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Jolly Roger

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Ripped & Spellchecked by Mickey Mouse
The followingisbased on a true story
Lula, dinner time.
Lula. Now, dear.
lt's going to the beach. One of the swimmers hits ajellyfish.
The horse has a foal.
- Which color? - lt's a black foal.
This guy gets a fine for public disorder.
- The guy in blue? - Yep.
Moles kill that lady's geraniums.
The people in the tent forgot their sleeping bags.
- The girl tanning gets a burn. - Which one?
- lt says the brunette. - They're both brunettes.
The one on the right.
The trucks crash. The mail truck crushes its hood?
- Where's the hood? - This house gets twins.
- We've only triplets left. - Fine.
On the third floor, their Labrador gets the flu.
- The blue truck goes in the ditch. - Which side?
lt doesn't matter.
- Haven't you done the sleeping bags? - What?
They forgot their sleeping bags, right?
- Right, l'll do it now. - Over there a garden gets flooded.
What? Okay ... Over here a man catches a ... what?
An eel? A man here catches an eel.
lt's me again. We need an eel.
How big should it be? - lt needs to be 65 centimeters long.
- Anything else? - They say hi.
Standby the cannons!
Light the fuses!
Standby to attack!
- Coffee's ready. - Oh, no!
- Karim! - lt wasn't on purpose.
l think someone ran into a little rain.
- Coffee? - Coffee?
There's no future in piracy!
- How typical, Karim. - lt doesn't matter.
Well, that changes things.
What did it say? - lt's raining and it's high tide.
- Here? - There too.
The ferrywill be 11 minutes late.
''The little pilot said, l want to flywhere the stars stand still.''
- How do you know it's bedtime? - Because it is.
Certain things happen at certain times. You might as well get used to it.
- lt will be like that forever. - But why?
Let's say mywatch says it's six o'clock, like this.
The next time it's here, you know what?
lt will be six at night. Weird, huh?
- Do you just guess my bedtime? - Of course not.
Time never stops running.
And when the big hand... - l know!
The boy catches an 8-kilo pike.
l think we're in Heaven.
... the whole works and a sore throat.
- An octopus. - lt's an octopus.
Look, the octopus says something, and the other two do it.
- He's translating what it says. - What are you doing up there?
An octopus with a manual. - What are you on about?
Look, it decides everything.
- What is it? - lt's the Future.
- Look! An angel! - Hush! What did you expect?
The octopus is the Future. We need it!
- Who made the clock go that way? - That's just how it is.
- l don't think it works backwards. - This is the time that has passed.
- This is the time yet to come. - The future?
- You could say that. 'Night, honey. - The future is lots of things.
- Time is just part of it. - What?
Like you, you are also part of the future. Sleep tight.
Buzz off!
Are you still here?
l'm going to grab some pizzas. Will you be okay?
Okay. Everyone ready?
l still don't know what we're doing.
- Just remember the manual. - l still don't know what we're doing.
Shut up, Harry!
l've got it!
- What did he say? - We own the Future.
Grab the manual!
- What did he say now? - We need the manual.
lt's like aVCR. You need the manual to make the timerwork.
- Where is it? lt's gone. - Hurry up, damn it!
lt won't work without the manual.
- Why? - You can't handle the octopus then.
- Hurry up, damn it! - Hurry up, man!
But where is it?
- Under the table. - Here!
- lt's right here. - You can't.
- Grab it, Harry! - Come on! Back to the ship!
Ouch! Whoa!
We got it!
Oh, no. They took the octopus.
Oh, no.
- Everything go okay? - Yes.
- Where's Red Harry? - We need the manual.
l did it!
The Future's gone, right? So there's only right now on Earth.
ln a short while everything will stop.
- But then everything will disappear. - Yes, everything on Earth will vanish.
- Just like those big ugly animals ... - Dinosaurs ...
- When will it happen? - lt's supposed to be now.
But our back-up Future will give us another day.
- Just one day? - Yes.
Or at least the rest of today to save the World.
You've got until 6.11. Then everything on Earth disappears.
