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Subtitles for Journey To The Center Of Earth 1959 CD1.

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Journey To The Center Of Earth 1959 CD1

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[Bagpipes Playing]
Thank you.
It's a wonderful article in the paper about you.
Good morning, Sir Oliver.
Long article about you on page two.
Is there?
They made a mistake about your age.
It's such an honor for Edinburgh.
I cannot take your money.
Thank you.
Paper! Paper!
Congratulations, Professor.
[Bagpipes Playing]
Here's to the prof of geology
Master of all natural history
Rare boy, he
And rare boys, we
To know such a big curiosity
To the prof, aye aye aye aye
To the best, aye aye aye aye
To the next, aye aye aye aye
Aye aye aye aye
- Ha ha! - Ha ha!
I'm sorry.
Since you've been created a knight,
I've given your students a holiday--
a day for a knight, so to speak.
First, there's to be a presentation.
Will the lad of Glen Darrick step forward?
In gratitude for the knowledge
you have imparted to us--
That's enough obituary prose.
An inkwell, I presume.
A very handsome thing.
Hellish to dust.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart,
and now, off to the playing fields, all of you!
- Yay! - Yay!
It cost # 4.17.
I was on the committee that made the collection.
I thank you, McEwen.
#5 was subscribed.
That left three shillings.
You won't give me the change?
I expended it on this,
a little extra token I thought you might fancy.
I saw it in a curiosity shop in Glasgow.
It whispered, " Buy me for Professor Lindenbrook."
What did you reply?
I said, "Only if you can be bought for three shillings."
I argued with the owner.
It's lava, of course.
But exceptionally heavy.
It could serve as a paperweight.
Do you like it, Professor?
It's a scholar's choice.
Where are you eating tonight?
Oh, this being Tuesday, I'm not eating.
It's healthy to eat every other night.
Be at my house at 8:00.
I'm entertaining some faculty.
I don't think I could.
What's the matter, McEwen?
You used to visit my house regularly.
Do those frayed cuffs worry you?
My other shirt is at the wash.
8:00 sharp!
We're scientists.
That's one society where frayed cuffs don't matter.
We've all had them.
Yes, Sir Oliver.
I swear there's something inside.
[Doorbell Rings]
There's Uncle now, Kirsty.
And high time, too!
I thought it was Uncle Oliver.
Nothing I'm wearing belongs to me.
Good evening, Miss Jenny.
Good evening, Alec McEwen.
I'm early.
I didn't know you were coming.
Your uncle ordered me to come.
Where is he?
He's never been late like this.
To return to the subject of my clothes,
they belong to the lad of Glen Darrick.
" Don't go to dinner dressed like that," he said.
I went to take my bath.
When I returned,
my clothes were gone and these substituted.
I have no claim to the Glen Darrick tartan.
You've explained your magnificence.
Kirsty, there will be one more guest.
I'll seat you between the dean and the rector.
Couldn't I sit next to you?
Certainly not.
I notice a certain harshness
in your attitude toward me.
What do you expect when it takes a command to bring you here?
Miss Jenny, why should I torture myself?
Two years more I have to study for my master's degree,
then four more as a laboratory assistant.
Then there's the money I must repay my relatives.
You are very logical, Mr. McEwen.
It's the logic of an empty purse.
How like a Scotsman!
I am a Scotsman.
I know one who didn't even have a purse.
His name was Robert Burns.
Do you know what he said?
Miss Jenny, the time of poetry is over.
If this is true, Alec McEwen,
what are you doing with your hand on my knee?
Miss Jenny--
Just wait in there.
Kirsty, I'll set the extra place.
[Plays Piano]
[Plays Off-Key]
Is there something you want?
A key is stuck.
But that's impossible.
It was just tuned last month.
Which one?
This one. Can't you see?
No, I can't.
You can see I'm unhappy.
You know how I've felt
ever since that first day I saw you.
You looked like spring.
