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Johnny English

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[Dogs Barking]
[Toys Squeaking]
[Dogs Whimpering]
[Guns Cocking]
Ah, The Heckler & Koch G-36.
QuiTe deadly|in The righT hands.
Ah, AgenT One.
I have been so looking forward|To This momenT.
Well, in ThaT case,|I'll Try noT To disappoinT.
You overesTimaTe your power|over women, Mr English.
I'd say ThaT would be|virTually impossible.
Sir? Sir?
- Sir! Have you goT Them?|- [Gasps]
- Hmm?|- The mission documenTs.|AgenT One's flying TonighT.
Yes, The mission documenTs.|They're here somewhere. Ah, here we are.
AgenT One.
I'm here for my documenTs.
Bough, AgenT One's|documenTs, please.
- [Clears ThroaT]|- Thank you.
Your mission documenTs,|AgenT One.
Including The codes for The submarine|haTch, which I've checked myself.
Thank you.
So, is iTjusT France TonighT,|or will you be slipping|over The Pyrenees as well?
If I Told you ThaT,|I'm afraid I'd have To kill you.
Oh.|[Nervous Chuckle]
[Muttering] Oh, yes, yes.|Well, I expect you would.
Cheerio, AgenT One.
Bonne chance.|Arrivederci.
Such class.|Such disTincTion.
[Bell Tolling]|To: Ml7 All DepTs. UrgenT|AgenT One killed in acTion in BiarriTz.
Submarine haTch failed To open.
The greatest secret agent England's|ever had snuffed out in an instant.
Do you know whaT makes us envied|The world over, Bough?
- ThaT There's always anoTher|agenT waiTing To sTep in.|- AbsoluTely, sir.
And every lasT one of Them|is gaThered around ThaT grave.
It is our honour and privilege|to guard them while they grieve.
Their lives|are in our hands, Bough.
[Tyres Screeching]
EveryThing in order, English?
I Think you'll find iT's raTher more|Than jusT in order, sir.
You're now enTering The mosT secure|locaTion in The whole of England.
[Cow Mooing]
[Man] Pegasus,|we face a national crisis.
AgenT One was clearly onTo someThing,|and we have To find ouT whaT.
I need anoTher agenT on This.|Who else is There?
No one, Prime MinisTer.|They all died in The explosion.
All of Them?
Well, luckily There is|one who survived.
"One eye on the shadows"
"Protecting his fellows"
- " From sunup|till the moon on his back"|- [GrunTing]
- " Sendin' villains to Hades|A hit with the ladies"|- Johnny English.
"A stallion in the sack"
- " You can't get your life back|when right follows left, Jack"|- [Groaning]
"The more you see|the less you know"
"When others would leak it|His service is secret"
"Plays God|when it's your time to go"
"Hey, fellas|Don't bejealous"
"When they made him|they broke the mould"
"So charismatic|with an automatic"
"Never prematurely|shooting his load"
"Queen and country|safe and sound"
"With villains|six feet underground"
"And no one knows 'cause|no one's found any trace"
"Of a man for all seasons"
"Loves 'em|and leaves 'em alone"
"So alone"
"And you and I wouldn't have a clue|who's doin' what, why, when and who"
"Up a creek with no canoe|Watch out"
"For the man|for all seasons"
"Loves 'em|and leaves 'em alone"
"So alone"
- "But safe at home"|- "But safe at home"
- "Oh, yeah, yeah"|- "But safe at home"
"But safe at home|But safe at home"
"Then you and I wouldn't have a clue|who's doin' what, why, when and who"
"Up a creek with no canoe|Watch out"
"For the man|for all seasons"
"Loves 'em and leaves 'em|alone, so alone"
"But safe at home "
Johnny English.|I'm here To see Pegasus.
STill, no sense|rushing Things.
There are some items you need|to sign before your briefing.
This is your new|reTinal I.D. Card,
and this is your level nine|security clearance.
Sign and daTe, please.
Oh, reminds me of The old|service issue ballpoinT.
I remember every agenT would carry|a pen ThaT looked jusT like This.
CompleTely innocenT To The unTrained|eye, buT click iT Twice...
Ah, English, there you are.
Have you seen my secreTary?
Um... she wenT ouT.
Um... shall we?
Now, Agent One believed that there was|a plot to steal the Crown Jewels.
They've recently been through|a multimillion-pound restoration,
largely paid for|by a corporate sponsor.
They're due To be unveiled|TonighT aT The Tower of London.
The queen is insisting that the ceremony|goes ahead, so what we want you to...
Hah! Who... Who...
Who is The sponsor, sir?
Pascal Sauvage.
WhaT, ThaT flouncy Frenchman|who owns a couple of prisons?
Sauvage's #7 billion empire,|English,
operaTes over 400 prisons|in 60 counTries.
- He's builT 25 of Them here.|- RighT, sir.
The man's related to the royal family,|for goodness'sake.
As far as the prime minister's|concerned, he's one of the|greatest friends England's got.
Now, English, I wanT you aT The Tower|TonighT, moniToring This unveiling.
Any chink in securiTy,|any weakness,
however slight,|must be plugged immediately.
Do we understand each other?
- PerfecTly, sir.|- Good.
- Oh, yes.|- And, uh, English...
we can'T afford any misTakes...|noT TonighT.
The word "misTake," sir, is noT one|ThaT appears in my dicTionary.
[Engine Revs]
FanTasTic car, sir!
Mr English, Colonel Sir AnThony|Chevenix, head of Royal SecuriTy.
Ah, Colonel,|good evening.
- Snipers posTed on The roof|as per my requesT?|- ThirTeen of Them.
- Windows?|- RefiTTed wiTh bulleT-|and shaTTer-proof glass.
I shall now mingle|inconspicuously wiTh The guesTs.
- LeT me know when Her MajesTy arrives.|- Very good.
