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K-19 - The Widowmaker CD1

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All compartments report readiness.
- Compartment one, manned and ready. - Compartment two, manned and ready.
Compartment four, manned and ready.
Compartment five, manned and ready..
- Compartment six, manned and ready. - Compartment seven, manned and ready..
- Compartment eight, manned and ready. - Compartment nine, manned and ready..
- Compartment ten, manned and ready. - Comrade Captain...
the boat is manned and ready for live firing of the main missile batteries.
Activate emergency action procedure for nuclear weapon release.
Comrade Captain, the Political Department stands ready to do its duty.
Excuse me.
Hydraulics to number-one missile tube open.
Comrade Captain, Moscow has confirmed nuclear weapons release authority.
Number-one hatch open. Silo free ofwater.
Powering up consoles for missile launch. Powering number-one missile console.
Poliansky, maintain current course and speed.
Course steady 2-9-0. Maintaining speed six knots.
Hatch number one open. Silo free ofwater.
Fueling in progress.
Proceed with activation of the warhead on number-one missile.
- Up scope. - Periscope going up.
Demichev, back to the conn.
Prepare number-three tube to the active state.
Switch fire control console to primary.
Console to position one primary.
Sixty seconds within range.
Prepare for emergency dive after launch.
Number-one missile fueled. Table elevated.
- Table elevated. - Down scope.
Ready for firing sequence.
- Launch number-one missile. - Time to launch: 1 5 seconds.
1 4, 1 3, 1 2...
1 1, 1 0--
Captain, we've been fired on.
Enemy torpedo at bearing 1 -9-0.
- 7-- - Dive the submarine. Keep 50 meters.
- Keep 50 meters. - Both turbines full ahead together.
Full ahead together.
3, 2, 1. Captain!
Force manual override.
Missile launching sequencer not responding.
- Estimate torpedo at 6,000 meters. - The drill is over.
Well, Comrade Polenin...
do you have an explanation for this disappointment?
Comrade Admiral, it's just another burnout in the ignition sequence.
Comrade Captain, I will require the names of those responsible.
I don't know their names. How the hell would I know the name of the jackass...
that supplied a 30 kopeck insulator to do a 50 kopeck job?
That's what I have to fight before I can fight a war.
Comrade Admiral, the boat will be at sea on schedule...
before the month is out.
I'll give you a name. My name. Polenin.
Mikhail. Captain, K-1 9.
Write it down.
Afteryou've successfully completed trials...
on the mechanical, propulsion and navigation systems...
in the Bering Sea...
you'll proceed beneath the ice to the launch area here...
and test-fire the missile.
My orders were to prepare K-1 9 for sea trials, and they'll begin on schedule.
But until the trials are complete...
to undertake an exercise of this scope...
may be, with respect, premature.
There is no doubt in my mind...
that K-1 9 is ready to fulfill her mission.
Operation Arctic Circle is no mere exercise.
What is to stop the Americans from destroying Moscow and Leningrad?
Only one thing.
A certain knowledge...
of destruction in return.
K-1 9 is that knowledge.
But not until Kennedy has been told by his own spy planes that we have it...
and it works.
I promised Comrade Khrushchev...
that the American president will receive his message before the end of the month.
Comrade Marshall...
perhaps Captain Polenin might--
Captain Polenin put his boat and his men before the party.
He will be underyour command.
That's all there is to it.
- A captain on the CCP. - Captain.
- What's your name, please? - Demichev.
Torpedo officer, Comrade Captain.
May I ask the captain's name and his purpose aboard our boat?
My name is Vostrikov. Where's Captain Polenin?
Come in.
- Good morning, Captain. - Comrade Captain Vostrikov.
That'll be all, Yuri. Come in. Please.
With the short lead-in time to sea trials...
headquarters wanted your expertise on board...
and I'm pleased to have it.
I know this could be difficult--
It's never difficult to do one's duty, Captain.
I was preparing my briefing on the crew and on the boat.
- I see. - The problem's fitting her out.
But my orders said you would not be arriving until tomorrow.
The briefing can wait. Please, show me the boat.
