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Subtitles for Juste une Question dAmour.

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Juste une Question dAmour

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have you seen Marine? -ah, no we haven't
Oh my God, why, has she vanished?
Hey!No!I'm here!
You make me dizzy!
Ah, that's what men are good for,hey sweetie? to make you dizzy!
Ah!Clever that!
You see Didier, we can have fun with Marine
Stop mom!your son in law would much prefer having a son
Ah?Still does?
I sometimes feel lost amidst all those women!
It's still time
Doesn't end with making them You still have to bring them up
It's Laurent i should have married
That's true, he'll make an awesome dad
careful, you'll burn yourself
aw, i'm just teasing you, mom.
Hurry up! Carve the roast
Leave that Jeanne, we'll do it Go join the others in the garden
You're real angels you both
Real angels, hey my Laulau? And just like angels we don't quite know our gender
Stop being silly!
Cool! Your uncle saw us!Ha!
She seems really nice, this Carole Quite a character
Your sonnyboy, you ought to shake him a bit how long have they known each other?
since september well, since school started.
she's very independant her parents work for the State abroad and she came back to France after her undergrad studies.
I'm happy for you.We were worried that Laurent might never bring any girls either.
well, he's never been like the others it's like this agricultural college
Oh!Stop complaining! Gardening is a profession after all
as good as being a pharmacist he'll take care of plants instead of people
pouah! what a prospect!
couldn't grab that roast, so i caught the neighbor's cat instead you won't notice -i hate cats!
and as a side dish, the living room's flowers!
ah, yeah, the living room's flowers!? haha,that's a good
leave it! i'll do it
Well well! And i thought you were a liberated woman!?
and you? having fun playing the perfect son?
you know very well that's my favourite role especially in such a perfect family
look at them! perfect killers in a perfect world! impossible to know where they've thrown the body
Laurent, please!
yeah, you're right, after all,it's only because he wouldn't keep his mouth shut that Marc died
Stop it, that's not true
we can't say they helped him by kicking him out!
Imagine being in their shoes instead
oh no!thanks, it's too disgusting! -That's it! "Family! I hate Thee!"
bah, not would be so much simpler never to see them again
she goes to Richard, the shrink.I made her go . since marc's death, she was totally lost (-mommy, mommy!)
at first, it was her who wouldn't see Marc... then, she blamed me, saying it was only to please me
Jeanne and I,we often wondered what we would have done in your place
It's dumb...but you see, the idea of two men touching each other i just can't...fuck, it's dusgusting! -Yeah!
Marine!? Come and see!...hop! hop!
and that your own son might do that!
when it happens, he's not your son anymore
Carole,I thought i should tell you. I was 38 when i finally got pregnant, almost a miracle. It's a permanent bliss with Laurent!
I think it's good to have kids younger -Why do you tell me that?
Because i know Laurent loves kids , and so do you! and even if you're still students, we're here.. i'm here
Don't drive too fast Carole hey? Being outdoor allday makes you sleepy! -Don't worry
OH! I was forgetting..soap! you still have some? -yeah yeah, Jeanne
How's it going in College? -Fine, anyway i don't care, i can't fail, so, not to worry
Laurent! You know that without a degree -Ok, ok! I know what i'm doing!
Since his cousin's death, i feel Laurent is resenting us a bit -What did he expect from us? To take Marc with us?...Aww.. Shit!
you heard my old man? He chokes on the words "agricultural school". He's ashamed the pharmacist's son should become a peasant
Aren't you exagerating a bit? you're just trying to annoy him he only wants you to get a degree
I swear, you don't know him! he's just worried over what people will think.
Sounds just like my uncle, "With a business nowadays, we can't afford to..." hahaha!
Wanna bet we do it in two hours? -Darn!
If my dad were a pharmacist, i swear i wouldn't be here emptying garbage
it's the price of my independance ,you gimp! -rather the price for staying in the closet!
stop playing the future homeless kid your parents aren't dumb.If they knew for you they wouldn't kick you out!
Not so sure!
Laurent, check that out! -check out what?
-come over here -ahno!don't bother me with your bras! -No, look!
look, the linen your mom gave us -they're not bad
you see, it's now expected! we must not only share the same bed we have to "sleep" together!
alright! i got the solution, i'll split them in two
right, just don't expect me to sew those hems!? -did i ever ask you to sew my hems?
it bothers me that your mom gave us those linen -why? anyway she convinced herself we're together, so...
yeah, well, we're not together and she doesn't know
yeah, but "you" know
ho..carole,would you sleep with another woman? -bah... -there!same thing with me, and it's not like i didn't try!
anyway, with you it's too late now you're like my sister, so..
hello,yes, he's in, hold on
yep..ah, it's you, sure.. no problem..i'll be right over
i'm going out
why don't you tell me the truth? it's your boyfriend?
first, i don't have a boyfriend second, i'd like to have one third, he's just a friend
and one spends entire nights with a 'friend'? -yep, it can happen, see?
you really think i'm stupid! i'm not your mom, it's always the same one who calls
it's Alain, Marc's boyfriend, you dork!
why didn't you say sooner! see? that's what i hate with you. You never want to share anything..and i'm not talking "ass" here!
