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Jungle Juice

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Cheongnyangni 588
Hey, you piece of shit!
I never said|you can go.
HoId it there!
That fuckin' grease baII...
It's coming
Yo! BIock that
Yo fuckin'|son of bitch
Are you trying to|fuck with me?
Son of bitch
This ain't no charity|you IittIe shit
You get your|dick sucked, you pay
Just hand me|the goddamn knife
What if I don't...|then what?
Hey,|you keep that boy
He'II Iive...|Let's do it
Let's pIay now
Where's the damn baII?
Hey, you cocksuckers
What?|You fucker!
ChiII ChiII|Here you go
Why don't you|just take the car?
You mother fucker
A scumbag Iike you?|a car?
You can get at Ieast|a grand for her
Shit|Such a Ioss
You caII this piece|a fuckin' car?
You don't get|nobody in Iife
But yourseIf man
Live the way you are
If peopIe try to mug you,|just act aII tough
And shit
Just do it even|if you get your ass kicked
Didn't you say|Iast time that we
ShouId stick together|Iike brothers?
You just sort|of take it by ear
Life is a Ionesome journey
I meant|we're aII on our own...
So I was just saying that|we may need each other from time to time
I never said we shouId fuckin'|Iive together or anything
What am I, your shortie?
Oh, shit
You fuckin' bitch...|stop before
I make you feeI reaI sorry
That bitch runs away|to a frickin' way
Hey Kit!
SIow down brother
Just hop in
Is this yours?
What's that fucker doing?
That piece was fuckin' fiIthy
Take the damn watch off
You fuckin' thieves
Long time, no see, man
Jesus...hey Viper,
You crazy or somethin'?
You were supposed to seII|the fuckin' dope, not take it
- Hey|- Yes
Get his nose right around here
Don't move bitch
Thanks bro
Are you stiII hangin'|with those guys?
Grow the fuck up man
Go make some money and get your|Iife straightened out or something
- Fuck|- What
Whatever man
There ain't no future
In shampooing|peopIe's hair anyway
Future my ass
Eat, eat
Jesus...that|scum's back
Where's the fuckin'|soy sauce?
Good afternoon ma'am|How about a dumpIing?
Hey, Sis
Guys...|This is officiaI Iaw enforcement
You need to|teII me what's up
To Iive around here
- Right? ChuI-Soo?|- Sure
If someone bothers|you around here
We take care of it
That's great guys,|but why am I your sister?
Come on,
You're getting water|aII over me, fuck
Hey, boss
I was thinking|maybe I can
HandIe the deaI|instead of Viper
You need to|take care of that
temper of yours|before anything
That's because|you onIy give
Me rough jobs and shit
You think business is|a fuckin' joke or something?
The thing is, if you fuck up,|we're aII fucked
Am I the onIy gangster
Here, huh?
I mean...shouId|I be doing aII the
Dirty work around here|or what?
TaIk to me shithead
Then boss
I won't put the|entire famiIy in danger
so don't worry
Just take some and|show me what you got then
She was hot, wasn't she?
Man... I'm stiII|seeing traiIs bro
I just get hard when
I see chicks in uniform
They shouId have themes|and shit at 588
The idea of tappin' a stewardess|do it for me
Word...|I Iike their scarves man
You see|they act aII nice and shit
But when they go out|you wouId never know
How about|an LPGA goIfer?
The dudes|wouId just Iine up bro
How about a femaIe fugitive?|Chick referee
Chick marine
She's sIammin'
Check the tits on her
How much money you got?
For what?
I'm thinking our friendship's|gone a IittIe rusty
- There's that new girI in, right?|- Yeah...Meg fuckin' Ryan
I think I reaIIy Iike you babe...
See what I'm sayin'?
Why don't you be a good girI|and heIp us out a bit here?
Whatever, horny boy
This is onIy good for one
His my buddy|Treat him weII
Kiss my ass bro
You just paid for a person
I'II use my own rubber
What are you kidding?
Hey ChuI-soo,
Take that off for a sec
Ok|We both shouId enjoy it
Jesus...|you ever fuckin' shower?
- Gee Get away|- Stink
Gee You onIy got one
I'II kiII you|if you teII anyone
Let me just|take a quick Iook
You know you Iike it big
Not exactIy...
You ever try|doing a windmiII?
Are you watching|this or what?
Why don't we just|go missionary?
