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[INFORMATION] [TITLE]Joki [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 0.8b [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:02:44.97,00:02:48.12 I dropped by at the store 00:02:49.05,00:02:52.33 Harrison and Tuomi[br]were giving autographs 00:02:52.77,00:02:57.84 These normally cost 450 marks,[br]but they were on sale for 299 00:03:01.49,00:03:05.61 Did you jump?[br]-No 00:03:05.97,00:03:10.88 Mom started bitching about it.[br]Dad would have let me jump 00:03:11.13,00:03:13.72 Let's hang out somewhere.[br]But not our place 00:03:14.13,00:03:16.60 They're cleaning the house 00:03:16.89,00:03:19.85 The little twit is beating carpets 00:03:20.21,00:03:22.85 Hey, feel like going to the square[br]to watch the Bungy-jumpers? 00:03:23.01,00:03:25.36 Kiss my ass! 00:03:25.57,00:03:32.33 No way, I can smell it over here![br]-You're so dumb! 00:03:37.57,00:03:42.80 Doesn't that girl live in the same[br]tenements as you? Look 00:03:46.97,00:03:51.41 Yup. Building B.[br]Her name is Anne. Or Anni 00:03:51.89,00:03:54.12 Last name Kuvaja. In B 11 00:03:54.29,00:03:57.73 Or Annelee. Or Annmarie.[br]Maybe it's just Anni for short 00:03:57.97,00:04:02.01 Let's ride past her. Grade her butt.[br]-No way, moron 00:04:10.81,00:04:13.20 Can you see her? 00:04:19.25,00:04:23.53 What the hell is she doing?[br]Is she going to drown herself? 00:04:23.93,00:04:25.97 Let's go 00:04:37.49,00:04:41.69 Go get some help![br]-What? 00:04:53.49,00:04:56.48 Wait! Wait! 00:05:18.17,00:05:20.64 Anne... Hi 00:05:21.17,00:05:24.84 Hey, do you remember me? 00:05:25.89,00:05:28.04 Anne, I live in the same bulding 00:05:28.33,00:05:31.21 I'm Kimmo Peltonen 00:05:31.53,00:05:34.81 From Section A.[br]Hey, come over here 00:05:46.33,00:05:49.64 Help! 00:05:50.85,00:05:54.76 Don't shout. Juho is scared 00:05:55.53,00:05:59.68 Anne, let me take Juho 00:06:02.29,00:06:06.49 Anne, let me take Juho 00:06:06.85,00:06:12.40 I'll take Juho and put him[br]right there, close to you 00:06:13.57,00:06:19.04 Anne, let me take Juho 00:06:35.49,00:06:38.61 Wait right where you are 00:06:45.37,00:06:49.44 Anne, come here 00:07:16.25,00:07:18.48 Santtu! 00:07:21.13,00:07:22.85 Santtu! 00:07:32.37,00:07:34.04 Have any plans for tonight? 00:07:34.49,00:07:36.48 I'm on my way to do the Bungy! 00:07:36.73,00:07:40.61 Mikko bet a bottle of Vodka[br]that I wouldn't have the nerve 00:07:40.77,00:07:43.20 I have a bandy game at one o'clock 00:07:43.49,00:07:45.80 Then I'll stay and watch[br]the basketball game 00:07:45.97,00:07:49.80 And later tonight?[br]-Haven't made any plans 00:07:50.49,00:07:55.32 I'm having a party tonight.[br]Feel like coming? Around seven 00:07:55.57,00:07:59.24 I wanted to ask you at the Galaxy[br]last night, but you left so early 00:07:59.57,00:08:03.61 I don't mean it's a date or anything 00:08:04.29,00:08:07.28 Or in a way, maybe... 00:08:07.57,00:08:11.45 Say yes, will you? 00:08:12.17,00:08:17.32 Who else have you asked?[br]-Everybody. Or... all our friends 00:08:18.65,00:08:22.44 I was going to grab a few beers with[br]the guys to open the Fall season 00:08:22.65,00:08:24.92 You could do it here 00:08:28.69,00:08:34.13 O.K. I'll call if I can't make it 00:09:04.73,00:09:06.56 Hi 00:09:58.89,00:10:01.77 Santtu![br]-I came to return the CDs 00:10:01.97,00:10:06.44 Great.[br]-Can I come in? 00:10:06.73,00:10:09.16 I was just leaving for[br]my uncle's 60th birthday party 00:10:09.33,00:10:11.21 Just for a few minutes? 00:10:11.53,00:10:15.65 I'm meeting Mikko at the square soon.[br]I'm going to do the Bungy-jump 00:10:17.13,00:10:19.04 I've got a game at one o'clock 00:10:19.29,00:10:21.60 Three more points,[br]and I'll be on top of the score list 00:10:21.89,00:10:25.20 Take your shoes off so you[br]don't mess up the carpet 00:10:39.93,00:10:43.60 I'm taking the ''miscomprehension[br]exams'' next week 00:10:43.89,00:10:47.88 Swedish on Monday, Wednesday[br]English and German on Friday 00:10:48.13,00:10:53.97 You can just leave them over there.[br]-I remember where I took them from 00:10:55.21,00:10:59.09 If I pass,[br]I'll graduate before Christmas 00:10:59.33,00:11:02.72 And then you're off to become a man 00:11:02.93,00:11:05.89 I decided to ask for a deferment 00:11:06.17,00:11:10.40 I need to study for the business[br]school exam in the spring 00:11:11.09,00:11:15.53 And I could also get a job[br]at the mill 00:11:15.73,00:11:18.64 Doing the same work as last summer 00:11:18.97,00:11:22.20 As daddy's little helper 00:11:24.17,00:11:26.52 Let me help 00:11:56.05,00:11:59.56 I've really missed you 00:12:17.21,00:12:21.44 Yesterday you wouldn't even say[br]hello. - I was going to, really 00:12:21.77,00:12:25.52 I was tired and all that smoke[br]made my eyes hurt 00:12:25.85,00:12:28.73 I see 00:12:29.65,00:12:32.64 All that smoke made your eyes hurt? 00:12:35.85,00:12:42.16 So it wasn't because all your friends[br]were there? 00:12:42.57,00:12:45.72 Eero, could we get together tomorrow? 00:12:46.13,00:12:48.32 You didn't drop by[br]or call for three weeks 00:12:48.65,00:12:50.53 I was sure you didn't[br]want to see me anymore 00:12:50.85,00:12:55.68 I do want to see you.[br]I'm just so wrapped up in the exams 00:12:57.13,00:13:03.20 I could see you tonight. I'll be[br]out of town on a gig all next week 00:13:04.49,00:13:09.28 I'm picking up Kaisa from the 11.55 bus.[br]We'll come here after the party 00:13:09.57,00:13:14.32 Kaisa is staying over tonight.[br]You'd get a chance to meet her 00:13:16.05,00:13:19.09 I have plans for tonight 00:13:19.89,00:13:23.36 Forget about it, then 00:13:30.41,00:13:33.88 Should I leave first?[br]-Go 00:13:34.29,00:13:38.00 I'll count to twenty and sneak out then 00:13:55.41,00:13:58.00 Wait! 00:14:24.69,00:14:27.60 Dad can't make it to the game 00:14:27.89,00:14:30.64 llpo Lammi is out sick.[br]-What? 00:14:30.89,00:14:32.96 Dad has to fill in for him 00:14:33.37,00:14:35.80 He has to work tomorrow as well.[br]-Well, what can you do 00:14:36.05,00:14:39.28 Wait. I'll walk with you to the store.[br]- Mikko is waiting for me at the square 00:14:39.49,00:14:42.40 I'm doing the jump at ten to twelve 00:14:42.93,00:14:46.68 I'm not too pleased about it.[br]And just because of a stupid bet 00:14:47.05,00:14:49.85 It's perfectly safe 00:14:58.29,00:15:03.04 That lady's going first, then you.[br]You have to sign in 00:15:06.93,00:15:08.57 Looks like someone's getting cold feet 00:15:08.89,00:15:12.04 Not at all.[br]-Go ahead, admit it 00:15:12.37,00:15:16.00 Read that and sign down there 00:15:25.25,00:15:31.85 God, what a hangover. I hope I'm[br]not going to puke when I get up there 00:15:32.41,00:15:35.85 And it's not just me. Pate called[br]to tell he's not going to make it 00:15:36.25,00:15:38.60 And I have doubts about Make and Tero 00:15:38.81,00:15:40.69 So I'm the only one here[br]in jumping trim? 00:15:41.05,00:15:46.52 We have to win to stay in the lead.