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Job The (2003)

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( hip hop music playing )
( camera snapping )
( silenced gun shot )
Man: 10 grand?
Man #2: Come on, man, this is Cadillac smack-- Mexican Tar.
You're gonna make three, four times that on the street, no problem.
Yeah, but it's still 10 grand.
What about your girl. She's a piece of ass.
She must be pulling in, what, $500 a night?
No, she's not doing that no more, man.
She's, uh... you know.
No shit, huh? Yours?
So, you gonna be a daddy?
Listen, 10 grand's fine,
but it's going to take me a little while.
Well, when you get the scratch you get the batch.
See ya, Daddy-o.
( coffee beans grinding )
- Hey, sweetie. - Hey, baby.
Got your mail.
So, how'd it go.
He said he wanted 10 grand.
But he thinks we can pull in 30 or 40 with that.
Really? Do you think we can do that?
Well, he thinks so.
40 grand? Do you know how cool that would be?
We could get out of this dump-- out of this whole damn town.
Bring the baby up in Phoenix with Mama.
l love you.
l love you too, Em.
- First we gotta get the 10 grand. - Well, you'll get it.
l know you will.
l'll take a shower.
- l got a postcard from Mama! - Oh yeah?
Well, when you write her back, tell her l said, hey.
- You can tell her when you see her. - Even better.
CJ, what a surprise.
Did you do the job?
Ah, CJ, squeaky clean every time.
Philodendron, emarovis.
l wonder who makes up such ridiculous names
for such beautiful creatures?
Flowers have sweet names.
Violet, Daisy, Lilly.
Women are named for flowers.
Have you ever heard of a woman named after a plant?
Very good.
But, it's not a pretty name, is it?
Sounds like... carpet.
l asked if you did the job.
He's dead.
Your job was to kill the man who stole from me,
and bring back what he stole. So, l'll ask you again,
did you do the job?
There's absolutely nothing feminine about you, CJ.
What you were supposed to bring back in that case
is worth a half mil' on the street.
Find it and finish the job.
350 bucks, and all you got was a massage?
Yeah, you believe that?
You got ripped off by a hooker. That's awesome.
l'm gonna take a piss.
''You got ripped off by a hooker.'' Asshole.
lt's my turn.
Whoa! You can't be in here.
- We can call this off. - lt's going to be okay.
- l don't know, honey. - Do you want to go to Arizona or not?
- You know l want to go. - Yeah, and we need money to go.
This is the only way l know how to make money, baby, so we do this.
- But, he said 10,000-- - l'll take care of it.
lt's gonna be okay. Okay?
Now come on.
He comes in here sometimes.
l don't know his name or nothing.
He ever pay with a credit card?
Are you a cop or something?
Am l gonna get him in trouble?
Honestly, you'll be helping him get out of trouble.
( door knocking )
l ought to bust a cap in your ass for bringing this knocked up bitch in here.
You think this is goddamn K-mart?
Chill out, dude. She's not gonna bust all over your shitty ass fucking carpet.
Oh, she better not.
Give us the shit for free and l'll let you fuck me.
You're so sick. You're a sick fucking bitch.
Are we gonna do this shit, or what?
( rap music plays )
- ( gun shots ) - ( girl screams )
Man: Shut up!
lt's fucking over!
Go get me some fucking towels right now, Emily!
Get up! Get me some fucking towels!
( weeping )
( coughing )
Cheap vodka, straight up.
You got it.
l got that, Drew.
Nice gentlemen just bought you a cheap vodka, straight up.
Tell him thanks and bring me the one l ordered.
l'm Rick.
That's great.
- Can l buy you another drink? - No, thanks.
Why not?
- Why not? - Yeah.
'Caused you asked why not.
'Cause you drink dark beer.
'Cause you get a haircut and a manicure once a month at a salon.
'Cause you're not my type.
- Emily: Ow! - Troy: What's wrong?
Emily: l don't know!
Ow! Baby, do something! l'm scared!
All right, we're going to the clinic, come on.
Troy: Get up. Watch my hand, baby.
Okay. Come on. Oh shit.
Just a second, just a sec.
Okay, all right. You're gonna be okay.
Come on outside. l'll show you my truck. Maybe we could go for a little ride.
- All right. - Come on.
Hey, sweetie. l'm sorry l'm late.
- What? - You been waiting long?
Fucking bitch!
Oh, l get it.
l had a bad day at work and...
l'm here to get drunk, get laid
and wake up in the morning alone.
