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Jin Roh - The Wolf Brigade

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This thing is like a wolf.
This thing is a wolf.
Thus it is a thing banished.
Ten years and more after the great defeat...
we finally emerged from the confusion of occupation
While the forced march of reorganization...
known as 'The Era of High Economic Growth'...
returned the country to...
the society of nations...
it was also the cause of social problems
Coercive economic policies created swarms of unemployed.
Violent crime rises as migration to the cities turned them into slums.
Worst of all was the rise of armed anti-government groups...
too powerful for local police to control...
creating serious social unrest.
To avoid involving the newly reorganized military...
and to check police ambitions
to make itself a national force...
the government chose a third path.
A force was set up under
the National Public Safety Commission...
with special weaponry and powers:
'The Capital Police Organization'
or 'CAPO'.
Highly mobile and heavily armed...
this 'third armed force' established itself
as the guardian of
public order.
Anti-government forces faced bans
and other legal obstacles.
They split up and regrouped...
emerging as an urban guerrilla group called 'The Sect'.
The situation changed dramatically.
Ever more violent encounters...
between The Sect and CAPO's main 'Special Unit'...
turned the city into a war zone...
enraging public opinion.
Amid rising public expectations of prosperity...
the Special Unit and its enemy, The Sect...
grew more and more isolated.
The Special Unit's crack troops were trained for battle.
Now their historic mission
was drawing to an end.
The times were preparing...
a new and final mission for them.
Disperse immediately!
Air Unit 12 reporting.
About 3,000 demonstrators
at Akasaka lntersection 4.
Proceed immediately
and with caution.
3,000 demonstrators at
Akasaka lntersection 4...
That's not just gasoline!
Where'd they get those?
Wasn't anyone watching them?
The special Molotov cocktails.
Give 'me hell.
The Shibuya group is on its way here.
Be ready!
A gift for Auntie.
Pull the line back!
Riot cars forward!
Where are the water cannons?
Push them back out of projectile range!
Division 2 deploying from Shibuya reports...
about 2,000 protesters who were headed from Yoyogi Park...
have changed course and are coming south.
Don't let them link up.
Have C Brigade put barricades
at Three-Points lntersection.
They're bluffing.
Without their back-up, if the police line is broken...
it'll turn in to a rout.
But if they let the other 2,000 link up with this bunch...
All the more fun.
Look at the way that burns.
There's magnesium or napalm mixed in with the gas.
is the Sect here?
Yeah, but it's still just a mob.
A few shots and they'd run.
The dragnet would get a few of them...
but we lose our chance to hit them hard.
Do we step in?
The city police give the orders here, even if it's called
We wait and see.
A souvenir. Use it wisely.
A grenade!
Arrest them!
Pull back to 3 Block!
Go up here and head for Three Points.
Let's go.
Go up!
Drop your weapons!
What are you doing, Fuse?!
Was he hurt?
It went off right in front of him.
He's lucky to be alive.
I guess his suit saved him.
Just some blast effects and a slight
But why did it happen?
That's why I'm here.
The City Police protested again?
It's a serious violation of our co-policing agreement.
Why didn't you tell them you were moving?
Because it would leak, of course.
But if we act under their feel
in their jurisdiction...
of course they get mad.
What if we gave up this stupid co-policing arrangement?
They're oil to our water.
Mix us up, and we just come out looking dirty.
but think of the situation we're in.
Your Special Unit's always causing trouble.
It makes a perfect target for anyone...
who's out to get us.
But we have to be ready for trouble at any time.
This is just an excuse for them to file
Assuming the explosion
was inevitable, or an accident.
What do you mean?
The problem isn't that the Special Unit acted last night.
It's that control of the situation was lost...
and the guerrillas were able to set off a bomb.
Handa...who is he?
Constable Fuse Kazuki. After basic training...
he was attached to a Strike Platoon in September.
It may have been too much for a new man
Especially since it was a minor,
and a girl, at that.
