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Job The (1961)

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- Domenico. - Go on, let him sleep.
- Well, you know... - Oh, Lord.
All right, you tell him to do his best.
He's not a child anymore. He knows what to do.
- Okay. Is there ham in here? - Yes.
You don't get chances like this every day.
Tell him to do his best.
Can you do me a favor?
Could you go to the store? I've run out of oil.
- What kind of oil? - The one in the can.
- Okay, bye. - Bye.
- Franco. - What?
Hurry up. You still have homework to do.
Okay, I'm coming.
''For those who live in the towns of Lombardy,
Milan is the place to find a job.''
It's always the same with you.
You have plenty of time,
but you wait till the last minute.
Your father is always upset.
One of these days he'll get tired of this.
- Where are my books? - In the kitchen, I bet.
Look at him. He can't even keep track of his books.
Who said you could use my book strap?
Make sure you put it back.
Don't be a smart aleck with me.
And don't shrug either, you hear?
- Now what? - It's about his book strap.
I gave it to him. Leave him alone.
You're not a child.
What do you need it for?
You're going to work.
These two are unbelievable, the way they fight.
Like cats and dogs. Not like brothers at all.
The envelope! What if you forgot it at the exam?
Your father is very worried.
This is the chance of a lifetime.
If you get in there, you've got a job for life.
Listen to me.
- Do you have a handkerchief? - Yes.
- Do you have enough money? - I don't know.
- Morning, Miss Ida. - Morning.
But I gave you 1,000 lire!
Well, I have to eat, don't I?
How much do you need? Aren't you going to the café?
- I don't know. - What do you mean?
You always go to the café.
Here, take this. - That's okay.
Franco, come here.
Give it to your brother, and tell him I want some change.
- Knock it off.. - Why?
You act tough, but you're such a romantic.
Is your class co-ed? You're so lucky.
I still go to a Catholic school.
That little boy is going to school.
Excuse me.
The boss!
Good morning, sir.
- Can I help you? - Well, I...
Fourth floor. Human Resources.
- I'm here for the test. - Fourth floor.
Excuse me, could you direct me to the welfare office?
Where they help out poor people.
The nerve of this guy!
The minute he walks in, he starts yelling, the idiot!
- And you? - Nothing.
When he was done, I said: ''I may be a messenger,
but you're a real ass.
And I'm certainly not your slave.''
My job is not to fetch him sandwiches for his snack!
What did he say?
- Not a word. - Good for you.
We'll come by for the results, then.
Let me know as soon as you get his results.
Of course, count on it.
And thanks again.
It's my pleasure, ma'am.
- Thank you. - Once again...
- Good-bye. - Good-bye.
Ignazio, say good-bye.
Good-bye,young man.
Thank you.
Come here.
Did you hear what he said?
That guy,
he's as good as hired. He's got connections.
I don't think so. The test is what really counts.
If you don't pass the test, they won't hire you.
Is the aptitude test really the most important part?
I'm not sure.
I took an aptitude test for the army once.
Good morning, applicants.
I represent the company,
and I will supervise the testing.
As you know, these tests
are designed mainly to reveal your individual qualities.
The aptitude test.
You shouldn't worry. They are very simple.
You will easily pass them.
And now, as soon as I've taken attendance,
the clerk will give you your test papers.
Bernasconi, Giuseppe. - Here.
- Bonfanti, Attilio. - Here.
- Cantoni, Domenico. - Here.
- Cappelli, Guido. - Here.
- Cavallaro, Elisabetta. - Here.
Colombo, Carlo.
Is Colombo, Carlo, not here?
Guacci, Corrado. - Here.
- Lanzoni, Ignazio. - Here.
The boy.
- Locascio, Attilio. - Here.
- Masetti, Antonia. - Here.
- Monguzzi, Ar... - Artene.
With an ''n''. It's misspelled in the letter.
That's easily fixed.
Noseda, Filippo. - Here.
Poletti, Luciana. Ponzoni, Ernesto.
- What's going on? - Tests.
What for?
If we pass the test, we get a job.
What will they think of next?
All right, everyone take a seat.
Spread out. There's plenty of room.
If you like, you may remove your coats.
You'll find paper and pencils in your desks.
The paper is stamped and cannot be replaced.
If you make a mistake, simply correct it.
Here's your problem:
We have a roll of copper wire
520 meters long.
520 meters.
Three-quarters of it are cut off.
Of the remainder, we cut off
How many centimeters of wire are left on the roll?
That's it.
One hour's time.
You may begin.
- Here, sir. - Done already?
