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2000 AD Summer
We couldn't have known how important,
...that summer would turn out to be.
Until that day...
Hey, wait up!
Toshi, slow down.
I'm the boss. Slaves follow!
That's not fair!
Don't run. Watch out for gopher holes!
I still can't believe it.
Shut up, will you?
Fell right in, and bumped your head.
Weren't you gonna warn me?
You saw us jump, yeah?
You should've figured it out.
Let's finish this,
...or we'll miss the campfire.
What's that?
Toshi, wait!
- He's always like this.|- Don't leave us!
You scared me. What're you doing?
What're YOU doing?
I was in my hut and|there was that flash...
I saw it!
I came to check it out.
Not again!
What're you doing? Let's go!
It's a ball...
That's obvious.
What do we do?
Yusuki, you touch it.
It's fine. Just touch it.
Don't. We don't know what it is.
You're all useless.
Stop! Don't!
Leave it!
What is it?
Tetra meets Yusuki.
Tetra waited for you.
Toshi, can I take it home?
Why you?
Please, please
Yusuki is our robot freak.
It's gotta be him.
- Shall we let him?|- Can I? Really?
But it's not yours to keep.
Great! Really great.
And so began our summer with Tetra.
He lived in my closet|like an old friend,
...who'd been there for years.
Hello, Misaki!
Hello. Is Yusuki home?
He's been in his room all morning
...just go on in.
Anybody home?
How is he, Yusuki?
I'm so sorry!
You gave me a fright.
Didn't you hear me?
Sorry. But boy, you scared me!
My heart's thumping.
Stuff for Tetra.
Here's the aluminum. How about this?
Let's ask Tetra!
Choose what you need.
He's so cute!
He likes that.
What's he making?
Dunno. But there's lots of parts,
...and he's real quick.
We interrupting?
Don't just barge in.
Your Mom said it was okay.
How's Tetty?
Be careful.
Let's find those parts, okay?
We're going.
It's okay. I'll do it.
You mean your Mom will...
Thanks for having us.
It's kinda dark.
I'll walk you home.
Don't bother. She lives near me.
Misaki, let's go!
Okay, I'll come back soon.
Bye, Tetty.
See ya.
An unexpected rival appears...
His chances are good.
Yusuki is on the defensive...
Get lost!
Ooh, I'm scared.
Why get in the way?
They're so soppy, it makes me puke.
Really what?
What're you saying?
Don't you like her as well?
Childhood friends,
blossoming into more...
No way! Not with a tomboy like that.
Get on.
Hold tight.
Yeah, I know.
What's up?
Something wrong?
How do you tell someone...
It doesn't matter.
I'm home.
They're mad at you.
Said you'd stay-in this afternoon.
I didn't. Anyway, you were home.
I'm here on vacation...|I do what I want.
I might go jogging.
Cousins should help out.
I'll tell your Dad.
Noriko just hangs out doing nothing
You want to be like that?
Then I won't cover for you again.
I'm joking, please be on my side!
100,000 kms from Earth
Okay, okay, what're you barking at?
Let's go.
Quit it. We're going.
A storm?
My ears are popping. Let's go.
Okay, okay, what're you barking at?
Okay, okay, what're you barking at?
The ocean-going Blue Sea Turtle, one of nature's mysteries.
It wanders far
across the Atlantic|and Pacific oceans...
Excuse me, but I'm closing up now.
It's the end of the road for him.
Yoghurt Processing Plant
He's got no immunity our bacteria.
They won't be back to Earth in a hurry.
Thanks to the bacteria in yoghurt...
That hurt.
Very hurt.
There's a part I still need.
Five a.m. Welcome to the day.
What the hell are you doing?
Why's it open? Say something!
Okay, okay, what're you barking at?
Spill the beans, we know you did it!
See you next week.
Let's go to our reporter|live at the scene...
He's got no immunity, our bacteria.
