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Subtitles for Judgement in Stone A.

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Judgement in Stone A

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A Judgement in Stone.
Miss! Are you Sophie Bonhomme?
Yes. I'm Catherine Lelievre.
-Please sit down. |-Thanks, Madame.
Anything to drink? |Tea perhaps?
No, thanks.
Please have some. |Another cup of tea, please.
I'll explain the whole deal.
We live in a house outside town.
About 10 kilometers from the city.
Large enough.
But in fact we're only three people.
My daughter of my former husband only comes |at the weekends, but not every weekend.
Sometimes we have guests coming over.|This brings some extra work.
-The facilities are good.|-I am not afraid of work, madame.
Usually I do the cooking.
My husband does the shopping once every week|or orders it to be delivered.
So, you'll not be busy.
Oh, I can cook.
The house is far.|Does it trouble you?
I don't know. |It doesn't really matter.
If you want we can take you to |the city once in a while.
You don't need to worry about that.|I also run a small art gallery.
-You want to see my references?|-Sure.
Mrs Anna Dutoit can't keep me any more|because her husband passed away.
She will go and live with her son|in Australia.
Oh, I see.
-You can start working right now?|-Yes.
I stayed with her for a long time.
There were never any problems.
She can tell you.|This is the phone number and address.
I will call tonight then?
I guess there are no problems.
It's very hard to find the house |first time 'round.
I will pick you up at the train station.
Have you checked the train schedule?
When I arrive you mean? |9 o'clock in the morning.
When can you start? Tuesday?
What's today?
-Saturday.|-You still have Sunday and Monday for yourself.
No problem. Tuesday is ok.|Thanks, Madame.
Then see you on Tuesday.
The salary Mrs Anna paid me was|5500 francs.
-Oh, sorry, 6000? |-Ok.
-Hello. |-Hi.
-Well?|-I'll tell you...
Where were you last night?|We all waited for you.
I had no time last night.
But, you could have called.
You didn't come. |You father wondered were you were.
-Do you need any help?|-No, I can manage.
Where are the boys?
The satellite system arrived.|They are zapping thru the channels.
-This is great.|-Outstanding.
-Make up your mind|-What do you want to see?
The sunset.
-How did it go? |-I met her. I think she's good for the job.
-What are they talking about?|-Not the TV, that's for sure.
-We are getting a new servant.|-"Servant" sounds so demeaning.
How is she?
-What's her name dear? |-Sophia.
Too bad.
I think this servant is |taking care of the old man only.
Don't say that.
You will see. |A female housekeeper.
-You are right.|-A House-KEEPER.
-Does it taste good?|-Good.
-The new witch, does she know how to cook? |-Watch it gilles.
Where does she come from?
I phoned her former employer.
She said she was very good.
You mentioned that it was |a trial period, right?
I forgot to tell her.
I have a feeling it will work|out fine.
I trust that feeling of yours.
Is she ugly?
Why do you ask that?|Are you interested in her?
My son likes beauty.|It's a normal question to ask.
You understand me, sure.|I am your son.
Listen, I don't know if she's ugly but..
she is not looking |like a lizard, that's for sure.
I hope she is not as fat as the last one.
Of course not. |Finished eating?
One second.
All i leave is the shells.
She is coming next Tuesday.|9 o'clock in the morning.
-I thought you missed it.|-No, I came earlier.
I hope you didn't wait too long?|No! -Follow me.
The car is out front.|I was lucky finding a spot.
-Mrs Lelievre? |-Jeanne Marchal! I work at the post office.
-Can you drop me off?|-Yes.
Annie is there by herself, |and the bus leaves in an hour.
I won't take much of your time.
Sophie. Sit in front with me.
I took some time off.
A 3-day holiday to visit my family.
-You never take out longer vacations?|-No, that's not for me.
Sophie, see whether there still are cigarettes|in the glove compartment.
The royale's thanks.
Thanks!|-See you!
See you!
I'm sure she wonders who you are.
My husband can't stand her.
This is as heavy as lead.|Don't worry. The house is easily maintained.
-Sorry.|-Follow me.
You are strong.
Here is your room.|The shower is outside in the hallway.