[br]- Of the whimpy hospital team 00:15:49.01,00:15:51.65 I got booted from the Galaxy last night 00:15:51.97,00:15:55.93 I can't really remember, but I think[br]they banned me for two months 00:15:57.01,00:16:00.68 Serves you right.[br]You were totally plastered 00:16:01.05,00:16:04.88 Did you pass out or what?[br]-Hey, when did I ever pass out? 00:16:05.17,00:16:08.16 That fucking DJ queen started[br]getting on my nerves 00:16:08.33,00:16:13.53 Never plays anything you ask him for.[br]He needed a good flogging 00:16:17.49,00:16:20.56 His name is Eero 00:16:21.45,00:16:25.00 Whose? That faggot's? 00:16:25.17,00:16:31.04 The DJ's. What did you do to him?[br]-Do you know that freak? 00:16:31.25,00:16:36.20 Yes, I do. What did you do to him?[br]-I didn't know he was your friend 00:16:36.41,00:16:39.16 Tell me! What did you do to him? 00:16:39.65,00:16:42.61 I didn't have enough time to do[br]anything 00:16:42.97,00:16:45.80 As far as I remember... 00:16:47.85,00:16:50.44 The doormen came over and... 00:16:50.65,00:16:54.96 If we're staying for the game, let's go[br]to the liquor store after we've jumped 00:16:57.09,00:17:01.92 Johanna's party tonight is[br]a ''must'' with capital M 00:17:12.97,00:17:14.96 I'm not jumping! 00:17:15.21,00:17:19.25 You can't chicken out now.[br]In a few minutes it'll be over 00:17:19.81,00:17:22.48 Who's next?[br]-It's his turn! 00:17:24.61,00:17:29.73 I fucking knew it. Santeri Korpela[br]doesn't have the guts! 00:17:31.53,00:17:37.40 Then I'll go twice...[br]And you owe me a bottle of vodka! 00:17:37.61,00:17:40.73 Hey, aren't you staying to watch?! 00:17:54.85,00:17:59.92 Are you staying late at the party?[br]-No 00:18:00.09,00:18:03.40 I could drop by later 00:18:03.93,00:18:09.77 You're absolutely sure now?[br]-I wouldn't have come if I weren't 00:18:12.13,00:18:15.68 I have to ask Kaisa if it's O.K 00:18:21.97,00:18:27.25 Wow, a real welcoming committee.[br]I thought mom was coming 00:18:27.53,00:18:32.32 Olli's Birthday party turned into[br]quite a hassle 00:18:33.09,00:18:37.77 So you must be Santeri.[br]Eero talks about you all the time 00:18:37.97,00:18:40.85 Santeri's coming over tonight.[br]Is it O.K? 00:18:40.97,00:18:44.76 Sure. I'll stay home tonight.[br]-That's not what I meant 00:18:45.01,00:18:49.64 I can go home tonight.[br]-No need to make sacrifices for me 00:18:49.89,00:18:52.56 Have a nice night! 00:18:53.85,00:18:59.24 Maybe tomorrow would be better.[br]-Come whenever it's good for you 00:19:16.25,00:19:19.37 Esa? Esa! 00:19:19.69,00:19:21.57 How's it spelled? 00:19:21.93,00:19:24.36 If it's with a C and one A,[br]it means pig 00:19:24.73,00:19:27.93 Like it's pronounced. One K[br]and two As 00:19:34.21,00:19:38.92 Does it have anything to do with[br]forest industries? Paper refinery? 00:19:39.33,00:19:42.45 What?[br]-''Kaarne''. Commonly known as 00:19:43.01,00:19:47.61 Team A answers passive.[br]-I think we'll answer ''veltta'' 00:19:48.21,00:19:52.12 What the hell is ''veltta''? 00:19:52.73,00:19:54.45 ''Kaarne'' means ''raven'' 00:19:55.29,00:20:00.36 And ''veltta'' means ''plow'',[br]from ''vält'' in Swedish 00:20:00.77,00:20:03.04 Hey, it's a fact 00:20:08.61,00:20:13.13 ''Kaarne'' is a fucking raven![br]-I said it's a fact 00:20:15.93,00:20:20.61 What an engineer doesn't know[br]is not worth knowing 00:20:21.45,00:20:26.84 Or what do you say, Pete?[br]Could you lend me hundred? 00:20:27.89,00:20:31.36 I can't make it to the gig otherwise 00:20:31.65,00:20:35.01 Ask mommy and daddy[br]for your allowance 00:20:35.29,00:20:38.84 I can't today. My father's having[br]his 60th birthday party 00:20:39.13,00:20:44.33 You already owe me a thou.[br]-O.K. I'll hitchhike 00:20:44.57,00:20:46.32 Maybe I'll make it in time 00:20:46.53,00:20:52.16 Don't be childish.[br]I'll lend you the hundred 00:20:52.41,00:20:54.53 You'll pay me back next week 00:20:54.81,00:20:59.04 Everything you owe me.[br]-Sure 00:21:06.17,00:21:11.29 Beat them good, twit![br]-Go to hell, retard! 00:21:30.21,00:21:33.28 Honey, could you set these out[br]as ashtrays 00:21:33.53,00:21:36.25 Leave them over there.[br]I'll set out the chairs first 00:21:36.69,00:21:41.44 The currants give a lousy crop.[br]So damned many old branches 00:21:41.69,00:21:44.89 They need to be pruned.[br]-You're not pruning them today 00:21:45.09,00:21:47.56 What?[br]-I said you're not pruning them today 00:21:49.41,00:21:54.40 Out of shape, young man?[br]Your face is as red as a pig's ass 00:21:54.77,00:21:58.65 No watering holes on the last stage.[br]-So you made it, after all 00:21:58.93,00:22:02.00 The old man's been asking about you.[br]-Is that Audi yours? 00:22:02.25,00:22:06.16 It's Hannu's company car.[br]-We changed to a new one last week 00:22:06.49,00:22:11.01 So the cyber business is booming?[br]-We just hired two more designers 00:22:11.33,00:22:12.76 Sealed a contract with Rautpohja Inc. 00:22:13.29,00:22:14.44 Hold, hold, hold! 00:22:18.81,00:22:22.20 You didn't bring your girlfriend?[br]-Which one? 00:22:22.53,00:22:27.89 The blonde you brought last winter.[br]What was her name... Krisse 00:22:28.13,00:22:29.36 The violin player 00:22:29.73,00:22:33.17 No. That was another little outing[br]her husband wasn't thrilled about 00:22:33.49,00:22:37.40 You have a whole spectacle planned[br]for the old man? 00:22:37.89,00:22:40.45 Even the flag's flying in the pole 00:22:40.81,00:22:47.68 The coordinating committee is inside.[br]-And here sits the church choir 00:22:53.61,00:22:56.12 I was expecting you sooner 00:22:56.45,00:22:59.44 The reception starts at one but some[br]guests may come early 00:22:59.77,00:23:02.12 Doesn't that leave us a whole hour? 00:23:02.49,00:23:07.77 Mom, I'm feeling really thirsty.[br]- Thirsty. Now is that so? 00:23:08.01,00:23:10.60 I've got to get a beer,[br]or else I won't play a single tune 00:23:10.85,00:23:14.32 You can get one from the fridge 00:23:16.21,00:23:20.17 Esa, you're playing...[br]your first set at one thirty 00:23:20.41,00:23:21.36 First just a couple of songs 00:23:21.93,00:23:25.08 Then a few more every twenty minutes[br]or so. Leaves time for the speeches 00:23:25.41,00:23:27.32 See that Olli doesn't steal the show 00:23:27.65,00:23:29.53 Especially when his choir buddies arrive 00:23:30.33,00:23:32.64 Raili, what time are they coming?[br]Wasn't it two thirty? 00:23:33.01,00:23:36.32 The factory crowd will be the last[br]to arrive. At five o'clock 00:23:36.61,00:23:38.41 They've booked a sauna at the[br]factory villa 00:23:38.73,00:23:42.04 Your father wants you to play there 00:23:42.33,00:23:47.32 I put a list for song requests[br]on the gift table 00:23:48.93,00:23:52.40 Jesus, I'm not a monkey with a juke-box 00:23:52.73,00:23:56.20 I'll play what I play and how 00:23:56.81,00:24:02.04 Anyway, I have to leave at three thirty.[br]- You told me you had no plans! 00:24:02.37,00:24:04.68 We have a gig in Jyväskylä 00:24:04.93,00:24:07.73 Dad's going to be very disappointed 00:24:08.01,00:24:11.00 I don't sell the gigs.