Kay ) You cheater! - (Screams)
(Sean) That's what you are! Dead!
Some guys can sleep in in the morning.
Some of us have to be at work early. Good morning.
Some of us don't have to baby-sit a park full of slugs and fishes either.
Yes, we just live like slugs and fishes.
The dog does not eat on the counter.
(Groans) I put your wet clothes in the dryer, sweetie.
- Thanks. - Mmm. What are we eating?
Mmm. Thank you.
Hey, is this my beeper or your beeper?
- I dunno. I'll use this beeper. - Use that beeper.
Talk to you later.
I'll have my beeper beep your beeper.
I'll have my beeper beep your beeper back.
- Bye. - See you later.
Just throw it in my eyes, it'll work faster.
That's what happens when you stay up all night
workin' out childhood phobias.
That's right. Make fun of your baby brother.
I was this close to doing it in the water last night,
and that's a first.
- This close, huh? - Shut up!
Sorry. I didn't know it was therapy.
Just admit it. You messed me up.
I admit it. I messed you up.
Is everything all right with you and Kathryn?
(Phone )
Hello? Yes, sir.
Calvin, I had my crew on that yesterday.
Well, I know. I don't want that to happen either.
(Sighs) Tomorrow.
OK, OK. Calvin, I'll be right there.
- The boss, right? - I gotta go to work.
- Yeah, can't do better than that! - Really.
Yeah. Yeah!
Who's a good girl?That's my baby.
(Dan) Kay?
(Kay ) How are Cindy and Sandy?
Well, Cindy's OK, but Sandy's still nervous.
(Kay ) Don't quit, Danny. He can go higher.
(Kay ) That's it!
OK, girls. There are my girls.
Thank you. Come on. Ready...and go!
That's it.
What is this? You ready? I said go!
If those are the best behaviours, I'd hate to see the worst.
May I help you?
Are you looking for somebody?
No, I don't think you can. I'm looking for someone in authority.
Well, I'm Dr Morgan, the senior biologist.
Charming. Philip FitzRoyce.
I know you. I know your work.
We were at that Law of the Sea Conference together last summer.
Right. Helsinki. Save the Whales.
They made a hero out of me.
You know what I never understood? Why did you ram that Japanese whaler?
(Chuckles) Because he got in my way, ruined my best shot.
Yeah. I was impressed.
Good. Then perhaps we can have a drink and some dinner tonight?
Oh, I'm sorry, Mr FitzRoyce, but... that's a behaviour I just don't do.
Nice spins, Danny. I'll meet you at the holding tank.
Hey, aqua girl!
- Hi, Mike! - Five.
He don't sleep in, he don't live in.
Tell Shelby Overman he can take a flyin' leap
at a rollin' doughnut on a gravel driveway, you hear?
Hold it. Didn't he come home last night?
- No. - He didn't show up here either.
- I figure he's home hung over. - I don't want him around my place!
He's gone. You take his stuff.
Charlene, what's goin' on, huh?
- Shelby Overman's AWOL again. - Oh, no. I'm sorry.
- What, is this all his stuff? - Yeah. Doesn't figure.
He left his passport and his... and his credit cards.
Driver's licence, pawn tickets.
I don't think he could have been planning to go too far.
You don't think something happened to him?
No. No, look. He is curled up, drunk someplace.
When I find him, he's in deep trouble.
We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.
- Wanna help me out? - Yeah. Take care, Charlene.
- Help me look in the lagoon? - You bet.
Hey, I'm mad at that old boy, but I don't mean him any harm.
Down a little more.
Turn it.
Batteries are fully charged, Mike.
- Thank you, Danny. - Thanks, Danny.
Control room, submersible is now entering the lagoon.
- Roger. - I can monitor it from here.
(Technician) 'Testing, one, two, three. Can you read me, Kay?'
(Kay ) 'I read you. Communication's fine.
'For Charlene's sake, I sure hope he's all right.'
(Mike ) 'There's Cindy...or Sandy? I don't know how to tell them apart.'
(Kay ) 'Cindy's a lot larger.'
(Mike ) 'Control, this is Venture One.
'We're at 25 feet, headed for the Spanish Galleon.'
I can see you now. Hi, Mike.
'Overman broke divers' rules last night, out there.
'Went down to shackle the sea gate alone.