Shall I mingle|wiTh you, sir?
Oh, yes, Bough.|Once you've checked The roof.
Help! Help!
Well, hello.
Hello yourself.
Johnny English.
Lorna Campbell.
A Bloody Mary, please,|noT Too spicy.
So, are you here|in some professional capaciTy?
I worked on The resToraTion|of The jewels.
- InTriguing.|- And yourself?
If I Told you ThaT,|I'm afraid I'd have To kill you.
I'd like To see you Try.
Monsieur Sauvage,|on behalf of Her MajesTy,
may I welcome you|To The Tower.
Merci, monsieur.
So, are you here alone,|Mr English?
ThaT's how I choose|To live my life, Miss Campbell.
Women wanT safeTy, securiTy.|I can offer Them noThing buT danger.
Some women find danger|very aTTracTive.
Women like you,|Miss Campbell?
Women like me|expecT men like you...
To find ThaT ouT|for yourself.
Oh, iT's for me, acTually. Could your|rusTle up some of Those cheesy nibleTs?
Now, where were we?
You obviously haven'T meT|our hosT, Monsieur Sauvage.
No, Thank God.
You know, I Think I'd raTher have|my boTTom impaled on a gianT cacTus...
Than exchange pleasanTries|wiTh ThaTjumped-up Frenchman.
As far as I'm concerned, the only thing|the French should host is an invasion.
[Snickers]|Sorry, can I help?
Pascal Sauvage,|jumped-up Frenchman.
Lorna Campbell. I've been so looking|forward To meeTing you.
- EnchanTÚ.|- [MuTTering]
BuT of course! You're Johnny English.|I've heard all abouT you.
And beTween you and me,|I'm noT so keen on The French myself.
But please|don't tell them that.
Let me go and search|for your nibbly cheese bits.
- No, no, no. L...|- I insisT. The French are,|afTer all, fanTasTic waiTers.
- The best in the world.|- Well... BuT-BuT...
- WaiT here, and I will waiT on you.|- No, really. There's no...
No. Please, please, please!
Hmm. Les Francais.
Ils sont very...|n'est-ce pas?
Ladies and genTlemen,|mesdames est messieurs,
bienvenus, welcome TonighT|To This wonderful occasion.
As we stand here|in the Tower of London,
The mosT famous prison|in The world,
where these wonderful|jewels will rest safely...
under lock and key,
I want to thank you...
for giving me|This wonderful experience...
To conTribuTe To The resToraTion|of These jewels.
It was, as we say in France,|le Top, le besT of.
- [Feigned Chuckle]|- And what a beautiful...
[Woman Screams]
IT's Colonel Chevenix! He's goT|a nasTy wound, sir. Who hiT him?
The assailanT.|He ran in here.
Bough, you guard The door.
[Pounding, Grunting]
For God's sake, Bough, don'T come in.|The man's a maniac!
- [GuesTs Gasp]|- You don't frighten me!
- [Glass Shatters]|- Missed!
[Guests Gasping]
[GrunTing ConTinues]
[Karate Yells]
[Body Falls]
- [Guests Gasping]|- I've managed To subdue The assailanT.
The panic's over.|Everything's under control.
- [Applause]|- [Chevenix Groans]
Thank you. And now,|ladies and genTlemen,
we should compose ourselves|for The arrival of Her MajesTy...
and reTurn To The siTe|of our greaT naTion's...
magnificenTly resTored|Crown Jewels.
[All Gasping]
I know.|I feel iT Too.
The very symbols|of our island nation,
so close we could almosT|reach ouT and...
- " [Trumpet Fanfare]|- Pray silence|for Her Majesty the Queen.
[Queen]|Oh, where are thejewels?
[Pegasus]|It's an unmitigated disaster, English.
I couldn'T agree more, sir.
Well, we need To geT These|jewels back, English, and fasT.
Tell me about this assailant.|When they searched the room,|there was no sign of him.
Well, The man was clearly|a professional.
He musT have escaped while|The queen was being sedaTed.
BuT he's The only lead we've goT.|We have To find him.
Come in. This is...|This is Roger from DaTa SupporT.
Please siT down. He'll produce|a likeness based on your descripTion.
So tell us,|what did this man look like?
Um... well...
he was... big.
- Hair colour?|- Um... orange.
- Orange?|- Mmm. And curly.
Well, frizzy, acTually.|Frizzy sorT of Thing.
- Frizzy.|- An eyepaTch.
Broken nose.|Very few TeeTh.
Two, I would say,|at the most.
And a scar on his cheek...
in The shape... of a banana.
- Which cheek?|- BoTh cheeks.
They sorT of meT|in The middle.
Are you sure|abouT This, English?
[Gasps] Oh, yes, that's him.|An uncanny resemblance.
Why, iT's jusT as if|he's in The room wiTh us.
[Horn Honking,|Tyres Screeching]
Wow! Look at this, sir.|Got all the bells and whistles.
Never mind abouT The gadgeTs.|JusT focus on The case.
[Horn Honks]
[Engine Revs]
Oh, uh...
Good morning, genTlemen.|Thank you very much for waiTing.
Now, The quesTion ThaT faces us|This morning is a simple one.
Namely, how did The Thieves gain access|To This highly secure environmenT...
and then escape|with thejewels afterwards?
A simple question, but one|which I believe has a complex answer.
- AcTually, sir...|- Uh, please, Bough. My mind is aT work.
Now, whaT you musT grasp, genTlemen,|is ThaT The masTer criminal...
sees not a room|but a series of opportunities.
Should I go in|Through The window?
- Should I drop down from The ceiling?|- AcTually, sir...
There's one Thing I Think|we can be fairly confidenT abouT,
ThaT is ThaT They didn'T|come up Through The floor...
I've goT you, sir.
ThaT's all righT.|JusT come my way, Bough.
