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Subtitles for Jedna ruka netleska 2003.

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Jedna ruka netleska 2003

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a film by David Ondricek
Boss, can I ask you something?
- Ask me what?
When I was loading
those crates...
The chickens in one of those|crates looked kinda weird to me.
I told you -|forget about those chickens!
Yeah but them birdies
had kinda odd beaks.
I'm telling you don't worry|about the chickens.
And you haven't seen|any eagles either.
What eagles? I didn't say|anything 'bout no eagles.
Don't gawk at me|or I'm gonna chop your hand off.
How many of those crates|you got in there?
- Don't know exactly.|It's in the papers.
- 52.
Milos, these chickens look kinda|strange. Come check it out.
I knew it.
It's quite simple.|You don't have to worry at all.
You take|responsibility for it
and I'll make sure|you get the lowest sentence.
And when you get out I'll|financially reimburse you.
They will reduce your sentence|in half for good behaviour.
To be honest,|you don't have much choice.
I don't know 'bout Stan but...
I take it.
So you're pleading guilty?
Yeah, I put those eagles there|with the help of my partner.
Then sign here.
I wasn't even loading the truck.
Stan was doing it all by himself.
I thought them chickens|looked kind of bizarre.
Stanislav Mares, born May 4,1967,
is sentenced to three years.
Welcome to,, I'll catch ya".
Today we prepared a special
Executive Producer|package for Mr. Chadima,
who, according to his friends,
Producer|has a good sense of humor.
We'll see.
Your ID...|Costume Design
...your wallet...
- A parcel for you.|Set Design
- The victim...|- That's right a parcel.
Could you sign here for me please?|Sound
...1,966 crowns in cash...|Edited by
...your keys...
Music|- What can it be?
- It's all wrapped up...!
A bomb... What a surprise!|Director of Photography
Shit... It's a bomb!|A bomb, a booooomb...
...and your sun-glasses.
Welcome to,, I'll catch ya".
Sign here.
Mr. Vetchy?
This is Stan Mares.
I'm calling like I was supposed|to call you when I got out.
I'll be very happy to see you|and we straighten it all out.
You can count on it.
So tomorrow at 5 P.M. It is.|And make sure you come alone.
See you.
I thought we agreed that you won't use|your cell phone in front of the kids.
I'm sorry, I forgot.|I already turned it off.
Look, dad. An eagle!
It's not an eagle, David.|It is a kestrel.
- Eagles are very rare.
- How rare?
Very rare. There are more|kestrels than eagles.
That's why they're so expensive.
How expensive?
David, don't disturb your dad|while driving.
Since when are you interested|in how expensive birds are?
He asked so I'm explaining.
Oh, wouldn't you know
what happened to my tool-box?
It was in the garage|next to the bricks.
No I wouldn't. What would I do|with your tool-box?
I want a kestrel.
...and then I was in jail.
It was interesting.|I had plenty of time
to think things over.|- That's a weird story full o' lies.
Those people conned you and|now you gotta pay them back.
- I don't know...|- You don't know!
It's your duty to revenge!|Today the whole world's
full o' people who think they can|get away with murder.
So you gotta show those assholes|that no one can fuck with you.
Leave me alone.
Here, have a swig.
Once you drink this shit|you'll end up here forever.
Have a swig.
- Good morning.|- Good morning.
- Good morning.|- Morning, Mom.
- Good morning.
Why didn't you put on that|pink sweater I got out for you?
Could you answer me?
Nicole, I have a feeling|you did it on purpose.
It isn't the first time I got|clothes ready for you at night
and in the morning|you put on something else.
I'm your mother and I know best|what you should or shouldn't wear.
- Did you say something?|- No, why?
A thief!
Catch him!
Stop!|I said stop!
You think I can't catch you?!
A thief!
Did you see how he slipped?|- Yeah, but he didn't slip.
- It doesn't matter. You'll go|with me as a witness. Understood?
- You mean at the police station?|- To the mega-store.
I work there|as a house-detective.
You'll testify I caught him.|Is that clear?
I could do it but the first|thing is you didn't catch him
and the second is|that if you escort him
there should be some evidence|that you caught him, right?
You're a smart ass, pal,|aren't you?
Well, actually I have|a pretty solid position there
and if I tell my boss|you assisted in this arrest
maybe he could try you|out as a junior guard
- if you're looking for a job.
- Well I don't know...|- I'm not promising you anything
but you might have a chance.