What's she talking about?
Quiet, the old guy'll be furious.
Don't worry.
How about this?
Looks good.
Wanna keep this?
For now.
Check this out!
Ah, my speakers!
Where is she?
15 minutes late.
Hey, old man!
I'm beat!
Running off by yourself!
Give us a break!
Good morning.
You're early.
What're you up to?
It's a secret.
You were heavy.
You offered me the ride.
Hey, there.
Can we go in?
Come on, show us!
I couldn't sleep last night.
It's only just finished.
But we want to see it, too.
Just a little longer.
Stop teasing us!
Just a second.
Don't snoop.
I wasn't. Here.
Why only three?
'Cos you've got a tummy ache.
I want some.
No, not for you.
Ready now?
Hold on.
You're not to have one.
Yeah, yeah.
Watch your language.
You handled that well.
We should be okay now.
Look, here he is!
Walking by himself!
He did it!
So cute!!
Tetra, bodywork complete.
Tetra wants to use the internet.
But no-one's got a computer.
How about at school?
It was stolen, remember?
The new one's kept locked.
Especially during vacation.
How do you know?
Well, I just know...
What about PlayStation2?
No way! Can you?
Even though it ain't a computer?
I read it somewhere.
You sure?
- How do you do it?|- Where? Where?
Whaddya have to do?
Don't you plug in the phone?
- Which part?|- I don't get it.
What about that guy, Taka?
We need to ask you something.
How d'ya get on the 'net|with PlayStation2?
We can't?!
But I heard you could.
Says we need an adapter...
But we don't have one!
Who does he think we are?
We ain't got one. Have you?
Why the hell not?
That was no use.
We're back to square one.
Doesn't Taka have a computer?
No, he just knows a lot.
Buys magazines
then can't afford a computer.
What's up?
That guy, Kanzaki! He'll have one.
That weirdo electrician?
He's not a weirdo!
Who, who?
My Dad told me.
So the weirdo's got a computer?
He's not weird. He's perfectly normal.
There's that old electricians|behind school...
Yeah, that old place.
He's an inventor-freak.
Always fiddling about.
How can we get him to help us,
...but not show him Tetra?
Leave it to me. It's my 'hood.
Kanzaki Wireless Repair
What's that?
For my stomach ache...
Powdered yoghurt culture.
Have you got the runs!?
No, shut up!
Here he is.
Repairing someone's AC.
It's that time of year.
We've got two hours at least.
You wanna use the 'net?
Gotta sneak in.
Is that okay?
Always such a chicken.
That one.
4D Calculator?
Okay. Click it twice.
We're in!
Sorry to scare you.
I was shocked too, though.
We're very sorry.
Not at all. No problem.
So why my computer?
There's this...
This what?
Amazing stuff,'ve got here!
He's sucking up.
Dead right. Top of the line.
Must be expensive?
To buy, yes.
But I rent.|Not including the special stuff,
it's about a million a year.
A million!
I invented some stuff in high school.
Royalties from that... and these games,
...bring in quite a lot.
Know this?
Did you make
The Last Legend?
Just the basic program.
That and Craps and Rappies...
Are they well-known?
Don't you know?
So what are you researching now?
Tempo-spatial applications of|gravitational physics.
Or put simply...
Don't laugh.
A time machine.
There's already a way to|leap to the future.
Liquid nitrogen.
Add one goldfish.
Oh, no!
For him, time has stopped.
Is it dead?
No. Watch carefully.
Now, he's in the future.
He leapt through the time|he was frozen.
No, that's not right.
On TV, time machines go zoom...
Yeah, up and back between|past and present.
And that's what I'm studying.
Follow me, please.
I'll show you an amazing trick.
I'm going to make this|Pikachu disappear.
What did you do?
It's gone.
We created a mini black hole the micro level.
It's called a worm home.
Where'd the paper go?
First, it became incredibly small.
