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Subtitles for Just Do It (aka Hamyeondoinda).

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Just Do It (aka Hamyeondoinda)

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00:00:21:Production Atoms Entertainment, Inc. 00:00:28:Distribution IM Pictures Corp. 00:00:34:Funded and Provided by IM Pictures Corp. 00:00:35:Seoul Media Venture Business Group|I Phoenix Inc. 00:00:44:Ahn Suk-Hwan Song Ok-Sook 00:00:51:Park Sang-Myun Park Jin-Hee Jung June 00:00:59:Lee Bum-Soo 00:01:06:Production Han Sung-Ku 00:01:13:Production Assistance Choi Wan 00:01:20:Production Funding|Bang Myung-Suk Oh Tae-Min 00:01:27:Executive Producers Kim Min-Ki|Choi Sung-Shik Kim Heung-Gu 00:01:34:Script Kwon In-Chan|Lee Young-Eun Park Dae-Young 00:01:41:Cinematography Moon Yong-Shik|Lighting Choi Sung-Won 00:01:48:Editing Koh Im-Pyo|Music Kim Hyung-Tae 00:01:55:Sound Recording Han Chul-Hee(Live) 00:01:57:Mixing|Oh Won-Chul, Choi Tae-Young(Live Tone) 00:02:02:Production Designer Cho Sung-Won|Visual Effects Makod Co. 00:02:09:Producer Lee Min-Ho 00:02:16:Director Park Dae-Young 00:02:21:Super Double Lottery|$10 million every week! 00:03:33:Why don't you come to classes anymore? 00:03:35:You give up on college? 00:03:36:I couldn't register. 00:03:38:Why not? 00:03:39:My family's gone bankrupt. 00:03:40:Again?! 00:03:41:JUST DO IT 00:04:01:It's finally over. 00:04:03:We truly hope it is. 00:04:09:We really saw too much of you. 00:05:04:God in heaven! I can live in a place like this. 00:05:19:Stop drinking so much. 00:05:20:You drank plenty this afternoon. 00:05:22:At a times like this, you should drink. 00:05:25:Drinks are for drinking. 00:05:26:Then we'd have to drink everyday. 00:05:32:Son, have a drink. 00:05:36:No, thanks, Dad. 00:05:37:It's alright son. 00:05:39:It's okay to drink|if your father gives it to you. 00:05:42:I quit drinking, dad. 00:05:44:You quit? 00:05:46:You were drinking all this time? 00:05:50:Dad, give me a drink instead. 00:05:54:Jang-Mi! 00:05:56:Kids, honey. 00:05:59:Let's start going to church. 00:06:04:Having faith is the only|way to overcome this trial. 00:06:08:Just put your faith in me. 00:06:12:I'll marry well and save our family. 00:06:18:Jang-Mi 00:06:19:Yes? 00:06:20:It's better for us... 00:06:23:when you don't do anything. 00:06:25:Yeah sis, just don't do anything. 00:06:27:Yes, just stay still. 00:06:29:I'll give up my studies and get a job. 00:06:32:Do you have any skills? 00:06:40:Getting into college is the best thing 00:06:43:you can do for us this year. 00:06:48:You've finished your noodles. 00:06:50:Here, have mine. 00:06:51:It's okay, Dad. Go on, Dae-Chul. 00:06:53:I'm drinking, so you have mine. 00:06:56:Go ahead. 00:07:02:But leave some soup. 00:07:11:Dad! 00:07:12:I'm fine. You go back in. 00:07:16:I'll go with you. 00:07:18:Go on back in. 00:07:48:Those kids... 00:07:50:They're all grown up now. 00:08:11:Hey, wait! Wait a second! 00:08:17:Stop! Stop! Help! 00:08:26:Wait a second... 00:08:40:Dad! Honey! 00:08:47:Where am I? 00:08:49:The hospital. 00:08:53:The hospital? 00:08:54:What is it? 00:08:56:What about the bill? 00:08:58:Sts and... 00:09:01:And? 00:09:03:$958 00:09:05:$958?! 00:09:11:Dad! Honey! 00:09:13:My motorcycle? 00:09:16:What are you going to do with it? 00:09:18:Will you lend it to me or not? 00:09:28:Lightning Quick Messenger Service 00:09:35:$958! 00:09:47:Did you bring them all? 00:09:59:$6.76... 00:10:09:$114.02... 00:10:20:Don't we have any other accounts? 00:10:25:What's this? 00:10:28:That? 00:10:30:It's an insurance bond someone got me|to start paying for. 00:10:34:I don't know how much it's worth. 