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Johnny Got His Gun

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It arrived quickly.
The medical cord was at side.
The belly and the chest are intact.
They are folded up always in foetus.
They protect their parts.
It is all that it saved.
It was identified?
Then it is with us.
I undertake him until complete cicatrization.
That can be long, my Colonel.
Such a case is worth one year of a life of doctor.
It will not know anything of it.
The medulla oblongat has escaped with the damage.
Its heart, its nerves vasomoteurs,
its breathing apparatus can function.
It can live.
"Unknown Soldier, number 4-7…
"post-operative Orders of Colonel Tillery…
"of the health service army U.S.
"Although the cerebellum allows limited movements,
"that does not mean anything.
"In the event of movements violent ones and persistent…
"they must be treated like spasms of muscular reflex,
"thus by sedatives.
"The brain underwent damage solid masses and irrevocable.
"In case of doubt, I would not have let it live.
"Only reason to prolong its existence…
"is to teach to look after others.
"Look after it as if it could to feel the pain.
"Of good medical care prohibit
"to test the least emotion for the patient.
"For that, remember that it is impossible…
"with a décervelé being
"to test pain, pleasure, to dream…
"to have a memory or a thought.
"Ll will not have nor feeling…
"nor thought, and this until its death."
Where am I?
The weather is black, here.
I should have left lit. Your father will be furious.
Dad will not say anything.
But I would like to know…
Why you engaged?
At six months of the call!
Buddies did it.
One would have exempted to you with your sisters.
My mother works, and if the fatherland you calls, it is necessary to leave.
It is needed.
Nobody should leave. They will kill you.
I can be killed with work or in the street.
I will pay attention to me.
You believe that they thought to be killed.
There are heaps of them who return… the majority.
The others never return.
I would die about it, if something arrived to you.
Do not say that.
I love you. I really love you.
Stop that.
Not that at home…
You believe yourselves with the back of a jalopy?
You raise.
It from goes away tomorrow.
I know. Goes in your room.
You too.
I can nothing there. 25 years minor.
And now a asshole of railwayman.
Go ahead, it is afraid.
Would be nice. You can make there?
It is a girl well, you know?
Go, with the bed, fiston.
You are there.
It is nice.
Dad arranged for my diploma.
The table is of through.
It was to my mother.
Expose yourself.
Turn yourself.
I rise.
I want to see you.
I do not want.
My dressing gown.
Red, on the door.
What do you make?
One chokes.
Give it to me.
Come to seek it.
In the other direction.
Flowers are needed.
If you want really to see me…
As you want.
With you, now.
One is well.
You already knew a girl?
Not like you.
It is well.
And you?
That is not asked.
I am a lady.
A gamine!
I did not know of boy.
I know.
One cannot know that.
I do not want that you leave. Run away yourself!
You do not want that I see Paris, it is all.
Do not leave, I t'en beg.
Run away yourself.
With the non-military national service?
Anywhere. I will hide you, I assure you.
I would deflate?
They you will kill, Joe, they will kill you.
Roosevelt, our large patriot, said…
Tighten me very extremely.
With your two arms.
That God gives you the victory.
Let us request.
"Our Father…"
I cannot say that.
But: "My god, that it does not leave.
"That it is not killed."
In car!
They do not light?
It is dark.
Sink and calms.
I feel blood to beat in my veins.
I do not hear it in my ears.
It is when one is deaf.
I am deaf.
Deaf person…
Perhaps not. Perhaps that I dream.
Name of God, that hurt!
I feel sweat to run on my skin.
It is extreme, wet, glaze of bandages.
Even my head.
I took a blow of it!
The têlêphone, the night, it is pitches it.
That nobody takes down, Papa.
Steps. I feel their vibrations.
What do they make?
The hypostose when it aspires?
They look at something.
The tube of the trachea?
A hand.
That goes.
More oxygen except in the event of urgency.
I do not include/understand.
The nozzle of nutrition function.
I have a problem with the face?
The colostomy is good. Systotomy too.
Is the ambulance préte?
Take it along.
Where do you take it along?
