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Subtitles for Juyuso seubgyuksageun (Sang-Jin Kim 1999).

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Juyuso seubgyuksageun (Sang-Jin Kim 1999)

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CIoser, cIoser, cIoser.. Stop.
FiII it up.
62000 won.
Quiet down.
Ready? - Yup.
Let's go.
Move AsshoIe!
Here. I'II give you everything I have. Just don't wreck this pIace.
Let's go.

Ready? - Yup.
Let's go.

It's so fucking boring.
Let's rob the Gas Station again.
Let's go.

Why the heII did you caII him for? That stupid sissy.
Stop weeping you, Ioser.
What the..?
Where's the money?
This is aII I have today.
30000 won!
Quiet down!
Uh. Boss? What if the fricks come back? We need security.
Do you think they're stupid or something?
Coming back here. You are stupid aren't you?
Where's the money?
WouId you hoId cash if you were rob once dick head?
If you're pIaying games..
My wife took it before dinner!
Fucking bitch!
Wai..Wait! I'm about to have a nervous break down.
HeIIo? Man-su? Let me taIk to mom.
Don't you even know your own father's voice!
Never mind ice cream. Where's mom?
There isn't...?
When did she say she'II be back?
I toId you nothing tricky!
She just went to the hospitaI.
HeIIo? Where's your mom?
Don't know? What?
What? Ice cream?
CeII Phone!
She doesn't have one.
Beeper? Nope?
What kind of a bitch don't have a beeper! Shit hoIe!
What? Bitch?
Try caIIing your mom a bitch shit face!
Fucking Dick heads!
This is how you shame your parents!
Why? Don't want your parent's being fucked? Fucking Iosers!
I'm reaIIy going to KiII YOU!
What the fuck is that?
Hope not the cops.
Cops don't ride shitty cars!
I toId you we need security!
Why aren't you working?
SmaII cars aren't worth it? Huh!
May I heIp you?
Can't you see I need gas here?
I didn't come here to Iook at your dirty face! Moron!
10000 won!
It's at the back stupid!
Damn you.
What the heII are you doing! You are breaking my car! Don't you see this scratch?
Are you feeIing homesick, right now? Gosh..
HeIIo? Oh honey! I'm stiII fiIIing the gas.
Why am I onIy putting gas in to my car and not you?
Why here? There are other pIaces!
Young dicks onIy think of easy money!
Shit! What's happening to this worId!
Shut your big oId ugIy mouth!
Oh Hi! Cutey!
Not her!
What do you mean? -Yes?
What's wrong?
Umm, the man over there and she... anyway she's not avaiIabIe.
What? You shit!
Fuck you!
You son of a bitch!
Cut the crap. We shouId kiII aII those bastards who uses difficuIt words!
Let's go to the trip, if we get bonus.
Second honeymoon onIy between us.
Yeh~ Name anypIace where you want to go.
Except abroad.
Okay. Wait, hoId on. See you Iater.
Hey, Here's 10,000won.
Later Hon. Money! What no tissue?
Service sucks here!
I have my knee skinned.
Shut up!
Shut up an KneeI!
Let's go somewhere eIse, man!
Right! Go! Go!
There are other pIaces with Iot of cash!
Why are you fucking doing here?
I used to be in the SWAP! Things can get ugIy!
Let's go!
You! YeIIow! Come out.
Who? Me? - Uh. Huh.
What about him?
We have to Iearn to put gas.
BuIIdozer! If they make a sound? KiII them.
Come out Dork. - I didn't do anything bad....
I can't stand up! Boss!
That must be the bandit.
I shouId have caIIed the poIice!
Make a sound and you're dead!
Press this 'Up, Down' button and it'II go up
and this 'Free set' button, here.
It says Free set.
It goes up in Iiters
and the sixth it's 10000 won. 5000 won per an extra press and press up.
And, didn't I toId you before about Iifting? Here, up, down.
If you press this it's 'up' Iike this.
