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Jeepers Creepers

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-You actually lied for me. -I lied for me.
No, come on. You lied for both of us.
You actually did something decent for me. That's a part of history you can't change.
That was a stop sign.
You're kidding, right?
In your car, I'd be kidding?
On this road? I haven't seen a car in 50 miles.
Come on, Darry.
"Gay Fever!"
No, "Gay Forever."
"Gay Forever." That's mine.
That's three for little bro'.
That's a 6, not a G, you idiot.
That's "Sexy Forever." That's mine.
-That's five to two. -Shit.
"Gay Fever?"
Sexy forever, huh?
You know that is you in 40 years.
There's usually a reason when you like the long way home.
Gee, like, maybe I like the country?
Just drive, brat.
I'm only thinking the same thing Mom and Dad are gonna be thinking.
"Trisha, why are you driving home for spring break with your brat brother...
"...and not heading off somewhere with that nice 'Mr. Poli-Sci-Track-Team Guy'?"
I will tell them the same thing I'll tell you:
None of your goddamn business.
You don't think I could understand the complex nature of your relationships?
No, I look at you as a real expert.
Whatever. I don't care.
I'm just saying, if you broke it off with him... should at least figure out what you're gonna tell Mom and Dad.
They're the ones in love with the guy.
What would Jesus do....
I am no fanatic. What I am is a fan of Godl
...a serpent-headed demon, shaking you by the....
You wanted the back way home.
That's 10 hours of preachers, farm reports--
Could you possibly just shut up and drive, please?
"You broke my heart in two
"Now I can't find the duct tape
"To put it together for you
Come on, girl, sing along now.
"When I met you, I thought I would die
"I wanted to cry
"Didn't know you were evil
"or that you would hurt me
"Mr. Poli-Sci-Track-Team guy
"Turns out you're a twit and a real--"
-What the hell is his problem? -Just get out of his way, Darry!
Let him pass you, Darry! What are you doing?
Go around me!
Get off the road and let him pass you!
-He's nuts! -I know he's nuts. Pull over!
Go around me!
-Slow down and let him fucking pass you! -I'm trying!
What the hell was his problem?
My first guess? Inbreeding!
Get a load of that nasty old thing.
What is that, the vehicle of choice for assholes and fucking serial killers?
You know what I just thought of, right?
Kenny and Darla?
They died about a 100 miles from here.
-The same highway. -This highway runs the length of the state.
You believe it?
That they had to go looking for her head?
That they never found them, only the car.
No, they never found her head. They found the car.
Didn't find him or her head.
Look at me, I'm still shaking!
You don't think every generation has their cautionary tale...
...of drinking and driving on Prom night?
I always heard it was true. Wheaton Valley High, class of '78.
You wanna know something?
When I first heard that story...
...I used to think this was the highway I would die on.
Quite the cheery thinker today, aren't we, sis?
What's "Poli-Sci Guy" been doing to you, anyway?
"Beating you?"
That was the license plate on the van we just saw.
So "Beating You."
That's mine. That's three to five.
-You can't call it now. -My ass!
-You have to call it when you see it. -I was in shock!
-Tough! -What is this, a brand new rule?
It's always been this way.
-Since when? -Since always.
Since just now, maybe.
-Your memory's for shit. -No, it's not.
Nah, infinity.
Uh-huh, infinity squared.
-Okay, name it. -What?
When we made the rule that you had to call it as soon as you see it.
Would you give it up already?
That's 'cause the rule has always been...
...the first person who calls it, gets it.
You talk to Mom lately?
To tell her I'd be home for break.
She sound weird?
Did you listen to her voice?
Could you specify, please?
Forget it.
Did you drink the last water?
The last one was mine.
You are a class act, you know that?
You live off-campus.
You ever try and do laundry in a dorm?
What they don't steal, they dye pink.
I've got 12 pairs of rosy-pink jockey shorts.
Maybe they know something about you, you don't.
"Hi, Mom. Haven't seen you in forever. Here's my dirty shorts."
It's for her, not me.
What? I have to bring home laundry. lf I don't, she gets depressed.