- You said pirates stole the Future? - Yes, pirates.
So we ought to get some other pirates to find them.
- The guys who stole it can still move. - They control the future, right?
These are the pirates we've got.
Do we have him up here?
- No, downstairs. But we have one ... - Here?
- No, but he didn't fit in hell. - He was too rough.
He was so awful they put him in Limbo, the worst pirate ever.
- He'd be really good. - But he's a pirate?
- lsn't he dangerous? - Yeah, sure. Look.
This is Limbo.
lt's where you put stuff you can't find room for anywhere else.
- Out there is where he is. - Go get him.
lsn't he dangerous?
- Give him some rum. lt'll be okay. - What's his name?
He's called Jolly Roger.
Oh, there you are.
Give it up.
Got any more?
- Are you deaf? Got any more rum? - No.
Are you someone l killed?
Or do you just want to be?
- l've got a little chocolate milk. - What's that? Give it up.
- Are you trying to kill me? What is this? - l am the Archangel Karim.
You have been chosen to save the World because -
- you are the most dangerous pirate we could find.
You don't look like an archangel.
Some pirates stole the Future, and you're going to help us get it back.
l am? Why?
- Because it's been stolen. - So what?
So you've been chosen to save the world.
l don't give a damn.
- But you've been chosen ... - Shut your face.
- Theobalt here. - Karim speaking.
- He won't do it. - What?
No, he won't do it.
Take him to see his great-great-great- granddaughter.
- She's a sweetheart. - His great-great-great- granddaughter.
- Tell him he'll get more rum. - What's her name?
Lula. He'll be thrilled to see her.
- We're here. - Nice cabin.
What the hell is that? Someone dumped a kid in here.
We won't get much for her. She looks ugly.
What's that?
lsn't she sweet?
That's the first time anyone ever drew me.
lt looks like crap. Where's that rum?
She's your great-great-great- granddaughter.
- What? - Great-great-great-granddaughter.
- And so what? - lfyou don't help, she'll disappear.
So what!
This is a good cabin. Hardly any damp comes in from the hull.
Are we above or below the waterline?
- You've been chosen to save the World. - What strange portholes.
- You've been chosen to save the World. - He's says that to everyone.
You know l'm six years old, right? Do you have any lD?
Where are the jollyboats? l want to go ashore.
Holy cow, what a giant galley! There's plenty to eat.
Hello. What's happened?
Dad. Mom.
What are they doing?
- Did you do this? - Stow it, love. Where's the bosun?
- Stop that! - l can't. l'm not making them do it.
- Well, l'm not doing it. l can move. - Just for today.
Can't you make them stop?
No, not until the Future's back.
- But where is the Future? - Come.
He landed on a little island with a palm-tree on it.
He disappeared near here.
He saw where Red Harry went with the manual.
Where are you all?
lt's the otherway to that island. We'll find Harry and the manual.
Can you two get my mom and dad to move again?
- Well, l'm an archangel, right? - You don't look like an angel.
An archangel!
- Good luck with that Future stuff. - But we've got to save the World.
- Do you have any more rum? - No.
Then shut your face.
Haven't l seen you before? Did you sail with me?
l'm your great-great-great granddaughter, how could l?
- Goodbye. - Aren't you going to save the World?
- Theobalt speaking. - Karim here.
- Listen, he won't do it. - What?
- He won't do it. - Try again. Where is he?
- He sailed away. - Did you say he's been chosen?
- Of course. - Where did he go?
- He just sailed away. - What the hell are you doing?
- You know what? He didn't want to. - He has to save the World. Get it?
- l don't know. He just disappeared. - Karim, you come back here ...
- Wait a second. - What the hell are you doing ...?
Water is coming out ofyour eyes. Have you noticed?
- How do you do that? - l'm crying.
Seasick? Eat some dry bread. Watch the horizon and you'll get over it.
Don't you know what crying is?
- You've got to help us. - You've been chosen ...
Fix your own problems in Heaven. But l'll help her. Seasickness is awful.
