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Subtitles for Jungle Book II The.

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Jungle Book II The

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[Indian music playing]
RANJAN: Hooray. Mowgli!
SHANTl: Shh Ranjan. hush It's starting
FATHER: Come. Children Come watch
Mowgli. Tell us your story
[Music playing]
MOWGLI: I never knew where I came from
but I always knew where I belonged
This is me and Bagheera
the panther who found me in the jungle
He's a good friend of mine
But my best friend of all was good old Papa Bear
Man. We had some crazy times together
And when the monkeys grabbed me
things got really crazy
RANJAN: Monkey!
[Animals screeching]
RANJAN: Go. Papa Bear!
MOWGLI: Then I came face to face
with the meanest Scariest tiger
in the whole jungle
Shere Khan
[Ranjan roaring]
You stay away from Mowgli, you mean old tiger...
or I'll tie some fire to your tail and burn your butt!
- Ranjan! - Whoa! Uhh!
[Muffled roaring]
I got him, Mowgli! Did you see? I got him.
You sure did, Ranjan...
but it's gonna be kind of hard to finish the story now.
But we all know how it ends.
Shanti blinks her big beautiful brown eyes at you...
and you followed her into our village.
I did not.
Did so.
Something was in my eye.
Both of them?
Well, you were so ugly you made my eyes water.
- Well, you... - Ha ha! Now, now.
We give thanks for Shanti's beautiful brown eyes.
Without them...
Mowgli would never have found his way into our lives.
Come to think of it, you used the same trick on me.
And you still fall for it.
Thank you for a wonderful story, Mowgli.
Good night, Mowgli.
Night, Shanti.
Watch out for Shere Khan on your way home.
You and your stories.
Everyone knows tigers don't come into the village.
[Ranjan roars]
Tigers go wherever they want!
- Aah! - Ooh.
Good night, boys.
[Boys laughing]
Tomorrow's gonna be so great.
MOTHER: What happens tomorrow?
- Nothing. - Nothing.
Well, then, you will need plenty of rest...
for doing nothing tomorrow.
Off to bed
[Yawns] Ah, we never get to stay up late.
Ha ha! Even wild beasts need their sleep.
Oh, help! Ferocious tiger!
[Parents laughing]
Ah, good night, my little wild thing.
Good night, Mowgli.
Happy dreams.
Um, good night...
Why do you always call him "Sir"?
His name's "Pa "
[Snoring continues]
Ha ha!
Aah! Whoa!
Come on, Mowgli!
Wake up, it's morning!
You said we would go to...
Ranjan! Ranjan!
Do you wanna wake up the whole village?
When does the tiger roar?
[Muffled] I don't know.
After he catches his prey.
His prey.
Let's go get our prey.
[Mother humming]
- Huh? - Where are you going so early?
- To... do our chores? - Yeah!
Not without breakfast, you aren't.
[Both gasp]
[Shanti humming]
- That's OK. We're not hungry. - Gotta go!
Ooh! Boys, where are you going?
- To do our chores! - Bye, Papa! See you later!
Remember! Don't cross the river!
You can take the boy out of the jungle...
But you can't take the jungle out of the boy.
That's what worries me.
[Water flowing]
- Hey, Shanti. - Aah!
What are you doing here?
Getting water.
What are you doing here?
Oh, uh, I'm on the lookout for danger.
Danger? Please. There's no danger around here.
[Whispering] Well, uh, keep this just between us?
Yesterday, I saw tiger tracks.
Tiger tracks? Right.
It's Shere Khan.
I hear he's looking for me...
seeking his bloodthirsty revenge.
So keep your ears open
and always watch your back...
or the last thing you'll ever hear is...
Aah! Uhh! Uhh!
When does the tiger roar?
[Both roaring]
Oh! You're horrible!
Horrible, stinky boys!
Come on, Ranjan. He's a bad influence.
[Children talking and laughing]
Now, don't move.
That wasn't very nice, you know.
Stop that. You're not a jungle boy.
Why are you so a-scared of the jungle?
Because it's dangerous.
Dangerous? But Mowgli says...
You shouldn't listen to everything Mowgli says.
But I thought you liked Mowgli.
Well, I do.
I like Mowgli.
But I... oh... ooh.
Uh, you left this at the river.
Thank you.
She's in a bad mood.
Hey, Ranjan, you want to see a little trick I learned...
in the jungle?
Mmm. That's a pretty good trick.
Well, here's a little trick I learned right here at home.
That's a neater trick.
Like I said, Ranjan, don't listen to him.
She's right, Ranjan, don't listen to me.
[Drums beating]
Listen to the jungle.
Can you hear it?
The jungle.
[Music growing louder]
Yeah, man!
And when you hear that rhythm, you get a crazy feeling inside.
** That morning sun peeks over the mountains **
** And all the ninos rub their eyes **
** When they hear **
Hear what?
** Hear the jungle rhythm **
** Those birds are **
** Tap-tap-tapping the tree trunks **
** The busy bee hums as he flies **
** Loud and clear **
** To the jungle rhythm *
** Now. You can hightail it out of the jungle **
** But it never leaves your heart **
** First you feel that beat start bubbling under **
** Then you hear the tom toms loud as thunder **
It's moving me!