Of course.
We're finally getting the turbines up to speed.
With luck, I'd say in another week we might be able to run a test.
The equipment has not yet arrived, Comrade Captain.
- Noted, Comrade Captain. - The reactor compartment.
How hot are you running it?
We're at 50 percent for the turbine test, Captain.
What is the absorption rate of the rods?
Three percent above normal.
Where is the reactor officer?
Lieutenant Yashin?
This man is drunk. Do you tolerate this?
- Of course not. - Prepare charges against this man.
Inform command we need an immediate replacement.
Yes, Captain.
Lieutenant Yashin is the best reactor officer in the navy.
He's never been drunk on duty before. We need him, Captain.
I urge you to reconsider.
I want this boat out of dry dock. Sea trials begin in two weeks.
The boat isn't ready, Captain. The problem is Moscow.
They organize party VIP tours...
while we're stuck with incompetent yard crews and defective parts.
Sea trials will begin as scheduled.
We deliver or we drown.
In the history of the Soviet navy...
no sailors...
have been given such a boat as K-1 9.
It is the finest submarine in the world.
You have been given the honor to be her crew.
I have been given the honor to be your captain.
Without me...
you are nothing.
Without you...
I am nothing.
Much is expected of us.
We will not fail.
We're cursed.
Easy, easy. Keep it level.
Now, down. Down.
Coming through. Permission to pass.
- What do you have there? - A new scope for the sonar station.
- Carry on. Install it. - I work on the reactor.
- Where is the sonar officer? - He's on a 24-hour pass.
Captain, I initiated the relief rotation.
- It's good for efficiency. - No more passes. Cancel all leaves.
-We need everyone here to do their jobs. -Yes, Captain.
Comrade Captain.
Lieutenant Vadim Radtchenko reporting for duty.
I'm your new reactor officer.
- What was your last posting? - Nuclear training academy.
- What was your last posting? - Nuclear training academy.
He's never operated a reactor at sea.
I was first in my class.
- Report to the reactor control room. - Yes, sir.
- That way. - Thank you.
- Captain-- - He's qualified...
or command wouldn't have sent him to us.
Officer on deck.
Pavel Loktev, senior technician.
Stepan Komarov, Anatoly Subachev...
Grigori Dyomin, Oleg Argunov.
Show me to the control room.
Watch out! I have to stop the truck.
They gave me the wrong drugs!
Stop the truck!
Stop! Stop!
Wrong drugs!
You gave me the wrong drugs!
You idiot! Stop!
It's the doctor!
He's dead.
Stay with the body until the ambulance comes.
The rest of you, back to work.
Back to work!
Captain. Ever since the solid ballast was loaded...
we've had a half-degree list to port.
I've tried everything, but she won't even up.
Half-degree we can handle.
We'll compensate with seawater ballast till we get back to port.
Ifwe get back to port.
You know what the men are calling this boat?
The Widowmaker.
Five died from fumes sealing the tanks.
Another four in construction. And now the doctor.
The champagne bottle.
Ten dead...
and we haven't left dock.
I'm surprised they confide their fears to their commanding officer.
A crew is a family. The captain is the father.
My own father inspired more fear than he indulged.
I was told there are two versions about your father.
One, he was a hero of the Revolution.
Two, he died in the gulag.
Both are true.
How are those safety checks going on down below, Captain?
Misha, Misha.
There you go.
Forty centimeters of headroom, and he gives half to a rodent.
wrap this around your private parts.
The gamma rays can--
You should also take your dosimeter once a day to the doctor.
He reads it and tells you how long you have before your torpedo falls off.
I'm Gennardi Savran, your new medical officer.
- What was your last posting? - No. I am the base physician here.
They said there was an emergency. So here I am.
Welcome to K-1 9, Doctor.
Captain, we will be back soon, won't we?
- I get-- - What?
Gentlemen. Gentlemen.
Misha, please.
- Vostrikov marries a girl-- - Yuri, you promised. You promised.
Vostrikov marries a girl with top party connections.
He knows which fork they use for salads, so they make him a captain.