Do you think you can handle that?
Yeah, l can handle that.
Come on, my boy.
- Can l get you a drink? - No.
Um... maybe you want to go to the bedroom.
This is fine.
- l told you what this is. - No, l know.
l thought l could.
But you can't.
- All right. - Maybe, we could get a drink first.
Forget it.
Look, Rick, nice isn't my type.
we both know l'm not what you're looking for.
- Nurse: What's wrong. - She doesn't know.
- What do you feel, honey? - Pain!
Troy: Why is she so sick?
A touch of a cold made worse by poor sleep.
You try sleeping with one of these inside of you.
Have you been smoking throughout your pregnancy, Ms. Robin?
- Just cigarettes. - Your baby's quite small.
We'll keep you overnight for monitoring, but l think you can expect
a rough last few weeks in this pregnancy.
Thank you.
You okay?
- Baby? - Yeah?
When are we going to leave town?
As soon as l make the deal.
Can't we just go and make the deal somewhere else?
Honey, l've already got a buyer.
Please, just rest and take care of that baby
and l'll take care of everything else.
- l need some things. - l'll bring them.
You take care of this.
- Do not let this out of your sight. - Okay.
l know.
( phone ringing )
- Hello. - Vernon: ls this my little fern?
There's word on the street.
Some kid trying to unload 20 keys.
Make sure he's got it before you do it.
CJ: Hold it.
CJ:l got it.
- So you just moving in? - No, l don't live here.
- Oh, you're working? - Working?
Oh, l'm sorry.
You mean am l a hooker?
l'm sorry, we get a lot of those around here.
You thought l was a hooker.
l thought you might be hungry or something. l'm sorry.
You are so dead.
( camera snaps )
- Troy: How are you feeling? - Emily: Good.
- Thanks. - No problem.
- Can l get you anything? - $40,000.
l'm working on it.
A little fresh air.
That l can do.
how much is it worth? All of it?
Well, we got about 10 times what we thought we were going to get.
maybe 4 or 500 grand.
Half a million? Really?
Yeah, but that's selling it on the street.
We ain't gonna stick around to like, sell it a little bit at a time.
We got to get rid of it all at once.
So, it's only going to be like a 100.
Well, l'll take a 100.
Me, too.
We're gonna build us a whole goddamn house with these little bricks.
Help me up. l gotta pee.
- Here you go, baby. - Here we go.
Do it.
- ( engine starts ) - Shit!
- Can l help you? - ( baby crying )
Yeah, l want to get an abortion.
When was the last time you had unprotected sex?
l don't have unprotected sex.
Well, unless you're 2,000 years-old and your name is Mary,
you had unprotected sex about five weeks ago, at least once.
- l always use a condom. - Well, maybe it broke.
Maybe it slipped off.
And l'm on the pill. How could l get pregnant if l'm on the pill?
Oral contraceptives are only 99 percent effective.
That means one out of 100 times...
You can get dressed. ls the father involved?
Do you know who the father is?
How many partners have you had recently?
- l just want an abortion. - Well as part of our services
we require that our patients have some abortion counseling.
Now, there are alternatives to abortion. Adoption for one--
Look, l want the abortion, okay.
You want to waste your time for an hour, go ahead.
But after that, l'm going to have an abortion.
lf you want to help me, fine. lf not, l'll find some place else that will.
All right.
Well, how about Friday?
- Why not today? - We have other patients.
- Friday's the first appointment. - l'll find somewhere else.
l think you'll find that most centers can't help you on a day's notice.
l have counseled many, many women in your situation, Ms. March.
l find that, given a few days to absorb the idea of being pregnant,
they often have a change of heart.
l don't want a change of heart.
That's all?
Next Monday, okay.
All right, thanks.
( dance music playing )
- Another. - You got it.
Rick: Cheap vodka, straight up.
- How are you? - Fine.
You look nice.
You wanna dance?
- Look... - Rick.
Rick, you had your shot.
l know, it's just...
why can't we just have a drink?
Get to know each other.
'Cause l don't get to know people.
d l want you to get away from me d
d l need you to get away from me d
d l want you to get away from me d
d l need you to get away from me d
CJ: No, not here.
Man: Come on.
Oh, that's nice.
No, all right! Okay, no! Not like that!
All right, just do it.
Tell you what? Why don't we just fucking do it my way?
- You fucking bitch! - Ow!