[br]I'm taking a shower 00:24:11.33,00:24:15.04 Would the old man lend me a shirt?[br]- He went downstairs to shave 00:24:15.25,00:24:17.72 I'll bring you a shirt.[br]Tell him to hurry up 00:24:18.05,00:24:20.40 We also need some time[br]to get into party gear 00:24:20.93,00:24:26.37 Mom, can I see you for a minute?[br]- I'll set out this cake first 00:24:26.77,00:24:32.45 Would you play me the ''Nickel Coin''?[br]It has such a funny chorus 00:24:41.25,00:24:42.65 Dad? 00:24:46.21,00:24:47.40 Dad? 00:25:12.01,00:25:13.92 So how much do you need? 00:25:14.25,00:25:19.61 I have a couple of rents due.[br]We haven't had any gigs for a while 00:25:19.93,00:25:23.89 A few thousand. Maybe five 00:25:25.89,00:25:30.12 Listen, I put so much money[br]into the party 00:25:30.45,00:25:34.76 I can't spare anything[br]until the end of the month 00:25:35.01,00:25:41.85 Ah, well. Too late by then.[br]I got an eviction notice 00:25:42.93,00:25:46.21 I simply don't have any 00:25:46.45,00:25:50.68 When are you going to learn[br]to stand on your own feet? 00:25:52.05,00:25:54.61 And I won't let you spoil dad's party! 00:25:54.77,00:25:57.04 Promise me you won't[br]ask him for money 00:25:57.25,00:26:00.48 Yeah, yeah, I promise 00:26:02.57,00:26:05.56 Mom.[br]-Yes? 00:26:08.53,00:26:12.28 Your guarding tactics have failed. 00:26:26.09,00:26:28.40 Ulla! 00:26:52.13,00:26:54.80 Olli has drunk a bottle of wine here.[br]-Where did he get it from? 00:26:55.09,00:26:58.92 One bottle isn't going to break him.[br]He'll just start singing... 00:26:59.37,00:27:02.04 I can't be with you this evening... 00:27:06.21,00:27:07.96 O.K. I should start getting along 00:27:08.29,00:27:11.68 Good. I've had enough[br]of you and your wise-cracks 00:27:11.89,00:27:14.08 Hannu! 00:27:15.77,00:27:19.28 We've been getting rabbits here.[br]The apple seedlings should be covered 00:27:19.69,00:27:21.52 They've nibbled a whole trunk[br]to pieces 00:27:21.85,00:27:23.84 Did you see where Olli went? 00:27:24.33,00:27:26.97 He cut through the neighbor's yard[br]and got a taxi 00:27:27.53,00:27:30.00 He's taking his pool coupons[br]to the store 00:27:30.25,00:27:31.84 Fucking, fucking hell! 00:27:33.69,00:27:35.17 So much for the party, then 00:27:35.45,00:27:37.09 Hannu and I will find him,[br]whatever it takes 00:27:37.41,00:27:39.60 The old man's probably[br]totally shitfaced by now 00:27:39.97,00:27:42.72 Krista! We're heading home! 00:27:43.77,00:27:47.44 Hannu, hey. You're coming with me.[br]I know where to look 00:27:47.73,00:27:51.36 Esa, you stay out of this.[br]You just go on that gig of yours 00:27:51.61,00:27:55.57 Hannu will straighten things out.[br]-I'm just trying to help 00:27:59.13,00:28:04.25 Remember what you promised?[br]- Of course I do 00:28:08.77,00:28:11.65 Are you getting off at the bus station? 00:28:11.85,00:28:14.24 I'm not leaving[br]until we find the old man 00:28:14.97,00:28:18.28 Although it would be easier[br]to just let him be 00:28:18.89,00:28:21.01 If he wants to get wasted,[br]who's going to stop him 00:28:21.49,00:28:23.40 Always the same old story 00:28:23.97,00:28:27.52 Where are you guys heading?[br]-To try out our luck in the lottery 00:28:27.85,00:28:31.44 Could you bring me some trunk covers? 00:28:33.13,00:28:36.52 Two brown ones, sixty centimeters[br]should be enough 00:28:36.73,00:28:38.80 I've got money.[br]- I'll pay for them 00:28:39.01,00:28:42.92 It's the best gift I can give Olli.[br]He already has so much junk 00:28:43.73,00:28:48.93 Go put on your suit for the party.[br]-It's not my party 00:29:07.53,00:29:09.68 Light me one too 00:29:13.33,00:29:17.80 Don't tell Krista.[br]I don't really smoke anymore 00:29:18.73,00:29:23.25 Watch out![br]-What the fuck?! 00:29:23.69,00:29:26.00 Shit, you almost crashed![br]-Bullshit! 00:29:26.33,00:29:27.97 He's had an accident[br]and you nearly butchered him 00:29:28.25,00:29:29.97 His chains had come apart, that's all.[br]-How could you have seen that? 00:29:30.29,00:29:35.41 I've always seen more than you.[br]-What's that supposed to mean? 00:29:38.17,00:29:42.13 Drive to the shore![br]A girl's trying to drown herself 00:29:49.57,00:29:52.96 We're going to have a baby.[br]Krista's three months pregnant 00:29:55.49,00:29:58.61 So I'm going to be an uncle 00:29:59.01,00:30:03.92 The estimated date is March 25.[br]We're going for an ultrasonic next week 00:30:04.29,00:30:07.57 To find out if it's a Gary or a Mary.[br]-I can't be it's real godfather 00:30:08.73,00:30:11.37 But I can be its ''favorite friend'' 00:30:11.77,00:30:16.37 That's a special certificate for those[br]who don't belong to the Church 00:30:16.65,00:30:20.09 We weren't going to bother you 00:30:20.73,00:30:24.24 We though we'd announce it[br]as a surprise present. -I see 00:30:24.61,00:30:31.40 I was going to go in on your present,[br]but I guess it won't work with a kid 00:30:32.21,00:30:34.96 I could treat the old man to a Bungy 00:30:36.09,00:30:38.65 I got him a pocket watch 00:30:38.81,00:30:43.64 Gave it to him when we got there,[br]said it was from both of us 00:30:44.69,00:30:51.24 You owe me four hundred.[br]-A pocket watch? 00:30:59.25,00:31:02.21 A pint of Guinness.[br]I'll sit over there in the corner 00:31:09.53,00:31:13.00 Bullseye. Open the trunk for me 00:31:13.41,00:31:15.84 What shape is he in? Is he coming?[br]-I'll find out 00:31:17.17,00:31:18.89 The trunk's unlocked 00:31:27.77,00:31:29.49 Where do you think you're going? 00:31:29.77,00:31:31.44 The longer he stays,[br]the harder it is for him to leave 00:31:31.77,00:31:33.65 Let me do my part[br]in saving the family feast 00:31:34.25,00:31:36.76 I don't care if he stays there[br]for the rest of his life 00:31:37.13,00:31:39.93 But after all that work, mom deserves to[br]to have him there in half-decent shape 00:31:40.29,00:31:42.12 I don't trust you to get him out[br]of there 00:31:42.53,00:31:45.89 It'll only take me five minutes 00:31:59.05,00:32:03.28 Go and get the tree trunks[br]in the meanwhile 00:32:08.25,00:32:13.53 Aren't you tired of baby-sitting him?[br]-Isn't that what you've been doing? 00:32:16.41,00:32:19.72 When I was thirteen I told mom- 00:32:20.05,00:32:24.04 that she should throw him out[br]and get a divorce 00:32:25.57,00:32:31.49 Hell, she came this close to doing so.[br]-I never knew 00:32:32.37,00:32:34.88 Yeah, like they ever bothered you with[br]anything unpleasant 00:32:35.29,00:32:39.65 You were busy graduating at the time.[br]-What are you accusing me of? 00:32:41.45,00:32:47.89 Nothing. Lassie is just trying[br]to save the little scouts 00:32:48.61,00:32:51.28 I'll be back in five minutes 00:32:54.33,00:32:56.56 Give me the hundred from Kalevi 00:32:57.57,00:33:01.69 Is it O.K if I owe you five hundred?[br]-Fine 00:33:07.77,00:33:12.76 Look, it's the artist. Are you[br]coming or going? -A bit of both 00:33:13.05,00:33:15.12 More like going 00:33:15.53,00:33:18.97 What are you doing here?