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Jumanji (1995)

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
Don't worry, it's a pack of wolves.|Come on, we're almost rid of it.
- Caleb, it's after me!|- Grab on!
Run! Run!
No, Benjamin, we have to finish this.
Come on, help me bury it.
What if someone digs it up?
May God have mercy on his soul.
- Hi, Alan.|- Hi, Miss Magruder.
- Afternoon, Alan.|- Hey, Frank.
- All yours, Alan.|- Thanks, Bill.
Get him!
Prepare to die, Parrish!
Parrish, what's the rush?
He's going to the factory!
Go on, Parrish! Run to Daddy.
We'll be waiting.
Hi, Carl.
Hey, Alan, my man. I gotta|show you something. Come here.
I've been working on this all year.
I got an appointment|with your father... show him this.|Go ahead, take it.
What do you think?|Think he'll like it?
What is it?
What is it? This is the future.
If Wilt Chamberlain will wear them...
...there'll be a pair of those|in every closet in America.
That will be the height of fashion.
What's wrong?
- Nothing.|- Alan!
What are you doing? This factory|isn't a playground. It's dangerous.
Can I have a ride home?
Is Billy Jessup picking on you again?
Son, you're gonna have|to face him sooner or later.
If you're afraid of something,|you've got to stand and face it.
Now, run on, son.
You know better than|to let the boy play here.
Sorry, sir.
- What was it you wanted to show me?|- Just a minute, sir.
What the devil...?
Who did this?
I did, sir.
Being a Parrish doesn't mean|you can hang around with my girl.
We're just friends.
Not anymore.
Get him!
I've got his bike!
Are you home?
Alan, not again. Come on.
Hard work, determination,|cheerful outlook...
...attributes that exemplify|Brantford spirit...
...since our forefathers|first settled this town.
Despite the harshness of our native|clime and granite of our soil...
...we have...
- Prospered.|- I knew it all this morning.
You'll know it all tonight.
- Right. Let's go.|- Sam, we have to talk to Alan.
Well, we're on our way.
I told your father what you told me,|that it wasn't just Billy Jessup.
- Lf I'd known that, I wouldn't have...|- It's okay, Dad.
But I'm proud of you. You faced them,|even though you were outnumbered.
Since you took it like a man,|your mother and I have decided...
...that you're ready to go|to The Cliffside School for Boys.
Congratulations, sweetheart.
You don't want me living here anymore?
It's always been the plan|that you go to Cliffside.
I mean, Parrishes have been going|to Cliffside ever since the 1700s.
Even your Uncle Skylar went there.
Look at this. Parrish Hall?
It's the main dormitory.
This is great. Kids are on my case|here because I'm a Parrish.
Just wait till I'm living|in a building named after me.
It was named after my father.
Good. Why don't you live in it?
I did. I wouldn't be who I am|if it weren't for my years there.
Maybe I don't want to be who you are.
Maybe I don't even want|to be a Parrish.
You won't be.|Not till you start acting like one.
- Sam...|- Get your coat.
I guess I'm not ready|for Cliffside, then.
We're taking you there next Sunday.|I don't want to hear another word!
You won't!|I'm never talking to you again!
- Sam...|- Don't.
- Sam.|- What?
Why are you here?
I brought your bike.
You didn't have to. I was going|to Billy's to get it myself.
I told Billy to stop picking on you.
You wasted your breath.|We'll talk about it some other time.
What was that?
You heard it too?
Of course I heard it.
Come on, I found this really|weird game in the factory.
A game?
A game for those who seek to find|a way to leave their world behind.
You roll the dice to move your token.|Doubles gets another turn.
The first to reach the end wins."|You want to play?
I quit playing board games|five years ago.
It's gotta be magnetized or something.
Alan, look.
"At night they fly,|you better run.
These winged things are not much fun."
What was that?
I don't know.
- Put it away, Alan.|- Okay.
Oh, no.
The game thinks I rolled.
What do you mean, "the game thinks"?
"In the jungle you must wait...
...until the dice read five or eight."
In the jungle you must wait?|What does that mean?
A bed and breakfast is just|what this town needs.
It was pretty hard to pass up.|Especially full of furniture.
I keep forgetting|how big this place is.
Judy, Peter, come look at this.
I'm gonna put a reception area|right over here.
And a bar over here in the parlour.
That sounds lovely.
I'm sure you and your kids|will be very happy here.