i share your life already, isn't that enough? -You Fucker! -You Whore!
hey, don't you think you've had enough?
if you came here to lecture me...!
i came to see you
i hate sunday nights
i hate this empty restaurant
mark always sat there if you knew how i miss him
funny you know , to love someone who's dead
let's go somewhere else ok? - yeah, you're right, let's go
let's go pretend we exist under someone else's eyes
...fuck, it's hallucinating,they just carry on as if mark never existed - and is surprises you?
when i called your uncle to tell him marc only had a few days left , the only thing he answered is:"bah, AIDS shows there's a justice for people like you"
i didn't even have time to tell him mark had hepathitis and it had nothing to do with aids.
aw, mark fucked up, he never should have told them he was queer - why?we should be ashamed??...sorry that's not what i meant
true, with such retards, there's no point talking about it.
... shit!!! - what's that?
you see that guy in a suit over there? he's my dad's accountant, fuck. - so, where's the problem?
i don't really want him to see me, that's all. - wait, you're scared he's gonna tell your dad?.. if he outs you, he outs himself too.
i just don't like the idea -anyway, there's only fags in there.
15 days selling newspapers, even EasterDay, i nearly died...and the boss always on my ass, scared i was gonna steal from the cash register.
me, i haven't found anything, and i'm broke - who gives a fuck, in 6 months , we're all engineers
yeah, and loaded for inventing the tomato that'll never rot - ah! there's Carole and her chaperon
her "chapon" you mean (tnsl: chapon= castrated rooster) - you say that because you don't make him hard hey?
so? you're into bearded ones now? - shit, he's think he's a new teacher?
hi laurent -hi mathieu
can i talk to you for a sec? why weren't you at the party last night? - bah, i got in late, i was knackered.
but what have i done to you?... hold on, i thought it was clear between you and me do i have to tell you? with hieroglyphs?
you,there's something you're not getting yet..i just love being desired for.
fuck, that's unreal.. ever since that fag's been with you, must sleep together's got to be - what a retard!... i got no time for tards like you
what you have to know first, is the acidity of the soil, to know which plants are adequate...and how do we know that?..hmm?
laurent? - we send the analysis at the lab, and they take care of it, this way we don't have to give a shit... - hey, cool it
and just from smelling, you can tell me what we can plant here? hey the Poet!? We're waiting.
earthworm, raise your army from earth, to the promised land, lead your peers, you're the Salt of the Earth...and your mom.
let me tell you , your verses will never make anything grow and if you carry on annoying me, you'll soon have lots of time to contemplate them...the earthworms.
laurent, it's your last chance...if you fail again this year, it's over.
for a year, you haven't stopped messing up, can you tell me what's the point?
shit, you're not a kid anymore, don't tell me you want me to call your parents?
ok,i think i got a training in the same specialty you've chosen, i hope it'll interest you, because trainees with no training... ..there's tons of them.
damn, it's worse than being drafted
yeah, well remember the army is a huge provision of MEN! - they're mad... what's the fucking schedule? 7:30am... i didn't get my degree to be selling veggies!
well... if you carry on, you'll be selling them all your life. - ah, thank you, real encouraging that..bah,i'll call you as soon i know when i finish, you'll pick me up?
hm, if i can, yeah.. - c'mon, be cool,
hi, you're Laurent Mauries? -yes -i'm Eric Martin, hope it's not too early for you?
ah, no , no at all - good, i'll show you around and then we get to work right away
that's all the clothes you got? - errr. yeah..
you got no working clothes? -no, why.. do i get to milk cow or something like that
cows no, but there's some manure
here's my 'lair' ...ah, looks like you weren't expecting that -what's that for?
Bermont didn't tell you anything? -sure, but he only told me i was gonna be training in a nursery
i just don't own a mursery, i also do research with INRA.
really...but normally shouldn't you... -normally i should drive daily to the institute, but i don't.
that's allowed? - living proof
ok, for the schedule, here's what i'm suggesting. You take part in the garden chores, which i also do, and here you assist my in my research. Suits you? - like i have a choice?
of course you got choice.Listen, i understand you find the peasant aspect shitty,so i'll make it easy. i need you for my grants, you need me for your diploma.
so, if all that bothers you, you take a 2 months holiday, and i write you a decent report for the school... suits you?
eh, why do you say that? What did Bermont tell you exactly? - that the least you do, the happier you are, and except for poetry, you care for nothing .
you're out of luck, poetry bores me shitless and i got no time for student's inner problems. - cedric, you there?
yeah, i'm over here.
you left everything opened, anyone could have gone with the cash - no, leave it, it's my fault.
laurent, here's my mom Emma, and here's our new trainee
hi, hope you'll enjoy your stay with us.
listen, finally the two months off will be fine, so you may send the report to my school. Goodbye Mrs Martin.
what happened? - nothing,
bah, what did you tell that boy? - well, i just tried to make him comfortable.
looks like it worked!
