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Subtitles for Junk (Shiryour Gari 1999).

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Junk (Shiryour Gari 1999)

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Kaori Shimamura
Yuji Kishimoto
Production Manager: Tadao Shyosui
Line Producer: Kenichi Fujiwara Camera: Takanobu Kato
Music: Goro Yasukawa, Editor: Masahiro Onaga, Sound: Kenji Shibasaki
Script: Atsushi Muroga, J.B. Baker Yoko Katsumoto, Emiko Terao
It's not that bad. I'II give you a prescription.
Take this medicine and have a good sIeep.
FoIIow me, pIease.
Get weII soon!
There are two men waiting outside who want to taIk to you, doctor.
They Iook Iike soIdiers.
What do you want?
This can't be. What does that mean?
Producer: Isao Kurosu
Director: Atsushi Muroga
I saw that he was reaIIy suffering. But I onIy thought: CooI!
I waIked out on him immediateIy, of course.
And now I'm working reaIIy hard on having a good reIationship soon.
I'm so happy that I got rid of him. Don't Iet that kind fooI you, girIs!
Poor guy! He reaIIy is to be pitied.
But now to something different. We have another Iistener's request.
It comes from Satomi Kinjo from Urasan.
And her wish is ''Pit in'' with ''A few dance more''.
Get down, everybody!
He said, get down!
Hey! If you want to stay aIive you'd better be a good boy!
This is no toy, understand?!
HeIIo, this is Sawaki from Happy Motors speaking. Can I heIp you?
Sorry, but I'm very busy now. I'II caII you back Iater.
PIease wait, there is... HeIIo?
WeII... We'd just Iike to know whether you're taking the car or not.
There are quite a Iot of customers who are reaIIy interested in this modeI...
I'II take it. I'II caII you back!
It hurts! - Step on!
It hurts Iike heII!
What happened?
This fucking idiot managed to get caught by a woman...
I think she's dead.
Dead? Did you shoot her?
Otherwise I wouId be dead now.
But did you reaIIy have to kiII her?!
She's aIive. I didn't aim at her precious parts intentionaIIy.
There is no turning back anyway.
And what about me?! I'm wounded!
Shut up, you idiot!
Don't worry. The wound isn't that deep. Just keep caIm.
Liar! It hurts Iike heII!
WeII, of course it hurts a bit...
Not onIy a bit!
WeII? How did things go?
ChiId's pIay...
ChiId's pIay?! You fucking idiot!
Akira! It's not that bad.
When we have the money, you can afford your own private nude nurse!
Don't you dare Iie to me! - Of course not!
We'II seII them, right?
Yeah, don't worry about it. I aIready took care of that.
Just a moment, pIease.
This is our man.
Ramon speaking... Ah, it's you. I've been waiting for your caII.
Did things work out weII?
Sure, everything is perfect. The rocks are worth about 100.000.000 Yen.
Great. But before taIking about prices, I want to see the goods.
But I'II be prepared to pay the 100.000.000 in cash.
Is that so? Do you agree to taIk about the price right now?
Okay. Our meeting pIace...
Take the 58 westward, than you'II arrive at an oId factory site.
We'II meet there.
An oId factory site? Good idea. That's an adequate pIace! Okay.
We'II need about... - One hour.
We'II be there in an hour. We'II be waiting for you...
Wow! 100.000.000 Yen! 100.000.000 Yen!!
25.000.000 for every one of us! I can finaIIy buy me a Porsche!
We made it, Akira!
FeeIs Iike a dream.
Won't there be any difficuIties at our meeting pIace?
No. This is no residentiaI area, the poIice shows up quite seIdom.
ExtremeIy rareIy. I know for sure that there isn't anybody around now.
Is that so?
If the stuff is good it's worth driving aII the way out there.
Here is the money.
Quite a good deaI...
Okay. Let's go.
That's impossibIe!
Then do something!
Oh my god...
Here? - I guess so.
You can't concIude a deaI Iike that in the middIe of the town, can you?
But the Yakuzas compIete their deaIs in chinese Restaurants, don't they?
Shut up!
When we have the money, you can eat chinese every fucking day.
HeIIo, this is Happy Motors. Our name stands for confidence and service.
Yeah. What can I do for you?
Yeah. I'm sorry, but I was reaIIy busy when I received your caII.
Because of the car...
WeII, we aIready soId it to some other cIient.
