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Subtitles for Journey To The Center Of Earth 1959 CD2.

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Journey To The Center Of Earth 1959 CD2

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[Snaps Fingers]
I've got to take a specimen of this back to Edinburgh,
if it's the last thing I do.
Ready to go, if that boy Alec
would be good enough to appear.
Where the devil is he?
It's a blind alley!
Keep back!
Good God!
Oh. Aah!
Hold on to my arm.
My shoulder.
Hold on.
Oh, praise the Lord.
[Speaking Icelandic]
[Echo] Hello! Hello!
[Echo] Hello! Hello!
Professor, here I am!
- Here / am! - Here I am!
Here / am!
Alec!Alec! Alec!
Professor, you can't go on this way.
I've kept track of the passage of days.
Try that channel there.
We were there yesterday.
We left marks.
He's not there.
I've got to find him.
I'm responsible.
[Speaking Icelandic]
I can see this is a recent break.
Alec! Alec!Alec!
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Give us a sign!
Give us a sign!
Alec, listen carefully.
When the echoes stop, try to answer.
If you're injured, make an effort.
Pick up a pebble and scratch the rock.
We'll hear you.
Just give us a sign!
Give us a sign!
[Rock Splashes]
A phosphorescent pool.
Strange grave for a young Scot.
Professor, there's no use.
How can I live with myself?
Accept his loss
like one soldier accepts the loss of another.
You must continue.
You must go on with the Lindenbrook Expedition.
The Lindenbrook Expedition.
Go on with it.
It was his project, as much as yours.
Yes. You're right.
We will proceed,
but we won't call it
the Lindenbrook Expedition anymore.
From now on,
it's the Alec McEwen Expedition.
No broken bones?
Ribs all right?
Good. Get up.
Down there, food and water.
Refresh yourself.
So you've lost your friends?
Just as well.
It's my servant.
Too much heat, too much load,
too much fear.
You're younger.
You'll do to carry my things.
I'm not your servant, Count Saknussemm.
Pride? Rather out of place here.
Eat, drink, and pick up those things.
I'm in a hurry.
To steal the professor's project?
Steal? Listen, young foreigner.
I don't have to steal what belongs to me.
You're in my world now.
I need someone to carry my equipment!
You'll never find your companions.
We need each other.
You found me. My friends will, too.
You'll carry it with one arm, not two!
A hail of bullets.
A remarkable echo
reverberating from the rock chambers.
The last echo will give us the direction.
166 degrees south-southeast.
We'd given you up,
but you're alive, laddie.
You're alive!
Professor. Carla.
Just to see you!
Where was he?
I didn't think he'd shoot,
but he did.
Of course I did.
What did you expect?
You are trespassers here.
I own this domain.
You are also the murderer of my husband.
I claimed my rights. He would not listen.
In the name of your great ancestor,
put down that preposterous gun.
No harm will come if you accept my terms.
You will go back the way you came,
but leave equipment I need and that man.
You won't listen to a murderer.
Never interrupt a murderer, madam.
I resent that bourgeois classification.
I'll spare your lives.
You have my word of honor.
Give me your hand on that.
A bourgeois trick.
So sorry.
[Quack Quack]
All right, before we continue on our journey,
we must perform a solemn duty.
We have to hold court.
Here, hundreds of kilometers
beneath the surface of the earth,
we are the law.
The defendant stands accused of one murder
and one act of mayhem.
I must ask you, as jurors,
is the defendant guilty or not guilty?
[Speaking Icelandic]
[Speaking Icelandic]
Then the mandatory sentence...
is death.
There are two bullets left.
Madam, please explain to Hans.
We will follow the route marked by the notches.
He will wait here for 10 minutes,
then carry out the sentence.
[Speaking Icelandic]
No, no, no.
I can carry with my left hand.
Carry yourself for a while.
That's all we can expect.
Sir Oliver, there's a slight problem.
Hans refuses to shoot the count.
What do you mean? It's a court order.
His family's been loyal
to the Saknussemms for generations.
He cannot touch the gun.
This is contempt of court.
All right, Alec.
No, no, Sir Oliver.
Don't look at me.
I couldn't pull the trigger
with my left hand.
Oh, no.