- Yes, sir. - Good.
Return to your desk.
Applicants, your time is up.
Please hand in your work.
Please hand me your test. You, too. Thank you.
What about you?
It's all right. Leave it.
Hand it in as it is.
Spaghetti, plain and with sauce. The water's coming.
Hello. You'd like to eat? Have a seat in the kitchen.
Take the gentleman's order.
Here's your water.
I'll be right with you.
Grilled steak, no pepper.
Rice, pasta with butter, soup?
Spaghetti with butter.
- Steak, cheese or fried eggs? - Eggs.
Mineral water, orange soda or Coca-Cola? All right.
No, this is the gentleman's.
Hand me the paper.
''Beats elderly mother.
Traces of blood on stairs.
Attempts to kill wife
chasing her through the fields,
brandishing an ax.
The temperature will drop slightly.
Snow in the Alps.
Fog in the Po Valley.''
Hi. I took the test with you.
Oh, hi.
They said we had to be back by 3:00, right?
They also said it's better to be early.
- Are you from out of town? - No, why?
I saw you eating at the café.
There's no one home. My mother works.
The food at the café isn't bad.
You know what, though?
Can't you smell it? - No.
It stinks of fried food.
Well, we ate in the kitchen.
No, it's the café. Want some?
Just a little.
Just a drop on your finger. It's perfume.
What are you doing? - It'll go up my nose.
What a dunce!
There, now you're like a young lady.
What was your answer to the problem?
Mine, too. It wasn't very hard.
No, not at all.
Did you see the man near the window?
The one with the raincoat?
Poor guy. Maybe he'd forgotten the formula.
He was married. He was wearing a wedding ring.
Did you go to secretary school?
No, middle school. I wanted to study languages.
But I gave it up.
Sooner or later I'll get married, and that will be that.
I like the ones with lots of buttons and belts.
I like casual clothing.
If I get the job, I'm going to buy a motorcycle with my father.
He already has a scooter.
If we buy one together, it will be a 150.
Do you know how to drive?
Sure. I've driven my father's several times.
But that's just a scooter. A 150 is different.
I bet he has a moped.
How much do you think they'll pay us?
- I don't know. - How much would you like?
Well, if I had my choice...
What choice? Why not wish for a million lire then?
If I get 35,000 lire a month,
that'll be plenty. It's my first job.
My father says that these big companies don't pay much.
But you have a secure job for life.
Can you smell the coffee?
Shall we get one?
- Two coffees. - Is it your treat?
- Yes, of course. - Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
He called you sir.
Let's move out of the way.
It's so crowded.
- What is it? - I dropped my teaspoon.
We can share mine.
- How is it? - Good.
A little bitter.
They don't know what they're doing.
They must have started over here at least seven times.
There are too many bosses. They act like they're all engineers.
- Come here a second. - It's after 2:30 already.
You can't run on the grass! This is the road.
- We're late. - You should have left earlier.
Lift your arms.
Arms straight up, fingers spread apart. Rotate your hands.
Pretend you're unscrewing a lightbulb, like this.
Arms out in front, level with your chin.
Palms up.
Palms down.
Palms up. Palms down.
Wait for me to tell you.
Palms up. Palms down.
Keep your hands out in front, level with your chin.
Bend your knees in a squat.
The young ladies can turn to face the wall.
That's enough. Good.
Now, everyone gather in the corner.
Call the first applicant.
Come with me.
No, face the wall.
Repeat out loud everything the doctor says.
Ruptured spleen.
I couldn't hear it.
Please sit down.
You must answer my questions with either yes or no.
Nothing else. Is that clear?
Do you mind eating away from home?
Do you mind eating away from home?
Does the future seem hopeless to you?
Do you suffer from frequent itching?
Did you wet the bed between the ages of 8 and 14?
Has excessive drunkenness ever caused you to lose your job?
Does the opposite sex repulse you?
Do you often drink to forget your troubles?
Not sometimes. Yes or no.
Did you wait for me? - I got out early.
- How did it go? - Fine.
Me too.
Who questioned you?
The one with the long smock. The one who did the squats.
What's so funny?
They asked me such weird questions.
Yeah, me too.
If it went well, do you think they'll hire us?
Why would they have recruited us otherwise?
What bus are you taking?
I'll walk. It's just two stops to the station.
I'll walk with you. It's still early.
Want some gum?
- What are you doing? - It's not working.
- You have to put money in. - I did.
It must be broken. Are you trying to break the window?
What an idiot!
Now you lost ten lire.
Where do you live? - In Meda.