This, my girI, is what|we caII|Kit's magic windmiII
- Just choose one|- Yeah...come on
I said, it's a tie
Come on
You need to evaIuate us|on our stamina and technique
This is fuckin' important
I don't remember shit Iike|that when I'm done
Right on then|we're going for sudden death
What the fuck is that?
Whoever|hoIds Ionger wins
Why don't you guys|just go jerk off?
- Where'd you get this piece of shit?|- I just jacked it a IittIe whiIe ago
Were you reaIIy|in the marines?
That shit's reaI cooI
Where are you|headed to now?
I'm going in for training
If anyone asks,|you didn't see me, okay?
Did you see Gator around?
Where's he?
Hey Hippo, why the fuck|wouId you bring that piss ass here?
Uhhh...|now that Gator's gone,
He can drive and shit for him
Isn't he the kid from|the barbershop?
- They insisted on sticking together|- Just shut your mouth and
Sit down
I'm originaIIy an athIete
- What kind?|- I'm a soccer pIayer
It's not just|about your skiIIs
You need cash|to pIay for coIIege
And my famiIy's|sort of struggIing
These guys are okay
We'II do our best, sir
AIIow us to work for you
Fuckin' chumps...go buy these|sorry asses some cIothes, wiII ya?
What..|you guys Iook Iike..
What is this|a fuckin' funeraI gear
Of somethin'?
You got any good|jokes or what?
May I teII you|a snaiI joke, sir?
It best be funny, or eIse|I'II break your fuckin' neck
Check this who do you
Think wiII win
If a fast ass snaiI raced|a reguIar one?
The fast ass one
Then what about the reguIar
One against a snaiI in a hat?
The reguIar one
Beep, The one in the hat turned out to|be fast as shit once it took off the hat
Man, it's fuckin' coId
Hey Rock,
SIap that piss ass
Bear with him
You don't got no jokes?
Sir, I don't have any
- Make on then|- Oh yeah...
I got one now
This one's good
ShouId I give it a shot?
Pop the trunk
Let's go
If we're not back|in ten minutes
- Come up and check|- Yes, sir
Dude, roII that shit up
Marrying a fuckin'|forty year oId tramp?
What are you, stupid?
And then|when we turn oId,
We can marry|a hot twenty year oId
That makes no|sense whatsoever
Dude, women reach|their|peak at forty
I'm taIking money dude
We'II get young chicks when
We're Iike forty ande
Have money and shit
What if we don't make any money|even when we're forty?
We wiII, why won't we?
- Losers|- You IittIe shit
You're dead you IittIe shit
Just show us|what you got
What about the money?
Not bad
- Do you guys have more?|- Hand us the money
What about it?
What the fuck...|you guys
Trying to fuck|with me here?
Sorry about the mess...|he forgot
To bring his ID to the bank
I had to withdraw it from|the fuckin' ATM, you know
Take it easy...|the amount is correct
Why don't you count it?
You do the counting|you fuck
And you,|stop with that fuckin' noise
He said, stop it
Don't you wanna get paid,|stupid?
You creep|Hey, hippo
Cut that guy's|fuckin' wrists
Damn|Fucking saIesman
Is it covered by insurance?
Why not?
Hey Kit,
Don't come
Fuck off
Min's not picking|up his phone
What is the fucker doing?
You forgot|the fuckin' soup
You don't bring it,|then you'II die
How much did Min take?
I think about|twenty grand worth
You two|Iisten up
Since you're the onIy guys that saw|you're gonna go find them
You got three days,
Or eIse you'II pay up
Answer him boys
What are you|Iooking at fucker?
Yes, sir
Do it right man!
Make some sense
I'm not kidding dude|I'm the man at that game
Ok|That's enough
That's aII
Come over here kiddos
Come on
Open the door man
Sorry Just a kidding
- Your underwear pIease|- What?
Take off your pants
I thought my Iiver was|around here somewhere
The surgery wiII be performed|by a surgeon
I just need to shave your pubic|area to keep it from infection
I'II do it
My oId man's a barber,|you know
I'II do it
Shit, I'II do it
If you don't shave|you can't have an operation
- It'II be quick, come on|- I got issues of my own you know
Hey, Rock're Iookin' good bro
If you see a copycat|make sure to Iet me know
- Hey, bro|- What?
So, did you|check it out?
You ever hear of|RoIe-pIaying?
RoIe-pIaying?|what is it, a pastry?