Make yourself comfortable and|I'll show you around later.
-I can do it now. |-No, I'll have a coffee while you unpack.
-Do you like the room?|-I don't know, Madame.
I think it will do just fine, thanks.
This is what you are in charge of.
We will have a closer look later.|Follow me.
The vacuum is under the stairs.
This is the dining room. |Be careful. The wall is fragile.
This the hallway.|Soap and water will be fine.
The bedroom.
Please change the sheets.
I'll let you clean up in here.
This is the library.
Oh, I am late. |Is everything clear?
I think so.
Then, I have to run.
I will be back at 6 o'clock.|Call me at the gallery if you want.
The number is beside the phone.|Gilles will be home at 5.
Did you make any vegetables?
They are ready Madame, |I will bring them right away.
-Is she good?|-So far, very good.
Everything is clean, and the|food is excellent.
Will she meet your standards?
Yes, not bad.
Put it on the table|and we can help ourselves to it.
Yes, Madame.
We might have to teach her how |to serve properly.
I'm sure she knows how to.|We are not demanding an exam, are we?
When are we leaving, dad?|The boat will be in Bonifacio from the 20:th.
-I'll get the plane tickets.|-Hopefully it won't be like last year.
We can stay longer if you want?
No, I want to see my dad.
His birthday is coming up. |He is waiting for me.
Is Sophie going as well?|-No, she just came here.
I don't think her circle of friends|is fairly big. No letters, no phonecalls.
Luckily, she has the TV.
This chicken looks magnificent.
I'm sure you want her to be inside|watching the telly.
For me it's perfect.
No small talk or boring conversations.
She's a human being, not a machine.
Now you're over-reacting a bit, |aren't you?
Sophie, can you clean the table please?
-Perfect, but the books are still there.|-I'd rather have that, than she going thru my stuff.
You're pushing her too hard.|Why can't she have the car?
-Why can't she borrow yours?|-I don't think she knows how to drive.
Well then..
We might want to get her some lessons?
Don't smoke.
Once you start, it's hard to quit.
There is one thing i don't understand.|Why don't you use the washing machine?
I don't feel like it.|I don't like machines.
Sophie. If you want to go to the city, |my wife can lend you her car.
I can't drive.
But, if you want to get a license|we can pay the driving lessons.
Impossible.|My eyesight is too bad.
-But, you don't wear glasses?|-I don't know.
I lost them.
Then you have to get new ones.|I'll get an appointment. Friday?
I'll drive you, and Melinda |can pick you up afterwards.
I understand.
Melinda will come to get you at 11.
Have a walk after you're done.
Tell the doctor to send the bill.|Enjoy yourself.
-You don't have any change?|-No.
You see, you have the change you need|here. Here you go.
Can i help you?
Don't you have any less dark?
Yes we do. Come inside please.
They're not too expensive?
No, have a look.
-I only got 100 francs, |-That's enough.
I'll take these.
Sophie. Sorry you had to wait.
No harm done, Madam.
-When do you get the glasses?|-Wednesday.
That's good.|Then you'll be in town again.
-Aren't you bored in the house?|-No, it's fine.
Don't let them work you too hard.|They're very pleased to have you.
Never mind Sophie.|I just want a glass of milk.
"Could you iron my white dress?"|-It's for you.
-I am gonna iron my clothes tonight...|-I'll do it. I like it.
Did you bring the tickets?
Sure, do I look that stupid?
-Give this to Fournier.|-Ok.
Bye, Sophie. I'll send you a postcard.
Hope you are alright.|The groceries will be here during the week.
If you need something else, just order it.
We will be home again on the 2:nd.
Don't worry. Enjoy yourself, Sophie.
-Don't forget to get the glasses.|-No, madame. Bye.
Hi, here's the stuff |Mrs Lelievres ordered.
One more box.
I am thirsty. |Do you have something to drink? A beer?
No glass, I'm fine.
Did you see the TV show last night?|We did good.
500 000 Francs from Bretagne alone.
-I don't know, I...|-Oh well.
You have to sign the delivery note.
I don't sign for other people.
Then sign your name, it doesn't matter.
Sign please.
That's that.
Ok, I am leaving.
If you want anything...