00:10:38:Go and cancel the contract. 00:10:49:You want to cancel this, ma'am? 00:10:51:Yes. 00:10:53:Happy Call Insurance 00:10:58:Happy Call Insurance.|Maximum $1,000,000! 00:11:02:No, no! 00:11:04:I came for the insurance money! 00:11:09:How much did you say this is? 00:11:10:$5000! 00:11:12:God has heard our prayers! 00:11:15:This is a miracle, honey! 00:11:18:Oh, Lord! Thank you, dear Father! 00:11:25:$4042. 00:11:30:What should we do with this? 00:11:33:I don't know. Let's see... 00:11:36:Insurance. 00:11:39:What, insurance? 00:11:43:You're going to be an insurance agent? 00:11:48:No. 00:11:51:We'll to put this money into insurance bonds. 00:11:53:And get the insurance money. 00:11:56:How? 00:11:58:This time you already got hurt, if... 00:12:01:Then I'll get hurt again. 00:12:04:Stop joking. 00:12:07:Do I look like I'm joking? 00:12:12:Aren't you...?! 00:12:17:Honey, let's not do this. 00:12:19:It was a miracle. 00:12:21:God heard our prayers... 00:12:24:You stay here and pray! 00:12:26:Good Lord! 00:12:38:Wait a second! Wait! 00:12:40:No, back up! Back up! 00:12:48:What are you doing, Dad? 00:12:50:You could have hurt yourself! 00:12:52:It was nothing. 00:12:55:Lets go. 00:13:00:When were you released from the hospital? 00:13:02:What about the bills? 00:13:03:All paid. 00:13:05:Mom? But how? 00:13:13:With this! 00:13:15:Look to the left 00:13:18:This is the right, idiot! 00:13:21:Dad, will it really be okay? 00:13:24:Trust me. 00:13:29:Honey! Here comes one! 00:13:32:Really? 00:13:35:It's too big! 00:13:44:Dad! This one's for real! 00:14:12:You crazy... 00:14:15:Dae-Chul? 00:14:17:Dad? 00:14:19:Dae-Chul! 00:14:20:Mom? 00:14:22:Insurance money? 00:14:28:Son, from the way I see it 00:14:30:there are two kinds of lives. 00:14:35:One is like the lottery|and the other is like insurance. 00:14:39:Lottery hits you with big money 00:14:42:but only once in a lifetime, maybe never. 00:14:46:But insurance can depend on what we do. 00:14:50:You got the money because you were hurt. 00:14:53:You can get hurt again! 00:15:00:But, how do you get hurt? 00:15:12:Do it! 00:15:15:Go on! 00:15:16:Dad, I can't! 00:15:19:There must be another way! 00:15:21:No, there isn't. 00:15:23:This is it! It's for our family! 00:15:26:So do it! 00:15:30:Mom? 00:15:36:What are you waiting for? 00:15:52:Dad! 00:16:06:I can't do it. 00:16:09:Do it again. 00:16:11:Honey, let's find some other way! 00:16:15:Mom's right.|Dad, let's find some other way, okay? 00:16:19:There is no other way! 00:16:25:Dae-Chul, go on and do it! Be a man! 00:16:41:Alright. 00:16:43:I will! 00:17:06:You're right. 00:17:07:If we have to do this,|it should be done quickly and painlessly. 00:17:10:Spread your fingers! 00:17:15:1; B2... 00:17:21:Dad, forgive me! 00:17:49:Come on! 00:17:53:You're right. This won't work. 00:17:56:Let's find some other way. 00:17:58:Not like this. Something more natural. 00:18:01:A more natural way to get hurt. 00:18:08:Natural? 00:18:09:I got it! Nature! 00:18:12:You know, nature! 00:18:16:This! 00:18:37:Dad, don't worry. 00:18:40:A little lightning won't kill you. 00:18:44:Over there! Quick! 00:18:55:Lift up your umbrella, Dad! 00:18:59:Like this? 00:19:01:No, higher! 00:19:05:I won't get killed, will I? 00:19:08:Of course not. 00:19:09:Lightning can barely break a little branch. 00:19:58:We can't be amateur about this. 00:20:01:We have to study! Study! 00:20:03:That's it! 00:20:53:What can I do for you? 00:20:54:We'd like some family insurance. 00:21:00:For the whole family. 00:21:04:Dae-Chul is a beginner so he'll drive. 