'If anything happened, the current would have washed him up here,
'toward the centre of the lagoon.'
(Kay ) 'What about the filtration pipes?'
'It's too strong a current the other way.
'The flow's all into the lagoon.
'There's a million gallons of fresh salt water every hour.
(Kay ) 'Could he be trapped in the Spanish Galleon?'
(Mike ) 'The superstructure could have kept him from floating.'
(Kay ) 'Mike! Oh, God. For a second I thought...'
(Mike ) 'Yeah, yeah. I know it. We call him Oscar.'
'You stay here, Kay. I'll go into the galleon for a closer look.'
'Uh-uh, I'm goin' with you.'
(Mike ) 'Goddamn dolphins! What the hell are they doing?'
'I don't know. They've been acting strange for days. Look at 'em.'
(Kay ) 'Control, we're leaving the sub.
- 'We'll be out of radio contact.' - OK, Dr Morgan.
'Grab your ABS bottles, Kay. Let's go.'
'OK, sweetie.'
(Squeaks excitedly )
(Muffled scream)
(Muffled exchange )
(Mike, Kay, muffled) 'Go! Go!'
(Kay ) Mike! Quick! Mike!
- The gate! Get the gate! - Shark!
- God! - What's happening?
(Dan) Close, damn it! Close!
- Oh, God! Are you OK? - What the hell was that?
- Yeah! What is that? - You OK?
My guv'nor's the 16th Earl of Haddenfield.
Shake hands with the first Calvin of Sea World.
- Enchanté. - He know French too, huh?
Excuse me, Mr Bouchard...
Wait a minute. We're havin' dinner here.
- This better be important. - It is, sir.
(Whispers) Mike and Dr Morgan were pursued by a shark.
It is important. Come with me.
(Kay ) Calvin, it was a great white.
Ten feet long, exhibiting a typical feeding pattern.
On us, Calvin! The damn thing tried to feed on us.
- Where is it? - Right here.
- Huh? - (Whistles)
You know, Cal, this could be a stroke of luck.
If we kill this beastie on camera...
I can guarantee you media coverage.
Lure him into a staging area,
and at the precise moment, slit his belly wide open.
- Can you do that? - You try and stop 'im, mate.
(Chuckles) That's how we earn our bread.
Well, Jack is oversimplifying matters, as is usual.
But...yeah, I can do that.
(Kay ) No! (Mike ) No?
What do you mean, no?
I don't know if it's occurred to any of you-all,
but there isn't a great white alive in captivity anywhere.
Now, we're unique here, Calvin, you know that.
If any facility can maintain a white, it's us.
If we could dart him, w-we could get him in a holding tank...
Hold it! This is crazy, this is nuts.
White sharks are killers. I know 'em.
My father, my brother, myself.
They're murderers. No, Kay.
Calvin, they die magnificently.
That would really be a spectacular event. No doubt about that, huh?
What are we doing, Calvin, planning a network special?
We could be the first people on the planet to have a great white alive?
Not if my guv'nor gets it first, miss.
OK. Say he kills it. Well, that's it.
It's one shot, over, gone.
But a live great white... You think about that, Calvin!
Nightly bulletins on the progress of the killer shark.
Pictures of us nursing it back to health
and lowering it into a holding tank.
Now, that's world news!
Think of the lines at the gate.
Then you miss the sport of the kill.
Now, wait up, Jack. Wait up.
(Philip) Killing is guaranteed press.
But this other is much, much more interesting.
OK, this is MS-2-22.
This is quinaldine, but I had to guesstimate the dosage.
- Kathy? - Right. Thanks, Danny.
All right, we're ready in Control. You all set?
'We're ready down here.'
(Kay clears throat)
With those TV monitors rolling,
you're gonna have more coverage than a space launch.
Good. Just the way I like it.
The colour of your wet suit's one hell of a choice.
- The shark's gonna love you. - Exactly.
- It helps me get the close-ups. - You're the showman.
Honey, is this suit gonna protect you?
Have you felt...?
It won't bite through, but it will yield to pressure.
So she might just get a little...squeeze.
Oh, that's great news. Look, why do you have to do this?
Why don't you let Her Majesty's number one son take care of it?
Because it's my job, remember?
Yeah, but I just don't want it to be you.
You build the stuff, I swim around in it. That was the deal. Right?
I love you, too.
If we get into any trouble, all we have to do is pull the pin.