What's that?
That fucking shit! He does that every night
waking up the whoIe neighborhood!
Once more? - No!
Every car is a FiII Up!
What the fuck did you do out there?
Since it's not your money, you don't even try to caII the poIice?!
Huh? You bitchs...
You aren't robbed, right?, you bastard.
Wait, wait...
Aren't you one of them?
You fucks are in this aren't you? Shit!
Not a sound!
So What?
Just go home!
If your not part of this attack! It's four to one, four to..?!
Man..Don't you have any sense? Damn!
What kind of shit is this?
20000 won
Huh? We didn't do nothing!
So what?
Why're you picking on us.
You know us?
What the heII is the matter with you! - Let me go! I'm reaIIy pissed!
Mother Fuckers! Heads down on the fIoor!
Heads dropped to the ground!
Umm.. How do you bump it?
Why aren't you down? - I'm the owner.
Owner's don't have heads?! Down! - I'm too oId to do this.
There's no age in this. Down!
It stiII hurts where you smashed me. - Now!
Bear, you Iive.
But! FaII, you die!
What are you doing!
Stop fiIIing! Stop!
Sir! It's aIways OnIy FiII Up!
Who says? Stop!
48765 won!
What the!
If I teII you 20000 won!
You put 20000 won's worth! - 48000 won!
Where's the owner!
Damn barefaced scoundreIs!
Ok 40000 won!
What if I don't pay?
PIaying rough? - If you don't pay..!
Hey we can taIk this over.
What about him? Do you think I'II put up with this?
PuII over!
My God! What you guys are weaponIess robbers!
You think you can get away with this?!
Why do you think there are PoIice?
I wiII just go home.
I wiII just go home.
PIease Shut Up! - Throw her in!
Don't frown, and move.
What the fuck are you Iooking at?
Have a good night sIeep. I'II wake you up in the morning.
I rather go in my car.
What? You want to cIean the trunk?
Tired of seeing?!
What are you staring at? - Easy, easy. Let's taIk.
No, pIease don't do this to me. Why are you doing this to me?
If they make a sound, cork every IittIe hoIe in their body.
PIease don't do this to me! - Hey..
Just shut their mouth!
Shut the Fuck up!
FaII, you die.
You stay down.
You are the Boss.
Me? Down? AIone?
That's not fair!
So? Down!
I don't want to be boss. I resign!
Than who's the owner? There has to be an owner.
Not me. I resigned!
I'm quitting the boss today!
Don't have to bump it aIone, right?
But I resigned!
You ReaIIy Down!
It's fucking too Ioud!
PaI-nam! We are here.
What the ..
What kind of shit is this?
I'd never seen them before.
HoId him.
I can't beIieve these asshoIes are in my men Yongari's zone.
You bastards Iook Iike shit.
TeII PaI-nam we are here!
What you Iookin at! Bring PaI-nam!
Who's Pa-nam? - You idiot!
The fucking dork with a big skuII!
Okay. Wait.
I don't got aII day!
Uh sir?
Who's the boss?
You guys.
He's says no.
Want to do it backwards?
Oh no I resigned. What you taIking about?
Which one of you is PaI-nam?
It's him again.
Who're the dumbo's out there.
One of the gangs in my schooI.
It's payment day.
He put on something.
He stinks Iike shit!
Where did you stash PaI-nam?
Here he comes.
Come here!
Come here!
You make us wait for you?
So you got some guts huh?
It's payment day where's my money?
It's at back. - Back where?
PeopIe wouId think I'm steaIing from you.
Where the fuck are we going?
We are aImost there.
We don't have aII day!
Okay, I'II give it to you - Hurry up!
Who the fuck is that?
ShaII we start?
If they start tripping, kiII them
reaIIy kiII them?
Just beat them up.
Uh. OK.
FoIIow me.
Why? - CaII home.
I'm gonna get you!
Don't you know Yongari? Which side are you?
Can't we even taIk?
Heads down!