Give me a call and I'll come.
No, not that one.
This is better and cheaper.
But is it a good brand?
Sure, it says:|"High quality assorted chocolates"
-Thanks.|-Don't mention it.
-How are you coming along?|-Fine.
Especially when they are not there, right?
Did they write?
I'm glad they found you.|They've been looking for quite a while.
Thanks, bye.
I have to go back to the house.
Someone might call.
I would have walked with you, |but I need to go back.
I work all day.|Drop by if you're around.
There aren't many people visiting, |so I spend my time reading.
I don't want to trouble you, but...
you have received a postcard|so I figured I'd drop by.
-Let me open the door for you.|-Oh, never mind.
Do you have a car?
A piece of garbage, but it |takes me where I want to go.
I don't have my glasses.
Then I'll read it, if I may?
"We are having a lovely time...
..thinking about you.|Melinda"
I, I don't like going on holidays.
And it's dangerous.
In Corsica, bombs all over|and there are pirates everywhere.
Yeah, those pirates...
They blow up boats.
Wow, this is hugh.
Gotta be hard to clean.
You are welcome to my house.
This is nice.
There is a TV, can I watch?
-How to I turn it on? |-I don't know.
-You never tried it?|-No
-How many channels are there?
I grabbed a book. |They won't mind, would they?
"Journey to the center of the earth"|-Any good?
I don't know.
Celine - That's my mom's name.|This is taken from a library.
I would like to have a look upstairs.|Can I?
How do you turn it off?
Ah, I like this kind of arrangement.
-Do they sleep in the same room?|-Yes.
Look at all these clothes.
She used to be a model.
They don't tell anyone, but I know|for a fact that she used to be one.
You didn't see any photo?
I was to be in a commercial when I was young|but they didn't choose me.
They chose a taller girl.
I am sure it was her.
I'd love to be an actress.
Wouldn't you?
I saw her photo.
One day she came to post office|and I recognised her.
She recognised me too.|Or at least she thought she did.
Sure, this is not certain|because she asked me where I had seen her.
I don't understand why she settles out here?
I think she wants to forget|her past life in Paris.
This house really is the |talk of the town.
All gossip.
And he listens to alot of music, right?
I know a person who plays music|working in that company.
She is his daughter.|Is she a nice girl?
Yes, she is not bad.
Not the biggest or the nicest room,|but rather ok.
Their old TV, I don't have any TV.
If you like, |I can come visit you more often?
First name basis, please.
Can I wash my hands? |Ok, I'll give you my towel.
No need.
See you some other day perhaps?
Every week I go and help out |in the church.
They need volunteers to sort|all the gifts they're getting.
Mainly collect some clothes|and sort them out.
-Are you into that?|-I might.
-Are you off on Sunday perhaps?|-Depends.
Might have known.
They don't even respect the |day of rest.
See you soon.|Thanks for the tour.
Come see me anytime.
It's no hassle.
Battery problem.
Just came out of the repair shop.
Shall I have a look?
Please do, I know nothing about cars.
-I like tech stuff.|-Well, I don't.
I prefer the poetry.
You want to get it published?
No. I will wait.
Try to start it now.
The battery is loose.|It shorts out.
You have a rag?
I have handkerchief.
Thanks again.
My pleasure,|but you need to fix it.
That's unexpected.
You seldom come to see me.
We are having a test.
I need to study.
-You still enjoy hunting?|-Maybe. Where are Gilles and Catherine?
Out for a walk.|They're determined to find mushrooms.
Why are you here by yourself?
-Shall I grease the guns?|-Sounds fine.
-Is Sophie taking driving lesssons?|-She hasn't mentioned it since then.
Gilles says that she visits |the town quite often.
Maybe she likes to walk?
-Prepare the guns then?|-Ok, but I won't promise anything.
You never rest?|Busy working on a Sunday?
I like ironing the clothes.
Carry on. Don't mind me.
Ok, sir.
Could you drive me to town?
I don't feel very well.
Ok, no problem. Bye, mom!
Ok, see you tonight
I have a meeting and I don't know|when I'll be back.
I've made a shopping list.
It's by the phone.
You call them at 2 o'clock.