She thinks I don't need her anymore or something.
I'm serious.
-Goof. -Bitch.
-Mama's boy. -Daddy's whore.
-Dick licker. -Ball sniffer.
-Ass kisser. -Butt picker.
Repeat. "Ass" and "butt." You lose.
-I think maybe something's wrong. -You always think something's wrong.
Like you would notice anything past the point of your own selfish little existence.
She's not happy.
-Not like she used to be. -Who is?
Mom's not--
It's "Beating You."
What's he doing?
What the hell is that?
What the hell was he doing?
He dumped something down that pipe.
Wrapped in a sheet.
Wrapped and roped in a sheet.
Wrapped and roped in a sheet with red stains on it.
Just get us out of here.
-Grab my cell phone. -Where?
It's in the gym bag.
Oh, Jesus....
You gotta be kidding me.
The point of having a portable phone is that it works when you need it!
I have a power cable for it.
And I have a cigarette lighter that doesn't work.
Goddamn it, what did I say? My car!
We should've taken my car!
He's coming up right on our ass.
What the hell has he got in that thing? He's got it souped up or something.
-He's coming up right on our ass. -What the fuck is in that thing?
You're out of your fucking mind!
What the hell's your problem?
Fuck me! Go!
What the hell's the matter with you!
-Darry, what are you doing? -Hang on.
Just don't kill us, okay?
Sounds all right.
Like either one of us would know.
I know a little.
Your car makes a strange noise... just get a new tape, Darry. You told me.
I told you?
I learned it from you.
Jesus Christ....
Whoa, wait.
I'm thinking past the point of my own selfish little existence now, okay?
We're both pretty damn sure what we saw him dump down that pipe, right?
What if it's someone still alive?
What if it was?
Someone who needs help.
We can get help as fast by getting to a phone.
You have any idea how far to the nearest phone?
We were just attacked!
And you don't even wanna find out why?
We look in the pipe, that's it.
Is this your idea of a little adventure or something?
'Cause this is why girls are smarter, okay?
We look in the pipe, if there's nothing there, nothing we can do...
...we just drive on home and call the cops.
You know that's what we should do.
-Bullshit, I do. -Bullshit, you don't!
Look me in the eye and tell me you can just drive away.
Leave who's ever back there, back there.
Maybe find out later they'd still be alive if you'd just gone back.
Don't make this about the right thing to do.
You just wanna go back there see if there's something nasty at the end of that pipe.
And what if it was you back there?
I'm not getting out of this car.
-You don't have to. -I'm not.
Jesus, it's a church.
What's with all the birds?
I'm just gonna look.
Let's do this and do it fast.
Oh, my God.
-Doesn't look like a sewer pipe. -Doesn't smell like one either.
Come on, you can't see anything in there.
You can see light down there.
Get a flashlight.
Come on, get a flashlight.
Anybody down there?
Hey! Anybody down there?
Hurry up. Come on.
There's someone there, I heard them.
You're hearing things, Darry.
Darry, don't even think about it!
-Darry! -I told you I heard someone.
You know the part in scary movies...
...where somebody does something really stupid...
...and everybody hates them for it?
This is it.
-Hello! -No, Darry!
-Let me slide down. -God damn it!
-Let me get a little way in. -You're not going.
I'm not. Just hold my feet.
The feet?
Anybody down there?
When was the last time you washed these socks?
I see something.
-Hello! -I am counting to 10.
Something's moving.
Then I am letting go and going back to my car.
I just saw it again.
Something is definitely moving down there.
-What? -Rats!
Oh, God, Darry, talk to me!
Darry, say something!
Are you okay?
How are you gonna get out of there, Dar?
You suck.
God, I am so sorry.
I bet you are.
I am. I don't know what happened.
You were kicking and I couldn't hold on--
Not as sorry as I am.
There were rats coming at my face.
They were running at me too, Trish.
I feel really bad. Are you okay?
Thank you so much, by the way. Thank you for this.
Trisha Jenner, coming through in the clutch.
Thank you.
You were the one who wanted to come and have a little adventure.