- What are those? - (Jack) Mills bombs.
- What? - Mills bombs, sonny.
Grenades. A chap in Her Majesty's ordinance makes them up for me.
(Philip) 'Baby claymores. Good dispersion.
'Some concussion but they do the trick.'
Well, not in my water. Take 'em off.
You tend to your knitting, my dear, and I tend to mine.
(Mike ) Hold on a second there.
There's no explosives underwater.
There's acrylic down there, a very fragile environment. No bombs.
(Philip) 'Brody, this is insur...'
(Mike ) 'No, I don't think you understood me!
'I built this park, and I'm not gonna see some visiting fireman blow it up
'because he wants to kill a fish!'
Calvin, are you listening to all this?
No grenades.
For Christ's sake, guv'nor. Remember Australia?
Oh, don't worry, Jack. After all, it's only a little fish.
Son of a...
The pin has to be pulled.
Right. Get rid of this stuff. Everybody aboard here? Let's go.
Shove off.
(Kay ) 'I need one clean belly shot.
'If I miss, I'm gonna have to reload and hope I get him with the second.'
(Philip) This is a good place to start.
(Engines stop)
(Mike ) Hit the lights.
Shall we dance?
Why not? I'm beginning to feel like King Richard going to the Crusades.
(Philip) Ready, Jack? Get the gear.
(Jack) Brown bread, guv'nor.
You all right?
Good luck.
You only get one shot.
(Mike ) Yeah, I know. I know.
(Mike exhales)
What about Kathryn?
It'll stick in the shark. Hit her, and it'll go right through.
Just buoy him up, slow him down, right?
Dorsal fin, middle of the back.
Seen anything yet?
We'll get him on the monitors.
(Kay grunting)
(Kay screams)
Quick! Mike, He's making a run!
Quick, shoot him!
(Philip) He's getting away!
Damn it!
(Mike ) Get outta the way, Kay!
(Kay ) Now!
Come on.
Right. There you go.
You did it, baby.
Here's the ladder. Hold on.
Come on. Give me your fins.
- Give me your fins. - Let's go!
(Dan) Up you go.
You all right?
- Close one. - (Mike ) Get this stuff off her.
- (Liz) That was great! - What am I, a bloody porter?
- How about a hand with this? - First things first.
- Mustn't ignore the ladies. - Don't ignore the help.
(Mike ) Looked hairy down there. (Liz) You OK? I was worried.
You sure know how to scare the hell outta me.
Be sure he's wrapped, OK? Keep him wet. Let's get him in a tank.
(Calvin) 'Film all right? TV picture looked cloudy.'
Calvin. Kathryn's fine, Philip is fine, Jack is fine.
Dan and Liz are fine. I am OK too. the film OK?
It's absolutely first-rate, Cal.
You'll be very happy.
Is everyone OK? It did look pretty dangerous down there.
It looked pretty dangerous from down here too, Calvin.
(Kay ) We may have to work him all night, keep him moving.
Down, Danny. Down, down. That's it.
Be sure the oxygen keeps running through his gills.
We don't wanna lose him.
(Door opens)
Close the door! Whoever you are, this is off limits.
Liz, uh, get the hose running. I wanna try aerating him, OK?
(Door closes)
Even to me, the fearless harpoonist?
Nah, you're OK.
Come on in, sailor. Are you new in town?
Yeah. Came by to get me a woman and a tattoo.
- Wanna see the tattoo? - (Chuckles)
Well, I'd rather see the woman, get a look at the competition.
There isn't any other woman, there isn't any tattoo either.
I'm lonely.
- I'm sorry, darlin'. - Damn mammal.
This one's a fish.
A simple, beautiful fish.
Mike! Mike! What are you doing? Are you crazy?
- Liz, take a hike. - OK.
If this is the only way we can be together,
this is the only way we together.
Welcome aboard, sailor. Get that hose and hold onto it.
- Yeah. OK. - Open the mouth.
Say 'hi' to your new friend.
This is the first time you've ever done my work with me.
Yeah, well, it's a real thrill.
Maybe tomorrow you can work with me and help me pour foundations.
(Laughs, screams)
Get away! Get clear! Get clear!
Didn't he give you any signs?
No! One minute he was dead out, the next he was wide awake!
(Kay ) No food. No medication.