You gotta believe in yourself a bit.|- OK, I believe in myself.
Yeah?|- Well.
It wasn't simple at all
'cause it wasn't a regular|pick-pocket; he was a pro.
It was quite fierce, a lot of|confusion but I got him.
And this guy helped me.|- Good day.
...I thought you might hire him.|Try him out.
He could be my assistant.
If you quit your job now I won't|make you to pay for this VCR.
So unfair.
- Ouch.|- I'm sorry.
Don't apologize,|it wasn't your fault.
It wasn't your mistake|that you tripped him
and that VCR broke and|because of that I lost my job.
I don't have any money|and I owe everywhere I look.
But it's not my fault|that you're broke.
Don't apologize.|It all right, really.
But if you could lend me a grand|it would really help me out.
- Well, I guess|I could lend you something...
I don't believe it!|- What happened?
- My wallet's gone.|- I told you he was a pro.
If you wait till tonight I'll be|able to loan you some cash.
That's really good you didn't|talk to anyone about it, Stan.
I honestly doubted|you'd keep your lips sealed.
It's been a long time
and people have a tendency|to confess to someone.
You know that old saying,|'Three could keep a secret
only if two of them are dead? '
No I don't.|But you know what I mean
and that's important.|Because if you told someone
I couldn't pay you back now.
You understand?|Very well.
So later tonight?|- Tonight.
- Is tonight convenient for you.|- Yes, it is.
- Be in Holesovice at eight P.M.|We'll straighten everything out.
So it will be finally behind us.|What do you say, Stan?
- But where in Holesovice?|- Dock 13.
- Dock 13. All right.|I'll be there.
- But be prompt.|- I will.
And come alone.|- I will.
- Excellent.
- Listen, who is that guy?
- In 1999 I pulled a job for him.
- What kinda job?
- Sorry but I can't tell you.
- Why?|- 'Cause I wouldn't get the money.
- What money?|- For those eagles...
But that's all I'll tell you.|- Wait, you already started
so now you should finish it.
- What did I start?|- A story.
You should finish it.
- I didn't start anything.|- But you did.
- No I didn't.|- You did.
- I didn't and leave me alone!
If you want to be a jerk|keep it to yourself.
In '99 I did a job for him.
We went to Slovakia...
I got out on good behaviour|after half my sentence was up.
- And what do you wanna do now?
- Now I'm gonna get that money.
And what do you gonna do|with it?
Well, I don't know yet.
Probably some travelling.|I'd like to go to Mexico
to see those Indian pyramids.
To Mexico.
And you don't want me to assist
you with collecting it.
Not really. I'll pick it up|myself and then...
I'll lend you two grand.|- Thanks.
- See ya.|- See ya!
I made you some herbal tea.
- It has a calming effect.|- I'm pretty calm.
- Brother, you're crazy!
- She's pretty sharp.|Most of the kids in her age
can't orientate in this game.
You know how much work it is|to protect them from all this?
Why do you think|we don't have a TV,
a computer or a microwave oven|and all that junk?
- Why?
- Nicole, go play in the garden.
You come visit us and the first thing
you do you give her this.
Calm down. It's just a game|that improves logical thinking.
You let a patient play it
and it lets you discover|what's close to him.
That may be true but my kids
are not your patients.|I'm the one raising them
and all I want is that|they would be themselves.
- That's good.
But you'd be surprised how many|folks refuse to be themselves.
It's like an epidemic lately.
During the World Cup I had|two Beckhams
and one Zidane.
And before the Pope came I had|six Satans and two Jesus Christs.
- Are you serious?
- There's more and more people
who think they are|a historical personality.
All these Napoleons,|Cleopatras, Hitlers, Lenins...
- Are you interested in this?|- Yeah.
How this deformation shows?|- At first it's very subtle.
Colorful dreams,|compulsive thoughts,
soliloquy and sometimes|hallucinations.
Not too many people|notice anything.
But later these affected people|begin to hide their traits.
At first in private but when
their conviction grows stronger
they have to go|and demonstrate it in public.
But I don't want to bore you|with all this.
How is my brother-in-law doing?
Is his veggie joint prospering?
You'd never understood|'cause you're a corpse-eater.
But luckily there's less|and less people like you.
Because you kill the carnivores?
You couldn't eat them anyway.
I know you think that eating|meat is a natural thing
but let me give you one example.
When you're hungry
and I will lay a carrot and|a dachshund in front of you,
what would you cut into?