This trend came|aII the way
From Japan|and the States
Just act out
Your roIe and fuck
Mommy...I Iove you mommy
I ain't got mommy Shit
Am I good mommy?
This sucks
Oh, it's reaIIy fucking shit
What are you doing in there?|Mommy's ready
Why didn't you|take it aII off?
Am I too much son?
I was too hard on you,|wasn't I?
- Dad|- What?
Can I borrow some money?
How much?
About ten grand
Did you just hear|what he said?
He said ten thousand doIIars
For what?
Just kidding mom
You fuckin' coward
Hit me|Oh, what are you Iooking at?
Just act drunk and|annoy them to death...
ShouIdn't be to|hard for you guys
What if he doesn't budge?
Good question WeII...then
just embarrass him to death
You know, just make|him feeI Iike shit
What are you saying?
Just caII him names|Iike peewee
Yeah...|that's a good one
Just taIk trash|Ieft and right
And remember,|don't ever
Iay a hand on the guy
I'm digging this bro
Just taIk
That's the point
This is hot!
We need to do|this right though
FeeIing good
GirIs shouId be hot
Want a drink, babe?
What's wrong?
Hey dude
What the fuck do|you think you're doing?
I saw what|you did just now
So I touched|your girIfriend's ass
any probIems with|that peewee?
Hit me, hit me
Hit 'em Hit 'em
I touched you|It was fricking taut
Oh, shit
It was as big as|your dick
A bee's,|man A bee's dick
Doesn't it sound Iike a bee,|when you use it?
What, you fucker?
Wait You're an asshoIe man...
your fauIt compIeteIy
Hey's okay, just
punch my friend over here
Hit 'em Hit 'em
Get Iost
Gotta hit him
Hit me fucker
Think you can do it sober?
No way dude
Fuck|The cops are here
Look at these guys...|Jesus
They are such|mother fuckers
The fuckin' rats
Look|You Iook
Come on man
Hey, hoId it there
Is this famiIiar to you|or what?
We went to this fuckin'|schooI fuckface
Just go roII over dude
Man...never in my Iife did
I come to schooI|this earIy
Look,|they're bad guys
No they're not|They're just beggars
Wake up guys|Time for schooI
- He woke up|- shit
You guys are orphans and
So you needed money|for a Iiving
Sir...I mean...
My Iife just sucks
To teII my story..
I even thought|of studying abroad
So I used to save up money
And shit|and...
You Iost a baII pIaying|soccer, right?
WeII...|my dream was to join the
Marines and|serve my country
But then,|they wouIdn't Iet me
Because I was missing a baII
Are they the ones?
Yes. They mugged me|for taking a piss
You fuckin' Iow|Iife scumbags,
Where do you think|this is?
Are you going|to keep Iying?
You know you fucked up
Why did you go to the|Nagwon apartments that day?
What the fuck...|you want my aIibi?
Hey Kit,|is this what we caII an
Unjust accusation, or what?
Yeah man...
This is buIIshit
Detective,|Iet's throw these guys in
Min, raise your head
I prepared a IittIe gangsta's
Reunion for you guys
Sir,|God bIess the famiIy, sir
Who are you two?
I don't have brothers|Iike you
Hey Min,
Just shut up
Put your hands up right
things cost, you apes?
You know how much|these things cost, you apes?
How's the reception,|Detective?
Fucking good man
Don't be stupid
Or eIse you'II never
Lay your feet|in 588 again
What if they beat us up for not|getting the money back?
Just take it,
They'II cough up something|even as they beat you guys up
What if they|don't though?
Then just start|taIking about drugs
Is this aII a joke to you guys?|You want us kiIIed?
That wouId be|great 'Cause then
We can get them|on murder charges
Sir,|God bIess the famiIy, sir
Boss|Min is stiII aIive, sir
Where the fuck is he?
At the station, sir
He said that|he'II take care
of the twenty Gs be bIew
Why did you go to|the station?
HoId on
Hey, hey
How much do they know?
The cops are here
Where do you think|this is?
You need to come with|us for interrogation
Min and these two|said it aII
WeII then, you shouId've|come with a warrant
That's preciseIy what|I pIanned on doing
But then no need for that|since these two guys|damaged federaI property
He is red-handed
Why don't I repay you for aII the
Damages done by our guys then?|How much do you want?
Hey shithead
Put that money back in
What the fuck did you say|you fuckin' shit?
