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Subtitles for Jingi naki tatakai 1973.

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Jingi naki tatakai 1973

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Toei Presents
Original Story by Koichi Iiboshi
Planned by: Koji Shundo
The Players
Bunta Sugawara
Hiroki Matsukata
Kunie Tanaka Eiko Nakamura
Tsunehiko Watase Goro Ibuki
Mayumi Nagisa Asao Uchida
Tatsuo Umemiya
Directed by: Kinji Fukasaku
Kure City, Hiroshima, 1945
A year after Japan's surrender,
the violence of war is gone...
but a new type of violence replaced wartime violence.
People had to depend on themselves to guard against it.
Help! Someone help!
Shozo Hirono (Yamamori gang underboss)
Shinichi Yamagata (Yamamori gang underboss)
You dirty bastard!
No! ...trouble with the Americans!
Look what they did to her!
M.P.'s! Let's run!
Toru Ueda (Yamamori gang underboss)
Ueda, you little punk! What are you doing here?
Kiyoshi Doi (Doi gang boss)
This is our territory!
Hiroshi Wakasugi (Doi gang underboss)
Bring him along.
Hold him down!
On your feet!
I'll cut you all loose.
No! No please!
Welcome! Welcome! Form a line!
Put your money here.
Fuck off!
Shuji Yano (Yamamori gang underboss)
Seikichi Makihara (Yamamori gang underboss)
Got some thieves here.
You stupid bastard!
You punk!
Put it in whatever it is.
Hey! Makihara!
Make way!
Uichi Shinkai (Yamamori gang underboss)
Seiichi Kambara (Yamamori gang underboss)
Tetsuya (Yamamori gang boss)
Enough of that record!
Come on... this is my favourite song.
Let's go
Get me some spirits!
What happened? He's been cut.
Who did it?
I had a disagreement with a yakuza.
He tried to stop it and the yakuza took a sword to him.
I'll take care of it. I've got a pal in the gang.
Go and get him.
The Yamamori gang?
This will hurt.
Where's the fight?
At the black market.
Let's go.
I'll show you how to kill a man.
You can't carry it openly like that.
Wait for me!
Give me a hand up.
I'll help you
Get a grip kid!
Go that way.
Some trouble huh?
They got Seiji and Nobu.
Let's go look.
Are you all right there?
He's fine, but you should see the other guy.
He had all guys pinned.
He was some tough yakuza!
Yakuza? They're just men, like us.
So, why not try it yourself?
I don't know who he is.
We'd better ask the black marketers for help.
Well, well. Perhaps I should go fix him.
He beat up my buddy. Besides...
if you have to fight, beat up the top guy.
Do you have the gear?
No, I'll borrow some.
Where is he?
Over there in the market.
you may need...
You want some too?
I'll kill you all!
Hey! I killed him.
Beat it!
Give thanks.
Hey, stay where you are.
I want to see the warden.
Keep your seat!
You thieves! Where's our damned rice?
Sit down!
Give back the rice you stole from our rations!
What's your sentence?
Twelve years.
You can go free on bail.
The prisons are too crowded.
It'll cost you about 50,000 yen.
Where would I get that kind of money?
I'll cut my belly open...
I'll need your help.
What's the big idea?
The warden won't know what to do.
And I'll go free on bail.
Make sure they hear me.
If I botch it and I'm in too much pain...
kill me.
You got that?
Leave it to me.
Let's become blood brothers.
I'm Wakasugi, a captain from the Doi gang.
I know that.
I'm no yakuza, like you.
No one's born to be a yakuza.
Do it!
My name is Shozo Hirono. I'll be glad to.
We cut ourselves then suck the blood from each other.
If I do get out...
I'll find someone to put up bail for you.
Okay. Here I go.
Shall I call them?
I'd better call them.
He's cut his belly...
He's dying!
Guard! Get over here. Hurry up!
He's dying.
Here he comes.
Congratulations Hirono!
Thanks for coming.
I'm glad you're safe.
Yamamori also came to see you.
He put up bail for you.