00:21:08:The front passenger gets hurt the most so... 00:21:12:I'll sit there. 00:21:13:No, let me. 00:21:14:Nonsense! 00:21:17:I'm the head of the family. 00:21:19:Let's get in! 00:21:24:Alright, turn now! 00:21:40:Very good! That's how to do it! 00:21:43:Let's go! 00:21:50:Are you all ready? 00:21:52:Now, speed up! 00:21:58:Now! Turn! 00:22:09:Why'd you do that? 00:22:13:It's a "bus only" lane. 00:22:17:Then you did good! 00:22:22:Here. Speed up. 00:22:45:A family accident|after a single insurance payment... 00:22:51:An accident the same day|you bought the car? 00:23:22:A total of $30,000! 00:23:25:Thank you, God! 00:23:29:Mansei! Hurray! 00:24:12:Is it okay? 00:24:13:Dad's side is too high. Down little. 00:24:18:Now, is it okay? 00:24:19:No not yet. Almost. There! 00:24:24:Is it good? 00:24:26:Yes, fine. 00:24:34:Just do it! 00:24:41:When misfortune arises, 00:24:43:people say "Why me?" 00:24:45:Insurance is the key|to changing that misfortune into happiness. 00:24:50:If you sign a contract|here to pay $30 won per month... 00:24:54:you'll get $300,000 if an accident happens|to you on your way out. 00:24:58:$30 becomes $300,000.|10,000 times the investment. 00:25:02:What bank, or stock, 00:25:03:or loan shark would assure such benefit? 00:25:05:None. 00:25:07:The lottery? It's once in a lifetime. 00:25:09:Maybe never. 00:25:10:But insurance? 100% probability! 00:25:12:Just get hurt in an accident and 00:25:14:it's 100 percent assured. 100%! 00:25:17:Sorry. 00:25:18:It's okay. 00:25:21:Do you get back the principal|if you lose in the lottery? 00:25:23:No, they do not. 00:25:24:That's right! They don't give you a dime! 00:25:26:But with insurance, you get everything back. 00:25:31:Man's most beautiful creation ever. 00:25:33:I congratulate you for buying it. 00:25:36:Thank you very much. But I want not one, 00:25:40:but four. Four! 00:25:43:Four? 00:25:44:Yes. 00:25:45:Thank you so much! 00:25:46:Where do I put my seal? 00:25:48:Here, ma'am. 00:25:56:Here you go. 00:25:59:Thank you very much. 00:26:03:Thank you very, very much! 00:27:05:Grade 1. 00:27:08:When one loses sight in both eyes forever. 00:27:12:When one loses the ability to chew|or speak forever. 00:27:19:'Forever' means that there is no hope|of recovery in the future 00:27:24:or, after a certain amount of time|recovery cannot be foreseen. 00:27:30:We should aim for Grade 6 in our procedures. 00:27:36:No.1 - permanent scars on the head|or the face. 00:27:56:No.2 - losing sight in one eye forever. 00:28:12:No.3 - a ruptured disk. 00:28:21:Commonly known as a hip condition. 00:28:24:No.4 - losing one of the fingers forever. 00:28:45:Now, who wants to go first? 00:28:53:Jang-Mi? 00:28:56:I'm a girl. 00:28:59:That's why they pay you more. 00:29:03:Why don't you go first, Dad. 00:29:08:I am old, you know. 00:29:12:That's why they pay you more. 00:29:16:Your mother is old too. 00:29:22:She's a woman and old. 00:29:24:Mom should go first! 00:29:27:What do you mean? 00:29:29:Youngsters are far better than us. 00:29:31:She's right. 00:29:32:Dae-Chul, you're youngest. 00:29:36:I really think Father|should set a good example for us... 00:29:45:Alright, then. 00:29:46:Let's draw lots. 00:29:56:The Ladder Game of Blood 00:30:28:Congratulations, Dae-Chul! 00:30:31:Congratulations, son! 00:30:46:Sergeant, are you seeing your girlfriend again? 00:31:00:Attention! 00:31:06:You call yourself soldiers? 00:31:09:Look alive, bastards! 00:31:13:What cycle were you in? 00:31:15:The 817th, marine corps. Why? 00:31:18:The 817th? 00:31:23:I was in the 57th! 00:31:24:Attention! 00:31:26:Salute! 00:31:29:Yes, privates. 