[br]-Playing the pools 00:33:19.29,00:33:21.85 A 768-mark set up 00:33:22.21,00:33:25.52 Four sure bets, one fully secured,[br]the rest half-secured 00:33:25.97,00:33:32.49 Another set up with six secured.[br]What are you doing here? 00:33:33.65,00:33:36.93 I came to wish you a happy birthday,[br]since you've set up the reception here 00:33:38.85,00:33:43.48 I have to get to Jyväskylä for a gig 00:33:43.97,00:33:46.53 Did you hear the army fighter? 00:33:46.93,00:33:49.76 What causes the bang[br]when the sound barrier is broken? 00:33:50.09,00:33:56.64 Do you hear it only once or is the[br]barrier broken again and again? 00:33:57.05,00:33:59.96 I play popular folk music.[br]Apart from that- 00:34:00.29,00:34:02.60 I'm not really interested[br]in the physics of sound waves 00:34:02.93,00:34:08.29 So what are you interested in?[br]-Mainly personal stuff 00:34:08.61,00:34:12.60 And what does that mean nowadays? 00:34:13.13,00:34:16.80 Mostly everyday cash flow problems 00:34:17.13,00:34:20.25 How to scramble money for the rent?[br]Who'd lend me a couple of hundred? 00:34:20.53,00:34:25.48 Who should I pay back first?[br]Should I eat something? 00:34:25.85,00:34:30.24 Should I pick up a skirt?[br]Where can we can we get a gig? 00:34:32.13,00:34:36.57 Most acutely, how to conjure up[br]five thousand by next Tuesday 00:34:36.89,00:34:42.68 You couldn't lend it to me?[br]-You should learn from Hannu 00:34:43.09,00:34:47.61 He gets by on his own.[br]That boy's never been shy of work 00:34:47.97,00:34:51.56 You could also have made something[br]out of yourself 00:34:51.85,00:34:54.57 I did become something 00:34:54.89,00:35:00.09 Graduated with the best grades.[br]And I'm a graduate engineer for life 00:35:00.41,00:35:05.09 It was your own brilliant idea[br]to study folk music 00:35:06.05,00:35:10.65 It must be great to be able to[br]just follow any wild whim in life 00:35:10.97,00:35:12.53 Another one, please 00:35:15.45,00:35:19.73 Doesn't look like you can[br]make ends meet by playing 00:35:20.01,00:35:25.85 I'm happy with my life.[br]-You sure settle for little 00:35:31.65,00:35:35.12 So what's your bank account number? 00:35:35.77,00:35:40.56 Savings and Loans 571322 00:35:40.89,00:35:47.52 This is a million-mark round.[br]lf the smaller set up pulls through- 00:35:48.69,00:35:52.52 the winnings will go on your account 00:35:52.81,00:35:55.64 But they won't be there[br]until Wednesday 00:35:56.09,00:35:58.89 These are exiting times 00:36:04.37,00:36:09.36 The only thing you talk about[br]nowadays is money 00:36:10.29,00:36:12.56 There is something else[br]we need to talk about 00:36:15.65,00:36:19.09 I promised mom I'd bring you home.[br]Whatever it takes 00:36:20.17,00:36:23.08 We found your bottle of wine 00:36:26.69,00:36:29.97 If you have to get wasted,[br]you could wait until later tonight 00:36:30.17,00:36:34.08 Could you go home[br]before mom flips out? 00:36:34.29,00:36:37.49 There was no bottle of wine 00:36:37.89,00:36:42.52 What the hell was it then that we[br]found hidden in the firewood? 00:36:43.17,00:36:46.13 Hannu is about to pull into that yard 00:36:46.53,00:36:49.92 You could still get through the party[br]without making a fool of yourself... 00:36:50.17,00:36:51.81 I can't be with you this evening... 00:36:52.01,00:36:55.32 God damn it![br]-The night keeps calling me away... 00:36:55.77,00:36:59.52 You've got a lot of nerve![br]-Don't start acting offended 00:36:59.93,00:37:03.72 Or do whatever the fuck you like 00:37:14.17,00:37:18.53 Go ahead,[br]a hundred proof pure soda water 00:37:18.89,00:37:23.80 I've got stuff behind the bar[br]to spike it with 00:37:29.33,00:37:33.04 Thanks for the gift, lads 00:37:36.05,00:37:38.96 A pint of lager and a double whiskey 00:38:03.41,00:38:07.80 I would like to perform a special song[br]on my father's birthday 00:38:08.17,00:38:11.13 If no one objects 00:38:12.21,00:38:16.73 Especially you yourself.[br]-It was actually yesterday 00:38:17.65,00:38:21.16 This is one of my father's favorites 00:38:21.49,00:38:26.24 Since he's a sworn choir singer,[br]do feel free to join in 00:38:27.33,00:38:29.72 Happy sixtieth birthday, Dad 00:38:30.05,00:38:33.28 It goes like this: 00:38:37.17,00:38:45.33 My coat don't need a mending thread[br]my soul needs a tender touch instead 00:38:46.73,00:38:54.92 you can't hear any poems at the bar[br]drunken clatter drowns them by far 00:38:59.77,00:39:08.01 that face in the mirror cannot be mine[br]it belongs to those who wine and dine 00:39:08.33,00:39:16.81 but one thing gives me solace in need[br]to know you Io ved me once indeed 00:39:17.41,00:39:20.16 Is mom really as upset as Esa[br]made her out to be? 00:39:20.45,00:39:22.36 Could we stop at the store and[br]drop off the pool coupons first? 00:39:22.65,00:39:25.45 I'd better take you home right away 00:39:25.65,00:39:28.56 I'll drop off the coupons later.[br]-I can drive 00:39:29.37,00:39:32.04 I'd never wish to bring you do wn 00:39:32.49,00:39:39.44 What remains when everything's[br]do wn to the bone 00:39:40.37,00:39:47.96 Is a heart's desire not to be alone 00:40:03.01,00:40:06.48 Excellent choice 00:40:31.57,00:40:34.40 Anyone driving out to Jyväskylä?[br]Around 2 p.m.? 00:40:34.73,00:40:36.77 Even 4 p.m. would be get me[br]there in time 00:41:13.93,00:41:15.97 Good Morning, Shag 00:41:16.33,00:41:19.92 Stop calling me ''shag''[br]or I'll start calling you names too 00:41:20.21,00:41:23.88 You probably already do[br]when you're with your friends 00:41:24.77,00:41:27.81 Yeah, names like ''girlfriend'' 00:41:28.09,00:41:31.32 Oh Shag, you're so wonderful 00:41:33.49,00:41:36.29 Let me take a leak in peace.[br]-No, open the door for me 00:41:36.69,00:41:41.52 Go to work![br]-I have a question for you, Shag 00:41:42.01,00:41:47.45 Do you pee standing up or[br]sitting down? -It depends 00:41:47.73,00:41:51.72 I want to watch.[br]-You're nuts 00:41:53.81,00:41:58.44 I've never watched at close range.[br]-And you won't now, either 00:41:59.41,00:42:05.93 If you let me watch,[br]I'll never call you ''shag'' again 00:42:11.89,00:42:17.17 I can't see anything[br]if you cover it with your hands 00:42:18.93,00:42:23.00 I can't do it if you keep staring 00:42:23.37,00:42:29.52 I'll turn on the faucet....[br]pssshh... psshh... 00:42:33.45,00:42:36.04 Let me shake 00:42:38.69,00:42:40.81 Thanks, that's enough 00:42:42.05,00:42:44.77 I'll call Virve and tell her[br]I can't make it to work today 00:42:45.21,00:42:48.04 No, you won't 00:42:48.41,00:42:52.24 There's no skin left on my dick.[br]-We could grease it 00:42:52.57,00:42:54.00 Seriously... 00:43:01.73,00:43:03.92 Seriously. I can't 00:43:04.97,00:43:08.09 We still have tonight ahead of us 00:43:12.13,00:43:16.04 What time should I come for lunch?[br]-Whenever you want, doll 00:43:16.37,00:43:22.40 I refuse to be called ''doll''.[br]-It's either doll or shag 00:43:23.01,00:43:27.08 Your choice.[br]-I prefer shag 00:43:33.93,00:43:36.49 Anni! Hi! 00:43:36.85,00:43:38.57 Oh, Juho is sleeping 00:43:38.97,00:43:41.16 Are you in a hurry?