Then, crossed dimensions,
...and came out of another hole.
Where's the other worm hole?
Wanna see it?
What if he kidnaps us?
You've got your cell phone.
No service.
Isn't he a weirdo?
That's only what my Dad said.
Isn't this where Tetra...?
We were here before...
So you've been here before.
Do you think Tetra is his?
No idea.
Over here, quick.
I've put three of these in the forest.
The worm hole opens up
where their beams intersect.
Exciting, huh?
A hole?
It's a U.S.D.
What's that?
Uncomfortably Shitty Development.
Strange... Anyway, take a peek.
So, whaddya think?
Amazing. Instant transportation.
Aren't you impressed? Look.
I'm trying to use this defeat the time barrier.
We didn't mean to steal it...
It's grown bigger.
Tetra meets Kanzaki.
What on earth is it?
It's so cute!
He's yours, right?
We found him here.
Mine or not...
it's the first time I've seen it.
What's it doing?
It's an amazing piece of work.
You sure you don't know him?
He's miles away.
You really know nothing about him?
If he was mine I'd keep him.
Robotics isn't my field, anyway.
Why not ask him?
Ask him where he's from.
How come he knew Yusuki's name?
Shall I ask?
What's there to lose?
Tetra, where are you from?
Why did you know my name?
What's up with him?
Take it back!
Tell him you didn't mean it.
You don't have to answer.
It's a protection mechanism...
Tetra cannot answer.
Sorry. Did that hurt?
Tetra's not your enemy.
It's okay. We know.
Come on in.
Got something to wipe my feet?
You're barefoot...
How come?
It's fine.
It's not fine.
You sneaked out of your folk's house?
That makes me some kind of criminal.
That's it for today!
But I just got here!
No way!
You guys, too, Out.
Are you staying here?
Does Yusuki go home?
Tetra comes too.
Tetra stays with Yusuki.
Okay then.
Cousin Noriko?
Your folks know you're out.
Better get home.
You're back to Tokyo?
For summer school.
But I need you...
No way. I'll miss my train.
Sorry it's gotten late.
The Genius?
Last fall, you spoke at our class.
My cousin... she's been staying.
She knows him?
I guess so.
Thank you.
You were guest lecturer. I was there.
Thought you looked familiar.
You zipped through that hypothesis.
Zipped? It took half an hour.
Teacher had taken two months.
We nicknamed you The Genius.
Doing research
Wanna know?
Must be uncomfortable, sorry.
Tetra's home now.
Right. This is your home.
I'll miss my train.
Goodbye. I'll be back.
Found you at last.
That's my PlayStation2.
Let me show you something.
Mission one. Control basics.
What's that?
Make up a name.
A name for that?
Gan... gelion.
It looks so powerful...
Time out.
Let's rock!
That's early.
Good boy...
Blew it again.
Cousin Noriko, Cousin Noriko
This technology is inconsistent,
...with present|human cultural capability.
What the hell?
Our next guest will show us his robot.
We've got proof. Don't try anything.
Spill the beans, we know it's you!
Stop, don't!
This game's amazing!
I know!
No good. He's too strong.
Nearly fifty games...
Each strategy different.
Gotta work out the moves.
But I overdid it.
Come on, get up!
You going to sleep all day?
Your hair's a mess, get in the shower.
Any dirty washing in the closet?
Of course not.
All your socks were here before...
What's this?
I said not to bring home|stuff like this.
Okay, okay, I'll clear it up later.
I never knew such a kid...
Major stress.
It's okay, you can come out.
What's going on?
Dunno. He was just gone.
Hurry up. Come on!
You kept us waiting.|It's after midday.
Sorry, I slept in.
That's obvious.
Has Tetty gone home?
Gone home where?
Well, the future.
Without a word? He wouldn't do that!
Don't get angry.
I'm just worried.
Let's ask Kanzaki...
He's not answering.
I'll go in.
He's home.