You okay? Come here.
Big, strong man.
- All right. - That way.
l got you.
Okay. Up we go.
What made you so hard?
Oh, baby.
( knocking )
- Man: Money. - lt's Troy.
You don't need that. l'm just here to talk business.
What did you say, man? l hate doing business with you.
Don't go so well for some people.
- What'd you hear? - l hear your game clock's running down.
Look, l got 20 keys for $100,000.
$100,000 is the ''l got clean stuff
and time to do business right'' price.
Now if l were going to get this shit from you,
you'd get the ''l got to get my punk-ass out of town
before l get capped'' price.
- How much would that be? - lt don't matter.
Ain't nobody gonna buy this shit from you.
No matter how good the deal is, the price is too high.
Why don't you get the fuck out of here, before l go Boba Fett on your ass,
and collect it for myself?.
Did you sell it?
- What happened? - Nothing.
Well, are we still leaving tonight?
Honey, we can't leave yet.
Look, l don't know anyplace else l could sell this stuff but here.
So who knows how long it's gonna take? Just let me find a buyer and we'll go.
Baby, let's just go, please?
We got the stuff, we can sell it anywhere we want.
l just don't feel safe here, Troy.
What are you talking about?
lt's a feeling. Pregnant women get feelings, you know?
Well, what if we go to a motel?
One outside of town. Will that make you feel better?
Why are you even still here with me?
Please don't do this right now, Em.
You could be gone, selling that stuff on your own,
making a fortune.
Why are you even still here with me?
Because l love you.
And l love that baby.
And l would never leave either of you for anything.
( retching )
Rick: That's the alcohol.
- Shit! - What the fuck are you doing here?
l'm bringing you breakfast. Could you put that down, please?
- l want you out. - All right.
Don't get the wrong idea, okay?
l knew a kid in high school, passed out alcohol poisoning
and never woke up. So, l brought you home.
Slept on the couch.
So, there's your breakfast. You're obviously alive
and very well protected so... l'm leaving.
you can stay for breakfast.
No, l'm gonna leave.
Don't make me force you.
Someone was industrious this morning.
Yeah, for years we had fresh flowers in church every morning.
Church every morning.
Guilty soul?
Probably. l was a priest.
- You're kidding. - Swear to God.
See, l can say that kind of thing now that l'm...
- not a priest anymore. - So, what was the other night?
Just can't get passed those celibacy vows?
See, they tell you that your love of God
and his for you, is enough.
But it wasn't. Maybe that makes me weak in the eyes of God,
but l needed earthly love.
l have to go to work.
Where do you work?
l'm a bean counter at a commercial real estate company.
Oh, you like it?
Pays the bills when l show up.
Thanks for breakfast. lt was great.
Am l a masochist if l ask for your phone number?
l left mine by the phone.
Take it easy with the alcohol, all right?
You never know who might end up coming home with you.
Would you put that out while l'm trying to do this?
l'm scared. l smoke when l'm scared.
You smoke 24 hours a day.
Didn't the doctor tell you it was bad for the baby?
Well, l guess l'm a shitty mom then, aren't l?
All right, give me that stuff.
Promise me we'll leave tomorrow.
Stop fucking around, Em! Just give it to me!
Promise me we'll leave tomorrow, baby.
l told you l have a bad feeling about this.
Promise me we'll leave tomorrow, deal or not.
Okay, fine. Just give it to me.
That stuff hurt?
Hi, is-- this is CJ.
Um... okay.
Dinner, my treat...
Bocaccina, 7:00 on Market.
Answering machine: Hi, this is Rick. Leave a message
and l'll get back to you as soon as l can.
Look, no dinner.
Just forget it.
( silenced gun shot )
- You workin'? - Yeah, baby, l'm workin'.
l know you get asked this all the time but,
what's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?
lt's not what you think.
Never is, sweetie.
l ain't got no toys, but l'll go down on you for $20.
l'm looking for Troy.
l don't know no Troy.
l'll give you 100 bucks. You don't even have to go down on me.
Look, l just told you, l don't know no fucking Troy, all right?
Take the 100 bucks. Please.
Just take it.
All right, give me the 100.
- So, how do you know Pokey? - From the street.
Oh... the street.
Come on into my office.
Have a seat.
So, what do you got?
- l'm sorry. - What are you selling?
- ls this place for real? - What?
Offices and secretaries and shit. l mean, what are you guys doing here?