My love is like the red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June
My love is like the melody
That's sweetly played in tune
[Kirsty] Miss Jenny, set the table.
Mr. McEwen is fixing a stuck key.
...My bonny lass
So deep in love am I
That I will love you still, my dear
Till all the seas go dry
Till all the seas go dry, my love
And the rocks melt with the sun
And I will love you still, my dear
While the sands of life shall run
So fare thee well, my only love
And fare thee well a while
For I'll come back to you, my love
Though it were 10,000 mile
Miss Jenny, you're crying.
I bent over the goose... the fumes.
[Clears Throat]
Good evening, Miss Jenny.
Good evening, gentlemen.
We were just worrying about Professor Lindenbrook.
We were. Isn't he with you?
Isn't he here?
Careful it doesn't go too high, Paisley.
It's just about the limit now.
[Door Opens]
I gave no permission for visitors!
Oh, it's you, McEwen.
Uncle Oliver, your guests are waiting.
If you don't come, the goose will spoil--
Oh, goose, goose, goose.
Tell him, Alec.
This lava is 1 in 10 million.
I've been at it all day.
No pause for lunch or tea.
You've had three semesters of petrology.
From which volcano could this lava have emerged?
Mt. Etna?
Very close. The Mediterranean.
The Lipari Islands near Italy.
But their lava is light.
That's what stumped me
because inside must be something
the weight of the heaviest rock in existence.
That would be Icelandic peridotite.
There's a piece chipped off.
By me.
What's the rock inside?
Icelandic peridotite, naturally.
When I saw this, I stopped chipping.
There's some marks on the surface.
It looks like a letter or notches.
Three notches made by the hand of man.
But how could a rock from Iceland
possibly pop out of a volcano across the world?
What's your conclusion?
Science does not jump to conclusions.
Science is not a guessing game.
We'll melt off the crust of lava.
Mr. Paisley.
Add 10 cc of aqua regia.
Not too fast now.
I shall write to Professor Goetaborg of Stockholm on this.
He's the world's leading authority on volcanoes.
How long will this take?
A typically female question.
Melting lava takes maybe two hours,
maybe four hours.
Two hours? Four hours?
Maybe the whole night.
Who cares?
Are you all right?
That was entirely my fault.
I don't know how it could have happened.
Mr. Paisley, by your slip you've rendered
an inestimable service to science.
See this?
What would you call it?
As you said, it's a manmade object.
It looks like a top,
a surveyor's instrument, a plumb bob.
It is a plumb bob.
There are letters on it.
It's an inscription, a message, perhaps.
Can you make out what it says, Professor?
It's in some Nordic tongue.
The hand that wrote this trembled.
Perhaps it was a dying hand.
Was it written in paint? Ink?
Perhaps blood.
Look at this side, sir!
A signature!
Arne Saknussemm.
Arne Saknussemm!
Will you take me home now, Uncle Oliver,
or do I have to go alone?
It's unthinkable, but it must be true.
A man took tools
and went where no human being has ever set foot--
alone into the interior of the earth. Alone.
Who? What is he talking about?
Arne Saknussemm, the Icelandic scientist.
The greatest of his day.
He was laughed at when he claimed
there was a world down below.
The laughter stopped when he disappeared,
never to be heard from...
until tonight.
Get out of here, woman!
I don't want any tea!
I only want my post.
Don't shout at me!
I can shout just as loud as you!
For two weeks, you haven't eaten or slept.
Out, woman!
Here's your post, Uncle Oliver.
Another day, and still nothing!
Can you believe that? No answer.
And where is Alec McEwen?
At the university.
How long does it take
to get a letter from Stockholm to England?
[Doorbell Rings]
Answer the bell.
We have to speak to Sir Oliver.
Don't tell us he's busy.
Callers? That's all I need.
Oliver, we all know your reputation for rudeness.
You're also a conscientious man.
But you've skipped every lecture for two weeks.
I'm involved in something important.
More important than our university?
Something any university would envy us.
Ah, yes! Ha ha!
