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Subtitles for Jean Luc Godart - A bout de souffle (1960).

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Jean Luc Godart - A bout de souffle (1960)

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Dedicated to Monogram Pictures
After all, l'm an arsehole.
After all, yes, l must. l must!
Take me with you!
- What time is it? - 1 0:50.
l'm on my way, hey hey!
lf he thinks he's gonna pass me in his bloody Renault!
l get the dough,
l ask Patricia, yes or no,
and then...
The countryside's nice.
l really like France.
lf you don't like the shore...
lf you don't like the mountains...
lf you don't like the city...
Then get stuffed!
Little girls trying to hitch a ride!
l'll charge a kiss per mile.
The short one's not bad. Nice thighs.
Yeah, but the other one...
Oh, hell, they're dogs.
The sun's great.
Women drivers are cowardice personified!
Overtake him!
Shit, roadworks!
Never use the brakes.
As old man Bugatti said: ''My cars are made to run, not to stop''.
Shit! The pigs!
Contact's gone!
A boobytrap!
- Miss Franchini's room? - She isn't here.
- She live here? - She's out.
Girls never have a penny!
- How much is a ham and eggs? - 1 80 F.
Make it one.
Just going for a paper.
Can l come in?
How's it going, precious?
No jacket?
lt's in my Alfa Romeo.
- Want breakfast at the Royal? - l'm late.
Gotta be at the TV station by 9.
lt's torn.
What've you been up to?
Nothing, l've been travelling.
- What's new around here? - Dunno.
- You don't go out? - To the discotheque sometimes.
Still making films?
No. You gotta sleep around.
Do you recollect Enrico?
''Remember'' or ''recall''. But not ''recollect''.
l work with him at the station. As script-girl.
When l was broke in December l was assistant on a picture
at Cinecitta!
- You? - Yes, me.
Ever been a gigolo?
Just asking.
l wouldn't mind.
Call me back in a few minutes.
ls Gaby back from Spain?
He's bought the Pergola.
lt was stupid to paint it all black.
- What's it say there? - ''Why?''
l smoke Luckies now.
Can you lend me 5000 francs till noon?
l might have known.
You're a louse, Michel.
l'll pay you back.
l'm short.
- Here's 500 if you want. - No, keep it.
- So, no breakfast at the Royal? - Thanks, but l'm late.
ls Mr. Tolmachov here?
He's here, but he's not here.
Seen Patricia?
Come with me to Rome?
lt's crazy, but l love you.
l wanted to see if l'd be glad to see you again.
Where have you been? Monte Carlo?
No, Marseilles. There was a chap l had to see.
l tried calling you Monday.
l was out of town Monday.
- l'll take one. - That's kind of you.
What are you doing here? l thought you hated Paris.
No, but l've got enemies here.
So you're in danger?
Yeah. Will you come to Rome with me?
To do what?
We'll see.
No, l've got lots to do here.
You going up or down the Champs?
- What's the ''Champs''? - The Champs Elysees.
l've gotta be on Ave George V. - OK, see you, then.
C'mon, walk me.
Just to the corner.
- Take it back, no horoscope! - What's ''horoscope''?
The future. l wanna know the future. Don't you?
- What's the matter? - Nothing, just looking at you.
You're angry l left without a goodbye.
No, l was furious because l was sad.
lt's nice to wake up next to a girl.
Are you staying in town?
Yeah, l have to see a man who owes me money.
Then l have to see you.
You don't have to.
There are prettier girls than me here.
No. lt's odd, l slept with 2 girls since you.
lt was a washout.
What's a ''washout''?
They were very pretty, but it was a washout. lt was glum.
So will you come to Rome? l'm fed up with France.
l can't, Michel.
l have to enrol in the Sorbonne or my parents stop sending money.
- l've got money. - We only had 3 nights together!
No, 5.
- Why don't you wear a bra? - Don't talk like that!
OK, sorry!
What time is it? See you later?
Not later. Tonight, if you like.
- Where? - Here.
Live dangerously until the end!
Have you anything against youth?
Sure do. l prefer old people.
Police killer identified
Mr. Tolmachov here?
At the airline desk.
- Hi, amigo. - Hi, sonny.
Was it you who came by at 1 0?