It's the only live one in captivity, guys. Let's keep him that way.
Huh? Don't do anything that's gonna traumatise him.
(Applause )
(Woman on PA) 'Welcome to the opening of the Undersea Kingdom.
'The magical mysteries of Jonah and the Whale, the Coral Forest
'and the Sunken Spanish Galleon.'
Gotcha, guv'nor.
(Calvin) It's a whale with a brain larger than most folks,
able to earn beaucoup bucks.
Kay and I went down in the sub, and we searched over all this area
before the sharks hit us.
What if Overman went down on the other side?
The tide might have pulled him out, but his body should have shown up.
Brody, did you check the filtration pipe?
No, the current's too strong goin' the other way.
We got a million gallons of sea water flowing into the lagoon every hour.
The man's irresponsible. When he turns up, fire him.
Hold it, Calvin. He's a good man. He just messes up once in a while.
I'm gonna hold you responsible.
(Man on PA) 'She gets to ski by herself, because she's the best.'
- How's it doin'? - I just got our first printout.
Our advance sales are three times ahead of our other parks.
Not unexpected. Where's the great white?
- In the tank room. - Put him in pool six.
Tell people to put that information on welcomes, rest stops and wrap-ups.
I thought we were to wait on Dr Morgan's word.
Look. I run the park, I sell the tickets and I make the decisions.
Move the fish!
I wanna be able to stand in line to see it before three.
..three and down, and up, and turn.
(PA) 'The Sea World water ski team
'in a dazzling display of coordination and brilliance.
'The Silver Bullets!'
- All right! - Lookin' good!
There they go!
Yeah! The helicopters!
Hi, Sean. You were real hot.
I want some time for us alone. You got a few minutes?
- You bet. - Great, Kelly.
Listen. Ready for some fun?
Fantastic! Let's ride the bumper boats.
Bumper boats?
This is the entrance to the Undersea Kingdom,
a complex of underwater tunnels that show you first-hand
the miracles of the deep.
There's no extra charge for this unique attraction.
Our underwater tunnels are not only fun, but informative.
Oh, look at that.
(PA) 'Consumed alive in history, Jonah found out what it was like
'to live in the belly of the ocean's greatest animal.
'Our special Jonah and the Whale showcase is at 11:00, 1:00 and 4:00
'in the amphitheatre inside the Undersea Kingdom.'
(Mechanical voice ) Ha-ha-ha-ha. This is Captain Sink.
Welcome to my cave of fun and surprises.
(Girls) Oh, yuck!
(Mike laughs) I sure am gonna miss these guys.
How 'bout it, Casper?
You wanna take the money and run to Venezuela with old Mikey?
- ?Quieres un pescado? - You speak Spanish?
(Sighs) I think they're gonna miss you, too.
Now you and I are gonna have to have a serious conversation sometime...
about what's really goin' on.
You and me.
I know. I know.
(PA) 'Mike Brody. Mike Brody. Call your office, please.'
See ya later.
(PA) 'Sea World, in honour of opening day...'
Oh, Casper.
What's a girl to do, huh?
Thank you.
'..a great white shark in holding pool number six.
'You will be able to view the one and only great white in captivity.'
(PA) 'The great white shark's roamed the ocean for millions of years.
'A proud animal...'
Excuse me. Oh, God!
'..while alone, is a predator...'
Excuse me! What is he doing here?
Calvin ordered him moved.
Why didn't he ask me? Why did he go ahead on his own?
(PA) 'This shark, a first of its kind to be held...'
No, Danny! Danny!
Liz, get a hose ready, I wanna aerate him now!
Come on, Danny. Get the back.
(PA) 'Please, uh, remain calm.
'That's Dr Morgan and assistant members of our staff.
'Uh, please don't interfere in any way.'
Excuse me.
(Kay ) Liz! Liz!
Come on, boy.
That's it. come on.
Turn it, Danny.
- Shit! - Come on. Come on!
No. Boy, come on!
Excuse me.
(PA) 'Let me bring your attention to some other events...'
(Philip) Kathryn.
'..the seal and otter show and of course...'
Bad luck.
Go ahead.
Photograph it.
- Look out! - Kelly. Kelly.
I don't know. I-I don't... No. No.
Come on, you'll love it. It's fun. Trust me. Come on!
What is this thing? I-I... Are you sure?
Are you sure we should be doing this?