** Sounds a lot like being free **
** When you feel **
** Feel the jungle rhythm **
[Children laughing]
BO Y: Yeah. Guys
** Feel the jungle rhythm **
Come on, Shanti!
** Can't do without rhythm **
** And when it fills the air **
Animals everywhere join in the dance **
[Laughs] Hey, give me that!
** You'll dance along with 'em **
** Feelin' it steal your soul **
** We'll stomp our paws. Flap our wings **
** Maybe do one or two crazy things **
[Children cheering]
- Caw! Caw! - Yeah, that's it!
Ooh-ooh-ah-ah, ooh-ooh-ah-ah!
- Eep! Eep! Eep! - Caw! Caw!
- Eep! Eep! Eep! - Chika chika boom!
- Eep! Eep! Eep! - A-whoo!
[rhythmic animal chants]
Shanti! Try this.
Not quite.
There we go. Oh... no.
Take a look. Perfect.
** Boom-a-chaka. Boom-a-chaka **
** Boom-a-chaka. Boom-a-chaka. Boom **
** Check out those chat-chat-chattering monkeys **
** Swinging through the banyan trees **
** Two by two. Two by two **
** To the jungle rhythm **
** Sounds like a wolf pack way in the distance **
** Singing pretty harmonies **
** Woo woo woo. Woo woo woo **
** To the jungle rhythm **
- Yeah! Whoo-hoo! - Yeah, that's it!
** Now. You can hightail it out of the jungle> **
** But it never leaves your heart **
** First you feel that beat start bubbling under **
** Then you hear the tom toms loud as thunder **
It's moving me!
** Sounds a lot like being free **
** When I feel. When I feel **
** When I feel. When I feel **
** Feel the jungle rhythm **
** Boom shaka-laka boom sh-bop sh-bop **
** Boom shaka-laka boom sh-bop sh-bop **
Whoa, wait, wait, stop! You're crossing the river!
Mowgli, you can't go in the jungle!
It's too dangerous! Mowgli!
[Music stops]
Shanti, what is it?
Children, come inside this instant, all of you!
That includes you!
I am very disappointed in you.
You put everyone in danger.
You know that you're not allowed to cross the river...
and yet you deliberately disobeyed me.
- But, but I... - No, Mowgli.
The jungle is a dangerous place.
I should know.
You are confined to your room without dinner.
That should give you plenty of time...
to think about what you've done.
M-Mowgli, I... I was only trying to h...
[Dramatic music playing]
** Oh. You can hightail it out of the jungle **
** But it never leaves your heart **
Oh, Baloo.
[Music playing]
** Look for the bare necessities **
** The simple bare necessities **
** Forget about your worries and your strife **
** Yeah. I mean the bum-bada-dada-dee-dada **
** The rum-pum-pa-ta ree-ta-ta **
** That bring the bare necessities of life **
Now, that's more like it!
Ha ha! Look at you!
Aw, growing like the proverbial weed.
Let's see if you still got it.
** Ra-pa-dada-dada debba-ra-da **
Take it away, Little Britches.
Poor fellow.
I said, take it away!
[SIow music playing]
This ain't gonna work.
You just ain't Mowgli.
Ah, I guess I gotta get used to singing solo.
He's just not getting over that...
Oh, no, not again!
Uhh. Mowgli...
Huh? Hmm...
[Music playing]
Get out of here! Shoo! Shoo!
Now... now, don't worry.
I'll take care of it.
Oh, man.
[Chuckles] Bagheera.
How's it wagging?
This has to stop.
You can't keep trying to take Mowgli from the man-village.
The boy's future lies with his own kind
BALOO: Aw. his future can wait
I miss my bear cub
[Sighs] It's not safe for him in the jungle.
You know Shere Khan is looking for Mowgli.
Just let Shere Khan try something.
We handled old Stripes once. We'll do it again.
- Baloo, don't push your luck. - Out of the way, Baghee.
You're not going near the village!
[Straining] Oh!
[Mutters, coughs]
Later, Baghee.
That's it!
Hathi! Plan "B"!
[Elephant trumpets]
ELEPHANTS: Hup, two, three, four!
Keep it up, two, three, four!
Now, remember, men...
our objective is full and complete containment.
Prepare for Operation... uh, Oper...
Um, Stop That Bear?
Very good, son! Yes.
Prepare for Operation...
Stop That Bear!
** By the ranks or single file **
** Over every jungle mile **
Run, Baghee! You're in the parade ground!
Oh! No, please, stop!
HATHl: Company... halt!
I told you, Baloo...
there's no way we're letting you near the man-village.
You ain't gonna stop me now, Baghee.
Look out below!
Search the water!
- Follow me. - This way.
[Music playing]
ELEPHANT: Over here. Sir
[Gasps] Baloo!
[Muttering] Check over there!
[Elephants shouts]
I've got him, Colonel!
Confound it, soldier!
- That's a fish! - Oopsy.
Disgrace to the uniform.