Yeah, for my money.
lt's ready for you.
- How're things? - l got bored down south.
l came up to see a girl. And you?
l'm getting out of here. l'm rusting away.
Better rusted than busted.
Over here.
Have the envelope l gave you?
Why'd the arsehole cross it?
Sign it over to someone else.
Not to me. l blew my last penny on the races.
And your pal, Bob Montagne?
- He's in the slammer. - No kidding?
There's Berruti, but l don't trust him.
l thought he was your pal.
ls he back?
Yes, l saw him in Montparnasse last night.
What's his number?
ELY. 99.84.
Can l call from here?
Who's the girl you came for?
A New Yorker.
She's amusing. l like her.
ELY. 99.84?
l'd like to speak to Antonio.
l'll call back.
He's out. l'll try around.
- Bye, sonny. - Ciao, amigo.
lnter-Americana Agency?
Yes, it's here.
Do customers have mail forwarded here?
Know a certain Michel Poiccard?
Also goes by the name Laszlo Kovacs?
Ask the gentleman over there.
lf it isn't Tolmachov!
Hello, lnspector.
ln the travel business now?
As you can see.
Remember how you ratted on your friend Bob?
What of it?
Well, you're going to do it again.
Michel Poiccard, 5 ft. 9,
brown hair, former Air France steward.
He has his mail sent here.
Yes, l know him.
He been around lately?
Nobody been to see Mr. Tolmachov recently?
Yes, just 5 minutes ago. Quite a tall man.
Bloody hell!
Accessory to murder - mean anything to you?
The Harder They Fall
- l saw a man die. - Why did he die?
ln an accident.
Take me out to dinner?
Let me make another call first. Wait for me?
Call from the restaurant.
l'll just be a second.
The French always say one second, when they mean 5 minutes.
Where we going?
Anywhere... To Saint Michel.
- Sleep with me tonight? - l don't know.
- Don't you like it with me? - Sure, l do.
l just read something in the paper...
About a bus conductor...
he stole 5 million to seduce a girl. lmpersonated a rich impresario.
He took her down to the Riviera. They blew the lot in 3 days.
The chap didn't chicken out. He told her:
''lt's stolen money, l'm a hood, but l like you.''
What's great is that she stuck by him. She said: ''l like you, too''.
They came back to Paris,
and were nabbed trying to burgle some posh villas. She was the look-out.
Excuse me, got a light?
Here! Go buy yourself some matches!
l'd totally forgotten!
- l have an appointment. - Who with?
A journalist on the Champs Elysees. We're going to a press conference.
Where? Now?
None of your business. You can really get on my nerves.
So you're leaving me?
- But l'll see you tomorrow. - Not tomorrow, tonight, Patricia.
l told you l can't.
Why are you so cruel?
Any taxis around?
My car's parked near the Opera. Want a lift?
What happened to the Ford?
lt's in the garage.
Let me stay with you.
l've got a headache.
We won't make love. l just wanna be with you.
That's not it, Michel!
Why are you so sad?
Because l am.
lt's silly.
Why are you so sad?
Should l use ''vous'' or ''tu''?
No difference... But l can't do without you.
Yes, you can.
Maybe. But l don't want to.
Just look at that great Talbot. A 2.5 litre.
- You're a kid... - What?
Oh, l dunno.
Look at me. l forbid you to meet this chap.
Alas, alas, alas!
l love a girl who has a nice neck,
nice breasts, a nice voice...
nice wrists...
a nice forehead...
nice knees...
But she's such a coward!
lt's right here. Stop.
- Let me park first. - Don't bother.
Get lost!
l never want to see you again.
Get lost!
You louse!
lt'd be a shame if that happened to you.
We'll see.
What's wrong?
lf l could dig a hole and hide in it, l would.
You're better off being like elephants. When they're sad...
Let me tell you a story. lt'll take your mind off things.
l've known a girl 2 years.
And now, l suddenly think: l'll ask her to sleep with me.
lt had never occurred to me. We met for lunch.
l wanted to say: We're friends, let's sleep together.
l don't know why, but it completely slipped my mind!
Later l suddenly remembered and sent her a telegram, saying
l'd forgotten to say we should sleep together.
3 hours later l get a message back, saying:
''What an amazing coincidence!