It's an old trick of theirs to use women and children...
to carry guns and explosives.
'Little Red Riding Hoods', the Bureau calls them?
We're not dealing with smash-and-grab thieves...
Or even with thugs whose calling card is brutality.
They're tough people who'll do anything no matter how vicious...
to attain their ends...
but who don't have any sense of themselves as criminals
That's what they're like.
I know that.
Whatever happened, it's clear that a man wavered under pressure.
But what happened, and what punishment should be given...
is a matter for our internal Board of lnquiry.
All right?
Keep it legal.
What do you mean, Murota?
There are rumors of a vigilante group
inside the unit.
The 'Wolf Brigade'?
It's probably just a rumor.
Yeah, the kind you love!
I'll leave it to you.
Even if we reject the police complaint...
they'll save face if we punish someone.
But watch your step.
I'll send someone with you.
There are people trying to kill us these days.
No, thanks.
A Special Unit escort will be too conspicuous.
That's true.
Send my car to the back.
State your name and unit.
Constable Fuse Kazuki.
Armored Police Brigade...
2nd Company, Strike Platoon 3.
What was your assignment two days ago,
on February 9th?
Acting on information that
Guerrillas were operating below ground...
we were ordered out at 2200 hours.
With us were...
Platoons 6 and 7, along with Strike Platoons 1 and 2...
and Platoon 5 from 1 Company.
We entered at ramp B13 and proceed to trunk-line 23.
What were your orders?
To prevent use of the tunnels
for storage
and transportation of weapons...
and to engage
any guerrillas we encountered.
What was the situation in the tunnel?
Approximately 20 minutes after we entered...
Platoon 1, in the lead, encountered a guerrilla unit.
Along with Platoon 6, we went in support.
Who did you meet on your way there?
Why didn't you shoot?
I don't know.
Constable Fuse...
You will report to the Academy
for retraining pending
further orders.
Mahjong tonight?
You sure you've get enough money?
Well, you know...
Kishida's sick... will we have enough people?
We'll get Murayama.
The loser buys drinks tomorrow.
That'll be you.
You realize...
Bureau finds can't be released without
the Chief's permission.
And Chief Muroto is dead against the Special Unit.
Just meeting you could put me
in front of a board of inquiry.
But what the hell.
They think I'm shit 'cause I'm from out of the Academy.
There's no point
in my kissing ass at the Bureau.
And you are my only friend from when I was at the Academy.
The survivor told us some things...
but it was hard finding her name.
There wasn't much left of her after the explosion.
What are you going to do?
She was right in front of you.
I understand how you feel...
but it's crazy to
blame yourself of her dying.
There's logic to what they do,
even if we'll never understand it.
It leads them to kill other people,
and sometimes themselves.
We have our own logic, too.
It could just as easily have been you that got blown away...
I meant to shoot.
I meant to shoot her.
Then why didn't you?
Forget about it.
You can't have feelings and do this job
A wounded animal doesn't stay alive long
Her name was Agawa Nanami, code name 'Shorthair'.
Joined the People's Democratic Struggle in high school.
Suspended twice, then expelled.
Six months later she joined the Sect through an urban anti-war cell...
...then went to their supply unit,
code name 'Jacobson Organization'.
On February 9th...
along with a Sect battle unit conducting a tactical intervention...
in the United Popular Front demonstration...
she was apprehended by the Special Unit in trunk-line 23...
and detonated a device she was carrying dying instantly.
No previous recorded.
If you're from the organization please leave.
She's no longer one of you.
No, I'm...
Thank you.
Why don't you blame me?
You were both doing your jobs.
It wasn't your fault.
And they said you didn't shoot.
Sure, I'm sad about it.
It just hasn't sunk it yet.
She was my only sister.
But we were always a little different.
She was always very pure, very straight
That made her stubborn. She'd never listen to anyone.
But I always felt like my mother spoiled her.
I always felt sorry for myself
being the elder sister.
I was going to put this in with her ashes,
but I'll give it to you.