You laugh!
What does the name Arne Saknussemm mean to you?
Saknussemm, Saknussemm.
Didn't he write about the lost city of Atlantis?
That was his early career.
He's famous for his study of volcanoes.
Out of a volcano came this message from him.
It lay unnoticed for 100 years
until picked up by some peasant,
gathered dust in a curiosity shop until it came to me.
Here is a translation of the words.
"I'm dying, but my life's work must not be lost.
"Whoever descends into the crater of Sneffels Yocul
"can reach the center of the earth.
I did it. Arne Saknussemm."
Center of the earth?
Sneffels Yocul?
That's an extinct volcano in Iceland.
According to this, it must lead to an unknown region.
But this is sheer fantasy.
You haven't heard all of it.
There's a postscriptum.
"At sunrise on the last day of May,
the mountain Scartaris will point the path."
What do you say now?
I'm more mystified than ever.
Scartaris is a mountain peak near the volcano.
This is a student's hoax.
Wait a second, rector.
Let's not take that tone.
Let's assume it's authentic.
Isn't the correct procedure
to submit a paper to the university officially?
You must consult other experts.
This needs verification.
Here is my paper.
I've written to the foremost authority in Europe.
The Royal Geological Society?
More eminent still.
Professor Goetaborg of Stockholm.
Oh? And what does he say?
I haven't received his reply.
I've written to him twice!
Well, then, I suggest we relax on the matter
until your famous correspondent sees fit to answer you.
Meanwhile, we could do with some tea.
I know you two think I'm daft.
Think whatever you want.
Jenny, tea!
When did you get here?
Just this moment, Sir Oliver.
It's from Stockholm.
He's got his letter from Stockholm.
Did you see the shine in his eyes?
There'll never be a better moment.
I'll tell him about our feelings for each other.
He'll say yes almost inadvertently.
What if he says no advertently?
You'll see how firm my voice can be
when I speak of you.
Blast and damnation!
That devil! Blast it!
What is it?
Don't keep us in the dark.
Bad news, sir?
I am stricken.
The University of Stockholm informs me
that Professor Goetaborg has vanished from Sweden.
His disappearance follows closely the date
when my communication must have reached him...
with all my material.
He evidently didn't think it important enough to answer.
Or too important.
McEwen, find out when the next ship leaves for Iceland.
I will not be beaten to my goal.
What is your goal?
You heard Saknussemm's message.
Oliver, you're seriously ill.
I am seriously well.
Don't wait. I said hurry.
I must start packing.
To go where?
To Iceland, to begin with.
And then?
Where Arne Saknussemm went.
I can't wait while that scoundrel named Goetaborg
exploits what I foolishly gave him.
Don't you see what's at stake?
The ultimate aim of all science--
to penetrate the unknown.
We know less about our earth
than about the stars and outer space.
The greatest mystery is right here under our feet.
And now, if you'll excuse me, gentlemen.
I must speak with you.
I have no time for words.
You must take time, sir.
This is urgent.
Not for me.
I have to go to Iceland.
I'm going with you.
To the center of the earth.
My heart's in the Highlands
A-chasing the deer
A-hunting the wild deer
And chasing the roe
My heart's in the Highland
Wherever I go
All Iceland must be aware
that the Scots have arrived.
I wish Jenny could hear me.
Homesick already?
It's painful to leave your fiancee
on the first day of your engagement.
But to come back as a world famous scientist,
that's not to be sneezed at.
Did you expect a flight of stairs
with a red carpet?
I neglected to tell you
I have a nervous fear of heights.
You'll get over that
after the first million fathoms or so.
Million fathoms.
He's been here!
He's been surveying here.
This is fresh-cut wood.
Your revered colleague from Stockholm.
He isn't wasting any time.
Do you think he's already gone down?
No. Saknussemm stipulated the last day of May.
Go back to Reykjavik.
Buy every foot of rope that's available.
Stock up on hardtack, bread, chocolate, and medical supplies.