With Jeanville, St Cloud.
I arrive, Maman.
I will say to you when all is finished.
I will take again the job quickly.
I regret, Papa.
I regret for your cane with fishing.
I loved you.
Me was removed bandages of the arm.
That itches. I would like that one scrapes.
One can remove the joinings.
If they relaxed me the face, I would see what they do.
They gripped me.
Not, it is like…
a point of heat…
as when I cut myself the eyebrow in the barbed wires.
They bend you…
When it is cured, they remove wire.
But it is different.
I feel that they touch my arm but not my hand.
The thing further, it is…
IE wrist.
The wrist.
The end of my arm is nearer.
It is with my shoulder.
They cut me the arm!
Did my God, you do that?
I need some to work.
An arm is not cut as a dead branch.
There is a law for that.
The assent is needed. A signed paper.
That returns disabled person to you.
One does not have any more but to be a street pedlar.
Not the other arm!
I beg you, only one is enough!
Take it along in a discrete part.
For its good.
A closed part, where one will not be able to see it.
There is no free.
A storage room, anything.
It will see nothing there.
The life is a lottery, the chances are small.
The type which carries out it spend its time calculating.
One can prick a point to him.
But if one remains in lejeu, there is no chance.
When one lost, it is finished.
Finished well.
A mouthful would make me good.
Be useful yourself.
You know that how?
I did it in the weddings.
You know turns?
I have gifts, but not for the play.
That should not be…
if difficult.
And yet that is.
Joke, all that.
Even with pot, it is the similar one with same.
The play is not worth the candle.
The call. One is when?
It is Christmas in 41 days.
Let us go.
If I magnifying glass the train…
I miss my go
to make me kill June 27 with 4h30 of the morning.
Ugly for my kid.
He has 20 months,
malignant like a monkey.
I would like to see it at 5 years.
You will also see it to 50… you will always have 23 of them.
One will be made kill. One is there for that.
He, it is already made.
The Swede, him…
it will catch the bad cold on the boat.
Me, I will be buried and to die choked.
Funny in way to break its pipe.
New York, Paris, France.
He, one will not kill it.
It is in its place here.
Upright, the train awaits us.
You come?
I have trains to lead. Stuffed deaths.
You would not believe your eyes of them.
By pity, not. Not my legs.
I beg you, help me.
Do not leave them to take my legs to me.
They did not go there with dead hand. They crossed everywhere.
It is easier to look after you.
With the face, time is counted.
Everyone is burst.
But which doctor you would cut down like that…
to leave you in life?
It was a bet?
They made the malignant ones?
It was an experiment?
Nobody can do that with another.
Would be necessary to be a butcher.
My dear pupils.
The war does not have the same direction for all.
It allows the scientist…
to be free…
to imagine and achieve brilliant experiments.
For example:
Up to now, with the war, each wound…
was a serious cost for the taxpayer.
The loss of a soldier become, at very high price,
a combat unit.
But for the next war, we will be able…
To give on feet…
loan with the combat, in less than 3 weeks.
And that thanks to the news techniques…
that this young man…
us learned.
It must be a nightmare.
Awake me, Maman, and I helps.
I do not know your troubles, my son.
Remember that God is only Reality…
and that you were created with Its image.
You are the reflection Divine Reality.
You must be mistaken, Maman. It is a dream.
The remainder is true, but not that.
I remember of what is true.
Even before leaving Colorado…
for Los Angeles. I remember all.
You were wounded?
One day, your feet will be so dirty
that one will not be able any more to wash them.
I want to go to the public baths like Dad.
"I bring news to you of great joy…
"Today, in the city of David, was born…
"the Saver, Our Lord Jesus-Christ."
You see these rocks?
It is a long time…
the Indians were driven out by here.
One foutait them with water, tied up with stones.
With little close where one is.
The corner became good for fishing.
"Science and health…
"by the Writings. De Mary Baker Eddy."
"All is Esprit in its infinite demonstration…
"Matter is mortal error…
"the Spirit is true and eternal…
"unreal Matter and temporal…
"the Spirit is God…
"the man was created with Its image…
"the man is thus Esprit, and not Matter…"
Here are true things, Mom.