- What's your name? - Cantoni.
I meant your first name.
That's so old-fashioned.
- What about you? - What?
- What's your name? - Magalí.
What kind of a name is that?
It's French.
Are you French?
A boy on my block gave me the nickname.
He didn't like my name and started calling me Magalí.
Now everyone does.
- What's your real name? - Antonietta.
Antonietta's not bad either.
I have two names on my birth certificate,
but everyone calls me Domenico.
What's the other one? Maybe it's nicer.
I think it's Trieste.
What kind of a name is that?
Maybe it's in honor of when Trieste became Italian.
This isn't my bus. I'm going to San Siro.
If you want to go, feel free.
No, there's a train I can catch every half hour.
You know what?
Domenico suits you.
Because you're old-fashioned, too.
I have to go. Bye.
- Maybe I'll see you sometime. - Yes, if we get the job.
I hope so. Bye.
Just one more kiss
And then forever I shall lose you
Just like a fairy tale
Then it is gone
I struggle to find
New words to say
But as it rains
I cry with you
I struggle to find
New words to say
But as it rains
I cry with you
Good-bye, little girl
Just one more kiss
And then forever I shall lose you
I struggle to find New words to say
But as it rains
I cry with you
- Hello. - Hi.
- Well, how did it go? - Fine.
- What do you mean? - Fine.
Come on, tell us what happened.
We wrote an essay, solved a problem,
and in the afternoon we took the aptitude test.
How do you like this one, ma'am?
Dirt won't show up so much on this one.
- What about that one? - That one costs about 26,000 lire.
No, I've already spent way too much.
All because he's going to work.
Show me something else. That one, for instance.
Yes, that one.
- Is it still raining? - I don't know.
Is it overcast or not?
- Domenico. - What?
Turn the light off.. It's late.
All right.
Otherwise, in the morning not even trumpets will wake you.
You're not wearing your raincoat!
The sun's coming out.
Turn your collar down.
You'll ruin it, with all the grease you put in your hair.
- Morning, Michele. - Hi.
Just four at a time.
- Bacon? - Yes, bacon.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- You're here too? - Yeah.
Good morning.
Excuse me.
- I'm sorry. - It's nothing.
Good morning.
Sit down.
- See? - What?
They hired us.
- What did your parents say? - They were pleased.
So was my mother.
All these people took the test with us.
There aren't many of us.
I wonder about the others.
I guess they weren't hired.
We sure were lucky. - You bet.
- Are Duraschi and Ponzoni here? - I'm Ponzoni.
- Come with me. What about Duraschi? - Sorry I'm late.
My bus was late due to the subway incident.
You're lucky you're not punching in yet. Today you'd have a red stamp.
Starting tomorrow, take an earlier bus.
Come with me. - Of course.
I'll be with you in a minute.
I heard you.
Do you think they'll call us in alphabetical order?
No. Ponzoni comes after me. My name starts with C.
Yeah, mine starts with M.
It's hot in here.
No, it's not hot.
It's nerves. My palms are sweating, too.
Cavallaro and Cantoni.
That's me.
I'll see you later.
- Are we going outside? - You're in another department.
You'll see, it's much better to be out of the way.
- Sartori. - Yes, miss.
- Bring him in. - Yes, miss.
Come in.
Please sit down.
I don't know if Human Resources informed you.
Right now we don't need clerical employees here.
Actually, I had requested a messenger.
Sooner or later we'll find a position for you.
What kind of schooling have you had?
I went to middle school. I wanted to be a surveyor.
But since I have a younger brother in school,
we decided that I would...
Come in.
Do you intend to further your education?
I might go to night school.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
Yes, that's true.
For now there is a messenger position, if you want it.
Better than staying home doing nothing.
You can start settling in,
getting to know the department.
Come in.
Excuse me, sir. Here's my excuse for being late.
This is the third time, if I'm not mistaken,
and it's only the beginning of the month.
Your children are grown, aren't they?
They should be able to take care of themselves.
Please introduce him to Sartori.
Tell him to show him the ropes.
Tell him to keep him busy.
All right.
You can go with her.
And be wise: Use your head.
- Yes, sir. - Come with me.
Sartori, the chief is entrusting this young man to you.
He wants you to show him the ropes.
- Who's he? - The new messenger.
- What's he like? - Cute, and so young.
- Take a seat. - Thank you.
The accountant sent me this one from Selvino.
He goes on vacation every year.
Let them ring.
When they get tired, they'll stop.
Here everybody's got a bad habit: Everything's urgent.
They're all in a hurry.