Shut up.
How the hell are you gonna get out of there?
Say it isn't so.
Did I hear you talking?
Darry, who in the holy hell are you talking to down there?
I found our body.
-You what? -I found our--
Say something. You're scaring the shit out of me!
Darry, tell me what's going on!
We gotta get out of here.
No, let's stay and feed the birds.
Get help.
Get help, Trish.
What are you looking at?
Get out to the road and find somebody who can help.
How are you gonna get out of there?
This is some kind of basement, right, for the church?
You don't think I'm going in there, do you?
Get out to the road, flag down anyone you see...
...tell them to get the cops out here right away.
There's gotta be a way out. I'm gonna find it.
And Trish...
...if you see that old truck coming... get back to this pipe, you holler down as loud as you can.
You just had to say that, right?
God damn it, Darry!
You asshole!
Would you please just say something?
Darry, you're scaring the shit out of me!
We have to stop.
Did you hear me?
She did lose her head.
Darla lost her head just like they said.
And you know what he did, Trish?
You know what he did for her?
He sewed it back on.
He sewed it right back on.
You gonna make a phone call?
Throw some water on yourself.
You look like you just crawled out of a sewer.
He's going back.
He's going back. Come on!
Excuse me.
Excuse me, we need help.
I need you to please call the police.
The police?
We need help now, please!
Just go tell them what you saw so we can get out of here, okay?
Come on, brat!
I mean it. I need you to hold it together.
Look at me, Darry.
I'm so scared, Trish.
I am so scared.
I'm scared, too, all right?
He's gonna get back to that church...
...and he's gonna know that we were there.
Are you gonna get that?
-Yeah, hello. -Have you seen the cats yet?
-You and your brother. -Me and my brother?
You and Darry. I saw you with lots of cats.
Who the hell is this? How do you know Darry?
Who is this?
Darry? You know the cats I'm talking about?
Who is this?
You have a torn shirt, right?
And a bloody hand.
Shirt's torn just above a small rose tattoo...
...on your stomach.
Who is this?
How the hell do you know us?
You found its house of pain.
The what?
Those bodies down there...
...that's what it likes to call it...
...its house of pain.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
I don't know if it's a demon or a devil...
...or just some hungry thing...
...from some dark place in time.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
I just know it's not gonna stop coming after you...
...or anyone else it wants to.
Once it has the scent of something it likes... can't stop.
-Is what.... -What is she saying?
I saw that awful truck, too.
With the license plate.
"Beating You?"
The license plate on its truck.
Right, "Beating You"?
No, think about it.
Think about it, for Christ's sake.
Hold on. I need you to listen to this.
"Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those peepers?
"Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those eyes?"
You hear that song, you run.
And I mean run.
'Cause that song means something terrible for you.
Something so terrible you couldn't dream of it...
...not in your worst, most terrible nightmare.
Fuck you, lady!
Let's talk with the cops and get the hell out of here.
Maybe you should've left out the part about that phone call.
It just sounds too much like a bad dream.
Everything I said I saw, I saw.
What, you think I bumped my head down there or something?
I didn't say that.
You believe me, right?
Look me in the eye and tell me you believe me.
Look me right in the eye right now, you tell me you believe everything I said!
We're running the plates...
...and we've got some people on their way out to the old church.
These kids you saw on that wall, who were they again?
Darla Cleeway and Kenny...
Found their car all smashed up about 20 years ago.
-Am I remembering this right? -Yeah.
Those bodies would be nothing but bones by now.
You said they still had skin on them and he had a ring on his finger.
What are you saying?
I told you, I grabbed one of them like this.
And it was hard, like petrified wood.
Like he preserved them or something.
He's got them all stitched together like some kind of quilt.
-I'm just trying to get all the facts here. -And I told you the facts!
This guy drives an old brown truck...
...and it nearly killed us.
We saw him throw a body down a pipe...
...that dumps into the cellar of that old church.
This guy must have 500, maybe 600 bodies down there...
...and I've seen them!
Stuck up on the walls... some psycho version of the Sistine Chapel!
What, you don't believe me?