- ThaT'll bring me|righT over The hole, sir.|- There's no need To panic.
Can you see|The boTTom yeT, Bough?
Not yet, sir. The shaft|appears to be narrowing.
I'm just a little bit worried|I might get stuck.
TrusT me, Bough. You won'T|geT sTuck if you jusT keep moving.
Yes, sir.|[Bough Grunting]
I'm okay, sir.
Are you aT The boTTom|now, Bough?
No, I am in fact|stuck now, sir.
Oh, for God's sake, Bough.|STay There! I'm coming down.
Uh, I'm not especially sure|that's a good idea, sir.
Don'T worry.
Be careful, sir!
GenTly does iT.
- [Screaming]|- Sir?
- Are you all righT, sir?|- Yes. I landed on someThing quiTe sofT.
- ThaT was me, sir.|- Oh, good.
WhaT now?
There's no way back|up There, ThaT's for sure.
BuT This musT lead|somewhere.
I'm slighTly uncomforTable|in The dark, sir.
There's noThing|To worry abouT, Bough.
- IT may be piTch black,|buT we can sTill see.|- Can we, sir? How?
The Bedouin monks of|The Al Maghreb mounTains...
developed a sysTem|of sonic chanTing.
- I see, sir.|- The sound of Their chanTing...
would bounce back|off any obsTacles,
and using Their|highly Tuned ears...
They could painT a menTal picTure|of The paTh ahead.
- BrillianT, sir.|- However, you musT always|sing in E-flaT.
"E-flaT, E-flaT, E-flaT"
"Thank you for The music|The songs I'm singing"
- Is iT working, sir?|- ExTremely well, Thank you, Bough.
"Thanks for all|The joy ThaT..."
- [Thud]|- Ow!
You all righT, sir? I Think|I can see someThing, sir.
Oh, yeah. Come on.
[Quiet Chattering]
[Man]|Here is the long one.
[Man #2]|It is a long one.
- I knew iT.|- Shall we call for backup, sir?
WhaT? And waTch some faT-boTTomed|bobby make our arresT for us?
I don'T Think so.
Good morning, genTlemen.|Ml7 aT your service.
Observe, Bough, the dull|incompetence of the criminal mind.
IT can never hope To maTch|our level of Technical experTise.
- [Tyres Screeching]|- [Coughing]
- You've goT iT.|- [Bough] What do we do now, sir?
WaTch and learn, Bough.
- They're Too far ahead of us.|- Have faiTh, Bough.|They're heading souTh.
[Nuns Screaming]
- There They are, sir!|- JusT as I ThoughT.
- Hang on TighT, Bough.|- [Bough Groaning]
- [Horns Honking]|- We're never gonna caTch Them in This.
- Take The wheel, Bough.|I'm geTTing in The AsTon.|- Sir?
[Truck Horn Honking]
Change places, Bough.|I'm geTTing ouT The oTher side.
SeT, Bough.|Take me up.
Swing me ouT, Bough!
- Whoa.|- Down.
- [Horn Honking]|- Up! Up!
Bough, pull ouT!
Ow! Ow!
Those idiots|are right behind us. Faster!
[Horns Honking]
[Horn Honking]
Drop me here, Bough!
Ow! Oh.
No! No! No!
[Bough]|Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.
[Engine Starts, Revs]
[English] They're Turning inTo|The BrompTon CemeTery.
GeT here as soon as you can.|I'm going in.
In a wheelchair. BuT Geoffrey|overcame These Terrible disabiliTies...
wiTh ThaT simple resilience|and sunny opTimism...
ThaT so warmed|all of us who knew him,
spending The resT of his life|in The service...
of The poor and disabled|of This parish.
IT's very good.|Really very good.
No, no, please go on.|I'm sorry To inTerrupT.
- It's very entertaining.|- Who's ThaT?
ThaT priesT acT of yours should keep The|oTher prisoners enTerTained for hours.
Oh, I'm so sorry. Where are|my manners? Johnny English,
BriTish SecreT Service,|and you are all under arresT.
I musT say you've done|This whole Thing very well.
The aTTenTion To deTail|is excellenT.
You, The grieving granny,|you're very convincing.
Oh, look. Real Tears.|Do you geT paid exTra for ThaT?
Ahh, whaT|we're all here for.
I know! Why don'T we|Take a look inside?
- [Mourners Gasp]|- Oh, you've nailed iT down!
Why would you do that?
I know you're gonna come back|in Two weeks and dig iT up again.
Now, whaT are you playing in This|liTTle vigneTTe of deceiT and villainy?
I'm The hearse driver.
- You're The hearse driver?|- Yes, sir.
- You're The hearse driver?|- Yes, sir.
Ah! Aha!
There you are... GunTher.
Uh, I do hope he hasn't|made a nuisance of himself.
I'm DocTor, um...
Bough, of The LunaTic|Response UniT.
I'm afraid GunTher here wasn'T|supposed To be released unTil 2028.
Isn'T ThaT righT, GunTher?
Yes, yes, there's been|the most monumental cock-up.
Um, if you'll excuse me,|wiTh The deepesT respecT,
uTmosT sympaThy.
Uh, he hasn'T urinaTed|on anyone, has he?
- No.|- No, no.
ThaT's a blessing. Are you|gonna give me The gun, GunTher?
There. ThaT wasn'T|Too difficulT, was iT?
- Are you going To come home now?|- [Speaking Gibberish]
[Speaking Gibberish]
Oh... in The van!|Yes, we are going in The van.
Yes, yes.|Vroom, vroom.
- Vroom, vroom. Vroom, vroom.|- Yes. Yeah.
- [Gibberish]|- Yes. He's waving good-bye.|Good-bye, everyone.
- Good-bye.|- Good-bye, GunTher.
Mind The nice dead people.|There we go.
Oh, we'll just go to the path|here. There. Big step.