.. and what now? - now what? - what are you gonna do with those 2 months off?
what i love best... nothing.
laurent, i've had it.. more so when you act like a socialist snob. What that guy told you is true. plus he gave you a choice without forcing you.
socialist snob!?..really, anything else? he didn't give me a chance. - no,YOU didn't.
oh, giv me a break.
since marc's death, you get everything mixed up, before even, since his parents kicked him out. You think yours are going to accept who you are with you fucking up?
they'll never understand if you don't tell thm... never!
or you don't tell them anything if you don't want,but get on with your life, even without them, move on, fuck! -ah!listen to you talking.
with me ,it's different i'm unhappy because marc is gone, but you because you act like a victim.
damn,being gay isn't an illness, so don't give in to them by destroying yourself.
and you're not going to start sulking on top! I'd rather you start telling me one of your poems,gee.
and god knows how they aggravate me!
there, you repeat the same thing the same time everyday. - err.. don't you know about auto sprinklers?
sure i do, but it's costly,you get it? it's ok with you if i'm being so familiar? - no, no... oh fuck...
why have're not asking me why i came back? - none of my business.hand me the plants over the counter please?...behind you
Shit... sorry. - never mind, it's my fault.
oh my god - i'm ok
sorry... hello?yes, yes, it's here. ok, i'll tell him
laurent, your dad had an accident, he's in the hospital.
what happened? - laurent, the steel curtain was blocked again, he tried climbing on a stool to free it and lost balance, and crashed his head on the sidewalk
no no, you wait here, i'll come and get you
there, everything's ok, he's waiting for you, not even a concussion.
ah,please, i'm not dead yet - you scared the shit out of me.
your mom's too!it's a weird experience.. to be on the other side,and, come back
ok the ambulance is here.You sure you don't want me to come with you? - no no, georges is there, and you got your training..we'll be ok
Mr Mauries? - hi, how are you doing?
i should ask you that. - yeah yeah, er, we're waiting for my dad who's had a minor accident, nothing serious.
good, well goodbye -goodbye ..she's the nurse who took care of the end.
laurent, marc didn't die because of us - you could have visited him
when one is like marc, it's better to shut up. If he hadn't said anything, we wouldn't have known anything. No one would have rejected him. -hold, he wasn't a monster ok?
when you have kids , you too will understand
i don't like this hotel at all, let's go... hop!
And the mother, closing the Book of Duty Went her way , satisfied and proud Not seeingthrough the blue eyes or his forehead full of eminence The soul of her child cast to repugnances
you're on strike or what? - no, i'm listening to you
you want to spend the night here? -chief, aren't we allowed our union break?
there you go
thanks...what.. i scare you? - only death scares me
laurent, you got to help me - to do what?
i think it would be better if we split up.I'll look for a place.
with Mathieu? - no, Mathieu, he's got some progress to, it's for me.
it's because i prefer guys? -yep, sorry but look at us, makes no sense...
there's not only your folks who think we sleep together i'm starting to believe it too. i don't want to become a faghag running away whenever a guy gets near.
no you're right, i don't want you to suffer because of me - i know it well laulau,you hate seeing your loved ones do i, but i feel like being a bit selfish for once.
to cut it short, it's to select genes which will allow plants to resist pollutants. if you find them there, you'll be loaded after - absolutely not,i'm associated to other scientists and engineers , plus i work for the state.. as you will soon.
and they turn you on that much, those little veggies? - it looks dumb for a guy to spend nights saving carrots?
no, if that's what you dig, -ahah, and what do you dig?
you seen the time? You ought to stop now. c'mon.
and you tonight, you eat with me... if not, he won't eat a bite, i know. - oh my, is your mom as much of a tyrant?
that's it, tyrants know best what's good for their kids. -poo
why don't you have dinner with us?you've been working here for 2 weeks and i haven't yet invited you. -and his girlfriend?
she 's welcome too -i'm sure they prefer being together
nonono, i can stay really, anyway my girlfriend can't pick me up tonight,and i only got to be at work at 9 that's all - and what job is that?
i clean up offices in the industrial park - doesn't pay much i guess? -it's just to get by
your parents can't help you? - why should they?nah, i prefer being independant
of course i'm not sulking, we're just working that's all...yeah
he reminds me of you when he says he says he doesn't want his parents to help. - my story and his aren't the same -really? you know his story?
nyway,don't stress over it, i'll take the bus
cheese? -ah no, thank you, not for me - no thanks
you're right, that old cheese is disgusting -emma, really, not in front of our guest? excuse her, she can't fake.
may i smoke? -no,if you want to destroy your health, it won't be in my presence.
told you, she can't fake.
but err,i don't get it, if the nursery causes you such problems why do you keep it? -ah when cedric makes up his mind on something...
my dad built all this,and by selling i would have had the feeling of burying him a second time -yeah but at what price!i don't speak for myself, but you got no life anymore.
that's why you've set up your lab here then? -yep, i told them ' this is it or i resign'...luckily, they agreed.
my dad was a good guy, darn, that's dumb dad was a someone who...hmm... though we haven't got along all the time... - it's always when people disappear that we start understanding them.
exhilirating our stories no? -no no, that's not it, but i got to get to work now
i'll drop you off.
good, so you're not too late - no, i even got time to smoke one
like one of mine for example? - for example, haha -there
excuse me
hey, laulau, what's wrong? is it because of me? - what pretense...i'm ok, you're not the only one in my life.