What I am is a dream.
The things to which one dreams are not more real
that the dreams which one makes.
Only reality is God.
Its gasoline is Amour.
A perfect love who overcomes the fear…
and looks after the wounds.
If I still hear that God is Amour…
You nourished it?
To 2 H and 4 H.
Not, more drug! Is necessary that I left this kneader.
With the help, Dad! I am in the kneader.
Do dad, you hear me?
I am also in the kneader.
I have anything…
who is worth.
A small house, an odd job, small wages.
A small fiston.
And my wife.
I am not an eagle.
Around me, all is small, minable…
except this cane with fishing.
Every year, I buy the best silk wire.
And this lacquer. It comes from China.
The best of the world.
And that? Amber pure.
Nobody here a cane like that does not have.
Even not the banker.
My life is so miserable that without this cane…
I have anything outstanding.
Nothing which can distinguish me.
This is why I like it so much.
You like it more than me?
And how!
What can well to distinguish you?
You do not have anything special.
Lf, Dad.
Perhaps not yet but later.
Of course.
You will bring the democracy in the world!
It is what?
I know of it too anything.
As the remainder…
that must make entretuer young people.
Not old men?
They must make to boil the pot.
The young people cannot to do that?
The young people do not have anything.
This is why they go entretuer.
You will want…
what do I go there too?
For the democracy…
any man would give his/her only son.
Not me.
I will be there for the empécher.
Tighten me extremely.
I need your heat against death.
That always finishes like that.
One must face death only.
It does not act any more that good care.
If something arrives, I am to the staff.
Let us see the mask.
They relax my face.
The air is good. Expenses.
That heals well.
All is well.
It is better. That lets pass the air.
I believed cured being when they would relax me.
It purifies my air.
They would have had…
to remove the tubes too.
I do not include/understand.
Where does it go?
Yes, I know.
I still have the nutritive tube.
When will I be able to nourish myself?
When will I be better?
Finished the dinner!
Won't that last like that?
It is fresh and wet.
I believed that the relaxed face, I could…
Begin again yourself. Hold good.
Your jaws. Move your jaws.
They do not move.
I have some more!
Pass your language on your teeth, as if you tasted.
I have more language.
I have more teeth.
I have more than one hole.
Of which size? Until where it goes?
Does not panic.
The interior is wet…
Edges, dry.
Wet. Dry.
It is that!
I forgot where it is dry.
Feel it.
It is that, I feel.
Dryness. Until where the hole goes?
More eyes!
I have more eyes. More mouth, teeth, of language, nose.
I have more than one torn off face.
Name of god! It is me, and alive!
Not, it is impossible!
I cannot live like that.
Not, I beg you.
The Help |!
Mom, where are you?
I have a nightmare, Maman, awake me…
Or that will last of the years.
… years.
Request for me.
All those of the Armed Forces…
who sacrificed their life…
in this Juste and holy war…
for a lasting peace…
I give the discharge…
of all their sins.
In the name of the Father…
of the Son…
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Let us request.
Considered with something not to think more.
8 planets…
One chews on my face.
A rat!
A large rat of trench.
Kill it!
Not a rat!
The rats are not left to puff out people.
It is a réve.
It is a rat!
It crawls, it crawls.
Do not leave it…
to devour me.
It is near.
On my chest.
I am afraid.
Hold good…
and nothing will arrive.
It was killed?
It left?
And if it returns?
That was to be a dream.
But how to know if one dreams…
when one does not even know when one sleeps.
The rat is perhaps true, and it a dream.
How to know the difference?
It is necessary to howl.
I always dream that one wants to kill me.
My father and my mother in escape.
I hear the soldiers to charge the night…
and cries, and I howl.
That awakes me.
It is necessary to howl.
But I cannot even to whisper.
That would not be used for nothing.
One can also say oneself…
"It is a dream."
And one wakes up for the arréter. One opens of force his eyes…
IE dream left.
I have more eyes.
That complicates the things.