Tetra's gone.
Tetra? Interesting...
Who is this Tetra?
I'll ask again.
Who is Tetra?
It's not him.
No kidding!
You see through my disguise.
Uh-oh, you're not supposed to see that.
He's Devil-Thief.
Like on TV. He's gonna say it...
Your time has come.
Meet thy doom.
That's my line!
Revenge for Kanzaki.
That was a smart idea.
I thought he'd killed you.
Nine o'clock. A promise is a promise.
Here he goes...
Your time has come.
Meet thy doom.
I guess...
he learned to speak watching TV.
What shall we do with him?
Is he really an alien?
He asked me for the robot.
He knew the name, Tetra, too...
What on earth's going on?
What's that?
He had it.
What did you do?
...except press it.
It's a bomb... a booby-trap!
Throw it away!
Over there, over there!
Hurry, quick!
I can't there are people!
That one doesn't open!
This way!
Chuck it!
It wasn't a bomb...
Who said it was a bomb?!
Pacific Ocean: 200 Nautical Miles to sea
Got it.
Do these digital things work?|With e-mail?
Yeah, on the satellite phone.
Make me look good.
It's for the wife!
Here we go!
Something strange over there...
Look, by that lightning! Look.
Did you get it?
Yeah, got it.
It can't be...
...about this unusual photo
taken from a ship in the Pacific.
According to experts, may be a kind of mirage.
A layer of cold air
acting as a lens reflects...
Robotics Research Institute
Good evening.
Did you say that?
Tetra needs supplies.
Parts please.
What's up?
Need a little repair?
Everything's ready!
Thank you for your help.
I'll hope I create something
as cute as you.
Goodbye now.
Why are you sleeping here?
It's not good for you.
Morning already?
Sure it is.
I was fast asleep. I tried to work.
You know what? I had a great dream.
There was a cute, little robot here...
That's sweet.
I was so happy. Gave him
...all the parts he wanted.
It's the warehouse...
We've been ripped off...
completely cleaned out.
What's the hell's wrong...
...with the security?
What will they do with it?
It's the sea.
The sea?
I worked it out. It's big enough
to take the world's oceans.
All of them? What's the point?
To revitalize their planet.
They need our water,
...and perhaps our marine ecology.
No more crab dinners?
Not just that; no more sea.
Global ecology will go crazy.
Most major species'll be extinct.
Major species?
Human beings, too.
We're all gonna die?
The seas will vanish.
Desertification, climatic change,|famine...
We can't tell what'll happen.
I bet only bacteria will survive.
Aren't you worried?
Maybe Tetra came to warn us?
Why isn't he here now?
Let's find him, ask his advice.
I'll get more out of this guy.
By yourself?
We don't know how dangerous he is...
If something bad happens,|best if I'm alone
Do all you can to find Tetra.
Better call your folks.
Lend me your mobile.
Use Kanzaki's
Thank you.
Why are you drunk?
Just a little drink...
He's free.
No, no! I just meant to|loosen his tongue.
He's a good guy.
You're not bad yourself,|for an earthling.
I'd never have thought|you were a BOIT.
Yoghurt Drink
You call yourself a Boit?
Actually it's pronounced...
Amazing transformation.
Want to see it?
Cousin Noriko?
Your Japanese is much better.
This guy talks so much.
What are you doing here?
Search and destroy advanced technology.
There's evidence of it here.
What's that mean?
Probably Tetra...
It may interrupt our plans.
Jeopardize our mission.
You know what I want.
Hang on.
What did you do with Noriko?
I dealt with her.
Congratulations. You worked it out.
That was cold last time.
You'll freeze her, too.
Good boys.
Bring me Tetra
He's not home.
Your best excuse?
It's true!|We couldn't find him all day!
Want me to kill her?
Believe us, it's true!
I'll take her instead.
Bring Tetra, if you want her back.