And they will send the goods today.
Don't forget. We need it badly.
Ok, bye.
How are you, Sophie?
Do you think you can help me?|The phone isn't working.
Catherine wanted me to order |some groceries for tonight.
Can you make the call?
Give me the note.
But first, let me fix your phone
No need. Mr Lelievre will fix it.
Why didn't he make the order?
He didn't know about it.
I am stupid, forget to tell him.
Ok, I'll help you.
Hi, I want to make an order , thanks.
This is for the Lelievre Family.
Two packets of spaghetti,
2 sallads, 4 veal steaks
8 lamb-chops.
4 Prime steaks,|Three boxes of sardines in oil,|Three boxes of sardines / red peppers,
Did you get it all?
Then, 6 bottles of sparkling water. |Yes.
Four packets of coffee. |Yes, "Carte Noir".
Two boxes of tissues.
Five kilograms of detergent.
That's it.
Thanks very much.
They didn't have sparkling water,
No Coffee, no detergent and no tissues.
Not even the supermarket has all these things.
Try the shop next door.
Thanks, Bye!
Wouldn't you like to see these?
Yes, why not?
Paul Newman, I love him.
-Can I come?|-Sunday.
Company me to the church.|We are having a winter collection.
I wait for you outside the supemarket.
Two boxes of black coffee.
Six bottles of sparkling water,|Omo (brand) detergent and some tissues.
Poor Sophie.|To carry all those bags by yourself.
Come on in.
Thanks, Madam.
They didn't have it all,
-So, I bought the rest in the market|-Thank you Sophie.
...and I like walking.
I almost forgot. |It's Melinda's birthday on Sunday.
We will have some guests.|Can you manage?
Well, I was planning...
to join the activities in the church?
You are?|It's good thing taking care of others.
I'll go there with the lady |from the post office
I see.
Listen to me, if you prepare the most|before you leave, I can fix the rest.
Close the door, it's windy outside.
Would you look at this?|Wait, I'm helping Sophie.
There were no blue tissues. |Oh, Never mind.
What are you doing home?
You see this, eh?
Look, have a look at this package.
It was opened.|Then someone closed it in a hurry.
Is everything there?
It's the present for Melinda.
What will she think?
What if you repack it yourself?
It won't help.
I think this may be the girl in the|post office.
She's in charge of all the packages.
Is that true? You know it clearly.
The girl in the post office
Her daughter was in an accident.|She died.
They didn't have any proof,
She was prosecuted.
How do you know this?
It was all in the newspapers.|Remember?
You know my memory is not the best.
But you can't prove it's the same person.
I saw her picture in the newspaper.
I recognized her.
I'll prove it to you.|She hasn't seen the last of me.
You don't have any proof.
I would have sued here otherwise.
Sophie, ready?
-Let me help you.|-Thanks, I'm fine miss.
Have you done everything yourself?
No, just the quiches and the pies.
-Isn't it 12 yet?
-No, just 11.30. You have plenty of time.
It's Jeremie.
-Jeremie.|-At least he's on time.
-Happy birthday.
What is it?
You just have a look.
Has the party started?
Ohh, I like it.
They said it was the best.
Shall we say hello?|Concerto for flute & harp K299.
-This is Jeremie.|-Hi there, Jeremie.
-Look what I got.|-How nice.
You know, Jeremie heard|you played Mozart.
Melinda said you were a music lover.
Please sit down. |Welcome.
We are waiting for some friends|and some relatives.
Dear, can you ask Sophie to bring some ice?
David, my dear friend.
-These quiches are great.|-Sophie made them.
She is a bit odd
But, she is a good servant.
You're lucky!
Hi, thanks for the presents.
The philosopher Paul Nizan said it best:
"No one can state that the 20's is the |best age to be...."
There once was a philosopher who
merely 21 years old, said:
"So, you should enjoy life|work hard to enjoy life.. experience much more..
..this is the true value of life"
My god! Who said that?
You won't have dinner, |more like a moving table. Like a buffet.
That's a great idea.
Thanks, dear.|Did you ask Sophie?
She is not here.|I couldn't find her.
What is going on?
Excuse me.
You're late.|I couldn't make it on time.