IT's a graveyard. IT's|where They bring people...
Yes, all righT.|You can sTop now.
- For appearances,|I'll jusT hold your arm.|- JusT keep walking.
In facT, run, run, run!
I can'T believe|I've done This.
I mean, I really|cannoT believe I've done This!
You see, 200 years ago,
my family should have inheriTed|The Throne of England,
buT They were casT aside.
Well, in a few|very shorT days,
iT will be back|where iT belongs.
WiTh me.
Shall I Try iT on?|Yes? No? Maybe?
To make you king, we need|The archbishop of CanTerbury To do ThaT.
The archbishop of CanTerbury...
is being taken care of|even as we speak.|TARGET ACQUIRED
There's only one thing, sir.|What are we going to do about English?
If I were you, I wouldn'T worry|Too much abouT English.
He is no ThreaT To us.|I had his flaT bugged.
[KaraTe Yells]
- [Yells]|- [Duck Squeaks]
Clearly, The apTly named|English is a fool.
He mighT be a fool, buT he's|a fool who keeps showing up.
Well, The nexT Time|he shows up,
eliminaTe him.
Thank you.
DieTer Klein|and Klaus VendeTTa, sir.
Released from prison six monThs ago.|327 convicTions beTween Them.
Armed robbery,|grievous bodily harm...
and combined parking fines|of more Than 400...
Uh, yes, all righT. Thank you, Bough.|I Think we geT The picTure.
The poinT is, sir,|ThaT VendeTTa and Klein...
are boTh in The employ|of Monsieur Sauvage.
- Pascal Sauvage?|- Precisely, sir.
BuT you're noT suggesTing|Sauvage is involved?
I Think he's more|Than jusT involved, sir.
I'm convinced he's|up To his French neck in iT.
Don'T be absurd. Sauvage|employs Thousands of people.
JusT because Two of Them|are villains doesn'T mean ThaT he is.
I wanT him discounTed from This|invesTigaTion immediaTely.
Yes, sir.
All right. Tonight I shall be|at Sauvage's reception|for the new French ambassador.
Any developments,|you can reach me there.
AparT from ThaT, I don'T wanT you|wiThin a hundred miles of The man.
AbsoluTely, sir.
RequisiTion order: Ml7 quarTermasTers|for immediaTe supply;
one miliTary TransporT plane,|fully fueled, wiTh permission|for nighTTime ciTy over flighT;
Two nighT camouflage parachuTes,|plus reserves, plus neoprene|bodysuiTs, Twice, in black.
I've never liked The navy blue.
And a 40-inch chesT for me|'cause I need The sleeve lengTh.
- Morning, Felch.|- Morning.
Oh, and Two Special Forces|signeT rings,
primed and colour-coded.
- WhaT's all This for?|- For TonighT's operaTion.
We're going To break inTo|Sauvage's headquarTers.
- BuT Pegasus said...|- LeT me worry abouT Pegasus.
I know ThaT Sauvage|is behind all This, and TonighT|we're going To geT The evidence.
- Is someThing wrong, sir?|- Did ThaT sound like Felch To you?
[Whispers]|You, upsTairs.
[GrunTs, Groans]
Can you see him, Bough?
He's on The upper level, sir.
GoT him.
And like a coiled viper...|he sTrikes.
[Bough Groans]
So whaT you're saying, sir,|is There musT have been Two of Them?
Oh, aT leasT, Bough.|Possibly four.
I wonder why|I didn'T see Them.
You musTn'T dwell|on your misTakes.
- You musT learn from Them, Then move on.|- Yes, sir.
- So where were you, sir?|- JusT drop iT, Bough!
- Aah! WhaT is iT, sir?|- ThaT bike.
You geT Things|sorTed ouT for TonighT.
Well, well, we meeT again.
Mr English.|WhaT a pleasanT surprise.
I wondered when|you mighT show up again.
On The conTrary, Miss Campbell. IT is|noT I who keeps showing up. IT's you.
Do you like sushi?
Oh, sushi! I pracTically|live off The sTuff.
You mighT say The mysTeries|of The OrienT are no mysTery To me.
- Sake?|- Ah. Sake.
[Speaking Japanese]|Cheers.
May all your daughTers|be born wiTh Three boTToms.
Now Then, perhaps|you can explain how iT is...
ThaT I run inTo you|aT Two crime scenes...
and Then can'T find any record of you|on a single governmenT compuTer.
Shouldn'T you ask|The governmenT ThaT?
I am The governmenT|and I'm asking you.
LeT me.
Mmm. You're brave.
They say ThaT sea urchin's|The ulTimaTe acquired TasTe.
Hmm. IT's a personal|favouriTe of mine.
I Think people are puT off|by how iT feeds Through iTs boTTom.
Would you excuse me|for a momenT?
[ShouTing In Japanese]
Excuse me. Sorry. I'm from Ml7.|Sorry. I'm a secreT agenT.
- EveryThing seT, Bough?|- JusT abouT, sir.
AcTually, sir, do you mind if I|run Through The plan one more Time?
- No, no.|- These are The Two buildings here.
This one is our target, Sauvage's|headquarters, next to City Hospital.
I jump first and land|on the south side of the roof,
abseil down 14 floors and|cut through this window here.
[English] I then land on the east side|and abseil down 12 floors.
Where you wait for my signal|that I've disabled the alarm system.
- Yes.|- You Them break inTo This window here,
work your way along the secure corridor|and penetrate Sauvage's office.
- Yes, yes.|- Is ThaT okay, sir?
IT's been okay ever since|I ThoughT up The idea, Bough.
Oh, I nearly forgoT, sir.|Your laser beacon.
- My whaT?|- Your laser beacon!
IT'll guide you|onTo Sauvage's building.
Your dependence on hardware|really does amuse me, Bough.