ah, yeah? who is it?i know him? -a good hetero, as usual!
oh shit, we've got no luck the both of us hey?
there are the guys one fucks,like Mathieu, just for fucking and there are the guys one loves. And you are a guy one loves.
how cool... -want a drink, on me?
why "a" drink? -LAURENT!
and i thought you told me everything? -when i know everything, i tell you everything... but now!?
hmm, i just thought you'd be stuck walking back home, ..and i had nothing to do, so... - ah , no no,Carole, she's got a car and
i'm sorry, that was stupid of me. - no no, hold on...just wait, ok? ... Carole!?
would it bug you if we spend the evening the 3 of us? - would it bug you to spend the evening the 2 of you?
excuse me, in fact,i'm sorry, i'm Cedric,err, can i invite you for a drink?
for me tonight it won't be possible, i got an important apointment, well, Laurent will explain, but some other time ,sure, with pleasure.
and as for you, you watch out,he's cute, he seems nice, and he's bent as a banana!
well, see you!have fun!
chilly? -fuck, i'm freezing my balls here...must be minus20 in here.
that's because of the lab. -yeah? got to do what you got to do!
you want me to get you a little blanket? -bah, it'll be alright
a hot bottle? -haha, i'm ok. -ok?
you weren't scared you'd get smacked in the car? -bah, there was no risk
really? -only a fag would stay with his mom at your age
you're a bastard, that's what you are.
you worked all night once again? -fuck, your mom!Move! .. your mom's there!c'mon, i tell you...your mom
i'm certain cases, you could lock your door at least. -you'd manage to break through.
i'll go make breakfast.
would you react now? -what's the matter now, you seen the Virgin Mary?
hold on you tard, your mom was just here - and ,so what?
so what? bah, nothing. nothing at all, it's fine. - i don't talk to guys who don't say hello in the morning.
you could have warned me hey? -alright, i'm sorry, ok? and Laurent is the embarassed one.
he takes tea? -no, coffee, same as i do.
i'll be back. -Cedric told me you'll have coffee? -yes, please.
here, sit yourself. there's butter, jam,don't be shy.
you don't dare look at me?
look at me Laurent. i'll make things clear
11 years ago,at Cedric's father's funeral,we were both standing there, and he told me "mom, i prefer guys"
and he added a terrible statement he said " you take it , or leave it"
i had just lost my husband,not a saint, but i loved him, and i wasn't ready to lose both him and my son... so i accepted it.
it's been long, it's been hard. I'm telling you this because you got nothing to fear from me.
Cedric taught me a lot.He taught to love, to accept, to accept that...
i'm starving
i changed marker -thanks
nothing there -why do you bother with that shit, it'll never work.
ok, who's doing the research here? you or me? -pfft, research, the more you do it, the less you find anything.
you menial little trainee -loser
you find that funny hey? -yeah!
you dirty faggot.. oh shit.
Remember our passed extasy? Why would I keep such memory? Your heart beats ever for my name only? Always, look, my soul yearns for it! - Nah!you don't believe in love stories now?
you know,given my experience, besides dirty stories ..why? you believe?you've been in love?
yep.but to live 2 together, you got to know how to lie, and that i can't.
that's too scientific. -yeah, probably
fuck, i just get the picture now. -if it scares you, you can fuck off you know.
i'm not allowed to stay?
what was that first verse again? -some memory you got !
Remember our passed extasy?...
you're coming?
wow, you can really cook, it was almost edible - proves one can be queer and a lousy cook too.
fortunately, you still got poetry left - and agronomy
what?..well, really, sorry but given your results in the past year, it doesn't look any better than your cooking.
thanks...why have you completely messed up? -listen, i discovered women on one side, and sex on the other and it perturbed me
you weren't very 'precocious' - i caught up fast no?
and this passion about poetry,it comes from..??? - hold it,you making fun out of me?
yep -i dunno, comes from school,didn't you like poetry?
honestly? - well i enjoy it.when you're all alone in a shithole like Valincourt, bored shitless, your head full of questions, that kind of stuff helps you answer some
ahah...your folks know you prefer guys? -whether they know or not, what's that got to do with it?
the doorbell
good evening carole -good evening
so sorry, we just thought we'd pay you a small surprise visit. -but...laurent is out
you see , we should have phoned
you haven't had dinner? -we're not staying, we're invited by one of our laboratories..concert, cocktail,big hotel.We're here till tomorrow morning.
you want to come in perhaps?
we don't want to bother you -i'd love to see how you're settled. -excuse us.
..ah, here's only storage here's the living room...and the bedroom
for 2, it's perfect -especially for our 2 lovebirds
it's a shame, if laurent had known -will he be back soon?
i don't know
you haven't quarreled i hope? -oh, no no, not at all, he's over at a school buddy.
hello...yes.. i'll get him Laurent? it's for you. -who is it?