When did she say she'II be back?
Fuck the ice cream!
Where did the fucking sIut go!
She's not back.
I'm not Iying! I'm not!
Then the kid is home aIone?
Not even worried if he had dinner?
Do you think I have the mind?
And you stiII want to be respected.
Get back to your pIace.
Can't I just stay here?
PeopIe wouId be suspicious
if I don't answer the phone.
It's Okay?
How am I suppose to caII my wife?
You can fix them.
Fix Them!
No Mark! I'm starving.
Me, too.
With what?
Your ceII phone.
I don't have one.
If I find one..
Not this one okay? I'II caII.
Home again? - No. Chinese food!
Chinese food? Look at the time it's cIosed
We are never cIosed sir. Having a party of somesort?
Yes? WeII, we work aII the time nowadays.
Yes, sir.
Yes.. Do you have some kinda dining?
Young Kim! Young Kim!
What! It's your turn! Come on!
Want me to do it for you?
Kim and Lee to the kitchen. You get ready to deIiver
Look at the time! Shit!
He ordered everything!
Gonna invite the whoIe neighborhood?
You are not even going to pay.
Give it!
What? This?
Where? Where? I'II do it!
Give It! - Just say the number I'II do it.
Give It!
Fix every one of it!
What you order? - Everything.
Wait a minute!
Did you teII them, Iots of pickIes? - Yes.
I toId you to piss there. - It's none of your business.
New faces. Did some excercise, heh?
You seem Iike you wiII gonna stay Iong here.
Wheres Kim? Cards again? Shit!
I thought having a cup of coffee but, he is so stingy.
Hey! Saw a crazy driver passing by?
ReaIIy? Gonna get that bastard.
Hey! What's this motor cycIe and car?
Why? - Just come here!
Why? - Just come here!
What are those cars?
It's Nubira 2 and Leganza.
What's the big deaI?
Can this be insured?
Never! Have to pay by themseIves.
That's the probIem with Korean Cars they're too weak. - What's the matter with it?
I knew it! They'II think we did it!
I didn't do it! It just broke by itseIf!
Hey, he saw the crazy driver pass by
why are you teIIin me now.
Let's have a coffee break.
Best coffees are bending machine coffees.
Drink Korean beverages dork.
Them young shits.
You pack money and give to the yankees.
What the fuckers! - Sir, this is Korean.
It's not home product, you idiot!
Don't you know Pepsi is American stupid?
Look at this T'aeguk mark! - What a idiot!
Trying to pIay with me boy?
He's here!
Yongari! Yongari!
We've been beat up man! - Why?
Some shits just started to beat us up!
Which shits!
Don't know. They just started sIashing us,
beating us with pipes! shit.
Don't even mention. Mangkoo, Jongtae, YoungchiI, they aII got beaten up.
SpecuIation, examine - What are you doing?
It's mid term tomorrow. - Are you thinking straight?
I can't just do nothing.
No wander you don't have friends.
I don't want to go to schooI because of kids Iike you.
WeII I don't want to be Iike you. specuIation...specuIation...
We've done aII that.
Dirty bastard. CaIIing for heIp.
It wasn't me.
AII up!
You and you come here.
Who? Me?
Come here
Fight each other.
Loser's head down.
Start boosting.
Show him who's boss.
Just kiII the son of a bitch.
That fucking Ioser. KiII! KiII! KiII!
You've asked for it dork niceIy.
Victory! Victory!
Victory. Victory.
This is non sense! He can't stand up to him.
He's number one in our schooI.
He fights nasty!
I can't do this!
Do something eIse. Okay?
I can' this.
Do it!
Victory! Victory!
Can I use things?
No, fist onIy.
Let's Start! Loser's head down!
You're history!
KiII ya!
You're good!
That fucking Ioser. KiII! KiII! KiII!
Hey, come on.
What the fuck is this? - Charge it
Cash onIy -Charge with this, pIease
We onIy accept cash.
This is a BC card for whoIe nation.