Yoshio Yamamori (boss of Yamamori gang)
Boss, this is Hirono.
Thanks for everything. I'll work hard to repay you.
Forget it.
You did the right thing for my man.
I wish I'd known earlier.
Doi here passed the message on.
Thanks for standing by Hiroshi in the pen.
He's still in the infirmary...
so I'll thank you for him.
Here's a small token. Please take it.
You're a made man now. The big man came to meet you.
The Yamamori gang was formed later that year.
The men pledged their loyalty with rice wine.
The ceremony is simplified to suit the times.
Doi, the boss of the Doi gang bore witness.
Kenichi Okubo, an elder of the underworld, acted as go-between.
Gentlemen, please empty the cup in one draft.
The game begins!
Place your bets.
The house is ready.
The dice
Evens it is.
This place is a dump.
You don't even offer your customers any refreshments.
Who the fuck are you?
That's enough.
Please play the game with good grace.
Have a beer.
You pour.
Let's continue.
Place your bets.
Is this horse piss? Bring some chilled beer.
You asshole!
You want horse piss, you'll get it!
If you're capable.
Okay! That's enough! Stop it!
Back already? How did it go dear?
Nothing doing.
The guy he picked a fight with...
is a distant relation of Boss Okubo.
I looked for a man of stature...
who can broker the peace.
But not one of them would take the offer.
What'll you do now?
Apologise to the boss with money.
You jerk! You didn't stop to think.
You ruined my reputation.
I'll cut off my little finger. Will that do?
Cut your finger off, eh? At least that's free!
He sure is a cheapskate.
If Okubo comes, we can put up a fight.
He has fingers in many pies.
He can't act as we do.
Will you really cut it off?
Reconsider. You'll regret it for life.
I said I would, so I will.
But I don't know the ceremony.
Does anyone know?
Sure, I know all about it.
I saw it done one time in Osaka.
The other side. Don't get the lace all dirty.
Is this right, ma'm?
Yes, use your body weight and cut in one stroke.
Get him to a hospital!
Where's the finger?
Did it roll into the garden?
I don't believe this!
Look for it!
It wouldn't fly that far.
I found it.
Look at that. It's been pecked by the hens.
There was no need for this.
It was just a couple of young hot-bloods quarrelling.
And my lad picked the fight with Hirono.
I'm sorry.
It's good of you to say so.
Commit it to the earth with appropriate ceremony.
Use this money to pay for the rites.
We couldn't possibly.
It's only a trifle.
Actually, it's an opportunity for me...
to ask you to make a man of him.
You take the public role, I'll stay in the background.
I'm honoured to be of any service to you.
Gentlemen, I ask you to regard me with favour.
Together we have nothing to fear.
Right, Mr Yamamori?
There's a powerful man I want to introduce you to.
Will you meet him?
With pleasure.
It's Mr. Nakahara, the government official.
Shigeto Nakahara.
The navy stashed 50 billion yen of goods...
somewhere here in the city.
I want to use them to reconstruct the city but...
the Kanamaru faction is against this.
They won't say as much...
but they want it all for themselves.
Shouichi Kanamaru.
The voters will decide the matter.
Our chances are fifty-fifty.
I have a favour to ask of you.
What does he want us to do?
Reduce Kanamaru's share of the vote.
What was your answer?
It was through Okubo's mediation so I couldn't refuse.
Couldn't I? Plus, Ueda is with us.
But the Kanamaru faction?
And besides, Doi hates Ueda.
If we side with them this time, then the next time around...
we may end up in a really difficult spot!
It's possible that Okubo has set the whole thing up.
He's making us easy prey for Doi, isn't he?
He's not like that.
And if Kanamaru wins, he will have his own way.
With just Ueda, we'll be no match for Doi.
Count me out. It's a trap.
You want to oppose Okubo?
You should not have let him see your weakness.
Look, Tetsu...
I'm in an awkward situation.
You understand?
Nakahara gave me his word...
that the bankers will grant me a loan
without collateral.
I can't let an opportunity like that slip away.
But Doi needn't know.
Come on men.
Just do as I'm asking you to.