[Heavy footsteps]
[Gasps] Colonel!
Th-this log can't possibly support your weight!
Why, my dear boy, back in '88...
in service to the crown, I found myself straddling a...
Oh, no, not again.
- Aah! - Whoa!
Well, they don't make trees like they used to.
Got him!
Got him right here.
Ah! Disguised as a panther, Baloo.
It's me, Hathi!
Put me down!
- Sorry. Heh. - Whoa!
HATHl: Keep searching. Men Couldn't have gone far!
ELEPHANT: Who are we looking for. Anyway?
- Oh, confound it, man! - Heh heh heh.
Ha ha!
Don't turn me in, little guy.
I just want to see my bear cub.
I won't. I miss Mowgli, too.
This way, quick!
Hey, thanks, kid.
You're all right.
[Dramatic music playing]
Say, fellas, look who's coming.
That's Shere Khan.
- What we gonna do? - Don't start that again.
Lucky. Hey, Lucky.
That's the one we told you about, Shere Khan.
Mmm. Shere Khan. You don't say.
Hey, watch this, watch this.
I got one for you. Check this out.
Hey, hey! Look at me! Look at me!
- Hey! - Whoa!
I'm Shere Khan...
and me tiger tush has been torched.
[Vultures laughing]
Ask me if I could whup that tiger.
Go on, go on, ask me.
Can you whup that tiger?
I Shere Khan.
[Vultures laughing]
Did you get it? Did you get it?
Save me! Save me!
I've been outwitted by 40 pounds of scrawny man-cub.
[Vultures laughing, Khan growling]
LUCKY: I'm cracking myself up here
I don't know how I do it
[Crickets chirping]
[Snoring lightly]
[Twig breaks]
[Chiming softly]
[Object breaks]
[Twig breaks, footsteps]
[Object clatters]
- Hiya, kid! - Uhh!
Mind if I drop in?
[Louder] Oh, Bal...
[Muffled talking]
- Ah. - Papa Bear!
Boy, am I glad to see you! What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
Feeling right for the first time in a while, that's what.
Ha ha ha!
Hey, kid, show me you can still fight like a bear.
- Come on. - Aah!
Oh, Little Britches, you lost your touch.
I've got something for you.
SHANTl: Mowgli. It's me
Don't be mad
I get grounded all the time.
Ah. Heh heh heh heh.
Mowgli, I'm sorry you got in trouble.
Come on, man-cub...
show yourself.
BALOO: Come on! Come on!
- Whoa! - Mowgli?
[Mowgli grunting]
MOWGLI: Wait. no! No!
[Baloo laughs]
Come on, stick and move.
- Whoa! - Whoa!
Help! Wild animal!
Wild animal? Where? Come on, let's get outta here!
MAN: What? What is it?
What's that bear doing here?
There's a wild animal in the village!
FATHER: What is the matter?
There he is!
W-where are you going?
No, come back! Come back! You're going the wrong way!
Wow, a tiger!
MAN: Don't let him get away!
[Roaring] [Gasps]
[Men shouting]
No! Uh, please...
We gotta get out of here.
- Shanti, get indoors! - No, no, no, he's over...
No! Uhh!
Shanti, wait for me!
[Men grunting]
Come on, come on! Follow me! Follow me!
- Waah! - Mowgli!
Hold on, Mowgli!
MO THER: Shanti?
MO THER: Shanti!
FATHER: Where are you?
- Mowgli! - They must be in the jungle.
Ah. Heh heh heh heh.
The jungle.
What a weird scene. Is that place always like that?
You don't know the half of it. That village was terrible.
All you ever hear is, rules, rules, rules...
and work, work, work.
Whoa, kid. Watch your language.
That's all they do! Washing, dressing...
Oh, man, I'm tired just listening to it.
Sounds like they're kinda screwy over there.
I don't want to talk about it.
Especially Shanti.
Who's Shanti?
Ah, she's just a girl from the village.
Now hold on.
Not the one that lured you into that village in the first place.
Yep, that's the one.
I knew it, I knew it. I knew she was trouble.
I even tried bringing her to the jungle...
and she got me in trouble.
Say again?
I just wanted her to see how much fun we have.
And she got you into trouble for that?
- Yep. - Ooh, man.
She thinks the jungle is a scary place.
Where'd she get that crazy idea?
You got me.
Do my snake eyes deceive me?
Ooh. It's the s-s-succulent man-cub. Mmm.
BALOO: Well. You're with me now. Kid
Forget that girl. You're better off without her.
You got everything you need right here.
And me, I've got my old singin' partner back.
Then hit it, Papa Bear.
** Look for the bare necessities **
** The simple bare necessities **
** Forget about your worries and your strife **
** I mean the bare necessities **
** Old Mother Nature's recipes **
** That bring the bare necessities of life **
** Wherever I wander **
BALOO: Where you goin'?
** Wherever I roam **
BALOO: Oh. Yeah
** I couldn't be fonder of my big home **
** The bees are buzzing in the tree **
** To make some honey just for me **
** When you look under the rocks and plants **
** Take a glance at the fancy ants **
** And maybe try a few **
** Thanks. Baloo **
** The bare necessities of life will come to you **
** They'll come to you **
Oh, Baloo.
