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Subtitles for Jeux Interdits (1952).

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Jeux Interdits (1952)

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JUNE 1 940
Clear the way.
The swine!
- It's ruined! - I told you not to stop the motor.
My little Jock...
- We can't go on with three bags. - We'll stop a car.
Jock... Jock.
What are you doing? Do you want to get killed?
Go on, get in.
As if I'm not burdened enough...
Throw it away.
Don't you see he's dead?
He's dead?
Break my cart and I'll burn your truck!
If you want a fight, the war's somewhere else!
Hold your breath and blow up!
What's this horse doing here?
Yes, why's that horse there?
Careful, Georges. It's a warhorse, don't touch it.
- Was he shot? - No, it's this goddam horse.
I said not to touch it.
Easy, you're hurting me.
Titine's gone!
You couldn't stop her?
- Are you afraid? - I'm not afraid. Cows aren't scary.
I couldn't, I have my dog.
- What's with your dog? - He's dead.
- Where are you from? - From over there.
You're not from here.
No, and you?
Me, yes... Where's your mother?
She's dead.
- And your father? - He's dead.
My father's not dead.
He'll whip me if I don't bring back the cow.
Help me bring it back.
But my dog?
Leave your dog... I'll give you another.
- A good one? - Not bad.
Where is it?
At home.
You'll give me that dog?
No, that's the neighbour's.
- Can he swim? - I don't know. We don't speak.
What's his name?
Gouard. That's their name.
- What's your surname? - Dollé.
- And you? - Michel. What's yours?
You're from Paris?
- Yes... and you? - Me, no.
WII your father let me keep the dog?
I don't know.
What're you doing here, stupid dog?
I'll teach you to be a watchdog.
What did my dog do to you?
Always barking and we've got someone wounded.
You care for the wounded so they'll die sooner.
It's all right for you to kill people.
Who pulled your grandmother out of the water?
She'd drowned when you pulled her out.
No, I got a medal for life saving.
I didn't ask you.
Anyway, I'm sick of hearing about your life-saving medal.
Now what's this?
Her father and mother were killed.
What should I do about it?
We could keep her!
You and your wounded brother!
All right, she'll go to the Gouards.
The Gouards? They'll want another medal.
Come and tell us all about it.
That goddam horse!
Pick my money up.
Who's there?
I came to say...
She's from the road.
I found her.
Who is it?
- She's all dressed up. - I want material like that for my dress.
Her parents were killed...
She'll tell us about it.
I'll give it to her.
Really? You'll tell us about the war?
- You saw the bombs? - Where are you from?
- What's your name? - How old are you?
So you've nothing to say?
Are you thirsty?
It's dirty.
Look at your glass. There's a fly.
Go on, drink.
Not thirsty?
She doesn't want it.
You'll scare her crowding her like that.
It's better to act uninterested.
Michel, I'm tired.
"The military situation worsened on all fronts
"throughout yesterday.
"The ministers met all day."
You see!
"Our troops' resistance is strong and effective."
Do your maths.
"A slice of veal weighing 2 1 /2 kilogrammes costs 1 42 franos."
"An alert in Malta."
"How much would it cost to buy a slice weighing 1 50 grammes?"
- Well! - Don't wake her.
- The Gouard's son. - What!
Why would he be in the paper?
- Why not! They decorated him. - Decorated Francis, that really hurts.
At least he's doing his bit.
That's enough... what is it?
A blanket for the kid.
Take Raymond's.
I haven't any spare.
Take mine.
It's the same bed.
I can give it to her.
Poor kid!
At that age they don't understand!
Seventeen dead on the bridge.
They can't even bury them properly.
If you die now you don't even get a box!
What do they do?
Dig a hole, like dogs.
Don't say that.
She's asleep.
Did you see it: "A German side-car was captured"...
You all right?
Yes... Oh, I don't know.
She's so clean!
Smells like perfume.
She's so clean she'll never get used to it here.
Why not?
You want to keep her, don't you?
All right, go on down.
I'm afraid of the dark.
Call out "Michel" and I'll come.
Yes, like that.
- What's she want? - I don't know.
Shut her up.
- And my maths? - Do what you're told.
I won't do my maths.
I can't see anything.
Close your eyes and count to ten.
How many fingers?
I said I can't see.
- Can't you count? - Three.
You see, you can see.
- Why stick out your tongue? - To see if you can see.
A rocket! Come see.
I'm afraid. I'll sleep on the floor.
You're afraid of the dark and the light!
- Is it still bright? - No!
It's over.
I don't want to stay here.
You have to... Where'll you go?