Try to discipline your spirit.
Say yourself:
"I will sleep…
"and I will not have a nightmare."
That can be done.
You dormant.
I never dormant.
It is necessary to be caught there differently.
Let us suppose that…
all is a dream.
Approximately, it is true.
The life is a dream, whether one is deadened or waked up.
The day, we control our dreams.
The night, it is the dream who controls us.
Think of that.
When you dreams which the rat is there, you controls the dream…
or dreams it controls you?
It controls me.
It is that.
If the rat were really there, you would push back it.
If you do not do it, it is that it is a dream.
Not, it does not go!
If the rat is true, I will do anything. I have more arm.
I have anything.
I survive like a piece of meat.
That you would be alive…
is worst nightmares.
It would be cruel to claim that somebody can help you.
You need a miracle.
Not, say to me that the rat
is true,
and that I am a dream.
It is better that you leave.
You do not have a chance and it is opposing.
I from go away, but say to me…
if we are really here, you and me.
Or if I dream?
You dreams.
I am a dream.
I do not believe you.
Nobody believes me.
This is why I am a dream.
I dream, or I died etje remember?
I become old?
Does my hair become gray?
One will come to see me?
Especially not.
I do not want that one sees me like that.
I have the evil of the country.
Me was not repatriated of also far.
Not with all these tricks.
I must be in a French hospital…
or English.
At least, I do not have a toothache.
Two vibrations, of which a door.
A man.
Are the shutters closed?
They always were it, since I am there.
It is on the sheet of control.
It is stupid.
What do you make?
It is a visit?
The shutters will remain open.
That it has sun.
It was so that it is not seen.
By this window, 2 m 50 would have to be made.
And I want cloths on this bed.
More covers.
It will not even know.
Me if.
How one let pass with sorting?
It looks at me.
Poor kid.
It is a woman. Its hands.
Strong. She has the heavy step.
What a poor kid!
It was funny.
What did they make?
That changed.
Think, Joe, thinks. And feel.
Feel with the skin of your face. Something changed.
They was fresh when it entered.
It is hot now.
Does that come from where?
Yes, I include/understand.
It is the sun.
Sun! I found the sun!
Thank you, My God.
Thank you infinitely.
In the absence of another thing…
I will always have God, and sun of the morning.
The night…
When one distinguishes…
The day and the night, time is known.
It is the morning. It changes my cloths.
The night…
The morning. It bathes me.
One morning, it changes me.
The other, it bathes me.
The night…
The day…
How to retain…
It is that, trace a table in your head.
In the medium…
trace a feature per day…
4, 6…
7 days.
Make a cross parsemaine.
Erase the days. Start again.
4 weeks…
Trace the months.
5, 9, 11…
12 months. That made not a year.
Not yet. 4 times 12 make 48.
Count 4 weeks.
Years in Roman numerals.
One year! It is the festival.
That should be celebrated.
That everyone sings.
And me I say: "Happy New Year, Kareen".
And I embrace it.
But it is not New Year's day.
That made one year, but since when?
I do not even know my age.
I am 20 years old, plus a time X…
More 1 year that I counted.
When did this time X start?
Considered, Joe.
There was this patrol…
and the small English corporal.
It is clear, now.
I wrote to you, Kareen.
Timlon Corporal!
It is what, this feeling reluctant odor?
A large boche broke the mouth in the fog.
A asshole butted.
That been able not as much with short-nap cloth of the ground.
It was caught in the barbed wires.
Bad for the moral one. Very bad.
Bavarian, that casserole always more.
That, you said it.
Not like the Hindus, or Welsh.
One tests of the dégringoler when it is calm but holds to with it.
Bury to it this night.
That sweet chestnut here the night.
Do not forget only death is a worthy thing.
Known as a prayer on the remainders.
Shit then!
For that, be voluntary for you.
You, you, and you and you in the content.
"A God The Almighty…
"We rent the heart of our late brother.
"We entrust its body with the ground.
"That the ground turns over to the ground…
"ashes with ashes…
"dust with dust."
Who has dust?
Dirtily wet, yes.