But more than anything,
inquire whether they have Ruhmkorf lamps.
Have another carriage waiting
at the foot of the slope at sunset.
Can we prepare it that quickly?
We must. We're in a race.
What's that you're taking?
Jenny's farewell gift.
I'll keep it with me always.
Back to my hotel.
Ja, Professor Goetaborg.
Ah, my good man.
I assume my assistant sent you.
No, thank you.
Nobody carries the soldier's weapons.
And take your time.
These instruments are delicate.
Easy, coachman! Easy!
This isn't the same road we came by this morning!
I said, slow down, man!
You're out of your senses!
Stop your horses, man!
This is a command!
Can't you hear me?
Slow down!
Stop, you fool!
If you've ruined my instruments,
I'll horsewhip you, so help me.
And where are we?
This certainly is not my hotel.
Where are we?
Apparently in an eider feather storehouse.
How did you get here?
I don't know what happened.
It went so fast.
I was clubbed and overpowered.
Did you see who did it?
No. I was just walking.
Professor Goetaborg is a criminal!
Probably he's always dreamed of fame.
Your letter opened the door.
Did you hear that?
Some tapping.
Don't get your hopes up, Professor.
There's nobody around.
Everybody's in the market square.
Tomorrow the fishing fleet goes out.
The shops are closed?
No. They are open,
but everything we need
was sold already.
To Professor Goetaborg!
He stayed in the inn where we're staying.
This time, I heard it, too.
A fellow prisoner, do you suppose?
He's giving us signals.
It's a code.
I can't make it out.
Jot this down.
Dash, dash, dot, dot, dot, dot, long dash.
It doesn't make sense.
Perhaps it's in Icelandic.
I don't think so.
We've established contact.
I still can't make it out.
My esteemed friend, whoever you are,
let me introduce myself,
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook,
University of Edinburgh.
May I ask you
to interrupt your tapping and listen?
In what language would you like me to speak?
Apparently, he doesn't understand English.
I'll try French.
Mon cher ami,
vous et nous sonnes dans
une situation abominable!
It's no good, sir.
It sounds more Russian.
Kak tvoe imia?
My c toboi tovarishchi polushashche?
[Speaking Icelandic]
It's a female prisoner.
And her lover.
[Speaking Icelandic]
Professor, they're kissing.
I'm sorry, but for once
we must dispense with tact.
I regret to disturb you.
Can you get us out of here?
[Quack Quack]
Oh, Gertrude...
[Speaking Icelandic]
It's a duck!
And I was just about to try Latin.
You with the gold tooth,
I'll give you more gold
if you'll guide us to Reykjavik.
Ja, Reykjavik.
You take us to Reykjavik.
I understand
that Professor Goetaborg from Stockholm
is stopping here, a friend--
A friend of yours, Professor Goetaborg?
Let's say a colleague.
May I help?
He is at home, isn't he?
Yes. l--
He isn't at home.
He can't be disturbed.
He's asleep with all this going on?
You cannot see him. I'm sorry.
Here are your coins. Here is my card.
Put it in his box
so he'll know I'm around.
Thank you so much.
I know you're in there.
This is Lindenbrook.
Do you see what this is, laddie?
The very last word in equipment.
Ruhmkorf lamps!
Self-generating lamps.
How long will they burn, Professor?
My guess is indefinitely.
As long as they're wound up,
the induction coil will give off current.
Breathing devices,
like those used in coal mines in Wales.
All the instruments needed
for exploring the world below,
whatever it may be!
I shall wait here till Goetaborg returns.
wait, too.
Goetaborg may be a strong man.
More treasure, sir.
Climbing boots,
Food for months.
A chart with a...
Well, Goetaborg,
it seems there's such a thing
as justice, after all.
So you wanted to push in ahead of us?
Fate took care of him.
Why didn't they tell us?
Hotels rarely advertise that they have corpses.
The Icelander teaches us a lesson.
We'll observe one minute of silence
in memory of a great scientist,
even if he was a blasted thief.