I couldn't do it.
After all, I'm a woman!
For weeks you've denied your sex.
Now you fall back on it.
I would say the natural executioner
would be the leader of the expedition.
We must face the truth, sir.
We're much too civilized
to do away with a fellow human being.
Should we drag him along?
Feed him?
Stop fiddling with those lamps!
[Speaking Icelandic]
What's he jabbering about?
I'll tell you what he's saying.
The lamps are giving out.
The induction coils have been corroded by the salt.
I insist we leave here at once.
You insist!
He's bloody well right.
Let's be off.
Saknussemm's unfastened himself from the rope again
and gone off.
What's the harm?
He'll be back when it's time to eat.
The harm is he's wasting a lamp.
Madam, will you try your lamp, please?
It's dead.
Yours, Alec.
When these things are gone,
they're really gone.
Madam, make a final note
while there is still light.
Let me. My arm's well.
No need.
Covered another 92 kilometers.
Temperature dropped seven degrees.
Surprisingly cooler than anticipated.
The darkness is closing about us.
This may be our last entry.
Hans and I can cut rope into torches.
That's a good idea.
What puzzles me
is that Saknussemm's notches
keep pointing our way.
What lamp did he have?
Perhaps he didn't require a lamp.
From here on, neither do you, Sir Oliver.
Why don't you turn it off?
Yes, just switch it off.
Why, it's miraculous.
Look at this.
What is it, sir?
A form of algae
with a property of luminescence.
Light without heat.
A cool chemical light.
You've seen fireflies and glowworms
and forms of sea life
that generate their own light?
The same principle is involved here.
256th day...
the phenomenal winds
vanished as abruptly as they came.
We are now in a stupendous deposit of cinnabar.
What's that little mark you make?
M.E.-- McEwen Expedition.
Whenever I've said Lindenbrook Expedition,
you've written McEwen Expedition?
May I remind you that months ago,
you gave me explicit orders to that effect?
You may not remind me.
I don't wish your correcting me incessantly.
Is that what I'm doing?
You're doing it with your looks,
with the posture of your body.
Your entire presence is a constant criticism of me.
I'm tired of it!
I've had enough!
You've had enough!
Let me tell you...
you dried-up walnut of a man!
If anyone's had enough, it's me!
It's /.
It's I! It's me!
It's Carla Goetaborg.
I quit!
I'm leaving!
May I send for madam's horse and carriage?
Well, at least you know I have a temper.
Alecwill keep the charts.
Why can't he stay around?
Aye aye aye aye aye-o!
Mushrooms! A forest of mushrooms.
They might be hundreds of years old,
but the small ones we can eat.
They're delicious!
To think they grew without sun
this far under the earth.
All the food we can eat!
Ha ha ha!
It's tougher than leather.
- Ha ha! - Ha ha!
We'll have new soles for our shoes.
It's like an oak tree!
Ah! Madam, you're magnificent.
Mushroom steak, mushroom soup, mushroom hash.
Let me say this--
If we'd had one more week of that salted beef,
I would have perished.
Don't be too happy.
After some months of this,
you'll want salt beef again.
Yes. Months...months.
If we only knew how many more.
There's no term to the work of a scientist.
If you hadn't been along,
this whole journey would have been unbearable.
But that's not Professor Lindenbrook's feeling.
It's mine.
You see, we have no sun...
and no stars,
but then you're here.
And what is the name of the girl you love?
I beg your pardon?
The girl you love-- what's her name?
Jenny. But why would you want to know that just now?
Oh, dear Alec.
There are times when it's advisable
to jog a young man's memory.
Here's some hot mushroom porridge for you, Sir Oliver.
I slept as I'd never slept in Edinburgh.
No street noises, no church bells,
no clatter of pans from the kitchen.
I may move here permanently.
[Quack Quack]
What's our large friend doing over there?
I don't know. Special command of His Majesty.
Is that madman still giving orders?
This is his rest period.
When you fell asleep,
he went off through the tunnel.
He came back and ordered the mushrooms felled.
What in the world
can he want with all those?
You've come to ask me
why I didn't rest?
I don't sleep.
I hate those little slashes of death.
It's a sea.
It's an ocean with currents.