Listen, Tetsu...
the Godfather is asking us. I may just do it!
But you and Doi Wakasugi are blood brothers.
Leave it to me.
You don't say anything.
Oh, you are a naughty man.
I'll make it up later.
Tomorrow we'll have the ballot.
Papa? Papa?
We want justice!
Everything went well.
The balloting is over. Send him back.
What? Yeah, sure.
I'm Sakai from the Yamamori gang.
As long as you're a good boy, you won't get hurt.
Cut through that way.
I'll be away for a while.
Tell Doi that I enticed you to be there.
We were pulling all the strings.
Those assembly men are cursing us today.
Painting the town red, eh?
May I sit here?
Sure, go ahead.
Listen, Seiji...
Give me all the dope you have on the 50 billion yen.
It was Yamamori, right?
Welcome, Mr. Hirono
Thanks for coming.
Let them go, and then close up shop.
Can I help you?
It's getting serious.
Your Kambara confessed to everything.
It's not for me to say.
But we're blood brothers.
I appreciate it.
Thanks for coming.
Put in a good word for me so Doi will understand.
I had to do it for Okubo. I'm counting on you.
He won't listen to me.
I'll go see the Boss of Bosses Kaito, in Hiroshima.
He can mediate. In the meantime, you lay low.
Whatever happens, we shouldn't fight.
That's right.
Shozo, you look after things.
All right buddy. I really appreciate it.
Let bygones be bygones.
Who is it? It's me, Kambara.
Let me use your phone, will you?
That frigging double-crosser!
Wakasugi? What are you doing here?
Listen, Boss.
Out of my way!
You've outwitted me Yamamori. Why?
Are you siding with him?
Listen to reason!
You should be helping to kill him.
Godfather, there's no cause for us to fight.
It's those assemblymen who egged us on.
I'll banish you!
I warn you, boss.
You're not going to kill him!
I'll shoot if you try.
You turncoat.
I'll remember this.
Kambara! You fuckwit!
Stop! He's not worth it!
I'm sorry. I really am.
Today, I've learned what you really are.
I ask your help in running the gang.
I'm begging you.
Wakasugi became a member of Yamamori gang.
Hiroshima City
But neither Yamamori nor Doi had buried the hatchet.
The Kaito Gang Headquarters.
Some news reached Hirono at Kaito's place.
A visitor for you, Shozo.
Take my place.
Hey, brother.
What brings you here?
We need to talk.
We can't talk here let's go outside.
What's up?
Doi is going to run the show in this city.
He's coming to pay his respects to Kaito soon.
What's Doi up to?
Kambara became his henchman.
They're breaking into Yamamori's domain.
Are they?
I must have justice before it goes any further.
You'd better leave here.
You aren't going to kill Doi, are you?
I may have to.
You can't.
For god's sake man, he's your Godfather.
Your name will be reviled.
I'm against your doing it.
Let's talk it over with Yamamori and the others, first.
Why didn't you let us know earlier?
If I kick up dust, Doi will be even more adamant.
But I had to tell Wakasugi.
Wakasugi is right.
I'm minding my own business.
But Doi barges in whatever I do.
My husband is mortified.
He doesn't sleep well.
You talked it over with Wakasugi...
but not with the rest of us.
I'm sorry, but what can I do?
My business will be ruined.
Forget about the damn business.
Destroy them!
Come to think of it, that's probably the best way.
But Hiroshima's a big job for just six of us.
So let's do it here.
The sooner the better.
What about you guys?
I agree but...
just lately, I'm not feeling the best.
Surely there must be some other way?
Make up your mind.
What do you think?
What's wrong with you Makihara?
I'm not afraid to die, but...
my wife is expecting.
If I get wasted it will be tough on her.
Okay! Okay! You're counted out.
Go home and take care of her.
Okay. Thank you.
I'm going boss. Sorry.
Damn unbelievable candy-ass!
I don't mind drawing swords against Doi...
But it will destroy this gang.
If I die, do whatever you want.
No need for this ruckus.
I can waste him by myself.
Though I'm sorry for Kaito.