I don't ever want to see that girl or that village again.
Well, of course you don't.
It's just us bears from here on in.
Yeah, man.
Hey, you remember everything I learned ya?
You bet I do, Papa Bear.
- Nuh-uh-uh. - Huh?
** Now. When you pick a pawpaw **
** Or a prickly pear **
** And you pick a raw paw **
** Well. next time beware **
** Don't pick the prickly pear by the paw **
** When you pick a pear. Try to use the claw **
** But you don't need to use the claw **
** When you pick a pair of the big pawpaw **
** Have I given you a clue? **
[Slide whistle]
** The bare necessities of life will come to you **
** They'll come to you **
MOWGLI: They'll come to me?
I so despise these song-and-dance routines.
Is that you?
He's gotta be here somewhere.
[Fabric tears]
Ohh! Aah! Aah!
[Shrieking] [Gasps]
Oh! [Thwack]
I swear... uhh!
I shall never again associate...
With man-cubs. Oh!
Oh. Oh, where could he be?
Mmm. Uhh!
Why, the little...
[Gasps, slurps]
[Hisses] S-s-snack.
Hooh. Ha ha ha.
[Hisses] [Gasps]
Who is it?
- Who's there? - Ha ha ha.
[Gasps] [Smacks lips]
Excuse me.
Might I be of some assistance?
Hmm? Heh heh heh
Are you lost, little one?
Heh heh. Are you hungry?
I'm starved.
Hoo hoo hoo hoo
[Smacks lips]
[Fwip] [Thud]
[Thud] Bad snake! Bad snake!
Ranjan? What are you doing here?
You leave Shanti alone!
[Gulp, thud]
OK, Ranjan. I... I think he's had enough.
- Yaah! - Oh!
[Gasps] Oh!
[Coconuts thud]
You're not getting away that easy!
Oh, Ranjan, what are you doing?
You're not supposed to be here.
We have to get you home right now.
No! Mowgli's in trouble, and we're going to find him!
I can smell him.
He's this way!
Oh, OK...
but stay close.
We don't want to run into any more scary animals.
- Rarr! - Oh, stop that.
[Coconuts thudding]
[Muffled moaning]
Oh, mercy. Ooh!
[Boing] [Shere Khan chuckles]
S-Shere Khan?
Anyone I know?
I wish.
Aw, stupid man-cub.
- Man-cub? - Uh, did... did I s-say man-cub?
Well, well, I... I... you know...
I'd love to stay and shoot the breeze and all, but...
What's your hurry?
[Gulp] Uh, no reason. I... I... I...
Where is he?
Who he?
The man-cub Mowgli.
I know you know.
Well, b-but I... I don't.
Oh, please don't insult my intelligence.
It makes me irritable.
Oh, he's not in the village.
I know where he isn't.
Now tell me where he is.
Well, he's, um, he's... he's...
The swamp! Uh, he's at the s-swamp, yes.
Hmm. The swamp, eh?
Yes. Trust in me.
He'd better be... for your sake.
He is, he is!
[Wheezes] I'd...I'd take you there myself
but I'm afraid I'd slow you down...
indigestion and all.
[Birds chirping]
FATHER: Mowgli!
MO THER: Ranjan!
[Bird flies away]
[Birds chirping]
Huh? What?
Huh? Ohh!
Uhh! Oh, dear. Huh?
What is... what on earth?
HATHl: Retreat! [Trumpeting]
Oh! Oh! Ah!
- C-Colonel Hathi! - Take cover!
Oh. no! Not again
Uhh! [Rumbling]
[Honks] Whoa!
Excuse me.
Colonel Hathi, what... what is the meaning of this?
Man is in the jungle!
Wh-what does he want?
MAN: Think they'll come out?
SECOND MAN: I think they're over here!
Ohh. Penaps I was too harsh with the boy.
Don't worry. We'll find them.
MAN: Children. Can you hear me?
- Mowgli! - Ranjan!
Uhh! Almost got it, Baloo.
- Alley-oop! - Whoa!
[Laughs] Whoa!
Ah, them primo mangos... always the hardest to get.
- Uhh. Got 'em. - Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ahh. This is the life.
[Whirs] Heads up.
[Gulp] Ah. Delicious.
Hey, check this out.
[X ylophone glissando]
Heh heh
[Boing, pop]
[X ylophone glissando]
[Laughs] Hey, not bad. Where'd you learn to do that?
Shanti showed me.
Shanti? [Splat]
I... no, I... I said wanti.
I wanti another mango. Ha ha ha.
No, no, no, that's not what you said.
You said Shanti.
No, I didn't.
- Yes, you did. - No, I didn't.
- Did. - Didn't.
- Did. Uh-huh. - Didn't. Uh-uh.
- Yep. I heard it. - Uh-uh.
You know what? Who cares about Shanti?
Because it's just a stupid trick, right?
[Laughs] Yeah, right. You don't need her, kid.
You're with old Baloo now.