Alec, you mentioned fate.
Slight correction--
Fate plus a few grains of potassium cyanide.
He was against us.
Someone was even more against him.
I'm the wife of Professor Goetaborg.
Oh, my dear.
What is it?
My husband didn't meet me at the pier.
Is something wrong?
Please sit a minute before you go up.
Please, my dear.
He seemed so well.
Early in the morning, he went to the mountain.
He came back and received a luncheon guest in the lobby.
I saw him myself.
They went up to his room and ate.
What are you trying to tell me?
That my husband is...
His guest left about 4:00.
When the maid went to make the bed...
Oh, dear God.
I can't remember anyone ever dying in my inn.
We called a doctor, but it was too late.
We left him up there because you were coming.
Just 10 days ago,
he was joking on the pier in Stockholm.
The moment he arrived here,
he sent me a message
just with one word-- "Come."
Madam, my deep sympathy.
My name is Oliver Lindenbrook
of Edinburgh University.
I take it you're familiar with that name?
Professor Lindenbrook.
I see you are.
I must ask a question.
I would like Madam Goetaborg to stay.
This will be difficult for you, madam.
Who was the last person to see him alive?
His luncheon guest.
Count Saknussemm.
Count Saknussemm?
I didn't realize
the Saknussemm family still existed.
They are the land's oldest family.
A descendant of Arne Saknussemm.
And a scientist, too,
in his own right.
He lunched with Goetaborg?
They saw each other every day.
They worked together in his room
with all those charts and instruments.
I suggest you request an autopsy immediately.
Is there something suspicious
about my husband's death?
Your husband came to Iceland
for the same reasons that brought me.
Neither of us could possibly suspect
a third party would stop at nothing to forestall us.
He was killed?
This is now a police matter.
Send for them.
To your room first, madam.
Uh...just one second, if you please.
Thank you.
I'm deeply distressed by your husband's death.
I fully understand your feelings.
However, I must ask you one question.
How do you plan to dispose of your husband's equipment?
What does it matter?
I'll take it off your hands.
We can discuss it later.
Time is running out.
My expedition must start within 24 hours.
Your expedition?
I only know of the Goetaborg Expedition.
Husbands don't always tell wives everything.
I don't wish to blacken your husband's memory.
However, I demand that equipment.
I have a right to it.
A right to take over another's life work?
He died for that idea!
He stole that idea from me.
That is a lie.
An unforgivable lie.
I would rather destroy
every pound of that equipment
than let you have it.
"Incredible encounter!
"A Saknussemm descendant turns up,
"acts as if he were king of volcanoes,
"tries to force me to surrender his ancestor's secret.
"Saknussemm called again.
" New complication!
" My real adversary arrives, Lindenbrook,
"undoubtedly to claim his rights.
Must fight him somehow."
Oh, uh, young man,
would you come here a moment, please?
Who are those for?
[Speaking Icelandic]
[Speaking Icelandic]
Professor Lindenbrook.
[Speaking Icelandic]
Ja, madam.
Oh, at least we have some rope.
That's a beginning.
[Speaking Icelandic]
Tell him to stop jabbering and go shopping.
What about lamps?
[Speaking Icelandic]
Ah, lamps...lamps.
What about... ah...picks?
Oh, and provisions, food.
What are you doing?
Big ox.
Put me down.
Somebody please explain this outrage.
Are we to be abducted every day in Iceland?
[Speaking Icelandic]
Ja, madam.
She speaks Icelandic.
I do,
but I wish to apologize to you in plain English.
I went through my husband's diary.
I believe I have done you an injustice.
Don't give it another thought.
I'm Sir Oliver's assistant, Alec McEwen.
This expedition began thanks to this lad.
Began--that's all it has done.
If you still want the equipment,
it's yours.
Will you say that again?
I won't stand in the way
of the Lindenbrook Expedition.
My husband had boots made specially.
I hope they fit.
Mine will be ready without delay.