Oh! Oh, God.
Can this hold two people?
Oh. Push. Push.
Oh, my God. Are you steering this, or am I?
(People laughing, chattering)
Go! Go! Get away! Get away!
(PA) 'We invite you to enter the magical world of the Coral Forest
'where you may observe the wonders of the deep without ever getting wet.
'The Spanish Galleon plays host to many colourful fish
'that we have assembled from the different oceans of the world.'
- Look at all of them! - Oh, yeah!
(Girl) That looks like a butterfly. (2nd Girl) You're right.
(Man) Oh, my God! Look at that!
Kay, you don't want to see this.
Everybody is assuming this was a shark attack.
- Now, I wanna make sure. - OK. All right.
Did you guys pull him out?
(Mike gasps)
That's Shelby Overman.
- Kay, I told... - Miss...
Mike. Ray.
If this was a shark attack, I've seen it before.
Oh, Mike.
Oh, my God!
Let's go find Calvin. Come on! Come on!
(Man) I'm getting contradictory readings from the filtration pumps.
(Leonard) Such as? - High pump rate, low outflow
and a pressure build-up on the inboard tunnel valve.
- That's number two. - Could be an obstruction.
Well, that's not my department.
See if you can locate Brody or Calvin.
- (Calvin) Very posh. - Yes, it's quite a display.
Tell me. How do you contain the sharks in this part of the lagoon?
It's that old shark screen, that bubble screen.
You know, sharks don't like that.
It's what they call, uh... marine segregation.
Dr Bouchard. Telephone.
Ah, excuse me, gentlemen. Be comfortable now.
Here you go, sir.
Bouchard here.
What about the pumps?
Ah, nah, nah, nah. Don't wait for Brody.
Just, uh... shut down number two pump and switch over to number one.
Simple as that.
Because it costs too much to replace and they burn out!
Tell Brody to get down here to the Neptune Room on the double!
- Thank you. - (Man) You're welcome.
Well, gentlemen.
- Oh, cheers. - Cheers.
(Kay ) There they are.
- Calvin, I've got bad news. - Keep your voices down, sit down.
Sit down!
Was it the shark?
It was a shark.
It was a shark...
with a bite radius about a yard across.
Don't be silly. That would indicate a shark of some 35 feet in length.
You said it exactly.
- Our shark still has all its teeth. - Yeah.
That means it was a baby.
Our shark couldn't have killed Overman.
Its mother did.
You talkin' about some damn shark's mother?
Don't you hear what she's sayin'?
I'm listening!
Well, she gave birth way out to sea, and the baby swam
through the sea gate that you left open, Brody!
No! Overman was killed inside the park.
The baby was caught inside the park.
Its mother is inside the park.
(Echoing) She's right there!
(Woman) How did that thing get in there?
- The animals are in the lagoon! - Ski show!
Control, this is Bouchard. Listen carefully!
Clear the tunnel, let the people out, close the gate and seal the park!
Seal the park! I'll be down in a minute.
(Man) Hey! Hey! Watch it!
(Woman) Who is that guy? (Man) Watch out!
Hey, bring it over here! Hey!
All right. I've had enough fun. Let's go in now.
Come on. You're enjoying this.
No. Look, don't you have to be at work or something?
I don't have to be back till the second half.
- Oh. - Come on.
Gotcha, lovers.
- Shit! - God.
- Get out! Get out! - Hey, what the...?!
Hey, what are ya doin'?!
Get out of the water. Get out!
Get out of the water, please. Please, come in from the water.
Out of the water! Come on! Get out of the water!
Out of the water!
Get out!
Get outta the way!
(Man) This is Sea World Control.
Yes. I got him right here.
(PA) 'All right, boys. Come take a bow.
'I apologise to have you... No! Get up here!'
Get outta the water! Get outta the water!
(Announcer) Boys. Boys!
Bring the boat in! Get outta the water!
You're gonna get both of us fired out here!
Get out! Everybody out!
Gimme the mike!
Hey, Brody! Come back here!
Get outta the water!
Bring it in.
Bring the boat in! Get outta the water now!
Ready, up! One. Two.
Bring that boat in! Get outta the water right now!
Hey, get me down! Just get me down!
- Get me down! - What are you saying?
There's something back there! A shark!
Bring your boat in!
There's a shark!