- Will you help us save the World? - Whatever, but it'll cost you.
- Aren't you an angel? - l asked the same thing.
Archangel, how many times do l have to tell you? But l've got no authority.
l want my old ship ''Bella Donna'' back, crew and all.
Then we can talk about it.
lfyou're a pirate, why don't you have a pirate ship?
- l do. - Okay, then where is it?
lt sank. She went down 300 years ago.
- She? - Yes.
Why did you say ''She''? Was your ship named ''She''?
No. Her name was ''Bella Donna''. lt means beautiful woman.
And she is. Beautiful. Difficult. Full of curves and ...
- lt's a little difficult to describe. - Where are all your pirates?
Theywent down with the ''Bella Donna''.
- lt's fun being a pirate, right? - No, it isn't.
Look down there. There she is. ''Bella Donna''.
- Sweetpea, come down here. - Yes, l'll be there in a second.
But l'm best at floating gently about.
Can't you swim? l'll teach you some day.
How will we raise the ship?
With the Holy Excalibim, it says.
- What on earth is that? - lsn't a ship like this heavy?
- How does it work? - l think you pull this.
All the other angels have nice, new ones.
- Look what l've got in my pocket. - Balloons!
Here's another one. Blow hard!
Jonas, you old dog!
Who gave you shoreleave?
You're just lying around shamming. All hands on deck!
- Can you do more? - Easy, now.
lt's floating. Look out! A ship's coming through.
lt's working!
Look out down there. Here come a few skeletons.
Here you go, Arch. You need a real hat.
All hands on deck!
Where to? What's the heading?
One second. l need to get my equipment to work.
Jolly Roger, Scourge of the Seas.
l vonder if it vorks vithout the manual.
He wonders if it works without the manual.
Hello! Hello? Wake up.
Hello! Wake up!
lt's a shame the manual is so far away.
How typical of Harry to get stranded on the other side of the planet.
Hello! Aren't you coming soon?
Where are you?
How much time do we have?
- How much? - lt's not reallywaterproof.
Don't you know reality is fading? Your're one weird angel.
- We'll soon catch the Future thief. - You know where to go?
Of course.
- But how? - lt's fun being a pirate.
- You don't become one overnight. - ls it hard?
Of course it's hard.
- First, you've got to look right. - You mean you need a big belly?
- What? - Do you need to have a big belly?
- Here! - Thanks! Am l a pirate now?
- No, you're not. Here you go. - Thanks.
Being my great-grandchild you'll soon learn.
- Great-great-great-grandchild. - Whatever ... Look here.
Watch closely.
How did you do that?
- lt's because you believed l did it. - But you did do it.
Because l believed it, too. But l don't understand it.
Usually it doesn't work. lt's because we both believed it.
- Must pirates be able to do that? - Only the world's best pirate.
- Jolly Roger. - l am aware ofyour name, you know.
No, no. The pirate flag is called Jolly Roger.
All hands on deck!
Raise the Jolly Roger!
What is the heading? Where to, Arch?
Good question, just a minute.
- Just how smart was it to send Karim? - He'll manage.
- Can you see him? - No.
- Where's the ship we're looking for? - lt should be ...
- What? - This doesn't match my map.
- There are no street signs. - Don't you know where we're going?
- There. - There? What's he doing?
- l don't know. He'll run out of time. - What's on his head?
- No, l don't know. - You really don't know where?
lf l fail, l'll be cleaning Heaven for another2,000 years.
- Want to be left on a desert island? - No.
l remember once ... Well, it was a good story.
- You're not on Earth much, are you? - No, l've been here before.
l had to prove Jesus reallywas God's son. You know him, right?
He must have been a real pain or theywouldn't have crucified him.
Just because l was a little late and forgot the suitcase with the miracles.
- Didn't God get angry? - God? A little.
We don't see him that often.
He liked creating animals, like the one with the long neck and spots ...
- The giraffe! - Exactly.
But he was fed up with the trouble he got from creating people -
- so he created the octopus.
lt takes care of everything so he doesn't have to.
Now no one knows where he is.