- That's why you've never been promoted. - Be quiet.
We are all good communists here.
- To good communists. - To good communists!
You're drunk. Sit down. Sit down. Gentlemen, a little bit of respect.
Captain Vostrikov does not know you the way I do.
You're still the captain, as far as we're concerned.
He's the captain. I'm executive officer.
I'm pleased. I'm gonna be with my boys.
My turn.
They say there was a cosmonaut who orbited Earth before Yuri Gagarin.
But he was not loyal enough...
to hold his breath...
when his life-support system gave out.
So now...
he never existed.
Gagarin was lucky.
Let's hope we are too.
- To luck! - To luck!
- Don't worry. - Don't go.
Defense Minister Zolentsov, Admiral Bratyeev...
request permission to carry out orders in defense of the motherland.
Carry out your patriotic duty.
- All hands down. - All hands down!
- Single up all lines. - Single up all lines.
- Single up lines! - Confirm single up!
Land the gangway.
Land the gangway!
Gangway landed!
Gangway landed!
- K-1 9 ready for sea, Captain. - Port turbine, slow ahead.
Port turbine, slow ahead.
Slow ahead together!
I just hope you picked the right man.
- All compartments prepare to dive. - Top hatches closed and latched.
- Open the midship vent. - Midship vent open.
- Ready to dive, Captain. - Dive the boat.
Speed six knots. Make your depth 50 meters.
Speed six knots. Planesman, make your depth 50 meters.
- Making depth 50 meters. - Slow ahead together.
Slow ahead together.
- Course? - Course is steady 3-2-3, Captain.
- Depth under the keel. - Echo sound reads 350 meters, Captain.
Twenty meters.
Thirty meters.
Don't worry. It'll stop once the pressure increases.
Simulate an electrical fire in the galley, please.
Fire in switchbox number 65.
This is a drill. Repeat. This is a drill.
This is a drill. Repeat. This is a drill.
It's stuck.
Fifty meters.
Fire has spread to the next compartment.
Simulate electrical failure, compartment four.
Electrical failure, compartment four. This is a drill.
Compartment four, loss of electrical power.
- This is a drill. - Emergency lights. Let's go.
Fire's out in the galley, Captain.
Too much damage. Too many casualties.
Simulate flooding, compartment four. Make them work in the dark.
If this were not a drill...
the boat would be crippled and half the crew would be dead.
- Let me speak to the officer in charge. - Try it again tomorrow.
I only wanted to say...
how sympathetic I am about the change in command.
These decisions aren't always for us to understand.
Thankyou, Comrade Suslov.
Still, you must feel it's an honor...
to serve on this boat in any capacity.
- Indeed. - It's historic.
Excuse me.
Checking the aft pressurizer?
Yes, Lieutenant.
You know religious icons are forbidden.
This is the future, Pavel.
Cars that never need refueling. Free power for every family.
Maybe even travel to the planets.
It's a privilege to be a part of this future.
Yes, Lieutenant.
Good morning, gentlemen.
- What's this? - At sea we only shower on Saturdays.
Action stations. Chemical fire in motor control compartment.
This is a drill.
Watch out!
Fire in the main switchboard. C2 L.
Valve rupture in compartment eight.
Torpedo fuel spill in aft torpedo room.
Start the drill again.
Comrades, officers and sailors, remember...
the American propaganda will always try to play...
the American propaganda will always try to play...
on your baser, primitive instincts.
Greed, lust, individualism.
In American propaganda, you will see how everybody...
has a car, nice clothes, a nice apartment...
but you will never see the truth behind this lie.
You will not see police dogs attacking strikers and civil rights demonstrators.
You will not see the beggars in the streets, the homeless...
the Negro shantytowns of the South.
You will not see the warmongers...
who threaten the world with nuclear holocaust.
Stand by to simulate firing torpedo number eight.
Number eight isn't loaded, Captain.
I know that.
I want you to unload seven and load eight.
Now, please.
Ice formations near our depth.
I suggest we go deeper and run the drill later.
Negative. Ice formations will not be suspended in the event ofwar.