00:31:32:The Boy Scouts' 57th cycle. 00:31:51:I did it. 00:32:08:Dae-Chul my son! 00:32:09:Hey, Dad. 00:32:11:Good work! Where did you get hit? 00:32:14:My face... 00:32:16:What about your head? 00:32:21:Well, I tried but... 00:32:25:They say it's fine. 00:32:33:I'm sorry, Dad. I should have hurt my head... 00:32:37:Its okay. 00:32:39:You'll do better next time. It's a good start. 00:32:43:Very good! 00:33:06:You have ruptured disk, ma'am. 00:33:09:Commonly known as a hip condition. 00:33:12:Thank you. 00:34:14:3 Months Later. 00:34:56:Is that good? 00:35:03:Look, fireworks! 00:35:17:It's good to be here in good neighborhood. 00:35:29:What a sight! 00:36:09:Who could it be at this hour? 00:36:15:Have faith in God! Who is it? 00:36:23:Pardon? 00:36:25:Who is it? 00:36:27:They're from the insurance company. 00:36:30:The insurance company? 00:37:27:Mr. Jung Byung-Hwan? 00:37:30:Yes. 00:37:38:Ms. Won Jung-Rim? 00:37:40:Yes. 00:37:48:Miss Jung Jang-Mi? 00:37:50:Yes. 00:37:58:Mr. Jung Dae-Chul. 00:38:01:Yes 00:38:08:You are, respectively, yourselves? 00:38:10:Yes. 00:38:15:According to my research,|in the past 6 months, 00:38:18:You received $3,200,000|in insurance money from... 00:38:21:five different companies, right? 00:38:28:You pay about $3,300|for insurance every month. 00:38:37:Bought a house worth $3,000,000,|yet none of you have jobs. 00:38:47:Doesn't something smell fishy here? 00:38:51:I don't smell anything. 00:38:54:Neither do I. 00:38:58:Well, I do. Something's very fishy here. 00:39:20:Why would you put something like that up? 00:39:23:"Just do it"? 00:39:25:Did you run a Nike store before? 00:39:31:It's just a family motto... 00:39:37:Do you know it's illegal to hurt yourself... 00:39:39:to get insurance money? 00:39:41:You can be arrested for insurance fraud. 00:39:48:This is a written accusation. 00:39:50:I came here to deliver it to you. 00:40:11:What's going to happen to us now? 00:40:15:We'll be put in legal detention. 00:40:16:You mean... like this? 00:40:20:He had his eye on us the whole time. 00:40:30:What do you think? 00:40:32:Isn't it too extreme? 00:40:35:It's better than all of us going to jail. 00:40:37:Couldn't there be some other way? 00:40:39:No. This is the best way. 00:40:41:We just have to do this once|and everything will be quiet. 00:40:46:I'll do it. 00:40:52:I agree with you, too 00:40:54:How about you, Jang-Mi? 00:40:58:I can't do it. I can't! 00:41:00:Think it over Jang-Mi! 00:41:03:This seems to be the only way, darling. 00:41:06:You just have to lure him. 00:41:10:We'll take care of the rest. 00:41:20:You promise you'll take care of it? 00:41:22:Of course! 00:41:30:God. Forgive our sins... 00:41:42:Thank you! 00:41:49:Hello? 00:41:51:Mr. Shim Chung-Un? Yes? 00:41:54:This is Jung Byung-Hwan. We met yesterday. 00:41:57:I need to talk with you urgently. 00:42:00:Could you come over? 00:43:36:Mr. Jung Byung-Hwan... 00:43:42:Mr. Jung Byung-Hwan! 00:44:13:Freeze! 00:44:17:Put your hands above your head! 00:44:21:What are you waiting for? Do it now! 00:44:24:I... I can't... 00:44:25:Do it! 00:44:29:I told you I couldn't. 00:44:44:I was shaving my legs. 00:44:46:I see. 00:44:49:Why did this bulb have to burn out just now? 00:44:55:This isn't working well... 00:45:01:It really doesn't work well... 00:45:18:I almost had it. 00:45:51:So, Daddy called you? 00:45:53:Yes, he did. 00:45:57:Where could he be? 00:46:02:You're going to so much trouble... 00:46:05:It's alright. 00:46:08:Was that a real gun? 00:46:16:Of course it is. 00:46:20:Wait! 00:46:38:Here you go. 00:46:39:I'm sorry, I was mistaken. 00:46:45:I think I hurt my chest. 