Apparently he just hangs out with the other old guys.
- No. - l've got an idea! l once stole aVCR.
But l forgot to steal the manual, and l couldn't get the tape out.
l shook the VCR a lot and it worked. The tape came right out.
- You'll break it. Careful! - Just do it.
Stop! Let go!
lf Karim doesn't hurry, it will all go to hell and we'll have to tell God.
- He'll notice when it all disappears. - Man, will he get mad!
- Adore the light across all creation! - He's coming.
You're going to get it. You're going to get it.
Where is Tulle?
We bow to the dust, Eternal Almighty.
Where is Tulle?
Some pirates took her.
But everything is under control, so ...
Did they also steal the manual?
But, ah ... they threw it away. So they can't find it. lt's ...
lt has simply disappeared. So ...
- You initiated the back-up Future? - Just a little.
Take it easy. There's plenty of time.
We've still got 51 minutes.
Where is Karim?
- You didn't send Karim, did you? - Yes.
Why did you send Karim?
Take it easy. Everything is under control.
Let's try to make friends with it. Perhaps we should pet it instead.
That's a great idea. Of course, we should pet it.
You there, come here.
- Me? - Yes, you. Come here.
- What's up? Doesn't it work? - Try petting it.
Pet it?
Doesn't it bite?
lt's a matter of trust. We have to be friendly to it.
But why do l have to pet it?
Because if it cooperates with us, we can rule the future.
- What will happen in the future? - Pet it.
- A treasure ship will come along. - Pet it.
- Full ofwhat? - Full of ... salami maybe.
- Why salami? - lt's just an example.
- Pet it. - Why not a ship full of hedgehogs?
You can't fill a ship with hedgehogs.
Of course. Just as well as salami.
Do you know how hard it is to catch hedgehogs?
- But in principle you could. - No way!
- Pet the damn octopus! - Do what the skipper says. Pet it!
- lt won't bite, will it? - No.
Nice octopus ...
- lt's not easy to make friends with it. - Where is he?
- The future isn't what it used to be. - We're not petting it again.
- Give it up. - lt's not working so well.
- Give. - Of course.
On the other hand, it could be a lot worse.
Don't you think we should play a little song?
You've got five minutes to fix it.
Do you mind keeping it down for a little while?
- Five minutes. - Sorry, but just five minutes?
Find Tulle. Or l'll rebuild. Without archangels.
- Hello? - Karim?
Listen. The boss came by and wants to know how it's going?
- Theobalt, l'm not really sure. - What?
- These pirates are reallyweird. - Ask about the hat. The hat!
The Archangel Emil wants to know what you've got on your head.
All hands on deck!
- Now l know why they're shouting. - What are you doing?
l think they're going to attack the pirate ship.
- But are you sure they're there? - lt's all going according to plan.
- No problems. - Talk to you later then.
- They got there quick. - The best pirate in the world, right?
Good thing we got him.
That's not the pirate ship. That's the ferry to Norway!
Look out below!
All hands to the cafeteria!
l'll take that.
Loot and plunder! Empty their pockets!
- Hey there, Sweetpea. - Hey, isn't this the wrong ship?
There's no such thing!
- Karim, Theobalt here. - Hi, Theobalt.
Could you stop by Paris to pick up some chicken?
God wants to throw a little party because everything went so well.
l can barely hearyou. The connection is really bad.
Anyone need a soda ...?
- You were chosen to save the World. - Shut up!
- Hey, we've got to save the World! - Now you too?
We're pirates! Look at them.
Do they look like they can save the World? Theywon't save anyone.
Forget the Future, Sweetpea. Enjoy the present.
Tomorrow it may be too late.
We're docking ... We're docking ...
The ferry is arriving in Norway ...
- Where did you go? - Go away.
- What are you doing? - Nothing. Go away.
- l thought you wanted to be a pirate. - Just go away.
lt's fantastic.
ls it hard?
No. l just think of my Mom and Dad and then they start rolling.
What about them?
They're home alone, and l don't know what has happened to them.
l want to find that stupid Future and then go home to my Mom and Dad.