Unload seven torpedo. Load eight torpedo.
Unload seven torpedo. Load eight torpedo. This is a drill.
Do we ever stop?
- We need the rest. - Yevesky, quiet.
Proceed to your action stations immediately.
Come on!
Engage running gear.
Torpedo withdrawn.
Open breech door number eight.
Traverse torpedo.
Traversing torpedo.
Dmitri! Come on. Help me. Help me!
Don't stop!
- Two men are injured. - Have them seen by the doctor...
and start the drill again.
- Two men short, Captain. - Have them put the torpedo...
back in tube seven and start the drill again.
Traverse torpedo!
Traversing torpedo!
Going under. Clear.
At ease.
I was told there was some complaining.
But I said, "Not my men.
They're the best crew in the fleet.
They will pull to the last."
any complaints?
There's no complaints here, Captain.
It's not the men's fault.
It's your fault.
The officers.
You have failed to set high standards...
to correct their deficiencies.
Ifyou do your job, the men will do theirs.
That is all.
- What's her name? - Kataya.
She's pretty.
She's pretty.
- Sorry. - I'm writing to her.
- Where are you going to mail it? - It's in case I die.
In case you die?
In case I die.
Report to captain. Five miles from missile launch area.
We are ahead ofschedule.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Course to steer, 1 -8-5.
1 -8-5.
Conduct emergency dive drill.
Bow planes are jammed 20 degrees down.
- Bow planes jammed 20 degrees down. - Set. Twenty degrees down.
- Bow planes jammed 20 degrees down. - I have the conn.
1 20 meters.
1 30 meters.
1 40 meters.
1 50 meters.
Take the boat down to maximum operational depth.
Make your depth 250 meters.
Turbines slow ahead together.
240 meters.
250 meters.
Captain, I respectfully suggest going below 250 meters...
is an unnecessary risk.
Continue the dive to 300 meters.
300 meters is close to crush depth.
I know.
260 meters.
Make your depth 300 meters.
280 meters.
290 meters.
300 meters, Captain.
- Level the planes. - Level the bow planes.
Simulate flooding in the aft torpedo room...
and emergency surface.
A rapid ascent beneath the ice cap is not advisable, Captain.
I did not ask foryour advice.
Flooding in compartment ten. Emergency surface.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Man stations!
Poliansky, bring the planes to full rise. Keep ten up.
Make turns for 20 knots. Full ahead together.
Planes to full rise. Full ahead together. Keep ten up. Speed 20 knots.
Pavel, wedge!
Hold it steady! Go!
Go! Go! Go!
- The rupture is sealed, Captain. - Excellent.
Recommend we stay at safe depth, Captain.
- How thick is the ice here? - Kornilov.
Ice recon.
- Come on. Come on. - Less than one meter in this area.
- These reports are almost a week old. - This time ofyear...
the ice is only getting thinner. Continue surfacing.
I'm not sure ifwe can control an ascent this fast, Captain.
- Neither am I. - 1 30 meters.
1 20 meters.
- 1 1 0 meters. - Blow main ballast.
- She's starting to roll. - Permission to hold at safe depth.
- Denied. - 80 meters.
Pump room, are we pumping the trim tanks?
She's rolling to port.
- Blow port. Shut starboard. - Changing over to alternate air supply.
- 60 meters. - Stop turbines.
Stop both turbines.
- Level off, damn it. - 40 meters.
- Brace for impact. - Brace for impact!
Brace for impact.
Take the conn.
Raise the radio and radar masts.
Give them three sweeps. Medium range.
Prepare to fire the test missile.
Prepare to launch test missile. This is not a drill.
Central command, missile control manned and ready.
Preparing silo three for firing test missile.
Power up console for missile launch.
Number-three launch door opening.
Comrade Captain, Moscow confirms test missile launch authority.
Attention! Initiating power-up procedure, Captain.
Very well.
Fueling in progress.
Simulate activation of the warhead, number-three missile.
Let's go. Come on.
- Contacts? - No contacts.
Radar, sonar. Contacts?
No contacts.
- Fueling complete. Table elevated. - Ready for firing sequence.