Drop the weapons
Drop the goddamn weapons|before I bIow your heads up
You're making|a huge mistake here
How dare you come into|my house and threaten me
I'II fire if you guys don't give up|the weapons in a count of three
One, Two, ...
Man...|I shouId've jerked off Iess
You mother fucker
This ain't fuckin' funny bro
Shut up
Don't push, man
911 pIease
Shut up
Since 911 picked us up,|they'II
Take care of the biII, right?
Bear with it|It's okay
Where are you|guys headed?
Do not get|fresh with me
It's none of|your fuckin' business
What's wrong|with your face?
Those funckin'|guys hit my chin..
You frick
ChuI-soo! I'm gonna fuckin'
KiII these bastards
What the fuck?
Hey Kit!
Wait a sec, why?
Hey,|sis I'm not done yet
HoId on|What?
I don't know what to say...
Kit said he did|what he couId, but
he stiII needs your heIp
Maybe you can
HeIp him out a bit.
I'm fuckin' busy now
AIight|I get 10% commission
Got any extra cIothes?
I need to|go see some cops
Jesus...|cops aII over the pIace
I need to|get to that somehow
Right on
Uhhh...what|the fuck are|you doing here?
Mind your own business
Fuckin' cocksucker
I'm not even kidding...
I couId be getting myseIf|kiIIed anytime now
You were just trying to mooch your|medicaI biII off of me
I ain't that cheap
I'II pay you back as soon as|I get some dough
Hey mother fucker
Stay right there you suckers,
I know you are aII in this together
I know, give it to me
What are you, crazy?
Ok, ok|You mother fucker
- Mother fuckers!|- I'm going home
Where the fuck do you think|you're going you whore?
Hey, you can't work today|anyway now 'cause of this guy
Where is the|one baIIed man?
Saying shit about|my job again?
What?|you mother fucker?
Just have him fiII out some|papers and reIease him
There's no evidence
The feds said we shouId|fiIe a statement of defense...
For using the bug without|officiaI approvaI
Hey chief,
How about we repay
For the damages anyway|my kids did it
You gansta motherfuckers
Just shut your mouth
Whatever mother fucker
What the heII is fuckin'|wrong with him?
What the fuck...the guy Iooks|Iike he's in La La Iand
What the heII is fuckin'|wrong with him?
I think it's cocaine
As in Pepsi, or?
Hey, if the cops had seized it, then
They wouIdn't have Iet us go
Find out who took it
OnIy the two weenies saw|you drop the shit
And, now they're gone
You sure you|couIdn't find it?
I'm absoIuteIy positive, sir
I'II take care of|everything
Take care my ass
You had the fuckin' rat|cops come
In here and threaten|me to death
Are you gonna|be responsibIe for that?
Open the fuckin' door!
Gimme some water bro
What, man?
Where'd you get that from?
BuIIshit. TeII me
Don't remember man...fuck
Just picked it up|somewhere
I just picked up the shit that boss|threw out before the cops broke in
Hey mother fucker
Dude...we're fucked either way
You betrayed!!
That's great Mr Genius...|now we're fuckin traitors
Are you that fuckin' stupid?
It's not Iike you're any better
What are in your head?|fuII of shit?
Yeah, so what?
AII I know is pIaying soccer
I was trying to Iive a Iife|what, man?
So are you any betert?
Never said I was better
Where can I go?|what can I do?
But then why did|you stick with me?
Stop man
I'II go put it|back then, okay?
You stupid fuck
I say|we just go seII the shit
You ficking mother fucker
Why don't you just shut up|you dirty cunt
Did you just say cunt?
I mean...You're acting Iike
Ms Know-it-aII and shit
I get you out of the fuckin'|hospitaI and
This is what I get?
Said you can get guns|Iast time, right?
ShouIdn't be too hard
Then go get one boy
But uhhh...|the price is pretty steep
It's going to|be around ten grand
Meg, where do you|come from anyway?
Second in command for the|notorious Pusan SeaguIIs Get it?
So then you can take care|of us in Pusan and shit
You guys shouId be taking|care of the Iady here
If you waIk around 588|with this shit, we're aII dead
Then Iet's spIit it 50-50
No way. This is mine so I get|and you two spIit the rest
Mother fucker
Listen up
Whatever,|if one dies, then
You can spIit|the shit in haIf
But untiI then, we're aII even
Busan ZagaIchi
SeaguII took off, over
What about the cash?
A doIIar fifty
What'd you have for Iunch?
I had a cup noodIe,|but this whore over here had spaghetti
What did I do wrong?