It doesn't matter. |I found these mushrooms.
We'll bring 'em to my place|and fry them.
Then we'll go to the church.
Didn't they let you go?
They have guests. |Melinda's birthday.
I do it all.
-But I ran away.|-I would've liked to see their faces.
It's not just her birthday today.
It's also mine.|-Really? -Congratulations!
Could you bring the wine|from the fridge?
I hope I didn't use too much garlic.
It's never too much.
I bought the bread this morning.
Some wine.
Was it good?
Is it really your birthday?
-I have heard some rumours about you.|-Only good ones I hope.
They said you killed your daughter.
Who said that?|-Some people.
-Who?|-Whatever you heard,
It's not true.|She burnt herself.
And they couldn't prove a thing.
You want to see a photo?
The Judge said there weren't|enough evidence.
How can you kill your own daughter?
That is impossible.
That is not normal.
I heard some things about you too.
Do you like chocolate ice cream?
Then take it out of the freezer.
Take it out to soften a bit first.
Mmm, good.
Isn't this you?
The fire was considered arson,
but the perpetrator is still at large.
The police confirms that the fire was
started intentionally on |Rue De La Providence #15.
Jacques Bonhomme was killed in the fire..
The police has no suspect as of yet.
The man's daughter, who nursed him,|had just went out
before the fire, to go shopping.
She is presumed innocent,
but is "innocent" the right word|for the landowners who wanted to|turn Rue De La Providence #15 |into luxury flats.
This is you, right?|Sophie Bonhomme.
Did you kill your father?
They couldn't prove a thing.
Time for good deeds.
let's go.
Wait a minute.
Hi, Mrs Mandil.
Great.|We need you indeed.
I brought a friend; Sophie.
This is Mrs Mandil.
Welcome, Sophie.
We've received alot. |Alot of it is junk of course.
Over here, all these things.
Open it up.|Do just like me.
You keep the good one.
One button missing.|I can add one.
No need to add one.|Useless.
Hurry up. You're late.
You're 15 minutes late.
Look at this. A hole.
What is that?
It's the priest and his quire.|They rehearse every other Sunday.
Not bad.
Maths. First and Second year editions.
They might think we're the city dump?
I don't know.
They smell of old tobacco.
And the Priest smells like piss.
My daddy used to smell like piss.
Hi, Sophie. The party is over.
I hope it's not too much to clean up.
Happy birthday. Sophie told me.
-Bye Sophie.|-Bye.
No, we have to go here.
Turn on the TV. Quickly.
No, this is channel 1.
God damned ads. |We want Paul Newman.
Miss, the light is broken.
Nothing matters to me.
Miss, look at these letters.
They were opened.
and this is not the first time.
Same thing with all the parcels.
Now I want to sue.
They look like this when they get here.
What can I do?
Ok, we'll see.
We have to wait for the investigation.|This never happened with your predecesssor.
Any proof that I opened these letters?
Look at me carefully.
-I see you clearly.
You might get away this time
but, the next time I'll get to you.
Do you think you can just barge in here..
..and accuse me of this?
I know more than you think.
I know who you are. I know your family.
Your wife is a whore.
And your former wife as well.
No wonder she killed herself.
Did you see that bastard?
Did you let her have it?|-She's crazy.
-Where are you going?|-Football.
Hi, Sophie. Sorry to trouble you.
I forgot some papers on the table.|I'll send the chauffeur to get them.
Can you help find it?
I need them urgently
What happened, Sophie?
I couldn't find it.
And you hang up in the middle of|the conversation.
The phone disconnected.
-I called you again. Immediately.|-It never rang.
I'll go down to the kitchen.
The driver told me no one was home.
I went shopping, 'cause the phone was out.
Is my husband here? Yes.
There you are.
She's starting to get on my nerves.
She's not a secretary, George.
She shouldn't handle office things.
You don't have to be Einstein|to find a folder.
And, she just hung up the phone.
There are things you can't ask of her.
Don't ask these things of her.
Making orders, deal with office stuff|receive phone calls. that's not her thing.
Excuse me, but isn't this house|shiny clean?
Maybe I'm asking too much?
Maybe I'm too strict.