If it comes to all-out gang warfare...
you're the key man to broker the peace. Stay here.
You already have a couple of felony convictions.
You'll get the death penalty.
Yes, but... even so...
Sakai isn't here. Only you can pull it off.
Just leave it to me.
Look, even if I get the death penalty...
I'm a yakuza. Shit like that happens.
You're a good and true soldier.
I'm begging you.
Please, boss...
if you get out of prison after serving say 20 years...
everything I own will be yours.
I'm good at making money.
Remember that I'll be making money for you.
He speaks the truth.
We have no children.
You've always been our favourite.
We'll look to your affairs if you die.
This is all the money I've got on me.
Take it and go enjoy yourself.
It's too much.
Forget that. Just take it.
It's the least we can do for you now.
I'm sorry. I'll join you later.
The boss and his wife truly are good people.
Count your blessings.
It hurts. Be gentle.
I haven't got much time.
October 16, 1949
You have a long face.
What's up pal?
I've got the blues.
Anything for me there?
Go ask upstairs.
Whose turn?
It's mine.
Good day.
Hello, sir.
I'm Doi.
Is Mr. Kaito in?
Yes. Please come in.
You're with Kaito now?
Please come again.
My regards to Mr. Kaito.
Get him!
Just stay back.
Hirono, drop the gun.
Get a doctor! Quick!
I'm in a hideout the madam has arranged for me.
How is Doi?
He was taken to hospital.
But he's still alive... just.
I want to go see you, but the cops are around.
Doi's men are after our Boss.
I'm getting worried.
Doi's men don't know where you are.
Hang in there until I arrive.
Okay. I'll see you. Goodbye.
Boss Yamamori called me.
He said he wants you out of here.
He did, did he?
He can't move without being tailed.
The police and Kaito's gang are watching him.
The Doi's are just up the street.
But they don't know me.
That's why I came alone.
What, don't you believe me?
Would I know about this place if he didn't tell me?
But... since you obviously don't trust me...
I'm going.
Wait a minute.
Let me get ready.
What's wrong? The engine died.
With no other option open to him...
Hirono ended up back in prison.
Doi died.
Now Yamamori has the upper hand.
Sakai's come back, too.
I'm no longer useful.
I'm sorry for you, but I've got to be moving on.
But it was you who saved the Yamamori gang.
Sure. Sakai's senior to you.
But you're better at staying.
You know, just recently...
it's hard to know what Yamamori is thinking.
Why did he send Kambara to you?
What's his real intention? He's crafty.
What do you think?
Time's up.
Take good care of yourself.
I'll join with you when I get out of here.
Make sure you wait for me too.
What is it you want?
I need a favour.
So it's you, Wakasugi?
Sorry about that.
I need to talk.
I'm going away for a while.
How are things going with the Doi gang?
They're all doing just fine.
No need for you to worry.
Really? Well, that's a relief.
I wonder what would happen if you were killed?
Seiichi Kambara died on December 17, 1949
Someone threw this into the station.
A city map...?
No. 26. 1st block...?
What's this marking?
I checked it out.
It's a yakuza moll's parent's house.
So it's some kind of gang warfare...
It fits perfectly.
You look just like my late brother.
A bogus varsity boy, eh?
The cops will never suspect.
Thank you for everything.
Don't get involved mother.
We're going to Osaka early tomorrow morning.
What's going on?
Make believe you're asleep.
In here.
What's up, Sis?
Go back to sleep, dear.
Open up! Police!
Yes, I'm coming.
Who are you?
An arrest warrant for Wakasugi.
He's not here.
He's your boyfriend, right?
We'll search anyway.
Children's room. Don't wake them.
Damn cop-killer.
Hiroshi Wakasugi died on December 17, 1949.
The Korean War broke out in 1950.
Yamamori gang contracted to load ammunition for the U.S. Military.
They grew quickly, but were out of control.
Signs of decline began to appear when they dealt with...
the amphetamine drugs prevalent at that time.
Wait your turn!
Police investigate Drug Lords.
What the fuck?
Here it is!
I told you not to deal dope.