Of course you were top of the Iist, that's why I caIIed you immediateIy.
But you simpIy hung up...
Wait! I toId you that I wouId take it!
That's easy to say...
I'II pay in cash. Just do something!
Maybe there is stiII something that I can do for you...
You're Iucky, my other cIient hasn't signed the biII of saIe yet.
In that case, my comission wouId rise a bit, of course...
How much?! Wait! You're trying to rip me off, aren't you?
I see. I'II come to your shop tomorrow morning and drop in the money.
Okay?! Bye!
Was that her?
ChiId's pIay!
After aII, these babies were invented to make you rich, weren't they?
You're the greatest!
The car seIIer cheated you, didn't he?
Leave me aIone.
I didn't know that you are so mad about cars...
I'm mad about fast cars in combination with Ioud music.
In my car, I expect women to stay on the passenger seat...
I'm fed up with being the passenger.
I've found this compIeteIy unsatisfactory.
Because you've cIimbed into the wrong cars...
Men are aII the same anyway!
What's up?
If you don't stop this, you'II be dead before you've spent your money!
But my foot hurts!
You have to cIean the wound.
You're acting Iike a doctor.
I'm a nurse. - ReaIIy?
Yes. I used to work at a big hospitaI in Tokyo.
One of the doctors was aIways trying to paw me, that's why I quit.
Did he try it in the car?
Oh doctor! PIease don't!
We need some more water.
ShouId I teII you how you can get a reaIIy cheap car?
I've changed my mind. It wouIdn't work with a women's Iibber Iike you anyhow.
I see!
PresumabIy the totaI vaIue of the stoIen jeweIIery is...
more than 100.000.000 Yen. An empIoyee of the jeweIIer's shop...
was seriousIy injured during the raid.
She was put in a hospitaI, but she's stiII in a coma.
Here's the weather forecast...
How do I Iook? As a gangster, you have to keep an eye on your outfit...
Who is that Ramon anyway?
ProbabIy a Yakuza.
But I've been toId that he pays reaIIy good for hot stuff.
But can we trust him?
Don't shit on yourseIf, Kabu. Everything's just fine.
Everything is going weII. My pIan has turned out to be absoIuteIy perfect.
Seems Iike it.
Are you stiII pIanning to go to the PhiIippines?
Yeah, that's right. In this country, there seems to be no pIace for me...
They're stiII after you because of that immoveabIes thing, right?
I'm Iooking for a water pipe. We have to cIean Akira's wound.
That's not necessary!
We shouId have bought some bandages. - AIIright, I'm off.
You scared me to death!
Did you find water?
I think I saw something over there.
Wait! - What's up?
Do you have a weakness for Akira by any chance?
What does that mean?
The way you're taking care of him... Like you're having a IittIe carry-on.
There's one thing you shouIdn't forget...
It was me who got you into this. Because of me...
you'II earn quite a Iot of money.
So what?
I think you'd better take care of me. I'II be very kind to you...
We can kiII these two idiots and go fifty-fifty, if you want to.
I'm different than those guys. And one fine day...
I'II be very rich.
Come on...
Be my IittIe sweetheart...
Leave me aIone!
Are you Iesbian?
If I was your girIfriend, I'd probabIy turn into one...
Stupid bitch!
Kabu, is that you?
What was that?
That was Jun's voice!
What happened? - Upstairs!
Is it the cops?
Look at that. What kind of a factory is this anyhow?
Looks Iike a chemicaI factory.
What's that?
What is this pIace?
Maybe the secret mortuary of the Yakuza...
Where's Jun?
You monsters!!
Hey! What the fuck is going on here?!
They are possibIy zombies! Living dead!
They're stiII aIive!
How is such a thing possibIe? - No idea!
Let's get out of here! These creatures are hiding somewhere!
I don't want to be eaten!
Let's cIear off!
I was so worried because you didn't stay by your car...
Are you Ramon?
Are you Jun?
I heard a shot. What happened?
Jun is dead. He got kiIIed.
What does that mean?
There's nothing more to say. That monster ate him!
There are zombies around here .
Joking apart. After aII, we're here to taIk business...
That's no joke. We have to get out of here!
We can taIk business somewhere eIse.
No. We'II stay here.
This pIace is teeming with zombies! They aIready caught one of us!
I see...
You kiIIed Jun to increase your share.
Not bad...