Actually, they're my late brother's.
He and his wife passed away|just last winter.
Is this something, or what?
It sure is.
What do you think?|Is it big enough for you?
Peter hasn't spoken a word|since it happened.
Oh, my. I'm so sorry.|How terribly awful.
It's okay.
We barely even knew our parents.|They were always away.
Skiing in St. Moritz,|gambling in Monte Carlo...
...safariing in darkest Africa.
We didn't even know|if they loved us.
But when the sheik's yacht went down...
...they managed to write|a beautiful goodbye note...
...that was found floating in|a champagne bottle amongst the debris.
Excuse me.
They were very devoted parents.|It was a car crash in Canada.
- You'll send me the escrow papers?|- First thing tomorrow.
I'll have to get|a locksmith for this one.
Peter, pick up your toys, please.
Peter, take this suitcase|up to the attic.
Then we can all have ice cream.|And bourbon.
What? What is it?
I'm going to Motel 6.
Oh, for heaven's sake.
I don't see any guano.
He said it looked like that.
That's an African bat. Some kid said|she saw some back in the '60s...
...but we don't get bats|like that in New England.
That's what he saw.
Well, whatever it was, it's gone now.
Bats aren't what I'd worry about|in this house, anyways.
What would you worry about?
Well, personally...
...I wouldn't want to live|where someone was murdered.
- Murdered?|- Yep.
Little Alan Parrish.|I say his father did it.
There's 1001 places he could've|hid the body in this house.
Especially if he chopped it up first.
Hey up there!
You don't want to be late|for your first day of school.
- Not a bat in sight, ma'am.|- Hear that?
There's nothing to be afraid of|in this house.
I can't believe I have to see|your principal after your first day.
What am I gonna do?
Let's try to relax and finish dinner.|Talk about something else.
We know why you got the house cheap.
Twenty-six years ago, a kid|named Alan Parrish lived here.
One day he just disappeared.
His parents chopped him up|and hid him in the walls.
That's it. I'm sick and tired|of your lies. You're grounded.
Fine, there's nowhere to go|in this stupid town anyway.
Just for your information,|that wasn't a lie.
Did you hear anything?
Do you miss Mom and Dad?
Cut that out,|or they'll send you to a shrink.
Where are they gonna send you|if you don't start talking?
If I get held up|at the permit office, I'll call.
The school bus will be here|any minute.
You guys still have your keys?
You guys listening to me?
Maybe I should wait|till the bus comes.
Did your parents|used to put you on the bus?
Are you sure?
I could drop you off.
No, don't worry about us.|The bus will be here any minute.
Okay. Please be good today.
You do hear it.
Hear what?
Where is it coming from?
Let's bring it over here.
Weird. They're stuck.
"Jumanji, a game for those who seek|to leave their worlds behind.
Roll the dice to move.|Doubles get another turn.
The first player|to reach the end wins."
It's gotta be microchips|or something.
You go first.
"A tiny bite can make you itch,|make you sneeze, make you twitch."
"This will not be an easy mission.|Monkeys slow the expedition."
What is that?
I bet those monkeys came from the game.
The mosquitoes too.
I didn't see this part.
"Adventurers, beware."
"Adventurers, beware. Do not begin|unless you intend to finish.
The consequences of the game vanish|when a player has reached Jumanji...
...and called out its name."
- The monkeys are gone.|- Good.
- Put it away.|- Wait!
If we finish the game,|it'll all go away.
Let's do it|or Aunt Nora'll pitch a fit.
We should get through it quickly.|I mean, there's no skill involved.
No, you rolled doubles.
You get another turn. Roll!
"His fangs are sharp.|He likes your taste.
Your party better move posthaste."
I don't like the sound of that.
Someone's in here.
It's not real, Peter.|It's a hallucination.
Run, Peter!
I'm back.
My bike.
Somebody roll a five or an eight?
He did.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Sorry if I scared you.|Sorry if I scared you.
I'm back!
Mom! Dad!
I'm home!
I'm back!
It's me!|It's me, Alan, Mom and Dad!
I'm home! I'm back!
Are you my little sister?
No, I'm Judy and he's Peter.
Where's Mom? Is Dad at the factory?
Are you...
...Alan Parrish?
Yeah. Who are you?
We live here now.
Where's my mom and dad?
We don't know.
This house has been empty for years.
Everyone thought you were dead.
- Give me that description again.|{y:i}-Red fur and tails.