Toshio Arita (Underboss Shinkai gang)
It's not your business what we do.
The cops think we're dealing dope, too.
We're not going to fuck up.
Listen, asshole.
You need to be taught a lesson.
Watch the dope! These fuckers will steal it.
Then I'll really be pissed.
Listen pal! Arita belongs to my gang.
You can't interfere here.
You've been warned repeatedly.
But you didn't listen. I wonder why not?
Don't be so particular about trifles.
The Godfather ordered it.
He did. Did he?
You guys still get your rake-off.
When you start butting into our affairs...
it's hard to make a living.
We do what we've got to do.
Do you?
This is my territory.
So fuck off!
Alright. We'll let the Godfather decide...
what's right and wrong.
Bring him with us.
He's like a lamb in lion's skin.
He's the next in line to be boss?
Listen up, you guys.
Find out where they sold the drugs they stole from us.
To be frank with you, boss...
I can see his point.
He's got a big payroll.
Your rake-off is way too high.
They're up against a wall.
I talked things over with Ueda.
He agreed gambling should stay the same.
But pinball parlours and bars...
should be exempted from any rake-offs.
I see your point.
Can we survive like that?
We'll try not to be too dependent on you.
We can set up our own cash flow.
All the big gangs do it like that these days.
Semi-independent, eh?
You think that's possible?
I started small and put the money into bigger things.
That's how we've come so far.
Don't you forget that.
Do as you frigging well want!
Boss, I think he's right.
A seven percent rake-off is too high.
Make a sacrifice. Get rid of your limo.
I think you guys are wrong.
It was you who started this.
What gives?
If we did that...
he'd be boss in name only.
That leaves the lion's share up for grabs.
Would I do that?
The boss deserves every penny he earns.
The rest of the profits should be split...
equally among us all.
Right. Yano?
Yeah, I go along with what he says.
We've got to think of the gang as a whole.
What Yano says is right.
Decide amongst yourselves.
But I am disappointed.
Does a son begrudge money to his father?
Well, I don't go along with that.
Okay. So let's make our decision.
Who's against my plan?
Only Yano and Shinkai, eh?
Looks like you're out-voted.
You can't lord it over us like that.
Are you defying your captain?
Not while I'm here you won't!
Cut it out!
Let's go.
The cops will be on our case if Shinkai and Arita are with us.
Get him out of the way.
Lay low for six months.
Listen, that dope you stole from us...
You know where it is?
He's getting rid of it in Hiroshima.
The Godfather is?
Sakai is pulling his strings.
They don't respect us.
Your order, sir?
Listen, Shinkai.
Someone's interested in you.
Will you see him?
What I'm always telling Arika here is...
go out and take the lead yourself.
If you take their crap once...
you'll spend a lifetime regretting it.
That's the rule in the yakuza world.
Sometimes a man's got to put his life on the line.
Or you can never be a boss.
Shinkai, it's time to make a man of yourself.
I'll back you up.
As long as you set your mind on...
...becoming the successor to Yamamori.
Yamamori himself is no threat.
Sakai's the problem.
He needs to be held down.
Then you and Arita can become made men.
I know what you're saying.
If you feel that way...
I've got a present for you.
Have I gone too far?
But I'm not joking.
If you can rebuild the Doi gang...
you'll be a fully fledged godfather.
The municipal assemblyman's plan was...
to win them over and pit them against Sakai.
Shinichi Yamagata died on October 28, 1954.
Arita, you had Yamagata killed, didn't you?
The triggerman turned out to be a drug dealer.
Are you picking a fight with me?
Cut it out!
Did you get my message.
To get out of town? Yeah.
Why didn't you?
The thing is...
the dope your boss is dealing...
it's our dope, isn't it?
What dope is this?
He's talking shit!
It's about time you woke up.
You had me out there banning dope
while you're pushing the stuff.
I'm just moving the stuff we confiscated.
So I took it to Hiroshima.
That way the cops don't get it.
That's ridiculous.
How do you think that makes me look?
Don't damn well interfere!
It was you who made me cut the rake-offs.