[br]Want to stop for a cup of coffee? 00:43:41.49,00:43:43.76 Or... I'll drop by one of these days 00:43:44.33,00:43:47.48 I'm a little late from work.[br]Take care! 00:43:50.81,00:43:52.77 Fucking bitch! 00:43:53.05,00:43:56.20 Good Morning.[br]-Fuck you! 00:43:56.61,00:43:59.41 Was it a mexicana?[br]And a regular coke? 00:43:59.73,00:44:02.12 You've got a nice crowd here 00:44:03.77,00:44:08.32 Your coke.[br]-Do you know what time it is? 00:44:09.81,00:44:13.72 Six past eleven or so.[br]-I woke you up. What kept you? 00:44:14.05,00:44:17.93 A small delay.[br]Little Willie was up and about 00:44:18.17,00:44:22.72 I couldn't just leave him in a bind.[br]-There you are 00:44:24.05,00:44:28.01 ... bound to fill you up... yes sirree...[br]I'll read it back to you 00:44:28.45,00:44:29.64 You're late! 00:44:29.93,00:44:33.60 Regular firenzee... no caperoos,[br]olives instead 00:44:33.89,00:44:39.09 Riverside special with garlic...[br]one pan-fried... gotcha, bye... 00:44:39.77,00:44:43.32 You were supposed to be here by ten.[br]I'm deducting an hour off your pay 00:44:43.65,00:44:47.28 Riverside Pizza, Erkka...[br]-Is Laine's order ready? 00:44:48.33,00:44:51.56 Riverside Pizza, Erkka.[br]-Two big quatros and a hawaii 00:44:51.89,00:44:55.36 Yessiree... there's a few orders[br]ahead of you... 00:44:55.65,00:44:59.64 ... but in half an hour, I reckon... 00:45:02.65,00:45:06.28 Yes, can be done...[br]Girls! No cigarette breaks together 00:45:06.81,00:45:10.48 Shit, you're wearing my[br]favorite blouse! 00:45:12.37,00:45:14.41 And my pants.[br]Did I give you permission? 00:45:14.77,00:45:16.65 I wanted to wear them at[br]the Galaxy tonight! 00:45:17.21,00:45:20.36 Sorry. All my clothes were still wet 00:45:20.85,00:45:25.05 Hey, you can borrow my black dress.[br]-I fucking hate you 00:45:26.33,00:45:29.84 Now haul your ass off the bench[br]and get to work! 00:45:30.13,00:45:36.08 Virve, I'm so in love 00:45:37.49,00:45:41.77 My Shag is so, so wonderful! 00:45:42.65,00:45:47.20 Shag?[br]-Kalle. I call him Shag 00:45:47.53,00:45:52.05 I can guess why.[br]But get moving, now! -Virve 00:45:52.77,00:45:56.28 I only got a couple of hours of sleep[br]last night 00:45:56.61,00:45:59.33 I came at least six times 00:45:59.77,00:46:03.36 I lost count.[br]I thought it was at least twenty 00:46:04.89,00:46:09.36 I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming! 00:46:11.25,00:46:14.76 They could hear you way out in[br]the square. I didn't sleep a wink 00:46:14.97,00:46:17.44 My jaws are a bit stiff... 00:46:18.05,00:46:22.28 Have you ever tried...[br]-If you don't come now I'll slap you 00:46:23.61,00:46:29.00 You should give up celibacy, Virve.[br]It makes you uptight 00:46:32.25,00:46:36.32 Yessiree... there's a few orders[br]ahead of you... 00:46:36.77,00:46:38.76 Hold on...[br]Capone and francescana! 00:46:39.89,00:46:43.56 Capone and francescana, Virve![br]- The spicy hot and crispy has... 00:46:44.45,00:46:49.65 ... onion and tomato...[br]can you hold on... 00:46:51.53,00:46:53.80 I'll be darned if you don't[br]get your ass behind the counter! 00:46:54.09,00:46:56.52 I'm not putting up with this much longer! 00:46:56.89,00:46:59.80 What?[br]-Nothing 00:47:02.77,00:47:07.08 ... yessiree.... you can get it without[br]chili but that'd be just spicy crispy 00:47:07.37,00:47:09.84 ... it's the chili that makes it hot... 00:47:10.17,00:47:11.60 I'm coming, I'm coming.[br]You take those before they get cold 00:47:12.13,00:47:14.85 I'm coming, I'm coming.[br]I've heard that before 00:47:15.45,00:47:19.28 Have you pressed on a panic button?[br]Seriously, baby relax 00:47:20.61,00:47:23.12 Jesus Christ, look at your neck! 00:47:24.69,00:47:28.08 You should see the Shag's neck 00:47:33.61,00:47:37.00 Bloody cow! It's your fault[br]they're standing there cold 00:47:37.21,00:47:40.44 Why are you so bugged out? 00:47:40.89,00:47:46.01 Bugged out! Girl, look at[br]the mess you've caused 00:47:49.57,00:47:52.72 Haul your ass to work in time 00:47:54.69,00:47:58.57 You know how hectic it gets here 00:48:01.69,00:48:06.48 I know what's really bugging you 00:48:07.45,00:48:12.00 Is that the plague on your neck?[br]You can't serve customers- 00:48:12.25,00:48:14.60 looking like that.[br]Cover it up, girl 00:48:15.05,00:48:18.44 Riverside... Damn!...[br]No sir, not you... 00:48:19.69,00:48:22.33 Wow, Leena did the Bungy too 00:48:22.89,00:48:26.64 I thought the rope went around[br]the ankle, not the neck 00:48:27.05,00:48:32.00 If you've finished up, gentlemen,[br]get lost. Thanks for coming 00:48:33.69,00:48:36.76 So?[br]- When can you pay me back? 00:48:37.05,00:48:41.25 I'll get my check next week.[br]-It'll all go to your phone bill 00:48:41.49,00:48:44.53 It's not some fuckass state benefits 00:48:44.81,00:48:47.93 It's union compensation, I've got[br]three hundred days of it left 00:48:48.29,00:48:51.41 I can't lend money to a friend 00:48:52.45,00:48:58.29 If you don't pay up, I'll kick your ass,[br]and who will I drink with then? 00:49:00.57,00:49:05.01 Ask your wife, she gets child benefits.[br]-They're already gone 00:49:06.97,00:49:11.01 I know. You can have my TV set[br]for two thousand marks 00:49:11.29,00:49:14.41 A brand new wide-screen Philips.[br]Twenty-nine inch digital... 00:49:17.97,00:49:21.17 Can I have this in a doggy bag? 00:49:21.57,00:49:25.12 We're out of foil and I won't waste[br]a box on that scrap 00:49:25.41,00:49:27.76 Just finish it up 00:49:28.37,00:49:30.96 Enjoy![br]-Thank you, Good Bye! 00:49:31.41,00:49:33.60 I have a man for you 00:49:33.77,00:49:35.52 Bye, chicks 00:49:38.21,00:49:40.33 Fuck off! 00:49:41.49,00:49:45.32 You need a man.[br]I'll set you up for tonight 00:49:47.13,00:49:49.85 I don't want your old shags 00:49:51.53,00:49:54.44 Erkka is not my old shag 00:50:15.49,00:50:18.48 Erkka! You have a date tonight 00:50:19.21,00:50:23.84 No, I don't. I should know.[br]-With Virve 00:50:26.01,00:50:30.53 She won't go out with me.[br]-Yes, she will 00:50:34.33,00:50:36.52 She won't go,[br]I asked her once 00:50:36.69,00:50:38.52 I don't believe you. When? 00:50:41.05,00:50:45.88 New Year's.[br]-That was almost a year ago 00:50:46.29,00:50:49.60 She was seeing someone then.[br]Mourning is over now 00:50:51.17,00:50:55.13 She won't go out with me.[br]-Sure she will 00:50:55.53,00:51:00.21 She likes you. You have a great body[br]and you're so reliable 00:51:00.93,00:51:05.24 She always calls you a sweetheart 00:51:11.81,00:51:15.36 You're so special,[br]oh so special. .. 00:51:26.85,00:51:29.81 You fucking bimbo,[br]did you say something to him? 00:51:30.17,00:51:34.45 It's all set. Poor Erkka is[br]head over heels in love with you 00:51:36.25,00:51:38.84 He's our boss.