But it seems she's changing.
Sometimes she's almost rude to me.
And she's here more seldom.
I don't want to go back.
-To the way it was before.|-It's not a question about that.
It took time to find the right person.
I have to hurry to the meeting.
Don't wait up for me.
I guess we'll watch a movie.|Gilles and me.
Do you eat in front of the TV?
-Without me?|-Yes without you.
Her Omelette was good.|-Yes.
Why?|-Sophie is very good.
she is really a good cook.
Yes, she can cook, |but, it's no news. What's up?
My cigarettes are in the living room
Could you get them for me?
Right away, now.
-Isn't he a little bit strange?|-No, he won't tell.
Thanks, dear.
You want one?
What's that supposed to mean?
You can smoke, but only when I'm around.
You're wacko..
I think that...
Sophie and George are not getting along well.
He thinks she's changing.
I haven't noticed anything.
She is upstairs. with a female friend.
Yes,|That girl from the post office.
She is here?
George will go crazy.
You don't have to tell him?
I can't see any other way to solve it?
I can't do it
I can't start hiding stuff from him.
Will there be any time to relax?
You know, tomorrow|there will be a Canadian film
Come tomorrow then.
Good morning, Sophie.
Sophie, I am afraid|I have some bad news.
You can do whatever you want|outside the house
but, we don't want your friends|to come here.
She hasn't done anything.
I don't want to discuss this.
I don't want strangers to come to my house.
That bad-mouths my family
and opens my letters.
I can't find the proof, but I am sure it's her.
See what you made me do.
You're in a bad mood today.
It's her.
I start to think that she's
I can tell you that
if it wasn't for your mother|I would kick her out.
When do you get your motorbike back?
Hi, couldn't it wait 'til tonight?
No, that's why I'm here.
What did they say to you?
They won't let you in the house again.
I knew it.
Can't you see how they're exploiting you?|They're using you, and won't let you have a life.
And you wipe their pretty little asses.
And the whore who meets men in her gallery,
"Gallery" - I don't think so..
And the son, he's totally wacko.
He was the one squealing on us.|God damned it.
I'm gonna do what they say.
They pretend to be nice.
They have everything.|But what do they know?
Their biggest problem is choosing|the colour of their new car.
Only if I had 1/10 of what they have.
I could have lived like I wanted.
According to my wishes.
You don't have to settle for everything.
Let me out here.
I'm dropping you off in front.
Nobody's home now anyway.
His daughter's car.|Trouble with her boyfriend perhaps?
At the first second of trouble-
-off to the parents and beg for |more money.
So easy.
You don't know anything?|You should know about that.
Go.|Otherwise, they will cause some trouble
Bye. Try to find out about the daughter.
Tell me about it later.
Ok, bye.
Hello, Sophie|Hi, miss.
I have to make a phone call.
Jeremie is in England for his practise.
They aren't expecting you.
I am making the call.
Is everything alright over there?
Fine, but I'd rather be with you.
-How are you, fine?|-I have a problem.
I am 10 days passed my period.
Have you experienced this before?
No, I think I am pregnant.
oh, don't worry.this is normal
we still have time to think about this
if you want to remove it, or keep it
I support your decision.
I don't know yet. We've to think about it.
This is not a petty problem.
but, no matter what
I won't leave you.
No, don't be so serious.
But, this is what you can imagine.
for him this is very serious.
he will be angry.
he will push me away.
Sure.|I know his temper.
Anyway. The most important is us
not your father.
we can discuss it.|let us decide the matter first.
then, we tell him.
You call me tomorrow?
Ok. I will call you.
I love you Melinda.
Anyway. we will have children
If not now - Then later.
I love you too. I will call you later.
This is bad for your eyes.|I need to prepare for the exam
it doesn't matter
I heard dad won't let you |bring your friends here.
You have the right to see |whoever you want.
He thinks he's doing this |out of charity.
It's like me and Jeanne.|I joined the activties in the church.
I know, you told me.
where are the cups? |Here, I'll bring them.
If you would have children|what name would you give them? -Don't know.
Sophie. It's a good name.
It means "Wise". Did you know?
No sugar?
Come here, let's do this test.
right about here.
here: "Are you a slut?"
what's your reaction?