- Definitely the dachshund.
I didn't take you as a jerk.
Take it easy. Calm down.
Don't ever tell me|to calm down again!
- There is all this tension built|in that must be released.
Try to get in the car, drive to|the woods and scream it all out.
- Get out.|- Let me give you some pills.
Stuff them up your ass.
You'd feel much better.
And the kids too, after all...
You didn't bring the money,|right?
What makes you think so?
Just a wild guess.
I don't understand.
We had an agreement|and you kept all your promises.
Explain to me,|why I shouldn't pay you now?
Yeah, you're right,|I kept my part.
Give it to me then.
Here it is. You can count it.|Well?
Got ya!
You overextended yourself, pal.
Who are you gaping at?|You think I don't know anything?
I know everything.|About those birds...
Oh, man, it is so simple|to find a poor naive devil
and throw him in the slammer.
And then cut some papers,|stuff them in an envelope
and think everything's all right.
Well it isn't mate!
Wrong, you'll give him his cash|or I'll make beef stew out of you.
- Didn't I tell you to come alone?
- Alone...|well I don't remember now.
- He's alone here.
- I see two people here.
I was just passing by. We don't|know each other, right Stan?
Stan? Did you say Stan?
- No.|- Good.
Wait. You think that money|in that envelope was real?
That it wasn't counterfeit?
I just feel you weren't supposed|to be there. That's what I think.
Oh, come on! I saved your life.
I'm not so sure about it.
- Oh, wait.|- What wait?
Well, I mean like... wait.
- What for?|- Wait! Wait.
- What 'wait, wait? '|- I just said, 'wait, wait.'
- I heard you but what,, wait, wait?"
- What wait?|I'm just saying wait, just wait.
- Well I'm waiting, waiting.
- Well, then wait, wait.
- Well, I'm waiting...
- Wait, wait...
Wait -
Stop gaping at me|or I'm gonna chop your hand off.
That chopped off hand...
...wasn't a bad idea.
Good morning, police. In the name|of the law, surrender the vehicle!
Get out!|- What...?
We'll give it back later. See you!
Why do we actually pick|mushrooms at night?
- 'Cause a toadstool picked under|a full moon works the best.
- I see.
- You know why they teach us|that toadstools are poisonous?
- 'Cause they're poisonous.
- Wrong, in fact they're|hallucinogenic.
- So they're not poisonous?
- Some of them can be toxic but mostly|because they're hallucinogenic.
You're saying|you wanna eat a toadstool?
- Exactly.
- But isn't it dangerous?
Any adventure that's not|dangerous is no adventure.
In case you ever talk
about me to someone again
just remember this situation.
Verstehen Sie?
What did he say?
I think he got it.
- You think so?
- Absolutely.
Hasta la vista, baby.
Well, take him down.
Martina, come here!
What should we do?
Peel that tape off his mouth.
Who are you?
- Could you untie me, please?
- First tell us who are you.
A guy who was tied up and thrown in|the water. For God's sake, untie me.
Andrea, what do you think? What kind of|people end up at the bottom of a dam?
I think people who got|involved in something awful.
Mostly pretty bad people.
Stan! Hold on!|I'll be right there!
What kinda tea is this?
A regular 'shroom tea.|- I see.
- Why? Isn't it good?|- It's good.
It's great.
You made it yourself?
- Couldn't it get infected?|- Nonsense.
You saw me to heat the needle|with my lighter, didn't you?
But shouldn't you thread|the needle first?
You're a smart ass,|girl, aren't you?
Whose place is it anyway?
- It's my dad's cabin.|- A regular 'shroom tea. Sure.
Could you tell us what|happened up there on that dam?
Not now. It could affect|the investigation.
- You're a cop?
- Stan isn't but I am.
But you can't reveal this fact|in the next 48 hours to anyone
or it could be used against you.|Is that clear?
So can you tell me why that car|was stupidly sent into him?
If that pond wasn't so shallow|your buddy would already be dead.
- Martina? Is that you?|- Father.
- Hi, Uncle.|Martina is here with me.
- Girls, just imagine|what happened to me.
Some character flagged me down|on the road and when I stopped
he pulled me out of my car|and took off.
So I had to walk and I found|my car at the dam again.
Turn the TV on, there will be|an interview with me.
What's going on in here?|Who is it?
Some people tied this guy up and|wanted to throw him in the dam.
We fished him out.
Hello, Father.