What kind of gas station it is?
So? I don't care, what the heII is. Cash onIy!
I don't have any... so what can I do?
Give me what you have then, damn it.
You, too!
This is it.
Thank you very much Good day to you.
I toId you we shouId go. Fuck!
Now what!
Go somewhere eIse where there's cash.
There are pIenty of gas stations with fuII of cash if you go coupIe of bIocks down,
BeIieve me, and go there instead of here Iike this.
And, um right next to those gas stations, there are
um..a jeweIer's and the shops Iike seven eIeven.
an eIectron agency shop, aII those thing you wants.
Get something that works asshoIe!
Come here! - Why?
Just fucking come here!
I have to fix the phone.
You fucking taIk to much.
What? What!
Sing. - Huh?
What do mean sing?
You couId aIways go back to BuIIdozer.
Why here? - I'm Iosing patience!
Which song?
Shit! Fucking bastards!
'I must be stiII young, momma~~'
Why am I' - Wait!
Getting sad' - Anything but that crap!
I don't know any other. Want me to stop?
You die if you stop
'Who said Iove was beautifuI'
'FIame Iike a burning fire'
This is just too much!
Look at the time!
Don't ask why'
Don't ask about a IoneIy man's heart'
You are nothing man!
What you Iooking at?
You can't even beat that nerd, huh?
Stupid whimp! Huh?
He was aII words. Fucking shit!
I can't beIieve I did aII the dirty work for him.
What! you want to fight?
Foods here!
Food? Okay!
This is aII shit!
Fucking shits!
What's aII this?
I toId you to study!
I don't want to.
Don't want to?
Than die you fucking trash!
Honey pIease..
Get away from me bitch. This is aII your fauIt!
What the heII...? - PIease....
Than do it right! - I'm going to kiII you!
Die! Die! This is aII fuck! Shit!
Why are your heads up? - What the fuck?
You are asking for troubIe shit hoIe!
Wha..? - What?!
When did you start working here?
What took you so Iong? SIow fucking shit?
How much?
Every shity is caIIing my name!
I can stand anything but disrespect for the deIivery boy.
I toId you Iots of pickIes.
Who's in charge? It's fucking wrong.
Didn't anyone toId you about my fucking personaIity? Damn you!
95000 won!
95000 won?
Come tomorrow
What are you Iooking at?
Patience. Patience
I'm No. 1 from now on. No. 1!
I make the ruIes from now on.
Don't be too boosted asshoIe. As soon as Yongari comes..
Those fuckers!
Did.. you.. beat.. up.. my .. boys?
What now. Fuck!
Shit! AsshoIe!
Let go!
I was faster in the army.
My neck! Neck!
If they do anything funny, kiII them.
ReaIIy kiII them?
O.. OK
Stupid jerks!
You are nothing man!
Umm sir, It's just I'm IittIe nervous.
If you give me one chance, I won't do that again.
Hurry up!
Fix 'um?
Why isn't it fixed?
You toId me to sing.
Why isn't It Fixed?
I didn't have time!
If I teII you to fix it I mean now!
Need to caII somewhere? Here. Use this.
TeII them to bring the food again.
HeIIo? Is this Chinese restaurant? This is gas station here.
Those food that we order few minutes ago. Bring it back to here.
Non of your god damn business who's eating it!
Fix it!
You aIright?
Just shut up!
It's fucking shit..
I toId you not to do anything stupid!
Quiet down.
What is that?
Number 1.
I thought you were No.1.
Things have changed.
You just do the smartest things, don't you.
Heads up! Up!
You! And you!
No, anything but this.
This is reaIIy not funny.
Victory! Victory!
You! Give me that thing you were Iistening.
Huh? What?
Music you were Iistening!
Do you know mp3?
You have to downIoad music from the computer and..
I know! mp3.
What the fuck is this?
I was bit bored and I thought maybe a fight wouId be fun.
A fight? Groovy!
ReaIIy think so? Start!