Get down off of my car, please,|and get up on the sidewalk.
- What year is it?|- It was brand-new.
- No. What year is it?|- 1995, remember?
You got some I.D.? Let me guess,|it's in your other Tarzan outfit.
- 26 years.|- Are you from around here?
I was. But I've been in Jumanji.
Indonesia.|He was in the Peace Corps.
- Carl Bentley, the sole man.|- Is this man related to you?
- Yes, he's our uncle.|- Does he always dress like that?
Yeah, he's a vegetarian.
Get out of there!
Monkeys. Monkeys.
Is he all right upstairs?
He suffered a head injury|a few months ago.
Don't you move!
- Stop!|- Don't move, don't move.
Wait! Where are you going?
To find my parents!
Come on.
My dad used to make shoes here.
They were the best shoes|in New England.
Easy, girl.
Do you know what happened|to the shoe factory?
Yeah, it folded up.|Like everything else in this town.
It's pretty cold out there.|How about some coffee?
Why would they close Parrish Shoes?
When his kid ran away, Sam put|everything he had into finding him.
His time, his money...
After a while,|he stopped coming to work.
He just quit caring.
I don't think anybody loved his boy|more than Sam did.
You're gonna freeze out there.
Thank you.|Are the Parrishes still around?
- I see them now and then.|- Yeah?
They're over on Adams Street.
Our parents are dead too.
They were in the Middle East|negotiating peace when...
Our dad was in advertising.
I bet you miss him, huh?
Me too.
There he goes again.
I know you're upset,|but we should finish the game.
We? Why do you need me?
Just in case any other|scary stuff comes out.
Plus there's a lion in my aunt's room.
Do I look like a Ringling Brother?
She'll be home soon.
Won't she be surprised?|I hope she's not allergic to cats.
Larry, we need the wheels.|Give me a hand.
- Did we hit her hard?|- No, it looks like another weird bite.
- Yeah, it's another one.|- That's over 50. What's going on?
Easy now, easy.
- Isn't that Mrs. Thomas?|- Who's that?
- The realtor.|- Quiet.
You hear that?
Hear what?
Get in the car.
Okay, think.|What came out of the game before me?
There was a lion,|a bunch of monkeys and...
It's okay, it's okay.|It's just a bug. We're safe in here.
We're fine.
If we stay low,|he can't get through there too far.
Don't you worry. We're fine.
He can't get through the glass.
We're safe.
Do you know how to drive?
No? That's no problem.
My dad used to let me back|the car down the driveway.
So, what's the big deal?
Here we go!
Alan, the top!
Piece of cake.
Keep that thing away from me!
When are you gonna help us play?|Our aunt will be home soon.
Good. You can inform her that|she's the ex-owner of this house.
I hope you realize with my parents|gone, this home belongs to me.
Oh, thank you.
No more banana leaves.
What do you think those monkeys|will do to the ecosystem?
{y:i}Just sit right back|{y:i}And you'll hear a tale
{y:i}A tale of a fateful trip
{y:i}That started out in this tropic port|{y:i}Aboard this tiny ship
{y:i}The mate was a mighty sailing man|{y:i}The skipper brave and sure
{y:i}Five passengers set sail that day|{y:i}For a three-hour tour
What happened to you?|Did you shave with a piece of glass?
What happened to you?|Did the Clampetts have a yard sale?
I've never shaved before.
Where are you going?
How about Peter and I play,|and you just sort of watch?
Thanks, I've seen it.
If you won't help us,|what are you gonna do?
I don't know.|Pretty much take up where I left off.
I wonder if Mrs. Niedermeyer's|still teaching sixth grade.
Come on, he's not gonna help us.|He's afraid.
What did you say?
You're afraid.|It's okay to be afraid.
Let's set it up in the living room.
You have no idea|what you're getting yourself into.
Whatever it is, we can handle it.|We don't need your help.
I don't think so.
You think monkeys, mosquitoes|and lions are bad?
That's just the beginning.
I've seen things you've only|seen in your nightmares.
Things you can't even imagine.
Things you can't even see.
There are things that|hunt you in the night.
Then something screams.|Then you hear them eating.
And you hope to God|that you're not dessert.
You don't even know what afraid is.
You will not last|five minutes without me.
So, you're gonna help us?
I'll watch...
...but I'm not afraid.
Peter, that was very cool.
It's reverse psychology.|Dad used to pull it on me all the time.
