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Subtitles for Ju-On - The Grudge 2 (2003).

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Ju-On - The Grudge 2 (2003)

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=TLF PRESENTS= (corrections by KLAGGU)
A Grudge refers to the hatred the dead hold for the living
The grudge is concentrated where the dead once lived
The living will be cursed if they disturb these places
The time is now 2:27am
This fine program is presented
by the beautiful "Starry Night Sky"
Time for a quaint story...
I went to Okinawa on a trip recently,
and no one can imagine
how desolate it was.
From the ship sailing on the...
What the? I lost the station...
It's all right, Just shut it off.
That's strange.
The sound kept getting weirder & weirder.
Stop your nonsense, Masasi.
Seems like you're in a bad mood. What's wrong?

What role did you play today?
It can't really be called a "role"
I'm always guest starring in such weird programs
I wish I could flaunt my acting more...
Since when did I become a "horror actress"?
Well, There's alot of typecasting
at the studio we work for.
You've said so yourself.
My parents watch all your programs.
They do?

Because they're proud
that their son's fiance is on TV.
By the way,
have you told the company about your pregnancy?
You can't conceal it forever...
Our wedding is already scheduled.
I know!
I'm Sorry...
What's wrong?
Something jumped in the way.
It's dead!
What the...
It jumped out all of a sudden.
Take care of yourself.
how is Masasi?
he's in a coma...
he might not revive.
kyoko's baby...?
I'm Sorry Kyoko...

I'm sorry
Kako, pull yourself together
you'd better rest a while

Are you tired?
You should take a nap after drinking this
Mama, did I have a brother?
A boy who died young?
Why do you ask?
I have only you, Kyoko
All the children in our family are girls
So your child will probably
be a girl as well.
My child...
will be a boy.

Thank you
will he ever regain consciousness?
Anyone here? was your fault...
you scared me!
what's wrong with you?
There's no scream in the script!
You only have a bit part,
so you're not allowed to scream

What's up? kikuko
kikuko, What's up? What happened to you?
Be quick, tell Mr.Kawahata to come here
you're right at 3 and a half months now
This baby is very healthy
What's wrong?
-You startled me. -Sorry.
What's wrong?

Mama, you will catch cold if you sleep there
Mama, come on...
Mama, say something

mama... mama

"It happened three years ago..."
"It was on TV and in the newspapers"
"The events on TV and newspaper three years ago"
"It happened three years ago"
"It was reported on TV and in newspapers"
"the supernatural..."
What is that?
What's wrong with me?!

Have you heard about the new program?
it's about a haunted house, right?
yes, Yes
Emi, will you come along?
I'm tired of this kind of program
Makes me want to vomit.
Do you know who the guest star is this time?
Guest star?
I believe it's...
a female actress
and her name is Kyoko Harase
The horror actress Kyoko Harase?
Ah, you likes horror movies too!
Good morning, Miss Tomoka
Good morning
Where will you go tonight?
"The legendary haunted house"
it's an old story
But many people who lived in that house
really were found dead.
I don't want to do this bullshit again
oh, I saw a "ghost"!
Emi, You saw a ghost?
I was approached by one once
Remember the ratings?
The audience was above 25%
It was a pity, since then
I've never seen anymore ghosts...
Anyway, you're the new ghost.
What? No way!
There is no time left, we'll use you.
Wait, I refuse to do that...
Moriku, You're already here?
Why is it so dark?
Are you there Moriku?
Hey, anyone home?
You didn't opened the door for me!
Moriku is here.
What's up?
What's the big deal?
It's just a wall...
You think too much.
Now, wait a minute...
it usually happens at 2'oclock
"really? What time is it Miss Tomaka?"
Shut up! OK?
Where is it? around here?
are you sure?
Did you hear that?
What's this?
Wait a minute...
What could it be?
"is there a real reason for"
"calling it a haunted house?"
"I am sure there will be some other comments on this"
"Miss Kyoko, actually, this isn't the only reason why"
"It's called a haunted house..."
"I am sure there will be some other comments on this"
What are you talking about?
I'm sorry
"In fact I..." oh, sorry...
"Actually, this house..."
"Actually, this house is..."
"A family lived in this house after those events."
Press # after the tone
hi, How are you - This is moriku
Tonight, i'll probably get there at 11:00?
Take care...
What the...?
What are you doing?
Why didn't you answer the phone?
You still worried about that wall?
Hi, is this moriku?
I'm on my way home.
Who's there?
Why'd you make the house so dark?
Sorry to Keep you waiting so long
no problem
We all loved your movie
Thank you
It's really scary
What's the movie's title?
The one where there's an old lady in the neighbor's cabinet
oh, yeah..."Dead Eyes in the Dark"
That's the one!
Hey, you look great
really? Thanks
We're ready for her
Wait just a moment
on the front porch...
there are some reporters waiting,
could you give them a brief interview?