I haven't eaten anything|but fish cake aII day Iong, come here
- Sis|- You get over here too
- I didn't do anything|- Fuck
How tasty the noodIes is
Bitch Phone caII
Fuck. Who's this now?
Hey,|where are you right now?
SeouI, of course
Thought you were dead...|what do you need?
Hey, sis|Yeah?
You gotta heIp me seII|some shit in Pusan
What is it?
You mean they stoIe the fuckin'|car from Grease?
How'd ya know?
Ok, got it
I Iay my fuckin' finger on it,|and this thing squirts...shit
What's this bitch's name?
Meg fuckin' Lion or Rion or
Some shit
Where is she?
Fuck. This car's a piece
What do we do now, Kit?
What's wrong with him?
Have a safe trip
How are the fuckers?
Don't try to fuck with me
That's it
Who wants to get their asses beat|with a wad of cash?
I'm gonna Iook first
This is cooI, man
You know what?
BeautifuI, ain't it?|my reaI mom was born in Pusan I think
Hey Meg,|are the seaguIIs hot?
What's their speciaIty?
- This is cooI|- sis
Wow...check that
You bitch
Fuckin A
What did he say?
They asked|if it was my own car
So I toId 'em that it was
That's aII?
They said that was it
You may Ieave now
Hey cigarette,
Why are you here?
Sir, I can heIp you sir
I can handIe weapons
I'II do my best
And I'm pretty good at it, boss
Just get the fuck out
PIease Ieave a message or
Press 0 for assistance BEEP
Press 1 for voice maiI
Press the star key|when you finish
You fuckin' bitches,|give my
Money back! You whore!
You're aII dead you whores!|I'II rip your heads off
Nice acting
This is aII fuckin' fixed, right?
You think|I'm that stupid?
You think so too?
WeII...after aII, you guys|were Iike sisters and shit
I mean
You probabIy know|where they went and shit
Where are you going?
What? The reception's coming|from Pusan beach?
No wonder why we Iost track
Sir, I think Min is...
Yeah...I'm Iistening
A bag of fIour worth shouId
Weigh about 500 grams
Sure it is
I'm seIIing this here everyday
I'II give you a caII Iater
Who the fuck is this?
It's me
Dude...maybe we shouId just|get on a fishing boat or something
They say thirty grand can buy|you a fuckin' farm in BraziI
So you're gonna pIay soccer
WhiIe I work my ass off?
They say the chicks are hot too|you know...with the Samba and shit
Catch him!
Get away
What is this?|you such a fricking ganster
I'm gonna kiII 'em
What the fuck is this?
Here he is
What the fuck
We're fucked now
Maybe they're|just on vacation
I'm not joking dude
Cunt's phone...
Words won't do it
The fricks are|nuts now
This guy won't fuckin' Iisten...|just give 'em a caII
Take his pants off
Stab it
Bitches|so greedy
Jesus, you're|inhaIing that shit
You guys took|a Iot of shit, but
Now we're gonna|be okay HeIIo?
Get out!
Hey Sis!
Bingo! Got it
Hands off traitor
Yo fricking bitch
What are you gonna|do about it?
You can't seII that shit|on your own Come back
Don't worry|everythin's are here
Eat shit
If you were Iooking for your boss,|you shouId've come straight here
What was your boss' name?
Take you time
Didn't you see that|tattoo somewhere?
Kim from 588 and I used to|share smokes back in the day
I mean...I wouId never betray
Him in any circumstance
But these days,|they don't got
That kind of camaraderie no more
Easy girI
Just take it Iike a man
Got one thing to ask
Yes, sir
Is it true that|they got chicks that
Iook Iike ceIebrities and shit?
WeII...some do sir|but
eyes are smaIIer or..|something Iike that
HoId on a sec
It's a caII for boss
Who's this? Where?
Need five?
What about the amount?
Why so cheap?|If the merchandise is okay, just buy it
Who did you speak|with just now?
Just worried about|the quaIity
Of the merchandise, that's aII
WeII...It's probabIy|a rookie or stoIen
Like the kid you're Iooking for.|Hey, get away
Excuse me. But where did they|say they were meeting at?
Where? At the spaceship?
WeII, what time? See you there
How did it go?
Yankee doodIe had|a farm ye ya ye ya yo
Yankee doodIe had|a farm ye ya ye ya yo
Yankee doodIe had|a farm ye ya ye ya yo
You're gonna need to teII us|why Min's after the two idiots?
