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Subtitles for Jurassic Park - Collectors Edition - DTS.

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Jurassic Park - Collectors Edition - DTS

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Here you go,my friend.
Make sure you go|as close as you can,
l'll get you something extra|if you make it a good trip.
l'm going to get you close,|my friend.
But not too close.|You know what l mean?
Are you ready?
1, 2, 3!
Are you scared?
This is great!
You see anything yet?
No... Not yet.
What was that?
l don't know.
-Hold on.|-What's happening?
Hold on.
Make it stop.
What happen to them?
l don't know.
-We're gonna crash.|-No, we are not.
We're gonna crash.
l'm going to take this tools.
Let go the rope.|Let go the rope!
Move your hands.
Come on. Keep...
Let go!
lt's gonna be okay.
Actually Charlie that doesn't hurt.
They won't really be fighting each other.
But these one here are Corythosaurus.
They really like fighting|with each other.
They use their teeth and their claws|to rip each other's jaws out.
Alan, he's three.|Let's wait until he is five.
Right. Sorry, Charlie.
lt's Tom again.
He says he has to talk|to you about the last chapter.
Just tell him l am not gonna to|lose the Jack Corner Club.
Hey, look who's here?
This is Alan.
Nice to meet you, Alan.
This is Hylaeosaurus.|That's the dinosaur man.
Dinosaur man?
Jack, say my name.|ls my name Alan?
ls my name Alan?
He used to know me.
Here you go.
So you know Mark is going to|work with the State Department now.
What do you do, Mark?
lt's international relation most.
Somethings like that.
l'll get her.
You guys...|You guys have a little chat.
He's a great guy.
So what are you working on now?
Raptors mostly.
My favourite.
Do you remember the sounds|they made?
l try not.
all the theories are about|raptors intelligence,
what are they capable of?
We work even close.
Tell me.
We did plenty of scan|on the raptors skeleton.
We find out it looks like a very|sophisticated resonating chamber.
Wait a second.|So we were right?
l mean they had even living vocalise.
l'm convince they had the|key of social intelligence.
Which explains why they work|together as a team.
And co-ordinate they attacks.
And they probably know|what is going on.
They could talk to each other.
To agree, we could never imagine.
Ellie, they were smart.
They were smarter than|dolphins or whales.
They were smarter than primates.
l just want to say l'll be ready|to help with anything.
Someday if you want to ask,|you can call me.
Anything. Anytime.
You're still the best.
l mean it.
The last in my breed.
So the basic study about the|interior chamber,
and most of these specimens.
They begin to determine|the exciting color relation
between the upper-pales|and the leerings.
This lead us theorise the raptors.
Which are capable of|sophisticated vocalizations
which were had been|tremendous evolutionary advantange.
Raptors were fierce,
intelligent and|socially sophisticated.
They were able to hunt in numbers|and co-ordinate their efforts.
With the catadysmic advance|which overtook them
it's entirely possible|that raptors or humans
whether to become a dominant|species on this planet.
l hope this has been interest.
lt certainly excites us|as it's intelligence.
There is much more to discover.
That is why we continue to|need and ask for your support.
Thank you.
Thank you very much,|Dr Grant.
Now,|does anyone have a question?
Does anyone have a question that|is not related to Jurrasic Park?
All the incident in San Diego|which l did not witness.
Yes, sir.
Your theory on raptors is good.|But isn't it a conjecture kind of mood?
l mean once the UN in Costa Rica|and everyone decides
how to handle that second island,
scientists will just go in|and look for themselves.
Dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago.
What is left of them is|fossilise in the rocks.
And this in the rock,
that real scientists make|real discovery.
Now what John Hammand and|lngen in the Jurassic Park
is created genetically engineered|theme park monsters.
Nothing more and nothing less.
Are you saying that you don't want|to get to lsla Sorna and study them
if you have the chance?
No force on earth or heaven.
Forget beyond that island.
So what we got here?
20 million gas operator|sending out in a minute.
Gunship, magazine, third routine
and both our clothes cope with|reducing muscles...
Here, Udesky.
Yes, sir.|We are going to get here.
The matter of fact is|you knock things down
as soon as you bought me|that thing.
Well, that's right.
There are two of the best|man that l would find.
No, sir.|l've not worked with them personally.
But believe me, sir.
These men come very|highly recommended.
Nothing to worry about, sir.
lt's going to be walk in park.
l don't think that|l'm doing this right.
Let's try to do first.
You got to do this slowly.
lt'll just take a little bit of time.
l can never tell what's rock|and what's bone.
Technically it's all rock.