The ocean of the underworld.
Some earthquake before the beginning of history
cracked wide open the great sea,
and, through the fissures, poured this.
The fissures closed again.
No map ever recorded the Saknussemm Ocean.
I so christened it while you were asleep.
It's the prerogative of the discoverer.
I congratulate you.
There will be no more notches to follow.
That's why you ordered a raft.
I approve.
If I had my gun, we'd have fresh meat.
That's what he's saying!
He's a flesh-eater!
Can he swim?
No, thank God.
[Quack Quack]
The wind is blowing down the street.
I brought you some nice apples.
I wonder if it's cold where they are.
Where they are...
Are they anyplace?
[Playing Concertina]
McEwen, put that toy away and take over the rudder.
Yes, sir.
I didn't say throw it away!
It blew out of my hand!
My watch!
Save the instruments!
My ring!
My wedding ring!
A field of force that snatches gold away.
This is it. This is it!
The junction of magnetic forces
from the North to the South Pole...
the center of the earth!
Hang on!
Hold on to your rope, Alec!
No! Aah!
Is everyone here?
Madam Goetaborg,
[Quack Quack]
And His Highness over there.
So the expedition with all the names
ends like this.
We're alive, aren't we?
After all, we did hit the center of the earth.
It hit us, laddie.
[Speaking Icelandic]
He probably wants to know where we go next.
Tired minds don't plan well.
Sleep first, plan later.
When I refused to eat my porridge
when I was a boy,
my mother used to say, "Oliver, the day may come
when you'll very much want that porridge."
Are you surprised that I had a mother?
I was thinking how proud she'd be
of that little boy who wouldn't eat his porridge.
[Quack Quack]
Here, duck.
[Quack Quack]
Here, duck.
Gertrude! Gertrude!
Why do you look at me like that?
[Carla] Hans!
I needed food, so I took it.
Professor, tell your man to calm himself.
I won't engage in a dispute
about a slaughtered duck.
Stop him!
Stop this fool!
[Speaking Icelandic]
You ingrates!
What can you do without me?
Only I can show you the way out of this, my realm.
Look out!
[Speaking Icelandic]
This is the sunken city.
After 5,000 years,
men behold a fragment of the lostAtlantis.
All we know about it comes from the Greek.
The floor of the sea opened up
and swallowed the whole island of Atlantis.
This must have been the market square.
Professor, this looks like some sort of inn.
This is an inn, an eating place, certainly.
Eating...what a word.
What a wonderful word.
Well, we've learned one thing
about the inhabitants of Atlantis--
they ate oysters.
Stale bread.
We must speak to the baker.
[Hans] Madam!
[Speaking Icelandic]
He's asking if that was a temple to their god?
Yes, I'm sure it is.
[Speaking Icelandic]
It's some sort of altar stone
where the sacred flame burned.
It's serpentine, isn't it?
Exactly. A massive form of asbestos.
At a moment like this,
I have no pad and pencil to record this!
Turn around, madam. Don't look.
What is it?
The greatArne Saknussemm, I presume.
So this is as far as he came.
Say " How do you do" to a brave man.
He must have dragged himself
with a broken leg.
Look at that tibia.
There is nothing edible in there.
Why not?
The Chinese eat eggs over 400 years old.
Professor, look at his right hand.
Professor, look at his right hand.
It's pointing somewhere.
To that shaft over there.
Of course! This is what the pointing finger meant!
This is the way up.
He couldn't make it, but we can.
This is a volcanic chimney.
The violent updraft means
a direct hatchway to the surface.
We can climb up!
Madam, explain to Hans.
Let him venture up and reconnoiter.
The updraft can't carry him away.
[Speaking Icelandic]
We'd roll up our sleeves,
if we had any.
We mustn't hope for too much.
We'll have to provide some kind of light.
And food. I'll go look around.
I'll comb every inch of Atlantis.
If we only had some shears,
we could cut it off.
Could we?
Aye-aye! Aye-aye!
I found some flints.
Good lad.
We won't be walking in darkness.
[Speaking Icelandic]
I wish I had better news for you.
It gives every indication of a perfect passage upward,
straighter than the one we descended, but...
But? But?