00:46:51:Could you take a look at it? 00:46:59:I must have hit it when I fell. 00:47:04:Is it okay? 00:47:06:Okay. It's excellent. 00:47:12:Can you feel it for me? 00:47:15:What? You mean touch... it? 00:47:16:Yes. 00:47:30:Here? 00:47:31:A little... lower. 00:47:38:H-here? 00:47:39:A little bit lower. 00:47:42:Here? 00:47:47:Does it hurt? 00:47:50:Come little closer! 00:47:54:Now, that's good. What's good? 00:47:59:It's not what you think! 00:48:03:It's okay. Stay there. 00:48:05:We understand young people. 00:48:08:Right my son-in-law? 00:48:10:What? Son-in-law? 00:48:14:My son-in-law! 00:48:16:My brother-in-law! love and honor each other... 00:48:44:This is the best insurance we ever got. 00:48:49:Don't you think? 00:49:00:Come on! 00:49:12:What are you doing? 00:49:20:Hurry up! 00:49:43:Three days later 00:49:56:Honey, you're way out there. 00:49:58:A beast of the field. 00:50:00:I was an outfielder. 00:50:04:An outfielder. An outfielder? 00:50:20:Well, we've rest enough. 00:50:23:We should start working again. 00:50:27:Yes, we should. 00:50:28:Now Mr. Shim is family... 00:50:32:Dad, you should quit. 00:50:36:I barely took care of it by retiring. 00:50:38:You'll get caught one day. 00:50:40:Is that so? 00:50:42:Then what are you going to do|to support my daughter? 00:50:49:See? This is the only way. 00:50:52:And you're an expert in the field. 00:50:56:That's what we all thought. 00:50:58:We didn't bring you in for nothing. 00:51:02:Okay. But we have to change methods. 00:51:07:Really? 00:51:08:The queen of all insurance is life insurance. 00:51:12:Life insurance? 00:51:14:If we do well,|we can get $10 million at one go. 00:51:19:10 million?! 00:51:22:Yes. 1 million. 00:51:24:Who'll go first? Me? 00:51:27:No... lets draw lots. 00:51:30:Wait, you have to die for life insurance. 00:51:36:I don't mean any of us should die. 00:51:39:What are you saying? 00:51:41:Do you have any healthy,|young, male relatives in their twenties... 00:51:46:with no dependents? A distant relative? 00:51:52:A distant relative? 00:51:53:Very distant. 00:51:57:Very distant... 00:52:05:Its good to look for your roots. 00:52:09:Yes, sir. 00:52:10:It would be a better world... 00:52:12:if more people were like you, brother. 00:52:16:Thank you. 00:52:19:This is so well arranged.|With all the phone numbers... 00:52:23:That's right, I'm your uncle! 00:52:31:Your father's father's father's... 00:52:36:father's father's father's father's... 00:52:41:father's father was my father's... 00:52:48:father's father's father's father's... 00:52:52:father's father's half brother. 00:53:02:Which means we are close family! 00:53:05:How're your parents? 00:53:08:They passed away? 00:53:13:I'm sorry about that. 00:53:17:Well, nephew, are you married? 00:53:20:You are? 00:53:23:Well so long! 00:53:26:All these kids married in diapers! 00:53:30:Next! 00:53:32:That was the last one. 00:53:36:What do you mean last? 00:53:38:Mother's got relatives, too! 00:53:40:It's good to search for one's roots. 00:53:49:Are you married? Not yet? 00:53:53:You mean you are alone? 00:53:56:As good as an orphan? 00:54:03:Why don't we meet? 00:54:06:What was your name, Kyung-Tae? 00:54:09:Right! Kwang-Tae! 00:54:13:Shall I go over there? 00:54:18:I'll see you there later, okay? Bye! 00:54:39:How's your health? 00:54:40:You are not sick are you? 00:54:44:No. I'm much too healthy. 00:54:49:Really? How old are you? 00:54:56:It's a good age. 00:54:58:Perfectly eligible material! 00:55:01:Eligible for what? 00:55:05:Most eligible bachelor material! 00:55:11:How about living with us? 00:55:15:Aren't you lonely? 