[Splat] [Laughs]
What are you laughing at?
What are you doin' out here, Baghee?
Haven't you heard?
Man is in the jungle.
Wha-wha-what do they want?
They're searching for Mowgli.
BALOO: Mowgli?
I thought that penaps maybe you have seen the boy.
Me? Uh, no. Ha.
You know his future is in that village.
I just wish I knew where he was.
Yeah. Whew. Sorry.
Heh. Man, wish I could help you out, Baghee.
Ohh! Enough games, Baloo! Now give me the boy!
Baghee, Baghee, Baghee, Baghee. I can explain.
I can explain. I...
can explain, but I don't have to...
'cause you can plainly see Mowgli is not here.
I'm all alone
[Sighs] I know he's around here somewhere...
and he can't hide forever.
Well, he won't get past you, Baghee.
Whew! Kid?
Kid, where'd you go?
- Aah! - Aah!
Ohh! What are you tryin' to do...
scare the tick out of my ticker?
- Ha ha ha! - Ohh!
Wow, the whole village...
Iooking for me?
We can't let nobody see you.
I thought they were mad.
We gotta lay low, hunker down...
hibernate. Like
They must really miss me.
I wonder...
if Shanti's with them.
You definitely don't want her to find you.
Do ya?
No. We can't let anyone find us, especially that girl.
Come on, Baloo. We gotta get moving.
Lay low, hunker down... hibernate, like.
Now, Mowgli...
what if that gir-r-rl tracks us down?
- What are you gonna do? - Then...
then you're gonna have to scare her!
[Muffled] Scare her?
Has the milk run out of your coconut?
No, she's terrified of wild animals.
In case you haven't noticed, kid, I'm no wild animal.
Heh... except at parties. Heh heh heh.
I suppose I'm more of a... honey bear.
You can do it, Baloo.
You're the one that taught me, remember?
You scrunch up your eyes like this...
and show your teeth like this...
and roar like this... roaarrrr!
No, no, no, no. Like you mean it.
Do you want that girl to take me back to the village?
Yeah, man! That was great.
Well, I don't know.
Trust me. That'll do it.
Well, in that case, Mowgli, consider that girl scarified.
Thanks, Papa Bear.
Anything for my Little Britches.
OK, let's skedaddle.
Now, don't you worry. I got a place downriver.
It's the perfect hideout.
Real quiet, huh?
Quiet? Heh. You want quiet, go back to that man-village.
This place is happenin'.
SHANTl: OK, here's the village.
We crossed the river...
Ranjan, be careful.
Ha ha!
OK, we went right.
No, no, no, no. Um, left, left, I mean.
Right. No, left, then right, and...
This jungle all looks the same!
Ha ha ha ha! Ah ha!
Ranjan, what's that?
Mowgli? He must've been here.
Or some animal with really sharp claws.
[Dramatic music playing]
[Crickets chirping]
That snake lied to me.
Now, don't take it out on the water...
just because you don't like the reflection.
Ha ha! I mean
not everyone can be born with such great looks.
You let that tiger get his claws on you...
and you won't be so good-Iooking.
What, that pussycat? He's harmless. Watch this.
What's the matter, Stripes?
Man-cub got your tongue? Heh heh
VULTURE: Uh. Lucky
Let's find something to do somewhere else.
No, no, no, no. Hang on, fellas.
I got another one.
How many men does it take to whup a tiger?
Heh heh heh. Surprise me.
None. A little kid could do it all by himself.
Ah ha ha ha ha!
- Come on, Lucky, let's go. - Come on, Lucky, let's go.
In fact, we heard that kid is right here in the jungle.
[AII gasp]
Right under your whiskers.
- Ah ha ha! - Interesting.
I heard he's headed back to the village.
Ehh! Wrong again, kitty.
No, Lucky, keep your gob shut.
No, they say he's headed downriver... with a bear.
Downriver, you say? Ah.
Oh, don't listen to him.
Ooh, yeah, he's new around here. He don't know anything.
On the contrary, he seems to know quite a lot.
Hey, hold on, hot pants!
Where's the fire? Ah ha ha ha ha!
Isn't it ironic that your name is Lucky?
[Roaring] [Screaming]
Come on, lads! This way! Let's get out!
MOWGLI: This is the perfect hideout?
This is King Louie's place
"Was," kid, "was."
He's splitsville.
Now me and the monkeys have turned it...
into the greatest secret hideout ever.
Excuse me. Comin' through. Hey, Baloo!
Oh, good to see you back again, man.
Heh. Everybody knows about it.
But if everybody knows about it, how can it be a secret?
I mean, everybody who's anybody.
Nobody who's nobody don't know nothin' about no place...
that everybody who's anybody knows about, you dig?
Uhh, my head hurts.
Hey, turn the thinker off for a minute and just dive in.
Step aside, and I'll show you what a real rug-cutter can do.
Ladies and gentlemen...
ple-e-e-ease welcome...
the boss of bop, the jack of jive...
the jungle cat who's really gonna keep it alive.
Get ready to stir it up and serve it up.
I'm talkin' about...
Baloo is in the house!
Hey, cats, all right!