''l was going to suggest the same thing!''
- ls this the late edition? - Yes, sir.
Seen my key?
You must've left it in the door.
Oh, no!
What are you doing here?
The Claridge was booked solid.
So l came here. l took the key downstairs.
There are other places than the Claridge.
- l always stay at the Claridge. - You're crazy!
Quit pulling a long face!
lt doesn't suit you.
- ''Pulling a long face''? - Doing like this!
lt suits me fine.
You're even crazier than me.
What a pain.
l always fall for girls who aren't cut out for me.
Did you notice l followed you last night?
What's wrong?
Leave me alone. l'm thinking.
What about?
The thing is, l don't even know.
Well, l do.
No, nobody does.
You're thinking about last night. Yes, you are.
Last night l was furious, but now l couldn't care less.
l'm not thinking about anything.
l'd like to think about something, but l can't seem to.
Well, l'm tired, very tired,
and l'm going back to sleep.
- Why're you looking at me? - Because l am.
- You should've stayed last night. - l couldn't.
You should've told the chap you couldn't see him.
l had to. He's getting me articles to write.
lt's really important for me.
No, what's important is going to Rome with me.
Maybe, l don't know.
Did you sleep with him?
l bet you did.
No. He's really sweet.
He said one day we'd sleep together but not now.
But he doesn't even know me.
Not you... Him and me.
We had a drink in Montparnasse.
l was there, too. At what time?
l don't know. We didn't stay long.
Why'd you come here, Michel?
Because l want to sleep with you again.
That's hardly a reason.
Sure, it is. lt means l love you.
But l don't know if l love you yet.
When will you know?
What do you mean: ''soon''? ln a month, in a year?
Soon means soon.
A woman never wants to do in 8 seconds
what she'll want to do 8 days later.
8 seconds or 8 days, it's all the same.
Why not 8 centuries?
No, 8 days is good.
A woman's all half-measures.
lt gets me down.
Why won't you sleep with me again?
Because l'm trying to find out
what it is that l like about you.
l want us to be like Romeo and Juliet.
Just like a girl!
See? You said last night you couldn't live without me, but you can.
Romeo couldn't live without Juliet, but you can.
No, l can't live without you.
Just like a man!
Give me a smile.
Right! l'll count to 8.
lf by 8 you haven't smiled, l'll strangle you.
4, 5, 6...
7 and a half...
7 and three quarters.
You're such a coward l bet you're gonna smile.
Enough games for today.
Too bad you're a coward.
Why do you say that?
You get on my nerves.
You do, too.
l'm not a coward.
How do you know?
lf a girl says she's not scared, then can't even light her cigarette,
it means she's scared of something.
l don't know of what, but she's scared.
- Have one. - None of those Chesterfields.
Hand me my jacket.
- ln this one? - Give!
This your passport?
No, my brother's. Mine's in the car.
But it says Kovacs here.
Oh, yeah? He's not my real brother.
My mum was divorced by the time he was born.
See? l'm not scared.
- l never said you were. - You bet, pet.
But you wish you had said it. And now you're angry.
l'm not talking to you any more.
Do you ever think about death?
l do, all the time.
- What? - Say something nice.
- Like what? - l don't know.
Then neither do l.
l like your ashtray.
lt's Swiss.
My granddad had a Rolls-Royce. Great car!
Never had to raise the bonnet in 1 5 years!
Seen my new poster?
Come here!
Come here, for Christ's sake!
lt won't do here. Where can l put it?
Why'd you slap me when l looked at your legs?
lt wasn't my legs.
lt's exactly the same thing.
The French always say things are the same when they're not at all.
l've thought of something nice.
l want to sleep with you again
because you're beautiful.
l'm not.
Then because you're ugly.
ls it the same?
Yeah, kid, it's the same.
You're a liar, Michel.
No, lying's stupid.
lt's like at poker... lt's better to tell the truth.
The others think you're bluffing, and that's how you win.
What is it?
l'll stare at you until you stop staring at me.
Me, too.
l'll put my poster in the bathroom.
Can l phone?
lt's not bad here.
Just fine.
You like my poster?
Not bad.
Renoir's a really great painter.
l said, not bad!
Think she's prettier than me?