I want to go to mama and papa on the bridge.
They're not there any more.
Why? Where are they?
In a hole.
In a hole?
Like dogs?
Are they in a hole because of the rain? To stay dry?
It must be for that.
But my dog... won't he be wet?
Can you sleep?
You're not afraid?
Can I go?
- What is it? - Don't you hear her?
- What? - I don't want her to cry out.
Don't get mad like that.
Why are you yelling?
Don't yell then.
I didn't.
See, I told her. She's asleep.
She is, but I'm not.
If you wish, I won't either.
Want me to read you the paper?
The war?
No, not the war, the serial.
"It was still too soon to give the signal to leave.
"Nonetheless, some who were travelling on horseback'...
Don't talk about horses...
All right, I'll skip some:
"Thus, all the precautions
"had been taken around
"the hacienda..."
- You're not up yet? - I'm dressing.
Hurry up!
Quiet, you can see he's ill!
What's wrong with him?
A horse kicked him.
What is that?
The good Lord.
You've never seen him?
Yes, but I never knew who he was.
Come drink your milk.
Good morning.
She didn't know the Lord.
I'm thirsty.
We should find out where she's from. Where are you from?
She's from Paris.
- Poor child. - She should be baptized.
We must tell the mayor or they'll say we stole her...
We should go to the police.
In any case, we must report her.
I'll go to the police.
You take care of your cows.
Are you coming with me?
Wait, I'm not done.
Look at what they're leaving by the wayside.
Don't make me laugh, it hurts.
Here, you'll see it better.
Oh, it hurts.
And the doctor?
He's at the hospital because of the bombings.
I don't need a doctor, I need an undertaker.
You can use the old hearse if we fix it up.
You're not from around here.
Cat got your tongue? Where do you live?
At Mr. Dollé's. Papa and mama are dead.
Poor child. Did you at least say a prayer for them?
Don't you want to?
I don't know how.
I'll teach you. Put your hands like this.
Now repeat.
"May God receive them into paradise."
"May God receive them into paradise."
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Do as I do.
Don't you want to? Michel will teach you.
He knows his catechism well.
What are you doing?
None of your business.
I looked all over for you.
You're digging a hole?
Oh, it's for your dog.
Give... it's too hard.
We'll make a little cemetery.
What's a cemetery?
It's where they put the dead to be together.
Why do they put them together?
So they're not sad.
But my dog will be all alone.
I'll find him another one.
Another dog? That's hard.
What's that?
- That's the Mayor. - Why?
That his name, he's an owl.
Is he mean?
No, he's always asleep.
You'll see...
Don't kill him.
It's not worth it, it's a hundred years old.
A hundred years...
May God receive him into paradise.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Don't move.
I'll give you another.
I have a mole.
We'll need more.
There are plenty...
Hedgehogs... lizards...
Horses... cows...
- Lions... - Tigers...
If you want... and after, we'll put up crosses.
Why crosses?
What did your parents teach you?
You'll see...
See, it's not hard.
That's a cross.
That's the good Lord...
- Your necklace is pretty. - It's broken.
That's better.
But there's a prettier one over your brother's bed.
You think it's pretty?
I'll make better ones with a hammer.
And they'll be all over.
Look at this.
Darn... I have to start over. You don't know how.
Hail Mary, full of grace...
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is Jesus the fruit of thy...
...of thy womb...
The priest has good prayers.
You know your prayers?
What did we say to Gran?
- "Our Father who art in heaven." - To Gran?
You'd say: "Hail Mary".
I don't want to be called "Mary".
What are they doing up there?
The priest said to be calm.
Michel, what is a womb?
Where Georges is hurt. Go on.
...and hurt is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
After that?
It's done. Say "Amen".
Amen. Why do they all end the same?
That means they're done. Start over.
Start again.
Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name...
Thy kingdom come.
Take that.
I'll teach you with a hammer. We should keep quiet!
I'm teaching her the prayers.
I don't know them.
That's prayers?
Putting a cross in a sick house! You want him to die?
I don't want to see you together.
Stay then. You'll go to bed without dinner.
What's wrong, Georges?
Answer your mother.
What's wrong?
He's spitting blood.
I can't understand him, he's spitting again.
What's wrong with you?
You won't eat!
First time I've seen someone spit blood.
- The sheets need washing. - Give him a handkerchief.
- Is that better? - Pat him on the back.
- Some tea. - It's his heart.
Wth so many people, we haven't even a little prayer.
Michel knows them.
You're right...
- I'm in disgrace. - Come down!
So I'm not in disgrace?
Say your prayers.
On your knees.
Our Father, blessed art thou among women.