But calcium in the bones|replace during fossilisation.
You can feel the difference, see.
Rough... smooth...
Rough... smooth...
Dr Grant!
Mr Brennan.
So how did it go?
lt's not too late to change|your major, Billy!
Worse,|we gonna have backup in four weeks.
l have to run some equipment.
l got to show you something.
You like computers, right
l like the abacus, Billy.
Meet the future of paleontology.
lt's a rapid photo type.
l scanned them from|the raptor skeleton.
lf the computer breaks down|a thousand of slices.
And this thing scoops it.|One layer at a time.
lt's done.
l give you the resonating|chamber of velociraptor.
Listen to this.
This is brilliant, Billy.
All l have to say,|it's just a little bit too late.
Grant, Paul Kirby.|Kirby Enteprise.
My card.|How are you doing, Billy.?
What can l do for you,|Mr Kirby?
Well, the first thing,|l'm a great admirer of yours.
And l have a proposition and|l would like to discuss with you.
Would you have dinner with me|and my wife this evening?
lt'll be our treat.
That will be great, but...
l'm tired,
l have been travelling.|Maybe some other time.
Believe me.|This will be worth you a while.
We love to.
Terrific.|That's the spirit. Good.
See you this evening then.
-Billy.|-How are you?
So what are you boys drinking?
-lce peak cap.|-Two please.
We admire your work for years.
Really truly inspiring.
Amanda|and l just love the outdoors.
We have been on just every adventure|that can come up with.
The Neil and everything.
We even have two seats reserved
on the first commercial flight|to the moon.
And for the wedding anniversary|this year,
we like to do something|really special...
-Something...|-Once in a lifetime.
l've charged an airplane|to fly us lsla Sorna.
And we like you to be our guide.
There you go, guys.
This is a very kind offer,|Mr Kirby.
l'm a very very busy man.
l can recommend a couple|of guys who is highly qualified that...
No. No.|You are the best.
You'd seen these animals|in the flash.
There is even one comes close|to you.
You won't be able to fly|enough low
to see anything|that is really interesting.
That's the interesting part.
Because|we have the permission to fly low.
How low?
Haven't issue yet.
But l can fly lower than anybody else.|l can tell you.
From what l understand,|l understand...
This is what we want.
You see,
through my business dealing,|import and export.
Emerging market.
l have|a lot of friends in high level.
ln that case,|Costa Rica we can go in.
Dr Grant,
you have no idea
how this important to us|that you come along.
This will be all the difference.
Mrs Kirby, l...
And of course we love to make|a contribution to your research here.
l can write all kind of numbers|on this check, Dr Grant.
Tell me.
What's this gonna take?
No way.|This one is lucky.
A couples years ago,
some parties in lsland hand|gladding these cleaves in museum.
And it's big up draught come in|and swipe me right across the sign.
Well, it does sound like.
This strap saved my life.
l got hook on the rock|when l was falling.
Survivor are the most idiotic.
Alan,|thank you for bringing me along.
The bones will still be|there when you get back.
This is the great thing about|bones that they don't run away.
The truth is,|you got me into this.
l've no intention of being|on my own with these people.
Don't get too excited, Billy.
Chances are once here think.
Good time to be nice.
Awake me when we get there.
So how do you know the Kirbys?
Through our church.
Here we go,|we're almost there.
You're approaching lsla Sorna.|Do you want to approach...
My God. l've forgotten.
We did it, honey.|We are here.
lf you see anything,|yell up.
l thought of keep it to myself.
l'm sorry.
Everyone, if you could|look out the left of the plane.
You can see a whole curf|of Brachiosaurus.
ln fact you could see the front of|the group alpha male grazing there.
Udesky, Nash.|How about the front?
You guys see anything?
Nothing yet,|Mr Kirby.
Mrs Kirby, look.
Out here you'll see a group|of Triceratops...
Mr. Kirby, we have to land|in strip down ahead.
You want me to put it down?
No. No.
l told you on a circle|to see the whole island.
You have been set down.|We can't land here.
What are you talking about?
-Hold on, l can explain.|-You cannot land on this island.
lt's gonna be fine.
Everybody sit down.
Would you please sit down...
Tell me we didn't land.
l think they are looking for someone.
Dr Grant, are you alright?|l'm sorry we have to be so...
Who hit me?
That will be cooper.
What are they doing?
They are setting up a parameter.|Then we could play safe.
These guys are good.
Trust me. ln this island,|there is no such thing as safe.
We must get back to that plane.
Could you ask your wife|stop making up that noise?
That is a very, very bad idea.
Amanda, honey, Dr Grant says|that is a bad idea.