Who broke that window?
The officer who's working|on the case.
He probably had an idea and had|to take care of it right away.
I think we should have|a serious talk.
Let's sit down
and this guy|will explain everything to us.
...a likable guy...
and one can count on you.|I like that.
But you should use more of your
own initiative and invention.
See you tomorrow evening.
...23 dead and 64 injured.
A serious accident took place|in Pardubice's suburb.
36 years old driver overlooked|the railroad-crossing stop sign
and the freight train hit|his car in a full speed.
The fire-fighters were cleaning|the debris far into the night...
- Can I help you?
- How,, I'll catch ya"started?"|- Wait.
- I had this idea while working
in the radio station.
We were calling various people|and tried to perplex them.
,, Catch them out", as they say.
For example I called a hospital|and said I need a circumcision.
Or I told a restaurant|that my car hit a deer
and if they want to buy it, etc.
Then TV approached me so|I added another dimension to it.
We picked a person and installed|hidden cameras in their place.
A lot of people say|that's immoral
and you've already faced|some legal charges.
Those people probably|don't have a clear conscience
and the charges|only increased our ratings.
Look, you can't take our show|too seriously.
It's just fun.|We're looking into someone's privacy
and discovering|very funny things there.
And don't forget we can't catch
everyone who's watching our show
because he or she simply sees it.
So as I say,
the best defence against us
is to stay with us.
I don't mean to offend you|but I find it hypocritical
when you reveal|only the secrets of others.
How would you feel if someone exposed
your own family?
You haven't seen the one|where I exposed my daughter?
Of course I've seen it.
How would you feel
if someone filmed you|naked on a nudist beach?
Look, my nudity|isn't very interesting
but of course|I wouldn't mind at all.
One shouldn't be ashamed of|what he or she really is
and I don't have|any problems with this.
You can't simply catch me|with my pants down.
I see you have a strong opinion
but could you sincerely answer|this question:
Do you think that|what you're doing is right?
In 16th century's England lived|a philosopher, Francis Bacon.
And this wise man said one day:
A man would rather believe what|what he considers truthful
because he doesn't have enough|patience to discover
so he rejects difficult|deeper things
because he is vain and arrogant
and above all he rejects|paradoxical things
because he is liable|to common thinking.
Listen, I believe you can fly
but you should realize|it is foggy out there.
When you'll fly you|won't be able to land.
I don't wanna land. I wanna fly.
Don't stand under the roof, uncle. When|he jumps he's gonna fall right on you.
Girls, bring a net or a blanket|over here. Don't just stare!
I won't jump.
I'll fly like a bird...
like a bird of prey...
like an eagle...
You idiot!
They stole my car today|and broke my window.
And now I run|into a moron like you.
What is God punishing me for?
What have I done|to deserve this?
My hand.
Where have you been?
I'm sorry.|I have tons of work.
What is it?
- Gloves.
- What for?
They are gloves in gloves.
- I'm tired. Good night.|- Today is Thursday.
Should I push more?
Not yet.
What about the kids?
Today they had history.
What exactly?
World War II.
I'm coming.
I'm not.
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Before I go to Mexico,|I'll do something really big.
Something that's going to change|the lives of many people.
I don't know what it is...
but it's coming.
It's great!
Do you feel it,
my dear friend
Andre, you know what?|I really like you, you know?
- Yeah, thanks.
Oh, I see. You should've said|that right away.
It's not what you think.
It just struck me I should tell you
that 'cause I had a feeling
nobody wants to talk to you and|you're not really an amiable guy.
So I just said it|to make you happy.
You don't always have to say|everything that's on your mind.
I see, I didn't think of it.|That's good.
I don't always have to say
what's on my mind.|That's true.
A little while ago|I was in jail
and now I'm sitting here|with you.
- You're sitting here but|you could've been dead.
So what?
- You're sitting here but|you could've been actually dead.
I'd be just dead.|- You wouldn't mind?
- I'd probably mind but what could|I do if I was already dead?
- Hmmm, that's true.
Maybe you'd be reborn|as a bird and you could fly.
Or be smuggled|in a truck as a chicken.
- What?|- Tell them what happened.
Well, in 1999 I had this job.
What a scum to throw|an innocent guy in the slammer.
You must get your money back.
- If it wasn't for you|I already had it.
- Well, wait...|- Money isn't the only thing.
- That's right that money|isn't the only thing!
But what is?|- Justice.