Fire missile three.
Time to launch:
Fifteen seconds.
1 4, 1 3, 1 2...
1 1, 1 0, 9...
8, 7...
6, 5...
4, 3...
2, 1.
Confirm missile away, Captain.
Congratulations, Comrade Captain.
We just wrote our names into the history books.
Confirm successful missile launch to fleet command.
Yes, Captain.
This is the captain.
We have successfully launched ourtest missile.
All hands stand down from combat stations.
You will be in my report for leaving your post.
And you will be in mine.
You needlessly endangered this boat and its crew.
Two hundred million Soviet citizens are depending on us, Captain Vostrikov...
to save them from nuclear attack. You risked them as well.
I took this boat and these men to the edge...
because we need to know where it is.
These 1 20 men are a crew now because they achieved something together...
that they did not think they could do.
Next time, when it is not a drill...
they will go to the edge and past it and die, if necessary...
because that is what their duty demands of them.
You were lucky, Captain, this time.
I hope I'm on another boat when your luck runs out.
Misha, Yeltsin, come on, quick. Everybody.
Get that laundry out of there. Form a group around the flag.
Get that laundry out of there.
Branan, you're asleep? On the double. Get closer.
Everybody move, yes.
Closer. Closer.
Move closer.
Winning team closer.
Everything all right? Problems?
Yes. There was residual condensation in the reactor compartment.
But I shut down the number-three generator...
and that should reduce the condensation.
I'm counting on you, you know?
Yes, Comrade Captain.
Comrade Captain. Message from command.
Comrade Commander, the crew is lined up to your order.
We have received a message from Moscow.
They congratulate us on the successful launch of our test missile.
- We have proved our readiness. - Serving the Soviet Union!
And now they honor us with a new assignment.
K-1 9 is to assume missile patrol along the eastern seaboard...
of the United States.
This is a mission of critical strategic importance.
The boat will come to full operational status.
Do your best. I expect nothing less.
Crew dismissed!
He nearly got us killed today.
And for what?
To show the men he didn't win his bars by marrying a Politburo member's niece.
You are still our captain, Misha...
and the only one we trust.
- Captain Polenin? - Yes.
Captain Vostrikovwants to see you in the chart room.
Command wants us on station as quickly as possible.
Our course will take us past the NATO base at Jan Mayan...
and from there to our patrol zone...
400 kilometers off the coastline...
between Washington...
and New York.
- Make turns for 1 5 knots. - Speed 1 5 knots.
Speed 1 5 knots.
- No contacts. Down scope. - Periscope going down.
Dive the boat.
Andrei, more wine.
You only get one glass.
But because we are the creme de la creme...
a glass of red wine with dinner...
is the headquarters' way of telling us that the crew of the K-1 9 has no equal.
No. It's because we're sitting on a pile of uranium.
Red wine gives you strontium...
or takes it away.
Or something. Something good.
So, we should be 70 miles...
from Jan Mayan NATO base.
One mountain. No trees. 1 5 men.
One radio station.
I've seen that island so many times from the periscope.
What's the matter?
I miss seeing the trees...
seeing the sun, the stars.
You get used to being underwater.
When I muster out...
I'll just go work in the coal mines with my brothers.
So it's all the same to me.
A loss of pressure in the primary circuit on the aft reactor.
Check the other sensors.
Confirm loss of pressure.
Let me through! Watch out!
- We've got a leak! - Give me the emergency manual.
- Come on! - Lieutenant...
I noticed the pumps were drawing too much power...
during the turbine tests, but I didn't think it was serious.
Out of my way!
The control rods are dropping, Lieutenant.
- Auxiliary pumps. - Pavel, auxiliary pumps.
- The pumps aren't working either. - Recycle them!
I have, but the pressure keeps dropping.
- But the rods will cool it, right? - No.
They can't control the reaction by themselves. They need coolant.
Lieutenant, the core temperature is at 400 degrees and rising.
Cut equalization!
What's the problem?
The primary coolant loop on the aft reactor's ruptured.
- What? How did this happen? - What difference does it make?