00:55:21:Well, it's fine with me! 00:55:27:This is your room. 00:55:33:What do you think? 00:55:35:A healthy, 26-year-old man. Grade 1! 00:55:40:We can get at least 5 million. 00:55:43:When should we get to work? 00:55:47:We shouldn't hurry. It could arouse suspicion. 00:55:51:First, get him insurance. 00:55:53:Care for him about three months... 00:55:56:...and then, make the move. 00:56:00:Alright, take a good rest. 00:56:17:What's... 00:56:21:What's that on your shoulder? 00:56:25:This? It's a towel. 00:56:27:No, on your body. 00:56:31:Oh, this? 00:56:35:I got it when I'm in high school with my pals. 00:56:38:Isn't it cool? 00:56:42:And big? 00:56:50:Don't you think so? 00:56:54:Yes. It's cool... and big. 00:56:58:Isn't it? Looks strong! 00:57:02:Oh, I invited some friends over.|It's okay, right? 00:57:07:Friends? 00:57:17:Say hello. 00:57:19:He's my closest relative. 00:57:22:Nice to meet you. 00:57:25:He's really kind. 00:57:26:So make yourselves at home, guys! 00:57:32:Is it okay if I hang with my pals? 00:57:35:I get lonely so easy you know. 00:57:40:It's damn hot here. 00:57:43:How's Yong-Chul doing? 00:57:45:I don't bring up the bastard. 00:57:51:You know we got trash by him! 00:57:57:That's why I stuck a knife in him. 00:58:01:Who are we, guys? 00:58:05:We are the great members|of Yong-II Industrial High School! 00:58:07:Yes, we are man! 00:58:11:The knife just went through him. 00:58:14:His insides came out and blood... 00:58:18:You did two years for that? 00:58:20:You think I did three? 00:58:23:Isn't it four? 00:58:26:No. Just 2! 00:58:31:Clock ticks damn slow in there! 00:58:34:I knew he'd die early. 00:58:40:How long were you in prison? 00:58:42:I don't know. 00:58:45:Hey, don't smoke that butt! 00:58:49:What's wrong with it? 00:58:50:Who are we? 00:58:52:We are the great members|of Yong-II Industrial High School. 00:58:55:And you're smoking a cigarette-butt? 00:58:58:I won't, man! 00:59:02:What the hell are you looking at? 00:59:04:You wanna start something? 00:59:07:Cousin, look away. 00:59:10:Lady! We need more drinks here! 00:59:13:Ice cold ones! Alright? 00:59:19:Proudly we stand... 00:59:23:Yong-II Industrial High School! 00:59:27:We are! We are! We are! 00:59:48:What are we going to do? 00:59:52:Let's be patient. 00:59:54:Just for 3 months. 00:59:55:The day he came 01:00:06:It's so hot! 01:00:22:You're up early. 01:00:30:Park Chan-Ho lost again? 01:00:33:Why?! 01:00:36:3 to zip? Shoot! 01:00:40:If he misses next time, 01:00:42:I'll kill him. 01:00:48:X O X# 01:01:02:Hello. 01:01:13:Go ahead. 01:01:19:Chung-Un! Dae-Chul! Help! 01:01:25:Alright! Never mind, then. 01:01:34:Mama... 01:01:36:What happened? What's wrong? 01:01:40:Kwang-Tae! He... What? 01:01:44:Where is this bastard? 01:01:47:Calm down! Calm down! 01:01:50:I'll kill him! 01:01:52:No! We can't kill him like this! 01:01:55:Why not? 01:01:57:You know why not! 01:02:03:Why did it have to be such trash like him? 01:02:09:The day he goes 01:02:14:Let's begin! 01:02:36:Put in some engine oil! 01:02:41:He's dead meat. 01:02:46:The color's so pretty! 01:02:53:Some insecticide, too. 01:03:00:Sweet stuff... 01:03:02:Sweet stuff? What? 01:03:05:It's read "danger". 01:03:07:It means it's not safe.|You drink it and you die. 01:03:10:You're so smart, honey! 01:03:12:You need to learn son. 01:03:16:Pour in more. Fill it up! 01:03:25:So long, Kwang-Tae! 01:04:40:What a long piss. 01:05:02:What's up? 01:05:04:Who left the refrigerator open? 01:05:10:Look, water's leaking! 01:05:18:What's this? Tea? 01:05:23:Man, it's lukewarm. 01:06:38:No sounds of movement. 01:06:41:He must have gone quietly. 