Carole..hmm, you looks sexy like this. -will you get off our back, you...oh... dammit, when are they going back? i'll be right over. Shit! i got my folks at home... fuck!
you've got to drive me
you'd be eating better at the Hotel. -that's what i told your mom, instead of coming back disturbing you
Good Morning -Carole! -Good Morning Carole.
you didn't have to get up for us
have you passed more tests for your wound? -no,no need, i was just shaken a bit too long, that's all.
it's one of the best concert i'd ever been to. You should go.It's on for a week. -Laurent doesn't like Classical music, you know that.
i know, he only likes what i hate... almond croissants!
i missed you -really? not me.
so? not too tiring, playing hetero with mom and dad?
you sure we can plant this? -absolutely,you only need to protect it from early frosts, you put a some straw underneath, a nice plastic around and that's all!
if you love it,it'll survive anything hey?
ok, that's the one i prefer -great, then take it,always take the one you prefer, that's my view.
I got IT. fuck!
So? -well well, just shows how anything goes hey?
you're a bastard! -ok, so what's your plans for the summer?
well, i got to get some training -really? that's not gonna be easy
you're awful -you want to stay?
and i got to do what to stay?
hop! it goes
you respected the dosage? -of course not, retard, i threw it all in ,at random.
perfect,bravo, keep going
k,the results by next sunday you'll handle the report? -nope, next sunday i'm out
out where? - seeing my parents. Haven't visited for 2 months because of you.
stop pouting! why don't you drop me off? it'll get you outdoor
cedric, you could wear this one and say you're my sister. - you haven't the same but shorter?
nope, that's all i got .. ahh, over with the family weekends, the ideal daughter in law. Cedric, what you doing tonight?
watchout, every time she sees a fag, she has to seduce him to test her charm. -not at all!it's because there's precisely no risk at all
you don't like me much hey? -sure, i hate you,worse, i detest you,because of you laurent is happy, and he's finally got courage to love a guy.
why "courage"?
I'm ready!
thanks -pleasure,making people happy is my passion
except with Carole!?she acts silly, but she's mad about you. -c'mon, i never hid anything from Carole.
not like with your folks. - sorry but what's that got to do with it?
when are you introducing me? -why? you want to ask for my hand?
hold on, what you doing? - i'm parking, want to rehearse my marriage proposal.
cedric, giv me a break with my parents. -why don't you tell them?it's that hard to tell them the truth?
i got my life, they got theirs, all's just fine,and that's all. -so everytime i drive you to Valencourt, i'll have to drop you off by the drugstore.
cedric, you're bugging the shit out of me.IF you prefer, i get off now and hitch hike, not a problem for me.
not too dangerous if i drop you off here? -no, tis ok,
want me to pick you up? -no need, i'll take the train and call you when i get to Lille
maximum safety measures!? -see you tomorrow night.
you have one box missing! you'll have it Monday at 9 for sure. -but.. i'll have enough for today and tomorrow?
with this box, you have enough for a week and monday you'll get the other box.
Sir? -hello -and what do i pay today - nothing, the insurance takes care of it.
you don't have any scented rubbers? -they're are not the ones i usually get asked for -you don't have the red ones either,shaped with reservoir tips
gee, it's the purple ones that are shaped with the reservoir tips. - i see you're a connaisseur
one has to these days.
here are all our models, but you can't try them on -what a shame, would have been really useful.
we'll take that one.. we got any shampoo left? -we're not gonna buy the whole store?
here, that will be 98 francs.
not too long a ride? - no no, i slept -that Mrs Dufresne, what a nuisance.
Goodbye Messieurs Dames -goodbye messieurs
i dunno how they do it. They can't reproduce, but there's more and more! and we're about to let them get married on top..haha.
and how's Carole? -she's just fine, she's sorry, she would have liked to come but...
training on weekends? they're exagerating...still, you look real fine
hi there sir -hold on, i'll take care of it.
what can i do for you? -hm, aspirin please
on the display laurent, right in front -will that do? -yeah
it's 35 francs please -thank you
sorry, took me forever to get a taxi and got stuck in a traffic jam allowme, i'll do it - nono, i'm done, go see cedric instead. hasn't come out of his shack all weekend.
Had an argument? -no no
could you close the door please? -you're ok? had a good time in Valencourt?the drugstore?
wow, what, you got scared i was going to ask for your hand?
and what did you expect? that i should introduce you: hi dad , hi mom, this is Cedric and we take it up the ass? -presented like that, at least it would have been clear.
listen cedric, don't play games with me k? -sorry? you think i'm the one playing games here? that's what you think?
i don't want to argue with you right now - ah no?..well neither do i, but you know what? i don't feel like having a double life.
i don't get you -you don't get it? it's real simple,when you're here, we're together, but when you go to your parents , when they visit you...
Get off my back with my parents! it's not with them that you fuck ok?
you bet it's not with them,but you see, i thought we had something going here, not just sex.. silly. looks like i got it all wrong.
and you know what? i don't feel like living with a guy who can't take responsibility for who he is .