- Answer my question. How? - I don't know, Captain.
The core's heating up. The mission's over.
I'll tell you when the mission is over.
Who's responsible for this? I want a name.
You want a name? I'll give you a name-- Vostrikov, Alexei.
- Watch yourself, comrade. - And here's another name--
Radtchenko, Vadim.
The untested reactor officer you put on this boat.
We will fix this problem.
We will continue the mission.
- Surface. Surface the boat! - Surface the boat.
- How bad is it? - The leak is in the sealed area.
There's no way to get to it.
The temperature will keep rising till it reaches 1,000 degrees.
- And-- - And?
- And what? - No one knows.
It could start a chain reaction.
There would be radiation leakage.
The core would melt through the reactor...
and start a thermonuclear explosion.
- How long do we have? - Three or four hours.
It could be less.
Get whoeveryou need, regardless of rank.
- And solve this. - Yes, Comrade Captain.
Solve this. That's why you're here, you understand?
Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
Doesn't he ever get tired of drills?
Let's go! Let's go!
This is the captain.
We've had a malfunction in the aft reactor.
Measures are being taken to correct the situation.
Remain atyourstations.
- Read it again. - "In case of sudden drop...
in the pressure of the primary circuit...
measures must be taken to reduce precipitation heat release."
But this doesn't work. The reflux valve isn't here.
- What measures? - There are none. It's useless.
The rest is about the backup system, which was never installed.
When we reach periscope depth, I need to speak to fleet command.
Yes, Comrade Captain.
Why can't we just shut the reactor down?
We have shut it down, but we can't control the reaction.
Suppose we use the forward reactor?
We could cross-connect its pumps. Use them to cool both.
The rupture in the reactor is not accessible.
Therefore, we can't seal the leak...
and we'd have two reactors out of control.
So we still have to cool down the reactor.
- Permission to speak, Lieutenant. - Of course.
The coolant is just distilled water.
We have 30 tons of fresh water on board.
- But how do we get it to the core? - Pass the schematic.
I need contact with fleet command. Now.
Still trying, Captain.
The air release pipe can deliver coolant deep enough to the core.
We can hack off the valve and pump in the fresh water.
We've got 30 tons, Captain.
There's some high-grade pipes in the torpedoes.
It's not much to weld. Thirty minutes, at the most.
- And ifwe can't fix it? - Hiroshima.
1.4 megatons, ifyou factor in the two reactors and the warheads.
Only Hiroshima was less. It was a lot less.
Scuttle the boat. Get the men off in rafts.
We will not abandon this boat. Scavenge the pipes.
We'll be ready to go when command authorization comes through. Go!
- Have you reached fleet command? - No, Comrade Captain.
Captain, the long-range antenna feeder has shorted out.
The seal must have ruptured when we submerged.
What's the range of the emergency transmitter, 90 kilometers?
- Up to 1 00 kilometers, Captain. - Core temperature at 490 degrees.
That's it. Take it, Dmitri.
- I'll take it, Captain. - Take it.
Make sure no debris gets into the pipes.
- Where's the hacksaw? - Let me have your attention.
Men, listen.
I have decided that the reactor unit will affect the repairs.
You will go in teams of two. Ten minutes inside, maximum.
- I will go in the first team. - No.
I need my executive officer to command.
- But under the circumstances-- - I am aware of the circumstances.
- It's out of the question. - I'll go in the first team.
- It's my duty. - I am ready to serve.
You will go in with the third team to inspect the repair.
Yes, Comrade Captain.
That is all. Carry on.
Quick! Get something!
- Quick. - Fuel spill in aft torpedo!
- Chief. - Toolbox.
Feed water system isolated!
- Vent off the feed water tank. - I've got three more meters here.
Just meat falling off the bone.
Nice and tender. Melts in your mouth.
- Dumplings. - Dmitri likes dumplings.
Reactor temperature?
Five hundred and thirty degrees.
- How long? - About 1 5 minutes, Captain.
Good work.
- Comrade Captain? - Yes?
Our equipment is prepared and we're standing by to enter.
We have a few minutes. Take the men up top.