Drive out to the old church if you think I'm lying.
No one's saying you're lying.
Good, because I'm not lying!
Look at this from my point of view.
This is a pretty big story you're laying on us here.
That's your car out at the pumps, isn't it?
Bunch of folks saw him from the window.
The man there at your car.
He was standing there at your car...
...sniffin' that laundry...
...holding big handfuls of it under his nose.
Looked like he was liking it, too.
Which way he run off, Binky?
Still think I bumped my head?
He had time to get to the church, then back here.
This guy is after us!
And he's after us 'cause he knows what we saw.
And now he even knows my name.
Central, this is 037. Come back.
You interested in a hand print?
037, go ahead, please.
037, this is Central.
Go ahead.
You can dust that, right? Get a print?
Looks like somebody already did.
037, what's going on out there?
037, I need a response, please.
There is definitely some weird shit going on.
This is Central. 037, that is an affirmative.
We should all just get in the car and go. We should go.
What is your situation?
037, please respond.
How'd he get to the church and back to the diner so fast?
What the hell was he doing with your clothes?
He drives fast, but not that fast.
Maybe he can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
He'd have to be superhuman. Otherwise, the smell would've killed him.
Please come back, 037, out there on East 9.
Central, this is 037. Go ahead.
You sure that's not a couple of little pyromaniacs...'re escorting out there?
Go ahead.
This old church is on fire.
I'm talking burning out of control.
I'm up to my ass in Fire and Rescue, but I can tell you... one's going inside this thing for a long time.
Incest capital of the world.
Don't be such a snot.
Don't tell me you actually like him.
I thought the waitress had dialed the wrong number.
The guy looked like a strip-o-gram cop.
Like the missing link.
I wanna bring him to my Anthro class for show and tell.
In sports, the national....
-That's the song! -What's the matter with you?
The words are the same.
"Creepshow, where did you get those eyes...."
What is the matter with you?
That's the same song that lady on the phone was playing!
These kids say the vehicle chased them doing over 100, go ahead.
A preliminary came back on that dust you took off the car handle.
It's dead skin.
Long dead. That's why it was powder.
Say what?
That's it! The words are the same, listen!
"Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those weepers."
Hold on, Central, the sky is falling.
She was playing this song to us, and she said if we heard it....
This is it.
037, come in.
Are you okay in there?
037, this is Central. Come in.
I said hello!
Get back in the car.
Central, this is 04....
Get back in the car, Trish!
What is that?
I'm not seeing this.
What is he doing?
-I'm trying. -Go, go, go!
-Go, go, go! -I'm trying!
Come on, you're gonna kill us!
I mean it, slow down!
Slow down!
No way.
-There's a phone. -So?
-So you just told me to stop. -I didn't say, "Stop." I said, "Slow down."
-How far's the next town? -You mean the next phone?
It's pretty god damn far. You wanna wait to find out?
Come on, Trish, look at this place. Let's just keep going.
I mean it, come on.
-You don't wanna get help? -Help from who?
We'll just use the phone.
-And call who? -I don't know.
-And tell them what? -I don't know.
"Hey, bum-fuck police, I'm being chased by a guy...
"...who pulls tongues out of severed heads with his teeth.
"Is there a special extension for that?"
Come on.
Christ, do you think they even have a phone?
I'm guessing no phone and a lot of guns.
Who are you?
I said, "Who are you?"
Patricia Jenner. This is my brother Darry.
-What do you want? -A telephone?
I don't have one.
I say we keep driving till we see people.
What do you think she is?
What you need a phone for if I had one?
I need to call the Pertwilla County Police.
That's one county back. You're in Poho County.
Then Poho Police. But I need to call someone.
Don't even think about bringing the cops out here...
...with their zoning crap.
They try to tell me how many cats people can have.
I'll have as many cats as I wanna have.
You can tell them that for me.
Please, someone's been killed.
Killed, you say?
Yeah, a policeman.
Holy Jesus, I thought....
I thought you meant one of my babies.
-Did you hear what I just said? -Let's get out of here.
You can call the Sheriff's station, just don't give them this address.