- It's obvious that justice|is more important.
- We'll find out why he was|smuggling those eagles.
Let's swear on this candle that|all four of us will do it together.
- Wait a minute...
Let's swear on THIS candle
that all four of us|will do it together.
- Repeat after me:
I swear on this candle.
- I swear on this candle.
- I swear on THIS candle.
- That I shall uncover|the mystery of the birds of prey.
- That I shall uncover|the mystery of the birds of prey.
- Together with these four beings.
- Together with these four beings.
- Andrea.|- Andrea.
- Andre.|- Andre.
- Martina.|- Martina.
- Stan.|- Stan.
- Stan.
Oh, a guy called you.
He said his name was Brousek|or something like that.
He said that the bear is ready.
- What?|- The bear is ready.
I don't know what it means.
- Oh, Mr. Berousek. I see.
So that's how it is!
The bear is ready.|That's funny.
That's good.
Would you explain to me|what is up with that bear?
The bear is ready means|something like...
- Like what?
- Well, I didn't want|to tell you about it,
I didn't want|to brag about it...
Actually it means...
that the bear is ready
for a costume tryout.
- A what!?
- I met Mr. Berousek,|the circus owner.
And he asked me if I wouldn't|like to sponsor his bear.
The little hairy thing.|Actually not the bear
but the bear's costume|in one very funny sketch.
The bear's riding on a bike|and has these blue shorts on.
Are you crazy?|You want to sponsor people
who lock animals|in cages and drill them?
- I don't sponsor people|but I'd sponsor a bear.
Oh, by the way, didn't you|borrow that hauling rope
from the trunk of my car?
- No. What would I do|with your hauling rope?
I'm sorry.
- Mom, I wanna see|that bear in a costume.
- See what you've done?|- I'm sorry.
Davie, you wouldn't like it at all.|All animals at the circus are unhappy
and there are bad people there|who torture them.
- I'd like to see that circus.
- No.
Dad, I know you have|that little hand.
It's door 206.|- I know that.
- You're not gonna tell me what you'll|say? - Leave it up to me.
- I thought we were a team.|- So calm down.
Easy, yeah?
What is it?
May I help you?
We just wanted to ask you -
where the toilet is.
- Reception?|We have some intruders here.
- Wait.|- Let's go!
- Run. Run.|Wait. The elevator.
- It was somewhere here.|- Are you sure?
- Well, within 300 meters.
You can walk that far,|can't you?
- What do your parents do?
- My mom died when I was a kid.
I'm sorry. And your dad?
- He works in a theatre.|- As what?
- Don't know exactly. We don't see|each other very often.
As an actor|or something like that.
- Your dad is an actor and you|don't go to see any his shows?
- No, I don't feel|like going there.
But you don't communicate with|you father very much either.
You don't know?
I thought everybody's seen it.
- Seen what?|- Never mind.
Are we getting close?
- We're almost there.
It's gotta be somewhere over there.
- The next house over there.|- What house?
- The one where that man|with a doggie is standing.
- A doggie, right?|- Yeah, the little poodle.
- The building is guarded|by cameras,
everything's top secret there,|the receptionist is a pro.
- Did you find something concrete?|- What do you mean by that?
- Like something touchable.
- Nothing.
And do you have|something concrete?
- Nothing concrete.|Touchable, yes.
- Also nothing I guess.|- Same like you.
- I'm telling you. It wasn't easy.|We tricked the receptionist,
searched for the door marked|restaurant,, Magical Garden","
stepped in and there was|this vigilant secretary.
- Wait, what restaurant?|- Not a real restaurant,
just a sign on the door.|- But why was there a sign?
- Yeah, why?|- He probably owns some restaurant
and this is its office.
- It's not here.
- Magical Garden.|National Blvd. 6, Prague 1.
- Let's go.
- But you can't go in there like|this. They think you're dead.
- You know what would happen|if they'd recognized you?
- That would be silly.|- You're right.
- I have an idea.
- What do you need it for?|- Well, we need it for...
- We need it for a masquerade.|- For a fancy-dress ball.
- The most important thing is|that nobody recognizes us.
- You're odd.
When I was in your age|I went to the dance-halls
and didn't dress like a woman.|- Why like a woman?
- Dad, do you have something?|We don't have much time.
In dear employment:|Therefore hence, be gone:
But if thou, jealous, dost return to pry|In what I further shall intend to do,
By heaven, I will tear|thee joint by joint,
And strew this hungry churchyard|with thy limbs:
The time and my intents are savage-wild,|Fiercer and more inexorable far
Then empty tigers|or the roaring sea.