[Up-beat music playing]
** When we start to move. hey. honey. It ain't no joke **
** We got a savage groove **
** We didn't learn from human folk **
** No human folk **
** 'Scuse our incivility **
** We're W-I-I-I-L-D **
** When the music plays. All the people stomp their feel **
Go, Baloo.
** But a stompin' paw can lay down a better beat **
** Tell me we ain't naturally **
** W-I-I-I-L-D **
** It's a snap to bring out the beast in you **
** You're free like ze bird. It's true **
** Or a frog or a hog **
** Baby. We were born free **
** From the baddest cat to the sweetest little deer **
** Tonight's the night we're gonna get our tails in gear **
** Show me your ferocity **
** Go W-I-I-I-L-D **
** We snort. We squeak **
** Up high or deep underground **
** We snarl. We shriek **
** We fly> round and round and round **
[Scat singing]
Oh, you sweet thing, that's inhuman, baby!
** The old mongoose gets good and loose **
** The ocelot gives it all he's got **
** The parakeet goes tweedle-deet **
** The red macaque shouts. "Hang on. Jack" **
** The tiny worm The pachyderm **
** The spotted cat. The water rat **
** The great cuckoo. The bear Baloo **
** Are W-I-L-D **
** Here's the thing **
** If we're broke. We never squawk **
** We don't need to check no clock **
** To know what time it is **
** It's time to rock **
** When you dance like that. hey. honey. It sure is hip **
I can't stand it!
** I want to tip my hat. But I got no hat to tip **
** I don't need no hat **
** Ask me why. And I won't lie **
** I'm W-I-I-I-L-D **
** We grunt. We growl **
** Up high or deep underground **
** We hoot. We howl **
** We fly round and round and round **
** My. Oh. Me. It's plain to see **
** We're W-I-I-I-L-D **
** He. She. Me. You-nique-ally **
** W-I-I-I-L-D **
** Every beastie running free **
** W-I-I-I-I-I-I-L-D **
Huh? Oof! Aah! Whoa!
- Uhh! - Ha ha ha ha ha!
[Music stops]
[Both laugh]
Whoo-hoo! That's my boy.
They don't swing out like that...
in your man-village, now do they, kid, hmm?
Well, uh, no.
Heh heh heh Big fat no
Say, what that village like, anyway?
Hey, whoa, don't bother the kid.
He told me all about that scene.
Let me lay it out for you. Those people are crazy.
Everybody works, and nobody plays.
Oh, man!
BALOO: They got nothin' but rules. Rules. Rules
Oh, and there's even this girl...
who thinks the jungle is a scary place Ha ha ha!
[Animals laughing]
But. You know. It doesn't matter
'cause Mowgli's never gonna see that village
or that crazy girl again Ha ha ha!
Ain't that so, kid? Ha ha ha.
Mowgli? Mowgli?
[Dramatic music playing]
BALOO: Mowgli!
** That morning sun peeks over the mountains **
** And all the ninos rub their eyes **
** When they hear **
** Hear the jungle rhythm **
[Ranjan yawns]
Did we find Mowgli yet?
Oh, are you tired?
A little.
I'm sure we'll find him soon.
Come on, hop up.
- You OK up there? - Uh-huh.
** How could it be **
** Half as good as being free? **
** Part of me **
** Like the jungle rhythm **
** Like the jungle rhythm **
- Did you hear that? - Hear what?
It sounded like Mowgli.
- Mowgli! - Ranjan, wait!
- Ranjan! - Ha ha ha!
- Mowgli! - Shanti?
- Whoa! Uhh! - Are you OK?
Oh, I feel... vine. Heh heh.
RANJAN: What are you doing up there?
Hold on, I'll be right... Whoa!
I can't believe I finally found you!
I thought I would never see you again!
You out here, kid?
Hey, Little Britches?
[Echoes] Mowgli!
Ow, you're not really helping.
- Ranjan, stop pulling. - It's her.
MOWGLI: So. What are you doing out here. Anyway?
SHANTl: I came to save you
MOWGLI: Save me? From what?
That wild bear that carried you off.
What wild...
Rrraaarrr! [Gasps]
Baloo, don't! No, no, no! Stop! Wait!
Uhh! Aah!
- Ow! Oh! - Aah!
Roar. Boh! Boo!
Ohh. My poor sneezer
That hurt.
You come anywhere near Ranjan, and I'll really show you hurt.
- Wait! Whoa! - Don't make me do it!
Wait, wait, wait! Calm down! It's OK.
But he's attacking us!
BALOO: Attacking?
I'm the one that got socked in the schnozzle!
Well, that's because you scared her.
But you... you told me to scarify her!
- What? - No, no, no, no.
I... uhh!
Mowgli, you planned this?
Well, I, um...
- Uhh. Come on, Ranjan. - No, Shanti, I can explain!
Don't even bother.
MOWGLI: Shanti. Wait!
Ohh, man, you weren't kiddin' about her. She's bad news.
No, she's not! She was just trying to help...
and you scared her!
Man alive. First, you tell me to scare her...
then you tell me not to scare her.