And tell them to go out on the interstate where they ought to be.
My babies don't like strangers.
How many babies do you have?
More than a couple.
We've gotta get out of here right now.
Tell me this happens all the time.
Holy shit.
You kids got anyone else with you?
That's not my scarecrow.
You got 10 seconds... get your ass out of my yard!
And don't think I'm gonna tell you twice.
-Get the hell away from him. -What are you doing, Trish?
Get the hell away from him!
Come on. Let's go.
No. Don't you go up there.
-Listen to him! -We gotta get out of here!
What the hell did you bring into my house?
Get out of here.
Get away from my babies, you sons of bitches!
I'll blow your fucking head off!
-Something's wrong. -Don't say that!
What do you want me to say? The gears are sticking!
-Unstick them, Trish! -You're gonna break it!
-It's stuck in reverse! -Go in reverse!
-What do we do? -Hit him.
Hit him, Trish.
Do it!
What the hell is that thing?
What the hell are you doing?
Come on, you son of a bitch.
That's right, walk that ugly face right over here.
Come on.
Come on!
Do you think he's dead?
They never are.
Let's get out of here.
I don't know how much further this car is gonna go.
Not far enough.
What are we boosting tonight?
Why don't you come over here and find out, Big Daddy?
'76 Chevy Nova?
Anyone tell you, for a car thief, you got taste for shit?
Would you tell Dad to stop shouting, please?
I understand that, Mother.
I'm just trying to tell you where we are.
Standing right here. I told you, we're both okay.
It's the Poho County Sheriff's Station about 20 miles outside Pertwilla.
Because we'll be home before you could get here.
We don't wanna wait here, Mom. We just wanna get the hell out of here.
Mom, just let us get home, okay?
We don't wanna be out here any more than you do.
Me, too.
I'll talk to you in a few hours.
Thought I wrecked the car?
She's trailer trash.
-Pig fucker. -Booger eater.
Trisha and Darry, right?
Jez, what are you doing here?
Excuse me, Jezelle?
Darry Jenner.
-Jezelle Gay Hartman. How do you do? -Come on. They've been through a lot.
-Trisha. -Goddamn it, Jez.
I really need to talk to you, if you could just spare me a minute.
Jezelle likes to think she's the resident psychic here.
She helped us on a missing persons--
Could I just talk to these kids by myself?
You go home, turn off that police scanner, and go to bed.
You got missing persons and a fire in the next county.
Go do something useful.
I mean it, now, leave them alone.
You don't have to believe I'm psychic.
You don't have to believe a word I say.
But I've come a very long way to see you.
You know...
...I'm not sure we should be talking to anybody right now.
Let' s go.
You found all those bodies...
...down in that cellar.
I saw them, too.
Dreamed it.
I dream a lot of things.
You see the cats yet?
I saw you with all those cats, too.
The diner.
That was you. You called us.
Will you excuse me for a second?
-Darry, I need to talk-- -I need you to listen and not talk.
Truth be, I'd be lying if I said I knew that telling you this would do any good.
Any good?
What does that mean?
Every 23rd spring...
...for 23 days... gets to eat.
You know what it eats, and don't you make me tell you.
You think I like having this in my head?
I don't.
I don't like knowing this and not knowing why I do.
You said it eats?
Only certain things...
...from certain people.
Just get away from her.
It eats lungs so it can breathe...
...and eyes so it can see.
It all becomes a part of it.
Whatever it eats becomes a part of it.
It dresses like a man...
...but only to hide that it's not.
You hurt it out there on the road...
...but only as much as it can be hurt.
'Cause it can keep on eating...
...till it isn't hurt no more.
You've got something it likes, one of you.
And it's not gonna stop chasing you till it knows which one.
Never mind how.
How does it find out, by running people off the road?
It needs to scare you.
There's something in fear, something it can smell.
Something that tells it if there's anything inside someone...
...that it might like.
You're telling us this thing is out driving down the highway...
...trying to freak people out so it can smell them?
Christ, Darry! Why are we standing here with her?
We got lights and phones out up here!