- Get some air. - Thankyou. You heard him.
Get some air.
- Go, go. - Lieutenant.
- Go on. - I was getting married.
You will.
You will.
Your hair falls out, or something like that.
- It won't be that bad. - Ten minutes is nothing.
An hour later and ourwatch would have been over.
It's fate.
- We don't have radiation suits. - The warehouse was out.
They sent us chemical suits instead.
- They might as well wear raincoats! - Misha, I know.
Tell the men these will help.
What else can we do?
It's only ten minutes. Ten minutes.
- Do what you can and get out. - All right, Anatoly?
- Okay? - Yeah.
- It'll be fine. - Captain.
This difficult task has fallen to you.
Our fate is in your hands.
Request permission to carry out reactor repair, Comrade Captain.
Permission granted.
May God be with you.
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Kavkazskaya plennitsa - Kidnapping Caucasian Style (Leonid Gaidai 1966)
Kaze No Katami - The Wind Carpet (Kamal Tabrizi 2003)
Kdo chce zabit Jessii
Keeping The Faith
Keeping Up Appearances 01 - My Name Is Bouqet
Keeping Up Appearances 02 - Welcoming The Dishy Vicar
Keeping Up Appearances 03 - Visiting Acquaintanance Stately
Keeping Up Appearances 05 - Daisy And Her Toy Boy
Keeping Up Appearances 06 - How To Manage Christening
Keeping Up Appearances 11 - Googley-Eyed Registrar
Keeping Up Appearances 12 - Coctails With Greek Millionaire
Keeping Up Appearances 13 - Unfortunate Prospect
Keeping Up Appearances 14 - Playthings For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 15 - Three Piece Suite
Keeping Up Appearances 16 - Picnic For Daddy
Keeping Up Appearances 17 - Very Merry Hyacinth
Keeping Up Appearances 18 - Sea Fever
Keeping Up Appearances 19 - Angel Gabriel Blue
Keeping Up Appearances 20 - Historical Pageant
Kees de jongen CD1
Kees de jongen CD2
Keetie Tippel
Kekec (Joze Gale 1951) CD1
Kekec (Joze Gale 1951) CD2
Kellys Heroes (1970)
Ken Park (2002)
Kenny Rogers - Live by Request
Kes (Ken Loach 1969)
Key Largo
Khakee CD1
Khakee CD2
Khakee CD3
Kid Stays in The Picture The
Kid The CD1
Kid The CD2
Kids Return 1996
Kids Return CD1
Kids Return CD2
Kiki delivery service
Kill Bill CD1
Kill Bill CD2
Kilometer Zero (2000)
King Boxer
King David
King In New York A 1957
King Is Alive The
King Kong vs Godzilla 2 (1962)
King The (2003) CD1
King The (2003) CD2
King of Comedy The (1983)
King of marvin gardens The
Kings Go Forth (Delmer Daves 1958)
Kinjite Forbidden Subjects (J Lee Thompson 1989)
Kiss Me Kate 1953
Kiss Me Stupid - Billy Wilder 1964
Kiss Of Death
Kiss of the Dragon
Kiss the Girls
Kitchen Stories
Kites Over Helsinki
Kitne Door Kitne Paas (1999)
Kjrlighetens Kjtere
Klumps The
Klute 1971
Knafaim Shvurot
Knife In The Water 1962
Knight Rider 1x03
Knight Rider 1x04
Knight Rider 1x05
Knight Rider 1x06
Knight Rider 1x07
Knight Rider 1x08
Knight Rider 1x09
Knight Rider 1x10
Knight Rider 1x11
Knight Rider 1x12
Knights Of The Round Table
Knights Tale A
Knockin On Heavens Door
Koi mil Gaya (2003 Hindi)
Kral Sokolu
Krull 1983 CD1
Krull 1983 CD2
Kuch Naa Kaho 2003
Kukushka 2002
Kumokiri Nizaemon (1978) CD1
Kumokiri Nizaemon (1978) CD2
Kung Fu Hustle 2004
Kushi 2003
Kyun Ho Gaya na