When you're scared or surprised, or both at once,
there's a funny glint in your eyes.
So what?
l wanna sleep with you again, because of that glint.
Mind if l piss in the basin?
Guess what l'm going to say.
No idea.
l'm pregnant, Michel.
You heard me.
Whose is it? Mine?
l think so.
Seen a doctor?
l have to go back Thursday for tests.
You should've been more careful!
Get me ELY. 99.84.
ls Antonio there?
You don't know if he's coming back?
l'll call back.
ELY. 25.32.
l'm calling the man who owes me money.
Mr. Tolmachov, please.
Hey, sonny.
l couldn't find Berruti.
l wandered around Montparnasse all night.
The police?
Thanks. Ciao, sonny.
- What? - l slipped.
Heard the one about the condemned man?
As he's climbing the scaffold, he slips and says, ''That figures!''
You look like a Martian up close.
Because my head's in the clouds.
Some idea, having a kid!
But it's not sure.
l wanted to see what you'd say.
- Take your clothes off. - What's the point?
- You Americans are so stupid. - Why?
You adore La Fayette and Maurice Chevalier.
And they're the stupidest French!
l'm making another call.
Belle Epine 35.26.
Patricia, come here!
Mr. Mansard?
Will he be in this afternoon? Tell him l'll come by.
l'm a friend of Tony's. From Marseilles.
l've got an American.
An American?
Not you. An American car.
l can't find the man who owes me money. What a pain!
Do you prefer records or the radio?
Quiet, l'm thinking!
l know them all.
- How old are you? - l'll put the radio on.
l'm 20.
You don't look it.
Why don't you like music?
lt depends. l do...
C'mon, Patricia, come to ltaly.
What's the point of studying at the Sorbonne?
You never took any exams.
Sure, the baccalaureate. But l packed it in.
What's ''packed it in''?
l did other things.
- Like what? - l sold cars.
ln New York.
You sleep with a lot of men?
Not so many.
How many?
How about you?
Not so many either.
You know where l'd like to live? Mexico.
l hear it's really lovely.
When l was a kid my dad would say: We'll go next Saturday.
But he'd always forget.
No, Mexico doesn't grab me.
l bet it's not all that great.
People are such liars.
lt's like Stockholm. Everyone says...
''Swedish girls are terrific. l had 3 a day. Go there.''
l went there. lt's not true.
Swedish girls don't act the way they do here.
And most of them are dogs like Parisian girls.
No, Swedish girls are very pretty.
lt's a myth.
One or two maybe - just like in Paris or London - but not all of them.
The cities where the girls are pretty
- not gorgeous, but like you, charming -
girls who rate 1 5 out of 20, because they have a certain something...
aren't Rome or Paris or Rio but Lausanne and Geneva.
You tell me something nice, too.
l don't know what, either.
Would you let another man caress you?
You know, you said l'm scared. lt's true, l'm scared.
Because l want you to love me.
But at the same time, l want you to stop loving me.
l'm very independent, you know.
l love you, but not the way you think.
- How then? - Not the way you think.
But you don't know what l think. You don't know.
- Sure, l do. - But you don't.
l want to know what's behind your face.
l've looked at it for 1 0 minutes now, and l still know nothing, nothing.
l'm not sad. l'm scared.
Sweet, gentle Patricia.
OK, then, cruel, stupid, heartless, pathetic, cowardly, despicable.
You don't even how to apply your lipstick.
Now you're hideous.
Say what you like, l don't care.
l'll put all this in my book.
- What book? - l'm writing a novel.
- You? - Why not me? What are you doing?
Taking off your top.
Not now.
You're a bloody pain! What is all this?
You know William Faulkner?
No, who's he? Someone you slept with?
No way, Jose!
To hell with him, then!
Take off your top.
He's one of my favourite writers. Have you read ''Wild Palms''?
Take off your top, l said.
Listen. The last sentence is beautiful.
Which would you choose?
Let me see your toes.
Toes are important in a woman. Don't laugh.
Which would you choose?
Griefs stupid.
l'd choose nothing.
lt's not better,
but griefs a compromise.
l want all or nothing.
And now l know.
Now l do. What are you shutting your eyes for?
l'm shutting my eyes tight so everything goes black.
But l can't do it. lt's never entirely black.