I'm gonna kiII the fuckers
Shut up before|we break your teeth
Then why don't you go get|the singIe baIIed bastard for me sir
Don't teII me what to do|you IittIe piece of shit
Take it easy on him,|and give us some privacy for a sec
What's your name son?
Ground dog
I meant your reaI name
Hyun-soo Kim
Okay, Hyun- soo...
I wouId be more than happy to catch|the two idiots for you
You're gonna need to teII me more|about what happened though
They took my shit
What shit?
You ain't gonna teII boss,|are you?
Don't worry|we just want to catch the idiots
I'm thinking it was coke
Lee, caII up the Pusan City PoIice and|have them track down Min's vehicIe
Under what offense though, sir?
Make it hit and run
Traffic division pIease
Why the fuck did you come down|to Pusan anyway?
Hey, why did you come here? know...I swore that|I had no dope on me
It's now true since that|one baIIed mother fucker took it from me
But then,|if Min catches those
guys before me,|he'II know I Iied
PIus, Gator kicked me|out of the car
Okay...jesus|Shut up now
This is Lee
I need to track|down a vehicIe
Dude,|where'd you get that?
Just picked it up|from the street
You fuckin' scumbag
Whatever dude
Let's get a IittIe|serious now
Give that to me
License and|registration pIease
What's this buIIshit?|We're on a hurry here
Sir, this vehicIe was reported|to be a hit and run
Yes, sir
Go get 'em
Isn't that the spaceship?
Why don't just you|two come up?
Just Iook out for me here|SeouI, 4Che 7826, 7826
Two, two
You Iook out
A bIack car
Where did it go?
There|Make Ieft turn and go straight
Back up pIease
Never seen you guys before...
What's wrong|with your cIothes?
We're going undercover
Hey Kit, you remember|that yeIIow beard?
Don't caII my fuckin' name
Ah right
We're here for business
Let's just check out the|merchandise and get it over
Where's the cash?
Cough up the dough
ReIax guys
You're missing one
You wanna stay here|aII day?
We want every penny
Dude...I think that's enough|Let's jet
This is you, right?
Who eIse?
Let go pIease...Iet go
You fuckin' cunt
Just Iike a dream
What the fuck?
Man...I must say that|this is bit of a disappointment
What is this?
You think I'm scared?
Hey idiots,|not even a friendIy weIcome?
Sir, God bIess the famiIy, sir
Come on man
Iet's just take it and Ieave
Did you just hear a gun go off?
There they are
You're gonna get hurt
Come here
Don't do that. Come on!
Die bitch
Hey Min!
Where did Meg go?
I don't know man...fuck
Min...this is a bad idea
We have to go together
Why the heII did|you bring that?
We need to rid the fuckin'|evidence man
Opne the door
Hey, Meg
There she is|Hop in
There's Meg|What are you doing there?
Come on. Let's go.
What if they become|suspicious at the hospitaI?
I don't fuckin' know|man. Shit.
Look at her bIeed man...
Isn't that the fuckin' cop car?
Step on it.
Get the fuck out
Son of bitch
Hey, fucker
You rats!
What do we do now?
We got nowhere to go
Put it down
Just put it down before|I skin you two
To death
Hey Min!
Don't move
Let's just go
Scrub my|Fuckin' itch
Shit IittIe fuckers
Come on
Where are we now?
We're definiteIy having a bad day,|what do you think?
I'd take this any day over|washing peopIe's hair
Come up
Live so Iong, man
What do you think|happened to Meg?
She'II be aIright
Hey Kit you fuck
Use your head stupid
Next is a breaking news|on two Korean
MaIes in their twenties|that were
Found to have successfuIIy|crossed the
Korean channeI|for the first time
Let's hear some|more from Soo jin
HeIIo This is Soo-jin Kim reporting|Live at Nagasaki port
Were the two identified?
The two were supposedIy found
By a Japanese fishing boat nearby
What the fuck?
We haven't got anything yet
Besides they had|soccer shoes
Here comes...
Why did you decide to take on
Such a painstaking chaIIenge?
As we toId the other guys before,
We came to watch the Korea|vs Japan soccer game
We don't have any money or shit|Iike that but we did work hard
I understand that this is your|first time crossing the sea...
We did what|we couId you know...
We just went out|there and did it
That wouId be 50 bucks
Is this where you|keep your money?
Mind your own business
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