There's an obstacle,
a gigantic block of stone obstructs the passageway.
Hans said only a landslide could ever move it.
No. Let him be.
If all his hopes hadn't been so high.
Yes, sir?
Arne Saknussemm's haversack.
Get it!
If God is with us,
and that gunpowder has kept its ginger,
we'll make that landslide ourselves.
Now, my wonderful companions,
you realize, I hope,
that we're taking an enormous chance,
but it's our only chance.
I guarantee that this will blow up the obstructing rock.
Whether the surrounding rocks
will take the disturbance lightly,
that I cannot guarantee.
For protection, get into the altar stone.
Dear God, ruler of heaven and earth--
Don't set any limit to his realm, laddie.
God of the universe,
we are in thy merciful hands.
Look out!
Run, Professor! A monster!
Let me go!
We started an earthquake.
The lava is pushing us up!
It's an earthquake of unusual magnitude!
More likely, it's a volcanic eruption.
Listen to this--
"Stromboli, Italy, first eyewitness report.
"The capsule of the dead volcano
"broke under a tremendous explosion.
" Rocks of extraordinary size
are being spewed out into the sea."
Dammi la mano.
Piano, eh? Piano.
Passa mi vino.
Signora, beva, beva.
Where's Alec?
[Speaking Icelandic]
Hans says Alecwas thrown from the altar stone
long before we hit the water.
Non si preoccupi, abbiamo lo scalino!
My immediate need is not a ladder.
I need trousers.
Che dice?
Pantaloons! Pantaloons!
Oh, vuole pantalone!
Pantalone? Oh!
Don't bring them yourselves.
Send a friar, a monk.
- Oh! - Oh!
Excuse me, ladies.
Excuse me.
[Bells Toll]
[Bells Toll]
Lindenbrook! Lindenbrook! Lindenbrook!
Lindenbrook! Lindenbrook! Lindenbrook!
Lindenbrook! Lindenbrook!
Lindenbrook! Lindenbrook! Lindenbrook!
Speech! Speech!
Speech! Speech!
Speech! Speech!
Hello, Scots!
If these shouts of yours
express some pleasure that we've returned alive,
I thank you deeply.
However, if they're meant as praise
for a successful scientist,
I must disclaim that honor.
- No! - No!
No. A scientist who cannot prove what he has accomplished
has accomplished nothing.
I have no records, no shred of evidence.
I will never embarrass this distinguished university
by asking that it take my word.
Let me say only this.
300 years ago,
a daring man undertook a perilous journey
and never came back.
We followed his path and returned...
by God's grace and a heathen altar stone.
One day, someone else,
it may be you, my boy, or your sons or grandsons
will pick up where we left off.
This I know.
The spirit of man cannot be stopped!
Splendid, Oliver.
Thank you.
Professor, here's someone who wants to say goodbye.
His ship sails at 4:00.
Hans, old friend,
we never could have done without you.
He has a speech.
Hello, sir. If you...
if you'll ever go down there again,
the center earth,
Hans will go, too.
Thank you.
Did you get your injuries when the volcano blew up,
in the hot lava?
No. It happened at our wedding.
He was hurrying from the church
and fell down the steps.
You poor wee bride, after all that waiting,
it's been no marriage for you at all.
You underestimate Alec.
I'm taking the night train to London
then back to Stockholm.
But you have a job to do right here.
I'm writing my memoirs,
but I can't remember everything that happened.
I see. You need a widow
who can jog your memory and take dictation.
I suppose I'm to report every day from 9:00 to 12:00?
No. You can stay in my house.
What would Edinburgh say?
It's one thing to be with a man under the earth,
and another under one roof in Scotland.
Well, uh. What do you propose?
That's not a word I bandy about, Professor.
What did I say? Which word?
I thought it would catch in your throat.
Uh, madam!
Oh, thank you.
Uh, Madam Goetaborg!
Madam Goetaborg. Carla!
Yes, Oliver?
I warn you.
I'm wearing stays again.
Here's to the prof of geology
Master of all natural history
Rare boy, he
And rare boys, we
To know such a big curiosity
To the prof, aye aye aye aye
To the best, aye aye aye aye
To the next, aye aye aye aye
Aye aye aye aye
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