Your man's ordering some for me.
Good, good.
What was that?
Why would you need boots like this?
I can't go in these.
Go where, madam?
Don't say it.
Naturally, I'm coming along.
That's why I'm giving you all of this.
That's a condition.
You didn't mention any condition.
Then I do now.
Whom were you taking besides this young man?
The big Icelander.
Then I'll be very useful.
He doesn't understand English.
You can't come. You're a woman!
What has my sex to do with it?
We're not contemplating a stroll down Piccadilly.
Professor Lindenbrook, I've just lost my husband.
I have nothing else to live for up here.
Down there, I can represent his name.
The decision is not yours.
The police need you for the investigation.
I have already given my testimony.
But madam, quite apart from the appalling danger,
think of the inconvenience.
The lack of privacy!
In short, you don't want this?
I may be mad about this journey,
but to burden myself with a female is sheer stupidity.
I may have been a disturbance to men,
never a burden.
This is an absolute holdup.
I assure you you will not receive
one iota of extra consideration.
You'll sleep where we sleep,
you'll eat what we eat.
Then you accept my proposition?
Professor, look!
There's our gateway.
Thank you, Scartaris.
Never was there a brighter sunrise.
Now, we descend into oblivion,
or we enter the great book of history.
Roll call.
Carla Goetaborg.
Alexander McEwen.
Hans und Gertrude Belka.
Oliver S. Lindenbrook.
What did he say? Hans and who?
And Gertrude.
All right, you've arrived.
Rather an alarming descent.
I found it exhilarating.
I wonder if Madam Goetaborg
will change her mind.
You make my mouth water.
Hans is tying the rope on her.
I'm a fool.
I should have told him to tie her to a mule
and send her home.
What language would you have used?
She may be of some use in that respect,
then there's always the blessed chance the rope may break.
Are you all right, ma'am?
Oh, quite.
Hans insisted on a double rope.
Did he indeed? How solicitous.
But that was for Gertrude.
Poor Sir Oliver, stuck with a woman.
If only you could see your face.
That's my consolation, madam.
I don't have to look at it. You do.
[Quack Quack Quack]
There's not enough rope in all Europe!
Perhaps this is the wrong entrance.
The sign was unmistakable.
But there's no other way to continue.
[Quack Quack]
[Quack Quack Quack]
Oh, madam! Madam!
[Speaking Icelandic]
He says there's a tunnel on the other side.
[Speaking Icelandic]
Slanting downhill, but walkable.
Oh, thank you.
Now then, a general summary...
A--We must never use
more than two Ruhmkorf lamps at a time.
B--We won't need our breathing equipment immediately.
Nevertheless, never take a step without it.
C--Use our canteens freely.
There'll be many springs on our way.
As my husband's charts indicated.
Is he to be with us on our entire journey?
Well, every journey begins with a first step.
May the good Lord be with us.
Let's have some music.
Alec, will you start us off?
[Plays Concertina And Whistles]
La la la la la la la la
Boom boom boom boom...
Boom-boom boom-boom...
Miss Jenny!
I saw you turn pale when the dominie spoke
of those in peril
at the far ends of the earth.
Far ends of the earth.
At least that would be somewhere.
There was a clipping in a Stockholm paper,
a dispatch from Reykjavik.
I can only read their names.
I had it translated.
The last news of them was
that they went up Mount Sneffels
with some heavily laden donkeys.
And then the animals came down without their packs.
And that's all.
Oliver S. Lindenbrook, Alexander McEwen,
Hans Belka, and Madam...
Why, it seems a woman went with them.
A woman!
You know what they'll call that
in the Royal Observatory at Greenwich?
A slight tremor coming from undefined regions.
Well, we've lived through a slight tremor.
Let us proceed.
It seems to be moving away from us.
In these regions, I don't venture to say
anything is moving away or coming towards us.
The only thing we can be certain of
is that danger is always with us.
We might as well ignore it.
[Quack Quack Quack]
Aah! Oh!