You've got 'til nine o'clock
...otherwise, she's a specimen.
Let me go! Stop! Put me down!
What can we do?
Is that you?
What's wrong?
Wake up! Wake up!
He's not getting up.
What're you doing?
Ten minutes more! I'm following.
Wait a minute!
They've got Misaki!
So let's think...
What've you got in your mouth?
Disinfect her.
What are you doing?
Cleansing your filthy mouth!
We know, dirty earthlings|are fond of using bacteria.
Yoghurt drink
I don't have it?
Why not?
Misaki's still got it.
We can trace it!
Find out where she is!
So what's ringing?
lt'll be her.
Tetra is complete.
Tetra has finished preparations.
Where did you go?
Tetra's body is built.
He says his body is built.
What's that mean?
The alien?
Get the window!
Let's go.
Gonna fight, in this?
Not you. You're useless.
I'll go.
You run back up.
Let me know where Misaki is...
I'm going.
I'm gonna do it!
Only I know the control;|it's gotta be me.
I learned from Tetra's game.
It's not a game, it's the real thing!
I know.
Why do you think you can do it?
Don't mess around, you're useless!
Can you do it?
You really sure?
Definitely... I'll bring her back.
Hey, Yusuki.
If you're watching this,
you're off to save Misaki.
Who are you?
Today is the day it all begins
...on many levels.
Things might turn out strange
But stick at it.
See ya.
It's F.I.D.
Fighting Is Dedication
Hang on, who are you?
Let's do what he says.
Do our best.
Shall we go?
Reckon he's scared?
Of course he is.
Wish it was me!
Anyway, we're his back-up.
How do we let him know?
It's me.
Everything okay?
Fantastic. It's a real robot!
We've found Misaki, in Greenbay Harbor!
Out the way!
Major stress...
Which way's the harbor?
Please turn left.
No way! It's Taka's place.
Yusuki, be calm.
Where did it go?
It took Misaki.
Yusuki's gone after it.
You go find Noriko.
How did he go after it?
Tetra built this amazing robot.
A robot?
I've got the hang of this!
Way to go.
Practise a jump... three
...two... one...!
I'll get Noriko and meet you.
Go for it, boys.
What're you doing?
Wait a sec.
Forgot something... that pyramid!
We've put up a hologram of you...
It's a trap!
When they turn up, blast 'em.
You bet.
Nearly nine o'clock.
A promise is a promise.
What're you doing? Stop it.
It doesn't hurt.
High energy field approaching.
So that's Tetra?
It's okay now.
Watch out!
Completely obliterated.
What's so interesting?
I'm sure I saw something.
C'mon, hurry up.
Yeah, yeah.
Noriko-san. If you're here, call me!
Where are you?
Where's it gone?
Wake up, Noriko!
Take a breath, c'mon.
That's it! Like that!
Help me!
Don't worry. It's okay.
But she looked just like me!
She's gone. You've slept for days.
Why didn't you help me?
I called out to you. I was so scared.
I'm sorry.
Okay, we've gotta save Misaki!
Land on top.
Climb onto it!
I'm not quite ready!
That way! The harbor.
Got it.
Got some yoghurt drink or yoghurt pills?
Whatever for?
How come you're here?
Bacteriological weapons?
Live Yoghurt Bacteria Culture
So you're scared of this?
What happened?
What is that?
Yusuki is in there.
Another new specimen?
Yusuki, use this!
Or I press it!
You know what this is.
It can trash your ship.
I know.
I'll press it... blow you up!
Let's calm down.
Unlock her.
Take us back home.
Okay, one step at a time.
Scrap that big pyramid.
Don't push your luck.
Not so tough now?
Send this back to base.
Right away.
I accidentally pressed the button.
Is everything ready?
Let us harvest this planet.
Retreat, retreat.|Return to mother-ship.
Where do ya think you're going?
Stay where you are!
C'mon, hurry!
I know, I know!