Give us our daily bread and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Pray for us sinners, Thy will be full of grace.
Our Father, Mother of God, give us our... bread!
Damn! Damn, damn, damn...
Our Father who art in heaven...
- Needs a laxative. - There's castor oil.
Give him some.
If it doesn't help, it won't hurt.
Can't you open your mouth?
His eyes are like Gran's.
We must be gentle.
Be reasonable, Georges. At least open your eyes.
- They're closed now. - Maybe he's sleeping!
Here, drink this.
Give it to him.
He's clenched his teeth.
Maybe he's dead.
"Our Father who art in heaven,
"Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
"Give us our daily bread.
"Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,
"and lead us not into temptation,
"but deliver us from evil."
"May God receive him into paradise."
I think he's dead. Look.
I think so too. He's dead.
What do you say, mother?
It's certain he's dead.
He's dead?
Your brother's dead?
WII you dig him a hole?
Are you crazy? He's my brother.
My poor Georges...
You saw how he left silently.
One couldn't have known, or helped.
If I'd given it to him sooner...
You don't know it would've helped.
Oh, you're just saying that...
Certainly I'm saying that.
Give me a nail.
A big one.
- What are you doing? - Nothing.
Not bad, not bad at all.
WII the crosses stay on up there?
Yes, they will. Need me any more?
Give me a nail and that's it.
Not like that, idiot.
I have crosses...
I have three.
Why three? There's only my dog and the mole.
You're right.
No, you already had some.
Do you like chickens?
Everybody up!
What is it?
- Gouard's son? - Why? The war's not over.
Wth bums like him...
Look and tell me if it's Francis.
I'll cut the grass for the rabbits.
No more leaders, no more English.
So I said to myself:
It's not worth marching forever. Don't touch that.
So I left and here I am.
Where are the Prussians?
They're probably not far.
- In the cavalry, we had horses. - Half-tracks are faster.
In '1 8, we didn't need to run.
If you'd had Messerschmidts on your tail, you'd have run.
- You need help? What're you up to? - Cutting grass.
- It's not yours. - Papa told me to.
It's Francis.
And they ask how we lost the war!
You watch you don't gape at him.
How are you?
They're hot.
Are you happy?
- You swear it wasn't you killed them? - No.
I wanted to give them a drink.
Their eyes were closed. I thought: "Maybe they're asleep."
I'll give them a wreath.
Their teeth were clenched. So I thought: "Maybe they're dead."
It's like that... Are you happy?
You're a corporal?
Yes, I was promoted in battle.
- Who told you I watch the cows? - Michel!
He's a clever one.
Be careful, there's the kid.
Who is that kid?
That's Paulette, Michel's friend.
He's a clever one, Michel.
Yes, he is.
Five... six...
It's far. It's the bridge.
I haven't got the nerve. They're following me.
So? No more love?
Is Paulette here?
- I'll say. - Go away, you kids!
Have you got the chickens?
See what I have.
They're awful.
You're never satisfied.
Do we have to take it inside?
It's because of the bottom plank.
It's not very sturdy.
If we keep moving it around...
We have to.
Such a thing!
You shouldn't have...
It was the last one, but it's got "cousin" written on it.
- It's not important. - Yes, it is.
Hang on.
You wouldn't say there's a war on here.
- At least he'll have a Christian burial. - And a mass.
- Joseph, you're not going? - In a second.
Ten... eleven...
thirteen... fourteen...
Those don't come apart.
They're not very pretty.
Finished talking?
That'll be good for a bee.
Yes, but it stings.
It stings, but it's harmless.
The hearse broke down, like Francis' half-track.
- Don't laugh. - Why shouldn't I?
Well, I never...
Would you believe it?
Michel, come here.
Do what your father says.
I told you to check the crosses.
- They held all right. - They've come off.
Look for them on the road.
No, we've not lost them. I'd have noticed.
If they're not lost, someone's taken them.
Who'd do that?
I don't know.
Maybe the Gouards.
The bell's ringing, we must go back to pray.
Yes, maybe the Gouards.
He saw there are no more crosses. I said it was the Gouards.
Look at that!
Yes, it's the pastor's.
It's pretty.
I would have gone to the funeral if I'd known.
You couldn't know!
But they said nothing.
All the same, they've got problems...
Who have they got left now?
Raymond's no use.
There's Berthe, she's a good worker.
A whore.
Hey, be more polite.
You're defending her?
You should've defended France with your iron horses.
I can't marry France.
Maybe you'll marry Berthe Dollé?
Maybe, yes.
You'd have to be in cavalry to be that dull.