The only business you have to worry about here is what you bring.
l got 20 keys of tar.
Ready to go.
Where'd you get it?
What the fuck do you care?
lt effects the price and how l dispense of it.
You want to make a deal, answer straight.
You don't, shoot it all up yourself. OD, die, l don't give a fuck.
l brought it in from Laredo.
- 45. - l told Pokey 100.
Pokey ain't buying.
- 80. - 55-- final.
Look, Hal, with all due respect,
this is 20 fucking keys we're talking about here.
- l need at least 65. - Did you hear me say final?
Tomorrow, call this number.
Someone will tell you where to bring it.
Have a good day. Thanks for coming in.
You ought to get that hand looked at, huh?
Yuppie-ass fuck face.
Bitch, chill. You're gonna make me spill this whole fucking sack here, girl.
What did l say, huh?
( knocking )
- Who's that? - l'm looking for Troy.
Come on in. lt's open.
( gun shots )
- Troy! - l haven't seen 'em.
- Left or right. - Okay! Fuck!
l got a number! Some shitty motel!
Yeah, do you guys have any vending machines?
Across the street. That's it?
Emily: One.
Okay, would you like to sit at a booth?
l don't think we could fit at a booth.
- Waitress: Okay. - Emily: Do you guys have a bathroom?
Sure, right back there. Can l start you with some coffee?
Geez, please.
Excuse me?
ls there any toilet paper in that other stall?
Have you ever been pregnant?
You have to pee, like a 100 times a day.
They say that it's the best thing a woman can do,
but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it.
What are you doing! Stop it!
( CJ screams )
- Leave me alone! - Take it out!
- CJ, take it out! - No!
Get out of here.
Get out!
Leave me alone.
Rick: Who's is it?
lt's mine.
l don't want it.
Why? l mean, like this?
What are you doing here?
- You invited me to dinner. - l cancelled.
l ignored that part.
Did you...
is it gone?
Doctor: l take it you don't want this baby Ms. March.
So, l'm still...
Yes. You did an excellent job
of lacerating the internal wall of your vagina,
but you didn't reach the uterus.
So, for a while you'll find sex painful
urination excruciating
and there's a good chance of infection.
You have an appointment for tomorrow.
Why on earth would you do this to yourself today?
No, they never tell me why. l don't know why l keep asking.
All right, Ms. March.
lf you don't want this baby that much than let's get it over with.
You're gonna do the abortion now?
l am, and l don't mind telling you
it's gonna hurt like hell.
Nurse: Ms. March...
- Carol Jean. - l'm sorry?
My name, it's Carol Jean.
Don't worry, Carol Jean,
you'll be fine.
Right in here.
Rick: l'm here with CJ March. She's been back there a while.
l just wanted to make sure everything was all right.
l'm sure it is. The procedure takes about a half an hour.
- Procedure? - Mm-hmm.
Now, don't you worry, Carol Jean, everything will be fine.
All right, now, relax. lt doesn't take long.
All right, now scoot down, lean back.
Doctor: Just relax.
l don't want to do it. Get me off of this table.
All right, CJ, no one's going to force you to do anything.
lt's all right. Get down, it's okay.
Rick: lt's ready.
Come on, you invited me to dinner, remember?
The least you can do is eat.
You lived here long?
l never asked you, where are you from?
Seattle. My mom and dad still live there.
Karen and Frank.
She's a school teacher. He's a airplane mechanic.
Happy little life, huh?
So where does the part about being so against having a child
your willing to mutilate yourself, come in?
- CJ. - l want you to leave my house now.
No. You want me to leave,
then you're going to have to force me out at gunpoint.
Otherwise, l'm staying and we're getting to know each other.
l'm not going to talk about that.
For now.
Troy: You got to be fucking kidding me, man!
You gonna take this shit off my hands or what?
- ( grinding ) - Hey!
Do you mind?
No, it can't be tomorrow, man. lt's gotta be tonight.
Are you sure? All right, fine. Tomorrow.
- Damn it! - ( grinding )
Would you turn that off?. Emily!
- You said we were leaving today. - Well, now it's going to be tomorrow.
l don't want it to be tomorrow, Troy. l have a bad feeling about this.
The only feeling you got is that 10-pound dead weight in your stomach.
- lt's your baby. - How do l know it's my baby, huh?!
You know what? Who knows who's fucking baby it is!
Oh my God. ( crying )
l'm sorry.
l didn't mean that.
l wish we didn't even have this damn baby.