Instead of warming their chairs all day,
they should go outside for some fresh air.
At least that's healthy.
Sir, did you see what happened?
- What? - The lightbulb blew out.
Again? These bulbs don't last very long.
I had nothing to do with it, you know.
I just do my work... and pow! They just blow out.
Could you take a look at this, sir?
- Is it dated today? - Yes.
My dear Don Luigi,
could you lend me a cigarette?
What about it, dear friend?
Jeez, one stinking cigarette!
I think he's a toady.
A brownnose.
He never looks anyone in the eye.
Not Sleepyhead. He can hardly see.
Go ahead, keep all the lights on!
He doesn't pay the bill! What could he have to write about?
God only knows. - What does he write about?
Who knows? Maybe a novel.
''Another mystery...
Why couldn't he remember the trip with his friend?''
Just a little on the sideburns.
Just a little.
- Who is it? - It's Mrs. Seminari.
Some guests have arrived and I'm out of
I'm so sorry. I haven't got any either.
I can't drink it because of my heart.
In the morning my husband takes Ovaltine with his milk.
I'm sorry. I really haven't got any.
Don Luigi, a man was here today.
He's an old friend of our poor uncle.
He says Uncle collected the ''Domenica del Corriere.''
He'd like to buy the collection. At a good price, of course.
As you know, here at the ''Casello'' only real singers are allowed to sing.
Speaking of real singers, it's my pleasure to introduce
a man with a golden voice, our beloved Carletto,
who will sing his piéce de résistance.
Go, Carlo.
Go, Carletto!
Imagine, almost 60 and he still sings I Puritani.
Next it'll be your turn to sing.
- Is your mother home? - Come in.
Please come in, Miss Regina.
It's one pound.
Thank you. How much do I owe you?
The usual: 120 lire per quarter pound.
But if you're short of cash, you can pay me tomorrow.
No, just a minute. Let me look in my wallet.
If they were my kids, I'd tan their hides.
Thank the Lord you don't have any.
Otherwise you'd be just like her.
Or worse.
One, two, three.
Flick or flock.
Has the bell rung?
One more minute.
Well, I'd better get going
if I want to avoid the crowd.
- Good day. - Enjoy your lunch, Mr. Tresoldi.
Thank you. You too.
He baffles me.
Retired three months now, and he keeps coming in.
He sits there napping and waits for the bell.
God only knows why he keeps coming.
When I get to retire,
they won't see me here, that's for sure.
Mr. Tresoldi, how are you? You look great.
Like a young man. Take care, eh?
- Who's this nice young man? - A new employee.
Be a good boy, and you'll be very happy here.
It's like a big family here. Good-bye.
Good-bye, sir.
- What a nice person. - Yeah.
In any case, your best bet
is to keep to yourself.
In this life, we should trust everyone,
except those who have two nostrils.
It's my teeth.
It's tough, eating with no teeth.
It's no fun getting old.
You expecting someone?
- A friend. - What's her name?
I don't know.
What department is she in?
I'm not sure.
Is she in the main building?
I think so.
Second shift.
The main building has lunch with the second shift.
As we leave, they come in. Get it?
It's starting to rain.
There you are. Well?
Did you find her?
How about this rain?
Don't you have an umbrella?
Come on, you can walk with me. - No, thanks.
You're not ashamed to be seen with an old lady?
Come on, young man.
Well, well! You look like a general.
What's your name? - Cantoni.
Here you are.
My wife gave me a big kiss this morning.
I only get kisses once a month, on payday.
What are you, an officer with the SS?
So, can I go?
Go, go, you're making me breathless.
Sartori, what about that letter?
What letter? I don't have any letter.
Look at this rain!
It's freezing.
- Where shall we go? - Let's go to the fair.
- It'll be closed. - Where to then?
Come on, let's go to the fair.
It's settled, then.
Mail for the administration.
Leave it. Someone will take care of it. This place is a mess.
Where did you disappear to?
I'm in another building.
The administration department.
How are you?
I hardly recognized you in that uniform.
They don't need clerks at the moment,
but they promised me a job as soon as one is available.
Here, once you're in...
I'm working as a typist.
I know.
Why haven't you been to see me?
I get out fifteen minutes later.
And I'm on the first lunch shift.
Why don't you come to the dance?
The CRAL is throwing a party on New Year's Eve.
I'm hoping my mother will let me go.
We'll be among friends and colleagues.
It sounds nice.
My supervisor.
I've got to go. I don't want her to see me talking in the hall.
And Merry Christmas.
I'm going to Angelo's to watch TV.