Well, if all the horses in the cavalry kicked you,
- It'd clear your head. - Don't speak to me like that!
Yes, and that's not all!
I'll marry Berthe, you hear me?
That's that then...
A few words to a family that is seeing very hard times.
That'd do for a mare.
That one for a pigeon.
A cat.
But a big one.
And that one for a giraffe.
I said, that's Gouard's work.
Have you proof?
- He's in for us. - They say I'm a deserter.
- Why is he in for you? - He's jealous.
That's no reason to steal the crosses.
When I was fixing the hearse,
those brats went by sneering.
Francis is more a deserter than me.
I'll kick his guts out if he keeps it up.
I respect the dead.
But they have no respect at all.
- You took the crosses from the hearse? - Yes, Father.
But why?
- For a gift? - For whom?
I can't say.
Well, you bring them back and make your act of contrition.
Twice, Father.
You're all the same!
I had a good reason.
Certainly, but you put the cart before the horse.
We want to get married...
We just don't dare tell our parents...
And we thought you might...
- Reconcile them? - Yes, that's right.
Michel, I saw you.
The cross from the altar...
You haven't even finished your penance and you start over!
Get out!
What's he done now?
It doesn't concern you. Go back in, we're not done.
Did you speak to Gouard?
Yes, I did.
I said: "Now you steal crosses from hearses?"
He said: "What crosses?"
So I said: "Don't lie."
And he said:
"As to the crosses, I swear on my wife's grave."
So much for her grave!
Let me finish... That's what I said.
I said: "You have no right to swear on her grave."
It's not a grave, it's a slum.
Swear all you want on her grave, it'd be better to clean it.
Why weren't they at the funeral? That proves it.
- No one told him. - Maybe they didn't know.
They knew even if they weren't told.
I'm fed up with his bugle.
It's not a bugle, it's a trumpet.
Whatever it is, he's still a deserter.
We need two, since there are two graves.
Dog... worm... cricket
What's that?
A cockroach.
Does it bite?
No, but it stinks.
Don't kill them.
It's not me, it's a bomb. Are you crazy?
Don't kill them! Don't kill them!
They must be dead to bury them.
- I won't talk to you. - Idiot!
Anyway, you promised me the priest's cross.
You're not fair.
I don't want it.
What is it?
- A doll's hand. - I don't want it.
You're mad about the cross...
That bastard, he'll get us spotted by the planes.
OK, kids!
- Good night, Mr. Dollé. - 'Night, sugar.
- What are you doing? - Finished kissing everyone?
Shall I kiss you?
- You're not nice. - Why?
- What you said about the cross. - You didn't give it to me.
I tried, I got slapped.
Here, kiss me here.
Better than that.
I said, get to bed. The time for kisses is over!
I'm coming.
I know a place with crosses.
- Where? - The cemetery.
You're not afraid?
But if the dead grab me by the feet?
I don't want to.
- Shall I come up? - I'll come down.
It's a joke, they're not scary.
What does that mean, "cart before the horse"?
It's what we're doing.
I've never heard it called that.
- We'll take the wheelbarrow. - Why?
We'll fill it with crosses!
I'm afraid.
It's a rocket. Close your eyes.
I can't see if I close my eyes.
What are you doing?
- And you? - Is it any of your business?
I'm getting the wheelbarrow.
I see...
- You see what? - Nothing...
- A wheelbarrow at this hour! - We're going to get snails.
- You're not afraid? - No, are you?
No, shall I sing?
If you want.
Lie down.
They can't see us. Come on, quick.
We lost a cross.
We've got plenty.
He loved daisies.
We'll make a nice garden on his grave.
It's the first mass without him.
Take it off.
I don't want to go.
- Take that. - And that.
- Go pick some flowers. - Why?
Hurry up, pick some flowers.
They're not the only ones who suffer.
My God!
That's Georges' cross.
It sure is. The price is still on the back.
That's strange.
It didn't get here by itself.
- There! It's obvious. - Why?
- That proves it. - Proves what?
She's right, that proves it.
I'm not going.
There are the Gouards.
A slum, he said...
It'll be prettier than theirs.
The cross has gone.
Just a hole. It's not there.
My God!
- You're quite a sight! - Did you hurt yourself?
And you?
Answer me.
Joseph, watch out, he's a bad one.
This is no place for a fight.
Where did you fight, deserter?
You're the deserter.
I was rejected for albumin.
That's enough.
Aren't you ashamed, you family men!
- He stole Georges' cross. - I don't rob the dead.
Who did then?
It's not him.
I know the one who steals crosses. He tried to steal the altar cross.