01:06:45:Chung-Un, go in and check. 01:06:49:You go in. 01:06:51:Yes, Dae-Chul, you go in. 01:07:03:When did you make that tea? 01:07:05:Tea? 01:07:07:I saw blood in my shit. 01:07:16:Give me some food. 01:07:34:Go for his neck! 01:07:43:What! The son of a bitch! 01:07:59:Is he dead? 01:08:08:What a stupid mutt! 01:08:15:Go away! Go! 01:08:19:Just go away! 01:08:27:Run! 01:09:39:Damn dogs! 01:09:45:He can't be a real human being! 01:10:30:1... 2... 01:10:35:What are you doing? 01:10:43:Cover him! 01:11:10:What do we do with him? 01:11:32:Trash Disposal Forbidden 01:11:44:What a waste of size. 01:11:50:Good morning. 01:11:56:Hello? 01:11:58:Yes... The police station? 01:12:01:Kwang-Tae! How did this happen to you!? 01:12:06:How are we to live without you? 01:12:13:Don't laugh! 01:12:15:We could get caught. Practice again! 01:12:20:Kwang-Tae! 01:12:23:Kwang-Tae! 01:12:29:What happened to him? 01:12:33:Is he dead? 01:12:35:Calm down folks. 01:12:37:You're Won Kwang-Tae's family? 01:12:38:Yes! 01:12:40:Last night, in the park, he was... 01:12:45:In the park? 01:12:52:You guys are here? 01:12:55:Pretty damn traffic, ain't it? 01:12:58:What happened? 01:13:01:I know I was drunk. 01:13:04:Must have got a call from my pals|and gone out last night. 01:13:11:I can never remember anything|after getting drunk. 01:13:24:You didn't have to clean up my room like this 01:13:32:Wake me up for lunch. 01:13:38:What are we going to do? He can't be killed. 01:13:43:He's inhuman. 01:13:45:We'll die before he dies. 01:13:48:Just tell him to leave, Dad. 01:13:50:She's right. 01:13:51:Lets give up the money|and just go back to normal. 01:14:03:You want me out? 01:14:07:We think you should be independent now. 01:14:13:Are you messing with me? 01:14:16:Fuck! 01:14:19:Don't talk that way to your uncle. 01:14:23:Mo'fo! 01:14:25:You wanted me to live with you!|The hell I'll move. 01:14:29:It's comfortable here.|I'm staying here and that's it. 01:14:34:Now give me some food. 01:14:55:If that's how you want it, I have to move out. 01:15:01:I'll breed some goats|and live quietly in the country. 01:15:06:I should go right now, right? 01:15:17:Mister. Yes? 01:15:18:Give me some dumplings. 01:15:19:Dumplings, sir. 01:15:26:How much? 01:15:26:$3. 01:16:00:Hey, what's wrong? 01:16:06:Hey! Stop the car! Stop! 01:16:26:Is this Mr. Won Kwang-Tae? 01:16:29:Kwang-Tae! 01:16:52:It's sad. 01:16:56:Dumplings can be dangerous. 01:17:07:How lucky are we,|I think even God is on our side 01:17:11:How about we take a break? 01:17:15:Take a break? 01:17:17:Yes, why don't we split the money 01:17:20:and go each plan our own vacation trip. 01:17:22:Baby, wanna go to another honeymoon trip? 01:17:25:Of course, honey! 01:17:28:OK, we have decided that for us! 01:17:29:How about you? 01:17:32:Me?|Another honeymoon trip sounds good to me, 01:17:34:but... are you capable, honey? 01:17:37:I think so... 01:17:40:Good, we all agreed. 01:17:43:I bet I am going to have fun|with that two sisters! 01:17:45:Yeah! Cheers! Let's celebrate our success. 01:17:50:Cheers! 01:18:03:So, you're in good health, right? 01:18:07:Yes, sir. 01:18:09:You're 19, right? 01:18:13:Yes, ma'am. 01:18:14:A good age! 01:18:16:Perfectly eligible and Grade 1, Dad! 01:18:20:What? 01:18:21:She means 01:18:23:you'll really be a 'most eligible bachelor'. 01:18:28:Please do not mind us|interfering your vacation with my daughters 01:18:32:but we are very happy that he have found you 01:18:35:Yeah! 01:18:43:Then let's just do it! 01:18:46:>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja napisów <<<<<<<<
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