Kid, I only got so much room up in this noggin...
and it's fillin' up fast!
You just don't understand.
All right. How's about layin' it out for me?
Read you loud and clear, kid.
You wanted that girl to find you.
[Running off]
Where are you?
Come on!
There you are!
I'm so sorry.
W-will you let me explain?
Come on, at least talk to me.
You seem surprised to see me, man-cub.
[Chuckles] I can't imagine why.
I wasn't going to let you get away with what you did to me.
You see. You humiliated me. Man-cub
Surely you do realize I simply can't let you live.
- Unh! - Arr!
Oh, you're going to try and outrun me.
How droll.
Come on, this way!
Huh... uhh!
Uhh! All right, stay here.
Mowgli, no!
Ranjan, wait here. I gotta go help Mowgli.
But I want to help Mowgli, too!
No, no.
I... I'll be right back, I promise.
Don't move.
Whoa. Whoa. hold still
Calm down, kid. Now, where's Mowgli?
Shere Khan!
Shere Khan? Hold on!
Whoa! Whoa!
[Dramatic music playing]
Ah... unh!
[Growls] Ahh.
KHAN: No matter how fast you run
no matter where you hide
I will catch you.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
[Breathing heavily]
RANJAN: Hurry! Hurry!
Faster! Faster!
[Gasps] Not another man-cub.
Can't you go any faster?
[Gasps] Baloo!
What... what is the meaning of this?
- Mowgli's in trouble! - Shanti, too!
Who's Shanti?
Huh... uhh!
Take the kid, Baghee. I'll help Mowgli.
Be careful.
[Rock crumbles]
Hmm? Mowgli?
[Whispering] Mowgli, is that you?
[Rock clatters] [Gasps] Mowgli?
[Thud] Unh!
[Both gasp]
- You! - You!
- You stay away from me! - What are you doing here?
Hey, I'm here because when a member of my den...
[Both talking at once]
I was attacked by a snake, but I really don't care!
BOTH: I am here to help Mowgli!
- You what? - You are?
I guess we're on the same side.
I guess so.
- OK. - OK.
All right, you, uh, go that way. I'll cover you.
[Banging gong]
[Banging gong]
[Grabbing sticks]
[Banging gong]
[Banging gong] [Roars]
[Banging gong] [Growls]
[Gongs ringing]
[Chain rattling]
[Both gasp]
Oh, no.
Well, isn't this a delightful turn of events?
So, what's it going to be, man-cub?
You oryour adorable little girlfriend?
I'm waiting.
No, don't!
Three... [Thunder]
[Chuckles] No more games, man-cub.
[Roars] [Gasps]
[Roars] Unh!
- Mowgli? - Come on!
Mowgli, look out!
[Roaring, panting]
- Oh, no! - We can do it!
- Jump! - Aah!
- Unh! - Unh!
Come on!
[Roars] Aah!
[Roaring, screaming]
- Uhh! - Unh!
Hello, Stripes!
You're looking a bit down in the mouth today.
Oh, no.
Hey, hey, what's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
Oh, I always said you had a good head...
on your shoulders, Khannie me boy.
[Laughs] Oh, this is fantastic, playing to a captive audience.
I just love it. [Laughs]
[AII laugh]
- Hey. - Mowgli.
[Laughs] It's awfully good to see you, man-cub.
Come on, come on, follow me.
Bagheera, this is Shanti...
my best friend from the village.
FATHER: Shanti!
MOTHER: Mowgli!
[Gasps] There they are!
- Papa! Whoo-hoo! - Come on, Mowgli.
[Softly] Um...
FATHER: Mowgli!
- Shanti! - Shanti!
Mowgli, I have to go.
MO THER: Mowgli!
[Dramatic music playing]
Well, come on, Mowgli.
Come on, Ranjan.
Aw, Baloo.
It's OK, kid.
That girl isn't so bad after all, now, is she?
Go on, Mowgli.
Really. Don't let her get away.
Come with me.
Now, you know I can't do that.
I'm going to miss you, Papa Bear.
Me, too, Little Britches.
Me, too.
[Dramatic music playing]
All right. Ahem. There. Come on, now.
You better hurry up.
MOWGLI: Hey. Wait up!
[Laughs] What took you so long?
[AII laughing]
Race you back.
Come on, Ranjan.
RANJAN: Whoo-hoo!
[SHANTl: Wait. Wait! We're over here!
- Shanti! - We've found the children!
- Ranjan! - Mommy!
You gave us quite a scare.
Shanti, I was so worried about you.
I'm OK. Mom, I'm so sorry.
I was just trying to help Mowgli
I'm sorry, sir. It's just...
No, Mowgli. I'm sorry.
I should've understood...
that the jungle is a part of who you are.
[Dramatic music playing]
I'm just glad you're safe.
- Ranjan. - You won't believe it.
There was a big old snake, and I beat him up.
Ha ha! Of course you did.
I'm proud of you, Baloo.
- That was a very brave thing... - Uh, Baghee?
Don't go getting any ideas about running after them...
and trying to talk them into staying here with us.
He belongs in that village, and you know it.