Alan, ready?
There is no "ready".
I'll try it again.
Alan, it's not working.
It's not your turn.
I rolled first. Then Peter twice|because he got doubles.
Now it's my turn.
No, look.|Two of the pieces are yours, right?
Who's the other pieces?
The elephant was mine.
You're playing the game|I started in 1969.
I'm gonna have to play.
It's not my turn.
Whose turn is it?
Sarah Whittle.
This is where she used to live.
This place gives me the creeps.
We used to play on this porch.
She doesn't live here.
She probably married Billy Jessup.
- Come on.|- Let's at least ask.
- Maybe she'll know where Sarah went.|- She'll know. She's a psychic.
Good point.
I remember the porch|being a lot bigger.
- Can you help us?|- Do you have an appointment?
- No, we're trying to find someone.|- Madam Serena can't see anyone now.
Maybe you can help us.
What is it?
We're looking for someone|who used to live here.
No, I've lived here my whole life.
Then you must know Sarah Whittle.
What do you want|with Sarah Whittle?
I don't go by that name anymore.
Sarah Whittle?
What do you want?
Twenty-six years ago, you played a game|with a little boy down the street.
A game with drums.
How do you know that?
I was that little boy, Sarah.
You killed her.
{y:i}Leave a message|{y:i}and the doctor will call you back...
{y:i}... at his earliest convenience.
Dr. Boorstein, it's Sarah Whittle.|Please call me as soon as you can.
I think I need|to have my dosage checked.
That event we've been discussing,|the one that didn't really happen?
I'm having an episode here with|the boy who didn't really disappear.
I'm sitting in his living room,|drinking lemonade.
If you could call me, I'd really|be interested in your interpretation.
- He'll call me back.|- While we're waiting...
- God! No, no, no!|- Sarah.
I've spent 2000 hours in therapy|convincing myself that didn't exist.
What happened to you was so awful.|I made it up.
It was awful. It was awful.
It really was.
But it was real.
No, it wasn't real. Your father|murdered you and chopped you up.
Sarah, come on!
My dad did that?
My father could barely hug me...
...let alone cut me into little pieces.
Twenty-six years ago,|we started playing a little game.
And now...
...we're all gonna sit down|and we're gonna finish it.
And guess what?
It's your turn.
Play the game.
- Oh, no, no.|- Fine.
Just give me the dice and you can|go home. You don't have to play.
Thank you, Alan.
Oh, my God! How could you do that?
It's the law of the jungle.|You'll get used to it.
When I think of the energy I spent|visualizing you as a radiant spirit...
Go on, read it.
"They grow much faster than bamboo.
Take care or they'll come after you."
Oh, great!
Oh, God.|Tell me this isn't happening.
It is. Stay away from the walls.|Don't touch anything.
No quick movements.
- They're beautiful.|- Yeah, they're beautiful.
Don't touch the purple ones.|They shoot poisonous barbs.
And definitely stay away from|the pods. The big yellow ones.
What big yellow ones?
I got you! Get his arms!
Get it off me! Get it off me!
Oh, my God!
Hang on.
Got him? I'll be right back.
Sorry, Angus.
Harvest time!
Are you okay?
Oh, my God!
My car. Oh, my car.
I can't believe this.|Start, start, please. Yes!
{y:i}-Carl? Come in, Carl. |- Carl here.
{y:i}Where have you been? |{y:i}We've got an animal control situation.
Get Stan and Willy on it.
I've gotta check out a suspicious|character at the Parrish place.
I should've been a fireman.
Get your hands off me!
- The game is not over yet.|- It is for me.
You are not in the jungle anymore.
Stop this! You don't|treat people like this.
Anybody up for iced tea?|I'm gonna make some tea.
Please, last time I played|this game it ruined my life.
It ruined your life?
"In the jungle you must wait|till the dice read five or eight."
I was a little girl, Alan.
You disappeared.
And a bunch of bats surrounded me|and chased me down the street.
I was afraid.
I'm sorry, Alan.
No one believed me. I was alone.
So was I, for 26 years, Sarah.
Me too.
It's okay, Sarah.|We're scared too.
But if we finish the game,|it'll all go away.
What if I get stuck in the game?
You won't.
Because I won't stop playing.
And neither will I.
I won't either.
Come on, Sarah.
I knew this was gonna be a bad day.
Come on, we'll be fine.
We just have to keep our heads.
And roll with the punches.