Your smile...
seen in profile, it's the nicest thing about you.
That's you.
That's me!
We look each other in the eyes, but what for?
l hate that name. l'd like to be called lngrid.
Sit on your haunches.
What's wrong?
l'm looking at you.
The French are stupid, too.
l want you to stay with me.
We interrupt our programming in order to synchronise our networks.
Funny, l can see my reflection in your eyes.
This is a real Franco-American reconciliation.
We're like happy elephants in hiding.
A woman's hips are touching.
lt's hot under here.
lf it was another man caressing you, would you mind?
You asked me that.
Do you know a book by Dylan Thomas, ''Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog''?
Sunday morning is most satisfyin'
To have a really long lie-in
l'm getting dressed.
- What time is it? - Noon.
Was it good?
Let's stay in bed.
Nope, l've got to buy a dress.
- Got your car? - Sure.
ELY. 99.84.
Did Antonio come by?
This is maddening!
You don't know where he is?
No, never mind.
Michel Poiccard again.
Want me to wear a bra?
Which do you like best: my eyes, my mouth or my shoulders?
lf you had to choose.
There was no press conference.
No, it's at Orly in a little while.
l'm not much of a looker, but l'm quite a boxer!
Going to your press conference?
l have to drop by the office first.
l'll come with you.
Pres. Eisenhower, with Gen. de Gaulle,
will lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Were you in the army?
What did you do?
l did in the sentries.
- ''Did in''? - l laid them out flat.
Don't, Michel!
l'm exhausted. l'm gonna die.
You're crazy.
Yeah, totally barmy.
What's ''barmy''?
That's me.
Your car's not here?
lt's at the garage. l'll go pick it up now.
Great, a Ford!
- What floor? - Fifth.
l got the wrong floor.
Scared of getting old? l am.
You're a dope!
l told you, the worst flaw is cowardice.
Buy me a dress at Dior's?
Not on your life! There are nicer dresses at Prix Unique.
You don't buy dresses at Dior, you make calls.
lt's the only place where you can phone for free.
There are 1 2 call boxes.
France Soir!
Police Killer Still At Large
How long will it last?
Half an hour or so.
l'll go and see my chap, then.
Why did you call your novel ''Candidate''?
l'm convinced that the French will give my book
a cool reception because of their prudishness.
Mr Parvulesco!
Can one still believe in love in our time?
Of course, especially in our time.
What about Rilke's saying: Modern life increasingly separates men and women?
Rilke was a great poet, he was probably right.
Out of my way!
You and your Pathe-Journal!
Do French and American women differ in their romantic attitudes?
French women
are totally unlike Americans.
The American woman dominates the man. The French doesn't dominate him yet.
What's your greatest ambition?
Who are more moral: unfaithful women or deserting males?
Unfaithful women.
Are women more sentimental than men?
Feelings are a luxury few women can afford.
ls there a difference between eroticism and love?
No, not really.
l don't think so, because...
eroticism is a form of love, and vice versa.
Does the soul exist in modern society?
Do women have a role to play in modern society?
lf she's charming and wears a striped dress and dark glasses.
Casanova said that there's no woman
who can't be seduced with displays of gratitude.
Cocteau will answer that.
How many men can a woman love in a lifetime?
Physically, l mean.
More than that!
Miss, you're in the shot.
Two things matter in life. For men, it's women, and for women, money.
You're a pessimist!
lf you see a pretty girl with a rich chap, you know
she's nice and he's a bastard.
Do you like Brahms?
Like everyone, no.
- And Chopin? - Lousy!
What's your greatest ambition?
To become immortal and then die.
You're Claudius Mansard?
Yes, Mr. Kovacs.
l called this morning. l was told you'd be here.
Yes, Mr Kovacs.
Tony sent me.
Didn't we meet in Nice?
Nobody phoned you?
Yes. But they said it'd be an Oldsmobile.
lt fell through at the last minute.
And so?
So, it's this.
But l'll only have the money next week.
You bastard!
And you, Mr Kovacs? Who are you?
So what?
So you don't get the money now.
- Tough. ls it 3 yet? - Quarter past.
Can l use the phone?
ls Antonio there?
He just left.
Bloody hell!
He said to meet him at the Escale at 4.