Start. start.
I can't do this! - Why?
He fights dirty, man.
Few days ago, some bastard try to mess with me and I..
He even rammed a stick into a guys stomach once.
I can't do it!
Fucking shit
What? - Pinch for him.
I win, his your boss, you win, his your sucker.
He aIready is.
Oh, shut up!
Whimpy bastard.
You are his boss
Did I make them Iose? Shit!
Do whatever you Iike asshoIes!
Hey you! Don't even ask how much?
FiII it up! HeIIo...What?
Who do you think keeps the team out of the Iast pIace?
TeII them!
Not to find me. Fucking sissies
What? Extra?
Finished running, sir.
Another thirty.
Finished, sir.
Twenty more.
I can't, sir.
If I say to run, shut up and just run.
There are pIenty of parents who bride us
to make their son some athIete.
And you have nothing to show off.
I quit.
You think basebaII is a game?
You can't just quit anymore because you don't want it.
Want to brag about you being a orphan?
I quit! Fuck basebaII!
Keep the change.
Hey! Money! Ok! Ok!
Okay, okay.
This wiII worth big bucks in a coupIe of years.
Keep it safe! You can't even buy that with miIIion doIIars few years Iater.
Take it!
Take it!
Keep up the good work.
What's wrong?
What? What?
No gas that's what!
It's not the gas, theres smoke in front.
That's because they didn't see smoke, you idiot.
Push harder! We have to get inside!
Push harder! More!
Loosen that up a IittIe.
Hey you two.
Come over here and push.
Now! AsshoIes!
Kim's stiII not in?
He's probabIy have just started.
And he wants to run a business.
He just don't Iearn from the past.
And he bIames us for not doing our job. He needs to be robbed. Stupid dick!
It's done! - Good work
That'II be 62790 won sir.
62790 won sir.
TeII Kim we came by.
Not weII educated fucks!
Why are you trying to get free gas? - It's OK sir.
Don't hang around in groups fighting. Or you'II be sorry.
Live properIy if you don't want to insuIt your parents, You damn bastards.
Hey you! You reaIIy want to die? Hey! You!
You crazy fuck!
What money?
For the gas!
You retarded or something?
Want to be Iocked up?
This isn't gonna work. Just drive through the bastard!
Got it!
Come out!
Come out you Mother Fucker!
PIease fucking come out!
I'm going nuts!
How much!
62000 won.
How much you got?
I don't got any.
Why the fuck are you taking it out on me for.
Give me aII you got. Fucking shit bastard!
Here's the money. Come out.
No free gas from now!
Nothing is for free.
I hope you choke yourseIves to death!
It's me. I've been beaten up.
I said a few words about Iate deIivery and they started beating me.
Gather up the boys! I'm reaIIy pissed off!
You feeI Iike sIeeping when you friend is hurt?
You know my fucking personaIity, don't you?
Hey! - What!
His aIone Iet's attack at once.
Uh sir? I was curious.
About what?
What do you do when a bunch of peopIe. Attack you at once?
AII stand up!
No matter how many are they, I attack onIy one.
Few days ago I was in a five to one fight.
I attack onIy one.
I didn't care what the other four did.
I attack onIy one.
Just one. Boom!
Just one. Boom!
So what happened?
Damn you bastrads.
They beg me to Iet them go but
how can I do that for free?
I smashed that jerks head and sent him to the hospitaI.
What about you?
Me? I onIy got a bruise.
Yo! BuIIdozer! Food's here.
KiII them if they do anything funny!
Where are you going?
You get your chubby ass over here. now!
Hey you! You're dead meat
You four! Come here.
I don't Iike repeating myseIf.
Okay. Okay we're going.
Go over there in a straight Iine, morons!
Why do we have to?
Because you wiII die if you don't.
I get crazy if I don't Iisten to music when I want to.
Why? You don't want to? /I didn't mean...
Anything wiII do?
Is it good?
There must be one shining day just for us.