Insane it in the hole.
The idiot had me in the bottom. Planquez you.
That y requests for him, if that sings to him.
I should ever have been there. The Bavarian one either.
Who knows, one could have been friendly.
It to lie over there in mud.
And me, here, like a monster of fair.
Remember when one went to the circus.
One had taken along Kareen.
While returning, Papa put itself to imitate these loud-voiced people.
All it was accompanied.
It was funny.
Imagine a little what it would do with you maintaining.
"It eats by a tube"
All that goes by a tube…
arises by a tube.
Without arm.
Nor legs, it is the wonder of the century.
And with that, crénon, as alive as you and me.
It was a good boy.
He forgot all.
This guy…
he has anything with foutre shoes.
He does not need any.
He would forget his guétres.
No shoes. No the shirt.
No socks. No gloves. No the hat.
It would forget its hat…
No the tie. Not false collar. No the jacket.
it very forgot.
Throw a alms from 15 hundreds or more…
in this chamberpot of lady.
Listen to to me that!
I will raise…
The lid of this box, and you will see the mouth…
only type in the world…
who fout of all.
That costs that 15 hundreds.
If the guy looks at you,
then, whore, I spin you 5 dollars.
Launch the zizique one, good-looking young man.
Advance. Advance, good people.
Dépéchez you. Come to see closely…
The man who cannot… but perhaps although if.
I want to intend to tinkle good money.
That this small chamberpot…
resound like the bells of Holy Marie… Alleluia!
Another nurse would be said.
That does not vibrate when it goes.
She has high heels or it is small?
It is what? It is wet.
It must be a news.
It has the mendoza pulleys, like Kareen.
I do not make it sick.
It is not afraid of me.
Hello with you, beautiful and young nurse.
Kareen, where are you?
We will have made love only once…
in all our life.
Come in the garden with the moonlight.
It is you, Kareen?
Not, Joe. I had to marry me.
I am Kareen of another.
Where is mine?
With the moonlight, like she said.
Why you brought me here?
It is you who called me.
I called you, called… you never came.
I was wedged.
I missed how long?
I do not know, very a long time.
I do not remember.
Test, Kareen, I t'en request.
I do not know since when I am here…
Nor which year we are.
I try to catch up with time.
I make fun of time.
It is the only thing of what I think.
Time makes people old.
In my state…
as I am, you will never age.
I keep you in my head, and in my heart…
as I saw you the last time.
You will not age for me.
Your hair will remain brown.
Your skin will remain fresh.
Your face will not have a wrinkle.
You will be at my sides, beautiful and young person forever.
Of all the society peoples…
for me only, you are preserved time.
Like a new flower.
Like a pink.
It is not me. Nobody likes me any more.
Me if, Kareen.
Doesn't that go, not?
You could make there?
You put it pregnant, you bar yourself…
I did not know. I could not know.
Does not let take to you, Joe.
Say to me how long made that.
Say to me where I am.
Say to me in which country I am.
No country.
They leave my old bed.
I have new. With a pillow.
It moves me.
With the sun.
It is behind me.
This tube?
I never included/understood it.
My table now.
I hope that it is American.
I saw of it that one since I left.
I am American spit.
From San Francisco.
I was there for the earthquake of 1906.
That one was crowned shock.
I was in a hotel room…
to give pleasure with a customer.
As soon as I heard the shock…
I said myself: "My old woman…
"it is a tremor of ground.
"One will not find to you dead…
"threaded by an old pig."
I pushed it, and I ran to hair in the street.
If you had seen the guy subduing!
You speak!
You want nothing to make?
I am burst.
It is the effect of the cognac.
In any case, they is 2 dollars.
Of agreement. You knit?
For my kid.
He is 5 years old.
One crowned little devil.
Where is it?
At the school with Length Island.
Close to New York.
A private school.
One plays sports shirt in the corner.
I want that it becomes a champion.
Like that, one meets people high.
You knew that?
You sleep?
That must cost you dough.
That, a little!
But I bump well here.
In the 100 dollars the week.
Of course, nipper is necessary to hold its row…
and that costs rounds.