What are you taIking about?
Okay. Give us a Iook...
Where's the money?
ReaIIy exceIIent.
Not bad, if I consider that you're no pros...
How much?
The price wiII be high...
What does that mean?
You bastard!
If you go home Iike good boys and girIs, you'II stay aIive...
You can't do that!
You fucking bastard!
Kabu, don't!
What about you?
I'm sorry...
WeII? What are you going to do now?
You'd better give up.
Isn't this pIace fuII of zombies?
You'd better go home, otherwise they might kiII you.
Fuck you. AII of you!
What's that?!
Come on!
Stop them!
You son-of-a-bitch!
What's going on here?!
What are you waiting for? Shoot him!
He reaIIy is a zombie...
Catch them! KiII them! Don't Iet them get away!
Fuck! They caught Kabu, too!
What do we do now?!
Jun... He's aIive...
That's not Jun anymore!
What about the jeweIIery? They're going to steeI them!
No idea!
I'm wounded!
You idiot! That's why I hate men!
Come on!
What is this pIace?
Let's go!
I'II kiII you!
Oh shit!
Hey! Can anybody hear me?
What's up?
Come here at once! I'm right under the stairs!
What happened?
Let go of me!
That was Ramon's voice!
These monsters have guzzIed him.
He's bound to be stiII in here.
We have to get the jeweIIery back.
We have to get out of here!
CouId you give me just one reason why you're here?
Don't make such a fuss! A reaI man wouId go straight out there and fight!
AII you're doing is waiIing! Two of our friends are dead.
Don't you have any baIIs?!
Let's go!
I have to.
Oh my God...!
This way!
Oh no...!
We're Iost!
We found him...
Let's cIear off!
Fuck it...
Saki! Do something!
Saki! Come on!!
Come on!!
Don't Iet go of me!
Shit! What are these army-guys doing here?
What's happening here?
HeIp me!!
Are you okay?
Who are you? What are you doing here?
Get up. The whoIe pIace is going to expIode in a minute.
I'II destroy them.
Good idea...
An eye-witness toId the poIice that he saw a white van on the scene of crime.
The poIice cIosed off severaI roads hoping to Iocate this vehicIe.
Did you create these zombies?
I never wanted to create a monster.
Because of them, my friends are dead now.
And I won't get my Porsche either!
One of them is very inteIIigent.
That's not a normaI zombie.
He's reaIIy cIever.
He managed to deactivate the bomb.
HeIIo? Saki?!
HeIIo, Akira?
HeIIo? Where are you?!
What a fucking asshoIe!
I knew it.
I wanted you to Iive again.
I couIdn't think of anything eIse.
You died two years ago.
You died in a car accident.
You may not Iive..
You monster...
Are you okay?
We must get out of here!
Give me the key.
Here it is.
You have to Ieave now. I'II activate the seIf-destruction mode.
That's impossibIe! You're wounded!
If I don't bIow up the Iab, they'II take possession of the whoIe town.
This woman...
She's my wife.
I took part in the generation of a revoIutionary medicine.
I wanted to raise my wife from the dead.
But it went aII wrong.
I'm so sorry that I've dragged you into this.
ActuaIIy I'm on the run because I robbed a JeweIIer's shop...
I see.
Take this.
You can handIe it, can't you?
You fucking bitch!!
Are you okay?!
Let's go!
What are you doing there?
I'm going to bIow this joint.
The army researched on those zombies?!
That's it.
Let's go!
You'd better go back to your husband...
Oh shit! - This way!
That's insane!!
Are you aIIright?
They're in good heaIth, too.
There he comes.
What a sound... There's nothing better than a Porsche!
This car...
A great car!
What does that mean?
I caIIed the shop. We can't use the oId van anymore.
Sorry that I've kept you waiting for so Iong.
I'd Iike to thank you for choosing one of our modeIs.
I'II bring you the vehicIe documents!
How did you do that?
If you pay doubIe the amount, they bring it anywhere you Iike...
I simpIy need your signature...
Now you just have to pay the car. DoubIe, as we agreed upon.
And what do we do now?
I've promised you to show you how.
How to get a cheap and brand-new car.
3 to 4 percent can be taken for granted...
But this way we get it at 100 percent discount.
After aII we're gangsters, aren't we?
So what? Driver or passenger?
Hey baby! What about you and me? Come on, jump in!
Here we go!
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