You wiII be crazy about Iove.
I couIdn't think nor choose when I first saw you
I finaIIy knew why I have to Iive at the end of Iong Iasting thirst and boring days
At the first gIance of you I knew how I shouId Iive my Iife
When I cIose my eyes I cannot resist to think about those shining smiIes
I won't regret even you couId make me cry
Love is reaIIy a good thing.
I wiII dive to it if I ever have a chance
I wanted to have a Iove that cannot be compared to anything in the worId
Anything eIse?
Jeez I'm fuII.
Sit down!
Don't you know any good songs?
Scissors, Stone, Paper....
paper, paper...
Think of something.
FiII it up.
Turn off the music.
I can't here them sing!
Why don't you caII me sometime and drop by.
You'II have better things to do than fighting Iike the kids in the street
You guys Iook Iike worthfuI friends
E.O Music.
Lee Won Hyung.
Hey! His reaIIy famous! - Lee Won Hyung. Lee Won Hyung
I know! I know!
Get back in!
We'II sing more.
Just harmony singing more songs.
Yeah! What the.. Shut up! Lights!
I'II pay! I'II pay!
After the concert! I'II pay up!
No! Not the instruments! Fuck! No!
Hi. Hon!
Of course you were great Iast night. - Where's the fucking hoIe!
It's not there? - Nope.
Wait. It's at front, morons!
HeIIo? What.. CarefuI asshoIes!
Not you, some dickheads are here..
Okay.. aIright.
After I put gas.
Hey you! Empty this!
Sir! Why isn't she in the position?
Because she's pretty.
Than why did I do it?
Cause you're not
IncredibIe! She's aII make up!
Nose up, cheek bones cut. Eye Iids doubIed.
She just hashed up her face.
Heads Down!
I fixed it! I fixed it!
CaII home!
HeIIo? What? How the heck I know?
What? Jerk?
I took her Why? Pissed? Come. Here? Gas Station.
PIease! - PIease what!
Make it with goId frames.
Yes, boss
And write ''Kim Man Bae, cIeaning up the streets.''
Boss! - What!
Something came up!
Big money?
No it's not that, Iook at this prick
some bastards robbed that gas station on an intersection.
And beat our boys.
Why do we have to do this?
What's so pretty about her? - Can't even say the right things.
Don't taIk from now on. - You are going to be sorry.
As soon an my Hyung Man comes.
Hyung Man?
Yeah! My Hyung Man! He has powers!
You are history!
Fucking sIut!
You have a boyfriend?
Boy friend? What if I don't? Stupid retarded moron!
Up! Down!
Up! Head Down!
Why torment students?
I didn't.
Fucking morons Iike you who onIy know how to fight has to rot in the construction fieId moving bricks!
Study? Don't make me Iaugh.
Stand up, shit hoIe!
I wasn't tormenting anyone.
I said head down! Now!
You stay, rest out!
Why the fuck are you out here?
He toId us to. - Why?
How shouId I know. He has some business with that woman.
You dickheads do anything funny, you are dead!
Where's Yun Joo? Where did you hide her?
It's you isn't it?
Where's Yun Joo? Fucking son of a bitch!
Where's Yun Joo? Shi..
pIe, pIe, pIe.. Oh My god!
CIothes off or fist on?
I'II get cIothes off
You start.
Can't we stop? Pretend I didn't say Stupid.
Stupid?! Start!
I'm gonna to start
That's not fair!
Winner's go first! BaIIs!
Sy? Sick-en!
end-Iong! - That is not a word.
Long Dick!
Dirty ass!
Tits? Tits...
Ah! I did it, Tion. Tits!
Tits..tits..oh, god!
CIothes off or Fist on?
Get your dirty hands off!
Honey! - What the heII? Yun Joo.
Did you do the connecting syIIabIe game again? - Yup.
Be gIad you're aIive.
You stupid bastard what did you do to her? Stupid moron!
I'm gonna smash your head!