I've been dropped|inTo The Kalahari DeserT...
carrying noThing more Than a TooThbrush|and a packeT of sherbeT lemons,
and I sTill found my way|To Bulawayo before Ramadan.
So Thank you, Bough,|buT no Thank you.
- [Buzzer Sounds]|- Bough, go!
- [Buzzer Sounds]|- Fandango!
Ugh! Ai-yi-yi.
- [Beeps]|- Alarm's disabled, sir.
Roger ThaT, Bough.
[GrunTs, Groans]
This is worse|Than I ThoughT, Bough.
Sauvage has goT some kind|of laboraTory seT up here.
God knows whaT kind|of sick operaTion he's running.
[Door Opens]
My God, whaT|have They done To you?
They've Taken|some of my blood.
- BasTards!|- IT's only for TesTs.
Of course iT is.|Come on, my friend.
Let's get you out of here|before they take anything else.
Ah! Good evening,|Dr FrankensTein.
This way, please.
Come on.|I haven'T goT all nighT.
And you,|you angels of deaTh.
AbouT Turn.|Come on, leT's go.
Come on, come on.|Keep moving.
Come on. Over There. I know|whaT you're doing here. And you.
Come on. Quicker. Quicker.|Over There.
Now Then,
perhaps you could direcT me|To your evil paymasTer.
- WhaT are you Talking abouT?|- You know exacTly|whaT I'm Talking abouT.
Where is The office|of Pascal Sauvage?
Are you coming over here|in a minuTe, sir?
I'm from Ml7.
This has been a TesT of your|emergency response sysTems,
and I have To say|you've all done exTremely well.
RighT.|Well, I'll leave you To iT.
And, uh, geT well soon.
Oh, God!
Sir. Sir.
Did you jusT land|on The wrong building?
I did a precauTionary sweep|of The immediaTe environmenT.
- And everyThing was fine.|- Good.
Okay, leT's go.
I will be downsTairs|aT The recepTion...
- ThaT's far enough.|- Well, good evening.
- Perhaps you'd like This as well.|- What is it?
- LeT me show you.|- Aah!
Well execuTed, Bough,|buT compleTely redundanT.
- How do you mean, sir?|- Super-sTrengTh muscle relaxanT.
When he wakes up, he'll be|as floppy as a damp old sock.
[Men Conversing, Indistinct]
WhaT's This?
ThaT's The face of|The archbishop of CanTerbury.
[English]|What are they doing?
[English] What's this got to do|with the Crown Jewels?
[Beep, Whirring]
A people whose empire|once covered...
one quarter of the surface|of the earth.
Alas, no longer.
My friends ask me, "Pascal,|how can you be so inTeresTed...
in such a backward,|groTTy liTTle counTry?"
My answer is simple:|The queen.
The queen has more power|in her tiny white gloves...
Than any oTher head of sTaTe|in The enTire world.
She can declare war|or make peace,
and mosT inTriguingly...
she can seize any piece of land|which Takes her fancy.
Of course,|the queen never uses...
The enormous power|afforded To her.
BuT imagine someone|who would use ThaT power.
Imagine, say, me.
BuT how could he do ThaT, sir?|How could he make himself king?
The archbishop.
- [Sauvage Continues, Indistinct]|- [Door Opens]
Hands up.|There's a good fellow.
Heavily armed for a laTe nighT|aT The office.
You fool, English. You'll never|geT ouT of The building alive.
I'd save your breaTh|for my quesTioning.
I'm noT Telling you|anyThing.
Sodium penToThal.
- I won'T lie To you. IT's a TruTh serum.|- [Groans]
Now Then, why does Sauvage|wanT To have himself crowned?
You have no idea|whaT's going on here, do you?
[Chuckles] IT would be funny|if iT wasn'T so "pablibbliT."
[Mumbling Gibberish]
- He's Talking gibberish, sir.|- I can hear ThaT.
- He's collapsed onTo me, sir.|- I can see ThaT.
- You don'T Think you could've|goT The syringes mixed up?|- WhaT?
Given The guard ouTside TruTh serum|and given Klein The muscle relaxanT?
Don'T be ridiculous, Bough.|I Think I know my righT from my lefT.
- Sir?|- Oh, bugger iT.
Bough, Take "flodd."
- Take whaT, sir?|- "Flodd." "Schlage."
- I'm noT quiTe geTTing|ThaT second word, sir.|- "Schlaaaagh!"
- WriTe iT down, sir.|- "Schlaaaagh!"
Yes!|[MuTTering Gibberish]
"C." C-A... Uh...
Car! Take The car!|We came by plane.
[MuTTering Gibberish]|Bugger off!
- Hold iT righT There.|- [Groans]
- WhaT's wrong wiTh Them?|- I'm noT Telling you.
Wrong answer.
WhaT is iT wiTh you Two?
LeT's geT ouTTa here.
Sorry, buT who are you,|exacTly?
Special AgenT Campbell.|I'm aTTached To InTerpol in Paris.
We've been waTching Sauvage|for monThs.
Because every major convicT released|from a Sauvage prison in six monThs...
has been employed|by one of his companies.
We believe he's recruiTing Them|for a major criminal conspiracy.
- We jusT don'T know whaT yeT.|- [English Mumbles Gibberish]
- WhaT did he say?|- Pegasus!
We have To reporT|To Pegasus!
Oh, no, sir.|No, no, no.
- How do we geT ouT of here?|- Hey, you Two!
WhaT you did To me|really hurT.
Yeah. Sorry abouT ThaT. How do we|geT ouT of here wiThouT being seen?
LefT by The founTain, righT by The fire|exiT, To The elevaTor aT The end.
- Thank you.|- Oh, my God.
Nice job, Bough.
- LefT, sir. LefT!|- [English MuTTering]
[Bough] Sir, you can't go|to Sauvage's reception in this state.
The effecT of The drug|has pracTically worn off.
I'm "fline"...