"A hunter from the darkest wild...
...makes you feel just like a child."
What is it?
Van Pelt.
You miserable coward!|Come back and face me like a man.
Not good enough, Sonny Jim.
Coming, ready or not.
Hey, you!
Drop your gun|and get your hands in the air!
Man, I don't believe this!
Even if Alan gets out|of this situation...'ll happen over and over again.
When you carry repressed anger,|it attracts a lot of negative energy.
Things happen, like ending up|in the jungle. That was no accident.
There are no accidents.
Whose turn is it?
- It's my turn.|- Really? Great.
You might've told us|there was a man who hunts people.
I didn't know.|It's just a roll of the dice.
Is he the reason|you didn't want to play?
You didn't want to play, either?
Mr. We-started-26-years-ago-|and-now-we-gotta-finish-it?
What's with this guy?
He's a hunter. He kills things.|Right now, he wants to kill me.
- Why you?|- Why me?
I don't know. You'd think|it'd be a waste of his time.
Maybe I'd look good on his wall.
It's your turn.
Have you ever talked with him|about your differences?
- Are you crazy? The man has a gun...|- Don't ever call me crazy. Ever.
Everyone's called me crazy ever since|I said you were sucked into a game.
Maybe I should roll.
I was the girl who saw you murdered.|Did anyone come to my birthday party?
Hello, I'm rolling now.
Billy who?
Are you an owl? Come on, Madam|Serena, dig into your consciousness.
Here, just roll.
Find the memory of your old boyfriend.
- The kid who'd steal your bicycle?|- The kid who took you to the movies.
"Don't be fooled, it isn't thunder.|Staying put would be a blunder."
- You're immature.|- You are!
I know you are, but what am I?
Do you feel that?
It's a stampede!
The game!
Don't look back!
Not the game!
Why didn't you grab the game, Peter?
Ignore him. He's a Libra.
- Where are you going?|- He'll head for water!
{y:i}It's Aunt Nora. |{y:i}Where have you been?
I'm sorry, dear.|You have the wrong number.
Wait for me!
- What can I do for you?|- I'll have a gross of these.
They stopped making these in 1903.
Damn. Then I shall need|a replacement weapon.
There's a waiting period.
And you'll have to fill out these.
Or I could fill these out.
Now, anyone asks,|you didn't get this here.
You're not a postal worker, are you?
Peter, are you okay?
I can't believe you did that.|That was so cool.
- You gave me chills.|- It was great.
Nice work. Come on,|give me the game. Let's go.
Oh, no.
Act natural.
Hide the game.
Every time there's trouble,|I run into you.
I don't know|what you're talking about.
- I'm taking you in.|- I'm not going anywhere.
Just a second.|You can't take him, he's...
- Her fiancÚ.|- You said he's your uncle.
It's all right. I'll be back soon.
You said you'd never|abandon your friends.
- We'll finish the game later.|- Later?
Van Pelt. Van Pelt.
I suggest you all go home now.
Now how are we supposed|to finish the game?
We can't.|We can't finish it without him.
What happened?
I thought I could end the game.|I was only 10 spaces away.
"A law of Jumanji|hadn't been broken... will slip back|more than your token."
You tried to cheat?
No, I tried to drop the dice|so they landed on 12.
Okay, honey.|Well, that would be cheating.
Peter, your hands!|Look at your hands!
{y:i}Come in, this is Willy. |{y:i}They cleaned out Larry's Hardware.
{y:i}I can't stop them. |{y:i}Get the National Guard down here.
What is this about?|I know you know.
Yes, I do. But you wouldn't|believe me even if I told you, Carl.
Wait a minute.|How do you know my name is Carl?
I know a lot more than that.
You used to work at Parrish Shoes.
They used to call you "Sole Man".
Sole Man, that's right.|I was in there too...
...till old man Parrish fired me.
- He fired you?|- Yeah, man.
And I had something that could've|turned this whole town around.
- Your shoes.|- Right.
Listen, Carl?
I know it doesn't mean much|after 26 years...
...but I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
It's me. Alan.
Thank you.
What's going on?
Well, apparently|there's a sale, honey.
You saw three monkeys|on a motorcycle, didn't you?
- Yes.|- Good girl.
Maybe we can bail him out|with a cheque.
Thank you.
Tell that snivelling coward|if he wants...
Get out of my way!
Give me that, boy!
Help me!
Get me out of here!