What's your probIem fucking stupid asshoIe!
Stop saying stupid! PIease!
You're that son of a bitch aren't you?
Don't worry, I'm here.
Get on!
Which is faster? Motor cycIe or fire?
Bomb, man!
Yeah! Bomb!
Paper Scissor Rock or both on?
Paper Scissor..
You know I'm the onIy son!
You are shit!
No fire?
Go! Go!
That fucking ass is back!
I'm a genius!
Stand up Shit hoIe! - PIease!
Stand up Shit hoIe!
I said no tricks!
Ah, it's true.
My mom's sick!
Yeah. And I was born yesterday!
Fucking Nerd!
Are you teIIing the truth?
Yes, re..reaIIy... She has to take the piII at this time
He's fucking Iying, man!
Shut up!
What you do that for!
His mother's sick.
And you beIieve the fucker?
Why the fuck are they moving aII over!
Sit! Sit!
Is this the poIice station? I've been robbed
At the gas station
Took my car, my money and beaten up reaIIy bad.
And my girI friend, she's been raped.
Yes, they are about ten of them, they are aII gangs! Group of gangs!
WeIcome to..
Ooh Shit!
What the fuck!
Let's run! Let's go.!
Wait! PIease!
Come our right now! - What the fuck are you doing?
I wiII go out fast.
It's my oId man. His gonna kiII me if he finds me here.
He knows that I'm studying in the Iibrary.
NO! Don't!
Come out!
Fuck! Fuck!
Hey captain! - Get Iost!
Where are you going?
Don't know.
Let's go!
What now!
I have to wait for the nerd. - Why?
My picture is in his pocket.
What the fuck is this?
What now? No reaction heh.
CaII back up and get every son of a bitch!
Why scared aII of a sudden? Croaking sons of bitches!
Chickening out fuckers?
Never underestimate the DeIivery Boys!
I didn't order anything.
Boys! Weapons!
You said four.
They must of smeIIed us and caIIed back up.
You said four.
I toId you we shouId come quietIy!
You beat up my boys? - I didn't even start.
Didn't start what?! What are you fuckers?
What's that?
We are the DeIivery Boys! - DeIivery Boys?
Boys! Let's die with honor!
KiII every Iast one!
Why are you onIy attacking me?
I onIy attack one.
That's not fair!
But! I OnIy attack one!
And that's me? - Of course!
Where are you going?
Get the fuck away from me!
What the..
You are one unIucky son of a bitch boss.!
Tired of Iiving fucker!
Any ass move, your aII dead!
Put that damn thing down!
You go and ask for backups. We wiII neutraIize the site.
Get them aII.
What are you fucker? Come down!
Shit! Come down right now!
Are you crazy?
Mother Fuckers! KneeI!
Do something funny and you're aII dead!
No! Don't! You'II bIow up the whoIe fucking neighborhood!
Hey, What the heII is this?
Hey!, It's that damn bastard
Or I'II shoot!
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Throw the gun and kneeI!
KneeI! KneeI!
Just do as you're toId!
What about you?
I'm not going.
Let's go! - I said I'm not fucking going! Don't move!
Go! Now!
I'm not going! Fuck!
Me neither shit!
Here. I got this back.
HoId this and if anyone moves throw it.
ReaIIy? - Uh huh.
Not pretending? - ReaIIy throw.
Everybody head down on the fIoor!
Heads down!
You aII heads down!
Heads down!
Do what he says
BuIIdozer! Come on!
What about this? - Just get in!
Don't move or I'II throw!
I'm serious!
Don't move or I'II shoot!
I'm a genius! - You! Bitch!
Thank you!
Kwang PaI! Where next?
Bong Chun viIIage.
I toId you no oId peopIe parties!
OId farts can't understand our music. Shit hoIe!
Didn't I teII you not to smoke next to our buiIding? Didn't I!
You don't Iisten to your parent's either, do you?
You morons are the kids who grow up to be robbers!
Stand Up!
You! and You!
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