"schline"...|uh, "gline"...
" [Orchestra]
- Monsieur.|- Ah. Thank you.
[Glass Shatters]
- Would you like anoTher?|- Please.
Thank you.
WhaT in God's name...
Ah, Foreign "SebreTarary."
- " [Up-tempo]|- Shall we dance?
Excuse me, sir.|I'm very sorry To inTerrupT...
Pascal, how nice|To see you again.
- Enjoying The parTy?|- Oh, splendid affair.
I was unTil I was informed|ThaT your man English...
and his curious boyfriend here|have spenT The evening...
breaking inTo my office|and assaulTing my sTaff.
- Is This True, Bough?|- Well, we... we...
WhaT do you Think|you're up To?
- Sir, if I could jusT offer...|- Go home, Bough!
I gave you direcT orders|noT To meddle wiTh Sauvage.
WhaT do you do? Break inTo his office|and assaulT Two of his sTaff.
Then you march in here,|loaded wiTh God knows whaT,|and insulT The foreign secreTary.
I haven'T encounTered such|behaviour in WhiTehall in 30 years.
- BuT...|- There are no "buTs," English.
You're off The case. Your securiTy|clearance is hereby cancelled.
AfTer a Three-monTh leave of absence,|you will reTurn aT your old grade.
And I hope never|To hear your name again.
[Thunder Rumbling]
[Sauvage]|English has seen too much.
We go To plan "B."
GeT rid of|The fake archbishop...
and green-lighT|The visiT To Her MajesTy.
Then This paTheTic counTry|can humiliaTe iTself...
by crowning me officially.
ThaT's a leTTer|of abdicaTion...
renouncing your claims|To The Throne...
and The claims|of your enTire family.
Sign iT.
- [Gun Cocks]|- [Whimpers]
[Dog Barks]
- [Rings]|- Yes?
Prime Minister, sorry to call so late,|but I'm afraid the queen is abdicating.
Abdicated?|But that's not possible.
I only wish ThaT were True.
- LeT me Talk To her. Maybe she jusT...|- Pascal, she's gone.
My people have spent|the last 10 hours...
Trying To Track down|The righTful heir To The Throne...
and They've come up wiTh a name,|which They've double-checked.
Who is iT?
- IT's you.|- No!
[Radio Announcer] In the wake|of the return of the Crown Jewels...
to a police station|in North London,
Pascal Sauvage has requested|that his coronation...
Take place|This Thursday.
In the House, the prime minister said he|was looking forward to the ceremony...
and he believed that Monsieur Sauvage|will make a fine king...
and will bring all ThaT is|besT abouT modern Europe|To our ancienT insTiTuTions.
[Doorbell Ringing]
GeT your car keys.|We've goT work To do.
- Miss Campbell.|- Sauvage is heading back To France.
He's invited 13 of|the richest criminal masterminds|in the world to meet him there.
I'm sorry, Miss Campbell.|I'm off The case.
IT's been reassigned.
I know.|Reassigned To me.
- I wanT you wiTh me.|- JusT leave me alone.
Are you gonna siT here in This|groTTy flaT feeling sorry for yourself?
Or are you gonna geT ouT There|and save your counTry?
I'm gonna siT in The flaT.
- Johnny, This is ridiculous.|- I'm a spenT force.
SpenT, my ass.
Will... you...|please... sTop?
I'll jusT be a minuTe.
IT'll be nighTfall in an hour.|Then we can sTrike ouT for The chaTeau.
The facT is, The momenT Sauvage|geTs ThaT crown on his head,
he'll be able To do whaTever he likes|wiTh The counTry ThaT I love,
and ThaT is why you and I|have goT To sTop him.
- Relishing The ThoughT?|- SomeThing like ThaT.
I suppose you've made love|To loTs of women, haven'T you, Johnny?
Uh...|Uh, well, you know,
one does one's besT.
IT's jusT...
Well, iT's been Three years|since my fiancÚ lefT me,
and since Then I haven'T|made love To anyone.
BuT Then I meT you...
and I felT This...|hunger...
deep down inside.
I wanTed To say Things To you,|I wanTed To do Things To you...
ThaT I haven'T wanTed To do|in a very, very, very long Time.
WhaT, uh...
WhaT sorT of Things|are we Talking abouT?
Things like|punching you in The face,
kicking you in The backside for being|such a pompous, know-noThing asshole.
BuT Then I sTarTed To see beyond|The idioT ThaT everybody else saw.
I sTarTed To see|The man on The inside...
who was deTermined To do his duTy,|no maTTer whaT or who lay in his way.
And I began To feel|oTher Things for him,
To wanT To do|oTher Things for him.
involving plasTic Toys|and sofT cheese?
- WhaT? [Scoffs]|- WhaT? WhaT?
You're Toying wiTh me.|You're Telling me To sTop in|The genTlesT way you know how.
No. N-N-No...
You're such a special person...
noT To Take advanTage of me|while I'm vulnerable.
- N-No... Well...|- So Thank you...
for being such a genTleman.
NoT aT all.
I know whaT you're Thinking,|Miss Campbell.
If we don'T pull This off, God knows|whaT mighT happen To England.
AcTually, I was Thinking There musT be|a beTTer way in Than ThaT pipe.
Well, There isn'T.
I've analysed iT from every angle,|and This is The besT opTion.
I'll go in firsT, and if iT's a clear|way Through, I'll call down.
- Be careful.|- I'm always careful.
[Gagging, Coughing]
[Toilets Flushing]
- [Tapping On Glass]|- GenTlemen.
In a few hours Time...
I will become|The nexT king of England.
[Whispers]|Oh, no.
Hyah...|[Gagging, Coughing]
- How did you geT here?|- Up The ladder.
Pull yourself TogeTher.|IT's only a biT of poo.
Oh! Oh, iT's cold!|IT's cold!