He says it's a bad idea!
What's about idea?
What was that?
lt's a tyrannosaurus.
l don't think so.
lt sounds bigger.
We have to leave.
We have to leave now!
What's going on?
Where is the professional who|can handle this?
lt's alright.|We're just circled the island.
What is he doing?
That's Cooper.
No one can stop this plane.
Are you okay?
We're okay up here.
Everyone just stay put.
Mayday! Mayday!
Who has a satellite phone?
l do.
l got it right here.
Come and get it.|The radio is gone.
We haven't landed yet.
Damn it.
"The number you call is busy".
What was that?
What is it?
-What...|-Hold it!
Hang on, everyone.
Help me!
Mrs Kirby, come back!
Follow me!
ln here!
l think we lost him.
lt's okay. lt's dead.
Nobody move a muscle.
No... No... No... Please don't. Stop.
lt's time you do some explain,|Mr Kirby.
We called everyone.|We did verything we could.
No one would help us.
The Costa Rica goverment|said this is no fly zone.
The US embassy...
That's our US embassy told|we should accept the fact.
Can you believe that?
You left a 12 year-old|go para-sailing alone?
He wasn't alone.|He was with a friend.
Ben Hilderban.
Paul and l divorced over a year ago.
So why me?
He said we needed someone who|had been on island before?
Yes. But l did not tell|you to kidnap somebody.
l have never been on this island.
Sure you have.|You wrote that book.
That is lsla Nublar.|This is lsla Sorna.
You mean there are two islands|with dinosaurs?
You stay out of this.
So how long have he been missing?
-8 weeks.|-Almost 8 weeks.
Billy, now go back to plane|and set a camp.
And we make for the coast.
Dr Grant,
we are not leaving|this island without our son.
You can go on and look for him.
Or you can stick with us|as long as you don't hold us up.
Either way,
you probably won't|get out of this island alive.
So? What do we do?
Go and search for your son.
That's the direction they are going.
That's the one. Excellent.
Oh, sorry. Sorry.
lt's nothing you haven't seen before.
How much weight did you lose?
About 25 pounds!|l've been swimming.
l hate to swim.|And l don't even know how to swim.
l learned.
-You look good.|-So are you.
How would you classify, Billy?
lt's a super predator.
l think bigger.
Not on that cell.
Spinosaurus stick up with this.
l don't remember that|on lngen's list.
Because it wasn't on there,
unless it makes them wonder|what they are up to.
So, Mr Kirby, tell me.
When you climbed K2,
did you based camp at|25,000 or 30,000 feet?
30,000 feet.|We were pretty close to the top.
lt is above 30,000 feet,|actually.
No. No.|That's a common mistake.
Mr Kirby,
there is no such thing|as Kirby Enterprise, isn't?
There's Kirby Painting Tile and Plus.
The Plus stands for bathroom fixtures.
We're in the|West Case Shopping Centre...
l suppose we don't check|you out or anything...
Now, listen to me.|l'll pay you the money...
-This is good.|-No matter what.
We are in worst place on|the world, we are not being pay.
Alright, now wait.|Fellows, hold on.
l'll make this up to you.
lf you ever do a bathroom|or a kitchen...
You are not really a mercenary,|are you?
l never said l was.
That's true.|What are you?
l'm like a booking agent.
Guys who got sick count on me.
Here. See we are now|in a hardware store.
Pay in title, yeah.
You never can tell about people,|do you?
You get the truth.
Would you stop that?
Dr Grant said this is a|very dangerous territory.
Maybe we should split up|or something, you know?
We could cover twice as much|of the island.
Dr Grant says that is a bad idea.
Dr Grant...|Dr Grant says this...
What's the good of hiring an expert|if we are not going to use his advice.
Yeah. Except Dr Grant|isn't looking for Eric.
He is looking for the coast.
Okay, fine.|Go ahead and scream.
And when cry sake plot comes|and attacks.
Don't come crying to me.
-Not that bad.|-What?
-Nothing.|-What did you say?
-Nevermind.|-What did you say?
lf we split up,|l'm going along with you guys.
-Mrs Kirby.|-Eric!
Mrs Kirby!
Mrs Kirby,|the chance is our remote.
There are still in our resonance.
An adult.
Hey, guys.
That's my camera.
The battery is dead.
l got an idea.
Let me have the camera.
l shot this in the morning|he disappeared.
He is alive.
l know he's alive.|We got to find him.
Will we find one of those?
Only if cell is not doing.
Let's take it.
lf we spot a plane,|it might be the good way to get attention.
l got it. Okay. Okay!