The Escale at 4. OK, thanks.
Don't bother. l carry my cash on me.
Lend me 1 0,000.
She's not running?
Hey, you!
You remove the distributor cap?
- You owe me a phone call! - For a taxi!
Step on it! Step on it!
Never mind the pedestrians! Just hurry up!
Step on it, for Christ's sake!
The Thunderbird's left wing torn off! Me, not a scratch!
That's where l was born.
Look at the eyesore they built opposite!
Houses like that get me down. They ruin the whole square.
l have a feeling for beauty, Beauty.
lf we're late it's your fault.
Certainly not.
Overtake that Peugeot!
Don't change gears!
Don't brake for a 4CV! You're being overtaken by a scooter!
Take the next left!
Wait. l'll be back.
He left 5 minutes ago.
The friend who owes you money?
Antonio Berruti, yeah, and it's your fault.
Now it's double or quits.
- Why? - Tell you later.
Overtake that 2CV.
- Where you going? - To the New York Herald.
Eyes on the road!
Why bother writing?
To have money and not rely on men.
Paris girls look like tarts in those short dresses.
Makes me wanna run up behind them and do like this...
Don't mind me!
- We'll be right back. - OK.
- Not paying the fare? - Fast!
- Where are we going? - The Champs Elysees.
l hate taxi-drivers who are afraid their car'll get scratched.
The Gestapo put up a wall here
so nobody could escape them.
l've been thinking about that girl.
What girl?
The one with that chap on the Riviera.
You said you admired her.
Yeah, an ordinary girl. That's rare.
Come with me to the paper?
No, l've a call to make.
l'm going to see my tailor. l'll pick you up later.
Ciao, kid!
You're late. They're waiting.
Over there.
You speak French?
Do you know this man?
Careful, little girl, don't mess with the Paris police.
Yes, it's Michel.
l didn't recognise him. lt's an old photo.
You were seen with him this morning just outside.
Who saw me?
He was driving a Ford Thunderbird, 3382 GM 75.
Where is he?
l don't know.
Watch it, watch what you say, little girl!
l've seen him five or six times.
l found him nice. l don't know where he lives or what he does.
Known him long?
l met him 3 weeks ago in Nice. l was on holiday.
He came to Paris to see someone who owes him money.
- Who? - l don't know. He had an ltalian name.
Think you'll see him again?
Maybe. Sometimes he calls me and asks me out. Like this morning.
Got a work permit?
You don't want any passport difficulties?
No, l don't.
So if you see him, here's my number.
Danton 01 .00.
President Eisenhower is waving his arms...
Was that what you meant by double or quits?
More or less.
Let's go see a western.
Yeah, better wait till dark.
Beware, Jessica
On the kiss's bevelled edge Time is a void
Avoid, avoid Memory's broken pledge
You're wrong, Sheriff
Your tale is noble and tragic As the mask of a tyrant
No drama so perilous or magnetic No detail can make our love pathetic
Hi, cutie!
Police closing in on Michel Poiccard.
- What's it say? - l'm reading it.
The cops are stupid to be after me.
l'm one of the few people who like them.
Let me caress you.
Say something!
- Well! - What?
- So you're married. - Show me.
That was long ago.
She was crazy. She dumped me.
Or l dumped her. l can't remember.
l really like you, Michel.
What's it feel like, riding in a stolen car?
- And killing a policeman? - l was scared!
How did they know l knew you?
Someone must've seen us together and gave us away.
- That's very bad. - What is?
Giving people away.
No, it's normal. lnformers inform,
burglars burgle,
murderers murder, lovers love.
Look, isn't the Concorde gorgeous!
Yes, mysterious, with all the lights.
l was a fool to keep this car. Gotta switch.
- What? - Switch cars.
Let's steal the Cadillac.
What about the keys?
You drive, l hide. They leave the keys in the car here.
- What do l tell the man? - Say goodnight... in English.
He won't say a thing. The French are yellow-bellied.
Scared stiff. Are you scared?
lt's too late to be scared.
Michel Poiccard: arrest imminent.
l've just gotta find Antonio.
Once you look for someone, you never find him.
Who was that?
- Step on it, poppet. - What's ''poppet''?
Seen Antonio?
l'll tell you if l can kiss her.
lt's not up to me,
it's up to her.