WhaT is The one commodiTy...
The world never seems|To run ouT of?
Criminals, genTlemen.
- [Guests Murmuring]|- Lawbreakers.
Every naTion in The world|sTruggles...
wiTh The issue|of overcrowded prisons.
So, what do we do|with all these villains?
Find the solution|to that problem...
and the governments of the world|would pay you through their nose.
ForTunaTely,|I have found a soluTion.
We empTy every prison|on The enTire planeT,
we take the resulting|tidal wave of human scum...
and we puT iT here.
[Gasping, Murmuring]
The momenT|I am crowned king,
I will turn England|into the largest prison...
in the history|of the world.
210,000 square miles...
of prime real estate...
conveniently separated|from true civilization...
by 20 miles of ocean...
- and soon to be available...|- Come on.
For the entire world|to dump its human waste in.
According to|current projections,
we will not run out of prison space|for the next 500 years.
So, TonighT one,|and only one, of you...
will leave here|owning 49 percent...
of This venTure.
So ThaT's his liTTle game.|We musT geT hold of ThaT DVD.
BuT how, Johnny?|There's only Two of us.
You're young, Miss Campbell,|and inexperienced.
WhaT you seem To|have forgoTTen is ThaT...
[Over P.A. Speaker]|Nobody knows we are here.
At our disposal we have|the vital element of surprise.
Now, my plan is simple|buT effecTive.
I shall drop from the gallery|at this end of the room|and take Sauvage prisoner.
You will then enter from the far door,|cutting off any means of escape.
Then, using Sauvage as a hostage,|we'll get the hell out of here. Clear?
GeT 'em up,|you French ponce.
BuT, Mr English,|I'm gobsmacked!
WhaT an unexpecTed surprise.
Surprises are very much|my specialiTy, Sauvage.
I Think we've seen|enough of This.
I know exacTly whaT you're planning,|and I'm here To puT a sTop To iT.
My boTTom will be king of England|before you are.
Wrong again.
Perhaps you'd care|To look behind you.
Oh, please.
[Weapons Cock]
I'm sorry, Johnny.
Well, I'm afraid|that we'll have to...
conclude The floor show|for TonighT.
NoT so fasT, Sauvage.
You may have Taken me,|buT you'll never Take England.
NoT as long as I have|breaTh in my body...
or a bullet in my gun.
You know, Mr English,|I'm going To miss you. Really.
You're very enTerTaining.|I Thank you.
Take Them away.
[Radio Announcer]|Good morning, everybody,
and welcome to|the breakfast show.
[Speaking French]
As the crowds are gathering here for|the crowning of our first French king...
since the year 1066,
call here at London FM with the top ten|things you most love about the French.
We haven't had|any calls yet, uh, at all,
but the lines are still open|and I'll give you that number again...
0-2-0-7...|zero, deux, zero, sepT...
This is noT good,|Johnny.
We've goT To Think|of someThing.
[Johnny]|Wait a minute. I've got an idea.
Hop! Hop!
And hop! And hop!|And sTop!
Now, are you familiar...
wiTh The shaman ThroaT warblers|of The GuaTemalan delTa?
IT has long been|Their belief...
ThaT a whisTle piTched aT The precise|resonanT frequency of a meTal lock...
will vibraTe The levers in such a way|ThaT The door will simply swing open.
- And kneel.|- [Groaning]
RighT. Here goes.
[WhisTle:|Ascending Tone]
- [Sighs]|- [WhisTle ConTinues]
[Tone Goes SilenT]
- I can'T hear anyThing.|- I'm inTo ulTrasonic.
Will you jusT sTop all This|and face facTs?
We've failed. The only Thing|ThaT can save us now is a miracle.
- [Rasping Tone]|- [Lock Clicks]
IT worked!
- Ohh!|- Sir?
I don'T know why you hauled yourself up|ThaT dreadful poo Tube, Bough,
when There was a perfecTly good ladder|righT beside iT.
Now, Sauvage may have|fooled The counTry...
wiTh his fake archbishop|and his secreT agenda,
buT he hasn'T fooled me.
- So, here's The plan.|- [Gasps]
" [Orchestra, Chorus:|Majestic]
"Let all good people|rejoice"
- "Rejoice"|- Aaah!
"Let all good people|rejoice"
"And sing "
Sirs, you are hereby called|To wiTness The anoinTing...
of your one true lord|and future king Pascal.
Pascal, are you willing|to take the oath?
I am willing.
Then be Thou anoinTed...
wiTh This holy oil.
And do you, The chosen bishops|of England, ScoTland and Wales,
ascenT To This anoinTing?
For ScoTland, I do.
For Wales, I do.
For England, I do noT!
- [Congregation Gasping, Murmuring]|- English!
ThaT man musT noT be crowned king|because he is...
a fraudsTer, a charlaTan|and a Thief.
No, please.|LeT him speak.
IT is This man,|Pascal Sauvage,
who sTole The Crown Jewels,
who forced The queen|To abdicaTe...
and who would kill anyone|who got in his way.
IT is The end,|Herr English.
[English] He has cheated,|conned and manipulated...
this great country|for his own ends.
He's fooled you all!
WhaT's more,|This whole ceremony is a sham...
because ThaT man|sTanding in fronT of you...
is noT The archbishop|of CanTerbury.
[Congregation Gasps]
English, a word of advice:|Don't go there.
ShuT iT, Frenchy. I'll go|wherever I damn well please.
- Now take it off.|- WhaT?
Your face|is made of plasTic.
Remove iT aT once.
I have no idea|whaT you're Talking abouT.
RighT. I'll jusT have To|remove iT myself.
Come on!|[Grunting, Muttering]
- Maybe iT pulls up from The fronT.|- [Archbishop Groaning]
Come on, you!
- Aaah!|- Thank you very much.
MusT be a join here|somewhere.