[br]I'm not going out with him 00:51:39.17,00:51:42.56 Of course you are. I've seen you[br]staring at his ass a hundred times 00:51:42.77,00:51:44.92 Thank you. Bye! 00:51:47.29,00:51:51.73 The fact that you're a pervert[br]doesn't make me one too 00:51:56.45,00:52:02.68 What's perverted about staring at[br]a man's ass? Erkka's ass is so cute 00:52:03.09,00:52:06.84 A bit small for my taste,[br]but just perfect for you 00:52:07.57,00:52:13.28 You should have seen him blush when[br]I told him you think he's a sweetheart 00:52:15.25,00:52:17.64 You fucking bitch! 00:52:22.81,00:52:28.17 Any special requests for the date?[br]-Well... 00:52:47.61,00:52:51.57 She doesn't want to go out.[br]-I told you so 00:52:52.37,00:52:56.12 But if you cook her something nice,[br]she'll come for dinner 00:52:56.81,00:52:58.88 Liar! 00:53:12.61,00:53:15.04 What's wrong?[br]-I sprained my wrist 00:53:15.89,00:53:18.45 Get the phone![br]Get it, now! 00:53:22.93,00:53:26.24 Riverside Pizza, Leena.[br]Can you hold on... 00:53:27.09,00:53:31.24 Use this as an ice-bag[br]and go to the locker room 00:53:33.21,00:53:38.60 Riverside Pizza Heaven, Leena...[br]Yessiree... there's a few orders... 00:53:45.85,00:53:48.16 Got it. Thank you. Bye 00:53:52.77,00:53:54.33 You're better at making the crust 00:53:54.61,00:53:56.17 I'll look after the customers 00:53:56.41,00:53:58.56 You'll make the pizzas.[br]-Yeah, but what did he say? 00:53:58.81,00:54:02.20 Who?[br]-Erkka 00:54:05.05,00:54:07.04 You have a date tonight 00:54:07.41,00:54:10.45 He'll make you dinner, if he can.[br]He had a small accident 00:54:11.69,00:54:17.13 What accident?[br]-He sprained his wrist somehow 00:54:18.57,00:54:22.64 Someone should bandage it,[br]but not me 00:54:23.89,00:54:26.16 Go ahead, check that it isn't broken 00:54:26.49,00:54:29.16 I'll hold all phone orders[br]until things have calmed down 00:54:33.09,00:54:34.81 Enjoy! 00:54:36.73,00:54:40.24 Jesus, Tavinen.[br]Already drunk at this hour 00:54:40.49,00:54:42.53 I wouldn't serve you even[br]non-alcoholic beer 00:54:42.89,00:54:45.28 I haven't had a drop to drink today 00:54:46.21,00:54:49.68 Look in the mirror,[br]your eyes are glaring 00:54:52.45,00:54:55.57 I did the Bungy! Can you imagine? 00:54:55.85,00:54:59.56 And I've always been afraid of heights![br]-Bullshit. You're drunk 00:55:00.05,00:55:04.60 No, really. I jumped.[br]-Right. What can I get you? 00:55:14.17,00:55:16.52 Can I take a look? 00:55:28.69,00:55:32.36 I don't think it's broken 00:55:35.69,00:55:38.49 I was a gymnast for almost ten years 00:55:38.69,00:55:41.84 It was just one sprain after the other 00:56:13.89,00:56:16.61 What the hell...? 00:57:33.77,00:57:40.00 38,5 centigrade. If you're not better[br]by Monday, you should see a doctor 00:58:28.57,00:58:33.40 Hi, it's me. I'm running a fever,[br]so I left work early 00:58:33.69,00:58:38.21 Should I pick something up at the store?[br]Anyway, I'll see you soon 00:58:42.89,00:58:45.04 Good Afternoon.[br]-Good afternoon, sir 00:58:45.49,00:58:49.00 Here are your flowers. They should[br]be unwrapped within half an hour 00:59:20.93,00:59:24.05 Roosa, I wanna come up there.[br]-You can't come! 00:59:27.09,00:59:31.05 Daddy, Roosa's teasing me![br]She won't let me climb on the roof 00:59:31.37,00:59:34.25 Roosa, hey![br]Come down right away 00:59:35.77,00:59:39.89 Think of something else to play.[br]Where's mommy? 00:59:40.17,00:59:43.32 Inside with uncle whatshisname.[br]-Uncle who? 00:59:43.61,00:59:45.84 Uncle Dick 00:59:51.57,00:59:54.16 Your turn to be horsey 01:00:06.77,01:00:11.37 Girls, come here.[br]I have a surprise for you 01:00:11.61,01:00:15.52 What surprise?[br]-I'll tell you in the car 01:00:18.21,01:00:21.41 Let me down.[br]-There you go 01:00:21.69,01:00:24.92 Can you girls guess where we're going?[br]-Daddy, I need to pee 01:00:25.41,01:00:27.97 Can you hang in there for a while?[br]-Yup 01:00:28.33,01:00:30.68 First we'll fill up and get candy[br]at the gas station 01:00:31.01,01:00:33.89 Then we're driving out to Kuopio[br]to spend the night at Aunt Rillu's 01:00:34.49,01:00:36.56 Yeah! Kuopio-oh! Kuopio-oh! 01:00:46.65,01:00:54.12 Why isn't mommy coming with us?[br]-This way we can surprise her 01:00:55.93,01:01:00.08 We'll call her when we get there[br]and ask what she wants to do 01:01:00.65,01:01:03.53 Girls, can you sing Daddy a song? 01:01:04.05,01:01:07.68 I'm hunting for a lion[br]I'm hunting for a lion 01:01:08.21,01:01:10.48 I think I'll catch a big one 01:01:10.85,01:01:14.16 I'm not afraid at all[br]I'm not afraid at all 01:01:15.17,01:01:17.40 Out there I see - a river 01:01:17.53,01:01:19.96 Daddy! I want Juuso to come too! 01:01:20.65,01:01:22.80 Juuso is keeping Mommy company 01:01:23.13,01:01:27.57 We're not turning back for him[br]Mommy will bring Juuso in the evening 01:01:27.85,01:01:31.40 Juuso has to come too! 01:01:31.85,01:01:35.44 We're not getting him, damn it! 01:01:54.13,01:01:58.09 Miisa, Daddy's really sorry.[br]It was silly of me to yell 01:01:58.53,01:02:00.41 Girls, we're going home 01:02:00.69,01:02:03.84 We're not going to Kuopio?[br]-No, not today 01:02:04.09,01:02:09.77 I wanna go to Kuopio.[br]Yuck, it smells in here 01:02:10.81,01:02:12.93 Did you wet your pants, Miisa? 01:02:14.85,01:02:18.84 It was just an accident,[br]Daddy's fault 01:02:20.85,01:02:23.24 I'm hunting for a lion[br]I'm hunting for a lion 01:02:23.73,01:02:27.64 I think I'll catch a big one[br]I think I'll catch a big one 01:02:27.97,01:02:31.28 I'm not afraid at all[br]I'm not afraid at all 01:02:31.81,01:02:33.77 Out there I see - a river 01:02:34.13,01:02:35.85 A wet and thick river 01:02:36.17,01:02:38.81 It can't be crossed over[br]It can't be crossed under 01:02:39.37,01:02:41.28 It can't be crossed around 01:02:41.85,01:02:45.40 You must cross through 01:02:47.21,01:02:52.84 Daddy, are we getting candy anyhow?[br]-Yes, but we'll take care of Miisa first 01:02:53.25,01:02:57.16 Feel like playing outside, Roosa?[br]-No, I wanna come inside 01:02:57.49,01:03:00.88 You could stay outside, you know.[br]-I'm coming inside too 01:03:01.69,01:03:04.33 O.K So you're coming inside 01:03:07.41,01:03:13.44 Feel like taking a bath, girls?[br]-In the middle of the day? 01:03:14.41,01:03:18.32 Who says you can't take a bath[br]in the middle of the day? 01:03:32.05,01:03:34.93 Roosa, you can undress downstairs.[br]-What are you doing home so early? 01:03:35.13,01:03:37.20 I'm running a fever.[br]-Mom, I accidentally wet my pants 01:03:37.53,01:03:40.36 I didn't think you'd do it on purpose 01:03:47.21,01:03:52.41 Tell Uncle Dick not to run away.[br]I want to see him 01:03:54.21,01:03:57.28 I'll put the girls in the bath 01:04:19.09,01:04:22.97 Roosa, turn on the faucet[br]if you need more hot water 01:04:28.49,01:04:34.36 Call me when you've had enough.[br]There's no rush 01:04:45.81,01:04:48.77 Daddy, what was that bang? 01:04:49.17,01:04:53.45 An airplane.[br]-Did it explode? 01:04:54.09,01:04:56.28 No, it didn't 01:04:57.73,01:05:01.28 It was just the tailpipe 01:05:18.93,01:05:22.48 I'm not a violent man.[br]-What? 01:05:22.89,01:05:26.64 I'm not a violent man.