Why me?
Why not? It's OK. You have it.
I wish I could do that.
This river goes to the sea, doesn't it.
And the sea stretches far, far away...
Goggles, check.
Regulator, check.
This feels weird!
You feel so light...
Like a submariner.
Can the talk!
Commencing exercise!
Once upon a time there was a little girl...
who hadn't seen her mother in seven years.
Her mother had dressed her in iron clothes,
saying "When you wear out these clothes
you may come to me,"
The little girl rubbed her clothes on the wall trying to tear them
Finally she did.
She got some milk and bread...
and a little cheese and butter...
and set out for her mother's house.
In the woods she met a wolf.
He asked her what she was carrying.
"Milk and bread, and a little cheese and butter,"
she answered.
The wolf asked for some...
but the girl said no, it was a present...
for her mother.
The wolf asked whether
she would take the path of pins...
or the path of needles.
The girl said the path of pins...
so the wolf hurried off down the path of needles...
and ate up the little girl's mother.
Finally the little girl reached her mother's house.
"Mother, unbar the door!"
"Just push on it. It's not locked"...
...answered the wolf."
Exercise complete.
Four dead, two disabled.
You've been warned about the limitations of the goggles!
Know where you are!
Know the situation inside the room!
Think about what might be on the other side of the door!
If you don't have an area secured,
you can't react to sudden changes!
Run me down on the body armor!
OK, you!
Only when you learn your blind spots
and cover each other does your body armor manifest
its full potential.
Then why don't you do that?!
One mistake by one person
can kill everyone!
Don't rely on your equipment!
Use your head!
So what do you think?
About what?
Why Fuse didn't shoot.
You don't use paint guns here.
Isn't that why you use these slugs instead?
So they learn to shoot
before someone shoots them?
Even with the gear on you
feel these things.
The first time I took one I couldn't sleep that night.
Isn't that why you transferred to the Bureau?
I guess it means he's still human.
Maybe. But no matter how badly hurt they get...
there are still people who find it easier being an animal.
You think he does?
We'll keep trying till we find out.
But you're a strange one, Henmi.
You abandon your friends here for the Bureau...
yet you worry about someone who's washing out of the Unit.
An instructor who takes a guy
like that in hand is strange, too.
Maybe there's a girl... What?
Fuse. He goes out a lot.
Have you heard anything?
stories of animals getting involved
with people have bad endings.
Animal have animal stories.
You see that corner...
Do you remember
what was there?
That's how it goes.
Everyone forgets.
Or maybe they never remembered in the first place.
If a building can be gone in a day, it's like it was never there.
Just like people when they die.
Isn't that sad?
When I was a kid...
I came here a lot.
It seemed so much bigger then.
Oh, yeah....
Come on!
You can see a long way,
can't you.
When I stand here like this I start thinking...
that someday I'll get out of here.
I'll go where no one knows me
and be a different person.
A different person?
Forget everything and be someone else.
Why did you join the Special Unit?
I can't really say...
it was like...
I'd finally found a place for myself.
That was important?
I think so.
I see. You have somewhere...
Are you OK?
it flew away!
Are you hurt?
You can't come.
I want to ask you something!
You can't come. It's not allowed.
What happened to the little girl
who took the path of pins?
"Just push on it. It's not locked"
the wolf answered.
But the door still wouldn't open,
so the she crept in through a hole.
"Mother, I'm hungry."
"There's meat in the cupboard. Eat some."
It was the flesh of her mother, killed by the wolf.
A big cat jumped up on the cupboard
and said...
"That's your mother's flesh you're eating."
Mother, there's a cat on the cupboard
"It says I'm eating your flesh."'
It's lying,
of course.
"Throw a wooden shoe at it."
The little girl, having eaten the meat, was thirsty.
"Mother, I'm thirsty."'
"Drink some wine from the jar."
When she did so,
a little bird perched on the chimney.
That's your mother's blood you're drinking.