Bill does not have a cane…
He could take holds it.
Give your cane to Bill, and take mine.
I lost your cane.
Y had a key, it fell to water.
It everywhere was sought, with the oars.
Nothing to make… it is lost.
It is not a cane…
who will waste our last holidays.
Let us do one transfered downtown.
I am to you.
It is you?
My adored?
What do you make?
In top. In bottom. In top. In bottom still.
My God, it is impossible.
You say something to me?
You say something to me?
You draw a letter and erase it to you?
A word?
It is that, it is well that!
A letter.
I included/understood: MERRY.
I wish you…
a Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
I have a date…
to which to hang up again me.
I know when is Christmas… Spring…
The summer…
The sheets which burn, the autumn.
Merry Christmas with you. With all my love.
Very, very Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
It is me the owner, here is champagne. Merry Christmas.
It is me the owner, here is champagne. Merry Christmas.
Where is my guy? My p' tit guy?
He is too young. He does not have the age.
He has just arrived from Tucson.
He is called Jesus-Christ.
It is its anniversary today.
I can?
I have influence.
I can round the angles…
to be to you of a great help.
I manage.
You believe that, but the things changed.
You will leave…
to beat you.
I passed the age.
But it is necessary to fight.
We must have…
a peace fair and lasting.
We have ours.
And how! Look at that: 2 arms.
And that: 2 legs.
And it? A beautiful girl.
What requires the people?
Freedom… and justice.
Freedom and justice.
You do not include/understand.
I must save the world of…
Do not be to you my guy.
Where is it?
Where is my p' tit guy?
Fellow workers!
Fellow workers!
Because of the war…
our small festival soon will finish.
It is necessary to continue to make boil…
The pot.
Let us sing.
"Let us continue to make boil the pot…
"while our hearts…
"for our guy…
"with far…
"which dreams of the country.
"A sunbeam…
"will bore the clouds…
"and the light will bring back…
"with the return of our guy…"
Who is this?
I know fichtre of it nothing.
I sinned.
It came to slip into my arms.
There are girls of them…
who seek old men.
Where did the young people pass?
They are with the drift.
Does that go, Papa?
That goes.
You know, it is funny.
I was a famous shoe-maker, but also…
good with the horses.
I had a cow, always full of milk.
A kitchen garden and a farmyard.
I made even honey.
I can trace right a furrow.
I can be useful myself of my 10 fingers.
But I ever knew…
to gain dough.
The worst thing that I know.
One bump too, the life is without joy.
It is better like that.
I miss your mother.
She is well?
I did not see it recently.
It is soon the day. Is necessary that I leave.
The trout will bite.
I do not want to miss that.
Kiss your mother for me.
I left you in mouise. I could anything other.
I am here. Not, Joe, by here.
Let us play hide-and-seek.
Find Me, Joe.
Why you left me?
Run, Joe.
You did not write to me?
I could not. I could not.
I could not, it is all.
You do not like me.
You… like me… not.
Lf, I love you.
With the madness.
You ever liked me.
Remain, Kareen.
Where are you?
Let us continue to play.
Remain, I t'en request.
You need assistance?
It is not possible.
You asked some?
I can nothing ask. I cannot speak to them.
Send a telegram.
A telegram?
When you were small.
Bill and drew you a wire between the 2 houses…
to telegraph you.
You remember the Morse?
Is that used for what?
How to send a message?
Think with your head.
My head!
Yes. My head.
Where does it go?
You can come?
It brings somebody.
I do not include/understand what it does.
The sheet of care?
They is old.
"If the trunk has movements violent one…"
They are it.
"Treat them like spasms of muscular reflex."
It is clear. A puncture.
It wants to me arréter?
I do not believe that it is a reflex.
The Tillery General will be the 23 there.
Refer to him, if you doubt me.
I will do it.
It is perfect.
It is the owner, and it gave the orders.
Not, not of drug!
Do not deaden me!
Open to me.
I want to speak to you.
My God, make that they hear me.
I want to take an idea in my head…
and to put it in theirs.