- It's all right.|- Oh, my God, Peter.
All right.
There it is.
Wait here.
Gotcha, girlie.
When Alan hears of your predicament,|he'll come.
He doesn't know I'm here.|It won't work. Your plan's ruined.
- Move and I'll blow your brains out!|- Okay.
Call the cops!
- That should do the trick.|- Oh, yeah.
Price check!
If you let me go,|I can stop all this.
It's like "The Twilight Zone",|but it's true.
Please, you gotta help me on this.
I know I'm gonna regret this.
Just hold still.
There, I let you go.
Now what are we gonna do?
- You're staying here.|- My keys!
It's for your own good.
- My handcuff keys!|- I have to do this!
- Alan!|- You'll thank me someday.
{y:i}Carl, code red.
{y:i}Hostage situation at Sir Sav-a-lot. |{y:i}A woman and two children.
{y:i}It sounds like the armed perpetrator|{y:i}in the pith helmet.
{y:i}Carl? Come in, Carl.
- Lorraine?|- What's Sir Sav-a-lot?
- It's a discount store.|- Move over.
- Wait. Gently, gently.|- All right, all right.
Don't worry,|I've done this before.
Where's Sir Sav-a-lot?
- Monroe and Elm.|- The Episcopal church.
Not anymore.|Now it's a Speedy Burger.
At least it was. I don't know|what's left. People are going loopy.
Uh-oh. We got company.
It's all right. He'll back us up.
- Here's the game.|- Get out of here.
- Turn the siren off. Right there!|- Okay, I got it.
Stop cringing,|I could have shot you at any moment.
Why didn't you?
You didn't roll the dice, Alan did.
There it is, there it is.|Hit the brakes!
Hit the brakes!
Hit the brakes!
He'll be here.
- Are you okay?|- Yes.
- Where's Peter?|- I'm here.
Oh, great.
{y:i}So remember, circumstances are|{y:i}never, ever out of your control.
{y:i}End of tape three.
{y:i}Update on the extraordinary events|{y:i}in Brantford, New Hampshire.
{y:i}98 people have been hospitalized|{y:i}with symptoms...
{y:i}... ranging from inexplicable fevers|{y:i}and rashes to seizures.
{y:i}Local resources are strained|{y:i}to the breaking point.
{y:i}And state officials are now asking|{y:i}those with such symptoms to dial 911.
I got it.
Alan, talk to him, please?
What? We don't have time|for this, okay?
I know, but he's a kid|and he was trying to help.
- All right, come on.|- Thank you.
Judy, come on.
I warned you about this, Peter.
No, you wanted to play the game.
What, are you crying?|You don't cry, you keep your chin up.
Come on, keep your chin up.
Crying never helped|anybody do anything.
If you have a problem,|you face it like a man.
I'm sorry. Twenty-six years|buried in the deepest jungle...
...and I still became my father.
It's okay. Come here, I'm sorry.|Hey, it's all right.
It's all right to be afraid.
It's not that.
What is it?
Don't worry, we'll have you back|to your old self in no time flat.
Because we'll go in here together,|sit down and finish that game.
No matter...
Suddenly, I feel right at home.
Lorraine, this is Carl.
I'm heading over to the Parrish place.|Give me some backup.
Wait! Wait!
Now what?
Wait! Stop!
Is there a problem?
- Can I have a ride home?|- Where do you live?
Jefferson Street.|The old Parrish place.
Do you have children?|A boy and a girl?
What happened?
Get in.|I'll explain it all on the way.
Fine! Take it!
We gotta get to that house.
- Shouldn't we play someplace else?|- No.
I grew up in this.|It's out there that scares me.
- Okay, it's my turn.|- Sarah, if you roll a 12, you win.
Okay, ready? Here I go.
It's okay.
"Every month at the quarter moon,|there'll be a monsoon... your lagoon." Monsoon.
At least we're inside.
Yeah, right.
Well, a little rain|never hurt anybody.
But a lot can kill you.
Come on!
This way!
- What do we do now?|- We get to higher ground.
Come on! Stay together!
You okay?
- Alan?|- What?
What is that?
Swim! Swim! Look out!
Swim! Go! Move!
Keep going!
Stay on the table!
Feet out of the water!
On the chandelier!
Come on, Sarah.
Hang on, Sarah!
Are you okay?
Judy? Peter!
Step back and let me|handle this, please.
It's nothing.|They probably left the TV on too loud.