"You're drinking your mother's blood, you know."
"Mother, a little bird on the chimney says
I'm drinking your blood."
"Throw your cloak at it."
Having eaten the meat
and drunk the blood...
the little girl turned to her mother and said...
"Mother, I don't know why, but I'm very sleepy."
"Come over here and rest."'
Have you thought about it?
We're taking a big risk.
Police Department officials
meeting secretly with CAPO people...
doesn't look good.
We're thinking along different lines
than the people at headquarters...
who want to bury CAPO and all it stands for.
Leaving aside the troubles...
over its foundation, we admire CAPO's work...
in preserving law and order over the past few years.
And your office has played a large part in that.
We think very highly of
what your Bureau has done.
While law and order has started returning
to the capital...
anti-government forces still have strength
we can't ignore.
It's obvious from how common
their terrorism has become...
that being driven underground has only strengthened them.
We face a rapidly changing situation.
We have to avoid armed confrontation...
and concentrate on activities to promote peace and good order.
To do that we urgently need...
a unified organization and a single chain of command.
The people at headquarters
who want to crush CAPO don't understand that.
While there aren't many at headquarters
who think like us...
we have people among those whose job
it is to serve law and order...
and who are worried about the future of our country.
Combined with your Bureau...
and Commander Aniya's political connections...
we could bring about vast reforms in our internal administration.
We have informal agreement from several politicians.
But on one condition.
No more Special Unit?
What do you think?
They're all talk.
One sideways look from a superior...
they'll put their tails between their legs and run.
The politician just want to keep police headquarters under control.
I agree,
but they know which way the wind's blowing.
Two dogs can't live in one kennel.
But if you need both their bloodlines...
you can mate them.
It's a gamble, of course.
No matter how good it might be...
the animal whose bloodline
doesn't continue dies out.
Some animals, when they come to dominate their group...
kill the offspring of all the females under them.
Organizations do the same.
Does it bother you betraying a friend from the Unit?
Who's the girl?
A "Red Riding Hood',
like the other one.
Amamiya Kei, code-name 'Longhair'.
never convicted.
A dyed-in-the-wool terrorist.
I found her after 1 Section
picked her up in a sweep.
Why did you choose her?
The right background,
and her resemblance to the other girl.
Pick your time.
have you ever head of 'The Wolf Brigade'?
The counter-intelligence group...
they say Deputy-Commander Handa uses...
so the Special Unit can spy on
all the other police organizations?
Does it really exist?
It's hard to believe,
but during the occupation...
Handa ran a counter-intelligence section for G2.
You can never tell
what he's thinking.
A romance between a terrorist
and a Special Unit member!
My commander isn't very subtle.
Should be a great scandal, though.
What's the matter?
The wolf is the villain in fairy tales, you know.
It's not a human being you're betraying
Time to move.
Can we trust him?
Once an animal, always an animal.
The girl undressed and approached the bed...
where her mother lay in a strange position...
with a hood pulled over her face.
"Mother, what big ears you have."
"All the better to hear you with, my dear."
"Mother, what big eyes you have."
"All the better to see you with, my dear."
"Mother, what big claws you have."
"All the better to catch you with, my dear."
"Mother, what big teeth you have."
Not bad.
Doesn't mean much if you won't shoot, though.
Aren't you worried about an inquiry?
I'm ready for it.
What's wrong?
We didn't really finish our talk the last time.
I came to see you about something...
Something about me?
I don't really know the details...
but you're being watched.
I'll find out what I can...
but if you see anything, let me know.
I will.
Be careful.
It's me.
There's some strange men chasing me!
Can you come?
01 calling 03 and 04.
The prey is in the net.
Take him alive!
Watch the front door!
What's that?
They don't trust me enough to give me a real one.
But wasn't it clever of the Security Bureau to use the museum...
to set up a bomb transfer?
And wouldn't the papers love it
if one of the people arrested...
was from the Special Unit?
The actors were the City Police...
but the script is by the CAPO Public Security Bureau.