Laurent!..laurent! -fuck off,it bothers you that much that i should be happy?IT's because of fuckups like this my cousin died. His folks kicked him out like a piece of shit and let him die..
and my folks didn't budge, not a finger, business as usual.Anyway, you can't understand, and i don't giv a shit.
what are you going on about?
a true story i'm afraid.No sooner did he comeout Marc found himself on the street, like he had the plague.
fuck, gives me the creep people still act like that. When was it? -last year
same time you started fucking up in school? -bravo Mr Freud
took Marc to Vietnam, so he could forget, then he caught that shit, galloping hepatitis
..2 months later... laurent told you? his folks think he died of AIDS
you knew he was queer? -you bet, we were like brothers,only 2 years apart.He knew when he was 15 and i did at around 18, i think. -marc took it badly,2 gay cousins, he didn't find it funny at all.
he felt guilty,feeling everyone would think it was his fault, like it was contagious. -same shit we usually hear, no?, showing he knew the limits of his family too well.
i don't give a shit what people think,they can all stare at me, i don't give a fuck.If you wanna kiss me in front of everybody here, go ahead.
even in front of your dad's accountant?you won't manage to hide all your life you know.
i know they'll find out one day,but i want them to know you first and see that you're a great guy. -that we can be gay without wearing high heels
and if emma had rejected you when you told her,you'd have agreed not to see her anymore perhaps? - i didn't give her a choice
if i blurt out i'm gay to my folks, odds are i'll lose them and i hate the idea.
before dad's accident, i hadn't realized i loved them so much.
there. for gardeners' hands. -thanks, but i'm not a gardener, neither is he.
sorry, but i haven't really figured what your nursery guy does? - applied research pierre, same thing laurent wants to do,so hard to understand for a pharmacist?
in fact,they're biologists and all , and they try figuring how plants could resist pollutants. -at one end man destroys nature,and at the other he tries saving it.Good thing there are guys like him.
i don't know your nurseryman,but looking at his dad's business, it shows he's a good guy. At least, he got you to adopt a profession.
he really is a great guy. In fact, it would be cool if you'd met him, well, if you feel like it.
easy, just invite him over for a weekend. -no no, forget it,anyway he works saturdays.
so what. we'll expect him on saturday night, he can even stay over and leave on sunday.
sure, he could come for Marine's birthday, a new face in the family, it'll be easier to endure the others.
you see, when we don't know,i was far from knowing, -we have to go through that to be an engineer and digging earth with your hands doesn't hurt you.
even gardeners picking leaves in parks, they contribute to nature's balance. -to nature's disbalance
must be a big workload,your nursery, your research, -laurent told us for your father.
yes, very noble of you, especially for someone your age. -when someone you love goes away, we try to keep a bit more than memories.
c'mon, blow... yay, still one left
super, good girl
i want daddy to cut the slices. - hold on marine, you'll get some..oh lala. -take the candles off first..the candles.
(-sorry, but how old were you when your dad died?) everything ok darling? -yeah (- and what did he die of?)
from heart attack -aaah, sorry and pardon for asking, but your mother?
she never remarried if that's what you're wondering. -and you? are you married?
yes,i married Science!
not my nephew's case it seems, right Carole? -well, when you have the chance to meet the man of your life, you don't want to messup. So, i'm getting sleepy,if you'll excuse me?
of course dear -anyway, we're off too
laurent,you're coming?
i think i'll ... - ah no no cedric, we want you to stay till tomorrow.I had the guestroom ready for you. You'll see, one sleeps marvelously well here.
go up!...nite everybody! -i've put out the summer linen -yes, thank you Jeanne
can you tell me what the heck i'm doing here?How long is this joke gonna last?..I came over with cedric to help you laurent,not to be your alibi.
anyway, it's the last time. I'm not coming back ever if you don't do anything. - dammit, i can't, i can't!
then go explain that to Cedric.good night.
Carole refuses to carry on? It's normal now that i took her place. -you've never taken her place,
stop, your parents.. -who cares, they're asleep
you scared? no... but i don't want to, not here,not like this, not as long as they won't know what i mean for you.
i couldn't today with Marine, the others, time!? -for sure, and yo know, next time,you'll find another excuse.
it's like the first time.. the more you wait, the harder it losing your virginity.
what? you'd rather i speak to them? -you mad or what?
listen laurent, little fondling games under the table or between doors don't do it for me.
what would they think if they'd find us? "yet more fucking fags doing their dirty stuff behind their backs",is that it?
i'm over with feeling shame now. I'm not ashamed to be with you.
sorry, but i can't sleep here. -whatever, just take off,i didn't ask you to stay over, my mom did.
don't force me to cheat,don't,i can't do it.
in any case, my mission is a success, my in laws find me extraordinary...
you'll excuse me to your parents.
what you doing here? -working
i can see that.. but weren't you at Laurent's? -yep, except i'm here now
something happened? ...isn't it early for whiskey no?
tis always too early for anything.. ...Fuck!!
don't ask laurent to go faster than you do.
hello? ah, it's you, no no... he just got mister is sulking! hold, i'll check.
it's for you
ah, it's not ready, you'll have to wait -i'm not eating with you, i'm off to Paris.
now? -err, yeah. A conference starting tomorrow, i ought to be there.
and you'll be back when? -bah, when it's over? sorry to leave you on your own.
i'm not alone, laurent's there.
..what about the lab? -don't worry, i'll call you
damn, it's not going to start allover.
Are you Mrs Mauries?Laurent's mom? -yes!