- And then l want to be a pirate. - Okay, l'll find this stupid Future.
But first we have to do some pirating.
Are you going to do what l say? Are you? Find my future!
Let go! Let go!
- Okay. Odds or evens? - What?
- l say evens so you're odds. - Ouch!
Six, that's an even number. l won.
- Familiaro, Sweetpea. - Familiaro, Great-great.
What are we waiting for? Aren't we going to save the World ... and you?
lt's been a long time since we had a song.
You are my hat pin As fresh as smoked eel ...
Something's wrong. He's not there.
- Typical! - He should be alright.
- Where is he then? - l don't ... would you be quiet?
- Where to? - Wait a second and l'll tell you.
We just ... no. That's no good.
The otherway? No.
-All hands on deck! - That's how it works ...
Just let us know when we need to save the World.
- Doesn't he know where we're going? - No.
- And you're an angel? - Archangel.
- You can't swim? - l can swim with mywaterwings.
- What the hell are waterwings? - You didn't swim either. You dove.
lt's easier. That's why l usually use waterwings.
You are a relative of mine.
Why did they send you? Were you the only angel?
l'll teach you. What's the heading?
-l swim fine. - 500 degrees to starboard.
Bon voyage, buddy.
- Did you put the batteries in it? - There weren't any last time l came.
- When was that? - Not that long ago. 2,000 years.
How long? 2,000 years! What the hell are they thinking?
lt was when l was here to help Jesus.
Raise the main! Splice the foresail!
There we go.
- We should never have sent him. - What's he doing?
We should never have sent that idiot!
- We're running out of time. - What's that stupid hat he's wearing?
- Doesn't it work? - No.
Can you fly and look for his ship? You could use the telescope.
- That's not a good idea? - Why not? Can't you fly either?
We don't use them. They're just for show.
- Pathetic. - What are they doing?
- He's got no grip on the Future. - We should never have sent the idiot.
Karim, come on. Time is running out.
So boys, how's it going? Are they on theirway?
l'd like to talk to Tulle. Put me through to Tulle ... Tulle?
We need to go the otherway.
- Doesn't it work? - Ouch!
So you're supposedly my great-granddaughter?
- Great-great. - Great-great?
l've never had one before. What can you do?
- Tie things. - Tie things?
- l can tie bows. - You can tie bows? What else?
l can spraywater, blow up balloons and chew gum -
- stand on one leg, and throw stones really far.
- All at once? - What can you do?
What can l do?
You are reallyweird. Are we going to save the World?
- Just a minute. lt's broken. - l give up!
- Reverse course! - But you have to find the Future.
He doesn't know where it is. All hands on deck!
- Seventeen degrees east. - No, wait. Give me a sword!
A sword?
- A sword for the captain. - Here. What do you need that for?
- Do you have a nail? - A nail?
Do we have a nail?
- A nail, Captain. - Here, Sweetpea.
Hammer the nail into the top of the helmet.
- Right there. - Stand still, man.
- Do you have any chewing gum? - What the hell is that?!
Here you go. Use them.
Come here. Open your mouth.
- lt's disgusting. - lt's good bubble gum.
Spit it out.
Lean over, Karim.
- You're strong, you twist it. - Careful, the helmet is hi-tech.
- Round and round. - Careful!
- Turn it. - lt's angel equipment.
- Are you aweakling? - lt's getting tight.
Let go!
Oh, no!
lt's fantastic. l'm flying. l'm flying!
lt's working!
Use the telescope. lt's powerful.
This is a great telescope.
That's what l said.
l can see right round the World. That's me from behind.
- But can you see Captain Black Bill? - Just a minute. l'm looking.
What's that?
- lt's a ship! A ship ahoy! - All hands on deck!
Let's get some wind in those sails!
- Are you okay? Will we make it? - l don't know. Mywatch broke.
- Wait a minute. - What's that?
A clock. What time is it?
- lt's a clock, but it has no hands. - How much time do we have?
The back-up Future runs out at 6.11.