[br]-Neither am I 01:05:32.25,01:05:35.72 I just want to see what the man[br]who is fucking my wife looks like 01:05:35.93,01:05:38.97 So now you did 01:05:42.61,01:05:45.52 Get the hell out of here 01:05:49.89,01:05:53.28 Are you leaving too?[br]-I'll just walk him to the door 01:05:53.89,01:05:56.85 I'm sure he knows where it is 01:06:53.49,01:06:56.88 You left the girls[br]out in the yard alone 01:06:57.21,01:06:59.44 They always play there by themselves 01:07:00.61,01:07:05.05 Roosa was sitting on the roof[br]and Miisa nagging to get up there 01:07:07.25,01:07:09.40 What if something had happened? 01:07:11.61,01:07:14.41 The door was locked 01:07:18.37,01:07:22.04 And apparently this wasn't[br]the first time 01:07:22.29,01:07:24.52 I'm going to check on the girls 01:07:27.57,01:07:31.28 Get rid of these sheets![br]-Don't. We weren't in there! 01:07:31.53,01:07:35.97 Where then? The girls' room?[br]-On the floor. On the guest mattress 01:07:36.21,01:07:39.25 Where is it?[br]-Rolled up in the closet 01:07:40.25,01:07:42.44 Which closet? 01:07:48.65,01:07:51.21 Get rid of it![br]-What are you doing? 01:07:51.49,01:07:53.68 Get rid of it! 01:08:42.17,01:08:46.08 I'm sorry I hurt you.[br]I'm so sorry 01:09:01.89,01:09:05.88 Put them in lukewarm water.[br]So they don't wilt 01:09:09.29,01:09:13.20 Your mom is a lousy liar.[br]Or maybe she didn't even try 01:09:13.93,01:09:16.28 I knew you had guessed 01:09:16.97,01:09:19.20 Whenever the girls and I called[br]and asked for you- 01:09:19.61,01:09:22.60 she told us to try your cell phone 01:09:27.97,01:09:30.77 llpo, it just happened somehow 01:09:31.29,01:09:35.04 I was going to tell you today.[br]I promised Markku 01:09:35.33,01:09:38.56 That's why he came by 01:09:41.93,01:09:45.37 How long has it been going on? 01:09:48.81,01:09:50.96 For a while 01:09:51.49,01:09:54.08 Six months 01:09:55.69,01:09:59.97 Why didn't you ask straight out[br]if you knew it? 01:10:16.69,01:10:19.60 I wish we weren't married 01:10:27.45,01:10:30.25 Are you going to move in with him? 01:10:30.61,01:10:35.13 Markku has suggested it.[br]But I haven't made any decisions yet 01:10:36.85,01:10:40.05 Where does he live?[br]-Markku? 01:10:41.33,01:10:44.08 In Vaasa 01:10:49.65,01:10:54.96 Have you stayed nights there[br]during the week? 01:10:55.41,01:10:58.13 For the past couple of months 01:11:04.57,01:11:09.17 What's his apartment like?[br]-A small studio 01:11:21.33,01:11:24.21 Are you sure about him? 01:11:24.49,01:11:26.68 What do you mean? 01:11:27.01,01:11:31.61 That he'll get along with the girls.[br]-I don't know 01:11:31.97,01:11:36.57 You'd better ask him. Maybe he's[br]only interested in fucking you 01:11:38.17,01:11:40.24 I love him and he loves me 01:11:40.73,01:11:45.20 And he tells it to me.[br]You never speak to me at all 01:11:46.53,01:11:50.68 Did you ever even love me? 01:12:12.85,01:12:17.88 It's better for all of us[br]if you move out right away 01:12:20.09,01:12:24.32 Miisa, look who Daddy brought 01:12:25.93,01:12:29.56 Juuso needs a bath too! 01:12:36.57,01:12:39.32 The girls will stay here with me 01:12:40.33,01:12:43.77 I'll try to get day shifts 01:12:45.09,01:12:49.13 We'll make an agreement,[br]joint custody 01:12:51.21,01:12:54.68 I'll call the factory lawyer,[br]he'll know what to do 01:12:57.41,01:13:00.16 And try to find a bigger apartment 01:13:00.53,01:13:04.73 I won't have you camping out[br]with the girls in a studio apartment 01:13:05.09,01:13:10.40 llpo, we don't have to decide[br]anything today 01:14:03.97,01:14:06.85 No smoking in here.[br]The smoking area is by the entrance 01:14:07.25,01:14:10.56 It's so filthy and the ashtray[br]is always full 01:14:11.13,01:14:14.64 Don't any of you smoke?[br]No one ever cleans up there 01:14:15.21,01:14:17.88 You shouldn't open these windows.[br]It disturbs the air-conditioning 01:14:18.17,01:14:21.37 Put it out, please.[br]-My husband is lying there bed-ridden 01:14:24.77,01:14:27.92 Henri is in such bad shape 01:14:28.29,01:14:31.41 I've stayed up two nights by his bed,[br]I'm too tired to go outside 01:14:41.01,01:14:44.45 I smoke too. Occasionally 01:14:44.77,01:14:46.92 My husband hates it 01:14:57.81,01:15:00.56 It's silly to smoke in secret 01:15:00.85,01:15:03.57 Jarkko used to smoke himself,[br]but he started jogging and quit 01:15:03.77,01:15:07.52 He became a snoop.[br]He enjoys catching me smoking 01:15:08.93,01:15:11.57 Henri smokes Bolivars 01:15:13.53,01:15:17.24 What are they building[br]with such a tall crane? 01:15:18.77,01:15:22.28 People jump down from it.[br]-What people? 01:15:28.41,01:15:30.21 Milja... 01:15:30.85,01:15:33.00 What a strange pastime 01:15:34.21,01:15:37.80 Mrs.Tuokko. Your husband is awake now 01:15:51.85,01:15:55.21 I want to go home. Immediately 01:15:55.69,01:15:58.36 You had to haul me in here again 01:15:58.65,01:16:01.85 Merja couldn't leave until this morning,[br]but she's on her way over now 01:16:02.21,01:16:05.76 We can all leave together.[br]-She knows her way home 01:16:07.29,01:16:09.64 Hey, you. Come here! 01:16:13.53,01:16:15.28 I want these tubes off 01:16:16.09,01:16:17.84 We're going home.[br]-What? 01:16:18.13,01:16:23.00 Get rid of these damned tubes.[br]-The doctor has to authorize it 01:16:23.33,01:16:26.40 I have a treatment will 01:16:27.61,01:16:32.05 They won't even let you die at home.[br]-Please get the doctor 01:16:41.57,01:16:45.04 What day is it?[br]-Today? It's... 01:16:45.33,01:16:50.69 Saturday. You came on Thursday.[br]-Give me something for the pain 01:16:50.93,01:16:54.76 You're already getting a nutrient[br]solution and buprenorphine for the pain 01:16:55.01,01:17:00.16 That's not enough! I want 20 mg[br]of oxicodone intravenously 01:17:01.69,01:17:05.81 I can't change the medication.[br]-Right away. I'm in pain! 01:17:14.73,01:17:17.29 Why did you have to haul me in here? 01:17:17.61,01:17:21.44 You had passed out on the floor...[br]-Why can't you let me die? 01:17:25.33,01:17:30.32 Henri. Don't be mad at me anymore...[br]please 01:17:35.77,01:17:40.40 We'll leave as soon as Merja gets here.[br]-Call her and tell her to get here soon 01:17:44.37,01:17:48.00 A patient with pancreatic cancer, receiving[br]medication for pain. Yes, the pharmacist... 01:17:48.53,01:17:53.28 He says he has a treatment will.[br]He wants us to terminate treatment... 01:17:55.53,01:17:57.20 Hannele! 01:17:57.81,01:18:00.85 I would like to call my daughter 01:18:03.05,01:18:07.68 The number is in my bag.[br]Could you please get it for me? 01:18:12.81,01:18:16.40 The doctor in charge will be here[br]in five minutes 01:18:20.09,01:18:23.88 Dial zero first.[br]-It's for a mobile phone 01:18:24.37,01:18:30.08 In Germany. It needs a country code.[br]-One moment... 01:18:38.57,01:18:41.69 Hello?[br]-Hi, it's mom. Where are you? 01:18:42.09,01:18:45.24 I'm almost there, I had to stop at the[br]gas station to get something to eat 01:18:45.61,01:18:50.44 Dad's awake and he wants[br]them to terminate treatment 01:18:50.57,01:18:53.13 Dad's impatient and wants to get home 01:18:53.73,01:18:56.61 I'll be there in fifteen minutes 01:18:57.01,01:18:59.76 Tell him we'll all go together.