- Shakespeare, Romeo!|- Super!
Dear! You're just|an inexperienced little goose.
And thou will pay dearly|for a cheap word.
- Dad, calm down.
And these few precepts in thy memory|See thou character.
Give thy thoughts no tongue,|Nor any unproportioned thought this act.
Those friends thou hast,|and their adoption tried,
Grapple them to thy soul|with hoops of steel.
But do not dull thy palm|with entertainment
Of each new-hatch'd,|unfledged comrade. Beware of entrance
to a quarrel, but being in, Bear't|that the opposed may beware of thee.
Give every man thine ear,|but few thy voice;"
Take each man's censure,|but reserve thy judgment.
Costly thy habit|as thy purse can buy,
But not express'd in fancy;"|rich, not gaudy;"
For the apparel|oft proclaims the man.
This above all,|to thine own self be true;"
And it must follow,|as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false|to any man.
Lord Polonius from Hamlet -|Shakespeare, too.
Some of this might fit you.
With this guy|we're safe 'n' sound.
open your arms
and sway to one side,
spring on your knees...
David will get out|his physics textbook now
and Nicole will draw|on the blackboard
what she's thinking the most|about lately.
- Mom, I can't find|my physics textbook.
- Look again.
- It's not here, really.
- Let me see.
Nicole, haven't you seen|that textbook?
Oh well,|we'll take care of it later.
Let's take a look at something else.
David, what would you like|to learn about?
- A kestrel.|- Very well.
David, how do we call|the science about birds?
- Ornithology.
- That's correct, Nicole.
David, look up the chapter|called,, The birds".
Ornithology is a science that|explores the life of birds.
- The kestrel is missing here.|- Let me see.
Who did this?|Now you will tell me who did it
or there will be a detention.
- The list of tonight's guests.|- Thank you.
- Have you decided?|- I'd like to have some white meat.
Do you have fish or chicken?
- We only serve soy meat,|salads and vegetable specialties.
- I see. My friend told me you|make great chicken here.
- Your friend must be mistaken.|We've never served meat here.
- You never heard of eagles|either, right?
- Excuse me?|- Lentil soup for me.
- Me too.|- Make it three.
- How about you?
- I'll have a coke.
- All right, three lentil|soups and one coke.
- This is interesting.
- What's? Lentil soup?
- Stan, did you say you delivered|chickens with eaglets mixed in?
- Yeah, that's right.
- But why did you deliver eagles|for a vegetarian restaurant?
- I can't listen to this|any longer.
You just wanna sit here|and stare?
- Wait. We're talking about it|and that's important.
- Even you are against me?|- Don't be stupid!
The girls here are helping us|so give them a break.
Those friends thou hast,|and their adoption tried,
Grapple them to thy soul|with hoops of steel.
- But do not dull thy palm|with entertainment...
- Cut it out you guys.|- Dear...
He's going bananas.
I'd better go after him.
What do you wanna do?
- I'm running the show|all the time.
I'm planning things.|I'm on it like a pro.
I wanna do it|with a surgeon's precision.
And Andrea's eyes keep|bugging out at me all the time.
- Bugging out?
What are you looking for?
- Do you know where|the men's room is?
- You already passed it.
- Thanks.
Do you think he recognized us?
- How could he?|This disguise is perfect.
- You think so? - Where|do you think those stairs lead to?
- Probably to the basement.|- Right.
And that's what looks|fishy to me.
- What do you wanna do?|- Act.
Let's synchronize our watches.
In exactly 20 minutes|we'll meet upstairs.
- I don't have a watch.
- All right, then make it fifteen.
- How is the soup?|- Full of lentils.
- Where's Andre?|- He'll be back in 20 minutes.
- In 20 minutes?|- Actually in 15.
- We'll wait I guess.
No, we won't wait.|Could we get our bill?
- Are you sure it was them?|- Yeah, I'm dead sure.
Then go and find them.
- We'll pay next time.|Let's split.
If we don't report it|and he gets killed
we'd regret it|for the rest of our lives.
All right. I'll go there.
I'm quite experienced|with cops.
I know how to handle them.
- I honestly don't understand|what you are trying to tell me.
- I thought I was clear enough.
A vegetarian restaurant.|Food for vegetarians.
And all of a sudden, abracadabra,|eagles in the chickens shipment.