- Then we've got 41 minutes. - 41 minutes, that's impressive.
Yes, 41 minutes until my future disappears.
No, it doesn't.
lt's not doing so well.
l had a goldfish once that l tried to teach to talk -
- so l threatened to pour its water out if it didn't speak.
Great party ... Any more soda?
- Whose ideawas it to send Karim? - That's the strange part.
Could you stop for a minute?
- Did your goldfish learn to talk? - No.
The goldfish died after 3 days with no water.
Maybe that's not the smartest ...
Karim, over. Karim?
Just a minute. Then you'll be able to talk to Karim.
They do the same thing over and over. lt looks pretty funny.
lt's what l had in mind. The same thing over and over.
And then you start over again, over and over.
But weren't there supposed to be several million years in between?
Yes. But this way they make fewer mistakes, right?
- You might have a point. - lt looks quite amusing.
- How much time have we got? - 21 minutes.
Why can't God make a new Future Octopus?
He can't remember how he did it. God's good at creating.
But look at what he's created, the things with prettywings ...
- Butterflies? - Ridiculous design, right?
Walking sticks, mayflies and so on. Bad workmanship.
They look good, but don't do much.
lt maywork ifwe pour the rest of the water out. Let's try.
- Stop that! - Okay. Easy, now. Easy ...
What ifwe drop it from the top of the mast? That usuallyworks on people.
All hands on deck!
- Ready foryour first battle? - Yes, check it out.
You better hope whoever you have to fight has got all day.
- Darn. - No, that was fine.
- Did you believe? - Of course.
- But you might have to practice. - l wanted a big sword.
Yes, but you don't become a pirate just like that.
You won't need a sword at the top of the mast.
Come here. This isn't for kids.
l've never had a great-grandchild, and l like the idea.
- l want to keep having one. - You big ...
Take care ofyourself, Sweetpea.
You know what? l don't want Tulle back.
Those people down there are nothing but trouble. This is a fine solution.
- But what about ... - Stop it.
lt's going fine. They're not making trouble as usual.
- But then it will all disappear. - And then what will we do?
l don't know. l'll make some new ones.
l'll make some new ones.
Right now you could clean up around here. lt's a mess!
l won't make any new people until you've cleaned up.
- Praise our ... - Get a haircut.
All hands on deck!
Captain Black Bill, the wimp.
What if the Future Octopus breaks before then?
Yes ... Then we'll disappear too.
l mean ... if the whole World disappears in a poof, then ...
lf Tulle breaks before? What do you mean?
l mean ...
- The octopus is reallywell designed. - And?
lt's just not very ...
- Robust. - Robust?
Well, it wasn't designed to be ...
My designs have no flaws. We're canceling the whole thing!
- Does that mean no party? - l don't want Tulle back.
Tell Karim we're canceling it. And ask where he got the funny hat.
Cancel it or l'll recreate everything without archangels!
- What about the party? - No archangels?
Cancel it how?
All set in the crow's nest, Sweetpea? lt's going to get hot.
Turn it into a sieve!
Load the cannons! Give them hell, boys!
- Damn. - Why did we send Karim?
We always get stuck holding the bag.
Fire! Fire again!
Damn it, men!
What the hell are you doing?
Don't put so much powder in the cannons!
Standby to board!
- Look what l've got! - Surrender, you landlubbers!
- Bogus! - Cancel it?
- He's a dope. - Someone's got to do it. Come on.
- Ready? - Yes.
- Ratapjul. - Ratapjul.
Ring ratapjul. Go to hell!
- Go to hell! - Hurray forJol ...
- lt works. - They disappeared.
Look at those jokers!
Hello. We're looking for the Archangel Karim.
Damn it, we're in hell.
Give me a break! Get us out of here!
- We've only got 6 minutes left. - Wait a minute.
Pardon me for bothering you. We'd like to leave.
Number, please?
My number? l don't have one. l'm an angel.
- Arch ... - l'm Archangel Karim, from up there.
- You don't look like an archangel. - Well, l am.
- You have to take a number. - Of course.