(Audience screaming)
(Screaming continues)
(Brody on PA) Get outta the water!
(Girls) One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
- Get out! - Up. Turn.
Oh, my God! Shark!
(Brody ) Get outta the water!
(Man in boat) We're coming! We're coming!
It's gonna eat us!
They'll die!
- Gimme your hand. Come on! - Pull me out!
Hang on!
(Sean) Needs a choke or something. Pull it.
(Both gasp)
(Sean) Hold my hand.
(Sean) Kelly!
- What the hell is that? - Shit! Hang on!
(Girl) What happened?
(Girl) She's drowning! She's drowning!
Swim! Swim, kid, swim!
(People gasping)
(Philip) Call an ambulance.
Quickly. Come on. Get out of the way!
Get a paramedic!
Look out, Mommy!
- Did you call an ambulance? - Yeah, the paramedics.
(Mike ) Twist that tourniquet tight and hold it there.
(Sean) I'm here. You're OK.
(Man) They're bringin' in the wounded. The ambulance is on the way.
Shall I leave the gate open? Cindy and Sandy are out there.
No. They'll have to take care of themselves.
We can't take our chance on that big bitch gettin' in.
- Hey, you all right? - Yeah. Yeah. Fine.
Uh, I'm gonna go with Kelly.
I think you should.
- What are you gonna do? - I don't know.
Hello out there. This is Calvin Bouchard.
May I please have your kind attention.
Due to technical difficulties,
it has become necessary for us to temporarily close
the Undersea Kingdom now.
For those of you all still in the underwater portion of this park,
please follow your guides, and they will point out
the most convenient and accessible exits.
Where the hell is the nearest accessible exit? We're underwater!
- Is this off? - Uh-huh.
- Gimme some lights down there! - OK.
Can't see shit down there! Get me some medical attention, quick!
OK, ladies and gentlemen, please follow me
in an orderly fashion, and remember - walk, do not run.
Daddy, Daddy! Look at the fish!
- Look! - Holy shit!
(Panicked screams)
(Technician) Tunnel six failure.
It's Jonah and the Whale.
Tube integrity has been compromised. We've got leakage and pressure loss.
We have to seal the section or we'll lose the whole complex.
- Watertight doors. Hit it. - On automatic.
They're all on go status. Activated. Now!
(People screaming)
I need my wallet!
(Screaming continues)
Quiet! Quiet! Please!
I need your attention, please. Quiet!
Now the water is not going any higher, so calm down, OK?
It's stopped. It's stopped, so calm down.
(Guide ) 'The oxygen that we have in here is all we have,
'so let's not panic, but let's try to take shallow breaths, OK?'
- Hey, Mike. - Yeah!
This is our last cut. I think our tunnel patch is ready to go.
Good. Rig the winch on that work boat up there.
You got it.
- How much longer, sweetie? - I don't know.
We're gonna have to nudge these tunnel sections together.
Then we'll patch it and weld the whole thing.
Then we evacuate?
No, then we put pressure back into the tunnels,
then the watertight doors will open up, then people go home.
Hey, watch how you're cuttin' that. It's critical!
Relax. You're doin' everything you can.
Come on. Come over here.
I've been thinking.
Maybe Venezuela can use some trained whales.
- What? Are you serious? - Yeah.
I think this one's on me.
- But next year... - I'll follow you anywhere.
- Yeah! - I love you!
Ah, Mr Glass.
Is Mr Bouchard going to be here?
Please, please. I have a statement to make.
- Was there an explosion? - How many people are missing?
Late today, due to a minor disturbance,
there was a pressure failure in one of the tunnels -
a major attraction at the park.
We estimate that 30 to 40 people
were in the process of being evacuated
when the watertight safety doors temporarily delayed their exit.
We're working right now to release them
under the safest possible circumstances.
Seven visitors were also injured in our beach area.
- That's all. Give me a break. - What about a shark?
- I'll let you know as I know more. - A very large shark...
That's all. There is no more.
(Woman) When will this be fixed?
(Guide ) I'm sure they're working on it.
Stay together to keep warm. I know you're cold.
Stay together, take shallow breaths and concentrate on your breathing.
Well, any sign of mother?
OK, then.
Where did the animal hide the first time?
filtration pipe.
Opposite side of the lagoon.
Brody, is there an access hatch, a backwash gate?