- Oh, really? - Yes, really.
He's got his whole future there.
I'm sorry, Baloo. You're absolutely right.
I'm really going to miss that kid.
Me, too.
Wait a minute.
I'm having myself an idea.
[Pop] Heh heh!
Come on, Mowgli, we'll be late.
OK. Unh.
I'm, uh, right behind you.
- Ooh! - Oops.
Just, uh, getting some water.
[Laughs] All right, but be careful, son.
Oh, I will. See you, Pop.
Heh heh. Let's see if he remembers...
to actually bring back some water this time.
Hey, Shanti, let's remember...
to actually bring back some water this time.
Unh. Uhh.
[High tapping]
[Low tapping]
Yeah, man!
Man, that beat is chillin' me.
- Hiya, Papa Bear. - Hey, there, Little Britches.
Shanti. Ha ha ha!
Oh! Ow! [Laughs]
Unh! Unh! Unh!
** Look for the bare necessities **
** The simple bare necessities **
** Forget about your worries and your strife **
MOWGLI: Yeah, man!
** I mean the bare necessities **
** That's why us bears can rest at ease **
** With just the bare necessities of life **
MOWGLI: Oh. Yeah!
** With just the bare necessities of life **
BALOO: One more time!
** With just the bare necessities of life **
** Yeah. Man **
[AII laugh]
[Music playing]
MOWGLI: ** Can you hear it? **
** Yeah. Man **
[Record scratching] ** Yeah. Yeah **
** Yeah. Man **
SMASH MOUTH: ** Now. I'm the king of the swingers **
** Oh. The jungle VIP **
** I've reached the top and had to stop **
** And that's what botherin' me **
** I wanna be a man. Man-cub **
** And stroll right into town **
** And be just like the other men **
** I'm tired of monkeyin' around **
** Oh. Oobee doo. I wanna be like you **
** I wanna walk like you **
** Talk like you. Too **
** You'll see it's true **
** An ape like me **
** Can learn to be human. Too **
BALOO: Whoo. Baby!
Ha ha! Yes! Take it away!
[Guitar solo]
Crazy. Man. Crazy!
Heads up!
Here we go!
Come on!
Ha ha ha ha!
Aw. Yeah! Whoo!
MOWGLI: ** Check this out **
BALOO: This place is happenin'
MOWGLI: ** Can you hear it? **
BALOO: Oh. Yeah
[Record scratching] ** Yeah. Yeah **
Step. Step. Step. Step aside
and I'll show you what a real rug-cutter can do
Anything for my Little Britches
** Hit it. Papa Bear **
SMASH MOUTH: ** Yeah. You **
** I wanna be like you **
** I wanna walk like you **
** Talk like you. Too **
** You'll see it's true **
** Someone like me **
** Can learn to be **
** Someone like me **
** I can learn to be **
** Someone like you **
** I can learn to be **
** Someone like me **
MOWGLI: ** Yeah. Man **
BALOO: Hey. not bad
[Orchestral music playing]
WEND Y WAGNER: ** Sometimes when night has come **
** The river sings a song **
** In my dreams it seems to lead me **
** Right where I belong **
** Wandering everywhere **
** Each way I turn is wrong **
** Now I'm wishing I could be there **
** Right where I belong **
** Smiles that have warmed me **
** Arms that have held me **
** Are all a part of who I am **
** It's never easy leaving your friends behind **
** Missing them. Ioving them **
** Someplace was meant for me **
** And that's what keeps me strong **
** Somehow knowing **
** I'll be going **
** Right where I belong **
** Right where I **
** Home where I **
** Belong **
[Drums playing]
[Up-tempo music playing]
CHORUS: ** Eep. Eep. Eep **
** Eep. Eep. Eep **
** Boom shaka-laka boom bop sh-bop **
** Boom shaka-laka boom bop sh-bop **
** Boom shaka-laka boom bop sh-bop **
** Boom shaka-laka boom bop sh-bop **
** Boom shaka-laka boom bop sh-bop **
** Wah ooh **
** Wah ooh **
** Wah ooh **
** Wah ooh wah **
** Boom-a-chaka. Boom-a-chaka **
** Boom-a-chaka. Boom-a-chaka. Boom **
** Check out those chat-chat-chattering monkeys **
** Swinging through the banyan trees **
** Two by two. Two by two **
** To the jungle rhythm **
** Sounds like a wolf pack way in the distance **
** Singing pretty harmonies **
** Woo woo woo. Woo woo woo **
** To the jungle rhythm **
** Eep eep eep **
** Now. You can hightail it out of the jungle **
** But it never leaves your heart **
** First you feel that beat start bubbling under **
** Then you hear the tom toms loud as thunder **
RANJAN: ** It's moving me **
** Sounds a lot like being free **
** When I feel. When I feel **
** When I feel. When I feel **
** Feel the jungle rhythm **
** Eep eep eep **
** Feel the jungle rhythm **
** Eep eep eep **
** Feel the jungle rhythm **
** Eep eep eep **
** Feel the jungle rhythm **
** Eep eep eep **
** Feel the jungle rhythm **
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