Mrs Kirby, please!
Okay, you are free.
Come back, Mrs Kirby.
Amanda, wait. Amanda.
Amanda... Amanda!
Amanda, stop...
l'm sorry.|l'm sorry about Ben.
lt's not Ben,Paul.|lt's Eric.
He's out there all by himself.
l know, l know.
Our kid is out there all by himself.
Listen to me.|We'll find him. l promise.
Dr Grant!|You should come and look at this!
We are going to find him.
Are you listening to me?|We are going to find him.
This kid got resources.
Remember last time|we tried to ground him?
Where's Billy?
What are you doing?
l was trying to go to the nest.
Don't do that again.
l'm sorry.
lf l lose you,|that means you are a damn tourist.
l bet they are in there,|don't you think?
l bet my bottom dollar.
What you think it is?
That's ancient.|Four seasons.
Paul,don't do that...
What the hell?
Who's got some change?|Let me take some quarters.
l got a buck ten...
This is how you make dinosaurs.
This is how you play God.
-That way!|-Look out.
lt's locked.
-This way!|-Go! Go!
Hey! Over here!
Push! Push!
My God.
lt's calling the other half.
Come on!
lt's in a hurry.
Out from the trace.
Mr Kirby!
ls Alan with you?
Oh my God...
Mr Udesky!
Mr Udesky!
He's dead.
Oh my God. No,he's not.
-No, he's not!|-No... Wait!
Something is not right.
Hold on! Hold on!
They set a trap.
Yeah, they set a trap.
What do you say?
What do you looking for?
Thanks. Thanks a lot, Eric.
You know who l am?
Yeah, your parents are here.
They are looking for you.
That's not good.
They don't take so well|to get together.
l think it's big surprise|when people could do in it.
When l have to.
You are Alan Grant.
What are you doing here?
Your parents...|invited me along.
l read all of your books.
l like the portion more.
Before you are on the island.
You like dinosaurs back then.
Well back then they hadn't try|to eat me then.
When l jumped in here,|they left a lot of stuff behind.
Any weapons?
No.l just use the gas...
And l appreciate that.
Be careful with that T-rexas.
Scare some of the small ones away,
but attacks the really big one|with defend.
This is T-rexas?
How do you get it?
You don't want to know.
l have to tell you lost for|eight weeks in this island.
ls that all has been?
You are alive.|That's the important thing.
And thanks to you is one thing|we have in common.
Did you read Malcom's book?
l don't know. l mean...
lt was kind of preaching...
And too much chaos.|Everthing is chaos.
lt seem like the guy|was hiding himself.
Well that's two things|we have in common.
What is it?
Alan! Alan!
No matter how this turns out|it wasn't your fault.
Eric is always a sorry little kid.|Always.
And he threw someone like|Ben Hilderban into the mess...
-Well...|-Well what?
All l'm saying it's not your fault.
No... lf he'd been with you,|he'll be completely safe.
You drive 5 miles in|every speed limit, Paul.
And l'd thrown three cars|in three years.
Well, not three.|The Buek wasn't really total.
l just said l was,|cause l wanted get a "Yes, you do".
l'm so sorry that you|have to be here.
l'm not.
There's a boat lie along side|the bank.
Looks in good shape.
Rescue boat?
No. Someone left behind.
Let's move.
Stick to the plan.|Head for the coast.
You are not going to look|for Dr Grant.
Heading the coast is Alan's idea.
lf he's alive,|there is where he's heading.
l agree.
What about Eric?
Eric is a smart kid.
He probably know he stands|a best chance by the coast.
He figures all the big dinosaurus|are in the centre of the island.
You know what this is?
That's a raptor claw.
l have one. A fossil.
Mine is new.
How much do you explore?
l stick pretty close|to the compound.
l think if anyone is looking for me...
There's where they started.
We need to get to the coast.
That was a plan.
Are you sure?
The closer you get to the water,|the bigger the things get.
We have to find a way to the canyon|to find a river out to the coast.
After we find your parents.
And then what?
One step to the time.
That's my dad satellite phone.
How do you know?
Kirby Painting Tile and Plus.
Eric! This way!
Mom! Dad!
Mom! Dad!
l know it. Oh my God.
l know it. Oh my God.
Oh, l'm glad to see you.
Hey, you got my beg.
Yeah, lucky strap.
Want me to carry it?
Need to find a gap here.
How did you know we were here?
The phone.
The stupid jingle from the store.|l heard it.
My phone?
Yeah, your satellite phone.
Where is it?
l don't have it.
When did you use it last night?
On the plane.|l got a call on the place and...
l loaned it to Nash.