Look, this is how you do it.
- Listen, we'll take care of this. - No, no!
This must be done in a certain way, or it will all go banjo.
- Go what? - lt will go banjo.
Let me show you how to do it.
No way.
- May l ask a question? - Take a number.
l did, but it's 866.
The sign only says 15 and since there's no one else ...
You have to wait your turn.
Yes, of course.
- Follow me. - But it's going so well.
- Stay behind the line! - Of course.
Shut your face. Bring me the candle and the lighter.
Come on. Up there.
- You see that rowboat out there? - Yes.
- Swim out and get it. - But l can't swim.
You're the only one that fits out this hole.
- l can't! - Didn't l say l'd teach you?
But you haven't taught me yet.
You go like this with your arms and kick your feet. Offyou go.
That vehicle can't park there.
Don't get water in your mouth!
Where is Lula?
She ...
- What? - Relax, alright? She's fine.
- But she can't swim. - Yes, she can.
She just doesn't know it yet.
- There you go! - You're nuts.
You're doing fine. Just swim.
- Just do like this! - Shut up!
Use your arms a little more and you'll go faster.
- There you go, Lula! - You're an awful instructor.
Fine! Good.
Hey! Come here.
Get over here, Stretch.
- What's up? - l need all ofyour belts.
- Our pants will fall down. - Give me all the belts.
- l need the ... Expingeling. - What?
The Expingeling that you used on the ship.
Thanks. Hurry up.
- l'm ready, Great-great! - Open it.
- Hold it. - What are you doing?
- Put in the plug. - Come on!
- Lula! Catch! - Okay!
- Put the bicycle pump on the front. - Like this?
- So it protrudes from the front. - Okay.
- Give me your bag. - No.
- l need it. l won't ruin it. - You promise?
Hand it over.
Take good care of it.
- No, what are you doing? - Gunpowder.
Now all of my angel things are on the floor. l said be careful.
What are you ...? My bag!
Lula! Catch!
- My bag ...! - Put it on the gunwale.
Light the candle in the middle of the boat. And get out of there quick.
l'm hurrying.
You are not allowed in this area.
Take cover!
Stop that! l absolutely insist you keep quiet.
- Under no circumstances are you ... - Karim!
... or to converse with employees according to regulations.
- No noise is tolerated. - Of course not.
Under no conditions do we tolerate noisy behavior.
Let's go!
lnto the water, boys!
- Lula, where are you? - l'm here!
- Fantastic! - Hey, Great!
- Hey, Sweetpea! - Being a pirate is fun!
- Yes! What's the time? - We got 3 1/2 minutes.
Then we'd better hurry! Next time we'll use more gunpowder.
Come on, boys!
Long live Jolly Roger!
Back to the shiiiip!
lt is kind of cancelled, right? He didn't say how to cancel it.
He is going to be so mad!
Mind out, Sweetpea! Think, Lula!
- Come on, come on. - Think harder, Lula!
Use the umbrella!
- Hi. - Emil, Theobalt ...
- What are you doing here? - Helping out.
- What? - Oh, and it's all been cancelled.
God doesn't want it.
- l don't think we can. - God says stop.
Get 'em, boys!
- Oh, no! - Look out!
- l believe, Sweetpea! - Really?
Great, Sweetpea! Keep it up!
- Did you see that? - You're good with umbrellas.
You're the second most dangerous pirate of all.
Now you're going to get it!
- ls the pants thing mandatory? - Only ifyou're really good.
- They're the World's best pirates. - l see.
- Hurray forJolly Roger! - Hurray forJolly Roger!
- Well done! Reallywell done! - We almost did it.
- My pants kept falling down. - What'll l say? ''lt went great!''
He's just mad. He has to clean Heaven for the next 2,000 years.
We weren't counting on this. lt was supposed to be cancelled.
Vich von ofyou is Yolly Rogeh?
Vell what?
- Zitzyou. - No.
Zou goink to die, Yolly Rogeh.
- What did he say? - Hold on. He said ... No.
''You're going to die, Jolly Roger.''