Michel, come here!
Wait for me!
Bunch of bastards!
If he's not home, he's scared of you.
- He's right! - Don't harm him.
I can't. I don't know where he is.
Does it hurt?
What could he have done with fourteen crosses?
I don't understand.
- Go to bed. - Let me finish.
- What is it? - I don't know, but it's nice.
Fourteen, I counted them with the pastor.
And that's not counting Georges'!
The Galuchets: one.
The Bredillons: two. The widow Entrat: three.
- The Gouards! - Shut up!
What'll it cost!
It's simple: Georges' was 250 franos.
250 multiplied by 1 4...
Take 1 4 and carry...
You never could count! Wait till I find him.
Why don't you want to?
Tell me...
Since you know,
- Tell me. - I don't know.
Yes, you do. Your nose is twitching.
- Why? - It twitches when you lie.
You realize what Michel did?
Rob his brother's cross! Is that nice?
I didn't ask you to cry. I asked where they are.
What were they for? They're not toys.
No, not toys.
Don't hold your nose.
Mr. Dollé will spank you.
Until your bottom is black and blue.
So you just have to tell me...
and I'll go get them and it'll be over. Isn't that better?
You see. Where are they?
I don't know.
Then why did you get the wheelbarrow from the barn?
I'll tell Mr. Dollé.
What'll you tell him?
So there you are.
Me too, I'll tell him.
- What? - Who you were with in the barn.
- Liar! - You too!
- I'll call him. - Go on!
Don't be smart.
I said, bed!
I've locked up. If he comes tonight,
let him in and call me.
She didn't say anything?
Good night, angel.
The light's not for reading.
I can't see to get undressed.
What have you to show?
Good night, Mr. Raymond.
I'll say good night when you return the crosses.
- You coming? - Where?
- To the cemetery. - Not now, it's dark.
Anyway he's locked everything. We'll go tomorrow.
- Is it nice? - You bet!
All the crosses and the names!
Tell me.
I put some stones on.
All the animals, and flowers too.
Broken plates... snails...
I'm going to sleep in the barn.
You're here?
- Let's go! - Where?
To see the cemetery.
I'm hungry.
I don't like apples.
That's all I have.
I like white coffee better.
You're not easy to please.
The Gourads have filed a complaint!
Think it's funny? Are you going to pay for the crosses?
- And that brat's not back! - He's not far.
- Can't you say? - You didn't ask.
- Damn it, the police! - What'll they do to us?
Swear you won't say anything.
No, say "I swear"'.
I swear.
I swear too. Cross my heart and hope to die.
Bravo! The police are here.
Tell me where the crosses are.
Tell me, you stubborn little brat.
Tell me where they are.
I won't.
You'd rather go to prison?
Yes, I would.
Fourteen crosses. For God's sake.
What did you do with the crosses?
Fourteen crosses...
Fourteen thousand kicks in the pants!
- Let him be! - Can't you see I'm busy?
They didn't come for that! It's for Paulette.
They've come to take her.
I don't want them to!
They won't hurt her. They'll take her to an orphanage.
I don't want to go.
- She's not going. - We can't keep her.
Who's the boss?
Don't be afraid, they're kind.
If I tell where they are, you'll keep her?
- It's nothing to do with it. - Then you'll never get them, never!
- We'll see. - You won't get them that way.
If she stays, we'll give the crosses back and apologize to everyone.
And she'll go to catechism and help around the home.
And marry you...
- Tell me where they are. - Promise me.
All right, tell me.
Tell me where they are.
Tell him, Michel.
They're at the mill.
The mill?
Why the mill?
Come with me.
There she is, the poor thing.
Hello, little girl.
What's your name?
- What's her name? - We call her Paulette.
Your parents were killed in the bombings?
- No. - What?
- She told us that. - "No"?
Think, my child!
Don't be afraid, she'll remember.
Was she affected, maybe?
We haven't even her name.
Your name's Paulette what?
- Paulette what? - Dollé.
She calls herself Dollé now.
I want Michel's name.
Children are like that.
- We need the facts. - You'll take her though?
To the Red Cross.
You're going for a ride with these nice men.
In a car, too!
Sign here, Mr. Dollé.
You can't, you promised.
I didn't promise, so shut up.
You say that to your father?
He said she could stay if I said where the crosses are.
You be quiet.
You'll never get them now!
- What crosses? - The crosses!
Keep it a hundred years.
Don't lose it now.
Has she told you her name?
You'll see, Paulette...
You'll see, you'll like it.
Wth little girls just like you!
Wth many sorrows, but very happy all together.
Now don't move. Be good.
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