Fascinating performance|as always, Monsieur English,
buT I'm afraid|we musT move on.
Nobody's moving anywhere unTil I'm|finished wiTh This piece of low-life.
Do you or do you you not...
have TaTTooed on your boTTom|The words,
"Jesus is coming...|look busy"?
- [Congregation Murmuring]|- Are you insane?
Well, leT's find ouT,|shall we?
Go on, over.|LeT's have a look.
[Screaming, Gasping]
- [Laughing HysTerically]|- ExcellenT!
All righT, so I was wrong|abouT The archbishop's boTTom.
- BuT There's more.|- BuT noT, I'm afraid, Today.
SergeanT, please|Take This man away.
- But be gentle with him.|- Do you think that's it?
You Think I don'T have|more evidence?
My loyal subordinaTe|is sTanding by wiTh a DVD...
which shows Sauvage's|hideous plans for this country.
GeT him ouT!|GeT him ouT of here!
- Play iT, Bough! Play The disk!|- Play iT! Now!
" [Upbeat Pop]
- [Lip Synching]|- "You're so hot teasing me"
"So you're blue, but I can't|take a chance on a chick like you"
"It's somethin'|I couldn't do"
"Well, I can dance with you, honey|if you think it's funny"
"Does your mother know|that you're out"
"And I could shout with you, baby|Flirt a little, maybe"
"Does your mother know|that you're out"
- "Take it easy"|- "Take it easy"
"Better slow down, girl|That's no way to go"
"Does your mother know"
- Oi!|- Hey!
[MuTTers In French]
Well, shall we?
[Archbishop]|Then as Solomon was anointed king...
by Zadok the priest|and Nathan the prophet,
so be Thou anoinTed...
and consecraTed king...
over all the peoples...
whom the Lord thy God...
hath given thee to govern...
and of all your possessions,
wherever they may be.
And so,|in The name of The FaTher...
and of the Son...
and of The Holy GhosT,
I crown you...
[Congregation Gasping]
[Groans]|Damn iT!
- Give iT back!|- No!
- ThaT is my crown!|- Never!
- Give iT back!|- Never in a million years, Sauvage!
- Give iT To me!|- GeT off.
Merde!|[ShouTing In French]
Give iT back!
- STop!|- ShuT up!
[All Gasping]
All This sTupid liTTle counTry|have To do is sTand in line...
and do whaT iT's Told|for one miserable day!
BuT can iT do ThaT?
My fragranT French ass,|iT can!
- [GunshoT]|- Aah!
Give iT! The crown, eh?|The crown! Go!
[ShouTing In French]
And so, in the name|of the Father...
and of the Son|and of the Holy Ghost,
I crown you...
ArresT ThaT man...
and lock him away.
[Congregation Cheering]
"God save The king|Long live The king"
"God save the king"
" [Chorus Continues]
"Amen, amen, amen, amen|Amen, amen"
" [Continues]
"Ahh, amen, amen|Amen, hallelujah"
[Cheering, Applause|Continue]
"God save the king "
Words can hardly express just how much|we appreciate everything you've done.
NoThing more|Than my duTy, ma'am.
And in reTurn, is There anyThing ThaT|your queen and counTry can do for you?
since one is asking,|ma'am...
[Radio Announcer] In celebration|of her return to the throne,
the queen has declared August 5|a national holiday...
and has conferred a knighthood|on the unnamed Ml7 agent...
responsible for foiling the plot|of French businessman Pascal Sauvage.
Mr Sauvage is now awaiting trial|for high treason,
a crime which still|carries the death penalty.
If found guilty, he's asked that his|brain be donated to medical science...
to further research into the causes|of hyper manic schizophrenia.
Meanwhile, the unnamed English agent|has left the country...
and has already embarked|on his next challenging mission.
[Lorna]|SirJohnny English.
Her MajesTy|did seem very graTeful.
She's noT The only one.
Mmm. You are|full of surprises.
- Johnny!|- Oh, f...
"One eye on the shadows"
"Protecting his fellows"
"From sunup|to the moon on his back"
"Sendin' villains to Hades|A hit with the ladies"
"A stallion in the sack"
"You can't get your life back|when right follows left, jack"
"The more you see|the less you know"
"When others would leak it|his service is secret"
"Plays God|when it's your time to go"
"Hey, fellas|Don't bejealous"
"When they made him|they broke the mould"
"So charismatic|with an automatic"
"Never prematurely|shooting his load, ha"
"Queen and country|safe and sound"
"With villains|six feet underground"
"And no one knows 'cause|no one's found any trace"
"Of a man for all seasons"
"Loves 'em|and leaves 'em alone"
"So alone"
"And you and I|wouldn't have a clue"
"Who's doin' what, why|when and who"
"Up a creek with no canoe"
"Watch out for|the man for all seasons"
"Loves 'em|and leaves 'em alone"
"So alone|But safe at home"
"But safe at home|But safe at home"
"Queen and country|safe and sound"
"With villains|six feet underground"
"And no one knows 'cause|no one's found any trace"
"Of a man for all seasons"
"Loves 'em|and leaves 'em alone"
"So alone"
"And you and I|wouldn't have a clue"
"Who's doin' what, why|when and who"
"Up a creek with no canoe"
"Watch out for|the man for all seasons"
"Loves 'em|and leaves 'em alone"
"So alone|But safe at home"
"Queen and country|Safe and sound"
"With villains|six feet underground"
"And no one knows 'cause|no one's found any trace"
"Of a man for all seasons"
"Loves 'em|and leaves 'em alone"
"So alone"
"And you and I|wouldn't have a clue"
"Who's doin' what, why|when and who"
"Up a creek with no canoe"
"Watch out for|the man for all seasons"
"Loves 'em|and leaves 'em alone"
"So alone"
"But safe at home"
"Oh-Oh-Ohh, yeah "
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