"He says he loves another woman."
A) You laugh.
B) You take an HIV test.
c) You want to get divorced.
D) You meet another man.
E) A threesome.|F) It never happened.
Let try another way to play.|You ask a question.
-I have to work.|-It only takes 5 minutes.
I don't have my glasses.
Here they are.
Wear them.
Did I embarrass you? Sorry!
Let's take a look at the fashion pages.
I'd rather do that.
Are you dyslectic?
Sorry. You don't know how to read.|I didn't know.
No need to be shy. You know
There are many people like you
If you want, I can help you.
I saw a program on TV.|A woman helps people to read.
She had developed a system.
in which she helped people|with learning disabilities.
There are special schools if|you want to learn.
The program mentioned a|training course in Paris.
If you tell anybody about this
I will tell your father you are pregnant
if you say anything, I will tell him everything.
I am not the whore.|You are.
Stay out of other people's business.
Enjoy yourself, dear
Sophie, come here.
Where is Melinda?
My little daughter. Here you are.
How are you?
Ok, i will leave.
No need, you can stay.|I will tell you everything.
What's the matter?|-Sophie, She's illiterate.
What are you saying?|That's terrible.
But of course.
We should have guessed.
She isn't very smart.
And we didn't have a clue.
Then she isn't cheating.
But it's no reason to |start blackmailing Melinda.
ok, I'll fire her right away?
Yes, we can't let things get out of hand.
One can't read at all, |the other steals people's mail.
What a pair.
Melinda has told me everything.
I am sorry, but I....
I can't keep someone who tries to |blackmail my daughter.
I know life is tough, but..
this is certainly not our fault
I am not satisfied with you
but, blackmailing and extorsion|is not permitted
We can't have that.
I'll turn this off.
I could fire you right now.
we haven't signed any contract.
But I'm not that tough.
you can stay for one more week
it's Thursday tomorrow,|you must leave next Thursday
when you leave,|i will give you good references.
but i don't want any people to call|and ask me about your situation.
And you don't have to work |this last week.
If you find something else|while you're here - don't hesitate.
The sooner the better.
Obviously. We won't give you any keys.
Good night,.
Hurry up and answer.
What is it?
It's a collection for the church.|we came here to have a look
Do you have any clothes?|Or maybe furniture?
You know the winter is coming.|It's going to get cold.
Come in, Come in.
It's from the church collection.
We have something for you.|You can pick it up yourselves.
-Shall I get it?|-No, that won't be necessary.
I put something aside.
You always come around this time of year.
-But that's just rubbish.|-What?
We don't just take anything.|We are not a garbage dump.
I'm just sorting it.|Would you be so kind to help me?
You can keep this.
This one has expired.|Are you poisoning the poor?
Edouard, come here quickly.
We'll take this. The rest is shit.
I will inform the church about this.
Don't try to dump shit on us.
Ok, that's enough for today.|We had fun, right?
They don't need you on Sundays?
They fired me.
I knew it.
-Because of Melinda?|-Yes.
Ahh, this damned car.|The battery is loose.
Tell me more about this later.
Let's turn this junk in first.
This really stinks.
Let's go.
-There you are.|-We brought some stuff.
We only brought what could be useful.
Put it over there.
The priest wants to talk to you.
It's Jeanne and Sophie.
I'll be down.
This is very serious.
I know you handle this in your own way, but..
We can't accept your ways of doing things.
We are very tolerant.
You're volunteers.
So we can't really force you.
But the reputation of this church is important
And you are doing your best to mess it up.
People have told me things and I |can hardly believe what they told me.
I don't know what's gotten into you,|but you have crossed the line.
So therefor: We don't want you|to work for us ever again.
I don't understand.|You don't want us to help others?
Maybe you should seek help?
Yes, that's a good idea.|Bye.
Why did they fire you?
Never mind.
You have to drag the words out of you.
Let's go to my house |and have something to eat.
Yes, I'm hungry.
Well, I'm hungry too,|but I don't think I've anything.
You have a nice coffee machine.
You're not staying with those morans, |are you?
You can stay here if you want.
-Really?|-Yes. We'll go and get your stuff later.