- l'm used to it. - What a great little book.
lt's lovely, Karim.
There it is! lt doesn't look very healthy.
- Who is that jerk? - Kill him!
But l'm an archangel.
''l iz an Ark-anyelo.''
You don't look like one. Kill him.
- He's got nothing to do with this. - She die too.
You're not allowed to.
The back-up Future is running out. You will all die.
''No feelie ... octopolopus.''
- Close face. - lt's ''Shut your face''.
- He die now! - We need to get back to work ...
- No, don't do it! - Run out the plank!
Don't do it!
- Don't do it. - What?
Don't do it!
Karim, you've really screwed up.
- Run out the plank! - Dinner time!
- Don't do it! - lt's okay. Time has almost run out.
No, don't do it!
No, Lula, No!
No ...!
Good-bye, Great-great.
Hey ... Sweetpea?
Sweetpea ... Look me in the eye.
Look me in the eye.
l knew it. l knew it.
We were born under the same star.
Or at least we think we were born under the same star.
Thanks, Great.
Was it hard?
Come here.
What the hell should l do?
All hands on deck!
Get those scalliwags!
- Tighter, boys. - They're tight!
- Take it easy. lt will all work out. - lt worked. Hurray forJolly Roger!
- l see why they put you in Limbo. - That was nothing.
- Sorry about what l said earlier. - Yeah, that's okay.
- Where's the manual? - lt fell into the water.
What? Do you know what you've done?
Now no one can control the future. You numbskull!
lt wasn't on purpose, okay?
- What did you put in the water? - What?
You didn't pour rum onto the future of all creation, did you?
- No. - You're kidding, right?
There's no water on a pirate ship, is there?
You'll work this out with the boss, right?
- Thanks for the help. - You shouldn't take all the blame.
We're glad to help.
You'll take care of the boss yourself.
- l'll have to clean for20,000 years. - You'll get used to it.
- What do we do with the pirates? - We'll feed them to the sharks.
- They'll get eaten. That's a shame. - Right.
Luckily they don't eat pirates every day.
No way. No one's going anywhere. They have to go to hell.
- Shut your face! - l had to sign for them. l promised.
- Shut up! - Why do we have to go to hell?
- Well, ifyou've got any other ideas. - Will you light me?
- Ve vould like to go up. - He said we'd like to go to Heaven.
- What? You want to go to Heaven? - Fine, but you'll have to behave.
- Of course. - No problem.
Well, thanks for everything. We're off.
We're going to Heaven, hurray! Hurray for Karim!
- We'll sayyou're on the way. - This wasn't my idea.
- Why are we shouting hurray? - We're going to Heaven.
- Hurray for the weird angel. - Why are we cheering?
Hurray forJolly Roger!
Full house. l win.
lsn't it odd that they've won 19 times in a row?
- How many aces are in a deck? - 15.
They're good at playing cards. Look at him.
What do you think it will be this time?
See all the new things he's created. Aren't they cool?
What are those for?
- They empty ashtrays! - Awesome!
- They clean up and ... - He's been pretty darn busy.
But things are nice and neat. And he is more enthusiastic than ever.
And he's back running things instead of that blob.
He seems more interested than he's been in millions ofyears.
Can l have your autograph?
- Damn, someone broke it again. - Who broke into the soda machine?
- We want to see some hands. - Yeah.
- Hi, Great. Hi, Karim! - Hej.
lfyou keep tying granny knots, they'll always come undone.
Watch this. Round. Through the hole. Pull tight.
Now that's a knot.
What's the difference?
- Tie it yourself. - Just do it.
But l don't get it. What goes on in your head?
- You poured rum on all creation! - lsn't God in Heaven now?
lsn't that where he belongs?
Then everything's okay, right?
Hey, you've got a bite.
There we go.
- Lula, yourwaterwings. - l don't use waterwings!
Have you ever seen a pirate with waterwings?
No, l haven't.
- Hi, Great. Hi, Karim. - Mermaid to starboard!
- Hi, Lula! - Watch me swim!
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