They are very close to me.
I do not ask for large-thing.
But they will never listen to me.
They know that to dope me.
I sink…
My buddies are there!
I found your cane, Papa!
Think with your head.
I do it, Papa.
Listen to me!
Include/understand what I do!
It heard me.
It will seek somebody.
It did not close the door.
I gained! I renewed contact with people.
Hello with you.
It is me. We will be able to speak to us.
They are much.
S.O.S. - The Help |.
You want to say…
that this man…
us speaks?
What do they make?
Décervelé, My General?
Completely décervelé?
They await what?
But what?
They leave?
Not, only one.
Perhaps 2.
Not, only one.
What does he want?
How to ask him that, in its state?
While asking.
If not, how to help it?
They do anything?
What… do I want?
This queje want?
I want to leave.
To feel the fresh air on my skin…
I want to be with people.
Not, that would be to them too expensive to deal with me outside.
They will never do it.
Perhaps that I can earn my living?
Yes, I can.
One me exhibe and people will pay to see me.
Heaps of people.
One puts to me in a coffin out of glass…
and me am taken along where people have fun, spend of the dough.
On the beaches, in the fairs, and in the charity bazaars.
The abnormal ones, they saw some of all the colors.
But they was not monsters.
They had been born like that, as God had done them.
Me, people made me.
You, me, and the neighbor.
One crowned job who cost dough.
That one announces to me like only piece of meat which speaks.
And if that does not attract them…
that ego am made the last man…
who engaged because the army forges the men.
Enrôlez you, the guy! Under any flag.
All need soldiers and the army forges the men.
I want… to leave…
so that people…
can see…
what I am.
Put to me in…
a spectacle of carnival…
where people…
will be able to see me.
Let leave to me.
What could one to wait of other?
Say to him that we will make for best but…
its position does not allow him to leave.
In any case, not for the moment. Specify well.
Lf… you…
Do not leave…
People… to see me…
kill me.
It is not well, it is comprehensible.
Ask him his name.
The shutters will remain closed.
What does he say?
"Kill me." It repeats it unceasingly.
Say to him that it will be well treated.
But it needs rest.
We will give him a sedative and we will return later.
That it is named.
You must keep silence.
You are collectively persons in charge.
You will be informed in good time, if there are new orders.
It does not await the answer.
It repeats…
"Kill me." "Kill me."
You do not have anything…
to say to him, My Father?
That it puts its confidence as a God?
I will request for him.
But I will not shake his faith by your stupidity.
What a priest you make!
It is the product of your profession, not of the mienne.
Break. Give him a light sedative.
They from go away. Why?
That they kill me!
You are always there? Do you understand that I call you?
Kill me.
"My God.
"I regret to have offended to You."
Beautiful, splendid nurse.
Thank you. Thank you infinitely.
God, thank it for me. Be good for it.
That it is happy.
That it has…
all that it wishes.
That it is liked.
It was arrétée.
I said: Leave.
The key.
It from goes away. I feel it who…
from goes away. It returns it.
They close the shutters, they return it.
They will not let to me speak.
I am a secrecy, a case?
It left.
You left, and I am a secrecy.
Not, not of that still!
I thought that they would be happy…
queje can speak to them.
But not.
The only thing that I can make…
they do not want any.
All that they want, it is me to push in darkness.
For more seeing me.
He also left.
Now I know.
I sortiraijamais.
They go me gardersecret.
I will age…
I will escape to them while dying.
It is hard.
At the bottom of me, I shout and I howl.
I groaned like a wounded animal.
Nobody pays attention.
If I had arms, I would commit suicide.
Legs, I would flee.
A voice, I would speak myself and would hold me company.
I would howl with the assistance, but nobody would come.
Even not God, because there is no God.
It is impossible here.
And yet…
I must do something.
I do not see how I can to continue like that…
S… O… S…
The Help |.
S… O… S…
The Help |.
Died with the war since 1914: Approximately 80.000.000
Disappeared or wounded: Approximately 150.000.000
"It is soft and beautiful to die for the fatherland"
Subtitling: C.M.C.
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