Melinda is pregnant.
Were there an arguement?
-I don't know.|-How do you know?
It shouldn't be a problem for them.
She could stay and have the child there.
How stupid. No food in the house.
This is great.
More salad, Dear?
The Salad was perfect.
Melinda made it.
I know she did it.
Children, 10 minutes left.
Come, quickly, quickly.
Hurry up.
We move the TV next to the stereo.
-But it's hugh. |-It's got wheels.
So you're staying home?
I like the Opera.
-Can I record it on tape?|-Just hand me the mic.
Now, Jeremie won't call during|the 2:nd act will he?
No. he won't.
We already talked.
I found the Libretto.
It's in both Italian and French.
It's also in the Cd booklet.
No, it's not the same.
Mozart, we're here now.|Did you turn on the recorder?
When I got pregnant I had no support.
Nothing at all.
And nobody could help me with an abortion.
But, I didn't want to abort it.
No way.
The police said I let her die
But I mean, if I didn't want her, |I would probably have had an abortion.
She was also very sweet.|She never cried or anything.
If I had starved her to death, |She would probably be as quiet as usual.
She was 12 days away from her 4:th |birthday.
I came home with my hands full.
I felt something against my leg.
I didn't realize it was her.
I kicked her.
It was winter, and the fireplace was lit.
There were two rooms. I took the |packages into one of the rooms
I messed around a bit.
When I got back to the room
I see a naked body next to the fireplace.
She didn't move.|One of her cheeks was burnt.
I panicked. |Didn't know what to do.
I went to my neighbor's house.
But they just screamed:|"What have you done?"
Finally they called the police.
I was scared stiff. Couldn't move.
Later, the police came.|I tried to explain what'd happened.
They put me in jail.
One of the judges didn't |understand me at all.
He was crazy. But I think they |realized they didn't have the evidence.
They said that,
They had no proof that I was lying.
That it could very well have been |an accident.
At last, they let me out.
I could still have my job back.
They moved me to Rennes|to keep people from talking.
And your dad? |How did that happen?
Just stop here.
-Here?|-But we're just getting your stuff?
-Please.|-Are you still afraid of them?
Come on, quickly.
Let's make some hot chocolate.
I can understand why people like to hunt.
-Let's go upstairs.|-No. I'll take it.
In here.
They just fucked. I can't believe it.|Take the tray.
Take it, Take it.
You dirty whore. Take this.|-They'll know it's us.
Let's drink some chocolate, Ok?
No, wait.
We'll pour it here.
Some coffee?|Hush, I am recording.
Come here.
Rip all these clothes.
No phone.
-What shall we do now?|-I don't know?
Let's see. Maybe frighten them?
How do you work this thing?
Wait, not like that.
I've seen how it's done. |And I know where the bullets are.
Where are the bullets?
Are you breaking it?|It's done this way.
Oh, is that the place you put 'em?
What do you think?
I like it. Splendid.
No one is trying outshine anybody else.
Did you hear a racket just now?
Maybe Sophie came home?
I thought I heard glass breaking.
Maybe it was the Opera?
Are you tired?
No I'm trying to focus on the Opera.
What was that?
Georges , I think that girl from |the post office is here.
You think?|-I'll go and have a look.
You will miss the second act.
What is going on?
Lay down the guns, or I'll call the police.
I have told you not to come around here.
At least he won't feel any toothache.
What was that?|Some kind of explosion.
Maybe the post office girl's old car?
This is my favourite scene.
Geroges, what are you doing?
Maybe he shot the girls|and figuring of a way to tell us?
You have to go and look for him.|I'm worried.
Come on. Let's go.
Go have a look, please.
-Where is my husband? |-Your husband is dead.
It's ok.
We did the right thing.
We have to go.
I will deal with everything
Then, You'll have to call the police.
-Tell them you found them like this.|-Yes, They can't prove a thing.
I will take this. Might come in handy.
It's Melinda's birthday.|her boyfriend gave it to her.
She won't need it.
I am off.
The car was in the middle of the road.|Without lights.
We saw it too late. Poor girl.
It's not the priest's fault.|It was an accident.
People are sleeping,|Is this a good time for music?
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