I'm Cedric's mother, Cedric Martin. Your son is training with us.
i would like to talk to you both
we were so sorry cedric couldn't stay the weekend.
laurent told us you'd been ill? -ah yes, but i'm fine now.
there's a problem with laurent? about the training?
yes and no. - i don't understand
it's somewhat touchy, i ... i don't know if i'm doing the right thing here. -you just go ahead, we're willing to hear everything.
well, yes, there is a problem but it's between cedric and laurent
in fact, i mean... i believe our sons love each other.
what do you mean? -what you've just heard.
what are you talking about?.. it's impossible
you're mistaken.Laurent has a girlfriend. -yes i know,i know Carole,but laurent loves cedric.
i take it you're telling us the truth? -yes Mr Mauries, i'm uncapable of lying. I know it's very hard,but if i'm here, it's because they need us.
I'll see you out.
you think hiding in your bedroom will solve anything? -i'm not looking for solutions right now.
i'm not the one who left you laulau why don't you call him? -to say what?
bah you're right after all, you can go and ask Dad for my hand -why not.For once that you're in love. you're fucking up everything there
it's not my fault, i didn't ask to be gay.I've given enough already i think.
my poor laulau..what is your life going to be?
Watchout SnowWhite! perhaps Prince Charming is coming to pick you up.
Laurent is there? -yes, he's in the bedroom Laurent? It's your dad!
what brings you here? -wait dad,, what's wrong?
you disgust me. You really got a kick out of this hey? No need to come home ever.
what you doing? Stop! - that assfucker! i'm gonna smash his little face.
Stop! Calm down!have you gone mad? -calm down? you crazy? you know what he did? He told my parents everything that bastard.
it's not him, it's me he knows nothing. I told them.
are you nuts? what the fuck did you do that for? -but because i thought.. - and my mom!?.. fuck,have you thought of my mom ?
Jeanne, you want to end up like me?Swallowing up your whole pharmacy? -Martine, please
i can't go on living like this.It's as if we'd killed our own son.
Martine, it's not your fault. We can't accept everything,even if it's our own kids.
what have we done to make them like that? we've always let him do all he wanted.
Jeanne,there's one question we must ask, one only "Do we love our kids as much as we pretend?"
they must have got a kick out of listening to me talk about my grandchildren. What an idiot...idiot!
that!.. they could have spared up that masquerade. -it's our fault.We've pushed him to lie, to do what pleased us.
what shame!what will we look like if people find out! -don't worry about people.We don't live with them but with our kids.
When your son will be gone,it's not them who'll replace him.
you pour me another one please? -might be a bit too much no? -i'm legal, i pay you, so, you serve.
is that what you wanted to know?to know if a chick could arouse you? -would be so much simpler.At least i'd have the impression to be like everyone else.
no one is like anyone else.It means nothing.
i've got to manage fucking a girl, fuck. -i'm not a girl one manages to fuck
you really don't get it. -you think?You're a fag laurent, so accept yourself and quit annoying us with your issues.
sorry to tell you, but marc had more courage.
good evening carole, i know it's late but i must talk to laurent, is he in?
Ah, Emma!
i fear you won't be able to drink Pastis for a long while. A whole bottle on an empty stomach.
i'll just give you something to relax you..and get some rest!
if you feel he's too depressed, double the dosage -i shall, thank you Doctor.
goodbye -goodbye
you see, even at my age one can mess up.
what the fuck am i doing here? -this way i can watch over you
And stirring shit around you is a habit of yours?
it's more this mess which i can't bear
i've got fuck all to do here -you can leave, whenever you want
you do as you wish ...ok, i'm hungry
you don't ask me any questions? -to know what?
well, how your parents reacted -don't giv a fuck
OK!i was wrong to do what i did, ok although...
you've got to give them time laurent you're unbearable, you , Cedric and the others like you.
we have to take it in,no time to understand, no time to cry either... -yeah, but you, you didn't kick cedric out, you still love him.
because you think your parents don't love you? - for sure, they just find me disgusting.
why don't you try talking to your mom the way you're talking to me?Why don't you tell her what happened with Carole last night?
why do i now all this and she doesn't? -after all, i think i'd have liked to have a mom like you.
shame on you for saying that.Do you know what she's going through?And all that because of me?
Ah well,he's going to have a piece of my mind that one.. 2 days without any news
Cedric!...oh,good morning,can you hold the line for a moment please?
(it's your mom, do you want to talk to her?) ...sorry, a customer.. ..yes, but laurent, he's out right now.
yes, he's here for a few days. ...Pardon? ... If you wish, certainly...where?
i'm so lost. For me it's unbearable to think laurent is a's also unbearable to think i won't see him ever again.
it's also unbearable for him not to see you again. Jeanne, how can one kick his child out simply because he's a bit different?
how could you ever accept that? -i weeped too. I too saw myself as a nice granny, surrounded with grandchildren.
and that a boy should sleep with another, even today..
you see? you think as we do.
We have nothing against those people. You know, several come to the drugstore. -yes, but they're called neither Laurent, nor Marc.
and when it hits us, we're all the same.
i accepted because i didn't want to lose my son. And whetever i think deep down, i want him to be happy...not you?
Jeanne,Cedric and Laurent have split up. -it does not interest me.