It isn't easy to make both ends meet.
If you don't like my way then you can cut loose.
You're the palanquin that we labour to carry.
We shed blood for you.
Do you think you can walk alone?
If you rule wisely, we'll stick with you.
But without us you can't win. Understand?
You little punk!
I know all about Shinkai and Arita.
Know what?
Yamagata's woman told me.
They've joined with the Doi gang remnants.
I think you'd better leave things to me from now on.
Why did you just let him talk to you like that?
You shut up!
He called you a palanquin!
You're the Godfather, aren't you?
They should respect you.
Can he kick Shinkai out?
Only Shinkai stands up for you now.
Just let them try to do it.
They're not smart guys.
They'll just make a bit of noise.
Sooner or later they'll realise how much they need me.
But Ueda's behind Sakai.
Uncle? You want to talk to me?
About the matter of expelling Shinkai.
Let's talk it over.
Can you come?
It's rather late tonight.
But I'll be there tomorrow.
Yes, alright. Goodnight.
Welcome. Please take a seat.
Get back!
What the fuck?
Toru Ueda died on October 29, 1954.
On hearing of Ueda's death...
Sakai rose to check the violence of Shinkai.
It developed into a bloody struggle to the death.
A Shinkai man died on November 6, 1954.
Three Shinkai men were attacked on November 20, 1954.
Two Doi gang members died on November 25, 1954.
You goddamn scumbag!
Arita was arrested on December 6, 1954.
Get some cigarettes.
Uichi Shinkai died on December 11, 1954
It ended with a one-sided victory for Sakai.
Soon after that...
Hirono was granted parole and was released from prison.
Hi pal. You had a hard time of it.
The boss and his lady are here to welcome you.
Both of them?
Come on. Let's go.
Ueda and Shinkai are dead.
Sakai is without any rivals.
He's even set up his own company.
He seems to be taking no account of me.
He's trying to cut all ties with our family.
That's contrary to the code, isn't it?
It's bloody pathetic.
Do you have any idea how sad I feel?
Come on back.
Yano is the only one who is kind to us.
If you come back to us, the others will follow.
By the way, you must be very careful...
Because Sakai doesn't like the affection we have for you.
He has a mind to kill you.
She's right.
Bump him off for me and for you as well.
I see.
I'm fresh from jail and like a fish out of water.
Give me some time to adjust.
My first loyalties are to you.
So you will help me?
I knew you would.
Business is very bad at the moment.
This may not be fair to you but I can only pay if you do as I say.
It's only a pittance.
This is for this month.
If you'll excuse us, we have other appointments.
Pick up the bill, will you?
Have a good time.
I'll see you.
Drop by and see me.
How much is it?
Twelve thousand yen.
You won't have much fun with that.
Are things so bad for the gang?
No way! He just put big money into a racing company...
and they've made him a director.
He's really somebody now.
He's always throwing geisha parties.
Listen, Hirono.
He swore that he'd turn over his property to you.
Didn't he?
Excuse me. My name is Hirono...
...a friend of your late husband.
Can I offer prayers at the family altar?
Is that his child?
A visitor?
Excuse me.
You're involved with Yamagata's woman, huh?
The baby is mine.
Yamamori came to meet me from prison.
Nobody else did, though.
Why does there have to be so much in-fighting?
The man's no good.
I'm thoroughly disgusted with him.
If he was a good strong man...
...Shinkai, Yamagata and Ueda wouldn't be dead.
But he's still the Godfather, isn't he?
But we didn't choose a very good one.
I'm going to start up a company.
A harbour transportation business.
Makihara and the others will be in it too.
We'll break with Yamamori and stand on our own.
We'll join forces with Kaito.
Do you want in?
Then we'll be free to do whatever we want to do.
Sure. Except for one thing.
The boss just asked me to waste you.
Don't shoot me.
There must be some misunderstanding.
Sit down.
I thought you were going to shoot me.
You still don't trust me after all we've been through.
Listen, Tetsu.
I would have joined with Wakasugi.
But he's dead, so...
I thought better of it.
