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Subtitles for Jeremiah Johnson 1972 CD2.

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Jeremiah Johnson 1972 CD2

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This'll do.
River in front, cliffs behind.
Good water. Not much wind.
This will be a good place to live.
Going for the Musselshell.
lt'd take me a week's riding. And he'll be there in....
Hell, he's there already.
l wish you would see fit to stop the practicing of these ceremonies.
Take notice of the traps and go fetch some proper food.
And keep your nose open, there may be lndians about.
Be going for buffalo soon.
No, you'll stay here.
Go on, fetch the rest of that wood.
Swan, l cannot stand this weight.
lt will have to do.
lt will keep me warm in the strong wind.
And the rain will not pass through neither.
Thank you.
You have beaver scent?
What's happened to your face?
My beard?
Here, l want you to watch this.
Careful, that'll take your hand off.
Put that smell down.
Won't come around without the smell.
Hell, don't run off. lt's me.
Skin this.
Troop, halt!
l'm Lieutenant Mulvey, Third Cavalry.
That's Reverend Lindquist.
We've been watched ever since we started the climb up from the Gila.
Who are they, Flathead?
l said, are they Flathead?
-Did l say something? -No.
lt's been a long time...
...since l had... much of the English language spoken at me.
l ain't used to it.
This is Crow land.
This is the Department of Colorado.
You're on good terms with them.
Who gave you that idea?
People talk about it down below.
You live up here.
l do that.
And you know the high country.
Do you know Feather Mesa?
l do. So?
We have wagons there. Three of them.
Broke down in the snow and ice.
We got to get them out of there before they freeze.
Or the lndians get them.
Would be wise.
We were told that you would know how to get there.
Through those passes.
We were hoping that maybe....
These are Christian families.
Christian women and children starving.
Do you mean to tell me that you intend to let those people die?
How's the war going?
Which war?
One against the President of Mexico.
lt's over.
Who won?
Did you hear something?
Can't go through here.
Why not?
Crow burial ground. Sacred.
We'll have to turn around and head east.
How far east?
Next pass.
20 miles or so.
Those people are waiting for us! Now they're freezing, hungry and scared.
Crow only come with medicine men and burying parties!
-We are not Crows! -What would happen, Johnson?
l don't know.
l don't know.
This is big medicine. They guard it with spirits.
You don't believe that.
lt doesn't matter. They do.
You've been up here too long, believing in this!
What chance would l have finding a way through, just by riding west?
Poor chance. Or none.
Thanks all the same, Johnson, but we're riding through.
Sergeant! Prepare to move!
You won't make it.
You have to hunt, you said.
l have to try.
Tell your men to keep behind me in single file.
Tell them to go slow and stay quiet.
Single file, slowly.
Yes, sir.
Keep them quiet.
We seem to have escaped.
How long have you been carrying your squaw?
-Thank you-- -Move them fast.
Crow don't take kindly to trespassing.
An lndian says you search in vain
For what you cannot find
He says you found 1000 ways
Of running down your time
An lndian didn't scream it
He said it in a song
And he's never
Been known to be wrong
Where's your mule that kicks holes in the sky and shakes off its saddle?
Where's your slavering wolf of the rolling prairie?
Here's your old grizzer brown bear can clobber bark off a gum tree.
There's a man for you, Jeremiah Johnson.
l'm half horse, half gator, and a touch of the earthquake.
l got the prettiest gal, fastest horse...
...ugliest dog this side of hell.
l can out-jump, out-run, throw down...
...drag out and whip any man in all Kentucky.
How you been, Jeremiah?
Staying alive, Del. Ain't that hair l see on your head?
lt sure is.
l've decided that when l depart from this life, l'd leave something.
At least to be remembered on some man's lodgepole.
Sound wisdom.
Where you headed?
Same place you are, Jeremiah.
Hell in the end.
With all them lnjuns after you, l cannot brag about your campsite.
You got old and scary since you growed hair on your head?
What ever happened to that boy? The one that didn't talk much?
Never did take him to Hawley.
Stayed with that lnjun gal all this time?
She wasn't no trouble.
Just like this, one at a time?
You're lucky they were Crows.
Apaches would send 50 at once.
Amongst lnjuns...
...a tribe's greatness is figured on how mighty its enemies be.
Maybe you'd best go down to a town...
...get out of these mountains.
l've been to a town, Del.
Which way now?
Don't know.
l hear the Big Belt in the Blue has beavers the size of bobcats.
That so?
l ain't never trapped either...
...but sure would like to.
You will do well, Del.
You will do well.
lf you don't get in too much trouble with all that hair.
Ain't this something?
l told my pap and mam l was coming to the mountains... trap and be a mountain man.
Acted like they was gut-shot.
Says: ''Son...
...make your life go here. Here's where the people is.
Them mountains is for animals and savages!''
l said: ''Mother Gue...
...the Rocky Mountains is the marrow of the world.''
And by God, l was right.
Yes, you were.
Which way you headed, Jeremiah?
Canada, maybe.
l hear there's land there a man has never seen.
Keep your nose in the wind...
...your eyes along the skyline.
l will do that, Del Gue.
l ain't never seen them, but my common sense tells me...
...the Andes is foothills, and the Alps is for children to climb.
Keep good care of your hair!
These here are God's finest sculpturings...
...and there ain't no laws for the brave ones!
And there ain't no asylums for the crazy ones!
And there ain't no churches except this right here.
And there ain't no priests...
...excepting the birds!
l are a mountain man! And l'll live until an arrow or bullet finds me.
And then l'll leave my bones...
...on this great map of the magnificent....
Right here, mister.
Where's the Crazy Woman?
She's gone.
Walk over this way.
Gone where?
One of them mounds.
Who are you?
My name's Qualen.
l'm a settler.
What are you going to do?
l do it when lndians are coming.
You're him.
Ain't you him?
What's this?
lt's for you.
lf you be Johnson.
A might early, ain't they?
lt ain't a grave like the other.
More like a statue or a monument.
We never see them.
We never even hear them.
We look and there's a new piece of bone or hide, or something been left.
So we know they've been here.
Some say you're dead on account of this.
Others say you never will be on account of this.
lt won't save anything.
Sending them out to hide in the corncrib.
What's on the spit?
Grown particular?
Not about feeding.
Just the company l keep.
Thank you kindly.
You've come far, pilgrim.
Feels like far.
Was it worth the trouble?
What trouble?
You cook good rabbit, pilgrim.
Cold up here.
What brings you up so high?
Avalanche took the cabin.
Lost my mule.
We swum out of it.
But no matter.
Weren't no griz left anyway.
Would you happen to know what month of the year it is?
No, l truly wouldn't.
l'm sorry, pilgrim.
Maybe, April.
March maybe.
l don't believe April.
Winter's a long time going?
Stays long this high.
March is a green, muddy month down below.
Some folks like it.
Farmers mostly.
You have done well to keep so much hair...
...when so many are after it.
l hope you will fare well.
And some folks say
He's up there still
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