Cedric wanted laurent to tell you everything, but laurent refused, he didn't want to hurt you, to lose you.
he did all he could to lose us. -listen Jeanne,i don't know what you expect of me. All i know is that Laurent is very unhappy, he's suffering for the hurt he's caused you.
because he'd rather not be homosexual. and because he loves my son in spite of everything.
i have to go back to the nursery.
it's not like you to have done this. -you think it's like me to swallow down a whole bottle of Pastis?
and then try to fuck my best friend?
honestly, i don't know how you manage to not hate me. -ah, you know, i like you as you are.
i even think i couldn't like you if you were any different. But that i found out a bit late.
what will you do till school starts? you're going to stay here?
no no, i'm leaving.Think it's for the best. This way you can keep the apartment
you only have to find someone -ah, but i do have someone.
aw, you and your cigarettes. -sorry, i'll put it out.
no,smoke it you silly,if not you'll tell me you have to go water the garden.
that's what Cedric does?
you love him hey?
i'm not staying Emma. I don't really care to be here when Cedric returns. I'll finish my job in the lab and then i'll be off.
and you're going where? -Paris, i've seen Bermont, the college principal.
i told him the whole story,without hiding anything he found me another school.
but i really want to work in that field. even if i've been stupid
it's a shame at your age to carry all that useless pain
hello?ah, it's you,and your Conference,interesting? ...yeah yeah, we're fine.
don't worry if i don't answer tomorrow morning. I'll be gone.The Doctor wants me to pass some tests...routine stuff, nothing serious.
nah, don't bother,i'll be back in the afternoon.. .yeah, of course. me too, kisses...bye.
emma?emma?, where are you?
i'm here,
ok, what's all that about tests? when do you have to be at the hospital? - i'm not going anymore... false alert.
you're putting me on? -your coffee is warm, eat. you've eaten nothing.
ok, this doctor and test story,it's a joke? -and you, your conference story?
why are you playing games? -i'm playing games? where have you been since sunday?
told you, a conference. -as if i invaded on your privacy.
i never said that -well let me tell you something, you should start thinking about others a little bit.
because for you, life is like that: a straight line and what laurent is feeling, you don't give a shit
i have something else to tell you. i goofed also.
i went to Valincourt, i saw laurent's parents.. told them everything.
fuck, of what right did you do that for? - the right to happiness, silly isn't it, but it exists.
hold on, you tell me just like that? You're aware of what you've done?
how did it go? very bad,i thought amongst intelligent people i could tell them.. explain what i had lived through...
and Laurent, where is he now? -he said he wanted to go to Paris. But he's still here,his train leaves in an hour only.
he doesn't know you're here. -you're unsufferable
fuck, i'm sorry, i didn't know you were coming back. -it's ok, you can stay
no no , got a train to catch
i really fucked up. I salvaged what i could, but the program is ruined.
Emma told me everything -so?what does it change? Anyway i've told nothing to my parents, so i'm still virgin
ah, bah. -the only new thing is i'm off to Paris.
that's crazy,i was just there. -there! we can say our paths crossed.See ya!
Laurent? won't you say goodbye?
goodbye... and thanks hey? -even after what i did?
bah,anyway, i should have done it myself -above all, when you get to Paris, call your mom.It's important to have a mom, as it's wonderful to have kids
can i drive you? -yeah, at least this way i won't miss my train.
hello?..speaking...Jeanne? no, no he's gone. -did he tell you where?
no, i only know he's got a school transfer, to Paris...Jeanne?..Jeanne?
we just lost Laurent. -we'd already lost him
don't you understand we'll never see him anymore? -perhaps better that way.
if he'd come back, i couldn't have taken it...i would have left.
i'm a selfish bastard laurent. Emma was right.I have no right to expect others to do as i do.
if i've hurt you, i'm sorry. you hear?
i love you..i love you.
take me to Valencourt.
and Laurent? haven't seen him in ages. he's ok i hope? -yeah yeah, he's fine.
excuse me.
can you come over, we have customers.
vitamins.. you prefer caplets or drops? -drops! caplets,i...
ok, i don't give a damn if you don't want to see me anymore..I don't want to lose you. -excuse me,do you mind if we carry on in the other room?
i'll be in the car.
excuse me, but i'm in a hurry.
why did you bring me in here?
as far as i'm concerned, i'm not ashamed.
i don't think people care to hear it. so stop thinking about you only.
have you thought about us a bit? -that's all i've ever done all my life, thinking about you. So let me talk alright?
you know cedric... i'm in love with him. ..yeah, i love him.
Yes, i love a guy, i know you can't bear the idea, but that's how it is.
it's not a matter of being gay or whatever, it's simply a matter of love.
dad, it's not your fault, it's not mine either. You had no say in this, and neither had i.
please, just give me some more time
Oh Shit, i feel high now. - ah yeah? well it's now that i'm starting to flip.
because we got nothing to fight over anymore. -sure sure, i'll find you some.
by the way, i have to tell you something important. -go ahead
now i know your parents -uhuh?
be cool and don't force me to see them again? -ok, but if your mom starts consulting tomorrow..?
ok -ok?
bastard - dirty faggot!
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