He must have had it when he...
Alan,|you wanna give me the bag back.
lt's okay, Billy. l got it.
Please give me the bag.
lt's not safe.
Raptor's eggs?
Did you steal raptor's eggs?
Now it all make sense.
l swear if l know you're|gonna end up with them.
l took them on an impose.|l thought that the door
with the fortune are enough for the|things l obtain 10 more years.
But you have to believe me|this was a stupid decision.
But l did it with the best intentions.
With the best intentions...
Some other worst things imaginable|have been done with the best intentions.
Come on, Billy.|As far as l concern, you are
not better than the people|who built this place.
What are you doing?
Those things are after us|because of those.
Those things know we have the eggs.
l drop them into the river.
They will still be after us.
What if they catch us with them?
What if they catch us without them?
There is a boat at the bottom,|just down the river.
We try to make to|the coast, at least.
-You're okay?|-Yeah.
Let's do this one|other time, shall we?
Okay, come on over.
One other time.
Okay, Eric.l'm gonna|leave you just for a minute.
And then you are going to|be right behind me, okay?
Mom, l've been alone in|the water truck for eight weeks.
l think l can manage the next|few minutes without you.
Right.|We are all together now.
Okay, Eric.
-Come on, honey|-You go.
Oh my God.
What is it?
lt's a bird cage.
For what?
l can't stay without my kid.
This way!
Billy, stop.
Billy, stop!
Stop, Billy!
Eric, hold on!
Look out now!
There he is!
With the pteranodous.
Get him out of there.
Go! Go!
What about Billy?
Hang on, Billy!
Go away! Go away!
Come on!
lt's playing the gasoline.
Now just got to get out|to the coast.
We got some sort of...|some sort of signal.
Build the fire or something.
Something that can see|from the air.
Dr Grant?
Hey, Eric.|How are you doing?
l'm sorry about Billy.
You know what's the last thing|l said to him was?
lt's... he's as bad as the people|who built this place.
lt wasn't true.
Billy is just young... that's all.
l have a theory there|is two kind of boys.
Those who want to be astronomers.
And those who want|to be astronauts.
The astronomers,|the paying intelligence.
Get to study this amazing things|from a place with complete safety.
But he never got to go into space.
lts the difference between|imagining and seeing.
Be able to touch them.
And... that's all Billy wanted.
Dr Grant...
lt is open, Dr Grant.
Billy was right.
Find the phone before|it stops ringing.
Eric,stand there.
-lt's here|-Wait, it's here.
l got it.
Hello? Hello?
"Enjoy your meal in one of|our four star restaurant..."
Look out!
Turn off the power.
You got to choose for making one call.
What do you do?
Don't call the US embassy.
They won't do a damn thing.
Hey, guys.|Come here. Look at this!
What is this?
Something must have spook them.
Get the edge of calling, Mr Kirby.
Open the plot.
Charlie,|take the phone to mommy now.
lt's the dinosaur man.
Charlie,|are you taking the phone to mom?
Who's in the phone?
The dinosaur man.
He is?
-Where's the phone?|-There.
Get the phone.
Ellie, listen to me!
Alan, are you on a cell phone?|l can't hear you.
The raptor chases me...
Dad! Dad!
Paul, you can't...
You can't leave me like this.
l'm not going anywhere.
Remember when we went fishing|a couple summers ago?
We putted the boat in the water|and the trailer sank.
The toll truck tried to pull us out|and they got drag in too.
The truck driver wanted to|knock my lights out.
l miss fishing.
Mr Kirby.
That lady you called.
Who is she?
How do you know that|she can help us?
She is the person|l can always count on.
l owe her a lot.
l don't think|l have ever told her that.
You should.
You hear that?
The ocean.
Pick up your eggs.
Everybody get down.
She is challenging us.
She thinks she stole the eggs.
Get behind me.
Give me the eggs.
Do it, mom.
No... No... Call for help.
That's a helicopter.
Dr Grant?|Dr Alan Grant?
No!|That's a very bad idea!
You have to thank her now.
She's in the NAVY.
God bless you, Ellie.
-ls this man with you?|-What?
We made it...
l rescue your hat.
Give me that.
That's the important thing.
Dr Grant!
What the hell is that?
Dr Grant, look!
Where do you think|they are going?
l don't know.
Maybe just looking|for a new nesting ground.
lt's all in the world for them.
How dare them to nest in|Olakhoma?
Let's go home.
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Johnny Stecchino (Johnny Toothpick)
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Jonas qui aura 25 ans en 2000 (Alain Tanner 1976)
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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat CD1
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