Would somebody talk to me?
It's gone.
We ran it over till there was nothing left.
What the hell, have we got emergency lights or what?
People, we're going into a lockdown situation.
That means everybody sit tight.
Don't move unless somebody wearing a badge tells you.
We pounded it to dust.
We watched it blow the fuck away.
I think it's eaten too many hearts for its own to ever stop.
Heads up, gentlemen.
Let me see some skin.
Are you in a coma, buddy?
What is wrong with you, man?
We have a blackout. That means emergency head count.
Hey, lower bunk, let me see some skin.
That is special. I love you, too.
Heads up. Move it, down there.
Thank you for joining us.
Show me some skin, that's it.
Heads up, gentlemen.
Okay, you two. You kids wanna come with me?
We're putting you in a holding room.
You can't do that! He finds you in here!
He finds you hiding in a room!
You, too.
"Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those peepers?"
-We heard it in the car hours ago. -No.
It's playing on an old phonograph.
Escort Jezelle here to the big blue Winnebago...
...she's no doubt blocking the driveway with.
"Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those eyes?"
I swear I will lock you up, Jez.
I hear it playing while one of you is screaming.
Screaming down in the dark somewhere.
Screaming the last scream you'll ever scream!
Goddamn it, knock it off!
What exactly are you doing here?
Up top? Anybody on ground level? We have an 11-99.
I repeat, an 11-99.
This is Tubbs, go ahead.
We got a situation down here, Sarge.
It's headed towards you, up the rear stairs. You copy?
Coming up the rear stairwell.
Stay here.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Come on, I said!
Somebody down there talk to me.
We have one inmate and one officer down.
Ramirez, he's hurt bad.
The son of a bitch tried to take a bite out of him.
He what?
This guy is wearing something.
'Cause I'm a son of a bitch, but we cannot take him down.
What do you mean, "wearing something"?
You'd think I was crazy if I told you.
This is about the weirdest fucking body armor you've ever seen.
Where is he?
-Talk. -He's gone.
He's gone, Sarge. This guyjust climbed up the fucking wall.
You are not making one goddamn bit of sense.
You can put me in a straitjacket, but this fuckeris gone.
Gone? What the hell you talking about?
This guy's a real mover and a shaker, Sarge.
We just lost him on the stairwell.
I can't see! I can't see!
He's heading right up to you. Copy?
This is your way out?
These must lock automatically if the power's out.
You didn't know that?
I don't dream everything!
This isn't everything! This is our way out!
It's not like watching a movie, honey. There are parts missing sometimes.
We have to get out of here now.
There's no other way except the front....
The front door is out. Why don't you dream up something useful?
I thought if you knew what I saw, maybe you could change it.
Why the hell do you think I'm here?
You know.
Don't you?
You knew when you walked in.
You know who it wants.
-You know what it wants. -I've dreamed this.
You know what's gonna happen.
You will run up the stairs and hide, but I don't know what happens to me.
Jeepers Creepers.
Jeepers Creepers, right?
Who hears Jeepers Creepers while screaming in the dark?
Are they ever wrong?
I don't believe you.
You don't understand.
Your dreams, are they ever wrong?
You go to hell.
I said, "You don't understand."
Are they ever wrong? Are your dreams every wrong?
She doesn't know.
She doesn't know shit.
Get upstairs!
Our Father, who art in heaven...
...hallowed be Thy....
What in the holy name of God?
Take me.
You don't want him.
Whatever you want, you can take it from me.
You don't want Darry.
No, you don't.
Don't you be a hero!
I have everything the same inside. You take me!
You hear me? You take me. You fucking let him go!
Please, let him go.
Trish, please don't do this.
Just think for a second.
I won't fight you. You can take me.
I'm stronger. You want me.
Drop him.
Let him go and take me.
You let him go!
Your folks just pulled up outside.
You never answered him.
Are your dreams ever wrong?
Darry screaming in the dark while that song is playing.
What did that mean?
What did you really see?
I'm just a crazy old woman.
You ask anyone around here, they'll tell you.
That's all I am.
Just a crazy old woman...
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