Come right back up. It's late to be going to people's homes.
Radio News
What's the latest?
The prime minister wishes everyone a Happy New Year.
In Genoa they're throwing a dinner party for 10,000 people.
Some melancholy burglars give back their loot.
Take this. And don't be too late.
Well, I certainly didn't go out at night at his age.
Not even on New Year's Eve.
It's just the workers' social club. You know, the CRAL.
Yeah, well, meanwhile he's gone out.
These kids are always right.
They'll talk you blind and always get out of everything.
Good evening. Come in.
Give him a ticket. - Here you are.
- Here's a nice hat for you. - No, that's a woman's hat.
- It doesn't matter. - Here, take this one.
Give him a party favor. You've got to blow, though.
- Give him a bottle of champagne. - Here it is.
Each man should have a lady.
Or, if he's alone, a bottle of wine.
Are you alone?
Does he have a girlfriend?
Please take this bottle, with our compliments.
Please go inside. - Enjoy the evening.
See, he got a bottle.
Expecting someone?
Join us.
What are you doing there all by yourself?
The bottle.
Shall we sit there?
Come on. Take my purse. Have a seat.
Good evening.
That's better. What's the point of sitting all alone?
Don't you agree? - Yes.
Ladies and gentlemen, not one couple is dancing.
We're here to enjoy ourselves.
This evening should be unforgettable.
Everyone is invited.
So we've planned a nice surprise for you.
- Where are you from? - Meda.
What department are you in?
I'm in the workshop.
''Abboccato del Garda.''
May I?
Of course.
We didn't get one 'cause we're a couple.
I can open it, if you like.
Are you the conductor?
Good evening. Are you the conductor?
I'd like to sing an aria from Otello.
It's New Year's Eve. That's not really appropriate.
What a nice head of foam.
Just a little.
It's not bad for you. You'll piss it all out anyway.
It's New Year's Eve. Cheers.
- May I introduce my wife? - How do you do?
Ladies and gentlemen, a little entertainment.
We have hired a great singer and entertainer.
Singer, comedian...
Let's say just a singer,
and he's going to entertain you with a humorous ballad.
He's a real character.
This is the story of my poor automobile.
Friends, please sing along while I sing you a sad song
It sounds like a nursery rhyme that just sprang up from my mind
My family is such a riot They just ate my whole car up
First it was Uncle Emory who ate up the whole battery
The two Germans, Dink and Dunk
Ate up the entire trunk
I called the English to save the day There goes the windshield, clean away
Then my cousin Hannibal ate the chauff.eur, the cannibal
Then his brother, cousin Orloff. proceeded to chewthe door off.
My friends, please listen up for I'm about to clear it up
My old car, wouldn't you know it
Was made of the finest chocolate
And now, ladies and gentlemen, more dancing.
Finally. It's about time.
May I have this dance, miss?
Don't you dance?
Come on, dance!
During this next dance, a little cloud
will slowly move in front of the spotlight.
Seize the moment.
But remember, you must be quick.
If you get caught in the act, you're sure to be embarrassed.
So, fiancés, husbands, lovers, on your feet.
This is your moment.
Mrs. Benedetti, please.
What's going on?
Here comes the cloud.
Why aren't you dancing?
Don't you know how?
Go on.
It's all right. I'll lead.
Come on.
Five, four, three...
It's midnight. Open the door.
Sound the trumpets. Shoot the cannons.
Friends, we have killed off the old year.
Let's raise our glasses to the future.
An important announcement.
The company is being generous.
We wish to inform all engaged and married couples
that they may kiss on the lips!
Go on, drink. It'll cheer you up.
Go in one direction only, and don't move backwards.
Try to stay in line.
Go on, ladies and gentlemen.
Go around the columns, too.
This belongs to the company, too.
What's this?
Chapter 19?
I'd say personal.
A feather.
You may sit down now.
Get a load of that. Unbelievable!
He's just a kid and he's jumped ahead of us.
As usual, the accountant is being unfair.
This time I'm going to speak up.
I've ruined my eyes for 20 years with this lamp.
I can't go on like this.
- Actually, I'm the oldest. - What are you talking about?
It's my turn! He's in my seat!
Are you kidding? I'm fed up!
This time I'm going to tell it like it is.
There we go.
Sir, I'd like to talk to you about that desk.
I've been back there for 20 years.
I'll end up losing my eyesight. It's not fair.
It's up to you to set things right.
Excuse me.
It's about this desk... and seniority.
If you could move back there...
You don't mind, do you?
You understand? Thank you.
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