Well, you wonder what that|has to do with it
and why they wanted|to dump me in the dam?
And Andre?|We're waiting for 20 minutes
- well just 15|'cause I don't have a watch -
we wait for half an hour|but he never showed up.
- Careful, Mr. Mares, watch out.
Don't play with the law 'cause|the law is not a toy for kids.
You should realize|our time is precious.
We only investigate|real criminal cases here.
Jokes must be put aside.
Could you produce some evidence?
- No, I can't.|- You see?
If you wanna prove something|you gotta have some evidence.
Some snapshots|or something like that...
- Well, if it's all|I think I'd better go.
- Wait a minute.|- Good bye.
Do you see what he's doing?|I'll get it.
He's really a moron.
Stop!|It is still not quite right.
Try to play something more
festive and more dynamic...
That's still not it!
- I may as well play this one.
Excellent! That's it.|You can go now.
Nicole, why is this doll|missing a hand?
- Did you break it off?|- No.
- Where is its hand?|- I don't know.
- Did something happen?|- Nothing.
You ain't gonna believe this!
- Did you know about this?
- I heard something 'bout it|but I didn't know it'd be this crude.
What are we gonna do now?
- Let's go, guys.|I've got a black belt in karate.
What happened?|No masquerade tonight?
- I forgot to ask you|if I could borrow your camera.
- It's at home.|- I see. That's stupid.
- You wanna go there and get it?|- Is this yours?
- It's ours. We videotape|our rehearsals and stuff.
Be careful, don't erase anything.|- I caught it all, during everything.
- I caught you lying, feuding...
- That's Martina's dad.
- Did she come by with you today?|- Yeah, the redhead.
- And now take a look at our most|successful catch.
Welcome to,, I'll catch ya"!
Now I'll dial her number|and invite her for a date.
We'll see|if she's already horny...
Wow, that's Martina|but she's much younger.
Let's try it again.
- Is she your girlfriend?
- Well, yeah,
I guess so.
A skilful girl.
You have a good taste.
I'm proud of you.
- So I hit him and he went down.
I was really surprised|how easy it was.
- Guys, could you leave us|alone for a while?
All right, Mr. Konicek,|let's get started...
Tell me how you got in here|and what you want.
- Eat this: Kiss my ass, amateur.
Do you know who you're talkin' to?
You really think I'd be scared|of a chicken shit like you?
Go on!
I got one.
- Which one?|- The car jumper.
- Where is he?|- In the freezer.
- You honestly surprised me.
- What should I do with him?
Don't gawk at me.
If you think you'll wave|that axe in the air
and I'll start singing|you're wrong.
You'll regret this moment for|the rest of your fuckin' life.
Am I worthy of undertaking|such a mission?
Yes I am worthy.
How did you know how many bricks|to put inside that suitcase
so it would lift David|all the way up to the ceiling?
- I figured that out.|- I see.
And did you figure out|the gripping mechanism too?
- Or were you told how to do it?|- It was in the book.
- What book?|- The physics book.
But your mom isn't teaching you|physics yet.
- It's David's book.|- I see.
Ok, Nicole. Why don't you stay in the|next room while I'll talk to your mom?
- Don't touch him!|- Calm down.
It's not as bad as you think.|David, go in there for a moment.
Look how smart she is. This|complicated gripping mechanism...
or here - this is actually an incline,|a simple lever and a double pulley.
She used the same mechanical components|the Egyptians were using to build
pyramids. She's a little genius.|- What are you babbling about!?
She's a regular murderer!|- I wouldn't be so harsh.
- Are you saying|I'm being too harsh?
- You love David, that's natural.
What about TV? Isn't Nicole|watching too much TV lately?
- You know we don't have a TV.|- Sorry, I forgot.
Maybe that's the stumbling block.
Children need television as an|additional communication device.
It is their connection|with the world,
as natural as their parents.
- My daughter tries to kill my son|and you advice me
to buy a TV set.|- Well.
Are you fucking serious?
I have more of those pills|I gave you. In that drawer there.
Do you need some more?
It will calm you down.|- In here?
- Right.
The significance of our meeting
will be fully recognized|perhaps after many centuries
but one thing I know|today very well:
A man who doesn't have|enough courage to discover
and who rejects the deep|difficult things but,
above all, a man who rejects|things paradoxical
becomes a stagnant being
who denies the natural evolution.