Anyway, we didn't join Yamamori... fight amongst ourselves.
Isn't that right?
So maybe Yamamori isn't the perfect Godfather.
But let's join forces to build up the gang again.
If we fail to do that, our dead buddies will have no peace.
I think Yamamori will go along with that.
I've got some friends to go look up.
Meanwhile, can you talk it over with the Godfather?
I understand. I see your point.
Who the fuck is it?
Just a minute.
Hi, Captain.
What's going on.
Don't go in.
You told Shozo to kill me didn't you?
Go ahead and try!
Or do you want me to try?
Come on!
Just wait!
What do you want?
I'll give you anything. Anything at all.
So he played his part well.
Yamamori announced his retirement.
Sakai's company was established.
On the occasion of its celebration...
Sakai learned of Yano's plot.
Yano has gone to see Kaito in Hiroshima.
He has?
He's opposing you.
He wants to stop you and Kaito from teaming up.
Go to Hiroshima now.
Don't let Yano see Kaito.
If it isn't Mr Kaito!?
How's it going pal?
Shinji Yano died on February 18, 1956.
Table closed!
Matsuyama City, Shikoku Island.
Phone call for you, sir.
Hello. Hirono speaking.
Did you read this morning's paper?
Yano was killed by someone from Sakai's mob.
Yano murdered?
We'd like you to help us sort it out.
Okay. I'll be right back.
Thanks for coming, pal.
Over this way.
Who else is here?
So you are running speedboat races, huh?
Listen, Makihara.
I thought you were with Sakai.
The boss knows everything I do.
I thought you were more reliable than that.
I confided in you because I trusted you.
But you told Sakai everything.
Then he blackmailed me into announcing my retirement.
He timed it to coincide with his company's launching party.
Yano was killed when he tried to stop it.
So you actually killed Yano.
I was going to kill you in return.
But Makihara stopped me.
You were fooled into believing lies and falsehoods.
There are limits to Mr Yamamori's patience.
He wants Sakai dead.
If you feel sorry for Yano, side with us.
Sakai's out to join forces with Kaito to crush our gang.
To hell with Sakai.
How could you work for Sakai?
I'm not forcing you.
You see how well he lied, don't you?
Think it over.
Listen, Boss.
Let me tell you one thing.
You're just as bad as he is. It's your tit for tat.
You let me down.
So don't try to con me.
Fire me.
I'm a Yamamori man no longer.
I'll settle with Sakai by myself.
You just stay clear.
It will be difficult for you to find where Sakai's hiding out.
Even his babe's place is a secret.
He's here after 3pm every day.
Room 403 at this hotel.
I get it now. You did the same for Wakasugi, didn't you?
You set him up to get arrested.
That's ancient history. Who knows?
Hi there. Come on in.
Move and you're dead.
You came to kill me, huh?
I guess so.
Yamamori's orders?
I split with Yamamori.
I'm here on my own.
How come?
Ask yourself the same question?
That ends anything between us.
You want to kill me? Go ahead.
Because if you let me go, I'll come after you.
You're too damned idealistic.
Stop dreaming.
The code means nothing to Yamamori.
Without control of what's really happening, you ain't got shit!
Get wise and join me.
I don't have to be your boss.
I don't care if it's Hirono's or Sakai's gang.
The point is to crush Yamamori.
Would that bring Shinkai and Yano back?
If you won't listen...
I'll have to kill you.
Your hands are already stained.
Just shut up and do it.
Shozo. Where did we go wrong?
When I'm relaxing over a drink, I get sick of this life.
I want to wash my hands of it.
When I'm with my boys...
I forget all about quitting the life.
Let me warn you...
The hunter always has the advantage.
Don't get caught off guard.
Stop at the corner.
I'll get out here.
The boys will drop you off.
I just can't kill you today.
Some other time, maybe.
Tetsuya Sakai died on February 19, 1956.
Are you satisfied with this service?
I guess not.
Neither am I.
How dare you!
Do you realise what you've done?
Mr Yamamori, there are still a few bullets left.
English subtitles by: Stuart J. Wallon
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