The three notches.
The three notches of Arne Saknussemm.
What does that mean?
We've been shown the right path.
We have a guide.
Alec, the plumb bob.
Look! Without these marks, we would have gone astray.
We'd have wasted months exploring endlessly.
We might have taken any one of these channels.
But our great colleague maketh a path for our feet.
Well, you all deserve a rest.
Let's have tea with a double ration of raisins.
May I comb my hair first, Professor?
Ladies on the left.
Gentleman on the right.
What is it, madam?
If we'd known you had nightmares,
we'd have made different sleeping arrangements.
Someone is walking up there.
I heard footsteps,
human footsteps.
Since the beginning of time,
all women have heard footsteps... up there.
My hearing is extremely acute.
The hearing of all women is extremely acute.
My wife used to hear rats in the attic,
usually, on the nights before I had an important lecture.
Alec, go find out.
Will you leave those men alone!
They need rest.
Moreover, it was stipulated
that / give the orders.
Don't use that patient voice with me.
How about an impatient voice?
I am a member of this expedition.
As such, I intend to report any of my observations.
put it down in the record
that a member of the expedition
reported rats in the attic.
Lights out!
Don't be afraid, madam.
I'm right here.
Conceal these marks completely.
I'll give them some new ones.
This is steeper than anything we've encountered.
It's just as well we all had a good night's rest.
Alec, take this down.
21st day of our descent,
starting from an estimated depth of 129 kilometers,
limestone formation continues.
Aye-aye, Professor!
Here are the three notches again.
[Quack Quack]
Gertrude! Wrong turn.
Let's see. What have we here?
One heads 220 degrees south-southwest,
the other 160 degrees south-southeast. Strange.
I would have wagered we should go that way.
That was Gertrude's feeling, too.
Are you sure your compass is right?
[Speaking Icelandic]
What's he saying?
Hans is wondering about the ultimate goal of our expedition.
He's asking, "Why?"
Alec, suppose you tell him.
Well, why does man freeze to death
trying to reach the North Pole?
Why does man suffer
the steaming heat of the Amazon?
Why does he stagger his mind
with the mathematics of the sky?
Once a question mark
has arisen in the human brain,
the answer must be found
if it takes a thousand years.
Render that into a few Icelandicwords!
Tell him that scientists
have bats in their belfries.
Are you all right?
Can you unhook yourself?
I didn't see it!
I didn't see it!
Never mind about that.
How is it possible?
This way was clearly indicated.
There must have been a quake
since Arne Saknussemm's day.
This is no recent fissure.
I wasn't in a position
to observe it scientifically.
We made a mistake somewhere, but where?
[Quack Quack]
What are you doing here, madam?
We were supposed to stay together.
We've been tricked,
tricked into the wrong tunnel.
Those three notches
are not Arne Saknussemm's.
She's right, Professor.
Someone has passed through before us.
No need to ask who.
Madam heard him last night.
Now she's saying, "I told you so."
Silently, I admit, but she's saying it.
When I wish to say something,
I say it aloud.
In view of this new development,
I must end the expedition.
But you're not a man who frightens easily.
I'm not thinking of myself,
but of you-- a woman!
I'm one of your men.
If a madman is loose--
He's against us all,
against the concept of this journey.
[Speaking Icelandic]
What's happened now? What's he saying?
He said we should go back to where Alec fell.
It's not on our route.
If we're to go ahead,
we've no time for detours.
Then you wait here.
If only my Jenny were here to see this.
La la la
La la la la la
La la la
Bum dee bum bum
Bum dee dum...
Now that the boy has gone
and Hans doesn't understand English,
I must ask a delicate question.
I'm blushing already.
You're wearing stays, are you not?
I can hear them creaking.
It's not your business!
Everything here is my business.
We'll look away while you discard them.
You go too far.
The heat will soon be excessive.
Nothing must impede anyone's breathing.
[Quack Quack]
Alec! Leaving in a few minutes!
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