Such a person becomes a static,|degenerate creature
who huddles in the corner|of a dark room
instead of spreading|the wings of desire
and flying like a bird of prey
across the sky to drink|from the goblet of the unknown.
But to take off from the ground
and fly up into the sky|we have to get rid of our fear.
We have to be ready|to sacrifice ourselves.
One of us has to rise to take full|full responsibility upon his shoulders,
has to decide what is right|and what is wrong.
I'm asking myself:|Am I worthy
of undertaking such a mission?|And I have to answer myself...
Yes, I am worthy...
When I, filled with the feeling|of the highest bliss, watch your faces
then I know one thing for sure:|My life's struggle
hasn't been fought in vain.
- Let me in at once...
- Today I've personally prepared
something very special for you.
- Excuse me, I'm sorry.|- Let me in at once.
- What are you doing here?|- Why did you bring the kids over?
- I'm sorry but|I can't take it any longer.
- What is it you can't take any|longer? To baby-sit two kids?
What's wrong? Tell me!|- Nothing's wrong.
It's just that David|is putting on girl's clothes
he's stealing from Nicole -|stockings, panties, etc.
She drew this diagram,|a hauling rope...
She wanted to kill her brother|and she almost succeeded.
- Excellent.|So everything's in order...
- What do you mean by that?
- Nothing, everything will be GUT.
- Yes?
- I just wanted to tell you|I videotaped everything.
So everybody will find out|what was happening here.
- So what?
- So I think it's useless|to burn this place down
when I have it all videotaped.
- When I was a little boy
I hated spinach.
My mom kept telling me|to eat it to be healthy
because there was iron in it.
But not too long ago I read|an article that scientists
made a mistake with|the decimal point in the past.
Spinach has the same amount|of iron as any other vegetable.
- Yes, but now everybody will|see that you're eating
endangered species here.
And it's good that they'll know.|- More spinach, more iron.
We'll show it on TV|and people will see it...
And they'd mimic you.|No, that's not good.
- It's good but it doesn't|have as much iron
as potatoes or onions...
- Yeah but I know for sure
that to eat people|is definitely wrong.
- You think so?|- Yeah, I know that for sure.
Stan!|What are you doing here?
Why did you set|the place on fire?
We better run!
How can I show it|if I don't know what's on it?
- Dad!
You owe me this one.
- Put it on.|- What?
- I said put it on.
Welcome to,, I'll catch ya".
These days it's very hard to|tell what's right and what isn't.
Things that were unimaginable
just a few years ago|we take as normal today.
What used to be considered ugly|can be an ideal of beauty today.
That's why I'm showing you|things the way they really are.
And even though they're|sometimes painful
and unpleasant,
especially when|your own family is involved,
it gives me and you|the possibility
to make our own opinion
of the world we live in.
Today my daughter came to me|after years of refusal.
She gave me a videotape made
secretly by her friend Stan
and asked me if I could...
- She did it!
Everybody stop working|and pay attention!
Since I was a kid I had a bad|luck with whatever I touched.
I don't have any money, no place|to live, no girlfriend.
I don't have anything I like|or what I could like.
Maybe you're also not following|your dreams,
maybe you also don't live|the lives you wanted to live.
But me and one girl have accomplished|something what will change my life.
And maybe it will help|to all of you, too.
So look up and watch|that silly TV now!
...that's why I promised her|to show it to you
because I owe it to her.
So here we go...
Sometimes you can see|bad things on TV,
but if you use your head,
you'll make objective,
and mainly, your own opinions|on what you're about to see.
It can be useful for you,
for each individual.
Understood?|- Well no.
You don't mind that your eyes|bug out all the time?
- No, I don't. Do you?
- Yes, I do.
But you do have a pretty voice.
- Thanks.|- Don't mention it.
Could someone|change the channel?
That's sweet...
Those people conned you and|you have to pay them back.
This world is full o' people|who think
they can get away with murder.
So go and show them assholes
that no one can fuck with you.
Hi.|- Hi.
- I guess I should apologize...
but I have no reason.
I saw that scene|with that doggie...
but only afterwards...
so I'm sorry...
but nothing really happened...
- I know many people thought|it was gross
and they say they'd never|do things like that
but I wanted to do it|so I did it and
just because my crazy father|taped me doing it doesn't mean
I'll stop being myself.|I just came here
to tell you I like you
and when you get out|you can call me.
I mean if you want to.
- Yeah, sure, all right.
I'll call ya.
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