And the director is ...Henmi?
why did you come?
Let's go.
There they are!
Call the guys in front.
Leave it. Get in.
It's them!
They got away.
He took the girl and a car.
Present whereabouts unknown.
The police department's putting up road-blocks...
but that might not help.
He was too much for them.
He's that good, is he?
He has emotional problems.
But in shooting, unarmed combat, stalking...
and other combat techniques he's the best.
Didn't I tell you?
Get some people from the Assault Team.
Good thing we took out insurance.
what if he's a Wolf?
I'll shoot him.
Before he tears out my throat.
I'm not like him.
Fugitives are a male and a female.
They are armed.
Shoot on sight.
Shouldn't you run?
Thank you.
No sign of them.
License, please.
Where do we go now?
A dark forest.
What's beyond the dark forest?
A house where someone waits.
Who's waiting?
Or maybe...
Let's go back to the roof.
What are all you cops doing out here?
Come on. This way.
Let me go!
You don't ask anything.
It was all lies.
That girl wasn't my sister.
I didn't meet you by accident.
I was a 'Red Riding Hood'.
I was arrested
and taken to the CAPO Public Security Bureau.
I didn't care what happened.
I just agreed to everything
they asked me to do.
I was tired of thinking.
I kept telling myself not to
think about anything.
when I'm with you...
I feel like I'm hurting myself.
I feel that you're sad, too,
and I start thinking I might...
Why, I wonder?
No, nothing.
Why don't we run away somewhere?
Somewhere far away where no one knows us?
Why don't we?
I've still got things to do.
But this way both of us...
I'm sorry.
Cold, isn't it?
We've been watching Fuse ever since they started...
the inquiry on him.
We checked you out as soon as you got close to him.
We let you do what you wanted.
That's counter-intelligence.
The winner figures out what's going to happen
and strikes first.
They wanted to bring down the Special Unit...
and they were looking for a sacrificial lamb...
but they're the ones who fell into the trap.
They're the ones who have to fear a scandal...
not us.
As long as you're a card in our hand...
the Public Security Bureau can't lay a hand on the Special Unit.
We took out insurance, too.
After all, I'm the one who first taught Henmi.
Now you know.
While this man is a member of the Special Unit...
he also belongs to our organization.
He has ever since
I trained him at the academy.
So from the very start...
Is it true?
That's the real Fuse.
We aren't men disguised as dogs.
We're wolves disguised as men.
The Wolf Brigade...
Get going.
The hunter only kills the wolf... the stories people write.
What could I do?
What choice did I have?
I wanted to go with you!
You were someone who couldn't go!
If only we could've both died!
...we'd be with each other.
At least I'd have...
...a place in your heart!
That's what I wanted.
I wanted...
...someone to
remember me!
Ambush! Pull back!
There's more of them!
This way!
This way!
So it was true, Fuse...
And here I was telling you how to be a wolf!
Eat this!
Why didn't you shoot?
What's the difference between
you and me?
You're still human, aren't you?
Isn't she our ace in the hole against the Public Security Bureau?
What's important is that they believe we have her.
Whether she's alive or not doesn't matter.
Then why kill her?
There's only one way to make sure...
the other side both doesn't get her back...
and can't be sure she's dead.
the only way she stays alive for our purposes...
is if she dies here.
She was there at the shoot-out back there.
She knows that.
You can leave the pack if you want.
But you know...
even if a wolf puts on a man's skin and lives with them...
he'll still never be human.
You won't erase the crime...
of that girl who carried bombs
and took lives.
And me?
Do you want to tell me what you should do?
End the story of the animal who got involved with humans.
While you're still an animal.
The girl undressed and approached the bed...
where her mother lay in a strange position...
with a hood pulled over her face.
"Mother, what big ears you have,"
"Mother, what big eyes you have."
"Mother, what big claws you have."
"Mother, what big teeth you have!"
And then the wolf...
ate up Little Red Riding Hood.
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