"the horror movie star versus a real haunted house"
Our program will be very popular
what's the point of all this?
tell me, did murders really happen here?
Yes, there were many reports about it
A girl was butchered alive
she was probably the first...but,
several others have died since.
Is this all true?
or are you exagerating again...
all right, you're ready to go.
Hello everybody, I am Tomoka
I am here to reveal to you
the truth behind the "Ghost House"
and the horror of its curse.
years ago, it was on TV
And the newspapers
a story so horrible that it shocked the nation
first, a housewife living here
was slaughtered by her husband
She died in a deplorable way
Her husband was found in the alley, dead for no apparent reason...
to explore this legacy of evil
We will now delve deeper...
into the evil Ghost House
OK, then we'll roll the titles
Keep going
and now a face which needs no introduction...
over here by the house...
we now present...
our honorable guest
Star of numerous thrillers
the first lady of horror
Miss Kyoko Harase

Miss Harase, hello
When you enter the house
you should stop suddenly
like you're going to faint
Kyoko, there's so much evil in this house...
it's not just haunted
it's also cursed
What do you mean?
After the slaughter
many who moved here
were found dead
and some are still missing
I've heard many actors have a sixth sense
Kyoko, can you feel anything here?
the atmosphere of the house is very...

did you hear that noise?
check your mike
what's the problem?
There was a very strange sound
I think the mike burned out.
What did you hear?
Are you okay?
it's the house scaring you.
No, I really heard it.
Stop arguing, Let's check
Did you really hear it?
I told you, yes!
It may be psychosomatic
Did you hear a voice?

When that movie was filmed
did they do a real exorcism?
they used a real ritual
Although i've worked on many programs about hauntings

I've never seen an exorcism.
is This yours?
how cute...
you're superstitious
look at these...
what's this for?
to protect a child, miss Kyoko
a child?
you should take it.
why would I need it?
I'm a woman too...
I know what's happening.
I see.
here you go
I'm disapointed
I expected it would be much scarrier
Did you see any ghosts?
what about weird vibes?
what's her problem?
hey, Emi...
How do you feel?
She doesn't care
I hear everyone died here
I noticed that just now...
It's a little bothersome, isn't it?
doesn't It make you feel strange?
we're finished with the program
are you there?
see you later
here...i'll be right back.
what's up?
Sorry, I forgot something
I'll be right back
Hurry up!
Did you find your thing?
are you going to check it again?
Tell me if you find anything scary
Did you hear me?
Of course, I'm not deaf
you're crazy!
Did you hear it before?

I hear many actors have a sixth sense
do you feel anything strange?
the atmosphere of the house...

How's his fever?
going down
I will take care of it.

Can you hear?
What do you think?
Our Child...
should I...

what's happening?
I heard that after the program
you were in a traffic accident?
I managed to stay alive
since then,
our reporter disappeared
She was found in her apartment today
dead, together with her lover
Acording to police, the time of death
was right after the program was shot
And Emi
disappeared without a clue
There was a sound in the make-up room
When I got there
She was gone

Beside these two
We lost contact with the sound man
the camera man
and the lighting engineer
isn't is strange?
All the participants
one after the other
My mother passed away
I'm sorry, I don't want to be involved anymore
you OK?
was that really her?

Emi, are you there?

emi, it's OK
Mr. Keisuke
What is this?
I saw Emi
I saw that before, in the bedroom...
Why were you there?
Are you okay?
come with me...
It's written by this woman
Check the cause of your accident again
There must be a cause
something sinister

hiromi, don't!
No kidding hiromi!
hiromi, help me!
hiromi, are you in there?
hiromi, help me!
hiromi, I can't open the door!
hiromi, help me!

Hiromi, what's wrong with you?
I Talked to a guy In my neighborhood

He's working on some movie stuff
He invited me to the location
hey, you should come with me!
We could be extras
You're cute, they'll like you!
Help me!
are you OK?
It's our turn...
I had a horrible dream
Let's go

you scared me!
What's your problem?! you weren't supposed to scream!
you only have a bit part, don't improvise


help me!

Open the door Hiromi!


take off the chain Chiharu!
It's okay
she's ready to go
good, let's get on the set
we'll be right there
Chiharu, you screamed
Hiromi, I was trapped
don't leave me in that house
What's wrong with the house?
hey, What's going on?
It's okay, you can tell me about it
in that house there's a thing waiting in the dark...
don't let it get me!

what are you talking about?
Come on, snap out of it! Chiharu!

Wait Chiharu!

Don't come near me
I want to help you

it's all just a nightmare

Hiromi, stop it!


kyoko, why?
Wake up!
Blood pressure:60-97
How should we handle this?
No time to hesitate, prepare for surgery
just hang in there, we're doing everything we can

this looks bad... we must operate now

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