I always wanted to do this.|Could you step back, please?
Give me your hand!
- Grab my hand!|- I got it.
Take the game.
- You okay?|- Yeah.
Alan, you wrestled|an alligator for me.
It was a crocodile.
Alligators don't have|that fringe on their hind leg.
Come on.
My mistake.
Come on.
Okay, it's my turn.
I've got it!
Colonel Mustard in the library|with the wrench.
"Beware the ground on which you stand.
The floor is quicker than the sand."
- Help me.|- Stay calm.
Don't struggle. Stay calm.
I'm calm.
- Grab on!|- Pull!
I got it. Pull!
Stay calm!
Come on!
Oh, good!
I got you...
Stop giving me things|that come apart!
"There is a lesson..."
All right.
"There is lesson you will learn."
I got you.
"Sometimes you must go back a turn."
- Did I hurt you?|- No.
Thank you, Judy. Thank you.|That was very quick thinking.
Sarah and I would like|to get out of the floor.
It's your turn, Peter.
I thought I'd lost you again.
Thanks for sticking around this time.
"Need a hand? Why, you just wait.
We'll help you out.|We each have eight."
What's that? What is it?
- Nothing.|- You don't go "Ah!" for nothing.
Peter, my dad kept an axe|in the woodshed. Go get it!
Hurry! Go, go, go!
Aunt Nora, it's me. Peter.
Sorry. I can't talk right now.|I'll explain later.
- Sarah.|- What?
It's your turn.|You can finish if you roll 7.
- I can't roll.|- Put the dice in your mouth.
Bring the game. Hurry!
Are you okay?
I'm fine. Help them.
Come on, Judy.
Give me the dice.
"You're almost there|with much at stake.
But now the ground begins to quake."
I wish Mom and Dad were here.
So do I.
Her only chance is|if we finish the game!
It's your turn!
Oh, my God!
Get the game!
I won't let you go!
Don't move.
Stand up.
What's in your hand?
Drop it.
End of the line, Sonny Jim.
Game's up. Start running.
Aren't you afraid?
I'm terrified.
But my father told me... should always face|what you're afraid of.
Good lad.|You're finally acting like a man.
Any last words?
It's Jumanji.
No, Alan, no!
I forgot my speech notes.
Dad, I'm so glad you're back.
I've only been gone 5 minutes.
It seems like a lot longer to me.
I thought you were never|going to talk to me again.
Whatever I said, Dad, I'm sorry.
Look, Alan, I was angry.
I'm sorry too, son.
Look, you don't have to go|to Cliffside if you don't want to.
Let's talk it over tomorrow.|Man-to-man.
How about father to son?
I've gotta get going.|I'm the guest of honour.
Back in 196...|I mean, today in the factory... wasn't Carl Bentley's fault.
I put the shoe on the conveyer belt.
I'm glad you told me, son.
Bye, Dad.
- Holy smokes! Judy and Peter!|- Alan.
They're not there.
It's 1969.
They don't even exist yet.
I'm forgetting what|it's like to be a grownup.
That's okay, as long as|we don't forget each other.
Or Judy and Peter.
There's something|I've been wanting to do.
I better do it before|I feel too much like a kid.
They probably don't teach driver|training in the sixth grade, huh?
Merry Christmas.
Do you want any cookies?
Dad, the new cross-trainer's|doing fabulous.
No, it's not a bra, it's a shoe.
Honey, they're here.
Dad, I gotta run.|We'll pick you up tomorrow, okay?
You'll be the best Christmas gift|of all. Bye-bye!
They're here? Come on, let's go.
Pardon me.
Jim! Glad you could make it.
- Thanks. This is my wife, Martha.|- Hi. This is Sarah.
- Hi, Sarah.|- Where are the kids?
Oh, my God, there they are.
How'd you know?
A guess, of course.|They're your kids.
Right, these are our children.
Judy and Peter. Say hi|to Mr. And Mrs. Parrish.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
You're just like we remembered you.
I feel like we know|so much about them.
- You've told Alan about them.|- And I told her.
- I'll get the presents.|- Sure, honey.
Well, we love children.
Merry Christmas.
When can you start?
We were going to take a skiing holiday|up in the Canadian Rockies.
We just...
Need you to get that marketing|done on the new line.
No problem.|I could start next week.
Great. Let me introduce you|to the folks you'll be working with.
Come on in. Our house was your house.|Is. Anytime you'd like.
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