- Honey, don't. - l mean it!
l can't walk. l can't sleep.
l hate this thing inside of me.
- Please. - Ow!
Don't you dare hit me, you fucker! You'll hurt the baby!
l'm sorry!
lf you ever hit me again l will kill you.
You hit my fucking hand! l'm sorry, l didn't fucking mean to!
- Sure you don't want to try? - l'm sure.
l guess they don't teach rollerblading at the seminary.
ls that your mom?
Can't believe l'm pregnant.
Having a kid is so...
how could anybody be so cruel?
Having children is supposed to be beautiful.
That's why you're not my type.
You're too fucking cheerful.
My mom was a prostitute.
My father was one of a thousand
sweaty faceless fuckers with 20 bucks.
She died when l was seven.
l'm sorry.
You don't want this.
Let me tell you, you don't want to be with me.
- l do. - Well, you can't.
Because you had a bad childhood?
A rough life?
- Well, l... - You have no idea
how many bad lives l've listened to.
Horror stories. Sins of flesh.
Sins of faith.
Crimes against people.
Crimes against God.
You know what the worst of them all was to me?
The people who had the chance of love laid out before them
who chose loneliness because they were afraid,
no one would forgive them for their crimes.
You think you have the power to forgive me?
No, but you do.
- Emily: Ow! - What does it mean?
- lt means l'm gonna have this baby! - Right now?!
l'm going to take you to the clinic, all right?
- Do the deal. - Baby, forget the deal.
Baby, just do the deal, please. Just get the money.
- l'll be back by four, okay? - Yeah, okay.
Are you sure you're going to be all right?
( weeping )
( phone ringing )
- Hello? - Vernon: l want to see you.
- Vernon? - Vernon: lvy.
- What? - lvy.
Another plant name that women take.
Oh, right.
Hearty plant, lvy. Tough.
Frost, rot, you just can't kill it.
Delicate flowers can't live
through the wintertime, but a hearty plant will always survive.
Take off your clothes.
l said, take off your clothes. Disrobe.
Don't play tough with me.
The bra.
No, that's enough.
Turn around.
Turn around!
How long have you been pregnant?
- l'm not-- - Don't be coy.
l said, how long have you been pregnant?
Five weeks.
Leave them there.
What are you going to do?
l'm going to keep it.
- ls that right? - Yeah.
And l imagine you want time off from work, then?
What do they call it? Maternity leave?
l'm going to stop, Vernon.
Stop? You mean quit your job?
Can't just walk in and out
of this life as you please--
l've been in for a long time Vernon.
l've always done my job.
Then why don't you do your fucking job?!
Why can't you kill this guy,
and bring me my shit?!
lt's the girl, isn't it?
The pregnant girl?
l think motherhood is making you soft, CJ.
l want this job finished today. ls that clear?
Get dressed and go to work.
- ( knocking ) - Woman: Housekeeping.
( groaning )
Can you just come back--
- Sit! - Who are you?
- Where is it? - What?!
- Don't! Don't! - Please don't kill me!
- Where is it? - ( screams )
My husband took it! He took it to sell it!
( gun shot )
At the train yard! Please don't kill my baby!
Please don't kill my baby. Please! Please!
Your husband won't be coming back for you.
So there's no reason for you to stay here, understand?
( gunshot )
- Leave it! - ( gunshot )
( gunfire )
( gunshot )
( groaning )
Aw, fuck.
- Em? - Baby?
Honey, we gotta go.
- Oh my God. - We gotta go, honey.
Oh my God. Oh my God!
- Did you get the money? - Will you get me some towels?
Come on, baby, l need you to focus. Go get me some towels.
You gotta stop the bleeding and help me get to the car.
No! Baby!
Ahhh! l can't carry you like this!
- l can't do it! - Please help me up.
Someone came here today. Someone came looking for you.
- A woman? - What are you gonna do?
- You can't drive like this! - l could get us out of town...
and find another place to rest.
l can't run with you like this.
- Honey, no! - No!
Oh-- oh my God.
( phone ringing )
- Hello? - Rick: Hi.
- Rick. - l didn't think you'd be home.
l was just going to leave a message.
Yeah, l was just grabbing some stuff
and l'm on my way out.
How about dinner tonight?
Yeah, great.
Bougainvillea Room? 8:00?
Bougainvillea Room. 8:00.
All right, so, l'll see you later.