He's coming.
Over here, Yusuki!
Let's jump!
It's impossible!
Trust me.
Ready... steady...
Go back...
...where you belong!
Cousin. Noriko!
Over here! Over here!
You did it!
That was great!
Thanks to Tetra.
It was pretty close.
All thanks to Tetra.
We fought together and won.
Departure time approaches.
Okay, okay.
I'm not letting you escape.
Tetra, hold on!
Yusuki, are you... okay?
You protected me...
Can you fix him?
Don't want to damage his media-brain.
It might kill his memory.
No way.
This kind of hardware
hasn't been invented yet.
There's nothing we can do.
Poor Tetty...
He came here to protect you...
He's happy now.
Don't cry!
Fix him yourself.
Study hard... then fix him yourself.
There's no time to cry...
Okay, I'll do it! You'll see!|I'll fix him!
For sure.
I'll study... and one day...
It proved easier said than done.
2020 AD
That childhood promise changed...
Although I studied robotics, focus turned to|space worker-droids.
Tetra became just a memory of youth.
Please go off-line when we eat.
Misaki, this is my work.
Technology updates every minute.
C'mon, let's eat.
A little longer.
Just this last page...
What's happened?
VLO 2000 terrabyte disk
Would you like detailed information?
Yes. On the monitor, please.
What's up. What's happened?
What's going on?
They announced it!
Here it is, at last!
What do you mean?
They've developed Tetra's disk.
We can build robots like Tetra.
Then input this disk...
And Tetra's back!
lt'll be worth the wait!
Hope it's not too long.
So it wasn't you.
I thought perhaps... you'd invent him.
I used to think so.
That's why I'm in robotics.
But I ended up making these big guys...
Anyway, we'll see Tetra soon.
That's plenty.
He'll be surprised to see us grown up.
No. He knows about the future...
Tetra meets Yusuki.
How come he knew my name... at camp?
Well, because...
It doesn't make sense...
It's F.I.D.
How did he know?
Things might turn out strange...
Things might turn out strange...
What's wrong?
That was me!
But why?
You have voice mail.
What is it?
Let me hear it.
It's Kanzaki. How are you?
I've got some good news.
My time machine research|is about complete.
There's something I want you to do.
I'll get straight to the point
In six months I want you to|make me a Tetra.
Things are turning out strange...
Kanzaki Gravity Research Station:|6 Months Later
So it was you after all.
How about that?
It's so confusing...
Without Tetra,
you wouldn't be an engineer...
But without you,
he wouldn't have been built...
I made it inexplicable.
If I'd known, I wouldn't work so hard.
That's true.
Follow up on that.
How's it going?
Another worm-hole shift.
Four hour's delay.
Four hours?
You always underestimate.
My mind's busy.
More excuses. Some of us are working.
You two are same as ever.
The secret of our success.
I've got to tape the message.
Hey, Yusuki.
If you're watching this,
you're off to save Misaki...
Starting already?
Toshi! I thought you couldn't come?
30 minutes on the Sapporo shuttle.
If only Hidie was here...
Toshi, carry your own bags!
Hidie is here!
Long time, no see.
Thank you.
Looking beautiful... you newly-wed!
Sound like my Grandad!
You made it!
Of course!
You look busy.
We'll be ready soon.
It's Kanzaki!
Check out the beard!|Lose the whiskers!
Let's re-introduce you all.
Is it Tetra?
It's been twenty years.
He's fixed!
Did everything I could.
No good?
He is old...
He moved!
Yusuki, are you okay?
Saved, thanks to you.
Are you hurt?
It's been a long time since then.
You're big Yusuki again.
You've had a big sleep.
But I worked hard to see you again.
Took a while...
But I made it.
It's nearly time.
Look at that.
This is it.
Tetra remembers.
That was you, too.
Going to see little Yusuki?
That's right.
This is where it all began.
I'm a tiny bit jealous.
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