Heavy grillwork. Keeps the pumps clear when we back-flush that system.
Why? What do you want to do? Get that thing back in?
He's a bright lad.
Yes. Jack and I are going to lure him back into the pipe,
close the gates and then dispose of him at our leisure.
Meanwhile, you can weld your patch and then evacuate the civilians.
What if she doesn't want to go back in?
I think we can pretty much guarantee she'll want to go back in.
- Right, Jack? - Sure.
Just how are you going to guarantee that?
Live bait.
(Man) We're ready to move out over the tunnel now.
(Mike ) Let's go.
I-I'll be in the Control Room.
I'll go with you.
(Man) Give me that. I'll store it over here.
(Man) No, I got it. I got it.
(Technician) Yeah, we're on top of it.
OK. Thanks.
Now, where's that damn fish?
There. I've got him.
(Technician) Sorry, it's the dolphins.
Babies, stay out of it, please.
..and I've rigged a lifeline.
Just let the pumps push you out and use the rope to pull yourself back.
And why don't I do all the filming?
I want both cameras. We need the coverage. Come on, Jack!
This isn't a picnic.
This film is a bloody retirement annuity.
I'd feel better if you did just the one thing.
(Laughs) What's the matter?
Getting cold feet?
OK, Bob. Hold it about right there.
- We're right over the tunnel. - OK, we're all set.
(Mike ) 'Tell FitzRoyce we're in position.'
FitzRoyce, you can go now.
(Technician) They're testing the lifeline to see if it's secure.
(Calvin) 'They're spreadin' some chum. You know, fish oil and blood.
'Then Jack's gonna make some metallic sounds
'to attract her right down into that filtration pipe.'
Start the pumps.
(Woman technician) You got it.
(Metal clanging)
(Technician) It's in! (Calvin) He's got it!
All right. It's locked.
It's safe, Brody. Go for it.
OK, let's go.
(Muffled scream)
(Technician) 'This is Control. Is that patch in place?'
Let me help you with that, Dr Morgan.
Got it!
Now weld the son-of-a-bitch...
Kathryn, what are you doin'?
I'm going down there.
You crazy?
He needs eyes in the back of his head.
- Thanks, Fred. - All right.
Watch the tanks.
- Here are your fins. - Thanks.
Be careful down there now.
(Hinges creaking)
(Sighs) You all right?
Where's Mr FitzRoyce?
I have no idea.
(Man) What's goin' on?
There's no other way out?
You don't understand. This is it!
Have you looked?
He didn't come up.
Guv'nor, you bloody bastard. Answer me!
We'll suffocate the bitch. Shut down the pumps.
Are you sure?
- Why don't we blow it up? - Listen, nephew.
A $2.5 million turbine's not going up in smoke cos of a damn fish!
Now shut the pumps down!
(Mechanical whirring)
What's happened?
(Man) They've shut the pumps off.
(Sighs) That's all she needs. The gates can't hold much longer.
(Sobbing) Philip, pull the pin! Pull the pin, Philip.
(Metallic clanking on monitor)
(Clanking continues)
(Woman) Look at that!
(Woman) Jesus!
(Man) Oh, my God!
We gotta warn 'em. We gotta tell 'em!
Get 'em up! It's coming back. Get 'em up quick!
- Come on! Hurry up! - Come on!
Get 'em up!
- Come on, Mike. - Get out of there!
- Come on, Mike! - (Calvin) 'Get 'em up!'
(Muffled) Come on!
(Muffled) Pull the door!
How the hell did it get loose?
Open the hatch!
(Fred) Come on up, Mike. I gotcha.
Are you all right?
Do we have pressure in those tunnels yet?
- Affirmative. - Then get those people out.
Feel the air! Can you feel the air?
The water's going down. The water's going down!
Try to be calm. Don't rush to the door.
(Man) We're saved!
(All talking and cheering)
(Muffled yelling, crunching)
Oh! We did it!
The others, Mike. What about the others?
Calvin made it. Lisa.
Mike. Mike! The dolphins!
(Kay ) Cindy!
(Mike ) Cindy! (Kay ) Sandy!
- Come on! Cindy! - Cindy!
Oh, good girl. Sandy!
Sandy, come on, baby. Sandy, where are you?
(Mike ) Sandy!
I hope she made it.
- Cindy, stay. - Sandy.
All right!
All right!
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