Yeah, great.
Vernon: Hello, flower.
l've been expecting you all afternoon.
- CJ: l-- - Ah, Ah Ah.
How to explain this away, she wonders.
- Were you going some place? - l was coming to see you.
l-- l did the guy.
lt couldn't be that you were leaving?
Quitting your job? Ditching that nice young boyfriend?
Leave him out of this. He had nothing to do with it.
Look at you.
Some microscopic berry in your belly
has siphoned all your resolve.
Plucked your pluck.
ls he any different from all the others?
You haven't really gotten that close,
that you wouldn't just put a bullet in his heart
- if l paid you 20 grand. - Fuck off!
Let's see how deep
these new maternal instincts fester.
Do the girl, bring me my shit,
or l will hire myself for one job
at the Bougainvillea Room at 8:00.
CJ, if it's a boy, would you name him after me?
( screaming )
- ( beeps ) - lt's me.
l have to cancel. l can't do dinner.
l'm sorry.
Help me, please! Help me!
Somebody come down and help me right now!
Woman: Dr. Martinez, we need some help out here.
( screaming )
( screaming )
Nurse: Stop screaming!
Doctor: Try to calm down!
You have to calm down or l can't do anything.
- Get it out! - l need you to calm down.
- No! No! - Shhh.
Calm down.
Good girl. All right, now let's have a look.
Woman: l just can't. l'm sorry.
l just want to see if she had the baby, you know? Say hello.
Do you even know where she went, or are you just saying no on principle?
Look, you wouldn't want me to give out your personal information, would you?
Your contractions have started,
but you're not dilated yet.
l'd say this baby's birthday is going to be sometime tonight,
- maybe tomorrow morning. - l want it out now.
l don't blame you. Just a few more hours.
You can stay right here. Relax.
- You're baby will be-- - No!
Ms. Robin, please.
l really have to go.
- Ms. Robin, you really should stay. - l'm going!
Call the police.
- Just give me the bag! - ( scream )
Just give me the bag, l'll let you go!
- Fuck you! - ( gun shot )
( car horn honks )
- Woman: Somebody get some help! - Man: Did you see what happened?
- Woman: Help her! - Man: We need to help her now!
Man: Don't move, really. You shouldn't move.
( groans )
Honey, are you okay?
Oh! Oh my God.
Are you having that baby?!
Walt! l need a hand out here!
( intense screams )
- Ambulance is on it's way. - Ambulance ain't gonna make it!
Tina, get some towels! Walt, honey, you always liked to play doctor!
Where's that woman who...?
Maybe you ought to wait for an ambulance.
- Woman: That's it. - Oh, fuck! Oh fuck!
- lt's coming out. - That's it.
- Just breathe. - Goddamn it!
Here's his head.
lt's a boy.
ls he okay?
- Why isn't he crying? - He's okay.
He's small, though. Real small.
Can somebody just cut this thing?
Paramedics will be here soon.
- ( baby crying ) - You want to hold him?
( Emily weeping )
l'm gonna go wash up.
We'll be right out that door.
l'm so sorry.
You're so small!
l'm so sorry!
- CJ: Excuse me. - Girl: Oh my God! Are you okay?
Yeah, l'm just worried about my friend.
She came in. She was pregnant and--
Oh yeah. She's fine. She's right back here.
- ( baby crying ) - Where'd she go?
( screams )
Don't kill me, please! Don't kill me! l don't want to die.
You know what's funny?
The only reason l didn't kill you before
was 'cause you were pregnant.
( gun cocking )
( gunshot )
l'll give you the bag.
Just please, you don't have to kill me!
Just leave the bag and go.
( gunshot )
Hello, flower.
- lt's over, Vernon. - No, l don't think so.
( gunshot )
CJ, CJ, CJ, l'm here.
- CJ, l'm here. lt's okay. - What...
are you doing here?
- l cancelled dinner. - l know.
l ignored that part. lt's gonna be okay, all right?
l just have to get the ambulance.
Hey, CJ, l'm gonna call an ambulance.
d And l don't need your revolution d
d And l don't like your war solution d
d And l don't need your institution d
d All of this just brings confusion d
d All of this just brings confusion d
d And we the people need resurrection d
d Anymore can't stand my reflection d
d And it will be all right d
d l don't want your war pollution d
d And l don't need your mind intrusion d
d All of this just brings confusion d
d And l don't want your evolution... d
( hard rock music continues playing )
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