[br]Maybe he'll calm down 01:19:00.41,01:19:04.32 Could you pick up Dad's slippers[br]on your way? Can you find them? 01:19:04.57,01:19:07.77 Yes, I can.[br]-That's all. Bye 01:19:17.97,01:19:21.33 I'm so glad Merja is coming 01:19:24.77,01:19:28.32 I can't see where to inject him anymore... 01:19:34.97,01:19:39.44 Where is Merja now?[br]-She said she'd be here soon 01:19:46.29,01:19:49.17 Lie down next to me 01:20:03.01,01:20:09.24 I picked up your cigars from the[br]post office. They are still in my bag 01:20:10.37,01:20:15.84 I'll smoke one... when we get home 01:20:18.17,01:20:22.64 Promise not to let them dry up,[br]maybe you can offer them to someone 01:20:23.53,01:20:27.73 To whom? I'll smoke them myself 01:20:31.81,01:20:35.64 They didn't even bother to shave me 01:20:36.65,01:20:40.20 I'll do it when we get home 01:20:40.85,01:20:44.44 I'm sure Merja will be here[br]any minute now 01:20:48.09,01:20:51.40 If she doesn't make it in time- 01:20:51.93,01:20:57.80 don't let her see me like this...[br]a piss-colored corpse 01:21:11.05,01:21:13.40 Good Afternoon 01:21:20.57,01:21:22.53 How are we doing here? 01:21:23.17,01:21:26.45 Henri wants the tubes taken off.[br]We are going home 01:21:26.85,01:21:28.81 I have a treatment will. It forbids you... 01:21:29.41,01:21:31.84 Your condition has improved from[br]Thursday 01:21:32.13,01:21:36.12 I see no reason to terminate treatment.[br]-Henri can't even eat without that tube 01:21:36.81,01:21:41.09 The critical stage has passed[br]and you should be eating in a few days 01:21:44.85,01:21:50.40 I can't walk, I can't sit up or even[br]lie still without being in pain 01:21:50.65,01:21:54.20 I insist you terminate treatment now 01:21:54.93,01:21:57.60 Give me 20 mg of oxicodone 01:21:57.97,01:22:01.17 Its effect will last for over five hours.[br]Enough to get me home 01:22:01.53,01:22:04.68 You are getting adequate medication[br]for pain 01:22:06.77,01:22:13.08 Try to get some rest and in a week's[br]time you can walk home from here 01:22:14.49,01:22:16.76 Just like the last time 01:22:17.17,01:22:21.77 Did you hear that, Henri?[br]You could walk home in a few days 01:22:28.37,01:22:30.68 Henri![br]-Risto! 01:22:35.77,01:22:40.72 Feeding is not included in your will 01:22:41.01,01:22:44.24 God damn it! Let go![br]-Please calm down 01:22:44.61,01:22:46.49 Should I get the constraints?[br]-Yes 01:22:46.73,01:22:49.12 No constraints![br]Do as Henri wishes 01:22:49.33,01:22:55.96 If we terminate treatment, he could lose[br]consciousness and live for a day or two 01:22:56.29,01:22:59.09 Is that what you really want? 01:23:00.57,01:23:03.61 Do as Henri wishes 01:23:34.97,01:23:41.08 Upon the request of the patient and his[br]family, treatment terminated: 11.31 01:23:48.57,01:23:52.20 Merja knows her way home 01:24:15.81,01:24:17.77 Help! 01:24:32.85,01:24:35.20 Henri? 01:26:39.89,01:26:42.40 Henri died 01:26:47.57,01:26:49.76 Risto! 01:28:23.89,01:28:28.68 That'll be 19,40 marks.[br]Do you have a bonus card? 01:28:30.21,01:28:34.25 Thank you 01:28:36.89,01:28:39.53 That'll be 8,40 marks 01:28:40.57,01:28:44.01 Anni, hi![br]Oh, Juho is sleeping 01:28:44.57,01:28:47.08 Are you in a hurry?[br]Want to stop for a cup of coffee? 01:28:47.77,01:28:49.84 Or... I'll drop by[br]one of these days 01:28:50.29,01:28:53.09 I'm a little late from work.[br]Take care 01:29:42.73,01:29:45.56 Are you getting hungry, Juho? 01:30:11.21,01:30:13.33 Juho! 01:30:18.49,01:30:21.13 You can't throw that 01:30:24.21,01:30:28.68 It could break and then Mommy would[br]have nothing nice for you to eat 01:30:30.05,01:30:34.57 Why don't you play for a while?[br]Mommy will cook you lunch 01:31:09.33,01:31:12.64 Have you turned deaf? 01:31:15.25,01:31:18.80 l was making lunch for Juho.[br]-I came to get my stuff 01:31:21.61,01:31:24.57 You don't have anything left here 01:31:29.25,01:31:33.64 That was loose.[br]-Can you manage if I wait in the car? 01:31:35.09,01:31:38.68 No, I want you to help me carry it.[br]-Howdy folks 01:31:41.21,01:31:45.44 Do I need to take my shoes off?[br]-We're not staying long 01:31:47.21,01:31:51.41 You need longer bolts.[br]Anyone could break in here 01:31:55.29,01:31:59.49 You can't just walk in here like that.[br]-Who's apartment is it anyhow? 01:31:59.81,01:32:03.09 I can call off the lease[br]anytime I want to 01:32:04.97,01:32:08.48 I pay the rent.[br]-The welfare office pays the rent 01:32:09.37,01:32:12.76 Juho! Daddy's little boy... 01:32:14.01,01:32:18.37 You said it was a brand new[br]wide-screen Philips... 01:32:21.89,01:32:24.85 Take this little mustard-maker[br]so he won't get trampled over 01:32:26.81,01:32:28.77 It's a fucking Finnlux 01:32:29.37,01:32:32.28 The remote control has the sixteen nine[br]function 01:32:32.57,01:32:34.05 Want it or not? 01:32:37.21,01:32:40.52 Bring me a bag for the tapes 01:32:41.21,01:32:43.44 And a rag, there's dust all over it 01:32:43.69,01:32:46.89 This whole apartment is a pigsty.[br]Don't you ever clean up? 01:32:48.49,01:32:51.37 I do.[br]-It doesn't look like it 01:32:51.77,01:32:56.80 How about trying vacuuming or dusting[br]every once in a while? 01:32:58.57,01:33:01.24 Are you getting that rag? 01:33:06.17,01:33:09.40 If you take the TV,[br]I'll call the police 01:33:10.33,01:33:14.40 And tell them what? That I sold[br]Loponen my own TV set? 01:33:16.69,01:33:20.81 Annie, you don't need to wipe it.[br]-Sure as hell she does! 01:33:22.17,01:33:25.68 You got it dirty so clean it.[br]-Me? No, I didn't 01:33:25.89,01:33:28.69 So who the fuck did? 01:33:46.85,01:33:50.81 Man, why did I fall for[br]a little cunt like that? 01:33:52.25,01:33:54.44 Let's just get out of here 01:33:55.01,01:33:57.32 We're not going anywhere[br]until you clean his TV 01:33:57.69,01:33:59.68 Come on, let's go 01:34:01.65,01:34:04.04 I'm putting Juho to bed[br]-What's the big problem here? 01:34:04.33,01:34:07.05 Didn't we agree[br]that I'd pick up the TV? 01:34:11.45,01:34:16.24 You withdrew all the child benefits.[br]-It happens to be a joint account 01:34:18.53,01:34:23.24 I have no money left[br]for the rest of the month 01:34:29.69,01:34:32.65 Fuck, that's more than I have 01:34:33.17,01:34:35.48 Go to the welfare office.[br]They might even give something to you 01:34:35.97,01:34:41.00 I don't want to go alone...[br]come with me 01:34:45.33,01:34:49.12 It's you who wanted to keep that brat 01:34:50.05,01:34:53.52 Don't come crying to me[br]if you can't deal with it 01:35:01.57,01:35:03.48 Hi 01:37:26.81,01:37:29.77 I live in the same building... 01:37:31.81,01:37:34.96 Help! 01:37:43.57,01:37:45.32 Anne, remember me? 01:37:51.13,01:37:54.33 Don't shout, Juho is afraid 01:37:54.61,01:37:57.76 Anne, let me take Juho... 01:38:01.89,01:38:05.33 I'll put him right there,[br]close to you...
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