He's with Zumbart.
- How's things? - Antonio's not with you?
There he is.
Who is he?
- Antonio? - No, the other one.
Let's see those socks.
Silk socks with a tweed jacket!
- l like silk. - Not with tweed!
- Hi, amigo. - Hi, sonny.
l'll be off.
You've been looking for me?
Yeah, l'm in the shit.
Got a minute?
- lt's that man. - What do l say?
Anything you want.
l'll just be a sec.
- What will they do? - Take photos of her kissing the man.
- What for? - Blackmail, probably.
Be right back.
Who's the chick?
- The thing is, l'm in love with her. - Damn!
1 .3 million, can do.
- What's your bank? - The B.N.C.l.
Let's see.
- What do we do? - Dunno.
- Where can l reach you tomorrow? - Dunno.
The hotels are crawling with tourists.
My friend in Montmartre has a big flat.
- Not Montmartre. - No, not Montmartre.
Why not?
Too many enemies in Montmartre.
Try Zumbart's Swedish girl.
Rue Campagne Premiere?
Call me there tomorrow.
Antonio said we could stay the night.
Sure. Sit down. l'll be right with you.
You could pose. lt pays good.
You have to sleep around.
- l was just thinking... - What?
l can't decide...
Decide what?
l don't know. Otherwise l wouldn't hesitate...
You dumped your journalist?
Why did you say hello?
To make sure l didn't love him any more.
You make life difficult.
That's it. Drop me on the Champs Elysees?
What record?
Mozart's clarinet concerto. Do you mind?
No, l like that one.
l thought you didn't like music.
This one's OK. My dad was a clarinettist.
My dad was a brilliant clarinet-player.
Want to turn in?
Sleeping's so sad.
We have to separ.
- ...ate. - ''Separ-ate''.
They say ''sleep together'', but it's not true.
What is it?
Come here.
Go buy £France Soir£ and a bottle of milk.
What time is it?
Engaged all the time.
- What? - Nothing.
France Soir!
l'm looking at you.
lt's your lucky day. Take a ticket.
- A whisky. - Don't have any.
Make it coffee.
Danton 01 .00?
lnspector Vital, please.
Patricia Franchini.
l've just seen the fellow you're looking for.
He's at 1 1 , rue Premiere Campagne.
Yes. 1 1 , rue Campagne Premiere.
Antonio's coming by. He just called.
We're on our way to ltaly, girlie!
- l can't go. - Sure you can, l'm taking you.
Berruti's lending me his Simca.
An Amedeo Gordini lodel.
Michel, l called the police.
- l said you were here. - Are you crazy?
No, l'm fine.
No, l'm not.
l don't want to go with you.
l knew it.
l don't know.
l just talked about myself, and you, yourself.
l'm so stupid.
You should've talked about me, and me, about you.
l don't want to be in love with you.
That's why l called the police.
l stayed with you to see if l was in love with you.
Or if l wasn't.
And since l'm being cruel to you,
it proves l'm not in love with you.
Say that again!
And since l'm being cruel to you,
it proves l'm not in love with you.
They say there's no happy love.
lf l loved you...
lt's too complicated!
On the contrary, there's no unhappy love.
l want people to let me be.
l'm independent.
- Maybe you love me. - You think you are. You're not.
That's why l gave you away.
l'm better than you are.
Now you have no choice but to go.
You're nuts!
That's a rotten way to reason!
You're like those women who sleep with everyone...
except the one man who loves them...
saying it's because they sleep with everyone.
Why don't you go?
l've slept with lots of men. Don't count on me.
What are you waiting for?
No, l'm staying. l'm in bad shape.
l prefer jail.
You're mad!
Nobody'll talk to me.
l can look at the walls.
Damn, Berruti!
Hey, amigo! l'll just park.
- Cops are coming. - Your money!
The American gave me away.
- Get in! - No, you go!
- Get in! - No, l'm staying.
l've had enough.
l'm tired.
l want to sleep.
You're nuts!
Damn the police. l'll save my neck.
l shouldn't be thinking of her but l can't help it.
Want my automatic?
- Don't be stupid! - Get lost!
You're a real louse.
What did he say?
He said you're a real louse.
What's a ''louse''?
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